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by CoolJosh2002

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FAQ/Walkthrough by CoolJosh2002

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/23/19


Ah. The original LEGO Game. The one that started it all. Originally released on the 22 April 2005 in PAL regions on the PlayStation 2, XBox and PC. It was later released on the 7 September 2005 for MAC computers, and the 4 November 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube. (All these dates are PAL.)

The original LEGO Star Wars follows the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. (So Episodes I, II, and III. aka. the "Meh" ones.) The Game follows all three episodes story's very closely (although in the case of Episode III, some very important scenes were cut as the game was released one month before Revenge of the Sith hit theatres.) and as such, any Star Wars fan can jump right into it and feel right at home.

The game is geared towards playing with friends. And the game is perfect for young gamers just starting to play games. It encourages exploration and cooperative play. Due to the game's LEGO style, all violence is toned down, and some particularly dark scenes (eg. Qui-Gon's Death, Anakin's Turn to the Dark Side.) are all toned down. There is also no game over, when a character dies, they simply fall apart before respawning again, with only a small loss of studs, the game's currency, as a punishment of sorts.