Review by KrystalKairi

Reviewed: 07/18/06

Farming? Ranching? Fishing? Mining? Oh yeah! And much more!

Another Harvest Moon game. When I first saw Magical Melody I was thrilled. After A Wonderful Life I was a little let down and mad that I had bought it in the first place. I had played it all I could and I had to set down the first Harvest Moon game for gamecube. When I saw Magical Melody I didn’t know what to except, but I checked out the back, to find that what I liked about Harvest Moon seemed to be back. I immediately picked the game up and brought it home. Then I started playing. Wow.

Graphics- 8.5

Alright, so the graphics are a bit cartoony. So what? The animals are cute, even the cow that gets to be extremely fat looks cute. The baby chick is adorable. Then there’s the characters. I love how they all look so different. Each has a different style, and although it looks like someone squished them down, I love how they look. The town is a step up from the N64 version, and that was the first one I played, still one of my favorites. There were a few frame rate problems, like the slow down by the Blue Sky Ranch (which is really bad seeing as I run by there a lot because I started with the river side property) and anywhere there’s a lot of animals. Also, why do both the girl and the guy in this look so fat? That’s my major issue with the graphics though.


The sounds are cute, and fit the game really well. The ever changing background music is cute, and exciting. The animal sounds are all really good and crisp. The villager sounds can be…. scary at times, like Martha and Tai but the others seem to fit the characters “personality” really well. The watering can sounds can be disturbing once you upgrade and charge, but that’s easy to overlook because of how little you have to do it.


I’m happy to finally be rid of inheriting a farm. I like having my own farm for once. After picking up the add to be a farmer you learn how the Harvest Goddess turned to stone. You are then stuck with the task of collecting the musical notes. At first, virtually everything you do earns you a note. Walking earns you a note. But from then on, notes do eventually get harder to find. Although, you don’t even have to look for notes if you don’t want to.


Game play is what’s special in the harvest moon games. In this game, you get even more variety in what you choose to do. Harvest Moon is technically a farming game, but that doesn’t really matter. If you don’t want to grow crops, you don’t have to.

You can forage for wild stuff if you want. You can mine. You can fish. You can raise animals. You can do all of that if you want to, that’s what makes harvest moon so fun. Non-linear, open ended, interactive game play. You can be friends with everyone or have no friends. You can be married or not married. It’s your game.

Final Verdict: Buy it. It’s easy to be addicted no matter your age. You could be 16, 14, 13 or any age.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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