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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LexRox

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    Super Monkey Ball Adventure for Nintendo Gamecube
    By LexRox (knightwaif@gmail.com)
    Table of Contents
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Legal
    3.	Controls
    4.	Monkey Chants
    5.	Monkey Enemies
    6.	Using the Radar
    7.	Adventure Mode
    i.	Jungle Island
    ii.	Zootopia
    iii.	Moonhaven
    iv.	Monkitropolis
    v.	Kongri-la
    8.	Puzzles
    i.	Jungle Island puzzles
    ii.	Zootopia puzzles
    iii.	Moonhaven puzzles
    iv.	Monkitropolis puzzles
    v.	Kongri-la puzzles
    9. Closing
    1. Introduction
    Super Monkey Ball adventure is not like any other Super Monkey Ball. It 
    has great puzzles and minigames, but its story mode is not just a bunch 
    of puzzles but a whole world for you to explore (hence the name 
    "adventure"). By the way, if you're looking for an explicit guide to 
    Challenge Mode or Multiplayer, you've got the wrong walkthrough. I 
    explain the puzzle levels only as much as I need too to help you beat 
    the Story mode. Anyway, I'm going to try to make this walkthrough as 
    thorough as possible, so I hope you understand it.
    2. Legal
    Don't copy this walkthrough please under you name or without my 
    permission. Thank you.
    3. Controls
    The controls are basic, but I'll tell you them anyway:
    Control Stick: move
    A button: Chant, action, continue dialogue, select, open wings
    B button: Exit menu, skip dialogue (very useful when you're hearing the 
    mission speech for the 10th time), end chant
    Start: menu
    Y button: talk
    C stick: If you're lucky, turn the camera
    4. Monkey Chants
    A new addition to this game is Monkey Chants. You get them by talking 
    to guys in yellow square helmets and red suits. There are 9 types of 
    i. Boxingball
    This is probably the first chant you'll get. It gives you a giant 
    boxing glove useful for punching through rocks and defeating Naysayers. 
    You will find it in Jungle Island, specifically when you go through the 
    puzzle door from Treetops to Island.
    ii. Invisiball
    This chant enables your monkey to turn invisible! It's not that great 
    and it hardly has any use in the game. If you bump too hard into 
    something, you'll flash visible for a moment; too many times and you'll 
    become visible all together. You'll find it in Zootopia, main entrance.
    iii. Sticky Ball
    This chant makes your monkey ball covered in suction cups. It also lets 
    you stick to certain surfaces and pick up certain objects. You'll find 
    it in the roller coaster part of Zootopia.
    iv. Scalarball
    This chant lets your monkey ball grow and shrink at will. This is used 
    for riding far apart rails, popping out of tight spaces, and curiously, 
    this ball makes you heavier. Find it in Moonhaven: First, talk to the 
    guy that starts the quest "Little Un's on Levers" before you have 60% 
    on Moonhaven, then turn around and the guy will be there.
    v. Woodball
    This chant turns your monkey ball into ugly, but useful, wood. It lets 
    you float on water and catch fire. When on water, however, it has an 
    invisible time limit. If you stay on too long, it will flash back to 
    normal ball, and you will only have a few seconds to get back on land. 
    Sometimes, when trying to complete a mission that you may have to land 
    in water quite a few times (like Out of Control Roller Coaster 
    [Zootopia]) Woodball unpredictably makes you fall out on about the 
    sixth time. I don't know why. Find it in Moonhaven, or more accurately, 
    the bottom of the Flying Machine. I'd suggest finding it before you 
    tackle the roller coaster area of Zootopia.
    vi. Tetherball
    This chant lets you carry things from one place to the next. It also 
    has hardly any use in the game. Find it at Monkitropolis, or more 
    accurately, right at the entrance of Monkitropolis.
    vii. Speedyball
    This chant lets you move at a higher speed! This ball also has hardly 
    any use in the game, but it's super fun! Find it in the entrance to the 
    Speedway in Monkitropolis.
    viii. Hoverball
    This chant lets you hover above ground or water. It's very useful. 
    Pressing the A button makes you go higher. However, you do need to have 
    something to hover on, whether it is ground or water. You can't just 
    hover over nothing (air) or you'll fallout as usual. It's not really 
    the ability to fly, but to jump, which is greatly needed in SMBA. Find 
    it in the entrance to Kongri-la.
    ix. Teleports
    Teleports are chants that transport you to other worlds. They're the 
    only way you can get to them. You get the Moonhaven and Zootopia 
    teleports by having 60% in Jungle Island and completing the mission 
    "Find the Prince and Princess". You get the teleport to Monkitropolis 
    (which is connected to Kongri-la) by getting 60% in Moonhaven and 
    Zootopia and completing the missions "Shutdown Puzzle" and "Little Un's 
    on Levers."
    5. Monkey Enemies
    There are very few enemies, but you do have some, called Naysayers. 
    There are 4 types.
    i. Naysayer
    These are the basic type of Naysayers. When you have boxingball, just 
    punch it a few times, but without boxingball, you'll have to run into 
    it, somehow without getting hit.
    ii. Boxing Naysayer
    This Naysayer is a bit trickier. You've got to use boxingball. First, 
    go close to it, close enough that it starts swinging its arms, but far 
    enough that it doesn't hit you. It'll swing left, right, and then put 
    its arms up for a big punch. This is when you hit it. Hit it a few 
    times and it should disappear.
    iii. Sucker Naysayer
    This Naysayer will try to suck you up if you get too close. Defeat it 
    with Scalarball. With scalarball, allow it to suck you up, and then 
    grow inside of it until it explodes.
    iv. Flamethrower Naysayer
    This Naysayer shoots fire, of course. Defeat it with Woodball. Allow it 
    to blow flames at you until you catch fire, and then run into it when 
    it's finished. While it's sitting, run into it again causing it to 
    catch flame. Do this a few times and it will disappear.
    6. Using the Radar
    The radar is a very important part of the game. You will find it in the 
    lower right-hand corner of your screen. Normally, you will see white & 
    green dots & arrows. White dots mean missions start there, while white 
    arrows at the edge of the radar indicate you need to move farther in 
    that direction. Green dots mean modes of transportation (canons), while 
    green arrows at the edge of the screen indicate you need to move 
    farther in that direction. If ever there is an arrow that moves in the 
    center of the screen (is not at the edge) it means that you are not at 
    the correct height to reach whatever the arrow indicates. If you see an 
    arrow move from one end of your radar to the other, it means you have 
    passed over or gone under the target. Whilst in a mission, you will see 
    white, green, and yellow dots & arrows. The white dot is the mission 
    start. Green dots are again modes of transportation. Yellow dots are 
    objectives for that mission (in 8 cat balloons, they would be the 
    7. Adventure Mode
    Adventure mode consists of five worlds split into several sections, 
    each with a few missions. Each mission you complete in a world will 
    increase that world's joy by 5% (except in Monkitropolis and Kongri-la, 
    where the joy meter is combined). The joy meter is under the monkey 
    face left of the radar. Thus, to unlock the final level of the world, 
    you need 60% joy or you must have completed 12 missions.
    i. Jungle Island
    |Town Square|
    (There are only five real missions in the Town Square; however, you'll 
    see six missions on your radar. One of the missions is actually a shop 
    where you can buy characters and better versions of games.)
    1) Top Hat Search
    This is a basic mission. Look at your radar to find the five top hats, 
    and then run into them to knock their hats off. Be careful though, 
    because if you run too fast, you will flatten them and that does you no 
    2) Return the Bees
    After you talk to the Beekeeper, just go straight ahead to the red 
    flower. It'll bounce you up to other flowers, and beehives. Bounce on 
    the beehive to break it and the bees will automatically swarm around 
    you. It's pointless to deliver the bees one at a time to the Beekeeper, 
    so keep bouncing until there are no more platforms. Deliver the bees 
    back to the Beekeeper by just rolling next to the bee-houses. Then 
    you'll have to go back to the flower platforms and there'll be one more 
    beehive on the ropes. Deliver it back to the beekeeper and you'll be 
    3) Delivery for Tootoot's Dad (Must complete mission 1)
    After you get the balloon from the messenger, find Sisi (the 
    photographer). Then turn around and you should see a bunch of flower 
    platforms. You'll want to take the right platforms. Continue bouncing 
    until you reach the highest house where "Top Hat" is. There's very 
    little space for you to roll around the house, so carefully deliver the 
    4) Destroy the Weeds (You'll need Boxingball)
    To destroy the weeds, simply punch the seed pockets around them. Don't 
    go to close or they'll disappear. If that happens, just back up and 
    they'll reappear. Once you destroy all of the seeds around the weed, 
    it'll disappear. Look on you radar to find all of the seeds, and 
    destroy them all.
    5) Picture at the Huts
    Right after you stop talking to Sisi turn left and then left again. Go 
    down the ramp to the central part of Town Square (where the windmill 
    is). You should see a ramp by two huts as you come in. Quickly go up 
    the ramp and then straight over the wooden bridge until you see the 
    photo spot. You can also just use your radar or pay attention when Sisi 
    shows you where to go. Be quick though because this mission is timed.
    (This is the first area that you can open your wings and fly. Just get 
    into a winged hoop [by canon or rolling down the hill - whatever] and 
    press A to fly. Don't stay in the air too long or you'll fallout. 
    Beeping indicates you need to get to land soon, get a boost [from the 
    geysers or something], or fallout.)
    6) Lunch Delivery
    Once you come to the Islands, the first thing you'll see (after the 
    chant dude, if you come from the treetops) is a big hill. Go up the 
    hill and you'll see the monkey that starts the mission. She'll tell you 
    to go to Distant Island. This fooled me because I didn't know which 
    island to go to. Never fear, because there is only one inhabited 
    island! Go down the ramp and open your wings. Go straight ahead; 
    getting boosts from the geysers and you'll see a landing spot. Try to 
    land really low and don't go too fast or you'll fall off. Once on the 
    circular layered part of the island, go straight ahead and you'll see 
    the monkey that you're supposed to deliver too.
    7) Picture at the Lighthouse
    This mission is simple unless you have really bad aim with flower 
    platforms. Simply go to the lighthouse and jump up all the platforms. 
    Don't fall or you'll probably not solve the mission as it is timed.
    8) Rescue the Eggs
    Once you get the mission, fall off the cliff to the right and get shot 
    out of the canon. You should see five eggs on top of the geysers. If 
    you float close to them on the geyser you'll hear this sound that means 
    you've got them. Birds will start following you. You should see a nest 
    on top of a rock (that's supposed to be a geyser) just left of the 
    other geysers when you're facing them from the canon. Just fly over 
    that and eventually the birds that are following you will dive and head 
    back to the nest. You don't have to get all of the birds at the same 
    time; you can come back to land so you don't fall out. I'd recommend 
    getting the egg on the far right (from where you get shot out of the 
    canon) first, as it is the hardest. Don't worry: this mission isn't 
    timed (thankfully).
    9) Light the Lighthouse (You'll need Woodball)
    First, get Woodball and light yourself on fire. You can probably find 
    the lighthouse on your own (but remember to light the torches as 
    checkpoints!) but here are the exact instructions anyway. After you 
    talk to the monkey, turn right and go across the bridge, then turn 
    right and light the torch. Go across the next bridge, and light the 
    torch. Go right and around the wall, and then go across the yellow 
    flowers. Light the torch and go across the bridge. Go right, light the 
    torch, and then go across the bridge. Light the torch and go across the 
    yellow flowers. Go through the arch and light the torch, then go right 
    and up the ramp. You'll see a red flower platform that you use to 
    bounce up to the cliff where Sisi is. Cross the stone bridge in front 
    of you, light the torch, and go (carefully, but quickly, or your fire 
    will go out) up the flower platforms around the lighthouse. Don't 
    forget to light the non-flower platforms as checkpoints on your way to 
    the top (it's very useful if you're bad with platforms. Once you've 
    reached the top, just light the three nest-type things and you've 
    completed the mission!
    10) Wake the Guards
    Go straight into the canon and shoot yourself to the big gong. You'll 
    have to aim until you cannot see any part of the round part of the gong 
    and you should hit it, waking up the guard. If you miss, learn from the 
    mistake (go higher if you were too low or lower if you were too high). 
    Go down the platforms to the next canon. Be careful, because there are 
    spaces between the platforms and sometimes you fall through if you go 
    too slow, but don't go too fast either. Do the same technique for the 
    next 2 canons, but on the last canon you'll have to aim a little bit 
    lower. Beware, because if you miss these canons, you'll have to start 
    from the beginning. The only fatal canon is if you're too high on canon 
    11) Annoying Birds
    This one is easy. You can either use your radar to find the birds you 
    need to roll into, but I just rolled into any of the birds I saw. Just 
    roll into them for a while, and you should complete the mission. Don't 
    forget that there are flowers on multiple platforms.
    12) Picture at the Waterfall
    There are two ways to do this mission. One, you can just blindly fall 
    and hope you hit a flower platform to bounce in to position. I find it 
    better if you get off Sisi's platform, and roll at full speed through 
    the arc under it, you should land on another island. From there it's 
    easier to get good aim from the flower platforms.
    13) Donation (100)
    This is the first of many opportunities to donate bananas to the 
    unfortunate. This is pointless unless you can't beat any of your 
    missions and need to get a boost for the joy meter.
    |Kings Throne Room|
    14) Find the Prince and Princess (You must have 60% Joy in Jungle 
    This mission is easy, because you don't actually have to find any 
    "clues". Just roll into the monkeys and unless you're super lucky, 
    you'll have the wrong pair. The king will give you 3 chances (I failed 
    all of them) to find the prince and princess. If you blindly roll into 
    the monkeys, after the third chance the king will just find them 
    himself and you won't have to worry about anything.
    15) Ring the Wedding Bells (You must have 60% joy in every world, have 
    delivered all the balloon message missions and have made peace between 
    Monkitropolis and Kongri-la, and you need stickyball)
    You must ring the wedding bells to announce the wedding! First, to get 
    to the top of the trees, just use stickyball to climb up the tree that 
    starts flashing yellow. Once you get up there, talk to the monkey and 
    he'll tell you what bells to ring. It's a memory game. It starts easy, 
    but gets harder and harder, but it always starts with the previous 
    colors. Here's the order:
    green, yellow, red, blue | red, yellow, green, blue (every one from 
    right to left) | red, green, blue, yellow.
    Remember that every time you ring a bell, it bounces you, which is your 
    only chance to get to the next bell (this is the reason I didn't get it 
    first try).
    ii. Zootopia
    |Central Area|
    1) Free the Monkeys from the Ducks (You'll need invisiball)
    This is a really hard mission. First, use invisiball and go into the 
    building right beside the monkey that gave you the mission. You have to 
    be patient and let the silver monkey (robochimp) pass, because running 
    in to him or anything around him will reveal you for a second, and if 
    you do it too much, make you fail. Once you're past him and all the 
    shooting monkeys, turn left and go across the narrow platform over the 
    water. Thankfully, if you fall, you can just go back to the beginning 
    of the narrow platform. Be careful not to hit anything (again). Next, 
    you'll need to get past the ducks, by waiting for one duck to pass and 
    going in between two ducks, not hitting any, or you'll most likely 
    fail. Then you go up to the rotating platforms. It's really hard 
    because of the bad camera. It takes a lot of luck because you can't 
    smack into the wall. Once you make it to the top, ram into the bridges 
    and you're done!
    2) Mascot Search
    This is another smack 'em mission, just like the Top Hat one in Jungle 
    Island. Just use your radar and run into the mascots, avoiding turning 
    them into road kill.
    3) Magician's Assistant (You'll need scalarball, woodball, hoverball 
    and invisiball)
    Basically, go up on the stage and do what the magician tells you. Just 
    chant when he says to, and press B to turn back when he says to. The 
    last one is a little bit tricky, when you have to reappear behind the 
    crowd. Don't go out of the (fixed) camera, or you'll have to try again. 
    Luckily, you don't have to restart if you fail this one a couple times.
    4) Ring the Bell (You'll need stickyball and scalarball)
    The monkey wants you to ring that giant bell! He mentions himself that 
    you'll need to get bigger. Go behind the strength tester/bell thing, 
    and activate stickyball to climb up the strip of yellow on the back. 
    Once you're on top of the strength tester/bell, de-activate stickyball 
    and activate scalarball. Fall down and grow before you hit the plate.
    |Roller Coaster|
    (I would HIGHLY recommend Woodball for ALL of these missions [except 
    Rescue the Class] as there is a LOT of water and you don't want to have 
    to start over if you land in it!)
    5) Out of Control Roller Coaster
    This is a fun one, once you get used to the track. Talk to the monkey 
    and activate Woodball, then wait on the opposite side of the roller 
    coaster from the monkey. C stick actually does help you turn the camera 
    so you can see where the roller coaster is. Just hop on the track right 
    after the Roller Coaster and follow it. If you catch up with it, you 
    don't have to actually RAM into it to break apart the cars, just 
    touching it will do. And yes, you do have to stop the first car (the 
    one with the cat head). Woodball is HIGHLY recommended, because you 
    wouldn't want to have to start over if you fell in the water!
    6) Picture below the Roller Coaster
    If you have Woodball (HIGHLY recommended), then just fall into the 
    water and go full speed on to the platform you need to get on to, and 
    you should make it. If you don't have Woodball, you can try flying to 
    the platform but this will cause a LOT of fallouts.
    7) Rescue the Class
    This is the only level you won't need woodball. Just shoot yourself out 
    of the canon and open your wings. I always start by slowly turning and 
    going up, this allows you to easily get three out of four balloons. For 
    the last one, use the same technique but when you're halfway across the 
    straight part of the roller coaster, turn around and head for the last 
    balloon (it's a lot further down than you think). I find it easier to 
    get this one after you've already gotten another one. After this, you 
    must make it safely back to land to complete the mission. If you're 
    going to fall out, try to make it to a flat piece of roller coaster and 
    you should complete the mission, but if you don't, just quickly switch 
    to Woodball (the game pauses while you chant) to get back up. Don't run 
    in to any part of the roller coaster or you'll fall out and have to 
    start all over (except for the above).
    8) Donation (200)
    Another chance to give away bananas. See mission 13 on Jungle Island.
    9) Super Monkey Ball Race
    It doesn't actually matter if you have Woodball for this mission, 
    because if you fall in the water, you'll just fail anyway. Race the 
    remote control Monkey Ball around the track. The main thing is to not 
    fall off the track. You don't actually have to pass the remote 
    controlled ball (I never have), just keep up with it.
    |Hedge Maze|
    10) Bump the Bumper Cars (You'll need boxingball)
    This mission is easy. Just go into the Bumper Car arena behind the 
    monkey and hit all of the bumper cars with boxingball. It's quite fun!
    11) 8 Cat Balloons (This is the worst mission in the whole game, 
    Okay. You should know that you can only hold one balloon at a time 
    (grr). To give it back to the monkey, run into him, and if he doesn't 
    take it, run into him and as you come back he'll take it. Here are 
    written instructions to find the balloons:
    a.	Leave the place where the annoying monkey that gave 
    you the mission is (8 cat balloon start) and at the 
    first fork take the right path. Go straight and if 
    you come to a dead end, just back up and take the 
    path right beside it. At your next fork, turn right 
    (left just takes you in a circle back to the fork), 
    and then turn right again. Go to the bumper car 
    arena and pick up the balloon. Retrace your steps to 
    get back to the monkey (as you can only hold 1 
    balloon at a time).
    b.	Leave the starting area and at the fork, this time 
    turn left. Go all the way across the balcony, and 
    once you get on the ground, run up the little wall 
    in front of you to where Sisi is. Then go across the 
    tightropes to the balloon. From here you can either 
    go back up the tightropes to retrace your steps, or 
    fall (to the RIGHT!) into the main area with the 
    bumper cars. Then take the same path you did on 
    balloon A. 
    c.	Leave the starting area and again take the left 
    fork. When you see a balloon from the balcony, drop 
    off and get it. Then take any path, because all of 
    them will lead you to the same place. When you get 
    to this area, take the path that has "sidewalk" on 
    it that does not go under an arch, and you should 
    come to the place where the balcony starts again. Go 
    up the balcony and retrace your steps to the 
    starting area.
    d.	Leave the starting area and take a left again. Go 
    all the way across the balcony. Once you're in the 
    "end-of-balcony" area, take the only path available 
    that isn't the balcony. Then go up (and I mean UP) 
    the path that goes under the arch. Go left, but 
    don't take the path, instead, climb up the ramp that 
    leads to the top of the wall and take it to the end. 
    You should grab the balloon. Retrace your steps to 
    the starting area.
    e.	Leave the starting area and go all the way across 
    the balcony, take the same path as last and go under 
    the arch again. This time, take the path by the 
    wall. You'll see a strange looking tree. Do not try 
    to roll up it on the side that faces the wall (that 
    you went on last time to get balloon D), roll up it 
    on the other side. Once you have the balloon, 
    retrace your steps to the starting area (you should 
    know this place well by now).
    f.	Leave the starting area, go on the balcony, and take 
    the path under the arch again. Take the path beside 
    the wall again, and instead of going up the tree, go 
    straight past it. Don't take the path right behind 
    the tree but the one to the right of it (the one you 
    didn't come in through). Follow the path and you'll 
    meet a dead end. Luckily, it's a ramp, so carefully 
    climb up it, not too fast or you'll fall off the 
    little ledge that you're trying to get to. Get on 
    the little ledge and go to the side to get the 
    balloon. Then fall down, and retrace your steps to 
    the starting area.
    g.	Take the same route as last time, but stop at the 
    tree and take the path you haven't taken before. Go 
    right up to the last area where you start the "Clean 
    up the Maze" mission. Once you're facing that 
    monkey, turn exactly the opposite way and you'll see 
    a balloon on top of the wall. Run up the wall, grab 
    the balloon, and retrace your steps to the starting 
    h.	Take the same route as last time, all the way to the 
    trash picker start. When you're facing the monkey, 
    to your left you should see light green grass on a 
    not very steep hill, and on top you'll see the last 
    balloon. Roll all the way up the hill, grab the 
    balloon, retrace your steps to the starting area, 
    give the monkey your balloon, and you're finished!
    12) Clean up the Maze (You'll need Stickyball)
    This is the first of many pick up trash missions. You'll need 
    Stickyball to pick up banana peels (trash) and return them to the 
    garbage (the big machine behind the monkey at the start). Don't ever 
    quit stickyball or all of your trash will disappear and respawn in the 
    places that you found them. Here are written instructions to find all 
    of the trash:
    Once you get the mission you should see one banana peal right in front 
    of you. Then, go through the only way out, and you'll see a banana peel 
    right at the entrance to the area with the tree. Turn left; go through 
    the path and at the dead end there's a piece of trash. Next go back to 
    the tree, and straight across from where you were; on the other side of 
    the tree there's a banana peel. Go around the wall and through the arch 
    to the next area, and then take the path on the right to the area that 
    looks like an 8. You'll see a piece of trash by the little slope where 
    a balloon was. Return to the last area, and take the path straight 
    ahead to the area where the balcony ends. There's a banana peel there. 
    Go all the way across the balcony and there's a banana peel where the 
    start of 8 cat balloons was. Go back, but take the right fork and go to 
    the dead end where and banana peel lies. Finally, go to the area where 
    the bumper cars are. There's one piece of trash just on the ground, and 
    one in the bumper car arena. Don't forget, you can always use your 
    radar! Anyway, after that banana peel, return to the mission start and 
    roll next to the garbage machine to win.
    13) Balloon Delivery to Teacher (You must complete mission 8 first)
    Well, the start of this mission is right in the area where the bumper 
    cars are. To get to the teacher, go to the path until you reach the 
    fork in the road. Take the left and go all the way across the balcony. 
    Once you're at the bottom, take the only path out of the end-of-balcony 
    area to reach the next area. Take the path with the arch, then the path 
    around the wall, then the path straight from the tree that does not 
    lead to the dead end. Take it to the clean up the maze start, and 
    there's the teacher.
    14) Picture on a Tightrope
    Sisi is located right by the area at the end of the balcony (not the 
    one close to the start of 8 cat balloons, but the other one). You 
    should see him while crossing the balcony. His photo is pretty simple; 
    it's exactly where balloon B was. Once he lets you go, just go 
    carefully across the tightropes to the second platform where the 
    picture is.
    |Mechanical Area|
    15) Shutdown Puzzle (You need Stickyball to get to the mission, 
    assuming you have defeated the Naysayers, and boxingball during the 
    mission. You must also have 60% joy in Zootopia)
    This is a tricky mission. It has two parts: getting to the mission and 
    completing the mission.
    Getting to the mission:
    Coming in to the area through Hedge Maze is the easiest way. If you 
    haven't been here before, you'll see a sucker Naysayer blocking your 
    way, but they're easy to defeat luckily. Continue down that ramp to the 
    platform with the moving walls. Dodge the moving walls with the little 
    ramp that surrounds the place. Once you've done that and gone to the 
    piece of land that juts out near a pillar where you're safe from the 
    doors, activate stickyball. The pillar will have pipes all around it 
    that glow yellow. Continue up this path until you reach the top. From 
    there, you may have to wait to get up to the next ramp, but once you 
    do, speak to the monkey and he'll open the gate. Once you've spoken to 
    him once, no matter how many times you've fallen out, you don't have to 
    speak to him again. Now go up the next pillar that's glowing yellow, 
    and follow it to the next balcony where the fans are. Using the fans, 
    make them blow you to the next pillar that is glowing. It's hard, and 
    I've tried many times to find other ways, but I can't so e-mail me if 
    you find easier ways. Go up the pillar to the middle thing where the 
    walls were turning around. Wait for a strip of yellow to go across the 
    middle part and then roll up it. Keep following the yellow path until 
    you reach a seat with two long planks revolving around it. Go across 
    the pillars to each of the four puzzles. Remember, after you beat one 
    puzzle, you can activate stickyball to go across the wall to the next 
    one instead of having to wait for the planks to come around. Once 
    you've beaten all of the puzzles, go back to the middle and *gasp* the 
    elevator does work! Once you're all the way up the elevator, roll out 
    of the bowl thing (It's impossible to do so when you're in a chant), 
    reactivate stickyball and climb up the ladder to watch a cut scene. 
    Then talk to the monkey in the area to start the mission.
    Beating the mission:
    The first thing you have to do is roll back into the bowl and switch on 
    all the lights. Rolling on one light will make it and the two on either 
    side of it light up. Just play around with it to make all the lights 
    lighted and then roll on to the middle but don't stay on because the 
    elevator will drop. Then carefully, without hitting any lights, make 
    your way out of the bowl. You should see pillars all around the room. 
    They all have pieces that hang on them with metal balls on them. They 
    also have metal balls either on the top or bottom of the shaft. Your 
    goal is to make all the metal balls on each pillar touch, and they will 
    be activated, but only if there is power to them. They get power by the 
    really high shaft, the one that is already shaking with electricity 
    bolts visible (it is activated). So, the other pillars can only get 
    power if they have one of the pillars beside them already activated. 
    Basically, just use boxingball and punch all of the pillars so all of 
    the metal balls touch. If a pillar's metal balls that are attached to 
    it are on the ground, punching it will make them go high, and vice-
    iii. Moonhaven
    (By the way, this level goes in a line. You start in the cog area. From 
    there you can go to the flying machine or the flood control. Let's say 
    you go to the flying machine. From there, you cannot go back to the cog 
    area; you must go to the underground. From the underground you cannot 
    go back to the flying machine, you must go to flood control. From flood 
    control you can go back to the underground, or you can go back to the 
    cog area.)
    |Cog Area|
    (There are three levels to this area: the bottom one [with all of the 
    rotating cogs], the middle one [where you start, the main area is 
    shaped like a doughnut and you can roll up the really steep ramps to 
    get to the trash pick-up mission start], and the top area [where the 
    rails are]. The only way to get to levels [besides falling] is by using 
    the controllable cog that says "Moonhaven" and give you the option of 
    pressing A + control stick to rotate it [it's a controllable cog])
    1) Cleanup the cogs (You'll need stickyball)
    This is another pick-up trash mission. Use stickyball to pick up the 
    banana peels. Find them with your radar, although most of them are in 
    the doughnut-shaped area. The only problem is you can't go up the ramps 
    to get to the garbage disposal place while using stickyball, so you 
    must fall down the "doughnut hole" and then use the big cog to rotate 
    yourself up to the proper level. There is one tricky banana peel. Once 
    you start the mission go straight to the first glowing yellow strip. 
    Use stickyball to go all the way across it to the little box that it 
    leads to. There's a banana peel in there.
    2) Timed Switches
    In this mission you have to activate 4 sets of 3 switches. Once you hit 
    1 switch, you have a limited time (about as much time as a Sisi 
    picture, I think) to hit the other two. They aren't very far apart. You 
    don't actually have to hit them perfectly to switch them, just running 
    in to them should do.
    1.	The first set is in the doughnut-shaped area and 
    environs. I find it easiest to get on the swiveling 
    thing in the center, and then wait for it to align 
    itself with the ramp to the switch by the rails (not 
    the one that takes you to the path to the 
    controllable cog). Hit it, run down, and hit the one 
    to the right of it (when coming down) on the ground 
    in the doughnut area. Then quickly roll up to the 
    upper area (the one that does take you to the path 
    to the controllable cog) and hit the switch. 
    2.	The next set is by the controllable cog. If you've 
    done the last set just as I've told you, turn around 
    and go straight to the controllable cog on this 
    level. Hit the switch right in front of it, rotate 
    yourself up the cog, hit the switch right by the guy 
    that gives you the "Oil the Machine" mission, then 
    turn right, dodge the two traps and hit the switch 
    at the end of the platform.
    3.	The 3rd set is below the doughnut-shaped area, so 
    head back to the doughnut-shaped area. Dodging the 
    platform that moves around in the center of the 
    area, fall down and if you land right, you'll be on 
    a gray platform with a switch on it. Quickly but 
    carefully go down the ramp and you'll see a switch 
    on the wall; hit it. Then you'll reach the next gray 
    platform; hit the switch on it.
    4.	The last set is in the bowl-shaped thing in the 
    middle of the cog area. Go straight from where you 
    came to the controllable cog, and you should fall in 
    to it. There are two long platforms spinning around 
    the bowl, so you should get on them first and hit 
    the switch in the center of the bowl. Then hit the 
    switches on either side, which is kind of tricky, 
    but you'll be able to do it.
    3) Oil the Machine (You'll need scalarball)
    To the left of the starting point, across a trap, are rails. Activate 
    scalarball BEFORE you go on the rails. Slide along the rails until your 
    balloon disappears into a part of the machine that looks like a little 
    funnel and "oils" it. If it doesn't disappear, try going slower. You 
    can only hold one balloon at a time *sigh* so after you've done one, 
    look for a safe place to land. The bowl in the middle of the moving 
    cogs and the doughnut-shaped area are good ideas. Then go up to the 
    monkey that gave you the mission, get a balloon, and get on the rails 
    again. You'll need to grow to get past some parts of the rails. 
    Continue doing this until you've oiled all of the parts of the machine. 
    Actually (if you want more in-depth instructions), the first part is 
    easy. Slide along the rails without growing, and you'll have oiled one 
    funnel and you'll have landed in the doughnut-shaped area. The second 
    can be found if you follow the path, but where you fell the last time, 
    grow and continue on the rail. There will be one option when you can 
    shrink back to normal on some rails; don't take that one. Take the next 
    one, carefully, because there will be a time when you must grow on 
    short notice, ride the rails until your balloon disappears. Keep riding 
    until you fall into the bowl below. The third one is found on that same 
    path, just farther down it. To find the fourth, don't use the rails but 
    go to the rotating cogs. If you're facing the controllable cog from the 
    bowl area, to your right you should see a funnel-type thing that 
    swallows the oil balloon.
    4) Little 'uns on Levers (You need to get 60% joy in Moonhaven)
    The object of this mission is to distribute all of the "Little 'uns" or 
    little monkeys, to levers, which look kind of like sideways accordions 
    or springs that little monkeys can jump on. First, to grab a little 
    monkey, go to the green dot on your radar, or just go to the doughnut-
    shaped area and you'll see a little monkey. Once you go close enough to 
    it, it'll jump on your ball, making it hard to control and 
    unfortunately, impossible to use with the controllable cog. Then go to 
    each lever, and when you go close enough to it, the monkey will just 
    jump off. The levers locations are:
    1.	This lever is found in the doughnut-shaped area, right beside the 
    ramp that leads to not more platforms, but a switch (for mission 
    2.	This one is found by the third switch in the first set of timed 
    switches. Go up the ramp that leads to the platform, and find it 
    on the very left side.
    3.	I have no clue where this lever actually is, but to drop off the 
    monkey, head over to the monkey that starts mission 1. Somewhere 
    around there the monkey will jump off on to an invisible lever.
    4.	The next one is behind the monkey that gave you mission 2, which 
    is on the middle floor, behind the Moonhaven cog.
    5.	If you fall down the hole in the middle of the doughnut-shaped 
    area and land on the grey platform, you should see this lever by 
    one of the switches for mission 2.
    6.	Go the same way, except this time go down the ramp from the first 
    gray platform (especially carefully, it's super hard to control 
    when you're carrying a monkey) to the second. There's a lever 
    next to the switch.
    7.	You'll have to fall down to the gray platforms to get to the 
    bottom level with the moving cogs (since the controllable cog 
    doesn't work when you're carrying a monkey) and go down all the 
    ramps to come to the lever that's right by the mission start, to 
    the right of the entrance when you're facing it.
    8.	The last lever is behind the monkey that gave you the mission.
    |Flood Control|
    5) Unfreeze the pumps (You'll need Woodball)
    You absolutely need woodball at all times in this mission. The first 
    thing you should do when you're finished talking to the monkey is get 
    into woodball. Then turn left and press the button (stand on it). For 
    your information, all of the buttons increase the water level by a 
    certain amount. Keep following the path by pressing the buttons, and 
    when they're down all the way, follow to the next path. Be careful, 
    because if you don't get on to a path in time, you'll have to start 
    over. Once you get to the first pump, stay in woodball and catch on 
    fire. It's impossible to melt all of the ice, so just go in circles and 
    melt the ring of ice closest to the pump, ignoring anything that 
    doesn't touch the pump. It may take a while to do it, but keep trying. 
    To reach the next pipe, go along the buttons like you did the last time 
    (have you noticed that as soon as you've unfrozen the last pump, the 
    water level rises so if you fall off, you only have to start over from 
    the last pump?) but when you get to the next pump, there's no fire in 
    the torch! Simple. To fix that problem, go along the path but when you 
    see a gray path next to the red ones, take that one, which is a moving 
    path that you control. Move it so you exit to the next button that 
    raises the water level. There are three moving platforms. Take them all 
    and you should be at the button that is on fire. Then, take the moving 
    platforms back, lighting the buttons as checkpoints as you go. Keep 
    doing this until you reach the second pump and unfreeze it like the 
    last time. For the last pump, you'll see a lit button like the last 
    time. Catch on fire, but keep pressing the button. The water level will 
    rise, but will also create an ice "bridge" that you must roll across to 
    keep yourself lit to light the next button, doing the same thing. Then 
    you'll reach the last pump. Unfreeze it, and you'll be finished.
    6) Keep the Fires Lit (You'll need Woodball)
    This is an easy mission. As soon as you talk to the monkey, switch to 
    Woodball. Roll straight over to the water automaton (the big thing with 
    ice all around it. Basically, light yourself on fire and keep rolling 
    in circles, lighting all the torches, until the time runs out. At any 
    given time, you must have at least one torch lit or you'll have to 
    start over. Once you're time is over, you've completed the mission!
    7) Donation (150)
    Once again you can give bananas to the unfortunate to raise your joy 
    (This is a fairly confusing level, so you should familiarize yourself 
    with it before doing missions. Basically, you've got the area where the 
    "Repair the Fire Automaton" mission starts, then you've got the giant 
    path you must take to complete it. Then you've got the place where 
    Si'mian (mission 8 start) is, and the place all around the elevator 
    that takes you to Flood Control. Finally, you've got the place where 
    the monkey that gives you mission 10 is, and the whole half pipe under 
    the Fire Automaton's legs.)
    8) Find Five Balloons (If you haven't defeated the naysayers, you'll 
    need scalarball and perhaps woodball) 
    This mission is exactly like the "8 Cat Balloons" except a lot easier. 
    There are three easy balloons to get and two harder ones. There are 
    many different ways to get the two hard ones, and here are two of them:
    1.	My preferred way (because I'm a very bad flyer) is to go to the 
    ramp where the fire automaton's legs are, and head up the tallest 
    ramp. Go as far as you can without turning. Once you've reached 
    the end of the straight part, go back about half way, and fall to 
    the right (but not too far). You should land on the platform with 
    two red balloons on it. A good trick to know where to fall is to 
    use C-stick and catch a glimpse of the balloons before you fall. 
    There'll be a sucker naysayer (if you haven't defeated it), so 
    after defeating him, just make your way to the top. It's pretty 
    easy to figure out, but if you have trouble, a full explanation 
    is included in mission 9.
    2.	You can also fly to the start of mission 9, go all the way to the 
    balloons, and then all the way up. This is less risky, but as I 
    said, I'm not a good flyer, and now I've never fallen off (this 
    is beating this mission for me and my two brothers).
    The other three are: one's right up that huge ramp next to the jump 
    platforms, the second's by the blue balloon (toolbox) and the thirds on 
    the right path from the basin with the fire automaton's legs on it. 
    Bring the balloons back to Si'mian one at a time until he has all five.
    9) Repair the Fire Automaton (You'll need woodball)
    The goal of this mission is to bring fire (with woodball of course) to 
    the big torch by the blue balloon. First, talk to the monkey that 
    starts this mission. Then, get to woodball and light yourself on fire. 
    Remember that the little things sticking out of the wall are actually 
    torches, checkpoints (even though they don't flame, just smoke). Okay, 
    first defeat the fire naysayer if you haven't already. Then continue up 
    the winding road until you get to a part where different silver 
    platforms will stick out at times so you can cross the holes. The trick 
    is that if you go just the right speed, you should be able to cross all 
    of the platforms without stopping. It's like this whole path is made so 
    you can't go down, just up. Then you'll come to a place with the 
    balloon delivery monkey walking. Don't bump in to him or you'll 
    probably fall off. Then run up the other silver platforms (they all go 
    one after another, so you should have no problem). Then you'll reach 
    the platform where the balloons were and a sucker naysayer is. Defeat 
    him if you haven't already. Go up the silver platforms, and you'll 
    reach the fans. Again, they blow one after another so if you just keep 
    following them, you'll make it. Be careful at the next turn because the 
    camera goes funny for a bit. Then you'll reach the jump platforms. 
    These are exactly like flower platforms, just when you bounce on them 
    once, you can't bounce on them again for a while. Just go up them and 
    you'll come to another torch. Go down the huge ramp and go around this 
    little path until you see a big monkey by a torch. Light that torch and 
    you're done.
    10) Feed the fire automaton (You'll need woodball)
    In this mission, you'll need to light torches with woodball without 
    touching water or the fire will go out. So your first challenge is to 
    get past the big water bowl. You'll need to use the sides of the bowl 
    to gain speed to get to the steep slope on your left. Light the torch, 
    then continue on this platform to light the next torch. Then you'll 
    face the gap between the platforms. You'll need to catch the swinging 
    platform to get to the next torch. The two last torches you'll need to 
    fly to. Go to the air current next to Si'mian (or where he was) and fly 
    to the narrow path with the fire automaton (right above the water 
    bowl). Light the torch and what looks like teeth and you'll be done.
    11) Find the Toolbox
    To get to this mission, you'll have to fly since it's not connected to 
    anything. It's right next to the platform where you started mission 9. 
    Fly to it, then talk to the monkey. Once again, I don't like flying, so 
    I'd recommend to fall down to the platform where you start mission 9 
    again, then go all the way up to the start of mission 10 and the blue 
    balloon is the toolbox. Grab it, and then you could fly back to the 
    start, but once again I've found a clever way to fall on to it. Go to 
    the start of mission 8, then go out to the circle with puzzle levels on 
    it. Go left, and fall down when you're on the third last puzzle level. 
    Fall a bit forward and you should land on the platform. You can use C-
    stick to position yourself.
    12) Balloon delivery
    This balloon is for the monkey that gave you mission ten, but he's way 
    up next to the fire automaton. Fly up there like you did in mission 
    ten, and give the balloon to him.
    |Flying Machine|
    (Note: Once you get into the actual flying machine (by getting shot out 
    of the canon) the only way to get back anywhere is to fall down that 
    little hole in the circle in the middle of the machine. There's where 
    you get woodball. Melt the ice and get shot out of the next canon and 
    fly to the underground)
    13) Picture on the Machine
    Okay, this is a hard one because it's timed and a lot of things you 
    need to use you cannot control how fast they go. A good head start is 
    to not actually go to the raised platform where Sisi is to talk to him, 
    but to stay on the middle platform. As soon as you're finished talking 
    to him, go into the canon. Shoot yourself the highest you can go; you 
    should get all but one banana. Fall through the funnel, and as soon as 
    you get out, get on to the rotating cog behind you. Wait until you get 
    to the top, and then come out and you should get to the photo place 
    normally at 1 second left.
    14) Stop the Noise
    In this mission you must activate 3 switches by rolling over them. 
    First, go down the path that has been created for you. Hit the switch 
    and go across the seesaw (it's not that hard). Then go down the little 
    half pipe, not to slow or you'll be stuck, and not to fast or you'll 
    fall off the edge on the other side. Hit the switch and go across the 
    next, more difficult seesaw. Then hit the last switch and you'll be 
    15) Patch the Air Automaton (You'll need stickyball)
    Grab the green leaf things (these are ALWAYS patches) with stickyball 
    and go up the rotating cog to the bowl thing. Roll around it to get the 
    patches in the right places.
    16) Free the Children
    Go up the rotating cog again, but this time instead of going to the 
    bowl, concentrate on the buttons in front of the pipes where if you 
    look really closely, you'll see monkey children in them. These are on 
    either side of the place where you had to pose for Sisi's picture. 
    Bounce on them until all of the monkeys are free.
    iv. Monkitropolis
    (This is the noisiest level in the world. Don't be afraid of the mute 
    |Main Area|
    1) Unplug the Sound Machines (You'll need stickyball)
    Change to stickyball. Use your radar to locate the sound machines. When 
    you've found them (they look kind of like mini-canons) roll in to the 
    front of them with stickyball to remove the patches. You'll be blown 
    away by the noise it makes (literally). After you've got the patches, 
    return them to the garbage machine by the mission start or they'll 
    2) Picture in Mid-air
    Go up the ramps by the stairs and when you're finished, go across the 
    central platform (in the middle of the stairs) as fast as you can and 
    when you hit the ramp, you'll jump high enough to make the picture.
    3) Arrest the Monsters (You'll need tetherball and maybe invisiball)
    Use your radar to find the "monsters" (monkeys in masks). Once you've 
    found one, don't go too close or he'll disappear into a manhole that 
    isn't really there. You can just try to sneak up on him or use 
    invisiball to sneak up on him and knock him down. Then switch to 
    tetherball and haul him in to the jail where you started the mission. 
    Do this for all of them and the mission is over.
    4) Speedking (Speedyball is required)
    I still don't know what the objective of this mission is, but I just 
    used speedyball and raced around the track a few times and then the 
    monkey that gave me the mission said I'd completed it.
    5) Speedway Cleanup (stickyball is required)
    This is a kind of hard mission to find, but it's underneath a building, 
    so when the track goes between two buildings, check the right side and 
    see if it's there. Anyway, use stickyball to pick up the trash (which 
    is found by using the radar). Most of it is on the track, but since you 
    can't go as fast as the cars when you're in stickyball, I'd recommend 
    going in  the opposite direction then the cars are so you can see if 
    you're about to get run over. When you've got the trash, the garbage 
    machine is by the monkey that gave you the mission.
    6) Noise Factory (stickyball is required)
    This is a really hard, boring, and annoying mission. Activate 
    stickyball and go up the pip that you can go up. Continue walking on 
    the pipes until you get to a part where you can rotate a pipe; rotate 
    it. Try to rotate every pipe and get to the top of the building. When 
    you get to a point where there is ground under you, get off the pipe 
    and get on the other pipe. I really have no idea how exactly to beat 
    this level; I just kept going around pipes and rotating pieces until I 
    made it all the way around and back to the ground again.
    7) Balloon Delivery to Noise Worker (stickyball is required)
    Easy, right? Just go into the noise factory and the monkey will be 
    there. Not so easy. The monkey has actually made his way to one of the 
    ledges on the side of the building. You can go to the roof, following 
    the pipes, and try to drop to him or you can follow the pipes until you 
    see him. The radar's not much use.
    |Paradise Overlook|
    (To get here, you must be Chief of Police which means completing every 
    mission, I think)
    8) Launch the Robo-chimps
    This is an easy strategy to figure out. Just launch the robo-chimps out 
    of the canon. Use trial and error, because you can see where the robo-
    chimp lands, so if he goes too high, shoot lower, and if he goes too 
    low, shoot higher etc. You have unlimited robo-chimps. By the way, 
    you're supposed to shoot at the islands with blue pillars on them. When 
    you have launched a chimp to that island, the pillar disappears.
    v. Kongri-la
    (You get to Kongri-la by launching yourself out of the canon from the 
    Paradise Overlook in Monkitropolis)
    |Paradise Entrance|
    1) Destroy the Robo-chimps (You'll need Hoverball)
    You need to destroy the robo-chimps that you just launched! There's one 
    on each island. To get on the islands you'll need hoverball to go over 
    the water and then the bridge to the island. Sometimes you need to 
    press A (jump) on to an island. Destroy the robo-chimps by running into 
    them (actually, if you just tap them a couple times they should 
    explode). Use the radar to find the robo-chimps.
    2) Turn of the Horns
    Finally, you're reducing the noise instead of making it louder! Just 
    fire yourself out of the canon right in front of the monkey that gave 
    you this mission, and fly to the nearest horn. This horn will shoot you 
    back out where you can fly again to the next horn, so you never have to 
    land. Fly into all of the horns to complete the mission.
    3) Water the Trees (You'll need hoverball)
    Once again it's time to head out to the islands. You should know where 
    all the trees are since you did mission 1. Get on the islands the same 
    way, but take a balloon to water the tree. Sometimes you need to be 
    persistent in delivering the balloon and go around the tree a few times 
    before it disappears. Once again, you can only take one balloon at a 
    time. If you've forgotten where the trees are, use your radar.
    |Underwater Section 1|
    4) Reflecting Mirrors (You'll need scalarball)
    This is another annoying mission that will test your patience. First, 
    get into scalarball before you do anything. This is very important. If 
    you're normal size, you'll go up, big size and you'll go down. So, just 
    let yourself fly up to the top ledge. You'll see the light that is 
    reflecting to one mirror, but the other mirror isn't reflecting. Fall 
    down to it (grow to be able to fall down) and hit it to make it 
    reflect. Then fall to the next one that the light is pointing to, and 
    hit it. This mission mainly involves being accurate to hit the right 
    mirror. If you hi a mirror a second time, it won't light anymore. Just 
    hit it a third time to make it go back to normal. Here are a few 
    controlling tips:
    a.	If you grow even for a few seconds, you'll fall down much, much 
    more than you expected
    b.	You go up really fast, too, so to go slowly repeatedly press a 
    for as little as you can
    c.	Try not floating all the way to the top and to the ledge, it 
    definitely slows down progress
    5) Angry Crabs (You'll need tetherball)
    First, you need to bump into the crabs (while in tetherball) and turn 
    them into balls. This is a problem, because they knock you away when 
    you go too close to them. You need to hit them from the back or side. 
    Unfortunately, they also turn to face you, so try to be sneaky (or wait 
    far away and go really fast). Once you've got them, carry them over to 
    the tube that they get sucked into to go to the surface. Unfortunately, 
    they have many ways to escape. I found it best to not touch the fan in 
    the middle, try to stay on the higher rocks, don't go too fast, but go 
    fast enough because they have an invisible time limit to how much time 
    you can carry them. Bring all the crabs to the crab-sucker to complete 
    the mission.
    6) Balloon Delivery to Crab Man
    Just deliver the balloon to the monkey that gave you mission 5.
    |Underwater Section 2|
    7) Picture on the Platforms (You'll need hoverball)
    This picture is pretty far away, but it's on the way if you want to get 
    to the king and queen of Monkitropolis. Once you talk to Sisi, change 
    to hoverball. Fall of the place he's standing on and go left (to the 
    shop keeper). Turn right and jump across the broken bridge, then you'll 
    come to four narrow platforms. Carefully jump across them. Then turn 
    right to the next less narrow platforms. Jump across to the picture 
    8) Patch the Leaks (You'll need stickyball)
    This is probably the hardest patch mission, because it's half-timed. As 
    soon as you talk to the monkey, use stickyball and grab the patches. 
    Then press the button by the tunnel you're supposed to patch. This 
    gives you a certain amount of time before the fan turns back on in 
    which you must put all the patches on the wall AND return to the 
    monkey. Go really fast so you can get all the patches on. They are in 
    consecutive order, so you should get the one that you see first, first. 
    If you miss one, use the tube as a half pipe to get it but beware, you 
    can only miss one without failing the mission.
    9) Final Donation (250)
    This is the last possible donation and it's a lot of bananas. 
    Personally, I saved up for this one, but the missions are probably 
    easier than giving up all of your precious bananas.
    |Making peace between Monkitropolis and Kongri-la|
    (I included this because I was unsure of what to do once I had 
    completed the missions)
    Step 1: In the Throne Room
    In the throne room in Kongri-la you will see a puzzle level that is not 
    glowing (its called slipknot). Complete it anyway. The only way to beat 
    it, I found, was to go as fast as you could up one side, and then fly 
    off to one side, but come to a complete halt. Then just roll normally 
    to the finish.
    Step 2: Death to Robo-chimps (You'll need speedyball)
    This mission is found in the speedway. When you return, you will see a 
    new mission dot on your radar. Simply use speedyball to catch up to the 
    robo-chimps and if you touch them they should explode after a few 
    seconds. Once you've gotten them all, this mission is complete
    Step 3: Unmask the Monsters
    This mission is found in the main area of Monkitropolis. It's the guard 
    that has always said "I'm on my patrol at the moment, I might need you 
    later". This is the final smack 'em mission. Use the radar to find the 
    Kongri-lans, and then run into them to smack their masks off. Always 
    avoid turning them in to road kill!
    8. Puzzles
    I have included this to help you complete many hard puzzles, and, since 
    some levels are hard for other people, easy levels. These are only 
    basic explanations, but when you get to the level they'll make sense.
    i. Jungle Island puzzles
    Town Square - Treetops
    1.	Crossroads: go straight
    2.	Shuffle: go straight
    3.	Over the Hills: go straight but slow down on the top of the 
    hills. On the 2nd last hill there will be a bump; don't be fooled! 
    Go full speed over it.
    4.	Cascade: go straight but not too fast, you want to fall down the 
    first hole straight in front of you. Then just go with the flow, 
    you should bounce twice, go through a hole, bounce twice, go 
    through a hole until you get to the goal.
    Treetops - Islands
    1.	Overrun: follow the maze
    2.	Ripple: When you fall down to the next path, make sure it's 
    farther down than you and if you per chance go too far forward, 
    you won't fall out.
    3.	Holes: Take the farthest left path until it stops, then turn 
    right and follow the path until you're at the goal
    4.	Jump: go straight
    Islands - Islands
    1.	Tongue Twister: go diagonally straight/left until the ground 
    changes then go straight/right. You'll be able to tell which 
    diagonal to go, just don't go too fast
    2.	Sequencer: go straight
    3.	Simple Split: Always go full speed. On the first ramp, go to the 
    extreme left or right so you won't fall off when it splits. When 
    you're in the air, position yourself for the next split. Once 
    you've got a bunch of air and are headed for the goal platform, 
    push the control stick all the way backwards so you won't fall 
    4.	Celtic Knots: just follow the path
    ii. Zootopia Puzzles
    Roller Coaster - Mechanical Area
    1.	Funrun: go straight until you've reached the last three bumper 
    things, then you must dodge them
    2.	Ridge Walker: go full speed but straight on the ridges, but on 
    the curves slow down
    3.	Hairpins: Stay on the inside of the curve at all times. When it's 
    curving inwards, go slowly and when it's curving outwards, go 
    faster. Once it's turning inwards + outwards at the same time, 
    stay in the middle, and go fast enough that you don't run out of 
    4.	Eternal: DO NOT MOVE UNTIL YOU SEE THE GOAL! Once you do, run 
    towards it and stay on the left side of it until you get in.
    5.	Checkmate: go through the checks
    6.	Circuits: just follow the path, going slowly and carefully on the 
    checks, but as fast as you can without falling off on the other 
    Mechanical Area (to activate the elevator)
    1.	Loop It: while sliding down + up the ramps, continually go 
    diagonally left/straight. On the second ramp, avoid the bump in 
    the middle but on the third, hit it.
    2.	Plughole: follow the path by going straight/left and REALLY FAST 
    so you don't fall off
    3.	ZZ Stop: follow the path, but when you're on the ramps go fast 
    enough that you won't run out of time but slow enough that you 
    won't fall off at the "stop" part.
    4.	Bread Basket: fall down to the half pipe, then half pipe it 
    while avoiding the arrows until you get up on the left side. 
    Once you're up, go RIGHT and really fast avoiding the holes in 
    the path. If you're fast enough, when the path stops you should 
    be able to jump to the next path where the goal is.
    iii. Moonhaven Puzzles
    Cog Area - Little 'uns on Levers mission start
    1.	Bowls: fall on the left side of the first bowl, then circle 
    around until you jump on to the big ramp. Go up the right side of 
    the ramp, then fall into the last bowl and circle around it or 
    bounce off it to the goal platform
    2.	Freewheeler: follow the path to the goal, with these tips: the 
    camera is weird, so you'll probably be going backwards unless you 
    go fast then the camera will circle around you. Go fast enough 
    that the camera circles around you or you won't have enough time. 
    After six real corners (big squares) there's a fake corner (big 
    square that you don't need to turn on)
    3.	Skid Slalom: go really fast over the first stretch, turning 
    slightly so you don't fall out. Then it's pretty much luck if you 
    get past the sliders.
    4.	Serpent: wait until the moving blocks come to you, then get on, 
    wait for the next blocks etc. until you get to the long non-
    moving platform. Then do the same thing except it's harder 
    because there are no walls.
    Underground - Flood Control
    1.	Gravity Wells: use the same strategy as "bowls"
    2.	Smile: I have a really great strategy: just go a little bit 
    forward then turn around and jump off the back to the goal 
    platform. Or, you can follow the path.
    3.	Dimple: You can either go really fast and experiment, or go 
    slowly and carefully on the edges of the holes.
    4.	Tiptoe: follow the path, go straight over the hills, carefully 
    over the checks, and then straight and fast down the huge ramp, 
    and slow down at the curve.
    5.	Sidestep: go to the right/front corner side so you can see the 
    turning maze as you try to go to the goal
    6.	Pitch and Putt: Go really fast down the ramp, but slow down and 
    go steady after you've hit the ground twice.
    iv. Monkitropolis Puzzles
    Main Area - Speedway (these are my favorites)
    1.	Backflip: My preferred way is to fall to your diagonal 
    right/forward as soon as you get out of the starting area, hit 
    the path below and you'll bounce to the left, then aim for the 
    middle of this path (not the curves on the side) and you should 
    slow down and be able to do the rest normally, or just follow the 
    2.	Slider: it's all luck whether you beat this or not
    3.	Headlong: go straight and after the second bump go to your 
    extreme left or right, then go to the middle again. Once you see 
    the goal platform, go as slow and steady as possible.
    4.	Bumps: hold straight before "go" and go straight to the moving 
    platform, then wait to get off. Turn right and go over the bump, 
    then wait for the moving platform to your right and as soon as 
    you can, go straight across the platform and over the bump 
    without letting go of holding straight. On the next platforms, 
    wait for the first one, then wait until you can go across the 
    second one all the way to the non-moving path at the same time. 
    Go over the bumps, then do the platforms normally and go straight 
    to the goal.
    5.	Spiral Scratch: You can either go normally to the first corner, 
    then fall off to the right, land on another corner and then fall 
    off the front to the goal OR keep following the path.
    6.	Squeegee: wait for the squares to go flat, then go to the next 
    square right of the first one and jump off it diagonally 
    right/forward, wait for the squares to go normal again, then run 
    to the goal.
    v. Kongri-la Puzzles
    You don't need to do any of the puzzles in the paradise entrance 
    because you can just go outside and use hoverball and "boost" to the 
    areas you would get to if you completed the puzzles. Remember, I said 
    this was a STORY MODE walkthrough, not an explicit CHALLENGE MODE 
    9. Closing
    Well, I hope you liked my walkthrough and found it useful. I really 
    liked this game and I hoped you liked my tricks for missions and puzzle 
    levels ... anyway; this is the end of my walkthrough.

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