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Guide and Walkthrough by McTricky

Version: 1.30 | Updated: 03/13/2007

_________             .__         __________.__    .___                   
 /   _____/ ____   ____ |__| ____   \______   \__| __| _/___________  ______
 \_____  \ /  _ \ /    \|  |/ ___\   |       _/  |/ __ |/ __ \_  __ \/  ___/
 /        (  <_> )   |  \  \  \___   |    |   \  / /_/ \  ___/|  | \/\___ \ 
/_______  /\____/|___|  /__|\___  >  |____|_  /__\____ |\___  >__|  /____  >
        \/            \/        \/          \/        \/    \/           \/ 

Sonic Riders FAQ
Started: Sunday 28th November 2006
Finished: Tuesday 31st October 2006 
Created by: Jeremiah "McTricky" George

Table of Contents

1.0	– Intro
2.0	– Legal Stuff
3.0	– Version History
4.0	– Basic Controls
5.0	– Characters
5.1	– Team Sonic
5.2	– Babylon Rogues
6.0	– Normal Race
6.1	– Free Race
6.2	– Time Attack
6.3	– EX World Grand Prix
7.0	– Story Mode
8.0	– Heroes Story
8.1	– Metal City
8.2	– Splash Canyon
8.3	– Egg Factory
8.4	– Green Cave
8.5	– Sand Ruins
8.6	–Babylon Garden
9.0	– Babylon Story
9.1	– Night Chase
9.2	– Red Canyon
9.3	– Ice Factory
9.4	– White Cave
9.5	– Dark Desert
9.6	– Sky Road
9.7	– Babylon Guardian
10.0	– Extreme Gears
11.0	– Contact Details
12.0	–Frequently Asked Questions
13.0	Contributed Help
14.0	– Acknowledgements

1.0	Intro
Hello, readers and welcome to the start of my walkthrough! This is my first 
time writing an FAQ for GameFaqs, so bear with me. I chose this game to write 
a walkthrough on because of two things:

1)	I know A LOT about this game
2)	Racing games are pretty much easy to write an FAQ on

As you can see in the contents, I will explain the normal race and the story 
mode to you. The other modes will come in later versions. Now on to the 
serious stuff.

2.0	Legal Stuff
The following sites have permission to display this FAQ on their site:

1)	GameFAQs.com
2)	IGN.com
3)	CheatCodeCentral.com
4)	Gamesradar.com
5)	Gamestracker.com (only to be submitted by me, McTricky)

Any other sites must gain my permission and send me an email. You must not 
copy and paste all of it or part of it, rewrite it, redistribute it, in any 
form without permission from me. Anyone doing so, you should know that 
serious actions will be taken, and you will be dealt with by the law.

Copyright 2006 Jeremiah George

3.0	Version History

0.00: I started this FAQ, therefore nothing will have been changed till 

1.00: Finished the walkthrough

1.50: Found out how to get the 100 Ring Box in Metal City. Added information 
on all riders, in the game.

4.0	Basic Controls
Before I tell you the controls, I will just like to talk to you about the 
basic stuff in the tracks.

NOTE: Nearly all of what I'm going to say is from the Sonic Riders manual 
just in case you lost your own manual.

Trick Zones
First of all there are the Trick Zones. The Trick Zones are the ramps you 
jump off to pull off tricks. Most Trick Zones (maybe all of them) are 
indicated by arrows at the end of the ramp. Hold X to charge your jump. By 
doing this you must note that you will gradually start to lose air and speed. 
Then when the time is right (timing is crucial) release the X button to jump. 
While in the air, use the left analog stick to perform spins and trick in all 

Large number of spins in a variety of directions will award you with a higher 
rank, which replenishes a greater amount of Air. When the left analog stick 
is neutral (untouched), the character will automatically return to the 
upright position facing forward ready to land. Fail to land correctly, and 
you'll get a lower rank and receive less Air.

There are two types of basic Trick Action as follows:

Back Flip: Hold the left analog stick down as you release the X button. Back 
Flips make you go really high into the air making it possible to reach 
shortcuts far above you.

Front Flip: Hold the left analog stick up as you release the X button. Front 
flips make you go further forward to reach those distant shortcuts.

Riding Gear at high speed sometimes leaves a trail of turbulence behind which 
can be surfed by other racers. To surf a rival's Turbulence, approach the 
trail from the rear or push into in it from the side, and then duck left and 
right quickly to increase your speed. If you can reach the source of the 
Turbelence, you can overtake a rival putting you in the lead.

Depending on conditions, Trick Areas may appear in the Turbulence. If your 
positioning is correct when these Trick Areas appear, you will automatically 
perform tricks that can increase your speed and air.

Automatic Trails
Some sections of the race course are automatically controlled and require no 
actions from the player. However, in most cases, you can increase your speed 
and Air by rotating the left analog stick clockwise as quickly as possible 
during these sections.

Grind Rails
Grinding allows you to travel at speeds higher than the standard riding 
speed. Approach a pipe or rail suitable for Grinding and press the X button 
to connect. NOTE: Grindable rails have a blue light at the front and a red 
light at the end. Grind surfaces must be approached from above, so it may be 
necessary to first jump or make use of a ramped surface. So basically, you'll 
need to jump twice to properly land on a rail. But only Speed type characters 
can grind. Other types must use the Air Broom, Grinder and Omnipotence gears.

Launch into an Accelerator (dash hoops from Sonic Heroes) and you will be 
propelled forward at a higher speed than normal, sometimes as a shortcut 
bypassing part of the course. Use the left analog stick to try to pass 
through as many Accelerators as you can for maximum speed and bonus air. 
NOTE: I will refer to this technique as Air Riding. This can only be 
performed by Flight type characters. Other types must use the Access, Magic 
Carpet or the Omnipotence gears.

Some routes around the track are sealed off by obstacles such as barrels and 
stationary vehicles that have to be smashed through to gain access. Smashing 
obstacles is as simple as riding straight into them. Try to break as many as 
you can in succession to receive maximum bonus Air. Only Power type 
characters can punch through obstacles, like this. Other types must use the 
Destroyer or the Omnipotence gears.

Leveling Up
Leveling up is not like RPG-style leveling up. You don't have to race to gain 
EXP. All you have to do is collect rings around the tracks. When your ring 
count reaches certain levels, you will level up, increasing your parameters 
and abilities. If you are attacked or you fall of the track, your ring count 
will fall to 0, therefore meaning your level will go back to 1.

0-30 Rings: LVL 1
30-60 Rings: LVL 2
60-100 Rings: LVL 3

NOTE: The rings held at the end of each race are automatically accumulated 
and can be exchanged later for gear at the Shop.

Air System
Racing is performed on Extreme Gear powered by Air stored in the Air Tank. At 
regular speeds, Air is consumed fairly slowly, but special moves such as Air 
Slide and Air Boost will consume Air at a much higher rate. Air can be 
replenished by picking up Air Items, performing Trick Actions, capitalizing 
on you character's special skills and rotating the left analog stick during 
Automatic Trails. In the event you happen to run out of Air, you will have to 
make it on foot and run to the nearest Air Pit (see below) to fill up, 
perform a trick or pick up and Air Power-Up Item.

Air Pits
Air Pit terminals allow you to quickly fill your Air Tank, and are positioned 
at various points around the tracks. Simply ride/run over to the Air Pit to 
refill the tank. When the tank is full, you will automatically leave in the 
correct directions to continue the race. If you're in a rush, press the X 
Button to leave the Air Pit immeadiately.

NOTE: Not all tracks have Air Pits.

Left Analog Stick: Move Character/Perform Trick Action
Left Analog Stick Up: Move forward/Front Flip (during Trick Action)
Left Analog Stick Down: Move backward/Back Flip (during Trick Action)
Left Analog Stick Left/Right: Move sideways/steer/sideways spin (during Trick 
X Button: Jump/Grind
Circle/Square Button: Air Boost/Attack Rival
L1/R1: Brake/Air Slide (with left/right)
L1+R1: Exit Turbulence/Tornado
START Button: Pause/Skip Event

Steering (left analog stick left/right)
While riding your Extreme Gear, use the left analog stick left/right to steer 
left and right around the track. Forward motion is automatic so no controller 
input is required.

Air Boost (Square/Circle Button)
Press the Sqaure/Circle Button for an extra burst of speed. Air speed also 
allows you to attack rivals ahead of you, temporarily disorientating them and 
costing them time. This technique consumes a considerable amount of Air, so 
try to use it sparingly.

Air Slide (Steering+L1/R1 Button)
Some turns are too tight to tackle at high speed. Pressing either the L1/R1 
button while steering into the corner will shoot a jet of Air out the side of 
your Gear to assist in maneuvering. Air is consumed more quickly when 
performing an Air Slide.

Brake (L1/R1 Button)
Press either the L1/R1 Button to brake quickly.

Tornado (L1+R1 Button)
If a character is too close behind you, you are then vulnerable to being 
attacked, or overtaken. Press the L1 and R1 buttons together to create a mini 
Tornado that will halt your rival in their tracks. Tornados cost both speed 
and Air, so check conditions carefully to make sure other players can't take 

Running (left analog stick)
During the countdown at the start of the race, run toward the startline. You 
can boos your initial start by crossing the startline just after the 
countdown finishes. Don't cross it too soon or you will get electrified and 
brought to a standstill for a short period.

During the race, if your Gear runs out of Air, you will have to make your way 
on foot until you reach an Air Pit to fill up, perform a trick, or pick up an 
Air Power-Up item.

5.0	Characters

These are the main characters in the game.

NOTE: Descriptions taken from the Sonic Riders manual.

5.1	Team Sonic
Name: Sonic The Hedgehog

Type: Speed

Species: Hedgehog

Attributes: Dash: ***, Limit: ****, Power: ***, Cornering: **

Description: Sonic hates evil as much as he loves freedom. Sonic can be short 
tempered at times but will always show a gentle side to those in trouble. 
He's normally carefree and easygoing, even when the going gets rough; but 
when it comes to a showdown he's aggressive and focused like a hedgehog 

Sonic has always been known as the world's fastest, but inexperienced with 
Extreme Gear, he will have to fight to hold onto reputation.
Name: Miles "Tails" Prower

Type: Flight

Species: Fox (two-tailed)

Attributes: Dash: ****, Limit: ***, Power: **, Cornering: ***

Description: His real name is "Miles," but his friends just call him "Tails." 
He's a little kid fox with two tails and a heart of gold. He loves tinkering 
with machinery and has made various devices to help Sonic. This time he's 
pitching in as the team mechanic, fixing up the Extreme Gear.
Name: Knuckles the Echidna

Type: Power

Species: Echidna

Attributes: Dash: ****, Limit: ***, Power: ****, Cornering: **

Description: Born on Angel Island, Knuckles spends his days guarding
a precious stone called the Master Emerald; for reasons he himself doesn't 
understand. His hard headed demeanor makes him gullible, and he has been 
tricked by Eggman on more than one occasion. Bringing his inherent aggression 
to the race, he plans to show Eggman that this time he means business!

5.2	Babylon Rogues
Name: Jet the Hawk

Type: Speed

Species: Hawk

Attributes: Dash: ***, Limit: ****, Power: ***, Cornering: **

Description: Known as the "Legendary Wind Master," Jet leads the Babylon 
Rogues, a talented group of thieves. Jet's Extreme Gear skills are revered 
far and wide, earning him an impressive reputation.

He carries a mysterious "control box" said to have been passed down from the 
ancient Babylonians.
Name: Wave the Swallow

Type: Flight

Species: Swallow

Attributes: Dash: ****, Limit: ***, Power: ***, Cornering: **

Description: A superb mechanic, Wave takes care of all of the Babylon Rogues' 
Extreme Gear. While she's capable of fixing many things, Extreme Gear is her 
specialty, and her knowledge and experience surpass both Tails and Eggman in 
this area.
Name: Storm the Albatross

Type: Power

Species: Albatross

Attributes: Dash: ***, Limit: ***, Power: ****, Cornering: **

Description: Storm is the muscle behind the Babylon Rogues' nefarious schemes 
and Jet's right-hand man. What he lacks in smarts, he makes up for in raw 
power. He has a quick temper, but is slow in movement. He tends to stutter 
when excited or flustered.

6.0	Normal Race
This is the general racing mode, which is why it is called Normal Mode. 
Nothing special, just racing with a few tweaks. There are three options to 
choose from in Normal Mode.

6.1	Free Race
Free Race is simple. All you do is select your character and track and race. 
Up to 4 players can play in this mode.

6.2	Time Attack
This is your regular beat the time race. You race against yourself to get the 
fastest lap on the track.

6.3	EX World Grand Prix
This is basically the tournament mode of this game. There are two cups, each 
with 5 tracks. You get points depending on your race position.

1st: 10 Points
2nd: 08 Points
3rd: 06 Points
4th: 04 Points
5th: 3 Points
6th: 2 Points
7th: 1 Point
8th: 0 Points

30-39 Points: - Bronze Emblem - 200 Rings
40-47 Points - Silver Emblem - 300 Rings
48-50 Points - Gold Emblem - 500 Rings

7.0	Story Mode
I now move onto the main part of this walkthrough, the story mode. Yes, this 
mode features the main storyline of this game from both the Heroes and the 
Babylon Rogues' view. Let us begin.

NOTE: I will give you tips on how to get a 1st place in the track. Each tip 
will be in order of how the track goes. For example, if a track has a jump 
then a turn. I will say some thing like this: 1) Make a good jump 2) Make a 
good turn. So essentially I'll be walking you through the track.

NOTE: "Super Back Flip" means you must charge your jump for about 3 seconds 
and backflip. Same goes for "Super Front Flip"

8.0	Heroes Story
Well, it is night time in Future City and Team Sonic are looking for a Chaos 
Emerald that is supposed to be there. They get a signal on Tails' tracer 
saying that it is nearby. Suddenly, three mysterious figures burst out a 
window and are being chased by the police. Tails says that they have got the 
Chaos Emerald and Sonic runs off to chase them. Jet passes by Sonic, then 
Knuckles jumps in and knocks Storm of his board, who luckily grabs hold of 
Wave's board as she carries his weight with him. Tails drops by and takes 
notice of an emblem that is on the board. The thieves are getting away so 
Sonic grabs the dropped board and pursues Jet. Sonic manages to reach him, 
but him being inexperienced with riding he loses balance and falls off when 
Jet attacks him. And the thieves get away.

8.1	Metal City

The next day, Eggman announces a tournament called the EX World Grand Prix. 
Team Sonic decides to give it a miss since they are suspicious of Eggman and 
wonder if it is a trap. They soon change their minds when they find out that 
the three they met last night are entering.

Mission: Finish in the top 3!
Character: Sonic

Well, here you must race your first race against 7 E-100000G robots. Pretty 
easier even if you are a beginner, just follow my tips and this will be a 

1)	At the first jump hold X long enough whilst pushing the left analog 
stick up and then let go of X to perform a front flip so you can reach 
the higher platform.
2)	If you fail to reach that higher platform, there is a grind rail in the 
first tunnel, since you are a Speed type.
3)	When you reach two tunnels side by side, take the left one, because the 
right one is for Power Type and there are more cars there that could 
slow you down.
4)	Another reason for staying on the left side is so the first half pipe 
ramp on the left side, you should jump off that and land on a rail 
above to avoid traffic and to put you in the lead.
5)	After the tight corner, there is a straight road ahead so it wouldn't 
hurt for a boost or two.
6)	Finally, for the upcoming jump you should hold X long enough and pull 
the left analog stick down and then jump doing a back flip so you can 
fly up high to a shortcut that will put you to the lead.

The 100 Ring Box
The 100 Ring Box is on the higher platform at the start. Stay on the left 
hand side and you will see a line of rings and then you'll see the 100 Ring 
Box a little bit above you. Unfortunately, just jumping won't get you to it 
and I don't know how. I only know where it is, for this track.

Liander Reyes says: "I know how to reach the 100 ring box in Metal City.
You know the arrows that says you have to go right, well, jump on the one
that's next to the 100 ring box and you'll skid on the sign of arrows and get
the 100 ring box.

8.2	Splash Canyon
Team Sonic are walking through Splash Canyon talking about what Dr Eggman 
could be planning. Suddenly Amy runs to Sonic, saying that she has joined the 
Grand Prix too. So much for Amy-free(!) Remembering the emblem on Storm's 
board from Future City, Tails tells the others about the history of the 
Babylon Rogues. Then Wave walks in and takes a look at Sonic's board. Tails 
says that he made it. She mocks him saying that it is junk and then walks 
off. Sonic's board looks a bit different doesn't it?

Mission: Finish in the top 3!
Character: Tails

This level is actually the easiest level in this game, and should be easy to 
complete with Tails. I don't think you even need my tips, yet I'll give them 

1)	Since you are a Fly-Type character, after the first corner align 
yourself so that you are in position with the dash rings up ahead. 
Super forward flip off the ramp and into the dash rings for a shortcut 
to the upper level.
2)	At the second jump, super forward flip off the ramp to get to a higher 
3)	Alternatively, if you fail to reach the upper route, if you go through 
waterfall on your left, a fly shortcut will be revealed.
4)	Rotate the analog sticks as fast as you can to gain speed and air.
5)	Go past the left side of the circle machinery in the middle of the 
water and head for the flight shortcut.
6)	Make sure to Air Slide during the tight corner. In the dark tunnel 
where the crystals are, you can't bash through them so try to avoid 
them as they will slow you down.
7)	On the last jump past the crystals, super back flip off the ramp to 
send you high into the end so you can land on a rainbow for a smooth 
ride to the finish line. So much for a pot gold/rings(!)

The 100 Ring Box
This one can't be seen but it can be found. After the first jump of the race 
you will be in a large sort of pond with mini waterfalls at your left. Go 
over to the second (middle) one to find the concealed 100 Ring Box.

8.3	Egg Factory
Knuckles is by himself and walks down a corridor in the Egg Factory and then 
bumps (literally!) into Storm who was just around the corner. They start to 
argue about how the last time they met was a one-off. Knuckles gets ready to 
punch and as he swings his arm back he knocks out a E-100000R Robot. Storm 
laughs at him and then tries to punch Knuckles. Knuckles (who was tending the 
robot) jumps out of the way making Storm hit the robot again. Then the 
announcer says that the racers must get the gates. They decide to settle it 
on the track.

Mission: Defeat Storm! (Finish in 1st place!)
Character: Knuckles

This level actually proves to be quite hard. It's quite confusing and has got 
a lot of tight corners and obstacles. But you are Knuckles in this race so 
the robots that get in your way should be a breeze to get by or in Knuckles' 
case, knock by.


1)	Perform a number of cool tricks (especially at the first jump ahead of 
you) and get a good rank when you land; preferably an SS or and X, to 
maintain speed and get some air if you boosted right at the start of 
the race.
2)	Do well at Air Sliding in the next few turns.
3)	At the second jump, super forward flip into the air to land on a higher 
route (shortcut)
4)	As you go up the slanted track, look to your left for a Power Shortcut.
5)	As you go up another slightly slanted hill, you will see a bunch of 
spinning canisters that are being controlled my the mechanism it is 
hanging from. Go past these for a shortcut. Just be careful not to fall 
6)	If you don't go to the shortcut (Tip 5) then look along the right wall 
until you see a rid light with a yellow sign on it. Bash through that 
wall to lead you to a shortcut to the finish line.

The 100 Ring Box
The 100 Ring Box is near the spinning canisters I told you about (Tip 5). As 
a matter of fact, it's in between them. Those canisters can actually knock 
you away if I haven't told you before, and if things could get anyworse, they 
have to go right ahead and put it on the EDGE OF THE TRACK! Just try not to 
fall of WITH the 100 Ring Box.

8.4	Green Cave
The team is in Green Cave where and we Sonic training up his skills on the 
Extreme Gear. Tails his amazed and goes to compliment him. Then suddenly, Jet 
appears and stands on the branch of one of the high trees. He tells Sonic 
that though his skills are impressive, there's more about the Extreme Gear in 
terms of skills. He then disappears into the forest. Sonic thinks he is right 
and promises to do better. Tails remembers the time when Wave mocked him and 
Sonic's board back at Splash Canyon. He then tells the others that he will 
unlock the secret to the Extreme Gears.

Mission: Defeat Wave! (Finish in 1st place!)
Character: Tails

Once again they chose the best character for this race. There are plenty of 
fly type shortcuts. Even still it is quite hard. Follow my tips and you'll be 
guaranteed first place.


1)	Get an Unbelievable Start and then (just like Tip 1 in Egg Factory) 
perform a great number of tricks to get either an SS or an X ranking to 
maintain speed and air. Really all it takes to get an X is a front 
flip, back flip, and two side flips both ways.
2)	Make a nice smooth long Air Slide along this smooth corner. You might 
slow down a bit, but it will help you turn this corner better and you 
will get a free boost and the end.
3)	Make another Air Slide at this right corner. Tap L1/R1 whilst turning 
if necessary.
4)	In this wide open space, he straight for the flight shortcut.
5)	Rotate the analog sticks quickly to maintain your lead (if you have 
6)	Go up the halfpipe and make a good jump and go for the flight shortcut 
7)	At the next jump, do a super back flip to propel you in the air, so you 
can reach the web to boost you to the lead.

The 100 Ring Box
There are two ways to get this and fortunately with you being Tails, you have 
the easier way. The luckier (harder) way do get this is to ride on someone's 
Turbulence on the right-hand side vine. There should be a jump opportunity so 
you can get to the vine that will go to the 100 Ring Box.

The other way you can do this, (you should do this) is to go to the first 
flight shortcut. Ride through the first ONLY and go under the second and aim 
yourself at the vine in front of you. Once you land on that vine, just 
continue riding to get it.

8.5	Sand Ruins
It is now the Finals of the EX Grand World Prix! Team Sonic have all made it 
through. Amy was knocked out of the tournament by Wave. But then Tails 
defeated Wave. Only Jet remains from his team. They go toward a large table 
and put their Chaos Emeralds there. Sonic and Jet have a little "may the best 
man win" talk. And then they race.

Mission: Defeat Jet! (Finish in 1st place!)
Character: Sonic

Well, it's Team Sonic and Jet in this race. This may be the final race, but 
there is one more. This level actually proves to be really hard. Take full 
advantage of Turbulence and your abilities if you want to have a chance at 
defeating Jet!


1)	Get an Unbelievable Start
2)	At the fork (directly ahead of you) take the right-hand side as it is 
quicker. Just avoid the rising pillars.
3)	Get a good jump at the first jump and do a number of tricks to get an 
SS or X rank. You should know why.
4)	After the first jump, stay near your left to get the grind rail that's 
there; make sure to jump to the next too.
5)	If you fail to get to that grind rail because of people's Turbulence,  
press L1+R1 to exit the Turbulence.
6)	If you fail to grind rail, and there is no Turbulence (probably because 
you are in the lead) stay away from the edge of the cliff. The sand 
will drag you down there; fight against it.
7)	At the second jump, get a good jump to maintain speed and air; again 
getting an SS or X rank.
8)	In the big tomb go to your left to see a grind rail. Use it and 
remember to jump left to the second rail. The third rail is quite 
tricky to get; you must jump right just as you turn the corner.
9)	An Air Dash or two wouldn't hurt because there is no doubt that the 
other players have used their abilities to press forward. After the 
tight corner, ride on the dash pad and in the process, doing a speedy 
Air Slide around the U-Turn.

The 100 Ring Box
There are two ways to get this. Unfortunately, the easier way is against you, 
in this race. The harder way is to super back flip of a piece of a fallen 
pillar to get you on to the top of a little building that had the 100 Ring 

The easier way to do this is to have a fly-character and simply use the first 
flight-shortcut. It will take you straight to the 100 Ring Box

8.6	Babylon Garden
If even you win, you end up not winning anyway. Remember when I said that the 
board looked a bit different after Wave had looked at it back at Splash 
Canyon? Well, Wave had planted a bomb at the bottom the Gear. Just as Sonic 
is gonna win the race, Wave detonates it, making Sonic lose and Jet win. Jet 
mocks him and then gets out his "control box" and uses the power of the Chaos 
Emeralds to bring back Babylon Garden. Once it has rose, Eggman snatches the 
"control box and flee in his Egg-O-Matic to Babylon Garden. Amy, who is 
desperate to stop him, runs and jumps and grabs on to the back of Eggman's 
vehicle. She too gets taken to Babylon Garden. Team Sonic uses Tail's Tornado 
X to fly to Babylon Garden. Reminds you of Floating Island, doesn't it?

Once they get there, they see Eggman riding on his E-Rider, which is a gear 
you can unlock.  Sonic is about to jump off the Tornado X. (Without his Gear? 
He would've died) if Tails hadn't stopped him to give him his new and 
improved Blue Star II. He then jumps off (with his Gear) and meets Jet on the 
way down. When they both land, they decide it's a perfect time to settle who 
is the fastest.

Mission: Defeat Jet once and for all!
Character: Sonic

This level is by far the hardest level in the Heroes story. You race against 
Jet and 6 other E-10000G robots. There are a lot of tight turns and places to 
fall here, so stay on your toes!


1)	At the first jump, get an SS or X rank.
2)	On the half pipe jump and get to the grind rail.
3)	Air Slide the corner and then take the Turbulence made by the air jets.
4)	Rotate the analog stick as fast as you can with the jet to maintain 
speed and air. At the end you should have least got to about 240 mph of 
5)	Take the grind rail shortcut ahead of you.
6)	At the last jump, super back flip off it to reach a higher route to the 
finish line.

The 100 Ring Box
The 100 Ring Box is where the place has been attacked with missiles. Trick 
off one of the ramps to get it. Super front flip to get it.

9.0	Babylon Story
The Babylon Rogues own a very large airship (for just the three of them?). 
Anyway, Jet is in his quarters minding his own business holding his "control 
box". Storm bursts into the room and bangs on the table saying that he's got 
something important to tell him. Wave walks in and tells Storm that he should 
knock before entering a room. Storm notices the "control box" and ask Jet 
what it is. It seems to be an ancient artifact passed down from their genie 
ancestors. Jet asks Storm why he burst in the place. He says the Eggman has 
an interesting proposition for Jet. Eggman walks in and makes a deal.

9.1	Night Chase

Mission: Show Sonic what you're made of! (Finish in first place!)
Character: Jet

Well this level would be much easier if you had a power type character. The 
track itself is the same as in Metal City. You'll encounter the same turns 
and jumps. You are using Jet who is a speed type. Not much speed shortcuts in 
this level unfortunately. But stick to my tips.


1)	At the jump, make a super forward flip so that you can land on the 
upper path.
2)	If you fail to get that upper route get the grind rail to your left. 
Remember to connect to the second one, too.
3)	Here is the straight road to the tunnels. Dash once or twice on this 
road. Dodge the police cars or ride someone's Turbulence to get through 
4)	Take the right-hand side tunnel this time, for when you get out of that 
tunnel you must look on your right (the Power shortcut) and jump off 
the ramp of the truck so you can then land on a grinding rail. Remember 
to connect to the second one, too.
5)	From here, everything is pretty much the same as Metal City. Remember 
at the last jump to super back flip to reach the finish line shortcut.

The 100 Ring Box
Exit out the right-hand side tunnel and then trick off the second halfpipe on 
your right. Do a super back flip, preferably. You will then reach the 100 
Ring Box.

9.2	Red Canyon
Wave walks into the conversation of Team Sonic and Amy. She takes a look at 
Sonic's board. Tails says that he made it. She mocks him saying that it is 
junk, secretly puts a bomb on the Gear and then walks off. Amy has to face 

Mission: Defeat Amy! (Finish in 1st place!)
Character: Wave

This race is just as easy as Splash Canyon, but a bit harder. But of course, 
by now, you would have gotten used to the game. A few technical areas and 
stuff, but not too hard.


1)	Perform a nice Air Slide when you start so you can maintain speed, turn 
the corner better and get an extra boost.
2)	At the first jump here, super front flip to get to the upper platform.
3)	If you fail to do that, then take the flight shortcut in front of you.
4)	Rotate the left analog stick as fast you can along the rapids.
5)	As you ride on you will de a sign for a flight shortcut. Go behind the 
rock there and ride on the turbo pad to make you go straight to the 
6)	At the last jump, super back flip to get to the higher platform, so you 
can make a nice transition down the waterfall.

The 100 Ring Box
After the last jump go down the waterfall and stay to your left and get the 
100 Ring Box in sight.

9.3	Ice Factory
This scene takes place after the race between Storm and Knuckles. He 
complains that it must've been the Gear Knuckles was using. Jet doesn't want 
to hear it and Wave takes what Storm said as an insult. Jet tells Storm to go 
to Eggman's base to see if he can find anything, to make up for losing.

Mission: Leave Eggman's Robo behind you!
Character: Storm

This track is based on Egg Factory, but the track itself is not the same. The 
scenery is all frozen and it looks like an abandoned factory. This level is 
actually quite easy, if you take full advantage of the shortcuts. There are 
more robots on patrol but can show them who's boss!


1)	At the first jump, do a number of tricks to get an X rank.
2)	Air Slide well at the next few corners and be careful not to "slip up" 
on the ice.
3)	At the next jump, super back flip off the ramp to reach a higher route 
that will surely put you in the lead.
4)	After riding for some time, do a very sharp Air Slide at the corner so 
you can align yourself with a Power Shortcut.
5)	At the last jump, do a number of tricks to get an SS or X rank.

The 100 Ring Box
The place where the frozen canisters are (not moving). The 100 Ring Box is in 
between the first two.

9.4	White Cave
Jet decides to take a nap, until Wave comes and lectures him about 
leadership. He sees Sonic practicing his skills. Jet challenges him.

Mission: Finish in 1st place! 
Character: Jet

This level is actually quite harder than White Cave, there are a few 
obstacles in this one. If you found Green Cave a breeze then you'll have no 
problem tackling this track.


1)	Dodge the trees and perform a super front flip at the first jump to get 
to a ledge where you can jump onto a grind rail from there.
2)	Once you are out of the alcove rotate the analog stick as fast as you 
can whilst on the millipedes.
3)	Whilst riding, you will come across a grind rail. You know what to do. 
4)	Remember the web shortcut in Green Cave? It's here too. In case you 
forgot, at the second jump, super back flip off the ramp to reach the 
spider web shortcut. You won't be the only one to use it.

The 100 Ring Box
Whilst riding in the alcove, ride upside down, being in line with the fly 
shortcut. When you get to the end, jump then you will be taken to the vine 
with the 100 Ring Box on it.

9.5	Dark Desert
Just before the race (or after, I don't know) Storm comes into the scene and 
they all watch a diary entry by Eggman. Doctor Eggman plans to use Jet's 
control box to unlock the secrets to the treasure. The race is about to 

Mission: Win the World Grand Prix!
Character: Jet

This is the final race of the Grand Prix and you face Team Sonic. Dark Desert 
is a lot different than Sand Ruins. This level is my favorite track.


1)	At the first jump, get a good rank, SS or X.
2)	Don't bother tricking off the steps. Just ride down.
3)	Make sure to Air Slide the corners really well.
4)	When you enter some sort of hi-tech cave, stay in the middle for a 
speed shortcut.
5)	When you get back out, look to your left for a grind rail.

The 100 Ring Box
For this one, you have to be behind the rest of the race and catch their 
turbulence through the tight corners. Whilst on the Turbulence, when you see 
a multi-colored arrow (instead of a red) trick off it and you will go through 
the ceiling to a shortcut to get the 100 Ring Box. Take your time when trying 
to get this as you may miss it if you are not precise.
Press Ctrl+F and type in "Just as Sonic" to see the ending of this race.

9.6	Sky Road
Sonic has gone off to race Jet (Heroes Story) leaving Tails and Knuckles to 
wonder the place. Wave and Storm enter the scene and Storm immediately picks 
a fight with Knuckles. Just as they are going to fight, Eggman's Robo start 
chasing them.

Mission: Run from Eggman's Robo
Character: Wave

This is by far the hardest level in the game, for beginners. You WILL fail 
this many times. I can bet my last pound on it. If you mastered Babylon 
Garden then you should now that this level will require a LOT of Air Sliding.


1)	At the first jump, get a good rank: SS or X.
2)	Perform a nice Air Slide around the tight bend.
3)	At the second jump, do a super front flip to land on the turbulence 
above the track.
4)	Next jump of the ramp on your left to get to a flight shortcut.
5)	At the last jump, super back flip off it, to reach to the higher ledge 
and therefore start the automatic trail at a higher level.

The 100 Ring Box
On Lap 2, forget about the Turbulence shortcut and go ahead until missile 
attack the track leaving a ramp for you to trick off. Trick off the first one 
to your right to get the 100 Ring Box. Trick off the other ramp to get the 

9.7	Babylon Guardian
Wave and Storm walk into the scene where Jet rejects the "control box" from 
Sonic. Wave takes and the three head to the door.

They manage to open the door that Eggman was trying to open and ride inside. 
As they are riding through "sub-space" they hear a sinister shout. It is so 
loud that Sonic can hear it. Team Sonic along with Amy ride to the scene. 
They all see a big genie before them.

Mission: Beat the Gaurdian
Character: Sonic

Riding this level is easier than Splash Canyon, since it's a simple circuit 
around the track. But beating the boss is easier said than done.


1)	Take full advantage of Air Boosts.
2)	Get an Unbelievable Start and then Air Boost towards the bottle and 
knock it to hurt the genie.
3)	With one life gone, you should maintain your speed and air.
4)	The lap won't change until you hurt the genie.
5)	The genie can attack you but they are long ranged attacks and they 
can't really hurt you let alone hit you.

The 100 Ring Box
There isn't one in this level.
With the genie defeated and Eggman asleep, both teams are in the ruins of 
Sand Ruins and Sonic and Jet are standing next to each other. They have a 
little friendly talk and then Jet tells Sonic to prepare for the next time he 
comes. Sonic will be waiting. They get on their boards and they both perform 
a trick and they cross paths and both teams leave.

10.0	Extreme Gears
These air vehicles are called "Extreme Gear" which consists of bikes, skates 
and boards. There are abput 54 Extreme Gear in total. There is no button used 
for acceleration, nor is there a "trick" button; tricks are done by moving 
the control stick.

Each character has a default gear, for example, Shadow uses a modified 
version of his air shoes called "Darkness", while Eggman uses a bike called 
"E-Rider". Some characters have gear that is exclusively for him/her, however 
most gear can be used by others (Eggman can only ride bikes, Ulala can't ride 
bikes, and E-10000G and E-10000R can only ride boards.)

Blue Star: Sonic's default gear

Blue Star II: A modified version of Blue Star, which has better speed but 
poor cornering.

Yellow Tail: Tails' default gear

Red Rock: Knuckles' default gear

Type J: Jet's default gear

Type W: Wave's default gear

Type S: Storm's default gear

Pink Rose: Amy's default gear

Smile: Cream's default gear

Temptation: Rouge's default gear

E-GearG: E -10000G's default gear

E-GearR: E -10000R's default gear

Channel 5: Ulala's default gear

Night Sky: NiGHTS' default gear

BANANA: AiAi's default gear

High Booster: Has better Air Boosts than normal, but this does consume a lot 
of air.

Auto Slider: When you turn, you automatically do an Air Slide.

Beginner: A board for beginners that uses little air.

Speed Balancer: Performs well on straight roads, but has very poor turning 
and endurance abilities.

Access: Allows its user to fly. Fly types can't use this board since they can 
already fly.

Accelerator: The speed of boosts are better.

Trap Gear: This gear is pretty good, if you can survive a race with out 
boosts. Tornadoes use up no air and using it makes you faster rather than 
slowing you down.

Light Board: The lightest board in existence. This allows tricks to be 
performed more easily and it doesn't slow down from boosts until attacked.

Slide Booster: Air Slides don't burn air and you can boost from an Air Slide, 
even if they're quick ones. You can't use boosts though.

The Crazy: This uses rings instead of air to race.

Opa Opa: Always attacks an opponent with a LVL 3 attack which drops a weight 
on the enemy's head.

Powerful Gear: Has the highest endurance. It doesn't lose speed on rough 
roads and keeps speed when going down hill.

Power Gear: Endurance enhanced.

Turbo Star: Regardless its amazing acceleration, its top speed is really 

Fastest: Has the highest top speed. You can't gain air by doing tricks. Bad 

Legend: This board can reach maximum height for all jumps, but can't gain air 
by tricks.

Faster: The top speed is enhanced.

Gambler: Doubles your rings when you come first in a race. So from a grand 
prix coming first in every race, getting 100 rings, and getting a gold 
emblem, you'll get 1500/2000 rings to spend! You can't use abilities.

Berserker: This board makes you automatically attack an opponent. You can 
only gain air after level ups or by attacking someone.

Magic Carpet: Like the Access, this allows other characters to fly.

Air Broom: Let's other character's grind. Wouldn't the stick break after 

Hovercraft: This is the worst gear in the game. This board may have excellent 
attributes, but this gear turns a 180 at the slightest turn! Over sensitive 

Chaos Emerald: Equip this with Sonic to make him become Super Sonic. Uses 
rings instead of air and allows all abilities.

Darkness: Shadow's default gear. Burns little air.

Grinder: This is my favourite. Just like the Air Broom, this allows any 
character to grind. Why is this my favourite and not the Air Broom? Come on! 
It's a flipping broom stick!

Advantage-F: Acceleration enhanced for Fly characters only.

Advantage-S: Top speed and acceleration enhanced for Speed characters only.

Advantage-P: Endurance and power abilities enhanced for Power characters 

Cannonball: Can perform consecutive boosts, which don't burn air. You can't 
attack though and you can't gain air by tricks and abilities. Only by pits 
and leveling up.

E-Rider: Eggman's default gear. Has good attributes, but burns too much air.

Destroyer: Allows any character to use Power shortcuts.

Air Tank: This has pathetic attributes but hold loads of air.

Omnipotence: This grants your character all abilities! Yay! But you don't get 
air from using them.

Cover-S: Acceleration and endurance enhanced for Speed characters only.

Cover-F: Acceleration and endurance enhanced for Fly characters only.

Cover-P: Acceleration and endurance enhanced for Power characters only.

Heavy Bike: The heaviest gear in existence. Good speed and endurance and 
doesn't slow down when charging for a jump. It can't ride turbulences.

Hang On - This plays the main theme of Sega-AM2's arcade game Hang-On.

Super Hang On - This plays the main theme of Sega-AM2's arcade game Super 

11.0	Best Times
I'll do this with every walkthrough I write on a racing game. It gives me a 
chance to see how good you are. I'll tell you my best track times on each of 
the tracks and I want you to email me to your times and see if you can beat 
mine! If any of mine are beaten, I'll put you to the Acknowledgements list. 
Don't lie about your times as you'll only spoil, and I will believe you. Any 
time that I know that is not possible I will not take. Also, when sending in 
your times, include the track, the gear you used, the character you used, and 
your name.

These are for the World GP.

Metal City:
Best Time: 02:21:42
Gear Used: Grinder
Character Used: Knuckles
Best Lap: 00:44:96
Gear Used: Grinder
Character Used: Knuckles

Splash Canyon:
Best Time: 02:35:42
Gear Used: Darkness
Character Used: Tails
Best Lap: 00:48:50
Gear Used: Darkness
Character Used: Tails

Egg Factory:
Best Time: 02:51:44
Gear Used: Grinder
Character Used: Knuckles
Best Lap: 00:52:78
Gear Used: Grinder
Character Used: NiGHTS

Green Cave:
Best Time: 02:39:08 (Held by Leoline Reyes)
Gear Used: Omnipotence
Character Used: Ai Ai
Best Lap: 00:46:93 (Held by Liander Reyes)
Gear Used: Omnipotence
Character Used: Sonic

Sand Ruins:
Best Time: 02:54:40
Gear Used: Grinder
Character Used: Rouge
Best Lap: 00:52:36
Gear Used: Darkness
Character Used: Shadow

Night Chase:
Best Time: 02:24:02
Gear Used: Darkness
Character Used: Knuckles
Best Lap: 00:44:04
Gear Used: Darkness
Character Used: Tails

Red Canyon:
Best Time: 02:46:50
Gear Used: Grinder
Character Used: AiAi
Best Lap: 00:52:81 (Held by Liander Reyes)
Gear Used: Access
Character Used: Sonic

Ice Factory:
Best Time: 03:01:48 (Held by Liander Reyes)
Gear Used: Omnipotence
Character Used: Tails
Best Lap: 00:57:18 (Held by Liander Reyes)
Gear Used: Access
Character Used: Shadow

White Cave:
Best Time: 02:32:32
Gear Used: Grinder
Character Used: Storm
Best Lap: 00:48:12
Gear Used: Grinder
Character Used: Storm

Dark Desert:
Best Time: 02:41:63 (Held by Liander Reyes)
Gear Used: Access
Character Used: Sonic
Best Lap: 00:44:97 (Held by Liander Reyes)
Gear Used: Access
Character Used: Sonic
12.0	Contact Details
Well, the only way you can contact me is to email me. Please email me the 

Contributions to the FAQ
Errors in the FAQ
Your personal times on the Sonic Riders tracks
Questions on the game
Or a friendly email

My email address is tricktick12@hotmail.com.

13.0	Frequently Asked Questions

1)	Question: Do you have to complete all missions with the gold emblem to 
unlock the following characters - AiAi, Ulala, NiGHTS?
Answer: Fortunately, no. However, you need to complete all 100 missions (ALL 
OF THEM) in order to get AiAi, Ulala and NiGHTS. It doesn't matter what 
emblem you get, as long as you complete the mission.

2)	Question: Where is the treasure in Storm's Mission – Digital Dimension 
– Mission 5?
Answer: There isn't one. However I can't confirm this. I'll have to check 
when my friend is finished loaning it.


14.0	Contributed Help

From Liander Reyes: “I know how to reach the 100 ring box in Metal City.
You know the arrows that says you have to go right, well, jump on the one
that's next to the 100 ring box and you'll skid on the sign of arrows and get
the 100 ring box.”

15.0	Acknowledgements
Well, I'm trying to remember all the people to thank for the making of this 
FAQ so far.

Liander Reyes and his sister - for submitting their times for my chart and 
helping me on the 100 Ring Box section for Metal City. Thanks!!!

http://www.network-science.de/ascii - I thank this site for the ASCII

Sonic Riders manual – I thank the manual and the makers of it for the 
information so I could do the Controls section.

My friend Leevan Blackwood – for introducing this game to me, and the 
shortcuts, even though I found most of them myself, but thanks anyway.

My friend Jamal Osman – for letting me borrow this game so I could write this 
walkthrough since now I know everything about the game.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_Riders - I thank this website for the 
extra little info on the gears.

God - for creating me and giving me the ability to write this walkthrough 
(yes, I'm a Christian).

SEGA and the Sonic Team – for making such a truly wonderful game for us all 
to play.

Finally, GameFAQs – for making such a great site and making me encouraged to 
make a walkthrough. Also I thank them for putting this walkthrough on their 

There are more thank yous to come. If I you have contributed and I've 
forgotten to put your name above please email me. Contact details above.

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