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Hidden Item Guide by Mrstickball

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/23/06

II Wolverines's Hidden Item Guide II

Version 1.00 Complete

As we all know, his Sentinel Techs and Weapon X Files
can be hard to find. If you know where they are, however,
they are very easy to find. Refference this guide when
playing the levels through. Each item was located and
found by myself for the guide, and is 100% accurate in 
location, but possibly not in discription. I have done 
my best to detail their locations so you can find them

Locations are listed in the character order of: Wolverine,
Iceman and Nightcrawler, with all the items for each character
stated in the order of levels that the character has. 

This is a condensed version of what I have for the
game walkthrough, so the locations are stated the same
as my walkthrough.

__  Wolverine's Hidden Items         __
__                                   __

I Alkali Lab    I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Immediately to the right of your starting position, in the corner of
the wall.
#2 - On the same wall of piece #1, but other corner of the wall. 
#3 - This one will be revealed ONLY if you destroy Transformer #1, near the
Sentinel's head.
#4 - Same location as #3, but revealed ONLY after you destroy Transformer #2.
#5 - Same location as #3 and #4, but revealed ONLY after you destroy 
Transformer 3.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - Directly left of your starting position, paralell to Sentinel Piece #1.

I Holding Pens  I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - At the end of Holding Pen 1. Inside a wooden crate.
#2 - Near the windows, in a wooden crate at the top of the stairs after
Holding Pen 1.
#3 - Go through the door near the windows (and piece #2). Go down the
stairs into Security Tunnel 1 (a new objective will pop up), defeat the
HYDRA soldiers inside, the piece is at the end of the hallway.
#4 - Right at the start of Holding Pen 2, a metal barrel and 3 wooden 
crates will contain this piece.
#5 - Before destroying the access panel, and finishing the level, a 
door will be right beside the panel - enter the door to access the room 
where a few HYDRA gunners are. Defeat them and get the piece at the end 
of the hall.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - In Holding Pen 1. Once inside, go through the first door to
the left. Inside will be a cracked wall - attack it, and break through.
3 HYDRA soldiers will attack. The piece is at the end of the room.

I Testing Chamber I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - To your immediate right, behind 2 metal barrels and a wooden crate.
#2 -  After the testing chamber, there will be a few metal barrels near
a huge metal "X" - One contains this piece.
#3 - Near piece #2, right down the hallway with the next HYDRA soldiers.
It's inside a barrel in the corner (before the turret hallway)
#4 - Inside the turret hallway, on the left side, right before the exit
of the room. You cannot see it, as it's inside the last "nook".
#5 - Upon entering the last large room, goto the right, there will be
5 barrels stacked ontop of eachother. The piece is inside of them.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - In the large room with Sentinel Tech piece #5. It's in the large
grey metal crate near the door HYDRA soldiers come out of.

I Hangar        I

<Sentenel Tech Locations>
#1 - Directly to your left, along the wall
#2, #3 #4 - Before entering the storm, turn to your right,
go into the large corridor. #2 is on the right, just as
you enter the room. #3 is hiding on the right side, just
behind a large pillar. It's very difficult to see, use
the camera to find it. #4 is on the left, at the end of the
You cannot get piece #1~4 after entering the
hurricane to fight Deathstryke.
#5 - Near the bottom of the screen, as you enter the 
hurricane, underneath a scuba tank holder. You'll get
knocked into the storm if you get too close. Try to 
hit it open, fly in the storm, then go back and run 
to the same location to get the piece. 

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - As you enter the hurricane, and get thrown to the 
ground, it is "north" of you (or whatever way is up on
the left thumbstick), it's under a scuba tank holder.

I Castle Gatehouse I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - On the left side of the first room and near the stairs, behind
a breakable barrier. 
#2 - Directly infront of you, at the start of level, inside a 
fenced in (yet destroyable) area.
#3 - On the opposite wall of piece #1, near the stairs. 
#4 - At the end of the gatehouse, in the open (close to the HYDRA 
soldier teleportation point)
#5 - Inside the gatehouse, on the wall paralell to the Weapon X File,
inside a wooden drawer. 

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - Inside gatehouse, inside a wooden container, at the end of the 

I Zen Garden    I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Along the wall that is "north" (up on the Left Thumbstick), 
behind a bamboo tree. 
#2 - Inside the middle of the first Teleport Nexus. 
#3 - On the left side (once you walk in) of the garden right after
the 1st Teleport Nexus, behind some rocks and bushes.
#4 - In 2nd Teleport Nexus garden, in the corner of the room near
the stairs (opposite corner of stairs).
#5 - At the end of the final hallway, in the open (where the
Wind Soldiers attack you at).

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - Inside garden where 2nd Teleport Nexus is. As you enter, head
"north" (up on Left Thumbstick), it's inside an area with 4 or 5

I Warrior's Dojo I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 & 2 - In the corner(s) of the dojo, not very hard to find.
#3 & 4 - Behind the wooden pillars, near the middle of the wall.
#5 - The very middle of the room. Easy enough, eh?

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - In the one corner that DOESN'T have the Sentinel Tech pieces.

I Lady Deathstrike I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
(Note, it's best to get them after your first fight with Lady

#1 - On the left side of the stairs, on the ground floor, in the 
#2 and #3 - From piece #1, go around that side of the room, smashing
the armor displays. About 2-3 cases from piece #1, you'll find the
2 pieces in consecutive armor displays
#4 - Go up the stairs, walk to your left up the second flight.
Once the camera angle changes, turn and walk right, to the edge of
the little garden. You can't see the piece, but you can hear a buzzing
sound, its there.
#5 - Go up the stairs, walk to the right up the second flight.
It's in the corner, kinda hard to see, but you can hear it, and you'll 
know it's in the corner. The camera works against you here, so be

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - On the bottom floor, in the corner near Sentinel Tech piece #2 and/or

I Silver Samuari I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Littered throughout the level, in each corner of the room.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - In a corner of the arena, behind a firepot. 

I Augmentation Room I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1, 2, 3 & 4 - In the four corners of the Agumentation room itself.
#5 - Near the door, north of where you start out.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - Behind the vat you fall into during the movie that plays at
the start of the level. The camera somewhat hides it, but it's 

I Sabertooth    I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>

#1 & 2 - On opposite walls in the first arena encounter. One's on the left
wall, one's on the right.
#3, 4 and 5 - On the east, west and south sides of the second area where
you fight Sabertooth.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - Directly north of when you land on the second arena. 

__  Nightcrawler's Hidden Items      __
__                                   __

I Generator Room I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Ontop of pipes at beginning of level, before first turn.
#2 - From beginning on large room, walk up the pipe, teleport
to ledge, then look down and jump to piece #2
#3 - From beginning of large room, look forward to a ledge
with an enemy on it. The piece is near the door
#4 - Near door that you must open to continue with the level
#5 - From piece #4, there is a small pipe facing right (if you
were looking at the door). Take pipe, walk on it until you see
a ledge overhead. The last piece is there.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 Inside door, where Main Control Panel is, near the end of the room.

I Launching Bay  I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Right in front of you when you start the level. 
#2 - Inside circular generator room, on the ledge on the outside of the 
room. Drop down from the walkway to get to ledge for this one.
#3 - From piece #2, continue warping around the ledges, it's the first major
ledge from #2's ledge.
#4 - From #2, travel opposite of #3, and it's the first ledge (on the left 
if you just walked out of the walkway, into the room).
#5 - On the walkway at the top of the central room, near the Security 
Override Panel. Teleport around the walkways, it's 2 ledges from there.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - On walkway, at core of main room, at the end of the walkway.

I Dark Cerebro   I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Directly above your starting position, on the platform
#2, #3, # 4 - On the row of platforms as piece #1 is
#5 - Directly below the platform that you start on, on the ground.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - In the middle of the room, on the ground. Just below the platform that 
you start on (Near Sentinel Tech piece #5)

I Brooklyn Bridge I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Directly behind you at the start of the level, on the scafolding. 
#2 - Ontop of the pipes of the middle part of the bridge (above the 
bridge itself), very close to the Weapon X File and Sentinel Tech 
piece #1.
#3 - Walk along the top part of the bridge (middle area), it's about
the middle of the level.
#4 - Very close to piece #3, on top of a light post (if your facing
where Weapon X File is, it's on the left)
#5 - At the very end of the level, on a pipe (on the left side, if
your facing the end) - End meaning where the Multiple Man Clones
are, and the very other end of the Weapon X File location.  

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 From Sentinel Tech Piece #1, it's on the top of the middle part of
the brdige - at the end of the bridge. 

I Multiple Man   I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Directly above you, on a light post, at the start of the level. 
#2 - To your right, from the very start of the level
#3 - Beind you, from piece #2, on the outside wall in the middle.
#4 - To your slight right, at the start of the level, in the corner.
It's the opposite metal barrel the Weapon X File is on.
#5 - Near the Weapon X File, in the middle of the outside wall. 

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - From the start of the level, go forward, and take a left. The 
file is ontop of a large barrel, near the corner. 

I Master Mold Interior I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - From the first Primary Bulkhead panel that needs rewired, 
continue up the electrical pipe, avoiding the electric discharges,
it's at the top of the pipe.
#2 - Very close to the second panel of the Secondary Bulkhead 
Panels that need rewired, on a light post that you can warp/jump 
#3 - Near Power Node #1, on the railing to your right (if you
were facing Power Node #2)
#4 - Close to Power Node #2, on a walkway that's near the
pipes that take you to Power Node #3. 

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - From Power Node 1, climb up the large pipes in preparation
to get to Power Node 2, climb the verticle post that will get
you to the very top pipe, the File is there. 

I Telepurgatory  I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 & 2 - On 2 opposing ledges in the middle of the area, close to
some Guardian Crystals.
#3 - Very close to #1 (or 2) on a small branch.
#4 - In a valley near #2, look around and you can spot it from piece
#5 - At the opposite end of Jason Stryker's mind, near the rest
of the Sentinel Tech pieces (namely #3).

<Weapon X Location>
#1 - Near Jason Stryker's Mind, on a lone island that has a Guardian

__  Iceman's Hidden Item             __
__                                   __

I Fission Plant I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Directly behind you at the start of the level, in a small
enclave at the bottom of the huge building.
#2 - From piece #1, continue toward the water, and the power lines.
The piece is at the bottom of the powerline that's facing the middle
of the island.
#3 - Below the bridge, in between the 2 concrete pillars (but near
the top of the pillars)
#4 - Ontop of the lighthouse
#5 - Between 2 very short buildings, near the bridge.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - In between the 2 large smokestacks, underneath the piping at 
the bottom of the area. 

I Coolant Tunnels I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 -  In the middle of the 2 verticle bars, right before you enter
the Coolant Pipe area
#2 - In the Coolant Pipe area. From the entrance, goto the other wall.
It's in the upper-left corner, near some pipes.
#3 - Inside the tunnels between the Coolant Pipe area and the Freeon/
Bulkhead area. It's between 2 moving electrical traps. The traps will
keep you low to the ground, but the Sentinel Tech is in the middle. 
Slow down and then fly up to get it, or use Ice Shield to go through
the electric fence. Right before you'll hear "Warning, outer bulkhead
#4 - Behind the downed platform in the Freeon/Bulkhead area. The 
platform is to the right, when you enter the area.
#5 - Right after the Freeon/Bulkhead area, when the timer starts.
Once you enter the tunnel, it's on the left side of the 2nd verticle
bar on the left. 

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - In the tunnel after the Freeon/Bulkhead area. It's between 2
non-moving verticle electric fences that are aimed to the right.
The Weapon X File is located near the bottom of the 2 fences.
The computer voice will say "Warning, massive fire disturbance 
localized on the surface" right BEFORE you get to the area containing
the file. 

I Fire Serpent    I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Near the top of the powerline that is directly to your left at
the starting of the level. 
#2 - In front of the slanted concrete building that you entered/exited
from the Coolant Tunnels, in the middle of the air (its near the Fire 
#3 - On the right side (if you were facing the Fire Serpent) of the 
building Pyro is on, in a "nook".
#4 - Behind the Fire Serpent, on top of a water pump, very close to the
#5 - Near the top of the domed building, facing the water (opposite end
of the Fire Serpent, on the island.)

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - On top of the very large building, directly behind you at the start
of the level.

I Kolwoon Highway I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - In the first large area on the right side, near a green-ish sign.
#2 - Inside the second tunnel, in the middle, right behind a verticle
pillar...Its almost at the end of that section of tunnel.
#3 - In the second large area, at the very end on the left. A bus fire hides
the ease of finding the piece, so cooling the fire with an Ice Beam can help.
#4 - On the left side of the third large area, in the middle right beside a 
lamp post. 
#5 - The tunnel right after the third large area has this piece, in the middle
of the tunnel, right out in the open.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 Right before you get to the end of the level, in the huge area. Once you
get in the huge area, stay low to the ground, where the small metal poles are.
It's on the ground.

I Downtown Kolwoon I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - At the start, turn to the left, and it's in the corner of the buildings.
#2 - From the start, goto forward, and turn onto the last road to the right.
It's underneath the glass tunnel walkway, nearest the buildings.
#3 - From #2, continue down the same road, to the highway. Turn to the right,
the building nearest the highway, at the bottom, has this piece.
#4 - Take a right at the start of the level, you'll see a glass walkway tunnel.
It's below it, nearest the buildings.
#5 - From #4, continue into the large area. The piece is on the left corner of
the farthest wall. 
large area, its in the left corner, furthest from any road.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 Directly in front of your starting point, on the ground near the 1st

I Giant Sentinel  I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1, 2 and 3 - on the right side of the highway (if your facing where the
Sentinels land from)
#4 - Underneath the highway, on the slight right side of the highway (if 
you were facing where the Sentinels land from)
#5 - Underneath the highway, near the top of it, about halfway in the
middle of the level.

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - On the highway, in the middle of the level. 

I Master Mold Reactor I

<Sentinel Tech Locations>
#1 - Directly in front of the first volley of rockets, in
the middle of the room. It's near the start of the level. 
#2 - In the 1st larger area of the tunnel, near the ground.
It's about where the volley of rockets curves around.
#3 - In the 2nd larger area of the tunnel, in the air.
It's in a very similar spot as #2 was in it's tunnel, but
higher up. Make sure you slow down in these areas, as they
always have a Sentinel Tech piece. 
#4 - Like piece #2 and 3, in the middle of the 3rd large
tunnel area. This tunnel curves left (the last 2 curve right)
it's almost in the middle of the curve, about halfway in
the air. 
#5 - Inside the Master Mold Central Core, below the electric
fields, near the Control Core, on the opposite side of the

<Weapon X File Location>
#1 - Inside the Master Mold Central Core, on the ground.
The moment you get inside the Reactor, fly to the bottom
real quick, as it's right there. 

__ END            __

Good luck on finding the pieces!

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