How do I beat Jet in Babylon Gardens?

  1. hi, I know it's 2017 but i got the game again and i have never unlocked anything (my brother always did it) I've been playing for a week now and made it to babylon gardens against jet, but I suck at turning, the map is so hard to stay on and i can never stay on for more than 30 seconds before falling off, since nothing is fenced. there are also not many turbulences on the map, so it find it super difficult..

    User Info: Esmereee

    Esmereee - 2 years ago


  1. Use your boost sparingly, use the jet turblance (when the track falls away) like a half pipe, remember to hold L or R to drift and make tight corners and keep an eye out for blue lights that show the front end of rails. With practice you'll be able to beat Jet and clear the Hero story. Good luck!

    User Info: BinaryHedgehog

    BinaryHedgehog - 2 years ago 0   0

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