Resident Evil Cheats


  • Alternate Costumes

    Complete the game once on any difficulty to gain the Special Key to open the costume room where you can change you clothes after completing the game the required amount of times.

    Jill's Sarah Connor costume: Complete the game once with Jill on any difficulty.

    Jill's Resident Evil 3 costume: Clear the game twice with Jill on any difficulty.

    Chris' The Mexican costume: Clear the game once with Chris on any difficulty to unlock his costume where he dresses up like Brad Pitt from the movie The Mexican. Rebecca also changes her costume to look like Julia Roberts from The Mexican.

    Chris' CODE Veronica costume: Clear the game twice with Chris on any difficulty.

    Contributed By: Reaper.

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  • Invisible Enemy Mode

    To unlock this mode beat Real Survival mode once.

    Contributed By: DEngel.

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  • New costume for Jill,Difficulty Select and New Title Screen

    Complete the game with Jill once and save the game.A few things will change.

    1-The main menu will have a different background.
    2-If you select the option'Once Again(with your save data loaded)'you will be given a choice of difficulties to begin the next game with-Easy,Normal and Hard
    3-You will receive a key that enables you a costume change(in this case Jill's costume)

    Contributed By: Jacen Solo.

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  • One Dangerous Zombie Mode

    Complete the game as both Chris and Jill one time to unlock the ''One Dangerous Zombie'' option. A special zombie will continue to follow you around during the first part of the game. Shooting this zombie will end the game, so you must avoid it during game play.

    Contributed By: BAdB0i87.

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  • Real Survival Mode

    Beat the game on normal or hard difficulty on the Once Again mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Real Survival modeBeat Once Again mode on normal or hard

    Contributed By: Aceviper.

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  • Rocket Launcher

    To get the Rocket Launcher, beat the game in under 3 hours on Normal or Hard mode.

    Contributed By: MetalWarOdin.

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  • Samurai Edge (Semi-Automatic Pistol)

    To get the Samurai Edge, beat the game in under 5 hours on Normal or Hard mode.

    Contributed By: NeoGamer and T-8700.

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Easter Eggs

  • Hidden Tofu Message

    Near the end of the game in the Laboratory, you will reach a computer that you have to enter passwords into in order to progress through the game. If you enter the password "MOLE" from the original game, you will actually hear Tofu from Resident Evil 2 on the computer screen. Strangely, this only works on Easy Mode for some reason.

    Contributed By: TVthePunisher.

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  • Message from director and unused costumes

    Beat Invisible Mode in 5:00:00 to open up a message from the director and a slide show of unused costume designs.

    Contributed By: SS4Jason.

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Resident Evil 0 Cheats


  • Unlock Leech Hunter Game

    Beat the game on Easy, Normal, or Hard mode to unlock this mini-game.

    Contributed By: War Pig.

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  • Unlock New Costumes

    If you complete the game on Normal or Hard mode, you'll find the Closet Key in Rebecca's Inventory when you start a new game.

    Billy will get a suit and Rebecca will get a leather outfit or a cowgirl uniform.

    Contributed By: War Pig.

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  • Leech Hunter Rewards

    100 leeches: All weapons found have unlimited ammo.
    90-99: Magnum revolver in room 202 of the train.
    60-89: Unlimited ammo with the hunting gun.
    30-59: Equipped handguns have unlimited ammo.
    1-29: Sub-machinegun Bullets added to Rebecca's inventory.

    Contributed By: TheRaven304.

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  • One hit kills

    When playing as either Rebecca or Billy and you get bit by a zombie, move the character opposite of your main character directly behind the one you are controlling to have him or her shoot the zombie in the head and kill it in one hit, while the zombie deals you no damage. Note: You must have pistol equipped to save ammunition for a one bullet kill.

    Contributed By: The1Executioner.

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  • Unlock Ending Bonuses

    You can get certain prizes depending on your gameplay rank, which is how fast you beat the game on normal or hard mode.

    Here are the ranks and prizes.

    D:(9:01 or more) Leech Hunter and Closet Key
    C:(7:01 - 9:00) Leech Hunter and Closet Key
    B:(5:01 - 7:00) Leech Hunter and Closet Key
    A:(3:31 - 5:00) Submachine Gun, Leech Hunter, Closet Key
    S:(3:30 or less) Rocket Launcher, Submachine Gun, Leech Hunter, Closet Key

    Contributed By: War Pig.

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Area/Level Hints

  • Easy Basement: Rescuing Rebecca Chambers

    When in the basement, before doing the puzzle with the electricity box, change your character to Billy and go through the mansion until you reach the area with the hot steam bursting out of the furnace. Then switch back to Rebecca and do the puzzle (up, up, down, up, up) where she will fall into a hole where you need to rush to rescue her. When switched back to Billy, go past the steam, down the hall where you'll see animal heads on the wall with the 3x eliminator apes which you can pass for now or kill them (optional), and take 2x right turns into a wooden door where a cut-scene will show Billy rescuing Rebecca from falling.

    Contributed By: Junebug90.

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