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    Pac-Man Guide by dalawman

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    Baten Kaitos: Origins
    Pac-Man Guide
    Version 1.0
    The magnus Warm Cheers, Icy Jeers, and Tub-Time Greythorn are missible after
    a certain point. Feed these to pac-man as soon as you can, or you can never
    complete the quest.
    Pac-Man Backround
    The Pac-Man Quest is the hardest side quest in the Baten Kaitos series. It
    involves taking care of a magnus titled "Pac-Man" and "feeding" it almost
    all of the quest magnus in the game - a total of 147! This quest will take a
    VERY long time to complete, the minimum time is 20 hours, the maximum time may
    go all the way up to 100 hours!
    Why should I do this quest than?
    - After giving pac-man 75 magnus, you get The Beast's Chains, which cannot be
    obtained anywhere else.
    - After feeding pac-man a power pellet, you get The Beast's Collar, which
    cannot be obtained anywhere else.
    - After feeding pac-man 147 magnus, you get The Beast's Shackles, which
    cannot be obtained anywhere else.
    - You get 3 unique quest magnus - Pac Man, Pac Land, and Pac Mania in your
    gathering. You also get to keep Pac Mania after the quest is over. It makes
    all your hits critical hits, making any future enemy MUCH easier.
    - To get a 100/100 quest log, you must do this quest. To get a 100% gathering,
    you must do this quest.
    How do I start this quest?
    1. Go to Pherkad, and go to the screen below the entrance to Rodolfo's
    Mansion. Enter the house on the right. Talk to the lady inside.
    2. Talk to the man in the jail cell in Mintaka Sewers. 
    3. Go into the building you use to get to the upper part of Lesser Mintaka.
    Examine some items at the back of the room to get a sewer key.
    4. Go back into the sewers and let the man free. Talk to him one or two times.
    5. Go back to the house in Pherkad and the man will be there again. Talk to
    him and accept his pet.
    Useful Tip:
    The top right corner of your magnus screen looks like this:
    [] [] []
    [] [] []
    I suggest making it look like this:
    B = Blank Magnus
    P = Pac Man
    C = Machina Communicator
    T = Travel Log
    D = Coliseum Dog Tags
    X = Doesn't Matter
    [C] [B] [P]
    [X] [T] [D]
    This way pacman won't run free and eat all your magnus. Whenever you
    want to feed him something, put that magnus in place of the [B].
    Check List
    This is more of a cross-list, print it out. As you feed pac-man more magnus, 
    it is helpful to cross it off this list, so you keep track of what he has and
    hasn't eaten.
    Adventure Novel
    Ancient Mask
    Basic Medical Primer
    Black Dragon's Horn
    Boiled Egg
    Celestial Fell-Branch
    Celestial Flower
    Celestial Flower Bud
    Celestial Flower Seed
    Celestial Tree
    Chef-Prepared Meat
    Chronic Fatigue
    Chunk of Rubber
    Cottoncap Fruit
    Cottoncap Gauze
    Dark Dagroot
    Dark Powder
    Dense Medical Tome
    Diadem Cloud
    Diadem Royal Crest
    Drinking Water
    Dull Times
    Eau de Moche
    Empty Book
    Extreme Stress
    Fire Dagroot
    Fire Moss
    Fireglow Stone
    Flame Ice
    Floppy Greythorne
    Fluella Cooties
    Fluffy Greythorne
    Fluffy Pillow
    Foul Air
    Fresh Air
    Freezing Rain
    Fruit Fit for an Emperor
    Gena's Pinion
    Glubberfish Filet
    Gold Beetle Carapace
    Gold Beetle Wallet
    Gold Nugget
    Good Times
    Goopy Machina Oil
    Greythorne Storybook
    Greythorne's Song
    Guillo Wanted Poster
    Gust Boulder
    Half-Baked Greythorne
    Heartbreaking Song
    Hero's Pickax
    Holoflower Nectar
    Holoholo Fruit
    Holoholobird's Plume
    Holy Dagroot
    Holy Droplet
    Hot Rock
    Ice Dagroot
    Icy Jeers
    Jolt Shroom
    Lava Lord's Skull
    Light Powder
    Lightning Dagroot
    Lightning Shroom
    Local Hero Guillo
    Local Hero Milly
    Local Hero Sagi
    Lotus Leaf
    Love Syrup
    Machina Gas
    Machina Oil
    Magnetite Waves
    Meat Fit for an Emperor
    Medic Kit
    Milly Wanted Poster
    Mother Sunshine
    Mother-in-Law's Secret
    Mound of Soot
    Mountain Apple
    Mountain Apple Vinegar
    Mountain Apple Wine
    Nameless Flower
    Naughty Novel
    Original KM Cookie
    Paramours' Secret
    Photosynth Lily
    Plain Ole Shaved Ice
    Poor Excuse for a Joke
    Portrait of Verus
    Potted Celestial Flower
    Potted Heartenbrace
    Potted Nameless Flower
    Pow Meat
    Pow Milk
    Pow Milk Yogurt
    Pow Milk Cheese
    Power Pellet
    Pressed Flower
    Pretty Stone
    Primordial Cactus
    Pristine Water
    Read-to-Death Book
    Rock Salt
    Rockfly Corpse
    Rotten Food
    Rotting Mountain Apple
    Sagi Wanted Poster
    Salty Water
    Sandcap Spores
    Sandfeeder Silk
    Shaved Ice of Love
    Soot Soup
    Spark Shroom
    Sparkling Snow
    Spring-Lord's Voice
    Stale Water
    Stewed Mud Potatoes
    Stinging Antiseptic
    Sweet Song
    Terrible Song
    Thornflower Nectar
    Traditional KM Cookie
    Treasure Lowdown
    Tub-Time Greythorne
    Warm Cheers
    Well-Done Meat
    Withered Branch
    Yesterbean Variant
    Yesterday's News
    Continent Run
    After getting pac-man, I suggest going from continent to continent collecting
    all the easy magnus. The sooner you get Pac-Land, the better, as that eats a
    lot faster on average. Plus, its just good to get easy magnus out of the way.
    If you are not yet near the end of the game, skip the areas you can't get to
    - In Quzman's house, grab some drinking water from a bowl near the
    door to feed to Pac.
    - Also in the house, search the dresser for a Naughty Novel. Give it to Pac.
    - After exiting Quzman's house, feed Pac cloud magnus in the bottom left 
    corner of the screen.
    - Skip to the Rodolfo's Mansion Section if you have access to it. If not,
    skip down to the Pherkad II section.
    Rodolfo's Mansion:
    - Go north a screen and enter the second door from the left. Jump to the next
    room using the beanstock and get the billowsmoke from the crate. Feed it to
    - Go back into the hallway and go one screen to the east. Enter the kitchen.
    Take Pow Meat from the table and feed it to Pac. 
    - Also on the back shelf in the kitchen you can grab some salt water to feed
    to the little guy. Grab one extra and keep it in your inventory.
    - In most of the rooms, you can grab some stale water. Feed Pac some.
    - Some of the vases in the mansion also hold nameless flowers that Pac wants.
    Pherkad II:
    - Go down to the room north of the washing well. Take all 3 posters and feed
    them to Pac. Than take all three posters and keep them with you. They will
    take 50 hours to age, so you might as well start now. Eventually you will
    get the three "Local Hero" posters.
    - In the room with the washing well, get some pristine water from the well.
    You know what to do with it.
    - Check the houses around town, as many of them have blazes you can feed to
    - Head down to the bar and take some chronic fatigue from the bartender. If
    it hasn't "regrown" yet, come back here later in the quest to get it.
    Nunki Valley:
    - Get some Love Syrup where the pollywhales once were. I'm not even going to
    say it any more. Unless I say otherwise from here on out feed the item to Pac.
    - Get a Holy Droplet in the vases near the waterfall.
    Moonguile Forest:
    - Heartlink with one of the greythorns on the left side of the 2nd screen.
    Go north and try to find an "!". Press A and than go into the spring and
    press A again to get a Spring Lord's Voice.
    - Also get a Greythorn's Song from one of the greythorn's on the right.
    - Grab some Pow Milk from the stables.
    - Grab a Mountain Apple from the eastern-most house.
    - As you pass the blue flower, go to the coliseum.
    The Coliseum:
    - If he is there, get Phantasmagoria from the guy on the floor.
    - If you have completed the Advanced Battles, get 99,999 RP and buy a
    Portrait of Verus. Than get 99,999 more RP and get another Portrait
    of Verus. If you are not at this point in the coliseum yet, come back
    later when you are.
    - Head back up to the mainland, than go to Alfard.
    Lesser Mintaka:
    - Grab some Machina Gas from the northern house.
    - While you are there, grab some Machina Oil.
    - In the rightmost bookshelf in Baelheit's residence, get an Adventure
    Dark Service HQ:
    - Get a Flame from one of the torchs.
    - Get a Spark Shoom from one of the lower rooms.
    Greater Mintaka:
    - Get some salty water from the Quaester's hosue (get 2). Than heart link
    with the Greythorn inside and talk to Geldoblame. You will get a Tub Time
    Greythorn. The other salty water you will save for later.
    - At the lower floor of the Quaester's place, talk to the guard and get
    Warm Cheers. Wait until Pac eats it, and than get another warm cheers to
    age into Icy Jeers. Now if you decide to go on with the game after a certain
    point, you can still complete this quest.
    Emperor's Residence:
    - Get Meat Fit for an Emperor on the kitchen table.
    - Get Well-Done Meat in the kitchen oven.
    - Get a Chunk of Rubber from the same place you had to get it at the 
    beginning of the game.
    - Get Fruit Fit for an Emperor in the room you found Olgan.
    - Get a Pretty Stone from the treasure vault past where you fought the
    Nihal Desert:
    - Buy Sparkling Snow from the merchants at either end.
    - Get Mother Sunshine automatically by entering a certain screen off the path.
    - Some of the stones yield Rock Salt when examined.
    - Any other stones yield the magnus "Stone".
    - If you have done Almarde's sidequests, take some Parmour's Secrets from her.
    If not, come back after you have done them.
    - Get Flame Ice from the entrance to the Lava Caves
    - Get Lava in the room off the path on the way to the Lava Caves
    - Get a Hero's Pickaxe from Juwar in the room where you get lava.
    Lava Caves:
    - Get two rockfly corpses from any of the spots they plug up lava spouts.
    One you should feed to Pac and one you should keep for later.
    - Get the Lava Lord's Skull from where he died.
    Azha II:
    - Trade the Rockfly Corpse for Eau de Moche
    - Go back to greater mintaka and take the liner to Hassaleh
    Hassaleh Port:
    - Get a Jolt Shroom from a lady at the port.
    Lake Botein:
    - Get a Photosynth Lily that is lying on the ground.
    - Get a Cottoncap Fruit from one of the planters in Sagi's house.
    - Give Gena a Portrait of Verus in exchange for Gena's Pinion.
    - If you can, go to the "Other World".
    Battlefields of Atria:
    - Get a Primordial Cactus in various places around the battlefield.
    - Get a Black Dragon's Horn from the Black Dragon's remains.
    - Get Freezing Rain from one of the puddles inside the ship.
    - Get Oleflour from the boxes in the bottom-right room.
    Matar Highlands:
    - Get a Lotus Leaf from the left screen.
    - Get some Heartenbrace from the top screen.
    Albali Sandhollow:
    - Get Sandfeeder Silk from its corpse.
    - Get Balmsand where you were forced to get it last.
    - Get Magnetite Waves from the big red boulder.
    Zaurak Keep:
    - Get Light Powder from the spinning machine.
    - Get Sandcap Spores from the house on the left.
    - Head back to Sheratan, and from there go to Diadem.
    - Get a Dense Medical Tome from the bookshelf in the doctor's house. If you
    have already gotten it, you can also get it by mixing a Medic Kit and an
    Empty Book, but that is for later.
    - Get a Mother-in-Law's Secret from the house in the eastern part of town.
    Castle Elnath:
    - Get a Diadem Royal Crest from the top of the castle.
    - Heart Link with the greythorn near Ladekhan and get a Greythron Storybook.
    If you have already gotten it, you can get it later by mixing Greythorn's
    Song and an Empty Book.
    - Get a gust boulder from the place you got it last time.
    Cloud Passage:
    - Get salt from the Diadem Cloud Master.
    - Get a Glubberfish Fillet from one of the barrels in the front of the city.
    - Go back to Sheliak and hop on a liner to Anuenue.
    Anuenue Port:
    - Get some Good Times from the cookie merchant.
    - Get a Flowerpot from the only house in the port.
    Komo Mai:
    - Get an Egg from the ducks in one of the houses.
    - Get a Terrible Song from the man in the same house.
    - Get an Empty Book from the right bookshelf in the history classroom.
    - Also in this classroom, get Dull Times from the women in the back.
    - Get Rotten Food in the first room of the right wing from some lockers.
    - From the right trash can in this room you can get an Original KM Cookie.
    - Get a Power Pellet from the Chemistry Teacher after doing his favor.
    - Get Celestial Flower Seeds from the shelf in Corellia's Bedroom.
    - Get Fresh Air from the window in the eastern guest room.
    - Get a Poor Excuse for a Joke from the people talking in the western guest
    Holoholo Jungle:
    - Get a Holoholo Fruit from the place you last got it (in the tree).
    - Get Holoflower Nectar in the place you last got it (by the Blooderflies).
    - Get a Holoholobird's Plume from that blasted thing's dead corpse.
    Opu Village:
    - Get a Mound of Soot from the fireplace in Lolo's house.
    - Get a Rainbow from the bottom of the waterfall.
    Celestial Tree:
    - Get a Golden Beetle Carapace from a hidden passageway to the left.
    Celesetial Veinroots:
    - Get the five dagroots where they last were at the end of the branchs.
    - Get the Celestial Fell-Branchs where you last left them, the guards still
    haven't returened.
    - As soon as you are done, head over to the port and sail to Dhur.
    Algorab Village:
    - Get Extreme Stress from the kid in the house who is fed up with living
    below the taintclouds.
    Gemma Village:
    - Give the guy who wants Mountain Apple Wine...Mountain Apple Wine! He will
    give you an Ancient Mask.
    - Get Stewed Mud Potatoes from the lady in the western house.
    - Get out of the Taintclouds and go to Nekkar.
    Nekkar Quietlands:
    - Get Fire Moss from the sparkling wall in any of the pitfalls.
    - Fly to Vega.
    - Get Foul Air from one of the shower pods.
    You got almost 100 of the magnus from this.
    Magnus Locations
    Here I will say how to get all of the magnus I didn't talk about in the
    Continent Run section. These aren't the only ways to get them. But they
    are the ways I would usually reccomend, avoiding aging as much as
    Basic Medical Primer - Go to Sheratan and get a cottoncap fruit. Age that
    and mix it with an empty book you get from Anuenue.
    Boiled Egg - Get an egg and two flames from Komo Mai (torch in right wing).
    Get a blaze and pristine water from Pherkad. Get Salt from the Cloud Master
    in Diadem. Go to the "Other World" and get Freezing Rain from Naos. Than mix
    them all together. 
    Pristine Water + Egg + Blaze + Flame + Flame + Freezing Rain + Salt
    Boulder - Go to Nihal Desert and get 2 stones. Than go to the Emperor's
    Residence and get a Chunk of Rubber. Mix all three.
    Stone + Stone + Chunk of Rubber.
    Celestial Flower - First off you must have made a Celestial Flower Bud. Than
    go to Nihal Desert and get Mother Sunshine. Finally, go to Komo Mai and get
    two fresh airs. Fuse all four.
    Mother Sunshine + Celestial Flower Bud + Fresh Air + Fresh Air
    Celestial Flower Bud - Get Freezing Rain from Naos. Than go to Komo Mai and
    get Fresh Air and a Celestial Flower Seed. Mix em.
    Celestial Flower Seed + Freezing Rain + Fresh Air
    Celestial Tree - Grab a Celestial Flower you've had from before and a rainbow
    from Opu Village. Than head to the Veinroots. In there, get the five dagroots
    along with a fell-branch. All eight must go in the mixer together.
    Celestial Flower + Celestial Fell-branch + Dark Dagroot + Lightning Dagroot
    + Ice Dagroot + Fire Dagroot + Holy Dagroot + Rainbow
    Chef-Prepared Meal - Go to Alfard and get a Blaze and Meat Fit for an Emperor.
    Than go to Holoholo Jungle and get a Holoholo Fruit and a Holoflower Nectar.
    Combine all three.
    Blaze + Meat Fit for an Emperor + Holoholo Fruit + Holoflower Nectar
    Cottoncap Gauze - Age a Cottoncap Fruit. This is a relatively short age.
    Dark Powder - Age Light Powder. This is the shortest age in the game.
    Diadem Cloud - Head to the Diadem Cloud Master and get all the ingredients
    around him and salt from him. Do the same mix you had to do the first time.
    Pristine Water + Blaze + Salt
    Fireglow Stone - Get both a Blaze and Pretty Stone from Alfard. Fuse them.
    Blaze + Pretty Stone
    Floppy Greythorn - Get a Half-Baked Greythorn you have already made and mix
    it with three Cottoncap Fruits from Sheratan.
    Cottoncap Fruit + Half-baked Greythorne + Cottoncap Fruit + Cottoncap Fruit
    Fluella Cooties - If you haven't gotten it yet, get it from one of the sick
    kids in the hospital. If you have, than you will have to mix chronic fatigue
    from the Pherkad bartender, extreme stress from the kid in Dhur, and foul air
    from Vega.
    Chronic Fatigue + Extreme Stress + Foul Air
    Fluffy Greythorn - Mix a previously mixed Floppy Greythorn and four
    cottoncap fruit from Sheratan.
    Cottoncap Fruit + Floppy Greythorne + Cottoncap Fruit + Cottoncap Fruit 
    + Cottoncap Fruit
    Fluffy Pillow - Combine two cottoncap fruit from Gena's House in Hassaleh.
    Cottoncap Fruit + Cottoncap Fruit
    Gold Beetle Wallet - Go to the Celestial Tree and take three Golden Beetle
    Carapaces. Put two of them under a slow down time magnus / one of them under
    a speed up time magnus. As soon as one turns into a gold nugget, combine all
    Golden Beetle Carapace + Golden Beetle Carapace + Gold Nugget
    Gold Nugget - Age a Golden Beetle Carapace. This is a medium-long age.
    Goopy Machina Oil - Age Machina Oil. This is a medium length age.
    Half Baked Greythorne - If Gena is still unconcious, get it from her as a 
    greythorne. If not, gather up 7 Greythorne's Songs, 1 Empty Book, and 1 Salty
    Water. Combine the Empty Book and one of the Songs, and than mix all 8
    Salty Water + Greythorne Storybook + Greythorne’s Song + Greythorne’s
    Song + Greythorne’s Song + Greythorne’s Song + Greythorne’s Song
    + Greythorne’s Song
    Heartbreaking Song - Get salt from the Diadem Cloud Master and mix it with a
    terrible song from the man in Komo Mai.
    Salt + Terrible Song
    Hot Rock - Mix a flame and a stone, from Nihal Desert and the Lava Caves.
    Flame + Stone
    Lightning Shroom - Get two Jolt Shrooms from the Lady in Hassaleh Port and mix
    Jolt Shroom + Jolt Shroom
    Medic Kit - Age a Cottoncap Fruit to get a Cottoncap Gauze and mix it with a
    previously fused or aged Stinging Antiseptic.
    Cottoncap Gauze + Stinging Antiseptic
    Mountain Apple Vinegar - Age Mountain Apple Wine. This is a medium length age.
    Mountain Apple Wine - Mix two mountain apples from Cebalrai and a Holy Droplet
    from Nunki Valley.
    Mountain Apple + Mountain Apple + Holy Droplet
    Plain Ole Shaved Ice - Age some  Shaved Ice of Love. This is a medium-quick
    Potted Celestial Flower - Take a Celestial Flower and mix it with three
    Freezing Rains from Naos and a Flowerpot from Anuenue Port.
    Celestial Flower + Flowerpot + Freezing Rain + Freezing Rain + Freezing Rain
    Potted Heartenbrace - Get two sets of pristine water from Pherkad, a flower
    pot from Anuenue, and Heartenbrace from the Matar Highlands. Mix all four.
    Heartenbrace + Flowerpot + Pristine Water + Pristine Water
    Potted Nameless Flower - Get Pristine Water and a Nameless Flower from Sadal
    Suud and a Flowerpot from Anuenue. Combine them all.
    Nameless Flower + Flowerpot + Pristine Water
    Pow Milk Yogurt - Age Pow Milk. This is a relatively quick age.
    Pow Milk Cheese - Age Pow Milk Yogurt. This is a medium length age.
    Pressed Flower - Age a Nameless Flower. I am not quite sure about the length
    of this age as I left it on over night.
    Read to Death Book - Age an Adventure Novel. I am not quite sure about the
    length of this age as I left it on over night.
    Rotting Mountain Apple - Age a Mountain Apple. This is a medium-quick age.
    Sandcaps - Age Sandcap Spores. This is a medium length age.
    Shaved Ice of Love - Mix two Sparkling Snows from Nihal Desert and Love Syrup
    from Nunki Valley.
    Sparkling Snow + Sparkling Snow + Love Syrup
    Soot Soup - Get Salty Water and a Mound of Soot from Opu Village (Salty water
    is in the lower house). Mix them together.
    Salty Water + Mound of Soot
    Stinging Antiseptic - Mix a previously aged Thornflower Nectar and 
    Eau de Moche from outside the Lava Caves.
    Thornflower Nectar + Eau de Mouche
    Sweet Song - Combine Love Syrup from Nunki Valley and a Terrible Song from
    Komo Mai.
    Love Syrup + Terrible Song
    Thornflower - Acquire a yesterbean and head to the Nusakan Thornwood. Enter
    from the east and than go one screen south. Head to the right of the screen
    and you will see a place where you can use your yesterbean. Use it and than
    take the essence from flower on the newly accessable ledge.
    Thornflower Nectar - Age a Thornflower. This is a medium-long age.
    Traditional KM Cookie - If the election isn't over, get it from one of the
    people handing them out in Komo Mai. If it is, get Oleflower from Naos, Love
    Syrup and Pristine Water from Sadal Suud, a Celestial Flower Seed from Komo
    Mai, and Holoholo Fruit from the Holoholo Jungle. Mix them all.
    Pristine Water + Oleflower + Celestial Flower Seed + Holoholo Fruit 
    + Love Syrup
    Treasure Lowdown - Get a Parmour's Secret from Almarde and a Mother-in-Law's
    Secret from the lady in Sheliak and mix them together.
    Parmour's Secret + Mother-in-Law's Secret
    Withered Branch - Age a dagroot or a Celestial Fell-Branch. This is a 
    medium-long age.
    Yesterbean - If you haven't already, you can take one from the vault in
    Sheratan. If you have, use Fresh Air from Anuenue on one of the empty 
    Yesterbean plants in the Nusakan Thornwood. They should grow back and
    than you may take one yesterbean essence.
    Yesterbean Variant - Put Foul Air on a Yesterbean plant in the Nusakan
    Thornwood. This will grow instead of a yesterbean.
    Yesterday's News - Age a Mother-in-Law's Secret. This is a medium-short age.
    Other Information and Tips
    - Try to get as many magnus that need to be aged in your inventory
    early, to minimize the time it takes to complete this quest.
    - Leaving your gamecube on overnight can definately help with aging. One thing
    to consider before you do this is "over-aging", or a magnus aging for so long
    it passes the stage you want. For instance, leaving a Pow Milk to age over
    night into a Pow Milk Cheese, will likely end up with Rotten Food. Also, make
    sure the ventilation on your Gamecube is not blocked, or bad things can
    happen to it.
    - Don't just go through this list in alphabetical order. Wander around the
    continents for a while, collecting magnus, and than plan routes that will
    minimize the ammount of traveling you need to do to get a specific set of
    - Never mix in the first mixer. N-E-V-E-R. Its faster to mix 3 sets of magnus
    in the prototype mixer than 1 set in the original.
    - If you find that you have a few magnus left and you don't know what they
    are, try the following ones again, as they are easily missed:
    Yesterbean Variant
    Stinging Antiseptic
    Spring-Lord's Voice
    Dark Powder
    Light Powder
    Holy Droplet
    Yesterday's News
    Portrait of Verus
    Gena's Pinion
    The Dagroots
    If none of those work, also try the 3 Hero Posters. But save these as a last
    If you still can't find the magnus you are missing, I guess you have to run
    through the list again. Try not to have this happen to you.
    Or simply post a message in the forums
    This guide shall only be seen on GameFAQs. It may not be posted elsewhere.
    Copyright 2006, Dalawman

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