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FAQ/Walkthrough by monkeydance994

Version: 1.121 | Updated: 03/04/07

 _        ______   ______   ______  
| |      |   ___| /   ___\ /  __  \
| |      |  |___  |  |     | |  | |                   
| |      |   ___| |  |___  | |  | |
| |____  |  |___  |  |_  | | |__| |
|______| |______| \______/ \______/

 S T A R  W A R S

monkeydance994 (Chapel Collins)
Version 1.0

Table o' Contents

Playing the Game-------------------04
	5A--------Episode I
	 5a2---Invasion of Naboo
	 5a3---Escape from Naboo
	 5a4---Mos Espa Podrace
	 5a5---Retake Theed Palace
	 5a6---Darth Maul
	5B--------Episode II
	 5b1---Discovery on Kamino
	 5b2---Droid Factory
	 5b3---Jedi Battle
	 5b4---Gunship Calvary
	 5b5---Count Dooku
	5C--------Episode III
	 5c1---Battle over Coruscant
	 5c2---Chancellor in Peril
	 5c3---General Grievous
	 5c4---Defense of Kashyyyk
	 5c5---Ruin of the Jedi
	 5c6---Darth Vader
Legal Info-------------------------09

***NOTE: To find these quickly, press control-f and type in the first three
letters of the section name and then the number listed by the section name.
Introduction                                          .:int01:. 

Howdy, and welcome to my second FAQ for the game LEGO Star Wars. I have been
trying to get lots of FAQs written and accepted. Thanks for reading! If
you have any questions, please post them on the message board under "Chapel
Help" I will start the topic and try to keep it close to the front of the topic
list, but you never know. I know that this is probably considered a weird way 
to answer questions, but I don't want my email address on the internet. Sorry!
At least I am offering to help at all... I have a Q&A section of questions that
some of you may have already, but if not, post a message! Thanks for 
understanding...if you do.....By the way, Chapel is my name, don't think I just
came up with a random word.

Controls                                              .:con02:.

If any of you have a text picture like the one at the top of this guide of a
GameCube controller and would like to let me use it, I'd appreciate it, giving
you credit. Post it on the message boards for this game.

A Button= Jump

B Button= Attack/ Hold down to block

Y Button= Change Character (single player, or other character on screen)

X Button= Force/Put away Weapon/Grapple

R Button= Change Characters (Free Play)

L Button= Change Characters (Free Play)

START= Pause Game/ Pause Menu

Control Stick= Move

C Stick= N/A

D Pad= Move

Z Button= N/A

Foreword                                                .:for03:.

Before we begin the game, let's talk about it. In the game, you go through the
Episodes I-III. You play as key characters from the movie. There is a store,
from which you but characters, bonuses, cheats etc. And, did I mention it's all
made of LEGO's? There are also hidden objects called "minikits" hidden through
each level. If you find all ten in each level you get 50,000 studs, yes, 50,000
studs (which are money) and you get to see the ship you made outside the
cantina. There are also Superkits, which you get by obtaining enough studs in
each level. The amount varies. Now that that's out of the way, let's get on 
with the game!!!

Playing the Game                                        .:pla04:.

This section will go over key things you need to do to progress in each level.


Throughout the game, you will come across several action icons that need to
use used to progress in the level. Those are...

Force Icons

These mean you can use the force on something. It will appear as faint circle
around an object the color of your lightsaber. Press X button to use. 
**NOTE: Only available to Jedi

Grapple Points

These will be red circles on the ground. Stand in one with a blaster character
and press X button. You will grapple up to the next level.

Droid Panels

These will need to be used by droids in order to access certain areas. A 
picture of the type of droid's head will apear on the panel. (like R2 or C3PO).
Press X to use it.

Dark Force Icons

These are the same as Force Icons, except the items are always black and can
only be Forced by a Sith (ex. Darth Maul, Darth Sideous). You won't need to 
worry about these in story because you will only play as good guys. Man...


This is how to kill enemies...duh.


This is the weapon of the Jedi. You will use this most often. Press abd hold B
to deflect lasers. There are also a few jump moves, like A + B, and A + A + B,
and...actually, that's it. Try them out.


Press B to shoot...that's pretty much it.


Wait...they don't fight. Never mind!! =)


This is the money of the game. You find them laying around, but you also find
them by blowing stuff up and using the force. If you collect a certain amount,
you get a superkit peice. There is one for each level. If you get all, you get
the "?" door unlocked. YAY!

Walkthrough                                               .:wal05:.   

Alrighty then. On with the game!!!

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Mission 1: Negotiations

	   Use the Force on all objects you can first off. Then blow up those 
	   containers. Use the force on the door and walk out. Kill the droids
	   and use the force on the objects. (From here on out, just use the
           force on everything. I'll tell you if it's an important object to
	   force, but the little things just do it. ^_^) Head down the hallway
	   killing the droids. Continue through the hallways until you get to
	   an area with a droid. Press Y near him and use him to open the next
	   two doors. Switch to a Jedi and go to the next room. Force the thing
	   guarding the door. Kill the droids and walk through. Jump down and
	   go to the right. You'll have a cutscne of  droidekas coming to get 
	   you. Kill them and the other droids. Walk to the forcefield. Force
	   the thing on the wall next to it and jump on them and over. Kill the
	   droids and use your droid on the panel. Walk in the ship.

Mission 2: Invasion of Naboo

	   Run through the path until you get to a tree. Use the Force on it 
	   and continue. When you reach a big droid invasion thing, either jump
	   over it or use the force on the little thing on the side until it
	   explodes. Continue to get a cutscene where Qui-Gon saves Jar Jar
	   a droid invasion thing. Go up after the cutscene and up the stair - 
	   case. Use the force on the wall and jump on and off the platform it
	   makes. Use Jar Jar to jump up on the wall to knock it down. Force 
 	   the panel it reveals to lower a platform, which you should use to
	   jump to the next platform. Jar Jar the next couple of platforms. Use
 	   the force on the little wall surrounding that platform. Use the 
	   platform it makes, jump up and continue through the door. Follow 
	   this path to the other side. Use Jar Jar to jump up and knock down
	   the platform. Go through the door it exposes. Follow this path to 
	   the lake. Walk in to beat the level.	   

Mission 3: Escape from Naboo

	   Start off by annihalating most of the droids in the area. After that
	   run over to the red circle on the ground. This is a grapple point.
	   To use this, grab a blaster and press X. You will grapple up to the
           next level. Okay, go along this platform and grapple up again. Keep
	   along grappling until you get to an area with lots of droids. Kill
	   them and go through the archway. Go down the stairwell and across
	   the bridge outside. Shoot the target and go through the door. Follow
 	   the path until you get to an area where you can hear lightsabers. 
	   shoot the cage and drop down. Kill the droids and go to the right.
 	   Blow up the explosives on top of the platforms. They'll start to 
	   move. Jump on them and shoot the targets. That will open the gate,
	   which you need to go through. Cross the bridge. Kill the droids and 
	   jump on top of the domes. Step on the switches. One of them opens a 
	   hole to the exit.

Mission 4: Mos Espa Podrace

	   Not much to say here. Hit the turbo things and try to beat the 
	   area before the time runs out.

Mission 5: Retake Theed Palace

           Run straigh out. Kill the droids. Use the force on the pile of 
	   rubble to make a bridge. Run up and use R2 on the panel. Walk in the
	   door. Switch to a jedi and use the force on the hook, panel, and 
	   the bridge item. Jump across and head into the next area. Kill the
	   droid hoarde that comes and step on a switch. This will cause your
	   teammates to do the same, opening another door to go through. Head
	   straight and use R2 to open it. Go outside. Follow the path until
	   you reach a courtyard. Run straight and to the right and you'll come
	   to a small alcove with bricks laying on the floor. Force them and 
	   jump up. Use the force to make a bridge and walk across. Blow up the
	   flower box and then the cage and use Anakin to go through it (X). 
	   Do the same on the other side, step on the switch and come back. Go
	   through the newly opened door. Jump on one of the boxes at the end
	   and use the force with your partner and you will rise up. Jump off
	   quickly and Force the other platform. Jump over and stand on a 
	   switch. If you're a blaster, blow up one of the flower boxes and
	   grapple. If you're R2, use the force on an object under the baclony
	   to make an elevator. Ride up and fly across. If you're Anakin, use
	   the vent and get across. Now that the window's open, go through.
	   Head to the staircase and go up. Kill the droidekas and blow up the
	   statue at the front wall. Step on the switch, go down, and through 
	   the door on the right. Now you have to save 6 pilots. For the first:
	   Go to the right. Keep going until you see two pilots in front of a
	   starfighter. Kill the droids to save them. 4 left. Go a liitle more
	   to the right and jump on a force box. Lift up and jump to the guards
	   and 2 left. Go all the way to the left and make a ladder out of the
	   boxes (small, big, small) Use this to jump up on the platform. Use
	   the force on the object on the wall. Jump on it and go up and to the
	   left. Kill the droid and save the pilot, 1 left. Drop and go 
	   straight down. Make another ladder, jump up, and save the pilot. Go
	   back to the right. Use the new panel and go through the door. 

Mission 6: Darth Maul
	   Kill the droids. Then he starts throwing stuff at you. Use the force
	   to throw it back. After three times he'll go away, and follow him.
	   Follow him through this area and force the necessary platforms. In
	   the next area, kill the droid commanders and then the droidekas, 
	   step on the switch, and follow him to the next area. Use the force\
           on the next switches to get through the forcefields. After that, you
	   get a 

B O S S  F I G H T :
He has ten hearts, so you gotta hit him ten times. Not hard. I preferr to jump 
twice then press B and block the rest. If he chokes you, switch characters and
come at him while he's unguarded. He will also throw things at you. Use the 
same strategy as you used in the very beginning of this level, except this time 
there are no droids. YAY!

Episode II: Attack of the Clones   

Mission 1: Discovery on Kamino

	   Walk up and help the Kaminoan by repairing the power generator with
	   the force. This will extend a bridge. Cross and follow the Kaminoan
	   to a room where there are little switches on the ground. Walk on all
	   of these quickly and you'll have to force an object to trigger a 
	   cutscene. Continue following the Kaminoan and you'll get to a room
	   with Jango Fett. He'll run by you and some droids will come in. Kill
	   them and go back out into the hall. Kill the turrets and follow 
	   Jango Fett into the room and through the pipe. He has laid mines
	   on the bridge. Walk up carefully and when they start to beep do a 
	   back flip. Do this until you reach the end of the minefield. Keep
	   going along the bridge. At the end, which is up, step on the switch
	   and part of a bridge will come out. Switch to R5 and fly across. Do
	   the same to this switch and Obi-Wan will come across. Switch back 
	   to him and Force the stuff on the wall to reveal an astrodroid panel
	   (R2 and R5 are astrodroids). Use it and go through the door. This
	   next part can be annoying. Switch to R5 (trust me) and go over to
	   the astrodroid panels on the wall. Use them and the things the 
	   droids are coming out of will close. Then kill the remaining droids
	   and Force the rubble. It will move revealing an astrodroid panel. 
	   Use it and go outside. You will find a...
B O S S  B A T T L E :

Jango Fett himself isn't hard,  but he's got that dang ship helping him out.
Use R5 on the panels and the turrets will shoot at the ship, making it turn 
away from you. Then focus on Jango. He'll shoot lasers and you need to deflect
them back at him. Eventually he will start to shoot rockets. Force them back 
at him. He'll get away after you win... To Be Continued...

Mission 2: Droid Factory

	   Walk straight ahead. Some Geonosians (from here on bugs) will jump
	   out at you. Kill them and go through the door. Drop down to the 
	   conveyor belt. There will be some "stompers". As soon as they start
	   to come up, run under them. Repeat this until the end of the belt.
	   You find R2 at the end. Activate the fans toward the top via Force
	   and ride up them. Get off onto the little platform at the end and go
	   through the door. Use Padme to grapple up and shoot the switch. This
	   will raise a barrel of steaming rocks. As dangerous as it may seem,
	   jump on them and then onto the next platform. Grapple to the next
	   platform. Shoot this switch. That will make the barrel start moving.
	   Hitch a ride. It will drop you off at the next platform. Force the
	   object on the ground, which is a switch. Shoot it and the barrels 
	   next to you will start to move up and down. Jump on them and jump
	   off onto the platform. Jump on the next barrel and continue along
	   until you get to the area with an R2 panel. Use it and go through.
	   use Anakin to jump on the platform. Use the force on the thing in
	   the middle. C3PO will get on. Continue rotating and get off at the
	   other end. 3PO the door and go on. Some bugs will come at you. Kill
	   'em all (Metallica anybody?) and continue to the right. Use Padme
	   to grapple up and shoot the thing at the end. Then force it and
	   use R2 to fly across and make the bridge via panel. then use 3PO to
	   open the door. Use R2 to activate the switch on the right conveyor
	   belt. Use the Force on the thing that comes out and shoot it to
	   blow up the force field. Go through, kill the droids, and use the
	   force on the things holding Obi-Wan's limbs, and the level is done.

Mission 3: Jedi Battle

	   Not much to this level. You have to rescue your three captured 
	   friends. Start with Padme, who is like right there. Kill the guards
	   and use the force on the thing she is standing on. Follow along the
	   edge and do the same to your other partners. After that, some droids
	   will charge out. Kill the specified droids (the ones shown at top 
	   of screen) and more will come. Treat them with the same hospitality.
	   And look who's here to crash the party!

B O S S  F I G H T : 

 Use the same strategy as before, and force the rockets back at him. And this
 time, he kicks the bucket for good.

Mission 4: Gunship Calvary

	   Another ship level. Ugh. Fly around killing the droid things. Blow
	   up the other weird looking things for studs. Shoot the blue electric
	   things to clear a path. In the next area, shoot the laser things 
	   when they are finished shooting. Do this to both on the sides of a 
	   blue shield thing and then blow up the power converters. After you
	   do this to all of the power cinverters, the big ship go BOOM!

Mission 5: Count Dooku
           When you start off, go in the base. Kill the droids Dooku sics on
	   you. Then go in where he went. More Dooku pets to kill. After they
	   have pushed up a few daisies, press the switch on the ground. Obi
	   will jump on the next switch. Jump on the one after him and so on.
	   At the top, use the force on a switch and Obi will take the other
 	   (assuming you're Anakin, which is optional). After that, go in and
	   you get a...

B O S S  B A T T L E :

Fight him like you would anyone else and then use the Jango Rocket strategy
when he throws the objects at you. Stay close to him, or he'll jump and issue
an unavoidable attack.

After that, Episode II complete! YAY!!! 

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Mission 1: Battle over Coruscant

	   Not much here, fly around, shoot droids, blow up traps, don't die.
	   shoot the red dots on things to blow up a passage.

Mission 2: Chancellor in Peril

	   Go straight down the hallway and use the force on the door. Go 
    	   through. Drop down and kill the droids. Go to the other end and
	   use the force on the things on the wall. Now jump up and force the
	   yellow cages on the wall. Go through. Kill the droids in here and
	   go through. Use R2 to open the door with the little thing inside. 
	   Use the force on it and it will blow up after you put it in the 
	   other door, making the ceiling fall and giving you a ladder. In the
	   next area, go to the right and use the force on the thing on the
	   wall. Jump up on it. Now force the little orange thing. Use the
	   air current and ride up. Kill the droideka and go through. Fight
	   Dooku and then head up the stairs. Go through the door up here.
	   You will be immediately chased by a big thing that is stirring
	   up a lot of dust. Run through and at the bottom, go through the
	   door. Use the force on the approriate objects to get through this
	   area. Now run through the next. Kill the droids and the bodyguards
	   in here and then use the force on the little things on the computers
	   and the level will end.  

Mission 3: General Grievous

	   Did anyone notice that Yoda said General Gweevous in the movie? 
	   Anywho, pull out your lightsaber immediately. Duke it out with 
	   Grievous. Jump and attack for an easy hit. After you hit him twice,
	   he'll jump away (sissy). Switch to Cody (the clone) and shoot the
	   explosive barrel. It'll blow up, damage him, and he'll jump back 
	   over. Switch back to Obi and use the above strategy. After that he
	   will jump away again. Use the Force on the rubbel to make a bridge,
	   walk across it and jump up the platforms. Force the stuff on the 
	   wall. It will form a platform. Switch to Cody and jump up on it. 
	   Jump again and shoot toward Grievous at the top of your jump. It 
	   should hit the explosive and knock Grievous back down. Attack with
	   Obi. He'll jump away again. Go back to the previous area. Jump up 
	   the stairs that you make with the force. Force the legos on the wall
	   and then the explosive. Now shoot it with Cody. Attack Grievous for
	   the final time with Obi. Watch as Grivous chops up Cody and then Obi
	   shoots him.

Mission 4: Defense of Kashyyyk
	   Go along the platforms and use the force on the things next to the
	   bridges to lower them. Keep doing this and you'll come to some 
	   who attack you! TRAITORS!!! Unleash your little green furry upon 
	   their pathetic LEGO bodies. Continue along the bridges until you
	   find out that the clones have attacked the wookies and captured some
	   of them. Now how did they do that so quickly...hmmm... They are all
	   atop a platform, exept one, who is guarded by two troopers. Save
	   them all and go to the bridge farther along the platforms. Stand on
	   a switch and head over the bridge to the beach. You will encounter
	   many walkers and enemies. For the walkers, just run up and press B
	   FAST. This will block all lasers and you'll attack. Work your way
	   to the other end of the beach and use the Force on hte flowers. One
	   will reveal a grapple point. Grapple up, shoot the switches, and
	   go through the bridge door. Fight your way through this area and 
	   go through the exit on the other side. Follow this path until you
	   get to the staircase of death, we shall call it. Kill the walker 
	   and Force the flowers to reveal a staircase. Jump up it and go along
	   the boulder paths. Jump into a boulder right as it hits you to not 
	   hurt. You have to actually press A though, not just Yoda Hop. Use
	   the Force on the rubble at the end and use it as a staircase to get
	   to the switches you need to stand on to open the door. Follow the 
	   path and when you get to an area with little nodes surrounding a 
	   patch of grass, use the force on them then destroy them. Your 
	   shuttle has arrived, sir. Use the force on it.

Mission 5: Ruin of the Jedi  

	   Run foward and kill the "Jedi." After that head toward the stairs
	   and Force the objects blocking the door. Go through. In here, head
	   along the catwalk and use the force on the brown lego stack. Jump
	   up the new stairs and head along this platform. Drop down at the end
	   and go right. Move the red LEGO's via force and use the switch
	   underneath with Yoda to proceed. Go straight and in the bigger area
	   go up and to the right. Im here, use the force on the little bridges
	   in the walls. Use them to jump to the switch and activate it. This 
	   will let down a forcefield to the other alcove next to you. Go in
	   there and use the very top platform to jump on the switch, then use
	   the switch that was behind the forcefield. This will open the OTHER
	   alcove. Do the same in here. This will open the door we need to go
	   through. Go through it. Kill the clones. Then use the force on the
	   desk thing. 

Mission 6: Darth Vader

	   Run and jump over holes to get to the next area. Use the fallen lego
	   pillars to raise the clock. Go to the right and move the pillars via
	   force. After that, force the things on the edge of the door and exit
 	   this area. Force all the switches and work with your "Partner" to 
	   get out of this area. Note that you can switch to Anakin. Jump along
	   these things in the lava. Go up, left, and up again to get through.
	   Jump as high up the big metal thing. Jump to the rock area before 
	   the thing you're on sinks. Now duke it out with the other. If you 
	   begin the fight as Anakin, you will have ten hearts. Do that.

Congrats! You've beaten LEGO: Star Wars! I hope you enjoyed it!	   

Minikits                                                   .:min06:.

Minikits are little hidden items that look remotely like a traffic light. They
are hidden throughout each level. There are ten for every level. If you manage
to find all of these, it will go toward your %Complete: status. You will also
get a whopping 50,000 studs if you find all ten in a level. A nice treat for
your hard work. 

Superkit                                                  .:sup07:.

Superkits are sort of like minikits. To get a superkit piece, you must find a
certain amount of studs in each level. The amount of studs necessary varies
with the level. These can be hard and time consuming, so if you have a lot of
patience and are good at the game, you will have it easier than some.

Thanks                                                    .:tha08:.

Thanks go to:

My friend Andrew, who lended me his copy of the game so I could write this FAQ.

LucasArts for making the game.

LEGO for making LEGO's.

Nintendo for making the GameCube so I could play this game. 

GameFAQs, for being so awesome.

And lots of others who aren't listed, thanks!!!

Legal Stuff                                               .:leg09:.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted by me, Chapel Collins a.k.a monkeydance994.

All trademarks, copyrights, etc. listed somewhere in this FAQ are property of 
its respective owner. 

Q & A                                                     .:q&a10:.

Here are some basic questions and answers.

Q: Is this game worth buying?
A: Yes, definately. It will keep you going trying to find the minikits.

Q: What are minikits/superkits?
A: See above sections, Minikits and Superkits

Q: How do I play as <insert character>?
A: You either unlock them in the game, or unlock them and have to buy them at 
   the counter in the diner.

Q: Is a blaster better than a lightsaber?
A: Short Anwer: No
   Longer Answer: It really depends on your taste and skill. I preferr the 
                  lightsaber because you can deflect lasers and with the 
	      	  blaster all you can do is dodge.

Q: What is the :?: door? Why can't I go in it?
A: To unlock that, you have to get all the superkits. Once you do that, you can
   go in and out as you wish. For what is inside, I am pretty sure it is just 
   bonus material and a character or two.


    ___   _________                             
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 /   __  __  | |__| |           <\_-_/>             
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