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Reviewed: 05/21/02 | Updated: 05/21/02

When wrestling games were rubbish...

This is probably a really difficult game to get hold of today and my advice to anyone considering it is DON'T DO IT! I bought it really cheap and was still furious that I had wasted my money. After a few plays you will turn it off and probably leave it to gather dust in your bedroom. If people are considering this as a nostalgic piece of WWF history, there are far better examples available. Maybe you can sell it on to some poor fan...

Graphics- 3/10 The wrestler sprites look terrible, even for an old Game Gear game. The crowd is not very realistic, but at least they move about.

Sound- 6/10 Considering the tinny beeps that the Game Gear is capable of making, the sound is actually not that bad. The wrestler musics are there for each superstar and they are all immediately recognisable. There is one et of generic ring music that you can't turn off.The bumps and hits sound poor

Gameplay- 2/10 The problem is that there are only about 8 moves in the game and anyone can do them on any other wrestler. So Shawn Michaels can slam Yokozuna etc. The finishers are occasionally frustrating and hard to time right. For example using Bam Bam Bigelow and Macho Man Randy Savage's finishers off the top rope is very difficult. Tag matches are really frustrating when you wear a guy down and he manages to tag out. There is also a glitch I found that enables you to cheat and wear your opponent's energy down at no cost to yourself.

Match variations- 4/10 There's single, tag, a sort of career mode and you can choose to end a match when a wrestler has no energy left. The only one worth playing is the Survivor Series style 4 on 4 elimination match. Here, you can change which partner to tag in by pausing and pressing up.

Lastability/ replay value- 2/10 Once you have completed the game, which is actually pretty hard in the Hard difficulty, there's nothing left to do but try it again. The matches are long, boring and frustrating and even when it was released I'm sure that WWF fans were disappointed by such a poor representation of sports entertainment. I'm so happy that wrestling games have moved on so much from this.

Buy/rent: maybe borrow it from a friend for about half an hour and you will have had enough of it. If you do still decide to buy it, it's at your own peril.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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