Review by Marty_Exodus

Reviewed: 01/02/07

It's an awesome game... for a week.

Sonic Riders…. When I first heard the name and the concept, I thought it’d be pretty lame. Sonic is meant to RUN, not to AIR-BOARD. However, the game wasn’t too bad for a rental. If you bought it, find the receipt and return it, saying you meant to get Sonic Adventure 2 or Sonic Heroes. This game should not under ANY circumstances be purchased for someone. RENT ONLY.

I’ll rate it on the following categories: Graphics, Sound, Action, Story, and Replayability.

Graphics: 7/10
Pretty good, as far as Sonic games go. The polygons kind of stuck out a bit on the back of some of the characters, but other than that the graphics were alright. There are no special effects to liven up the games graphical properties though, with the exception of Digital Dimension. The fact that you only get to see the backside of the characters is a bit of a killer, too, but other than that it’s alright.

Sound: 4/10
Frankly, I was rather disappointed by the audio capabilities of this game. The music…… is nigh inaudible, even at full volume. It’s Omochao’s announcing that overdoes the music every time, so I couldn’t even tell you whether or not the music that DOES play is any good. The voice acting was also pretty bad in this one. I happened to really like the voice acting in Sonic Adventure 2, and it’s simply not as good here. I don’t know if they changed voice actors or what, but it’s pretty bad.

Action: 9/10
For a racing game, this has quite a good rating on what all you can do. Granted, you can’t control the power-ups, and you acceleration control is rather limited, it’s amazing how you can use your type shortcuts and do the amazing tricks off of ramps if done correctly. Attacking the other characters is a nice feature too; you surely don’t have anything like that in, say, Gran Turismo. This is one of the better racing games I’ve played.

Story: 2/10
It’s a shame. Honestly. Sega introduces three new characters, all of whom are rather lame, and expects players to warm right up. Granted, Sonic Adventure 2 brought us Shadow and Rouge, they were cool. Storm is… a bully who brags. Wave is… a mechanic who brags. Jet…. well…. A racer that brags. No character development in this one at all. So the story is this: Eggman says “Everybody should race!” and everyone races. It was pretty lame how they brought forth this whole Babylon deal and everything. It was like a rip-off of Angel Island, except performed terribly.

Replayability: 1/10
Well, the game was fun. I beat it. Now what? Oh hey, Missions. Great, just want I want to do: race the same track, alone, over and over again. Boy this is fun. I can even try to get the gold medals to get Super Sonic. YES!! I have Super Sonic…… and no more races to use him in. After you beat the game, there’s really nothing to strive for. There are the boards in the shop…. That you’ll never use. There are the bonus characters that you can’t use in the story or mission modes. This games 1 point of salvation on replayability is multiplayer.

Bonus: 7 points
This game, despite its crappy ranking, does deserve some bonus points for special cameos and other such things. Aladdin’s magic carpet nets point, as does each of the 3 bonus characters. The Super Hang-On board nets a bonus point, because that game was one of the best Sega games I have ever played in an arcade. The Crazy Taxi board and section of “Sega Carnival” each net a point for a grand total of 7 bonus points.

Average Score: (7 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 1 + 7)/50 = 30/50 ~ 6/10
This game falls just short of the Mediocre/Average line. Personally, I don’t suggest it, unless you have nothing better for a week. This game is honestly the WORST Sonic game I have ever played (which makes the rest of them rank rather highly.) Rather than renting this game even, borrow it from a friend. They’ll think much less of you when you ask for it. Perhaps finding a girlfriend instead of renting video games would do you good. Throw a party or something.

In short, this game kind of bit ass. It was really fun…. Really. For a week. Once you beat the story mode, and perhaps tried the missions, you were done. Not only because you got bored, but because you went to listen to some CDs. You went to play Sonic Adventure 2. You got tired of Omochao’s damn annoying voice. You wanted a game where Sonic ran. You wanted to take it back to the video game rental store and complain to the manager.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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