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Game Script by Lonegunn

Version: 1 | Updated: 06/01/2011

                                 By LoneGunN
Copyright 2011 LoneGunN

Table of contents

     01. Going Hunting............[M01]
     02. Steamboat Massacre.......[M02]
     03. Not So Honest Tom........[M03]
     04. Alhambra Shootout........[M04]
     05. Bridge Attack............[M05]
     06. Road to Empire...........[M06]
     07. The Deputy...............[M07]
     08. The Jailbreak............[M08]
     09. Train Ambush.............[M09]
     10. Hideout Attacked.........[M10]
     11. Assault On Empire........[M11]
     12. Find Soapy...............[M12]
     13. The Hollister Fort.......[M13]
     14. Fall of Fort Hollister...[M14]
     15. Return to the Steamboat..[M15]
     16. Discovering the Past.....[M16]
     17. Finding Quivira..........[M17]
     18. Assault on the Mine......[M18]

Colt.........Colton White is the main character of the Game.
Ned..........Ned White is Colt's surrogate father..
Jenny........Is the lady of the Alhambra Saloon.
Denton.......Patrick Denton is the Marshal of Dodge City.
Clay.........Clay Allison is the leader of the Resistors
Port.........Clay's right hand man.
Soapy........Soapy Jennings is a Gambler and Safecracker.
Many Wounds..Is the Apache Indian Chief.
Fights.......Fights-at-Dawn is the Chief of the Blackfeet Indians
Campbell.....Dr. Campbell is the doctor that treats the Apache.
Magruder.....Thomas Magruder is a the railroad man and the main villain.
Dutchie......One of Magruder's thugs.
Reed.........Josiah Reed is the Preacher who works for Magruder.
Hoodoo.......Is the Mayor of Empire City.
Webb.........IS one of Hoodoo's Deputy's.
Rudabaugh....Is another of Hoodoo's Deputy's.
Tom..........Honest Tom is a Drifter.
Hollister....Is the leader of the Renegades Army.

||Missions                                                                    |
Going Hunting                                                             [M01]

Coronado's Second Expedition - 1542.

[A Monk is holding a golden cross. He is being escorted by spanish soldiers. A 
heavy dust storm kicks up. Then they are attacked by indians. The Indians kill 
all the Spanish solders. They surround the Monk. He falls off his horse 
dropping his bag of gold. The Indian's kill him. He then drops a golden cross 
with his blood all over it.]

300 years later

Monologue: Montana, 1880. My name is Colton White. My father and I hunt game 
           for the steamboats traveling the Missouri. Not a bad living if you
           can stand your old man kicking you every morning at dawn..

[Colt is asleep, Ned kicks him, waking him up]

Ned: Bite some jerky and collect your gear. Time to earn our pay. C'mon.


Ned: The more game we bag, the more we get paid. Lets get movin'.

Colt: Right behind ya pa.

Ned: Elk bed. I can smell'em. Tracks're fresh, c'mon! There he is. [Ned shoots
     the elk.] Got him. Quail. Promised the cook i'd bring him some. Shoot
     when i flush em out. Wait here while i stir up them birds. Well ill be
     damned! Yee did it! Hey, you're pretty good with that Iron, see if you
     can take down the next group with your Quickdraw! That was too easy. Now
     try to get all these.

Colt: Whats next.

Ned: We're burnin' daylight, lets go hunt us some elk. You hear that boy?
     Wolves. Get ready. [Colt kills the Wolves] Mangy bastards! Okay back to
     business. Fellow close, an' keep quiet. Don't fall off the ledge, you'll
     spook the herd. Pull out yer rifle, cole. Come here. Use your sight to 
     get a closer look. We're gunna need to bag at least two of these elk.
     Alright you got em.. That'll be enough. C'mon lets go collect our kills
     Be careful on the way down or ye'll hurt yer self. Wolves c'mon cole, 
     that's OUR meat. Hear that boy. Wolves. God damn it! We gotta keep em
     off our kills! Ha! you show 'em! Shit, Theres more over here! Use 
     your knife when they get in close! That's it! Make sure every last wolf
     in the area is dead. Deader then hell! That seems to be the last of'em.


[Ned is then attacked by a grizzly. He is hited and drops his rifle. Colt
gets Ned's rifle and uses it to  kills the Bear and saves Neds life]

Ned: Sure took your sweet time!

Colt: I was just admiring your rifle.

Ned: Aother tick or two and you'd be puttin' me to bed with a pick 'n shovel!

Colt: You're too damn ornery to die.

Ned: Well it prides me to see it's rubbed off on you plenty. Always remember,
     son, in this world pure cussedness will carry you farther than a Comanches
     pony. [Steam boat horn] Ahh... here's our payday.

Steamboat Massacre                                                        [M02]
[on the steamboat]

[Colt sees a woman looking out over the river. She seems to know Ned]

Ned: Wait here. Be back in a moment.

[Ned talk's to the woman.]

Ned: Did you bring it? Where is it, in the safe? Yeah, no i dont know what i'm
     going to do with it.

[Ned goes into a room with the woman. He leaves the door cracked. Colt looks
in to see a safe. Ned notices that Colt is peering in and close the door. It
seems like he dosnt want colt to see somthing. Then a strange man walks up to

Reed: A glorious bounty, my son. Truly, the Lord has blessed you with the 
      talent of a marksman.

Colt: I do all right, preacher.

Reed: Ill rest easy tonight, knowing one so capable as you is among us.

[Ned and the woman walk out.]

Reed: A good day to you, sir.

Colt: If that's a man of the cloth then I'm the King of Siam.

Ned: Keep an eye on him. Im gonna have a word with the pilot.

[Colt's goes to check up on Reed. He finds him talking to the woman. Then 
Reed starts to assault her.]

Reed: Tell me where it is you wanton whore... And you will save the lives of
      everyone on this boat! Thy will be done!

[The woman runs off. Unfortunately Reed throws a tomahawk at the back of her
head and kills her.]

Reed: NOW!!

[Then the boat is then attacked]

Reed: Kill them all and find the item.


Ned: I can't take'em myself. Give me a hand. Somethin's wrong! The steamer's 
     slowin down! They jammed the rear wheel! Get to the back and free up that
     Wheel, Cole! Pull out the board locking up the wheel.

[Colt takes out the board jamming the boats wheel]

Captain: Thank heavens, we're moving again! We got Keelboats coming up ahead!
         Someone get to that Cannon on the Keelboat tied to us! Dont let those
         keel boats get too close! Those Cannons will tear this boat apart!

[Colt takes to the Cannons. Then bridge of the boat is hit.]

Crewman: They got the Pilot. Boats out of control.

[Colt finds Ned on the top deck.]


Ned: We gotta find Sadie.

Colt: Its too late that preacher killed her. Son of a bitch is leading the 

Ned: Son listen close, cause there aint much time. I done my best to raise you
     right, but all your life I've been lying to you. The boilers are going to
     blow. Quick take this. That's a token to the Alhambra, the cathouse in
     Dodge City. Go there and ask for Jenny.

Colt: I aint leaving Pa!.

Ned: God damn it, that's what I've been trying to tell you. I ain't your 
     father. Now go!

[Ned pushes Colt off the boat. Then the boilers blow.]


[Somewhere on a train. Reed the preacher walks aboard]

Magruder: Well, Reverend, were my orders carried out?

Reed: With a vengeance.

Magruder: And the missing item?

Reed: It couldn't be recovered, sir.

Magruder: You've failed me?!

Reed: No, sir, The whore had it stowed inside the safe and it sank to the 
      bottom of the river.

[Dutchie forces reed's head on the desk]

Magruder: Failure was not an option! The Price must be paid...

[Magruder takes a Razor Blade and starts to cut Reed's ear.]

Not So Honest Tom                                                         [M03]

[Colt wakes up to find a ragged old man trying to steal the token Ned gave him]

Tom: What's This?

Colt: Gimme that back.

Tom: Meant no harm, friend. Thought for certain you were dead. Why, I kick you
     three times.

Colt: Who are you?

Tom: Friends call me Honest Tom.

Colt: I need to get upriver. A steamboat's been ambush.

Tom: The Morning Star? Hell, that was three days ago. Were you aboard?

Colt: Uh-huh.

Tom: Hate to tell you, friend. But no one survived. Renegades got'em all. 
     Scalped every man, woman, and child. Bloody savages...

Colt: Ned... Where's Dodge City from here?

Tom: Through the pass, about a day's ride to the ferry boat.

Colt: That horse for sale?

Tom: In a hurry. hun? I don't blame you. If i had me a token to the Alhambra,
     I'd be in a hurry too. You look to be a sportin' man, care to wager?

[Tom makes Colt race him. Then After the race.]

Tom: Well, kid, you win fair 'n' square. Be kind to her, will you? She's been
     a good animal.

Colt: I Will, Thanks. Come on.

[Then Tom's friends show up. They point there guns at colt.]

Tom: Goddamn!! It took you long enough!

Colt: So much for your name.

Tom: You really think i'd give up my ride without a fight? Lets kill this 
     bastard, he's got an Alhambra token on him.

[Colt kills Honest Tom and his friends.]

Colt: Much Obliged Tom. If i pass this way again. Ill make sure to throw dirt
      on your grave.

[Colt then gets on his horse and rides towards dodge city. Until he meets the
Ferry Operator]

Operator: You're lucky. This is my last run 'til further notice. Fugitive band
          of Apaches are on the warpath again. They've cut the telegraph and 
          destroyed the bridge leading out of Dodge.

Colt: What's got'em stirred up?

Operator: New railroad between Dodge and Empire. It cuts through their land.

Alhambra Shootout                                                         [M04]

Monologue: Dodge City. Take the token to the Alhambra Saloon and ask for Jenny.
           That's what Ned said just before he died.


Operator: Oh, and seeing as that you're new to Dodge. I thought i'd better warn
          you about the locals. Dodge can be a pretty rough place, so if you're
          gonna start a fight, be prepared to finish it or plan on getting out
          of town until it blows over. Eh, I'm sure you'll be fine. Have a good


[Colt talks to the bartender. He gives him the token.]

Bartender: Help you?

Colt: I'm lookin' for Jenny.

Bartender: Hey, Jenny.

[She walks over and sees the token.]

Jenny: Where'd you get this?

Colt: Fella named Ned White gimme it. Told me to come here and ask for you.

Jenny: I remember Ned, He was real sweet on a girl that used to work here,
       Sadie. That her picture above the bar.

Colt: Sadie's dead.

Jenny: What?! How do you know? Who are you?

Colt: Ned was my father. He and Sadie were both killed on a steamboat up North.

Jenny: Come on upstairs.

[Then a angry man comes up to them.]

Rude: Goddamn it, girl, how long we gotta wait before we get a proper poke?

Jenny: Till i tell you! Now, have another drink on me and ill be with you 

Rude: He aint gettin' a poke before us!

Jenny: Let go of me.

Rude: Not till i'm done with you, bitch! C'mon girl! Yeah! I like to see ya 

[Then theres a big shoot out. Rude then kidnappes Jenny]


Bartender: Get up stairs and help Jenny!

Jenny: Get your hands off me!

Rude: Come in here candy ass! I got somethin' long and hard for ya. You must
      be yella if you aint comin' in here.

Jenny: Get this asshole off me!

Rude: Take a shot, I dare ya!

[Colt then kills Rude]


Jenny: Come over here. Better show you this now before the rest of the Red 
       Hand show up.

[she opens a chest]

Jenny: Its all yours. Night before she left Sadie begged me to keep it safe 
       till Ned came for it. Poor girl was in love with him, I think.

Colt: Ned never cared much for sixguns. Rifle and tomahawk were his choosing.
      Where'd Sadie go from here?

Jenny: Empire, New Mexico. A new sporting house wanted her for the main
       attraction. But she ran off a short time after she got there.

Colt: ha You know why?

Jenny: No, but maybe Ill find out. Soon as the road's open. Im going to Empire
       to replace her.

[Then a montov cocktail flys through the window.]

Colt: Get back!

Crude: Burn it to the ground that bastard killed my brother!

[Crude's gang tries to set fire to the Saloon. Colt stops them, then]

Crude: Let's settle this thing! If you got the balls.

[Colt then takes out Crude.]

Denton: Helluva shot, kid. Bet he was dead 'fore he hit the ground.

Colt: You gonna arrest me?

Denton: Hell no! Im gonna hire you! Im Patrick Denton, City Marshal.

Jenny: Where you been, Pat? All hell's broken loose here..

Denton: Out at the bridge, Apaches are making things plenty hot out there.
        Listen, I could use a dead shot like you to protect the Chinamen. How
        'bout it?

Jenny: He's coming back inside with me...

Denton: Ohh, Lucky him. Well, if you change your mind, kid, come to the bridge
        west of town. Damn Peckerwood.

[Next Morning]

Colt: Jenny, can you keep a secret?

Jenny: Im a book of secrets, honey.

Colt: I was on that steamboat. A murderin' preacher led the attack. I saw him
      Kill Sadie.

Jenny: A preacher? About a week ago a reverend named Reed showed up here 
       looking for Sadie.

Colt: Did he say where he was from?

Jenny: Said he had come from Empire.

Colt: Then im going there with you.

Jenny: I know the mayor of Empire. His name is Hoodoo Brown. If anyone can
       help you find that preacher, it'll be him.

Colt: Then i better get out to the bridge. Help the marshal get the road open.
      Keep the change.

Bridge Attack                                                             [M05]

Monologue: Reed, That son of a bitch is gonna pay. Just as soon as i get to 
           Empire City.

[Colt goes to talk to Denton at the bridge.]

Colt: This is the road to Empire.

Denton: Well, yeah till Quick Killer shut it down. He and his band have
        keeping things so hot even the irish wont work anymore, only the damn
        coolies are willin'

Colt: Where you want me?

Denton: On the far end of the bridge son. China men got one last section to go
        and i dont want them stopped again.

Colt: Kid! Keep an eye peeled. Indians made off with a box of TNT last night.
      they're aiming to use it, im sure.

[Colts fights off some Apaches. Colt then goes back to Denton]

Denton: Kid, that's a load off my mind. Now you cover the road, and let the 
        Chinamen do the rest.

Colton: Easy for you to say..

Denton: Chuva.. Lets go!

[The workers head down to the bridge. They fends off the Apaches.]

Denton: Damn, kid, that was some kind of shooting! Oh Quick Killer's gonna
        think twice before he tries something again.

[An arrow is fired at Denton]

Denton: Son of a... Goddamn it, the devil wont give up!

Colt: Ill take care of this.

[Colt takes out Quick Killer.]

Denton: Kid, thanks to you this bridge will be open lickety-split, and you and
        Jenny can be on your way.

Colt: That stage route will still be crawling with Apaches. How many men you
      got coming with us?

Denton: Just two - driver and shotgun messenger.

Colt: That ain't enough.

Denton: That's all you got. The Apaches got everyone else too damn scared.

Road to Empire                                                            [M06]

[Jenny is loading here stuff on the stagecoach]

Colt: We're likely to meet Apaches along the way.

Jenny: If they get the upper hand, promise you'll put a bullet in my head
       before they have their fun.

[Almost immediately after leaving Dodge there attack by Apaches. Later a Arrow 
hits the man riding shotgun, killing him. Then a wheel brakes.]

Driver: The Wheel pin's busted! I can fix it, but it'll take some time.

Jenny: I'll buy you some with this.

[Jenny and Colt hold them off. Finally the Driver sets a barrel of tnt near
a road block. Colt Climbs on the back of the wagons & leaves his horse behind]

Driver: All set! Climb up! Now shoot that barrel and let's get the hell outta

[Finally they get to Empire.]

Hoodoo: Thank God you're here! The damn Apaches cut the telegraph wires and i
        was beginning to fear for the worst.

Jenny: We were ambushed in the Badlands.

Hoodoo: None of your precious parts are damaged, I hope. You Know how our
        customers hate bruised fruit.

Jenny: I'm in one piece, thanks to Colton here... He left more then a few 
       Apaches dead in their tracks.

Hoodoo: Son, you've done the town of Empire a great service. I'm Mayor Hoodoo
        Brown. Should you ever need any assistance. please dont hasitate to

Colt: I am looking for someone.

Jenny: I told him you would help.

Hoodoo: Of course, of course! Listen, why dont you have yourself a look around
        town, then come and see me inside and we'll have ourselves a proper sit
        down. Now, let's get you freshened up.

[A man rides up to the newspaper building and throws a Molotov Cocktail]
Port: To Hell with that lyin' rag!!

Hoodoo: God Damn reprobates, have no respect for law and order.

The Deputy                                                                [M07]

Rudabaugh: Looking for Hoodoo, I'd wager. This Way.

Hoodoo: C'mon in, Kid. We were just about to hold our unual confabulation 
        before the night shift begins. I see Rudabaugh has already made your
        acquaintance. This is J.J. Webb, my other right hand man. Now tell us
        about this fella you're looking for. Jenny said something about him 
        being a jack preacher.

Colt: Reed's his name. Josiah Reed.

Hoodoo: What do you want with him?

Colt: It's a personal matter.

Hoodoo: Hmmm, I see. Tell you what. I could use a crack shot like you. You put
        this on [throws a badge] and I'll see if i can find some information on
        that scalawag Reed. When that skunk shows his face again, you'll have 
        the law on your side. What do you say?

[Colt picks up the badge]

Hoodoo: I hereby deputize you Constable, Empire Police Department.

Man: Spotted Chavez ya Chavez in town!

Colt: What's going on. 

Rudabaugh: Key player among the resistance is in town.

Hoodoo: If you boys can nab him, it'll be a big step toward restoring some law
        and order here. Get Going.

[Rudabaugh, Webb, and Colt go to the saloon. Colt talks to the bartender.]

Colt: Where's Chavez.

Bartender: He just left. Before that, he was talking to them two.

Man: Well i dont know man, this here problem is getting pretty big. If the 
     Apaches dont start pulling this thing together. I dont know what were
     gonna do.

[The Man looks at Colts Badge]

Man: LAW!

[Colt takes out the men, Then Chavez shows up and sees what has happened.]

Chavez: I better warn Clay!

[They follows Chavez to the ranch, there they lose him. They open a barn to 
find a unarmed man and a woman]

Man: Please don't kill us.

Colt: Guess we missed Chavez...

[Rudabaugh then kills the two]

Man: Ellie, NO!!!

Colt: Whoa, Whoa! What're you doing? They were unarmed!

Web: Bullshit. This greaser was pulling a gun. Didn't you see it?

[Web plants a gun on the dead man.]

Rudabaugh: I saw it clear as day.

Web: You better get wise, kid, if you wanna stay alive.

Colt: You shot those folks in cold blood. Im taking you to Hoodoo.

Rudabaugh: You dumb rube, who do you think we take orders from?

Web: Hoodoo's been playin' you and your little whore like a fiddle.

Colt: Keep your hands up.

Rudabaugh: What're you gonna do, shoot us in cold blood?

Web: Yeah, Rube, who's the murderer then?

[After a long gunfight Colt takes out Webb and Rudabaugh.]

The Jailbreak                                                             [M08]

[Colt Confronts Hoodoo.]

Hoodoo: Hey, Kid.

Colt: I'm nothing but your damn puppet, is that what you think?

Hoodoo: Whoa Whoa, Easy, kid, who told you such a thing?

Colt: Webb and Rudabaugh, before i plugged 'em both.

Hoodoo: They're dead?

Colt: Just like you're gonna be.

Hoodoo: Kid, listen to me. That preacher you're looking for is in that room
        right now with Jenny. She lured him there, I was just coming to get

Colt: Liar!

[Colt then hears Jenny scream. He rushes upstairs to finds Reed cutting Jenny's

Colt: NOO!

[Hoodoo then knocks him out from behind. When he wakes up, Magruder is in the

Hoodoo: He the one from the steamboat?

Reed: Yes...

Magruder: Bring him to me. I had to waste a perfectly good whore to get the
          truth about you. I could hardly believe it when she told me.. Ned
          White still alive after all those years. Now he's as dead as you're
          gonna be. [He then hits Colt] Hang him in the morning for the murder
          of the girl.

[Reed hits Colt unconscious. When he wakes up hes in a jail cell.]

Port: Ol' Hoodoo's got the touch of a blacksmith, don't he?

Colt: What did you do?

Port: Torched his printing press, you saw it.

Soapy: A subtle act of protest to silence the mouth of tyranny...

Port: That's Soapy. He's educated.

Colt: How come he's in there?

Soapy: It's a little game we play. They lock me up, and i find a way out. and 
       you, my good man? How did you incur the mayor's disfavor?

Colt: I killed Web and Rudabaugh. Gonna kill Hoodoo too and a certain jack
      preacher and that one eye pig they work for.

Port: Thomas Magruder, railroad man. He's taking over the territory. Us and the
      Apaches are the only ones fightin' back.

Colt: Count me in too, soon as we find a way out of here..


Port: If we're gonna get outta here tonight, that Deputy's gotta die. See if
      you can grab him when he gets close to the bars.

Jailer: Lacy from the HJ sent over some chicken for your last meal. But i'm
        afraid there isn't much left. Besides, you dont wanna shit yourselves
        when you swing from that tree tomorrow. I heard you was the little 
        sneak that done cracked that safe in Monte Verde.

Soapy: If i was after that safe you never would have known. i can assure you.

Jailer: Last time we had a hangin' the crows didn't even wait for them to die
        before they started peckin' at his eye. He was squawkin' louder then
        they were! Slipped up this time didn't you? Cought with your hand in
        Hoodoo's very own strongbox at the Empire Saloon. 'Course, if the 
        noose aint tied proper. Your head'll come apart from the rest of you.
        In which case we toss the whole bloody mess into the hog pen like we
        done to that little whore. There's no way you're gettin' outta here
        this time ya slippery bastards. You gotta be the dumbest sumbitch i
        ever seen!

[Colt grabs the Jailer.]

Colt: Give me the keys or you'll be slippin' on your own guts.

Jailer: I dont got 'em I swear! Hoodoo took'em for safe keepin' So killin' me
        won't do no good, you see? You'll still swing tomorrow.

Soapy: If you grab that badge he so enjoys degrading you can use its pin to
       pick the cell lock. I'll tell you how if you promise to free me as well.

Colt: Know what that makes you, partner? [Colt then kills the Jailer.]

Soapy: This human lockbox they've got me in is gonna be a little tougher. Im
       afraid you're gonna have to blast me outta here if you hold fair to our

Colt: Ill hold fair. Let me stash some horses between the bridge. Then Ill 
      scrounge out back of the Powder Shop for something to blast you out.

Port: I ain't in much shape to fight. But if you get me outta here, Ive got a
      hideout up in the mountains.

Colt: I reckon that makes us partners Soapy. I hope you're right about pickin'
      this lock.

Soapy: Now just give it a jimmy. She outta turn loose.

[Colt unlocks the door]

Port: Grab your gear before ya head out kid. It's on the Deputy's desk. You'll
      do yourself a favor if you can stay outta sight and try to bring those
      horses back real quiet like. [Colt gets the 3 horses] That Powder Shop. 
      Why don't ya fire up the Livery with a couple of whisky bombs? That ought
      to give Hoodoo's men something to do while we get the hell outta here.

[He sets fire to the Livery. Then he gets some TNT and blows open the back of 
Soapy Jailcell.]

Soapy: A little overzealous on the powder weren't ya? Lets go! C'mon kid, get
       your horse and let's get the hell outta town!

[Colt then gets on his horse and meets up with the others at the train tracks


Soapy: Gentlemen, I regret to say this is where i fold. The caalmer climes of 
       dear ol' Dodge are calling.

Colt: So long, Soap. I wish you well.

[Soapy the rides on]


Port: C'mon kid, move your ass! They'll be out lookin' for us soon. I'm taking
      you to meet Clay Allison. Clay and Magruder go way back. Magruder's been
      strong arming the whole territory looking for somethin' but no one knows
      that he's after.


[Colt gets to Port's hide out.]

Port: Dont shoot, boys! It's Port!

Clay: Port! Its good to see you! How bad they treat you?

Port: They busted me up pretty good, but i didnt squawk none. This here's the
      fella who sprung me.

Clay: Port, are you blind? This is one of Hoodoo's boys.. Search him! We saw 
      them shaking hand in front of the hotel.

Port: No, Clay, he's all right. He killed Webb and Rudabaugh. 

[a man hands Clay a picture of Ned] 

Clay: What the hell is This?! You know this man?

Colt: That's my father, Ned White.

Clay: Bullshit!! I served with Ned in the war. He was killed in action ten 
      years ago.

Colt: You're mistaken, friend. Ned and i have been working the Rockies since I
      was a cub. Ned was murdered just a few weeks ago.

Port: Clay, he's after Thomas Magruder, just like us.

Colt: I tracked the man behind Ned's death to Empire... Turns out he was 
      working for Thomas Magruder.

Clay: Ahh, Wanna get Magruder, do you?

Colt: And every bastard on his payroll.

Clay: Welcome to the Resistance! You can bet they've turned Empire into a 
      fortress since your escape, but there maybe a way in yet.

Train Ambush                                                              [M09]

[Next Morning]

Clay: Magruder's sent a gatling gun from Dodge on a train. Port's already out
      there layin' the trap. Come on, lets go!

[Colt follows Clay to a canyon that has a tunnel that the train has to go 
through. Port is laying out some TNT]

Port: Hey Clay! just in time. Cole.. Can you give me a hand with these powder
      kegs? As i unload these TNT barrels, do me a favor.. And move them into
      position by those loose rocks over there.

Clay: From up here it'll be easy to shoot that TNT right as the train enters
      the canyon.

[Colt puts the TNT into position until]

Man: Clay! Chavez y Chavez and the boys thought they could take the train at
     Dodge! But it was a trap, they're gettin' slaughtered!

[Clay nods his head. Clay and Colt head for the train]


Clay: Let's go! We've got to get to the train before our men are wiped out!
      I'm prayin' Chavez can hold them off! They're just around this bend!
      Protect the resisters! Take out Hoodoo's men on the train!

Chavez: Help is here amigos! Fight on! Gracias a Dios! I don't know how much
        longer we could have held them!

Clay: Cole! the train is moving out! Follow me to the ambush area! We have to
      get back before the train passes the mines!

Port: Thank the lord you're back! Get that last barrel down there while i 
      finish movin the ammo up the hill! [Colt puts the barrel in place] Great!
      Now get up here onto the ledge so you can shoot the barrels before the 
      train passes! Hold your fire until the train gets into the Canyon!
      Give it just little more time.. Wait.. Wait.. Steady.. Fire!

[Colt shoots the TNT. It starts a rock slide that closes the tunnel. The Train
crashes into the road block]

Port: Watch out if they mount that gatling gun!


[After the fight]

Port: You better have a look at this.

[Port opens the door to a train cart to find a bunch of slaved Apaches]

Colt: Looks like you aren't the only ones being driven off your land.

Clay: Betcha Magruder's using 'em for slaves. Get 'em out of there.

Indian: We are thirsty.

Colt: They want water. Bring up some canteens!

[Then Many Wounds, the Indian chef comes.]

Clay: Ahh, shit...

Many Wounds: These are my people.

Colt: Then take them home.

Many Wounds: You killed many Apaches at the bridge.

Colt: Now i have set many free.

[Many Wounds and the slaved Apaches wake off. On Many Wounds back. He carries 
a golden hatchet.]

Clay: Where'd you learn Apache?

Colt: Im not sure. It's like i could understand what he was saying but i 
      couldn't quite speak it.

Clay: Better get back to the hideout and plan our strike.

Hideout Attacked                                                          [M10]

[A Celebration starts at the Hideout]

Clay: Oh, well, well. Much obliged, much obliged. Good to see the boys cut 
      loose, huh? Maybe their last time before Magruder comes knocking.

Colt: When i was face to face with that one-eyed bastard. He said he knew Ned.
      Is that true?

Clay: Kid, Magruder was our commanding officer in the war.

Colt: You're kiddin' me! What happened, Clay? Tell me. 

Clay: It was late '64, the Confederacy was desperate. Magruder had convinced 
      Richmond to send us on a secret mission he thought could turn the tide 
      of the war. Find Quivira, an ancient city of gold. It was rumored a 
      white man in the area had been to the lost city. Ned led us to him..


Magruder: Doctor Campbell, I presume? Major Magruder, Taxas Mounted Rifles.

Campbell: You're in the wrong place if you're hunting Federals, majors.

Magruder: Im not hunting Federals, doctor. Corporal Allison! Where is the 

Campbell: I dont know what you're talking about.

[The Apache Chief comes out to talk to campbell]

Magruder: What's he saying?

Campbell: He says one day you will find what you seek and that day will be
          your last.

[Magruder then shoots the Apache in the head.]

Ned: Jesus, Tom!

Magruder: I haven't time for games, doctor!

Ned: Stop it, Tom! I never agreed to this!

[Magruder shoots at Ned in the head. But only gassed him]

Clay: Found it!

[Clay throws Magruder a golden cross]

Magruder: At long last...

Campbell: You son of a bitch. That cross is no good to you.

Magruder: I will not be denied!

[Magruder then uses hes sword and Decapitats Campbell head from his body.
A Indian woman fires at Magruder detaching a piece of the cross and damaging
Magruder right eye. Then a massacre ensues.]


Clay: Had i stood up like Ned, Magruder might be in Hell instead of back here
      doing his devilish work.

Colt: You mean he's still after Quivira?

Clay: The war ended, but his mission didnt.. Its his Holy Grail.

Colt: Clay, right before he died, Ned told me he wasnt my real father. You
      know anything about that?

Clay: No, kid, I dont, except that Ned was full of surprises.

Chavez: Clay! Its Magruder's militia! At least twenty men on horseback!

Clay: Go! Ill man the gatling gun!


Clay: Take this sharpshooter. It's done well by me. You and Chavez stay up top.
      Ill be on the gatling gun below you!

Chavez: Vamos, Colton, pronte! I have my eyes on you. Cole. Ill cut your throat
        if you betray us.

Clay: The Damn things jammed! Im gonna try & fix it! Keep'em off of me! Chavez!
      Caballos! There we go! [Clay fixes the Gun] Cole! Get your ass over
      here! You stay here and hold the fort. We're going to see if they're in
      the foothills yet. [Clay gets on his horse.] Lets ride ya.

[Clay rides off. Colt can hear gun fire in the in the distance, Then a whole
new wave of enemies come at him]

Chavez: Caballeros! Cavalry!

[After a while]

Man: Port needs to talk to you!

Port: Did you see that cannon out there? If they finish getting that thing
      ready... It's already up! What are we going to do?

Colt: Be Tough, We got plenty of fight in us yet.

[Colt fights his way to the cannon and captures it.]


Man1: By God, look at 'em run!

Port: They captured Clay! Up on the ridge. They're takin' him to Empire.

Man2: It's over now. We're licked.

Colt: Bullshit! Now we got a howitzer and a Gatling gun. Let's put'em to use.

Man1: It's no good, kid. They know where we are now. They'll be back tomorrow
      with twice the men.

Colt: Then let's do what they dont expect. Attack.

Port: God damn, kid.. You're as crazy as Clay.

Assault On Empire                                                         [M11]

[Next Day]

Port: Jones and Decker have managed to sneak that Howitzer down to the gulch
      just North of Empire and are waiting for us to join them for the attack.
      Lets move kid, we're burning daylight.


Port: When we hit'em we'll have to move through town pretty quickly. Once we've
      taken control of the Empire Bridge, head back to the Chinese Laundry and
      make your way into the Opium Den. From there you ought to be able find 
      the secret tunnel that leads to Hoodoo's basement. Im sure that's where
      they'll be keeping Clay. This is our only shot kid. Hoodoo falls, or 
      today we die.

Decker: It's about time you fellas got here. Jones is just about to shit 

Jones: Hoodoo's been pulling men into town all morning. He's gotta have thirty
       men in town!

Port: Well, hes about to have thirty less. I'll move the cannon. You boys watch
      my back till i get her in to  position.

[Colt escort Port, then they come upon a human road block on the bridge]

Port: Cole, you'd better do the heavy gunning. We can't afford to miss or 
      they'll be on us. They're counter attacking! Take'em down Cole! We 
      got'em pinned down! Go through the Laundry and rescue Clay.


[Colts through the laundry and after a long fight there. He finds Clay being
tied up and being torchered by Hoodoo. Hoodoo takes some pliers and pulls out
Clays tooth.]

Hoodoo: Sounds like some of your boys are attempting a rescue. The Fools..Come
        morning I'll be hangin' them all.


Goon: Ill ask you again Clay, and then we can go back to the pliers if that's
      what you'd prefer. How many men are attacking the town?

Clay: Soon.

Goon: Soon? Soon what? What's happening soon?

Clay: Soon... I'll be dead. but your mother will still be a whore.

Goon: I was hoping you'd say something like that.

[Colt unties Clay]

Clay: God damn kid, what the hell's going on out there?

Colt: We've come for ya and for Hoodoo.

Clay: He's upstairs. Cole I...I cant hold my gun.

Colt: Never you mind, just follow that tunnel and ill see you back at the

Clay: Be careful. And Cole..gut him slow.

[Colt opens the door to Saloon.]

Hoodoo: There is no way in hell he's getting in here! You're gonna die here 
        kid! Take him down! Shoot the chandeliers and burn the son of a bitch!
Colt: No more hiding behind Webb or Rudabaugh or any other thug with a badge. 
      You've done your share of killing. Now Ill be doing mine.

Hoodoo: I've got the upper hand kid! You should know that by now. You're 
        messing with the wrong Hoodoo, boy!

[Hoodoo heads up stairs to his office. Colt follows and shoots him on his side]


Hoodoo: Please, kid, just lemme go. Ill give you whatever you want.

Colt: I want some answers. Let's start with the steamer. Why was it ambushed?
      Tell me! Or ill turn your brains into wallpaper.

Hoodoo: There was something on board. Something Magruder's whore had made off

Colt: Sadie.. What was it she took?

Hoodoo: I don't know. [Colt hits him] Only the preacher knew! Magruder sent him
        to get it back...at all costs, But the bitch stowed it in the pilot's
        safe and it sank when the boilers blew. It's under ten feet of water.
        You can't get to it.

Colt: When the snow's melting, this time of year, the water level drops a dozen
      feet or more. Thanks, Hoodoo...

[Colt kicks Hoodoo's gun towards him]

Hoodoo: You son of a bitch!

[Hoodoo picks up the gun.]

Hoodoo: Im Hoodoo Brown!

[Colt shoots him and he falls out the window.]

Colt: You were.

[Later Hoodoo's dead body is in a pinebox. Clay is throwing balls at it.]

Port: Sure makes a stink, dont he?

Clay: Wish you'd stay, kid. Could use you when Magruder retaliates.

Colt: Gotta get what's in that safe. Maybe that can help bring him down. Off
      to Dodge first, though.

Clay: Dodge? What for?

Colt: To pull a certain safecracker out of retirement.

[Colt rides off.]

Find Soapy                                                                [M12]

Monologue: Whatever's in that safe means more to Magruder then life itself. If
           I can get to it first, maybe i can finish what Ned Started.

[Colt goes to Dodge to find Marshal Denton tied up outside of town. Colt sets
him free]

Colt: Denton? That you? What happened?

Denton: Met with a mob of some of the more colorful citizens in town.. What 
        brings you back so soon, kid?

Colt: Looking for an acquaintances. A little gambler named Soapy Jennings..
      You know him?

Denton: If you hurry you might catch him.

Colt: He's Leaving?

Denton: You might say that. Luke Short and his boys are lynching him at the 
        gallows. They didn't care for the way he shuffled cards. Come on.


Denton: We need to get to the top of that water tower. They have soapy hold up
        a building and we cant get to him. From the water tower we should be 
        able to hide and wait for them to bring him out.


[Colt gets to the water tower and they bring out soapy and put his head noose]

Soapy: Hey. c'mon now, you don gotta... Somebody help me! Please!


Denton: Use your sniper rifle to shoot the rope around his neck. Dont shoot
        till they pull that trap door open. The rope has to be tight to split
        it. Wait.. Wait.. Not yet.. OK! Let'em have it kid!

[After a long gunfight Colt takes out the last of the badguys.]

Denton: Get down there and help Soapy out. Take those horses and head north to
        the river. I will stay behind and clean up the rest of this mess.

Soapy: Hell of an exhibition kid, Im much obliged. But we're still in a pickle
       so now what?

[Soapy and Colt head to the farry. There attacked, the enemy tries to 
follow. But Colt shoots the cable. Washing the other ferry down the river.]

The Hollister Fort                                                        [M13]

[on Magruders Train]

Magruder: Empire was my foundation! It was nothing but a pisshole for Maxicans!
          Until i put Hoodoo in place! Where is the kid now?

Reed: He was just in Dodge. Rumor is he rescued a safecracker and fled north.

Magruder: He's going for the safe.

Reed: Surely those renegades will retrieve it..

Magruder: Those traitors can't be trusted. You lost it, you go get it back.
          Now Go.

Reed: Im on my way, sir.


[Colt and Soapy drive towards the fort]

Soapy: Come on, follow me. Kid, I must say you're a sight for sore eyes.

Colt: Save it Soap. If i didn't need you for something. I'd have let them 
      finish the job.

Soapy: Awww, you're choking me up. Now what can i do for ya.

Colt: Need you to open a safe buddy.

Soapy: My stock and trade. Where is it?

Colt: On the upper Missourri River.

Soapy: That's Blackfeet country and i hear they're not to fond of white men.

Colt: You can go back to that lynch mob if you like?

Soapy: I believe this calls for an Expletive.

Colt: Shut up and ride!


[They make it to the fort. Colt looks through his spyglass]

Colt: Soapy, you watch the path. Shout up if you see anyone. Damn. Can't get
      to the steamer wreck without showing ourselves to the fort.

Soapy: What's wrong with that?

Colt: Don't want anyone to know we're here.

[Someone puts a gun to Soapy's head.]

Soapy: Too late.

Hollister: Only two kinds of white men out here, soldiers and outlaws. Since i
           see no blue, you must be running from trouble or looking to stir
           some up. Till i figger which, you'll be my guests. Now let's have
           your guns..

[Colt and Soapy ride to the fort with Hollister. Colt looks at the back of 
Hollister's horse. He sees Ned's old rifle.]

Colt: That's a fine rifle. How'd you come by it?

Hollister: Pried it from the cold dead fingers of an Indian lovin' fool.

[The gates of the fort open, Hollister men cheer him on and close behind him.]

Monologue: Sergeant Hollister... The son of a bitch who cammanded the steamboat

Hollister: Join the party. That a squaw, even. 

Sentry: Sarge, he's here.

Hollister: Let him in. But if i catch either of you trying to run. I'll slit 
           you both wide open and make bowstrings of your guts. We're going
           down to the steamer. If anyone else approaches, take them out with
           the cannons.

Reed: Lets go... Magruder's impatient.

Colt: Holy shit it's Reed! He must be after that safe too. C'mon Let's get out
      of this hell.


Soapy: I can't get us out of this one kid. We're gonna have find some help.
       These ugly bastards will skin us alive if we're caught. We gotta be
       careful, I wish we had some help! Some of those braves might know a
       way out.

[Colt finds a man beating on a indians. He sneaks up on him and kills him.]

Brave: Thank you. I know a way out of this fort. But i'm not leaving my
       brothers behind. Free them and I'll lead you out of this evil place.
       Make sure you do not interfere with the large groups of soldiers..
       Or we are all dead. [Clots save the other Braves] You have fulfilled
       your part of the deal. Now i will show you the way out. Do as i say
       and we will escape alive.

[They make there way out sneaking up and killing soldiers on the way. Finally
they find a garbage shoot and escape. Now there just outside the fort. But 
they still need to get passes the rest of the guards.]

Soapy: Music to my ears! Now i believe a hasty departure is in order!

Brave: Step lightly and follow me out. We have known of this cave since our
       people first came to this land. This cave leads to a place beyond the
       front of the fort. Over here!! Good spirits dwell here, for they have
       kept it hidden from the white devils. We're almost out of here. From
       here on, we must not be seen or heard. A fallen scout. Take up his bow
       and quiver. Use your bow to kill him in silence. Your aim is true. The
       White Devils have blocked our escape with a barricade! Use your bow to 
       clear all enemies. Get a horse to break through the barricade.

[Makes his way to two horses. Him and Soapy meet up with the Braves.]

Brave: Our village lies ahead. Down this road. Ride on, we will meet you there.

[When they get to the village its under attack. Colt and the Brave's take care
of them.]

Fall of Fort Hollister                                                    [M14]

Soapy: What's he saying now?

Colt: He's telling the story of how i earned  this necklace. It was a summer
      a dozen years ago now. One morning i left camp to hunt on my own. I was
      skinning a small buck, when a Mountain Lion attacked from behind. Cat's
      claws peeled me like an apple 'fore i managed to slit its throat. Ned 
      found me and stitched me back together as best he could, but.. For a 
      week i hovered near death until a Blackfoot shaman brought me out of 
      it. Ned said i come out of it different. Said, I moved and stalked like 
cougar now. 

Soapy: So you owe the Blackfeet your life.

Fights: Alas, we are no longer a great nation. The wicked white men at the fort
        attack us wherever we go. They steal our women. Before long we will be 
        a nation of ghosts.

Colt: There is a way to make you great again, destroy the fort and the men 
      inside it.

Fights: The fort is protected by cannons.

Colt: Destroy them first. Then the fort will be vulnerable. I know how this
      can be done.

[The next day they start there attack on the Fort]

Fights: Get to the canoes by the river. Over Here! From the cave, we must gain
        entry to the fort! There's the cave! [They get into the fort] We must
        silence the first canonon. More bluecoats coming around the long house!
        Look! Over by the cannon tower! Use this cannon to destroy the 4 
        bunkers! All have been destroyed! Now my warriors can advance! The
        second cannon must be slienced! All of these boats must be destroyed!
        Nothing stands between the fort and my warriors! My warriors have 
        arrived. We must find our way to the inner keep! Destroy their 
        ammunition! We must find the last cannon and silence it forever!
        [They get to the last cannon] Use your dynamite!

[Too make a long story short. The Blackfeet take the fort. But Hollister got


Fights: Hollister has escaped. Hollister must not live.

[Fights-at-Dawn takes them to Hollister last location. When all of the sudden
a stick of dynamite comes out of nowhere. Blowing up & hurting Fights-at-Dawn.]

Hollister: You'll never kill me.

[After a short shootout. Hollister takes out some sticks of dynamite and puts
it on himself. He then rushes at Colt. But Colt kills him before he has a 
chance to kill Colt. Colt then finds Neds old rifle.]

Fights: Its is well and just your father's rifle is in your hands. Today his
        spirits soars.

Colt: Goodbye, my friend. 

[Fights-at-Dawn is then walk away with one of his braves helping him.]

Colt: Come on, Soap!

[They then walk alittle further to find the steamboat.]

Return to the Steamboat                                                   [M15]
[When they first get there. They are attacked by Magruders men. After Colt 
takes care of them. They look for the safe]

Colt: Soapy! Time for you to go to work.

Soapy: Here, Kid. You can have the honors.

[Colt looks in the safe to find a gold bar that looks like it belongs to 

Reed: Thank you for saving me the trouble of trying to open that mayself. Now
      hand it over.

[Colt puts the bar back in the safe.]

Soapy: RUN!!

[After a long shootout. Reed walks away looking visible wounded. Colt then
shoots him in the leg.]

Reed: My leg!!! You can't... I..I am unarmed.. You kill me and your soul will
      be as cursed as mine..oomph!

Colt: This is for Jenny.

[Colt then puts Ned's Rifle in reeds mouth and pulls the triger. Afterwards.]

Soapy: It's Spanish... Sixteenth century. Writing's in Latin. It's incomplete.
       Another piece must fit here..

Colt: I know where it is. C'mon.

[On Magruder's Train. Dutchie throws somethings of Reed's on his desk]

Magruder: The Item. Did he get that too? [the man nods] Put a price on that
          kid's head, I dont care how much. I want every bounty hunter, every
          mercenary, every damn snake in the western territories looking for
          that son of a bitch. No one is gonna stand in the way of my destiny,
          you understand? No one! Not the federal government, not the Apaches,
          and not some pissant kid with a six gun!

Discovering the Past                                                      [M17]

Monologue: I've seen the other half of this cross. The Apache Chief has it.
           If i can put the pieces together, then i can beat Magruder at his
           own game.


Soapy: I cant go through Dodge after the hangin. Ill catch up to you later.
       Meet me at the Apache Camp.


[Later, Colt meets with Soapy. They find skinned people near the camp.]

Soapy: Oh, Jesus.. Pardon me. [Soapy Vomits]

Colt: Let's go.

Soapy: You gonna leave'em like that?

Colt: They been left as a warning. You cut'em down they might put us there 

[Then they are confronted with some Apaches.]

Soapy: I think we might end up there anyway.

Many Wounds: Why have you come to my country?

Colt: I seek something you possess.

Many Wounds: All lost creatures finds their way home. It is instinct.

Colt: I don't understand. What are these things?

Many Wounds: They belonged to a healer who saved many of my people, including

<flashback to dr campbell death>

Campbell: Get Inside.

[The Young Many Wounds goes inside. Campbell's indian Wife hand him a baby.]

Wife: Hide yourselves.

[Many Wounds hides and he see the massacre]

Many Wounds: Father, I will avenge you!

Ned: Then begin with me. I caused this. My heart is black with sorrow.

Many Wounds: Repay your debt with him.

[Ned takes the baby and walks off. Many wounds finds & takes the golden cross.]


Colt: That was me. Im that kid. I understand now. Sadie, the stolen cross, 
      meeting on the steamer. Ned was staging his revenge after all those years
      he was trying to make this right. but.. Magruder caught on. I came here
      to unite the pieces of the cross. But i never expected all this.

[Many Wounds throws his hatchet on a log. He pulls of the head off the hatchet
to reveal the rest of the golden cross. Colt puts the cross together.]

Soapy: There's a Latin phrase on each arm. It looks like some kind of map to.

Many Wounds: I have seen markings like this before. I will Show you.

Finding Quivira                                                           [M18]


[Next Morning]

Many Wounds: Follow me Cole. We will meet my warriors. Then I will show you 
             the site. One Eye's lust to find Quervira has brought endless 
             suffering to my people. Your father and mine learned much from 
             each other. Their kinship was honored by our people. Those ruins 
             are all that remian of your family house. It was there That One 
             Eye slew your father. These men are my most trusted. They will
             escort us through the badlands.

Soapy: Ah Shit! Its Magruder's Militia! Shit They've got us surrounded! 
       They're trying to stop us from using the cross!!

Many Wounds: I must tend to my warriors, you must continue without us. The
             sight is at the top of the mountain just north of Piper Lake.
             Cole, your destiny awaits. May you find what you seek.

Soapy: Lets get a move on Cole. We got no time to waste!


[Colt and Soapy find the spot on Piper Lake]

Soapy: Look like Magruder's already found it.

Colt: It cant be that easy.. He only had half the cross.

[Soapy finds a divot on the rock with writing near by. Colt puts the cross
on the divot. Colt lines up the marks.]

Soapy: From God's alter.. Looks like, Twixt the tears of God.. and the spires
       of heaven.. When sun and the moon meet...

Colt: Dusk!

Soapy: Behold his Kingdom.

Colt: There! They've missed the mark! It's above the mine, not below!

[Magruder's men sees the glow from the cross.]

Soapy: Kid, get down!

[They fire a cannonball at them. Soapy falls down the hill into Magruder's 
hand. They drag Soapy off.]

Soapy: Easy big fella! Hey let me go! Let me go! C'mon now.

[Colt tries to get to the bottom of the mountian. Meanwhile on the train..
Magruder has just cut off one of soapy fingers.]

Soapy: Ahhh

Magruder: Now are you going to show me the location or shall i continue?

Soapy: No way..

Magruder: Dutchie

[Dutchie then puts Soapy's hand on the table. Magruder is about to shoot 
another one of soap's fingers off until..]

Soapy: Wait! Wait! It's there.. there!

Magruder: That's Impossible I've sunk shafts all over that sector.

Soapy: You gotta dig up, you damn fool! It's above you!

Magruder: Of course.. Dig up..up! [Shoots Soapy finger] Dutchie! Get me back 
          to the mine, then take the train and find that kid. And as for this 
          little sneak..

[Magruder turns around to find that Soapy has escaped. Colt gets to the bottom
of the mountian to find Soapy laying on the train tracks.]

Soapy: Kid.. I told him. I told Magruder to where it is. I hade to. He was
       gonna blow'em all off.. I'm sorry.

Colt: Can you move? On the other side of this hill, Many Wounds and his 
      warriors are gathering with Clay Allison and his men. Tell them to
      meet me back here at dawn.

Soapy: Where you going?

Colt: You want you fingers back, dont ya?

[Magruder's train comes rolling in, Colt fight off Dutchie and his men and 
takes the trian.]

Assault on the Mine

Monologue: Magruder's turned the mountain inside out looking for Quivira when
           all along the Lost City was right over his head. I've got to beat 
           that bastard to it.

[Colt get the train moving. Clay catches up on horseback, Colt helps him 

Clay: The men are waiting in front of Magruder's mine.. But the doors are 
      soild steel, I still don't know how we're gettin' in!

Colt: You're riding on it. You better help me stoke this fire, cause we're
      going to need alot more speed.

Clay: You lost your damn mind kid?!

Colt: Welcome aboard the Kill Magruder Express.. Next stop..end of the line.

[Later, Clay pulls on the train horn cable.]

Clay: Ha, ha always wanted to do that!

[As they get close to the gate. Clay and Colt jump off. The train plow through
the gate. Leaving it open for Clay and his gang. Then they use a cannon to
blast there way through the mine, Until.. ]

Clay: The whole moutain's over-mined, its a death trap! We gotta get out!

Colt: Take the men back.. Im not done yet!

[Colt goes deeper into the mine. Until he finds Magruder in Quivira.]

Magruder: My whole life I've been searching for this.

Colt: Has it been worth all the bloodshed?

Magruder: How can you ask a question like that.. When your eyes are feasting on
          such magnificence!

Colt: I don't see anything magnificent. Just a fat one-eye bastard whose greed
      has no boundary.

Magruder: Haha, That sounds like Ned talking.

Colt: No, This is Ned talking.

[Magruder shoots at Colt and misses]


Magruder: Welcome to my domain, kid and your final resting place! Where are
          you? At the bottom of your boots shaking like a leaf? I expected 
          more from you than this cowardly exercise. Your just like your
          father. Ned never had the stomach for combat. A weak willed,
          Indian loving fool, he was. You're cut from the same cloth, kid.
          Gutless and gunshy. If you had any grit you would've saved that 
          little whore or died trying.. Insead you folded like a map. I don
          the armor of the conquistador, for i am the new conquerer! I am 
          the the heir to Coronado! and the city of gold is mine and mine

[After a long battle, A rock falls on Magruder leg trapping him.]

Colt: Id like to shoot you in the teeth. But that would be to kind. Reckon
      instead I'll take my knife, whittle you some like you did Soapy. Then
      slit your throat like you did Jenny. Or maybe I'll take this cross and
      jam it in your good eye and watch you twitch. But none of that will 
      bring back my Ma and Pa, or all those villagers you massacared. Nor 
      Ned who raised me as his own

Magruder: Did you hear that? You hear that?!

Colt: So long, major... Give the Devil my regards.

Magruder: Wait Wait. Oh, Jesus it's coming down! Get back here, you can't leave
          me like this! Get back Here! I can make it worth you're while! Damn
          you!! You're never gonna make it.. You'll never make it! Noo!!

[Colt climbs up the wall, Just then a rock falls and kills Magruder. Colt is 
about to slip to his death. When Many Wounds catches him. They rush outside
as the mine collapse.]

Colt: Now our fathers can rest in peace.

The End

Legal/Thanks.                                                             [LT]
Gun & All characters and dialog belong to Neversoft, Activison and/or there 
repected copyright/trademark owners. 

If you want to host this document somewhere else. Go ahead i really dont care
as i dont have time to read emails. I only did this Gamescript. because i
really love this game. Its short but good. I only ask you dont try to use it
for commercial uses (i.e. Sell it) or edit the document.

I like to thank Neversoft/Activision for making great games Like Gun. I only
wished they would make a sequal. I mean how many more Tony Hawk and Guitar
Hero games are they going to make.
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Gun Copyright 2005 Neversoft
Gun Copyright 2005 Activision

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