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Guide and Walkthrough by SuperOtakuAlex

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 01/12/2014

SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab (GC) 
Walkthrough/Complete Guide

Author: SuperOtakuAlex
Version: 0.8
Console: Nintendo Gamecube
Created: 11/23/13
Last Update: 12/27/13


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
	[1.1] Game Overview/Intro
	[1.2] Version History
[2] SpongeBob SquarePants: CFTKK Brief Information
	[2.1] Plot
	[2.2] Gameplay
	[2.3] Levels
	[2.4] Enemies
[3] Characters
	[3.1] SpongeBob SquarePants
	[3.2] Patrick Star
	[3.3] Plankton
	[3.4] Karen
	[3.5] Mrs. Puff
	[3.6] Gary
[4] Levels – Story Mode
	[4.1] Diesel Dreaming
	[4.2] Starfishman to the Rescue
	[4.3] Super Sized Patty Chase
	[4.4] Alaskan Belly Trouble
	[4.5] Rocket Rodeo
	[4.6] Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster
	[4.7] It Came From Bikini Bottom
	[4.8] Rooftop Rumble
	[4.9] Hypnotic Highway
[5] Free Play Mode
	[5.1] Free Play
[6] Collectibles
	[6.1] Snooze Z’s
	[6.2] Sleepy Seeds
	[6.3] Fuel
	[6.4] Roar
	[6.5] Health
[7] Bonus Games
	[7.1] Scrap Scramble
	[7.2] Meteor Mania
	[7.3] Pouncin’ Poundin’ Patty
	[7.4] Wakey Wakey Shakey Shakey
[8] Snooze Z Shop
	[8.1] Items
[9] Extras
	[9.1] Videos
	[9.2] Bonus Items
	[9.3] Cheat Codes
[10] Final Word
	[10.1] Final Word
[A] Email/Contact Information
[B] FAQs
[C] Credits
[D] Copyright

[1] Introduction
[1.1] Game Overview/Intro
Hello and welcome to my walkthrough of the GC version of SpongeBob 
SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab, made by Blitz Games, 
WayForward Technologies, Nick Games, and THQ, and based off of the 
hit television series. This walkthrough will cover all of the basics 
of the game and then some. Good luck and enjoy the walkthrough!

SpongeBob SquarePants: CFTKK is an adventure game that revolves 
around the escapades of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton as they 
venture through various dream-worlds.

There are five versions of the game, the PS2 version, the GBA 
version, the Wii version, the Nintendo DS version, and the Gamecube 
version. This guide directly applies to the Gamecube version, but 
could easily be adapted to the PS2 and Wii versions of the game.

[1.2] Version History

Version 0.1 [11/23/13]
The guide was started on this date. The Introduction, Brief 
Information, Character, Collectibles, Bonus Games, and Extras 
sections were completed.

Version 0.2 [11/24/13]
Diesel Dreaming and Starfishman to the Rescue were completed.

Version 0.3 [11/25/13]
Super Sized Patty Chase and Alaskan Belly Trouble were completed.

Version 0.4 [11/30/13]
Rocket Rodeo was completed.

Version 0.5 [12/21/13]
Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster, It Came From Bikini Bottom, 
and Rooftop Rumble were completed.

Version 0.6 [12/22/13]
Hypnotic Highway was completed.

Version 0.7 [12/25/13]
Edits were made to the guide itself; information was added regarding 
Sleepy Seed locations.

Version 0.8 [12/27/13]
The guide was completed on this date.

[2] SpongeBob SquarePants: CFTKK Brief Information
[2.1] Plot
Within their dreams, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton find themselves 
in nine different dream-worlds, in much they must navigate their ways 

[2.2] Gameplay
The basic controls are as follows;
Control stick – moves the character left, right, up and down.
C-stick – rotates camera direction
“A” button – Jump, Double Jump, Accelerate (racing), Punch (Giant 
“B” button – Attack, Use Objects, Use Laser (flying), Brake (racing)
“X” button – Grapple, Blow, Stomp (Giant Plankton)
“Y” button – Ground Slam, Make Noise, Roar (Giant Plankton)
“R” button – Sprint, Turbo (racing)
Start button – opens up Pause Menu.

There are three playable characters in the game, SpongeBob, Patrick, 
and Plankton, each with their own unique moves.

“A” button – Accelerate
“B” button - Brake
“R” button – Turbo
“A” button – Jump, Double Jump
“B” button – Attack, Use Objects
“X” button – Grapple
“A” button + “Y” button – Ground Slam 
“R” button - Sprint
“B” button – Use Laser

“A” button – Jump, Double Jump
“B” button – Attack, Use Objects
“X” button – Blow
“A” button + “Y” button – Grand Slam
“R” button – Sprint
“B” button – Use Laser

“A” button – Jump, Double Jump
“B” Use Objects
“A” button – Punch
“X” button – Stomp
“Y” button – Roar, Make Noise

Each character’s health is represented by hearts in little bubbles in 
the top right corner of the screen. The character starts out with 5 
hearts, however, each time they take damage, they lose a heart. After 
losing all 5, you start back at the last spot you were at before you 
lost the life.

Hearts can be added via Snooze Z Shop sold as items.

Throughout each level is usually a checkpoint/save point. Save points 
are blue safes with coral sticking out of the top. They save your 
spot in case you die at any point. By hitting them, you can save your 
game at any time. Neat!

[2.3] Levels
SpongeBob SquarePants: CFTKK features four unique level types, within 
the nine levels featured. The four types are;

Racing: One of the characters must complete 2-3 laps around a race 
course, hitting checkpoints in a time limit.
Platform: One of the characters must navigate a platforming world 
while completing puzzles and getting past various obstacles.
Flying: One of the characters must fly using a plane/rocket, while 
avoiding obstacles and maintaining fuel.
Rampaging: One of the characters must spread mass destruction.

[2.4] Enemies
-Diesel Dreaming-
	[1] Thug; Mechanic baddies armed with only their tools. They are 
the most basic enemy. Hits: 1

	[2] Armored Thug; Stronger mechanic baddies. They arm themselves 
with a car door as a shield and can’t be beaten with a simple attack. 
They must be rammed into with the Super Charge, and then attacked. 
Hits: 2 

-Starfishman to the Rescue-
	[1] Dreaded Minion; Dreaded Patrick’s basic minions. They come 
in a variety of sizes and colors. Their amount of hit points varies 
and can be determined by the number on their shirts. Hits: 1-3

	[2] Armored Dreaded Minion; Larger scale Dreaded Patrick 
minions. They are garbed in protective armor. Don’t let their size 
intimidate you, as they only require basic attacks to remove their 
armor. Hits: 4

-Super Sized Patty Chase-
	[1] Jellyfish; Jellyfish sting! They have a habit of blocking 
the path and will attack when approached. They can be frozen with 
Plankton’s freeze ray. Hits: N/A

	[2] Giant Krabby Patty; Plankton’s pursuer, a giant monster 
Krabby Patty. This menace cannot be stopped and is constantly chasing 
the miniature fiend. Hits: N/A

-Alaskan Belly Trouble-
	[1] Crustacean Parasite; Crustaceans that infest inside the 
belly of the Alaskan Bull Worm. They are basic enemies. Hits: 1

	[2] Armored Crustacean Parasite; Larger crustaceans armed with 
shells. They must be hit with a Super Charge and then attacked. Hits: 

	[3] Unicycle Crustacean Parasite; Regular Crustaceans riding 
atop unicycles. Their unicycles must be knocked away before they can 
attack. Hits: 2

	[4] Acid Spitters: Strange creatures that pop out of hiding and 
spit acidic goo. Their goo can be deflected back at them with a spin 
attack. Hits: 1

-Rocket Rodeo-
	[1] Jellyfish; Jellyfish can be a real pain. They block 
Patrick’s rocket path and usually stay in clusters. They can be shot 
down by the rocket lasers however. Hits: 1

-Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster-
	[1] Defense Helicopters; Bikini Bottom’s Defense Force’s 
helicopters. They are armed with either large nets or their guns that 
fire pink goo. They can only be defeated with the eye laser. Hits: 1

	[2] Tanks; Small tanks that are part of the Defense Force. They 
fire slow-moving missiles with poor accuracy. They can be stomped on 
or walked over. Hits: 1

	[3] Mobile Tanks; Small tanks that are part of the Defense 
Force. They fire missiles with better accuracy. They can be stomped 
on or walked over. Hits: 1

	[4] Pop-Up Turrets; Large turrets that fire missiles. They can 
be defeated by any attacks. Hits: 5-6

-It Came From Bikini Bottom-
	[1] Jellyfish; Annoying little buggers. Once again, they prefer 
to block paths and form clusters. They can be shot down by the plane 
lasers. Hits: 1

	[2] Giant Plankton; Plankton’s monstrous size allows him to 
destroy Bikini Bottom with ease. As such, he is the largest menace in 
the game, literally and figuratively. Hits: N/A

-Rooftop Rumble-
	[1] Plankton’s Army; Planktons are better in numbers, right? 
There are three variations of these planktons, and they all support 
their leader. They are easily subdued with basic attack. Hits: 1

	[2] Plankton’s Snipers; Planktons that are in control of 
turrets. They fire pink goo with the turrets. Their attacks can be 
deflected back at them. Hits: N/A

       [3] Giant Plankton; Plankton’s monstrous size allows him to 
destroy Bikini Bottom with ease. As such, he is the largest menace in 
the game, literally and figuratively. Hits: N/A

-Hypnotic Highway-
	[1] Monsters; Various neon-colored monsters that mess around on 
the racetrack. Some attack with objects such as mallets or throw 
projectiles during the race. Their attacks can be avoided. Hits: N/A

[3] Characters
[3.1] SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants is the main character of the game (and the 
show). He’s a funny, generous guy that loves to have fun with his 
friends and thoroughly enjoys his job. His chipper nature often 
annoys others, but he’s happy to be himself and have an optimistic 
outlook on life, regardless of any insults thrown at him. He works as 
a fry-cook at the Krusty Krab. His levels typically consist of 
racing, platforming, and flying.

[3.2] Patrick Star
Patrick is SpongeBob’s best friend and neighbor. While not the 
brightest star under the sea, Patrick is a loyal friend and is always 
there for SpongeBob when he needs honest advice. He does have his 
sheer strokes of genius and isn’t shy to put his ideas out there, 
even if they can be rather idiotic. This game features him as the 
notorious superhero, Starfishman, who faces his nemesis Dreaded 
Patrick. His levels typically consist of platforming and flying.

[3.3] Plankton
Plankton is a miniscule creature of evil. Or so he says. Plankton has 
an obsession with the formula for the Krusty Krab’s Krabby Patties, 
but has been unsuccessful in his attempts to get it. He wishes to 
sell Krabby Patties at his restaurant, the Chum Bucket, and steal all 
of his rival’s business. This game features Plankton being pursued by 
a giant Krabby Patty monster of his own creation. When not being 
chased, he is eventually transformed into Giant Plankton, his own 
monstrous form. His levels typically consist of platforming and 

[3.4] Karen
Karen is Plankton’s computer wife. She provides Plankton with blunt 
opinions on his plans and tends to lack faith in him because he often 
neglects her and her help. 

[3.5] Mrs. Puff
Mrs. Puff is SpongeBob’s stressed and paranoid driving instructor. 
She has been driven (oh, the puns!) to the edge by SpongeBob’s 
inability to pass his boating exam, and as such, harbors an immense 
dislike for him. However, in this game, she is a lot more docile and 
kinder than is normally portrayed.

[3.6] Gary
Gary is SpongeBob’s pet snail. He is understood by other characters 
despite only speaking in “meows”. Gary’s probably one of the smarter 
characters in the series, often assisting SpongeBob when he’s down.

[4] Levels – Story Mode
[4.1] Diesel Dreaming

The game enters with the French Narrator detailing the restful night 
SpongeBob is having... when suddenly his bed turns into a racecar and 
he is propelled into a racetrack world that is Bikini Bottom fused 
with Stanley Mouse's style. You will have to drive 2 laps around the 
racetrack. The goal is to get to the checkpoints within the time 
limit. This race is more of a practice race. After 2 laps, SpongeBob 
stops to admire his lovely new driver's license, until he gets run 
over by Plankton. He loses his brand new license.

SpongeBob must retrieve his license, as it comically hops away and 
escapes. Mrs. Puff advises that SpongeBob must unleash the speed 
demon inside to retrieve his license. Now that you're on foot, you 
can navigate SpongeBob through the level. This level, although level 
1, also works as a tutorial, in which you must meet up with Mrs. Puff 
towards the end. Up ahead is the license, however, it won't be that 
easy getting it. The license hops away as you approach it. Jump 
across the platforms up ahead to reach the other side of the road. 
SpongeBob does a victory dance every time he completes a task. The 
license escaped through the gate ahead, which is now closed. A red 
winch is in front of the gate. Grab it with the B button and use the 
Control Stick to crank the gate open. Crank it quickly, until it 
stays open.
In the next area, the license escapes through the door up on the 
ledge, which closes quickly. This door requires a winch as well. But 
first walk over to the red building ahead of you and turn down a path 
on the left behind the building. A Patrick Sleepy Seed is located 
behind the building. Return to where the red building is and crank 
the winch down on the ground in front of the building. This moves the 
awning further out, allowing you to access the ledge. Hop up the 
platforms to the awning, and jump up the remaining platforms to reach 
the ledge.

Inside the license hops through another gate, this one locked with 
TWO winches. Double jump across the next two platforms. Then, crank 
the two winches by the gate. Enter again to find more platforms and 
swinging tire obstacles. You must time your jumps in order to get 
across. On the other side of the road is a large red button stopping 
you from opening the gate. By jumping and pressing "Y", SpongeBob can 
perform a Ground Slam technique on the button. If you want some extra 
Snooze Z's go up the platforms to the left and crank the winch. A 
garage door will open, revealing another button. Ground Slam the 
button to reveal some Gold Snooze Z's. In the next area, oil spills 
are the obstacle. You can jump over them, go around them, or time 
your run across. Another winch is in front of the door. Inside the 
final room, Mrs. Puff awaits. She introduces the Sprint attack. Hold 
"R" in front of the large spark plug and SpongeBob will charge and 
push it into its socket. The door to the right opens, finally leading 
SpongeBob to his license.

On the racetrack below, SpongeBob is challenged to a race by the 
great Piston Patrick. Contrary to what is believed, it isn't 
necessarily a race. It works exactly like the practice race, in which 
you need to get to the checkpoints in time. However, the only things 
that change are that there are speed pads for acceleration, the track 
falls apart and changes, and Patrick drops bombs to stunt your speed. 
A Patrick Sleepy Seed is in the center of the improvised race route. 
Complete 3 laps "against" Patrick. In the end, SpongeBob is once 
again struck by Plankton, destroying his entire racecar.

SpongeBob must retrieve his car parts from the pits. Use Sprint on 
the car engine to launch it into the telephone pole. The pole creates 
a bridge across the chasm. Grease monkeys wander about this level, 
spelling trouble for SpongeBob. Use the "B" button to use SpongeBob's 
Sand Slap attack on them. They are defeated in one hit. After the 
first batch, 2 more hordes of them appear. Take all of them out. The 
open door is the only way to go for now. Avoid the oil spills and 
tire obstacles. In the next room, SpongeBob must collect 10 fuel 
cans. The first 3 are down on this level. The remaining 7 are up 
along the platforms leading to the upper level. The door opens down 
below, revealing a winch and a few grease monkeys. Take out all the 
grease monkeys and enter the little room. Behind the crates at the 
left is a button that opens a garage door back at the entrance. Use 
the winch to raise a platform in the center of the room.

Return to the upper level and jump on the platform to reach the ledge 
on the other side. Pick up the canister to get 1/3 car parts needed. 
Return to the entrance. New baddies! Armored enemies cannot be taken 
out easily. They must be stunned with a Sprint attack and THEN 
defeated with a regular attack. Hitting them from behind won't do any 
good, as they attack. Defeat the few armored baddies that appear. In 
the garage at the far left is a Plankton Sleepy Seed and a red 
button. The button reveals some Gold Snooze Z's. Enter the newly 
opened door, avoiding the oil spills. The next room is filled with 
crates. Another car part is on the upper level, but first you must 
smash all 50 crates. There are 37 crates on the lower level, while 
the other 13 are on the way up to the upper level. The door below 
opens, but there are a few baddies to be taken care of. The button 
inside the opened room raises the platform in the middle of the room. 
Go up to the upper level, and hop across to get the second car part 
on the other side.
Return to the outside and defeat the enemies. The last door on the 
right lets a few more enemies out. Defeat them all and enter that 
last door. Avoid the oil spills and tires. The very last room, the 
car part is once again on the upper level. However, you must collect 
20 tools from the 20 baddies that emerge from the door in front of 
you. Inside the little room are two winches and a button that power 
the three platforms in the room. Activate all three to raise the 
However, a heavy car engine drops onto the last platform. Use Sprint 
to get the engine to budge. Raise the platform once more and make 
your way to the upper level. Hop across the platforms to get to the 
last car part.

SpongeBob is challenged to a race against Plankton. Just like the 
race with Patrick, your goal is to hit checkpoints within the time 
limit, while also watching out for bombs left by Plankton to deter 
your speed. Be on the lookout for a Plankton Sleepy Seed in the new 
tunnel! After the race, SpongeBob is hit by Gary on his vehicle. For 
the final race against Gary, SpongeBob will have to collect a few 
turbo boosts from the pits.

Back on foot again, walk up the pit with the floating anchors above 
it. Using the X button to grapple, SpongeBob can swing from anchor to 
anchor to get to places normally unreachable. Stand on the pad with 
the anchor and grapple across. Turn the winch to open the garage door 
to get the truck to move. On the other side of the path way are some 
baddies. Take them out. At the left are some platforms leading up to 
a ledge. Swing from the anchors to get to the next platform. Press 
the button with Ground Slam to open the door. Inside the warehouse is 
a turbo booster up on a ledge. First you must get rid of all the 
enemies in the area. Anchors will appear. Swing from the anchors to 
reach another button. Activate the button and door after door will 
open with enemies. Defeat them all. The last door contains a winch. 
This raises a car that makes a bridge to cross up above. Climb up the 
platforms by the entrance and grapple from the anchors to reach the 
turbo booster on the platform. Grapple back to the previous platform 
and exit out of the opened door.

Crates are preventing the platform elevator from moving. Smash all 
the crates to ride the elevator up. Exit through the door at the 
right. SpongeBob will need to activate a button down below. Get rid 
of the enemies and head down the ramp at the far right. Ground Slam 
the button. This raises a bridge, but unveils a few enemies. Get rid 
of them and cross the bridge. Ground Slam the next button to activate 
a satellite that powers the next bridge. You guessed it though, more 
enemies. You can defeat them or ignore them and just cross the bridge 
to the second turbo booster. Exit through the door, taking the 
elevator down to the ground. More enemies wait at the bottom. As you 
turn down the path at the left, the ground begins to crumble and your 
only platforms are screw platforms. Hop across them, avoiding the 
swinging tires. A crane appears to be blocking SpongeBob's path to 
the right.

Proceed to the end of the path into the open area. Sprint at the 3 
spark plugs to push them into their sockets. Follow the arrows to see 
which way the plugs are to be pushed. Once all three are plugged, the 
crane clears the pathway. Head back along the screw platforms and 
detour onto the path on the left. Pick up the turbo booster and 
proceed down the path, being cautious of oil spills and tires. In 
this area, you'll need to plug for spark plugs into their sockets to 
activate the giant engine. Take out the few enemies and start 
plugging the spark plugs. Afterward, head up the platform elevator in 
the far corner, up the ramp. At the top is a winch and a button. 
First turn the winch in one of the directions the arrow is facing. 
The button powers the engine. Do so with the arrows pointing to the 
right to break the wall, revealing a few baddies and a Plankton 
Sleepy Seed. Doing so on the arrows pointing up breaks the wall and 
reveals the last turbo booster. Go down the path while avoiding oil 
spills, tires, and enemies. Grapple the anchors at the end of the 
path to cross the chasm and reach the other ledge.

Through the door is another large area. Spark plugs need to be 
powering the towers or the winches won't work. Take out the baddies 
on the ramp and then jump down below. Sprint at the spark plugs to 
put them in the sockets. The winch will now activate and anchors can 
get you across. But first, a few truck loads of enemies will come. 
Get rid of them all. Plug in the next spark plug to summon more 
anchors over the next platform and to activate the button on the 
tower. Go up to the ramp and get to the tower with the winch. Crank 
the winch to move a crane holding a truck. The truck becomes a bridge 
to get to the ledge across. Go up onto the truck and grapple the 
anchors to reach the tower with the button. Activate the button to 
initiate a trash smasher, which becomes another bridge. Cross to that 
ledge and behind the crates at the right is a button. This activates 
another spark plug leading to the third tower, which has a Patrick 
Sleepy Seed on top. Return to the ledge and exit through the door. 
The last turbo booster is on a pedestal, within your grasp! Until the 
pedestal rises. Four sets of baddies will emerge from the doors at 
the left and right. Defeat them all to lower the pedestal. Collect 
the last turbo booster!
Now, SpongeBob must have his final race against Gary. Just like with 
Patrick and Plankton, hit the checkpoints in time, and avoid Gary's 
bombs. Also, make use of the turbo boosters by hitting the "R" 
button. You can boost up to five times in one lap before the amount 
resets. Use it wisely! After the race, SpongeBob finds he's drove 
himself into a pit as a result of his low attention span!

[4.2] Starfishman to the Rescue

Patrick is sleeping in his bed comfortably when his TV awakens him 
with an urgent broadcast. The Dreaded Patrick is plotting to take 
over the city, with no one to save the day! Patrick assumes the 
persona of Patrick Starfishman or "Starfishman". He exits his home 
and enters a Bikini Bottom made of paper that heavily resembles the 
style of a comic book, including all background objects being in two 
dimensions. The phone appears to be ringing. Go and answer it. On the 
other line is "Patrick”, acting as a Commissioner. He asks if you can 
do the Turbo Twist Attack, which is simply the B button. A few of 
Dreaded Patrick's (Dreaded Patrick) henchmen appear. Dreaded 
Patrick's henchmen come in a variety of a colors and sizes, but most 
only require one hit. The amount of hits they take to defeat are 
denoted by a number on their shirt, ranging from 1 to 3. Attack them. 
Dreaded Patrick escapes from behind the closed gate. The phone begins 
to ring nearby. By the end of this level, you will definitely be sick 
of ringing phones. Answer it and speak to Patrick Commissioner (PC). 
He reminds you of the Super Charge ability, or the R button.

The gate opens. Go through it and charge into the thin paper wall. 
There's that phone again... answer it and PC will remind you of the 
Ground Slam attack, or A and Y button for buttons and enemies. Some 
buttons in this level require being slammed multiple times. Take out 
Dreaded Patrick's henchmen in this next area and then slam the button 
at the far left 3 times to raise the manhole platforms. Jump up on 
the food cart and then proceed to hop up the platforms to the ledge. 
Cross the platform with the crates and then cross the billboard to 
the next ledge. Behind the thin paper wall is a Plankton Sleepy Seed. 
Press the button on the ledge 3 times to activate the other manhole 
platforms. Dreaded Patrick escapes, that blasted phone rings again, 
and more henchmen!

Defeat the henchmen and answer the phone on top of the building. PC 
warns to avoid the noxious green gas or turn it off somehow. Ground 
Slam the button to temporarily turn off the gas. Time yourself as you 
travel through the alley. At the construction site, the phone rings, 
with PC reminding about the Bluster Puff Attack or the X button. It 
is useful against enemies, paper things, and fans/propellers. Use it 
on the propellers around the construction site to catch up with 
Dreaded Patrick. Activate the 3 propellers in the area to lower the 
bridge platforms. Across from the bridge is a cage with a Patrick 
Sleepy Seed inside. Cross the bridge and fight off the henchmen and 
the remaining henchmen down the pathway. Exit through the door at the 
end of the path.

Dreaded Patrick is putting up posters in the retail center. The phone 
rings once more. Use the Bluster Puff attack to get rid of all of 
Dreaded Patrick's posters. The first is on the S.O.S. Donut shop. The 
second is on the Bilge Nation building in an alleyway. The third is 
on the yellow building near the exit door. Sprint into the car by the 
manhole and slam the button 3 times to raise the manholes. The fourth 
poster is above the Patty Paradise restaurant. Blow the fan while 
standing on the platform to get it to move to the other rooftop. Use 
blow on the paper wall to reveal the fifth Dreaded Patrick poster. 
Cross the billboard, looking out for the henchman. Proceed to the 
other rooftops by crossing the planks. On the last rooftop is the 
final Dreaded Patrick poster. Break through the paper wall nearby to 
get a Plankton Sleepy Seed. With all the posters gone, exit through 
the door on the other side of the retail center.

Blow on the fan to adjust the gas pipes. Time yourself as you walk 
through. Beware of the cardboard dogs up ahead. They can be blown 
over with the Blow attack, but they only stay down for a temporary 
time. Proceed to the end to the path, entering the city park. The 
phone rings. Answer it and PC will advise you to blow on all the 
trees in the park as Dreaded Patrick is hiding something. After 
blowing all the trees, Dreaded Patrick summons four henchmen to 
attack. Defeat them, and the phone will ring again. PC advises that 
the blue tabs that pop up in areas can produce useful stairs when 
pulled. Enter the park again and pull the tab by tapping the B button 
repeatedly. Go up the stairs to the rooftops. Ahead are gas pipes and 
cardboard dogs. Blow the fan to adjust the gas pipes. Time yourself 
and proceed. Take out the sets of henchmen as they appear before 
walking past the tower of gas pipes. Enter the next area and answer 
the phone. PC advises you to use the Super Charge attack on the tall 
flat buildings in order to create bridges and ramps. Charge into the 
building blow and walk up the ramp. Take out the henchmen on the 
rooftops and get down to the ground. Blow on the fan if you want a 
Gold Snooze Z. Otherwise, continue down the path to the ringing 

PC advises you to use the "hot and cold" ability. A meter appears in 
the bottom right, which detects temperature. The colder Starfishman 
gets, the further away he is from something important. The hotter he 
gets, the closer he is to the important object. Break the crates in 
the area to find a red button in the far corner. Activate it and it 
will flatten the cardboard snails. Unlike the dogs, the snails won't 
get back up. Continue through the alleyway and answer the phone. PC 
warns about cardboard box dogs, which are snappy and chase after you. 
They are chained to red buttons, which release them when slammed. 
Enter the next area and take out Dreaded Patrick's henchmen. You will 
start to see higher level henchmen from this point on. Take out all 
the henchmen and then go to release the three cardboard dogs. With 
the dogs released, the manhole platforms also activate. Follow 
Dreaded Patrick up to the rooftops and continue down the path into 
the next area.

In the city hall area, Dreaded Patrick has tied a poor starfish to 
the train tracks to await the incoming train. With Starfishman's 
super strength, push the train away from the man. Press A repeatedly 
using your thumb and index finger to push the train. Once it's 
reached the left end of the meter below, it will explode, saving the 
civilian. Dreaded Patrick unleashes a few henchmen, but they're 
easily subdued. The civilian, seems to still be in peril... He 
refuses to go anywhere without his clothes. So you will have to find 
5 clothing pieces for the man. You also might want to dispose of 5 
Dreaded Patrick posters scattered in the next few areas.

Exit through the gate at the right of the city hall. Go through the 
alleyway and level 2 henchmen will attack. Get rid of them. The level 
1 henchmen lining the alley will be stationary for a bit. Go up the 
stairs at the right to enter the next shopping center. This area's a 
bit busy. First, release all the cardboard dogs using the buttons. 
This clears the area of dangers for a while. Next, use the Turbo 
Twist attack on the Dreaded Patrick statues holding the giant spatula 
up. After all the statues are gone, the spatula falls. A stinky sock 
lands on the clothing piece up on the ledge of the sock building. 
Climb up on the platforms to reach the giant spatula. Blow the fan to 
make the spatula platform spin. Find the button near the sock 
building that requires 3 slams. Activate it to raise the manhole 
platforms nearby. Climb said platforms and blow the fan at the top. 
The stinky sock is removed! Jump up on the spinning spatula platform 
and grab the clothing piece from the ledge! However, some henchmen 
appear. Get rid of them and then exit from the door you entered.

A few henchmen in the alley will appear, but not all are ready to 
come out yet. Proceed back to the train tracks with the man's 
clothes. He's not going to budge until you've got his whole outfit. A 
few higher level henchmen roam about. Once they're gone, the man 
mentions a tab near city hall. Activate it and climb the stairs to 
the rooftops. Dogs are all over the alley, so just blow them down and 
get through quickly. In the next area, you'll need the crane to get 
to the clothing piece. First, dispose of the henchmen and the box 
dogs. Blow on the fans to activate the cranes, then use the Super 
Charge to move them. Climb up the beam on the crane at the far side 
to get to the platforms. Look out for the box dog up ahead. Once 
cleared, slam the red button. Some more henchmen appear, now with 
level 3 guys out there. Defeat them all. Use the cage they entered in 
as a platform to reach the beam on the other crane. Grab the clothing 
piece and exit through the opened door, taking out any remaining 
henchmen. Exit through the alleyway, being cautious of the gas pipes. 
In the next alley, more henchmen appear to try and apprehend you. 
Defeat them and continue. You wind up on the ledge in the previous 
area! Beware of the box dog and grab the Patrick Sleepy Seed at the 
top of the Odd Sock City building. Leave through the entrance door 
and rid the alley of the remaining henchmen. Return to the city hall 
area. Dispose of the henchmen and enter through the next gate.

A train is passing by at a constant rate, blocking the path in front 
of you. Break the crates and slam the button to temporarily stop the 
train. Pass through and break the crates on the other side to find a 
button. This will get you back across later. Proceed and enter the 
Dreaded Patrick "Employment Fair", where he's recruited some new 
henchmen. Some HUGE henchmen will appear, dressed in armor. They may 
seem intimidating, but they're just paper! First, blow or slap their 
armor off, and then attack them as you would any other henchmen. They 
take 4 hits to defeat. Get rid of the three hordes of henchmen, then 
tackle the box dogs. With all enemies gone, make use of the Ground 
Slam on weak paper floors. Activate all the buttons to move the beams 
up above. Make your way up and get the clothing piece. Exit the 
secret base and return to city hall.

More henchmen, yada yada. Enter the new gate and proceed to the 
alleyway. The Patrick Sleepy Seed is out of reach for now. Tackle the 
henchmen in the alley. Climb the stairs and charge through the two 
paper walls into the next area. Start by clearing the area of 
henchmen. Then slam the buttons hidden under paper floors. These 
buttons raise the manhole platforms. Use Super Charge to move the 
first train and then move the second train to reveal another paper 
floor with a button. Activate the last manhole. Cross the platforms 
and get onto the large gray platforms. Get to the platform with the 
tab and hop to the platforms at the right. Take out the box dog and 
the henchmen, and then grab the Patrick Sleepy Seed. Return to the 
tab activate it. Climb the stairs and get the clothing piece. To get 
the Plankton Sleepy Seed, move the train at the far end back to its 
spot and use the trains as platforms to reach it. Jump across the red 
trains to get to the ledge where the exit is. Look out for gas pipes 
and a box dog. Exit through the gate. Henchmen, cardboard dogs ahoy. 
Get rid of the henchmen and stop the train with the button to cross.
At the end of the path, you're back in Dreaded Patrick's secret base, 
but at the upper level. Defeat all the henchmen up here and then use 
Super Charge twice to knock over Dreaded Patrick's statue. Get the 
last clothing piece from where the statue was, and leave the base. 
Pass the train using the button and return the man's clothes in city 
hall. The man dresses and is finally saved. The mayor comes out and 
thanks you for your help, but asks that you clean the town up of 
Dreaded Patrick's henchmen. Starfishman needs laundry detergent, 
literally. Defeat 4 hordes of henchmen and pick up 4 boxes of laundry 
detergent. With the henchmen defeated, the mayor has no use for 
Starfishman's laundry detergent. Dreaded Patrick challenges 
Starfishman to a showdown at his secret base, which Starfishman 
quickly goes to.

Inside Dreaded Patrick's base, a civilian is strapped to a rocket, 
preparing to launch into space. As the elevator rises to the top, 
defeat any and all henchmen that drop in. As long as you're fighting, 
also avoid falling debris. With each level you reach, your health 
replenishes. Beware of the gas pipe attacks as well! As you reach the 
fifth level, Starfishman gets knocked out, awakening to find himself 
strapped to the rocket, in place of the civilian. He is launched into 
space, helpless.

[4.3] Super Sized Patty Chase

Plankton sleeps roughly through the night, until he awakens himself. 
He decides to go back to evil genius business regarding the Krabby 
Patty. With a crumb he found, Plankton puts it in place by his 
Enlarge-A-Tron. Seemingly, he has concocted the perfect plan, until 
the Patty grows too large and develops a mind of its own. Plankton 
enlarges himself as well, but finds he is still no threat to the 
Patty menace. A chase ensues.

Plankton must run from the Patty, while destroying obstacles in his 
path using the "Dispiculator" ray on his head. Really, it's a freeze 
ray. Plankton must keep running or risk being caught by the Patty. It 
can temporarily be frozen by the freeze ray, but it will always go 
back to chasing. Watch out for caution signs that warn of falling 
platforms. There are collapsing platforms, bridges, and other 
obstacles like pits and falling debris. Additionally, the Patty will 
always seem to be uncomfortably close to you. It is likely programmed 
to stay within a certain amount of paces with Plankton. Just keep 
running and it will be fine! Along the run, you can collect 
Blueprints and gears. There are 3 blueprints and 5 gears in a level 
and they are conspicuously placed as to not deter progress in a 
level! Nothing bad seems to happen if you don't get them all, 
however. You're safe when Plankton has passed a cage with a Sleepy 
Seed inside. The Sleepy Seed can be collected when Plankton jumps 
near the cage.

After a game of Pouncin' Poundin' Patty (see the section dedicated to 
it) Plankton must go back to running again. For this factory, the 
main obstacles are pits, swinging gears, and falling debris before 
another rousing game of Pouncin' Poundin' Patty! These chase levels 
are pretty redundant, straightforward and don't have much for me to 
note, honestly. In the next factory, take advantage of any head 
starts you can get! And look for the Plankton Sleepy Seed near the 
beginning of the level.

Proceed through the poorly built Oyster Stadium while dodging debris, 
gas pipes, obstacles and collapsing bridges. More Pouncin' Poundin' 

For the last chase, return to the Chum Bucket so that Plankton can 
hide while the Patty rampages!

[4.4] Alaskan Belly Trouble

Back with SpongeBob, he finds himself having fallen into a pit during 
his Diesel Dreaming dream. He begins to fall through the air. As you 
dive, avoid obstacles by moving SpongeBob using the Control Stick. 
All seems well, until SpongeBob is swallowed by a great Alaskan Bull 
Inside the worm's belly, SpongeBob must find a way to escape the 
worm's vast digestive tract. He finds Old Man Jenkins, who has a 
plane that can fly out of the worm. It's missing a few parts, 
however. Find the Chief of the Castaways, living inside the worm. Go 
over to the platform with the glowing machine, and do try to avoid 
falling into the stomach acid! Slap the machine to open the door 
valve. Walk to the dead end and SpongeBob will be sucked into another 
area in the worm. The Chief has been captured by the creatures living 
in the worm that oddly resemble Mr. Krabs or Larry the Lobster. Cross 
the collapsing sponge platforms quickly. Defeat the baddies and hop 
up the platforms up to the Chief. Free him by slapping the rope. The 
Chief is willing to help you get plane parts. but he needs help 
reaching the other castaways, including his wife, a pretty... ironing 
board? Rescue the other cast ways that have been kidnapped by the 
crustacean baddies.
To access the next, you'll need to crank the winch to lower the 
bridge. However, more crabs (Moar Krabs, more puns!) and an armed 
lobster appear. Sprint into the lobsters and then hit them. 
Afterward, crank the winch and cross the bridge into the tunnel. 
Avoid the acid as you did with the oil spills. In the next area you 
must cross collapsing platforms while avoiding the strange acid 
spitting creatures. They can be defeated by deflecting their spit 
with a Spin, but otherwise, I ignore them. Go along the platforms at 
the right and use Ground Slam on the pink bubble to activate a 
platform. Go to that platform and cross to the next area. Defeat the 
crustaceans in the area. All of the glowing machines in the area 
should be hit. The crates nearest to the exit contain a pink bubble 
which activates a treasure box on a platform on the pool to the left.

Slap the machine on one of those platforms to get some Snooze Z's. 
The treasure chest contains some as well! The machine by the fridge 
platforms activates anchors to grapple. Swing on the first one and 
grab the Plankton Sleepy Seed. Swing on the anchors to reach the 
other platforms with the last machine. This machine activates a winch 
to open the door. Crank the winch and enter the tunnel. Take caution 
of the swinging things, just as you did with the tires. At the other 
end of the tunnel, walk across the collapsing sponges. Defeat the 
crustaceans to access the bridge to the next tunnel. Open the door by 
slapping both machines. Avoid the acid spills and enter the next 
Defeat the crustaceans and free the civilians. One is nearest to the 
entrance. The second is at the top of one of the shacks. Get to her 
by climbing the platforms in the first area and grappling the 
anchors. The third person is near the next area and can unlock the 
door to the next tunnel once freed.

Enter the next room and there are 2 armored crustaceans and some 
spitting creatures. The tunnel blocked by crates leads to a few 
treasure chests with tons of Snooze Z's. Otherwise, hop along the 
platforms until you reach a platform with 2 crustaceans and a pink 
bubble. Slam the bubble to be transported to another part of the 
Defeat the crustaceans in the area to rescue the civilian on top of 
the roof. She will activate some platforms to get you to the platform 
with the pink bubble. Activate it and some platforms will appear to 
get you to the other side of the chasm. Slap the machine to reveal a 
winch. The winch creates platforms that lead to the boat. The boat 
has a Plankton Sleepy Seed inside, but also a pink bubble on the 
deck. This makes the tall platform accessible. Bounce along the 
springy platforms to the next ledge. The dead end will suck SpongeBob 
into another part of the worm.

Rescue the 4 civilians in the next room. Cross any of the three 
bridges in the room to get to the civilians' platforms. But you may 
have to cross alternative platforms to get back to the center area. 
Each time you rescue someone, crustaceans appear. The last civilian 
is in the center area. A winch will be activated by the last civilian 
freed. Crank the winch and enter the tunnel. The tunnel has acid 
spills and other swinging obstacles. At the end is another battle 
arena with a few crustaceans and acid spitters.

Once the bridge is raised, slap both machines and enter the tunnel. 
Grapple the anchors and slam the pink bubble on the platform. Springy 
platforms appear to get you to the next area. The Chief's ironing 
board...err...wife is tied up in the area. Grapple more anchors and 
take the springy platforms up to the ledge with the crustaceans. Take 
them out and proceed to the next set of anchors. Jump to the platform 
with the winch and crank it and activate a set of platforms leading 
up to the machine. Grapple the newly activated anchors to the next 
platform. Rescue the civilian by defeating all the crustaceans. The 
civilian activates a platform to the next area upon rescue. Grab the 
Patrick Sleepy Seed on top of the shack! Proceed to the ledge and 
rescue the Chief's wife. The Chief agrees to help!

Play Scrap Scramble in order to separate parts for the plane! 
Afterward, you still need a few more parts for the plane, but there 
should be a professor inside that can help. Go up the plane ramp and 
hop the platforms to get to the winch. Crank it and hop the new 
platform over to the next tunnel. Take the transport tube to meet the 
professor. He would help, but those crustaceans have stolen the 
professor's jellyfish power cells. Walk up the ramp and enter the 
first tunnel. Avoid the acid and take out the crustaceans on 
unicycles. They take 2 hits to defeat now. Crank the winch to release 
the bridge and cross it to the next platform. Grapple the anchors and 
avoid the acid and swinging things. Quickly cross the crumbling 
platform and grapple more anchors to reach the floating platforms. 
Hop up to the ledge and enter the tunnel. Avoid the swinging things. 
To get through this room, defeat the crustaceans. Then slap the two 
machines in the room. Get rid of all the crustaceans and turn the 
winch that appears to move the crane. Sprint the spark plug into the 
socket to open the door. Enter the tunnel.

In the next area, slap the machine to make a power cell appear. The 
remaining machines in the room can be slapped for a treasure chest of 
Snooze Z's. Otherwise, hop along the platforms up to the ledge. A 
Patrick Sleepy Seed is on a lower platform. Grab the power cell on 
the ledge at the end of the platform chain.

Back in the lab, enter the second tunnel up the ramp. Avoid the 
swinging things in this tunnel. Crank the winch to create some 
platforms. Cross to the other side. Enter the next area and grapple 
the anchors. Slap the machine to activate more platforms. Swing from 
the anchors and get to the next platform with a machine. Slap it for 
the remaining platforms. Ignore the acid spitters. Enter the next 
tunnel into the next room.

Dispose of all crustaceans and and a winch appears. Slap all the 
machines to activate floating platforms. Hop the platforms in the 
back corner to reach the floating platforms. A Plankton Sleepy Seed 
is floating above the binoculars. A winch is on another platform 
which rotates the base in the center. Hop onto it and access the 
winch on the shack roof. This moves the crane. Sprint the spark plug 
into the socket to open the door. Defeat the crustaceans and enter 
the tunnel. Cross the bridge to the arena and take out all 
crustaceans. The arena gets smaller after each round of crustaceans. 
Afterward, grab the power cell.

Enter the final tunnel up the ramp to the lab. Break the crates and 
slam the button to open the door up ahead. Grapple anchors and cross 
the platforms to get to the other end. Avoid swinging things and acid 
spills as you enter the next room. Traverse across the platforms and 
spinning bases. Slam the pink bubble on the platform to activate the 
next base. Proceed to the tunnel.

Avoid more swinging things. Enter the next room and rid all 
crustaceans. Clear the crates of the FIRST spark plug and sprint it 
into its socket. Swing from the new anchors to access the machine. 
Slap it and a winch appears. Crank the winch to move the crane. Break 
the last crate and sprint the plug into the socket. Enter the open 
door into the tunnel. In the next room, rotate the winches to the 
bases to move them. Do this until you reach the platform with the 
machine. Slap the machine to activate moving bridges to the next 
platform. Grapple the anchors to get to the platform with the last 
power cell.

The professor activates his great machine...which makes the perfect 
cup of tea apparently. Play Scrap Scramble once more.

Once again, SpongeBob must perform more menial tasks. The worm's 
stomach is upset and SpongeBob must get to the bottom of it before 
they escape. Avoid the spitting creatures. Take the platforms to the 
last tunnel and take the tube to the next part of the worm. Rescue 
the villager on the platform. He explains that a can of chili is in 
the worm's stomach, which is upsetting it. But the villager's team 
can help permitting they are freed. Crank the winch to rotate the 
base. Hop to the next few platforms and grapple anchors and crank the 
next winch to activate a few bridges. At the next platform, grapple 
the anchors and free the villager on the platform. She will activate 
a winch. Crank it to rotate the base. On the next platform, get rid 
of the crustaceans. A pink bubble forms on a platform above. Activate 
it to open the treasure chest of Snooze Z's if you want. Otherwise, 
proceed down the path at the left. Avoid the swinging things.
In the next room, you must cross a collapsing platform quickly and 
get to the floating platforms at the end. Hop up to the ledge and 
exit to the tunnel. On the other side are more platforms, grappling 
anchors, acid spitters and crustaceans. Take out crustaceans, but 
ignore the spitters. At the next platform with a winch, crank it to 
activate more floating platforms. Hop up the platforms and slap the 
machine to activate anchors. Grapple across them and activate the 
next winch. Head down the platforms and slap the machine to activate 

Make your way across, timing yourself as you pass the rotating bases. 
Defeat all of the crustaceans on the pathway to open the tunnel. 
Avoid the acid spills and swinging things deeper into the tunnel. In 
the next area, hop the platforms until you land on a platform with 
swinging things. Defeat the horde of crustaceans to activate the 
bridges. Cross to the opposite end of the area and get rid of the 
crustaceans. Hop up the sponge platforms and drop down into the next 
area. The can of chili is at the opposite end of the wide area. The 
area has acid spitters, but just ignore them. Grapple the anchors and 
defeat the remaining crustaceans to activate more platforms. Crank 
winches and slam buttons on the various platforms as well. A Patrick 
Sleepy Seed is by the chili can. Slap it to destroy it.

Play one more round of Scrap Scramble and the plane is FINALLY ready. 
Old Man Jenkins and SpongeBob prepare to jet off, flying out if the 
worm. Until its mouth closes...

[4.5] Rocket Rodeo

Patrick Starfishman awakens strapped to the rocket launched by 
DREADED PATRICK. You must fly the rocket through space without 
hitting any obstacles. The meter at the top represents the rocket's 
fuel tank. The fuel depletes constantly as the rocket flies, so you 
must pick up the fuel as it appears. One fuel is equal to one square 
on the meter. If any damage is taken by an obstacle, the rocket's 
fuel goes down a bit faster. Checkpoints allow you to start back from 
that spot if you lose all of your fuel. When that happens, you have 5 
seconds to reach another fuel pickup. Luckily, checkpoints also 
provide five additional squares on the fuel tank. As you're flying, 
you are being tailed by a spaceship, the Patty UFO. It fires lasers, 
so heed the directional commands given on the screen to dodge the 
blasts! Look for the Patrick Sleepy Seed towards the beginning when 
the Patty UFO fires its lasers. You'll pass through a few space 
stations until you follow the Patty UFO into a black hole.
Inside the black hole, look for a Plankton Sleepy Seed in front of a 
paintbrush. Once out of the black hole, you'll enter another space 
station. A Patrick Sleepy Seed is in one of the rooms. Eventually, 
Starfishman frees himself from the rope tying him to the rocket. A 
round of Meteor Mania is in order! Afterward, it's back to the 
For this next ride, Starfishman has equipped lasers onto his rocket 
to blast incoming hazards. In the next room, you will need to destroy 
the two pillars on each level while avoiding laser blasts. In the 
next area, pick up a Plankton Sleepy Seed near one of the pipes. Then 
fly through all of the hoops to exit the space station. As you 
proceed into space, fire at the two crystals to open the door to the 
next area. A Patrick Sleepy Seed is in one of the vortexes, while a 
Plankton Sleepy Seed is inside the cavern of the following planet. 
Soon, Starfishman approaches the Patty UFO. In another chase, he must 
shoot off the wings of the Patty UFO. As you chase the Patty UFO, 
first take off both wings. The next thing is to shoot at its center 
until it is defeated. Starfishman rockets towards home in Bikini 

[4.6] Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster

Plankton awakes from his slumber, finding his "nightmare" wasn't 
real. However, he finds the sleeping Patty at his side and carefully 
tries to sneak away. Karen's blaring wake-up call wakes the Patty and 
Plankton quickly leaps onto his growth machine and has Karen zap him. 
With that, Plankton grows to monstrous proportions. In this giant 
form, Plankton is able to cause destruction easily, with his first 
target being to destroy the abodes of "certain" Bikini Bottom 
residents. Said buildings are highlighted by a white glow. Start by 
destroying the various buildings in the area, using Plankton's 
punches, stomps, or his laser eye. Punching and stomping are 
unlimited, but take more time to activate. The laser eye must have 
enough energy, as depicted by the meter at the right of the screen. 
When fully charged, the laser eye can be used, but it takes time to 
build that energy up again. Also, Plankton's size renders him to move 
a bit slower, especially when changing direction. In the first area, 
start by destroying some buildings and then Mr. Krabs' house, which 
is the anchor-shaped building. Proceed to the next area, which 
requires that Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob's houses be 
destroyed. Inside are Roar pickups, and when the Y button is pressed, 
Plankton can unleash a large roar that can destroy buildings and 
other obstacles in his vicinity.

In the next area, Plankton opts to destroy the drive-in movie theater 
and its patrons. Despite his monstrous size, however, the ticket 
booth operator explains that Plankton still needs a ticket to enter. 
Destroy the four buildings nearby, including Weenie Hut Jr., Pappy 
Puff's Popcorn, Chewsie Candy Co., and the Tough Tavern. Once 
destroyed, a movie ticket reveals itself. Pick it up and feel free to 
ravage the drive-in theater. Approach the theater screen and Plankton 
will stomp his way through to the next area.

From here on, Bikini Bottom Defense Forces will attempt to subdue 
Plankton with helicopters carrying giant nets. Plankton's laser eye 
can easily destroy the net and any helicopters. A Patrick Sleepy Seed 
is at the right of the next area in a cave behind a rock. At the end 
of the path is a sign advertising a rival restaurant business. Using 
the control stick, move it left and right quickly until the bar at 
the bottom of the screen is full, so that the sign can be destroyed. 
Do so quickly as there are only about 20 seconds to do so. Afterward, 
Plankton moves on to the next area. Tanks that fire health 
detrimental missiles will begin to appear. Stomps will get rid of 
them. If damage is taken, Health pickups, shaped like hearts, can be 
found by destroying buildings. A Plankton Sleepy Seed is located in a 
cave behind a rock to the right after two hordes of tanks. Destroy 
the four fuel depot buildings at the end of the path, while being 
careful of tanks in the area. Plankton proceeds to the next area.

A Patrick Sleepy Seed is located in a cave behind a rock up ahead. 
The Patty is ahead, running for its life. Towards the end of the area 
is Mount Fishmore, which features SpongeBob, Gary, Squidward, and 
Patrick. Destroy the monument using Plankton's laser eye. In the next 
area, chase after the Patty, who holes itself up in a building. Play 
a round of Wakey Wakey Shaky Shaky. After completion, the Patty 
scurries out of the building.

In the next area, a Plankton Sleepy Seed is located in a cave behind 
a rock to the right of the pylons ahead. Use Plankton's laser eye to 
destroy the electrical pylons blocking the path. On the next path, a 
Patrick Sleepy Seed is located behind a rock in a cave at the right. 
In the secured area up ahead, use Plankton's laser eye to power the 
generators and open the steel door. Another Plankton Sleepy Seed is 
located in a cave behind a rock at the left. Ahead are some pretty 
resilient turrets. When they emerge from the ground, take them out 
with the laser eye and few punches. After the two turrets are done 
for, proceed to the next area. 
In the next area, proceed onward. A bridge to the next area is ahead 
and must be punched to be lowered. This next area is another secured 
area with three power generators. Continue along the path and enter 
the next secured area. Inside are a few tanks and four turrets. Take 
out the tanks first and then destroy each turret one at a time. 
Afterward, the steel door at the other end opens and the Patty 
escapes. Approach the building at the end for one more round of Wakey 
Wakey Shaky Shaky. The Patty exits the building and is captured by 
Plankton. However, SpongeBob in his new plane escapes from the 
Alaskan Bull Worm. The Patty sees its chance and latches onto the 
plane, prompting Plankton to chase after them.

[4.7] It Came From Bikini Bottom

Plankton's rampage continues throughout the city as he chases after 
SpongeBob in his plane. The Patty he has long been after has latched 
onto the plane. Just as was done with Patrick in Rocket Rodeo, 
SpongeBob's plane must be piloted to frequently pick up fuel. If the 
plane is low on fuel, there will be only seven seconds to retrieve 
more. Also throughout the level are various obstacles such as 
jellyfish and billboards that should be fired at with the laser using 
the A button. Be sure to follow any directional instructions that 
appear to avoid taking damage. A Plankton Sleepy Seed appears between 
the x-shaped beams in the construction zone outside of the sewers. A 
Patrick Sleepy Seed is located to the left of Plankton after the 
second set of sewers.

For the next part, SpongeBob must be piloted from a frontal 
perspective. This makes for a slightly more difficult flight, but the 
directions on the screen allow time for evasive action. Be sure to 
pick up fuel along the way as you avoid Plankton's attacks.
For the next portion, SpongeBob must collect fuel while also firing 
at the glowing red targets. It takes a few hits, but SpongeBob will 
circle the area. Once the targets are destroyed, the building or mass 
it supports will fall onto and damage Plankton. After hitting both 
targets, SpongeBob will continue to lead Plankton out of the area.
For the next area, flight continues from the third person and 
SpongeBob must collect fuel while dodging obstacles. A Plankton 
Sleepy Seed is located underneath the last bridge in the beginning. A 
Patrick Sleepy Seed is located just outside of the canyons.

For the next portion, another frontal flight occurs, which is 
significantly easier than the first. Once again, just dodge attacks 
and collect fuel.

For the last portion, SpongeBob is back to third person flight. He 
must fire at the four pylons holding up the satellite tower that 
Plankton is on. Avoid the jellyfish swarms and other obstacles as you 
take out the pylons. It takes a LOT of hits, so be patient and just 
hit them as you circle the area. After all four pylons are destroyed, 
Plankton falls from the tower. SpongeBob's sympathy for Plankton gets 
the better of him and he is deceived, nearly crashing the plane.

[4.8] Rooftop Rumble

Starfishman, still strapped to the rocket hurdling towards Bikini 
Bottom, finds himself beginning to panic as he nears a rooftop 
without halting. In his panic, he hits an emergency brake, stopping 
the rocket before it could crash. Upon noticing the Giant Plankton 
Monster, Starfishman spots SpongeBob, knowing he must save his best 
friend from the large menace. Mermaid Man, the elderly resident 
superhero, is woken from his nap, and chooses to aid the begging 

The key is to dodge any falling cars, while also taking out the 
Plankton baddies that roam the rooftops. Plus avoiding falling off 
the rooftops. Plankton baddies take a few more hits to defeat than 
DREADED PATRICK's, but it shouldn't be a problem with Starfishman's 
Spin Attack or Blow "Bluster Puff" Attack. A Patrick Sleepy Seed is 
located at the leftmost rooftop after the 5 Plankton baddies are 
defeated. A Plankton Sleepy Seed is located at the rightmost rooftop 
after the second round of 6 Plankton baddies. Afterward, the amount 
of baddies that appear, now increased to 7 total, at one time 
increases as well as open gas vents start to add more hazards. After 
Plankton throws a few cars, he'll launch one onto a catapult, which 
backfires and strikes him. Starfishman jumps to the next set of 

For this portion, there are a few things to take care of. There are a 
few Plankton baddies on this rooftop. First, take them out. Next, the 
four satellites that have gone back into their slots must be opened. 
To do so, destroy the Plankton baddies to clear the gas vents at the 
far left. A red button is on the platform. Slam the button to 
activate a satellite. Next, quickly attack both of Plankton's hands 
to upset him. He will fire his laser, and have it ricocheted back at 
him. This must be done quickly before the satellites close again. 
Repeat the process three more times.

A Patrick Sleepy Seed appears at the far right near the platform. 
Take out more Plankton baddies, and the Plankton baddie firing goo 
from the turret at the left. The goo can be ricocheted with a Spin 
Attack. After hitting Plankton four times, Starfishman jumps to the 
next set of rooftops.

For the next part, take out the Plankton baddies, while running from 
rooftop to rooftop. Slam on buttons to activate steps to higher 
platforms. On these higher platforms are fans that can rotate the 
signal lights and call reinforcements. Blow on them to rotate the 
signal lights. There are four fans total in the area. At the last 
platform are two fans, and a Plankton Sleepy Seed is located on top 
of the leftmost fan.

For the next part, Plankton's hands must be smashed. At the left and 
right are two cranes with beams, but they are not directly over 
Plankton's hands. Start by taking out Plankton baddies to anger him, 
then hide behind one of the four glass containers. There are buttons 
hidden under each container that activate the cranes. The difficulty 
is hindered by Plankton destroying a few glass panels on the rooftop, 
the gas vents turning on, and an increase in Plankton baddies. 
However, the process is done as a normal. A Patrick Sleepy Seed is 
located at the far right, above a Plankton baddie turret.

For the next area, Starfishman must open the hatches containing four 
Shrinkifier rays. For this, you can simply ignore the Plankton 
baddies and focus on slamming the three buttons. The baddies can be 
ignored, but falling cars must be dodged. Once a Shrinkifier appears, 
charge it using the B button once its approached. Repeat this process 
four times, and Plankton will be hit on the fourth try. A Plankton 
Sleepy Seed is located at the left side of the rooftop.

Plankton is reduced back to his normal size, but SpongeBob, 
Starfishman, and Plankton find they've entered a strange dream world.

[4.9] Hypnotic Highway

SpongeBob, Plankton, and Patrick encounter a strange Patty Doctor, 
who explains that the trio have been wandering in strange dreams as a 
result of Krabby Patty consumption. The Patty reveals itself as the 
Doctor and takes off. Plankton advises they chase after the Patty to 
end their horrible nightmares.

Just like Diesel Dreaming, SpongeBob (or Patrick or Plankton) must 
race through the wacky subconscious shared by himself, Plankton, and 
Patrick. Speed boosts are all over the track, which is a tad longer 
than the track in Diesel Dreaming. There are also more obstacles, 
such as clams and rolling boulders that hinder speed. A Patrick 
Sleepy Seed is located on the left side of a fork in the track. A 
detour on the right along the track contains another Patrick Sleepy 
Seed. Another Patrick Sleepy Seed is located between the legs of the 
giant roaming monster. After 3 laps, the race will end.

(SpongeBob's ending)
Upon getting the Patty, SpongeBob soon discovers the entirety of the 
game was a product of a dream, not of his own or Patrick's or 
Plankton's, but his pet snail Gary's.

(Patrick's ending)
Patrick celebrates his win at the Krusty Krab with a Krabby Patty, 
until it up and runs away. The entirety of the game is revealed to be 
a product of a dream, not of his SpongeBob's or Patrick's or 
Plankton's, but Gary's.

(Plankton's ending)
Plankton takes over the Krabby Patty franchise and conquers Bikini 
Bottom. However, he is quickly foiled by the Giant Krabby Patty. The 
entirety of the game is revealed to be a product of a dream, not of 
his SpongeBob's or Patrick's or Plankton's, but Gary's.

[5] Free Play Mode
[5.1] Free Play
The Free Play section of the menu consists of all levels previously 
completed within the Story Mode. After a level is completed, it can 
be replayed in the Free Play Mode, without having to thoroughly go 
through the game again.

[6] Collectibles
[6.1] Snooze Z’s
Snooze Z’s are the currency within the game. They can be used to 
purchase goodies from the Snooze Z Shop! Green Snooze Z’s are worth 
only 1, whereas Gold Snooze Z’s are worth 10 and are usually well-

[6.2] Sleepy Seeds
Sleepy Seeds, little pink and green blobs shaped like Patrick and 
Plankton, are hidden throughout each dream-world. There are 27 of 
each to be found in the whole game. If all are found, special bonus 
ending levels are unlocked. Patrick Sleepy Seeds can unlock Patrick 
in the final racing level, whereas Plankton Sleepy Seeds can unlock 
Plankton in the final racing level. You’ll know a Sleepy Seed is in 
the area when its symbol starts blinking in the top right corner of 
the game screen.

[Sleepy Seed Locations]

~Diesel Dreaming~ Total: 6

*Patrick Sleepy Seeds*
- On a dumpster behind the Krusty Krab.
- On the racetrack during the race with Patrick, in the middle of the 
detour route.
-In the area with the large ramp and the towers, a secret spark plug 
must be revealed in order to access the tower. The button behind the 
crates near the room's exit will reveal the spark plug.

*Plankton Sleepy Seeds*
- Inside Ed's Garage, can be opened via a button behind four crates 
in the Big Bob's Garage warehouse.
- On the racetrack during the race with Plankton, in the middle of 
the next detour route.
- Behind the rightmost wall in the area with the large engine, must 
be blown open with the large rotating engine.

~Starfishman to the Rescue~ Total: 6

*Patrick Sleepy Seeds*
-In a cage across from the bridge in the construction zone.
-At the top of the Odd Sock City building, after blowing on all three 
satellite poles on the balcony in the area where the first costume 
pickup is.
-On the ledge above the entrance to the train depot, accessed by 
jumping from the ledge with the tab on it and going to the right to 
hop the next few ledges.

*Plankton Sleepy Seeds*
-Behind the second weak paper wall on a rooftop in the first shopping 
- Behind the second weak paper wall on a rooftop in the Retail Reef 
shopping center.
-On a brown post in the middle of the train depot, accessed by 
charging the train back into its position after activating the stair 

~Super-Sized Patty Chase~ Total: 6

*Patrick Sleepy Seeds*
-In front of the cage at the end of the second route.
-In front of the cage at the end of the third route.
-In front of the cage at the end of the fifth route.

*Plankton Sleepy Seeds*
-In front of the cage at the end of the first route.
-On the highest ledge at the beginning of the third route.
-In front of the cage at the end of the fourth route.

~Alaskan Belly Trouble~ Total: 6

*Patrick Sleepy Seeds*
-On top of a shed near a broken TV before rescuing a villager and the 
Chief's ironing board from Crustacean parasites.
-In the center of the first chamber of the Professor's lab, on a 
platform on the far left.
-Behind the can of hot chili in the Alaskan Bull Worm's stomach.

*Plankton Sleepy Seeds*
-In the first area with the purple tower, just above the purple 
-Inside the tug boat after rescuing villager from the Crustacean 
-On top of the binoculars in the room with the powered door in the 
second chamber of the Professor's lab, accessed from the rotating 
tower in the center of the room.
~Rocket Rodeo~ Total: 6

*Patrick Sleepy Seeds*
-At the beginning of the level at the bottom of the tunnel.
-Above a laser blast in a corner room inside the first space station. 
-At the bottom of the tunnel just after the lasers mounted on the 

*Plankton Sleepy Seeds*
-To the right of the spinning paint brush in the vortex.
-Underneath a pipe in the space station with the hoops.
-At the bottom of a crystal cavern in one of the moons.

~Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster~ Total: 6

*Patrick Sleepy Seeds*
-In a cave behind rocks near the first military base camp during the 
second route.
-In a cave behind rocks at the beginning of the fourth route.
-In a cave behind rocks near a pipe spewing green liquid on the sixth 

*Plankton Sleepy Seeds*
-In a cave behind some rocks after the bridge during the third route.
-In a cave behind rocks in the far right corner at the beginning of 
the sixth route.
-In a cave behind rocks near a horde of tanks on the seventh route.

~It Came From Bikini Bottom~ Total: 6

*All flight routes below only apply to the third-person perspective 
flight sections of the level.

*Patrick Sleepy Seeds*

-In a fountain down an alleyway on the first flight route.
-In an alleyway on the second flight route.
-Above a rock canyon on the far right on the third flight route.

*Plankton Sleepy Seeds*
-In the construction site at the bottom right, just outside of the 
sewer on the first flight route.
- In between the X-shapes beams on the second flight route.
-Underneath the last bridge at the beginning on the third flight 

~Rooftop Rumble~ Total: 6

*Patrick Sleepy Seeds*
-On the first rooftop at the top right corner, appears after the 
first horde of enemies.
-On the rightmost platform after defeating a horde of enemies on the 
satellite rooftop.
-In the far right corner of the crane rooftops, where a Plankton 
Sniper would be on a turret after smashing Plankton's first hand.

*Plankton Sleepy Seeds*
-On the second rooftop at the bottom left corner, appears after the 
second horde of enemies.
-On the last rooftop of the searchlight rooftops, over one of the 
-On the left side of the Shrinkifier rooftop, appears after firing 
the Shrinkifier the third time.

~Hypnotic Highway~ Total: 6

*Patrick Sleepy Seeds*
-In the middle of the main track on the first lap (as SpongeBob).
-Along the rightmost shortcut along the track, on the second lap (as 
-In between the legs of the walking glowing monster on the third lap 
(as SpongeBob).

*Plankton Sleepy Seeds*
-In a hoop during the first lap (as Patrick).
-In a hoop during the second lap (as Patrick).
-In a hoop during the third lap (as Patrick).

[6.3] Fuel
Fuel provides just that, fuel, for a plane/rocket. Without fuel, the 
plane/rocket would crash. Luckily, they are coincidentally located 
close to one another.

[6.4] Roar
Roar is an item that is shaped like a megaphone. When Giant Plankton 
picks these up, he is able to unleash a roar that can destroy any 
buildings within his vicinity.

[6.5] Health
Health are shaped like hearts, and provide replenishment to Giant 
Plankton’s health. 

[7] Bonus Games
[7.1] Scrap Scramble
Scrap Scramble is a SpongeBob mini-game. The objective is to separate 
plane parts from the piles of junk filtering through the trash 
machine. The magnets above can pick up the parts needed. Pick up the 
colored junk and toss it into its respective bins to win!

Control Stick + C-stick – moves the magnet
“R” button (held down) – activates the magnet, releases (when button 
is let go)

[7.2] Meteor Mania
Meteor Mania is a Patrick mini-game. The objective is to destroy the 
incoming asteroids as they threaten to destroy the space station. Use 
Patrick’s blaster to shoot the asteroids. Each asteroid is marked by 
a button on the controller; hit said button to destroy the incoming 

[7.3] Pouncin’ Poundin’ Patty
Pouncin’ Poundin’ Patty is a Plankton mini-game. The giant Krabby 
Patty is asleep, giving Plankton just enough time to collect scraps 
and invent. Hiding in the trashcan, Plankton must pick up the falling 
scraps. He must also make sure not to move when the giant Krabby 
Patty is looking, or risk being squished. You can move slowly while 
the Patty is looking, but otherwise, stay still. To avoid waking the 
Patty, grab falling vases, as they make noise when they hit the 

Control Stick – moves Plankton left and right.
“A” button - Jump

[7.4] Wakey Wakey Shakey Shakey
Wakey Wakey Shakey Shakey is a Plankton mini-game. The objective is 
to smash the building as Giant Plankton in order to lure out that 
Giant Krabby Patty. The floors of the building are lined with a 
combination of buttons on the controller. Match the combinations to 
destroy a floor. Once all floors are destroyed, the Giant Krabby 
Patty will have to weasel out!

[8] Snooze Z Shop
[8.1] Items
Items from the Snooze Z Shop can be purchased at a constant rate of 
100 Snooze Z’s per item. Concept art and music from various levels in 
the game can be purchased and viewed in the gallery by pressing the L 
button. Other things, such as cheat codes and bonus items can be 
purchased as well.

[9] Extras
[9.1] Videos
Videos can be viewed in the Videos section of the Extras menu. The 
videos include;

Avatar – a trailer for Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Barnyard – a trailer for the movie Barnyard.
SpongeBob DVD Collection – a commercial advertising various SpongeBob 
DVDs and box sets.
LEGO SpongeBob – a commercial advertising the LEGO SpongeBob toy 

[9.2] Bonus Items
The Bonus Items are items are activated in the Activate Bonus Items 
section of the Extras. These Bonus Items are unlocked via cheat 

Punk SpongeBob – gives SpongeBob a punk rock look for Diesel 
Skeleton SpongeBob – gives SpongeBob a skeleton look for any level.
Exposed-Brain SpongeBob – gives SpongeBob his exposed brain look from 
the episode “Scaredy Pants”, for any level.
Aviator – gives SpongeBob an Aviator look for any level. 

Tuxedo Patrick – gives Patrick a Tuxedo outfit for Starfishman to the 
Safari Patrick – gives Patrick a safari outfit for any level.
Pirate Patrick – gives Patrick a pirate outfit for Rooftop Rumble.

SpongeBob Plankton – gives Plankton SpongeBob’s pants for Super-Sized 
Inventor Plankton – gives Plankton an inventor outfit for any level.
Astronaut Plankton – gives Plankton an astronaut outfit for Revenge 
of the Giant Plankton Monster.

Hot Rod SpongeBob – SpongeBob’s car gets a Hot Rod skin.
Patrick’s Rocket – Patrick’s rocket gets a different look in Rocket 
Hypnotic Car SpongeBob – SpongeBob’s Hypnotic Highway car can be used 
in any racing level.
Hovercraft Plankton – Plankton’s hovercraft skin can be used in any 
racing level.

[9.3] Cheat Codes
The game features various cheats which can be inputted in the Cheats 
section of the Extras menu. Here are the various cheats and their 

ROCFISH – gives 30,000 extra Snooze Z’s.
LASER – changes Plankton’s eye laser color in Revenge of the Giant 
Plankton Monster.
GUDGEON – enables level select.
PORKPIE – unlocks all bonus games.
GASSY – unlimited fuel for flying levels.
VIGOR – unlimited health for platforming levels.
EMCSQR – unlimited time in racing levels.
SCOOTLES – all Sleepy Seeds.
TISSUE – enables a Sleepy Seed Detector.
FLAMES – changes SpongeBob’s flame effect color in racing levels.
DUCKGUN – gives SpongeBob a squeaky duck gun.
SPIN – changes Patrick’s spin attack effect in Starfishman to the 

SPONGE – Punk SpongeBob costume in Diesel Dreaming.
PATRICK – Patrick Tuxedo costume in Starfishman to the Rescue.
PANTS – SpongeBob costume for Plankton in Super-Sized Patty.
PIRATE – Patrick Pirate costume in Rooftop Rumble.
ROBOT – Astronaut Plankton costume in Revenge of the Giant Plankton 
PILOT – Aviator SpongeBob costume.
BRAIN – Exposed-Brain SpongeBob costume.
KRABBY – Skeleton SpongeBob costume.
INVENT – Inventor Plankton costume.
SAFARI – Safari Patrick costume.

HOTROD – changes SpongeBob’s vehicle in Diesel Dreaming.
SPACE – changes Patrick’s rocket in Rocket Rodeo.
HOVER – changes Plankton’s Hovercraft vehicle skin in Hypnotic 
BUNRUN – changes Patrick’s rocket color to purple.
HYPCAR – SpongeBob’s Hypnotic car skin.
ROCKET – changes Patrick’s laser color in Rocket Rodeo.

[10] Final Word
[10.1] Final Word
After going to some extra lengths to ensure total game completion, I 
am finally able to bring this walkthrough to a close. I hope the 
guide is as thorough as it can be, as I’ve found there are few guides 
to help with this game. I have to say, this game is very refreshing 
as a SpongeBob title. It has been criticized for its design not 
“feeling like SpongeBob”, which admittedly is true. However, I feel 
the game presented itself in a graceful manner in this respect. 
Definitely one of the better SpongeBob titles I’ve played! I hope you 
enjoyed it as much as I did! Until my next walkthrough! 

[A] Email/Contact Information
Below is my e-mail, which you can contact me at if you have any 
questions or something to add to the guide. *However, read through 
the ENTIRE guide before you send me an e-mail. If I’ve already 
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When you e-mail me, don’t be rude, inconsiderate, or use profanity. 
Also, have a subject for your e-mail so I know what it’s about. Don’t 
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I speak English primarily, so I won’t be able to understand an e-mail 
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If you send me an e-mail with any information to add to the guide, 
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[B] FAQs
“Will I be able to use this guide in any shape, way, or form?”

The purpose of this guide is just that. A guide. The guide should be 
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-[C] Credits
This section is where credits towards this guide and any other 
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Thanks goes to;

Blitz Games, WayForward Technologies, Nick Games, and THQ, for the 
development of SpongeBob SquarePants: CFTKK.
GameWinners.com, for the SpongeBob SquarePants: CFTKK cheat codes.
Me, for making this guide.
The SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki, for providing names for the enemies.

[D] Copyright
SpongeBob SquarePants: CFTKK is Copyright 2006 THQ. All Rights 

SpongeBob SquarePants and all related characters/environments/etc. 
are Copyright 1999 Nickelodeon and Stephen Hillenburg. All Rights 

The Nintendo Gamecube is Copyright 2001 Nintendo. All Rights 

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