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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MetalYoshi5042

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/31/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy: The Mis Ed-ventures
    FAQ/Walkthrough (GCN)
    Version 1.05
    By MetalYoshi5042 (Daniel Gardner)
    Email: danielsgardner@juno.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. FAQ
    4. Controls
    5. Characters
    6. Navigating the Menus
    7. Items
    8. Types of Scams
    9. Scam Walkthrough
    10. Bonus Scam Walkthrough
    11. Secrets
    12. Credits
    1. Introduction
    This isn't my first guide, but it is the first one to be seen here at 
    Gamefaqs. This game appears to be kinda straight-forward, but I think it
    deserves a Walkthrough. Now, remember, you don't have to look through the 
    guide to find what you're looking for, just use CTRL+F and type in one of the 
    symbols I put in the Table of Contents. It'll be best to put the period in 
    there too, just so you can find what section you're looking for faster. For 
    example, if I were you and I wanted to look up the Items section, I would 
    put in 7. just so I find the section faster. Remember, before doing anything 
    with this guide after you've read it, please look at the first question of the
    FAQ section.
    Now, there's a chance I may not cover everything, and I'm thinking there may 
    be another version of the game itself, so if you have any information I missed 
    or some things about that other version (if it exists), email me at
    danielsgardner@juno.com. Remember, this is for the Gamecube version, but the
    only thing that should be different from other systems is the Controls 
    themselves, since they are different controllers. If not, I probably won't be 
    able to help. If it's anything related with the game, like more hints on a 
    specific area, or if you found a better technique getting past one of many 
    obstacles in the game, then I will reply. If you submit something else, I will 
    read it of course, but based on the topic, I may actually delete it instead of 
    replying. Please don't send attachments, as I may not know you enough to trust
    2. Version History
    1/01/06: Version 0.70
    Everything except more of the Walkthrough and Secrets sections.
    1/03/06: Version 0.75
    Changed the look of some of the sections of the guide, plus fixed some common
    errors, like spelling. Updated Walkthrough and Secrets sections for Scam 3 and
    Cul-de-sac. Added three websites that allow the use of this guide.
    1/04/06: Version 0.80
    My smallest update ever! Completed Walkthrough on one of the shortest levels
    in the game, Bonus Scam 1: Edzilla. Updated Secrets. Fixed more spelling
    1/12/06: Version 0.85
    It's been a week since my last update! Sorry for getting inactive all of a
    sudden. Scam 4 checked off. FAQ section now contains Usage of Guide notice. 
    Bonus Scam Walkthrough section created. Fixed more errors.
    1/18/06: Version 0.90
    School has been a bit of an impact on me. Good thing I'm almost done with the
    walkthrough! Now lists all characters in the game, the kids grouped into three
    categories. Scam 5 completed. Secrets updated. Scam 4 update with an
    interesting discovery for the race against Kevin.
    1/22/06: Version 0.95
    Almost done! Scam Walkthrough finished. I now know how the Control Pad works,
    so the Controls section gets updated. Updated Secrets. Updated Sarah in the 
    Cul-de-sac. Updated FAQ section with another website allowed to use any of my
    current and future FAQS.
    1/23/06: Version 1.00
    The Walkthrough is finished! I can now say the guide is complete, but there's
    still some stuff I want to do with the guide, so I can't put in the Final
    version yet. Bonus Scam 2 finished. Secrets updated. Time to work on character
    quotes! If anyone can suggest ideas for improving the guide, that would be
    1/31/05: Version 1.05
    Many websites now have my guide, so the FAQ section gets an update. I decided 
    to play the game again and got some more interesting discoveries. Also, my 
    definition of Unlimited Damage was wrong, so Secrets section gets updated.
    3. FAQ
    The following questions are of my own creation.
    "How can I use this guide for anything else other than for help in the game?"
    If you want the guide to be posted on your site, I don't really care what you 
    do with it as long as it is being used for non-profit reasons and that you 
    keep my Copyright, as I am the Creator of this guide, not you. I would like a 
    notice beforehand if you're going to put this guide on your site, just so I 
    know where it's going. If I don't like how you did my guide, I will ask for 
    you to correct the mistakes, or I will ask you to take it down. Failure to 
    listening to this warning is a violation of Copyright. Just heed the warning, 
    I don't want to have to deal with situations like this.
    These sites are allowed to use my guide currently:
    Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com)
    Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    Cheat Happens (www.cheathappens.com)
    World of Nintendo (www.freewebs.com/world_of_nintendo)*
    Super Cheats (www.supercheats.com)
    Game Play World (www.gameplayworld.com)
    Absolut Cheats (www.absolutcheats.com)
    *= My actual site.
    "Is there by any chance that I can help you with this guide?"
    There are two parts that I feel I need someone's help with. The character 
    quotes are so difficult to come up, as there are so many in the game. If 
    anyone is willing to do this job for me, you will be credited for helping make 
    the guide a success in the Credits section.
    Also, like the Introduction says, I may not have covered everything or you
    happen to have the "Other Version" of this game and that there are some parts
    not listed here. Feel free to email me them.
    I will also read any suggestions that could be made to improve the guide. I
    want to get as much work done as needed before I release the Final version.
    After that, I will continue answering questions, but I will no longer update
    my guide. I'll make a topic in the Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy forum at Gamefaqs for
    opinions and suggestions about my guide. Once the guide recieves the final
    version, I will close it. You can also send opinions and suggestions via email
    I will be glad to answer any questions you may have with the game or the guide 
    itself. Please don't send me emails asking how to clear a part of the game, as
    I already have it covered, although I will help you with your problem if
    you're one of the impatient types. If your question is interesting enough,
    I'll put it up here.
    4. Controls
    Control Stick: Move Character
    Control Pad: Move Character
    A: Jump
    B: Attack
    C stick: Move Camera
    Y: Special Ablity (Ed and Edd only)
    X: Weapon (Edd and Eddy only)
    L: Formation
    R: Switch leaders
    Z: First Person View
    Start: Pause Menu
    5. Characters
    Here, I will introduce you to all of the kids in the Cul-de-sac.  I'll give a 
    brief bio on what I think suits each character. I will also list what Scams 
    they're found in and also if they hang out in the Cul-de-sac.
    Note: If you ever got the Volume 1 version of the show, you may have watched
    Jonny's version of each of the bios. His is actually a little more detailed,
    but he does not mention Nazz, so this is the only place where you'll get
    information about her (except cartoonnetwork.com of course).
    1: The Eds
    The Eds are the only characters that you can play as. Not only will I give a 
    bio for each Ed, I'll also tell you the strengths and weaknesses of each 
    character, as well as Special Abilites. You can't find a better place to know 
    about the Eds than here.
    He has one eyebrow. He wears both a green jacket and a red and white striped 
    shirt. He loves monster movies. He wanted to see the Rebel Robot Ranch movie, 
    but was too young to see it.
    He is the strongest member of the group. He does not have a weapon. 
    In Batter-Ed formation, almost nothing that gets in his way ever survives 
    without being damaged. The formation is also good for races, because it's very
    B: Pound
    Y: Lift and Throw Stuff, Dig in sandboxes
    L: Batter-Ed
    He is one of the smartest kids, and is also polite. He labels his belongings 
    in his room. His parents use sticky notes to tell Edd about things. While he
    is great in knowledge, he does not get exercise. It's a wonder how he keeps up
    with the more active Eds. Edd wears a orange shirt and a black hat. We don't
    know what's under it, but only Ed and Eddy know as of now.
    He is the smartest member of the group. His Slingshot fires water balloons,
    which is useful for hitting faraway targets. If Edd's view is switched to 
    First Person mode, he can still use the Slingshot. He can also activate 
    things. In Trampol-Edd formation, Edd can break away from the group for a 
    little bit to reach distant objects. You'll need the formation to activate 
    things on a higher elevation than he is. If not for his ability to activate
    things and smart ideas, Edd is almost useless. He's very weak, so he is dealt
    the most damage and his Ruler attack takes longer to activate than the others, 
    which could cost the Eds dearly. Good thing the Eds have unlimited lives.
    B: Ruler
    Y: Activate Things
    X: Slingshot
    L: Trampol-Edd
    He loves Jawbreakers and wants to get money so he can purchase some of the
    sweet balls of joy. He gets money by doing Scams...and getting lucky. He wants
    to be the center of attention to all the other kids. Eddy is the man with the
    plan for getting Jawbreakers. Eddy wears a yellow shirt and is the shortest of
    the kids, even smaller than Sarah.
    He is the sneakiest member of the group. The "El Mongo Stink Bomb" can stun
    enemies for a little bit. In the Tower of Eddy, you can walk across narrow
    wooden planks. Eddy is best for dealing with enemies, since his weapon has the
    longest range and activates rather quickly. You can easily defeat a strong 
    enemy from several inches away.
    B: Yo-yo
    X: Stink Bomb
    L: Tower of Eddy
    2: The Other Kids
    Here, I will introduce you to the rest of the kids. Even if you are a veteran
    of the show, you might learn something about each kid. Just read here so
    you'll know each kid a little better if you don't watch the show. I'll also
    list the locations of the kids in the Cul-de-sac, and also in the Scams.
    Note: All of the kids except the Kanker Sisters appear in Scam 3.
    Jonny 2x4
    He's pretty annoying around people, which can get on someone's nerves. He has
    a very active imagination. Some of the time, he joins in on the Eds' Scams,
    including one where he becomes even more annoying (Shoo Ed). I don't know how
    he got the name "Jonny 2x4 (2 by 4)", but it could be because of Plank. He is
    a member of the Urban Rangers.
    Found in: Cul-de-sac (near Revenge of Ed-Zilla level), Scam 2 (complex sewer
    system before Jimmy's backyard), Scam 3 (area with the bees and cutscene at
    end of Scam), and Scam 6 (on a tree stump next to an electrical fence).
    He's not a kid...really. He is a board, but is Jonny's best friend. Plank has
    been drawn on with crayons, forming the eyes and mouth. Plank can "see" 
    things, which is surprisingly accurate. He's not bad and all, but don't you
    think Jonny has gone a little too far? Like Jonny, he happens to be a member
    of the Urban Rangers.
    Found in: Same areas as Jonny.
    He is the kid who has the retainer around his mouth. He spends most of his
    time with Sarah, but has his moments by himself. Jimmy has improved recently
    on how he does stuff because he was taught by Eddy on how to make money. He
    is very weak, good thing for him Sarah has muscle. He is also a member of the
    Urban Rangers.
    Found in: Cul-de-sac (near Scam 4), Scam 1 (with Sarah), Scam 2 (at his
    backyard), Scam 3 (painting and with Sarah and also cutscene at end of Scam), 
    Scam 4 (Whack-a-Jimmy game), Scam 5 (cutscene at the beginning and end of 
    Scam), and Scam 6 (near the end of the first area).
    Ed's baby sister. Sarah is a meanie on the Eds, but only on a few episodes
    does Sarah act nicer around them. She's in love with Edd because of a rare
    flower Edd gave to her. Sarah hangs around with Jimmy pretty often.
    Found in: Cul-de-sac (near Scam 5), Scam 1 (with Jimmy), Scam 3 (with Jimmy), 
    and Bonus Scam 2 (cutscene at end of Scam).
    The only other girl in the Cul-de-sac besides Sarah. The boys can't get enough
    of her, not even Kevin. She may be easy to impress, but she packs a punch if
    you get her mad. She cares about everyone in the Cul-de-sac.
    Found in: Cul-de-sac (near Scam 4) and Scam 3 (at the school and cutscene at
    end of Scam).
    Besides Edd, he's the only kid in the Cul-de-sac with a hat. He's considered
    an enemy of the Eds because he's pretty aggressive when mad. He calls the Eds 
    "dorks". He likes his bike and gets angry if anyone messes with it.
    Found in: Cul-de-sac (near Scam 4), Scam 2 (cutscene at end of Scams), Scam 3 
    (at the school and near the end of Scam and also cutscene at end of Scam), and 
    Scam 4 (at the end of Scam).
    He is from a different land, considering his unique religion. He does stuff 
    the kids think are weird. He has his own small farm (small might be an
    understatement considering the room he has...) in the Cul-de-sac. He calls the
    pig Wilfred and the goat Victor. His farm also has cows, and chickens, which
    Ed likes.
    Found in: Cul-de-sac (near Jonny), Scam 1 (at his backyard), Scam 2 (cutscene
    at beginning of Scam), Scam 3 (cutscene at beginning and end of Scam), Scam 4
    (cutscene at beginning and end of Scam and also with Victor), and Scam 6 (with
    3: The Kanker Sisters
    These girls are in love with the Eds, but the Eds sure aren't with them. They
    live in the Trailer Park. They want to marry the Eds. I wonder what their kids
    might look like if they indeed get married...kinda scary don't you think?
    Anyway, they mean trouble if you encounter them. You'll have your revenge on
    them in Scams 2 and 6.
    Found in: Scam 2 (with Jonny and at the end of Scam), Bonus Scam 1 (end of 
    Scam and cutscene at end of Scam), Scam 5 (beginning area), and Scam 6 (end of 
    She's the sister with the red hair that covers her eyes. She's in love with
    Eddy. She treasures the Ship in The Bottle dearly.
    She's the sister with the yellow hair. She's in love with Ed. She gets angry
    if you mess with her hair.
    She's the sister with the blue hair. She's in love with Edd. She seems to be
    the trickiest of the girls.
    6. Navigating the Menus
    When you turn on your system, you will reach the Title Screen. Press Start to 
    go to the Main Menu. If you're new to the game, or want to start a new file,
    select New Game and choose a file to put the new data in. If all three files 
    have something in them, you will need to overwrite one of them in order to
    play the game. Be ABSOLUTELY SURE you want to delete one of the files, because
    you CANNOT get it back. And if you deleted a friend's file, he might not be
    happy with you...of course, if your friend does come by and wants to continue 
    his game, he can select Continue Game and choose which file to use. Of course,
    there's also the Credits if you want to see the staff that helped make this
    game. The A Button confirms your selection, while B cancels it. When you go to
    see the files, there will be some data showing your progress in the game. You
    will see the percentage of the game you have completed. This amount is
    determined by how much "key" stuff you've collected. All that is in the next 
    row. You will see how many Jawbreakers you got, the costume pieces you have, 
    the Easter Eggs you obtained, and how much money you collected (this doesn't 
    affect the percentage). Choose one of the files to begin loading it.
    Now, Press Start and you'll access the Pause Menu. You will first see the
    Objectives Screen. Look here for a remainder on what the goal is. The next
    menu is the Status Screen. Here, you'll see your current progress on items.
    You can look here to see how any Jawbreakers, Pieces of a Costume, and Easter
    Eggs you have total, and in each Scam. The last menu is the Options Screen,
    and you'll see what you have. The Jawbreakers section shows all the different
    flavors of those favorites of the Eds. There's also an infamous saying with 
    the Jawbeakers that was mentioned by one of the characters in the TV show.
    Something good will happen if you collect all 40 Jawbreakers. The Costumes 
    section shows what pieces of what costume you have collected. You can get 
    Costume Pieces by digging in each of the sandboxes in the game. The Easter 
    Eggs section is just a fun way to change the looks of the Eds in the game, 
    but some Easter Eggs reveal hidden movies, these you'll have to go to Movie 
    Booths in the Cul-da-sac. The cheats section is locked until you do something
    rather difficult in the game. And, last but not least is the Setup section.
    Adjust the Sound and Music settings to your liking and you can also turn on or
    off the Rumble setting. Unless you want to save manuelly, it's best to turn on
    Autosave just so you won't lose the work you just completed. I have no idea
    what Invert Camera does, so maybe I'll update this in the next update. Next is
    Exit to Cul-de-sac. Use this option if you need to leave the scam you're
    currently playing. Last but not least is Exit to Menu. If you want to play a
    different file and don't want to shut off the game, choose this option. If
    using either option, make sure you have saved what you collected. If not,
    you'll have to it over again.
    7. Items
    There's quite a bit of stuff to collect, so it's best you read this section.
    Jawbreakers: The Eds' favorite candy. These are the most valuable items in 
    the game. You will need to search everywhere in the levels to find them. You 
    can also buy Vintage Jawbreakers using Coins you collected on the Jawbreaker 
    Dispenser machine found in the Cul-da-sac. The price increases for each 
    purchase, so it takes longer to get each additional Jawbreaker.
    Coolectibles: They are little blue balls of energy you get from defeating
    enemies. If you take damage during the game, be sure to collect these little
    guys to restore energy.
    Coins: The best thing next to Jawbreakers. You need these to buy Vintage
    Sandboxes: There is one in every level except the Bonus Scams. Have Ed dig in
    these for something good. The sandbox in the Cul-da-suc has Coins in them.
    Chickens: These are the guys to go after if you want Easter Eggs. Using Ed,
    stun the Chickens with your attack, then press Y to grab them. The Chicken
    will explode, turning into an Easter Egg.
    8. Types of Scams
    Before we go through the Walkthrough, you might want to look at this section,
    as this tells you what you could expect. In the walkthrough, I'll list the
    type of scam you have to do.
    Normal: The Eds simply try to complete the objective.
    Stealth: The Eds must go through an area or complete an objective without
    being seen by one of the other kids. Enemies are ok to be around with.
    Rescue: One of the Eds is missing and the other Eds must try to find him and
    reunite. You'll only find this in Bonus Scam 2.
    Race or Timed Event: The Eds must reach the goal before someone else or try to
    complete an objective before time runs out.
    9. Scam Walkthrough
    Basicly, when a Scam begins, I'll say the episode you'll playing in and the
    Scam's main objective. I'll also list any Sub-Scams and give you one of the
    Types of Scams above. Next is how to complete it. At the end of the Scam, I'll
    list what you should have by now. If it doesn't match, go back and look
    through the area again until you find that missing object. I will also list 
    interesting points about some stuff in the game, like where a certain song in 
    the game came from what episode in the TV show. It will be displayed as Note:.
    Although the game starts with Scam 1, I'm beginning this Walkthrough with the
    Cul-de-Sac. No missions here, so the only use of this section is to get around
    the place to reach the levels or find that Vintage Jawbreaker machine.
    From where you enter the Cul-de-Sac after completing Scam 1, this is how
    everything is arranged. You'll notice some ordinary items like mailboxes, but
    the crates in the area may hold some cash. Scam 2 (Pin the Tail on the Ed) is 
    right in front of you, while Bonus Scam 1 (Revenge of Edzilla) is right behind 
    Jonny. When you obtain the Easter Egg in Scam 4, the movie booth is to your 
    right. Scam 1 (Cool Yer Ed) is found at the corner with the fence after Rolf. 
    When you are facing a fence, Bonus Scam 2 (Rebel Robot Ranch) is right in 
    front of a poster, while the movie booth for Scam 5 is found to the right of 
    the poster. 
    Head left here and you'll find another crate (that one has cash) as well as a 
    pile of dirt. If you attack it, you'll hear a chicken and the pile disappears.
    To your right is a sandbox which has some cash in it. The entrance to Scam 3 
    (It must be something I Ed) is at the end of this section. The thing to note, 
    though, is the Vintage Jawbreaker machine just near the sandbox. The price 
    increases with every purchase. The price for the first Jawbreaker is only 1 
    coin, and it increases to 2 for the next purchase. You will get the same 
    Jawbreakers from the machine even if you start new files.
    Exit the area and continue going towards the woods. To your left is a shortcut
    back to the Cul-de-Sac, but I don't think it's worth the damage going through
    the fence in that path using the Batter-Ed formation. Go straight here and 
    you'll find the entrance to the Trailer Park and Scam 6 (X marks the Ed). 
    Note: X marks the Ed is the name of an episode in the TV show. The theme
    is the same, except the map is complete and the Eds dig underneith the trailer
    instead of going inside. Head back to the beginning of the woods and go down
    the only path you haven't crossed yet. To your left is the movie booth that is
    available to use after completing something special in Scam 6. Continue going
    forward and you'll reach Sarah (only after Scam 4), as well as a spooky 
    looking house. This is where you enter Scam 5 (Nightmare on Ed Street). Note: 
    This is the same house as Honor Thy Ed, where the Eds enter a house that 
    appears to be empty in order to get the Jawbreaker from Kevin. Head back to 
    where the movie booth is and go down the only other path right here. Here 
    you'll find Jimmy, Nazz, Kevin, a bunch of crates and trash cans, and the 
    entrance to Scam 4 (Ed on Arrival). Note: After Scam 3 and before Scam 4, all 
    kids in the Cul-de-sac area except Sarah move to the entrance to Scam 4.
    Now you know how to get around the Cul-de-Sac. Get ready to enter one of the
    levels now. Let's start with Scam 1.
    Scam 1: Cool Yer Ed
    Main Objective: Collect ice cubes to make snowcones. (Normal)
    This Scam was made to let you learn how to play the game. Mainly, it's
    going to test Ed's ability to left and throw, but you'll be learning other
    things as well.
    Current Objective: Find a way to open the door. (Normal)
    Start by switching to Ed so you can see how Ed picks up and throws the
    basketball. When you're done, open up the cooler by attacking it. Out comes
    some ice for your Scam. A squirrel also comes out of the cooler. Jimmy, who is
    nearby, gets frightened by the sudden appearance and runs to the next yard,
    opening the door.
    You should have 1 Ice Pack right now.
    Current Objective: Break the log pile to access the next yard. (Normal)
    In the next yard, learn to use Eddy's Stink Bomb and how it affects animals.
    Then, head over to the corner opposite that of the pool to pick up another
    ice pack from the cooler. Use Batter-Ed to smash the crate sticking out from
    the logs. You will gain access to the next two yards. A Chicken Chase will
    begin when you enter. Switch to Ed and stun the Chicken, then pick it up.
    You'll earn your first Easter Egg. Red Squirrels! These guys are nasty. They
    can stick onto you and deal damage like every 3 seconds! Jump up and down to 
    shake them off, then hit them 2 times to defeat them.
    You should have 2 Ice Packs, in addition to the Easter Egg you just got.
    Current Objective: Get rid of the dog. (Normal)
    In the next yard, ignore the dog and look to your left. You should see a
    sandbox. Have Ed dig in there to get a Costume Piece. If you try to grab the
    cooler next to the dog, he'll bite you. It's pretty powerful, so stay away if
    you can. Note: It is possible to get the cooler without getten biten, but the
    ice pack must head towards the doghouse, otherwise you'll recieve a vicious
    bite, but good for you if you do get the ice pack. To get rid of the dog, head
    back into the previous yard and as Ed, stun the cat and throw it at the dog.
    The dog will chase a cat as it breaks part of the fence.
    You should have 3 Ice Packs, 1 Easter Egg, and 1 Costume Piece now.
    Current Objective: Shoot Jimmy's doll without being seen. (Stealth)
    Oooo, a Stealth mission. Some of you like these kind of missions. Anyway,
    check the trash cans on the other side of the yard. Something good is hiding
    there. Head on over to the next yard where you'll trigger a cutscene where you
    see another cooler. You have to get it without being seen by Sarah or Jimmy.
    To do it, use Edd and in first person mode on the bench, shoot the dolls Jimmy
    has up. There are three and the two will go away once the third doll goes 
    down. Grab the ice pack from the cooler and head into the next yard.
    Note: You do not lose a life if you get seen by Sarah, you'll just reappear at
    the bench and Sarah and Jimmy don't know where you are.
    You should have four Ice Packs, 1 Easter Egg, 1 Costume Piece, and 1
    Current Objective: Find a way to open Jimmy's door. (Normal)
    Sarah and Jimmy went into the house next door. You have to get them to come
    out somehow. Not to worry, since you have Ed, there is a way. First of all,
    watch out for the Red Squirrels. They're up to no good as usual. You see those
    other squirrels though? Think about it. When you opened the first cooler, a
    squirrel came out. That scared Jimmy. What would happen if you do the same
    thing here? Stun one of the squirrels and pick them up using Ed. Toss them 
    into the house from the window. Three will trigger a scene with Jimmy and 
    Sarah being chased by the squirrels and leaving the house. Head inside the
    You didn't collect anything in this objective, so as long as you have the
    items from the previous objective, you're in great shape here.
    Current Objective: Break the door to exit the kitchen. (Normal)
    Time for Ed to shine again. Grab the fringe using Ed, then toss it at the door
    with the red circle with a slash mark. For some strange reason, this triggers
    the final ice pack appearance. Collect it, then use the Batter-Ed to smash the
    door. Inside, smash the crates for 4 coins, then head outside.
    You should have all 5 Ice Packs, 1 Easter Egg, 1 Costume Piece, and 1
    Jawbreaker now.
    Current Objective: Get to the inside of the barn. (Normal)
    Continue along the path and you will be in Rolf's backyard. Not more Red
    Squirrels! Take them out, then head towards either the house or the shed, both
    will trigger the same scene. The Eds find a meatball machine that Rolf is
    using. The meatballs are the perfect size for their scam, so the Eds rush over
    to the machine, only to be stopped by Rolf and shoos them away. If Rolf isn't
    willing to give up the machine by talking to him, you'll have to force him to
    change his mind. Go to the pig pen and use the Batter-Ed on the wooden plank 
    blocking the entrance to the pen. The pigs will leave the pen and go wild.
    Rolf then begs to the Eds to help him. In exchange for the return of his pigs,
    Rolf will let you use his machine. Using Ed, stun the pigs, then throw them
    back into the pen. You need to return all three pigs. Rolf will then walk over
    to the pen, giving you access to the shed again.
    Nothing here.
    Current Objective: Convert Snow using the meatball machine. (Normal)
    Go inside the shed and switch to Edd to activate the machine to clear the 
    Scam. But wait! Before you do so, there is cash to be found in the hay area to
    the left. There's also a Jawbreaker there. By the time you finish the Scam,
    you should have collected 11% of the items, should you have gotten everything
    in this Scam.
    Altogether, you should have 5 Ice Packs, 2 Jawbreakers, 1 Easter Egg, and 1
    Costume Piece.
    Scam 2: Pin the Tail on the Ed
    Part 1 Main Objective: Find the way to Jimmy's backyard. (Normal)
    This Scam is to let you learn what Edd can do. You'll spend most of the time
    under Edd as the leader, but there's plenty of other stuff too, including new
    You'll meet two new enemies right away in this Scam. The first is the Rat, the
    easiest enemy to defeat in the game, but their numbers could overwhelm you.
    One hit will take them down though, so swinging that weapon several times will 
    get you through a group of them. But wait, weren't there only two Rats right 
    here? Where did that third one come from? Oh, another Rat came out from that 
    pipe! Hit the pipe to damage it, then finish off the Rats that sneaked into
    the sewers, and continue. You'll find more Rats, and a Gator. Gators are nasty
    creatures. They have the most health (they take five hits to die), but they
    also bring out the most health (3 balls of energy) when defeated. Use Eddy,
    otherwise the Gator will get at least one bite in the leader. Continue going
    through the sewers until you reach some trash cans, but also toxic cans. Don't
    hit the toxic cans, otherwise you'll be dealt damage everytime you're on the
    toxic stuff. Head on over to the gap on the right and you'll trigger a
    You shouldn't have collected anything here.
    Current Objective: Find a way to open the bridge. (Normal)
    Follow what Edd just said in the scene, but go to the other side of the 
    platform you're on to grab a Jawbreaker just to the left of the small 
    platforms. Unless you want 1 coin or more energy, don't go any further into 
    the water in the direction of the Jawbreaker, because there's a Gator in the
    water. You'll face more Gators, but you'll have to defeat at least one of them
    in order to use the Trampol-Edd formation to lift Edd onto the platform with
    the volve. If the Eds are attacked during a formation, they will not be dealt
    damage, but they will automatically exit the formation. Don't forget the Coins 
    found in some of the Crates here. Get rid of the two Rats as Edd if necessary,
    because even though Rats are very easy to take out, they pose a threat to Edd.
    Use Y to turn the volve, then wait for the other Eds. 
    You should have 1 Jawbreaker right now.
    When the group is reunited again, head deeper into the sewer. Take out any 
    Rats and Gators that get in your way. When you reach the next room, only go
    into the water if you want cash. Two Gators await you below. Use Edd to hit
    the blue target to let a bridge appear. Take out the rats and open the door
    using Edd. Take out more Rats and Gators, and you'll reach a junction. 
    Continue going forward and you'll find a Clam, an exclusive enemy only to this 
    Scam. Clams are like Red Squirrels, except they cannot be defeated. Very 
    annoying. Stun the Clam, then move the trash cans so Edd can unlock the door. 
    Up ahead, another Chicken Chase starts. The Chicken is going a little faster 
    this time. The Chicken Chases get tougher the further you advance in the game. 
    If you use Eddy and chase the Chicken as soon as the Chase starts, you should 
    stun both the Clam and the Chicken, allowing Ed to pick up the Chicken without 
    getting biten by the Clam. Unless you want more money, there is no reason to 
    continue going here, as you'll get to the same room via the other path at the 
    junction. If you do continue, remember to not hit any toxic cans, and search 
    crates for cash. At the end, there is another volve, use Edd to activate it. 
    Head back to the junction and go the other direction. You'll face another 
    Gator, avoid it if you can. There are four Rats here. To open the door ahead, 
    you need to use Trampol-Edd to access the volve in the room. When the door is 
    open, clear the long corridor of Rats and pipes before doing anything else. 
    You should see some white walls, use Batter-Ed on them. The first one is only
    good for a little extra cash, but the second one has a Jawbreaker. Both 
    contain a Gator, and you may have to take the Gators out. Head over to the 
    next room, and you'll be in a scene with the missing volve. You'll see Jonny 
    for the first time too.
    2 Jawbreakers and 1 Easter Egg should be on your list now.
    Current Objective: Turn the volves to lower the water level. (Normal)
    Picky, aren't we? Jonny will not give up the volve unless you lower the water
    level. I liked Ed's idea of getting rid of the water, lol. Head over to where
    you first entered the room and face the gap. You should see a blue target. Use
    Edd and fire at the target to make a bridge appear. Do it again after you
    cross. As you head over to the volve, watch out for Marie Kanker and her kiss.
    When the level lowers, drop down from the platform between the bridges and Lee
    Kanker will give it a shot from the floor. Watch out for Clams and lower the
    water level again. When you reach the final volve, May Kanker will attack.
    Jonny comes down to this level after you've lowered the water three times.
    Before heading back up, go to the end of the path. A Jawbreaker is hidden
    inbetween crates in a corner. Head up the top level and grab Plank. Jonny will
    then be forced to give up the volve and Edd installs it. 
    You should have Three Jawbreakers and an Easter Egg.
    Use Edd to activate it and head inside. Take care of more Rats as you approach
    the final area of the sewers. Be sure to take out the pipe so the Rats won't 
    become a problem. Be careful if you plan to go near the waters, 4 Gators await
    you. When you're done with the sewers, head up the path until you reach the 
    end. This leads to Jimmy's backyard.
    Nothing here...
    Part 2 Main Objective: Create a diversion by smashing the pinatas. (Normal)
    Current Objective: Use Trampol-Edd to smash open the pinatas. (Normal)
    Before you begin smashing the pinatas, look in one of the corners for the
    Scam's sandbox for Ed to dig in. Also, three of the same objects in this area
    hold three Coins each. When you're done with those two jobs, go break each
    pinata. One of them is near the sandbox, another near a tree, and the other is
    near the table stands on a high platform. While in Trampol-Edd formation,
    press A to jump higher. This breaks the pinata. The first pinata releases
    three cats. The second contains the final Jawbreaker. Third releases some big
    coins. These you can't collect. A cutscene shows Jimmy surprised by what's
    happened to his pinatas. While Edd is smacking one of the pinatas, the Kanker
    Sisters get released and the Eds run away.
    Four Jawbreakers, an Easter Egg, and a Costume Piece should be with you right
    Current Objective: Shoot the beehives and pinatas when the Kankers stop near
    them. (Normal)
    You could consider this a boss battle. Lee and May Kanker pop up from the
    ground to throw kisses at you while Marie runs here and there. Throwing a
    water balloon at Lee or May Kanker will only stun them and force them to go
    back inside, only to appear in a different spot to attack again. To defeat
    them, you need to shoot the beehives and pinatas, but it will only affect the
    Kanker Sisters if Marie Kanker is under an object you shoot down. Hit Marie
    two times with objects to force them to move to another location. The bees
    chase the Kankers in the cutscenes. The Kanker Sisters move to the entrance to
    the sewers after Round 1. Then they move to the pool after Round 2. They give
    up after you hit Marie a total of six times. The Kanker Sisters run away with
    the bees right behind them. Chances are you'll lose a life in the Third Round,
    so don't worry about that. You'll start right off in what Round you lost in.
    You should have completed 25% of the game after this.
    You need not check anything off here.
    Scam 3: It must be something I Ed
    Part 1 Main Objective: Get to the Candy Store fast for free Jawbreakers. 
    Ok, you need not rush this Scam, otherwise you'll miss out on some
    valuables. Though you use the Eds' abilites a lot more often here, the theme
    goes to Eddy this time. Note: The song in this Scam is similar to the one used 
    in the Cul-de-sac. 
    Before you find a way to the next yard, head into an overhang to
    get some Coins. Then, get rid of the Rats and Red Squirrels and grab more
    coins next to some trash cans. Use Batter-Ed on a strange looking object
    (looks like a billboard) to break it apart. Eddy then realizes they're in the
    wrong yard and wants to get out fast. Edd inspects the mess Ed made. He
    notices a narrow wooden board sitting diagonally over a fence to the next yard
    and mentions that they need to form a sort of "tower" to make it to the end of
    the board. Use the Tower of Eddy to go up the plank. Meanwhile, you should be
    hearing crying...sounds like Jimmy is having a tough time.
    Nothing here.
    Current Objective: Return all of Jimmy's dolls to the Sandbox.
    All of Jimmy's dolls are up in the tree branches, and Sarah listens to what
    happened according to Jimmy. Sarah then wants Ed to bring them back to Jimmy,
    but not in a polite manner, then stands on a table. Sarah makes me mad 
    everytime she yells. Anyway, time to use the Tower of Eddy again. First, get 
    rid of the three Red Squirrels in this section, then use the formation to 
    reach the tree branches, press B to grab them, then press the button again 
    while near the sandbox to drop them near Jimmy. If you drop them elsewhere,
    they'll break and you'll lose one of your infinite lives. There are three 
    dolls. This objective is one of the most annoying, because this is one of a
    few of the areas in the game where enemies actually regenerate. Watch out for 
    the squirrels as you bring the other two dolls to Jimmy. Sarah then leaves the
    table once the third doll is next to Jimmy, allowing you to use Batter-Ed on
    it to get out of here. Make it so the table can be used to escape once you
    jump on it. Don't forget to dig in the sandbox before you go, the final
    Edzilla Piece is found there.
    You should now have 1 Costume Piece.
    Take out the rats and ignore the trash cans to your left. Only use this board
    if you forgot to grab money or to dig in the sandbox. Edd can activate the
    tractor up ahead, but it will do no good other than turn it on. You must find
    another way to the other side. Not to worry, there is one other path. Head
    right to deal with more Rats and Red Squirrels. Ed is good to use here. You'll
    see another of the object you used Batter-Ed on in the first yard. Use the
    Tower of Eddy when you knock it down. Deal with the Red Squirrel that comes
    after you when you enter the next yard. Other than the one or two Rats near
    you, the only good it'll do to defeat the enemies in this area is to grab
    energy (you had a chance in the other yard too), they won't get in the way. Do
    the same thing here that you just did to enter this yard to go up a level.
    Switch to Ed and use your Slingshot on the blue target to lower the plank
    down. Note: This is used to great effect in Scams 4 and 6. Use the Tower of
    Eddy to cross the next two boards. 
    I hope you remembered to grab the Costume Piece, because once you drop down to 
    the other side, it'll be difficult to get back, because the board that curves 
    upward is just slightly higher than it should be. Don't bother with the area 
    to your left, just keep going forward. Use the Batter-Ed to break through the 
    weak parts of these obstacles. Halfway through this part of the woods is an 
    area with lots of Crates, meaning lots of money is to be found. There is 
    another one of this obstacle just to your left. Inside this rather restricted 
    area is the Scam's Chicken. You'll have to jump over tree roots and be on the 
    inside of the long loop to reach the Chicken. There isn't anything else other 
    than a trickier set of roots and a low fence further up ahead, but depending 
    on where you are, it might actually be faster going this way then it is 
    Continue heading deeper into the woods and you'll find another Tractor, as 
    well as a ledge. Since the Tractor can't be activated on this side, you'll 
    have to use Trampol-Edd to go up the ledge. Avoid the enemies if you can, but 
    take out the ones near the Tractor. When the Eds are reunited, have Edd shoot
    the bridge with the blue target on it to knock it down. More enemies and
    obstacles await you on the other side. When you make it to the end of this
    path, Kevin awaits you guys in the yard in front of the school.
    You should have 1 Easter Egg and 1 Costume Piece.
    Current Objective: Knock off all the trash cans before time runs out. (Timed
    He says dorks to the Eds, but with the way he talks, he's kinda like a dork
    too. He isn't as bad as Sarah though. The Chicken Races were actually the
    first events that were timed. The timer here is about 3-5 times slower though.
    Do what Kevin says and pick up the basketball and throw it at the trash cans
    nearest to the Eds. Make sure they are all knocked off before going to the
    next batch. You can also use the knocked down trash cans, but you must be 
    closer to the cans then usual to knock them down. When all are knocked down,
    Kevin then goes away and you can go to the next yard. Almost there...
    Nothing collected.
    Current Objective: Find a way to get rid of the bees. Maybe Jonny's honey
    could help...
    Bees stop you from going any further. If you try to get past them, they'll
    deal damage (when I had one of the cheats on, they dealt damage close to half
    a full health bar for some strange reason). Edd suggests distracting the bees
    with honey. Jonny just happens to have honey, but he won't give it up (just
    like with the volve incident in Scam 2). Before you try to get Jonny to give
    up the honey, look behind a pile of doghouses for a Jawbreaker. When you want
    to move on, look for where Jonny is and shoot one of the objects hanging above 
    him to land on him. If successful, the bees will head on over to Jonny, and
    you can continue to the last yard. Break the crates in the area for more cash.
    Now, I don't know if your version of the game has the dog here, because mine 
    didn't. If it does, go up the stairs and use the Tower of Eddy to walk across
    the plank. If not, just go through the normal way. Take care of the enemies
    and crates before using Edd to unlock the steel door blocking the entrance to
    the Candy Store. 
    You should have 1 Easter Egg, 1 Costume Piece, and 1 Jawbreaker.
    Part 2 Main Objective: Avoid being seen by the other kids and go to Eddy's
    Room. (Stealth)
    This other half requires that you don't get seen by the other kids. That won't
    be easy, as all of the kids (except Rolf and the Kanker Sisters, thankfully), 
    are outside doing something.
    When the game returns control to you, you'll find a dog. Though powerful, the
    dog is less dangerous than the kids themselves, because you automatically lose
    a life if you get seen, though you're safe around regular enemies. There are
    no cats to distract him with this time, so you'll have to find another way.
    Hop into a nearby box and get ready to go towards the dog. The dog will then
    go going in circles slowly (he must be looking for you and don't know where
    you are...). When you're near the dog, only move when the dog isn't looking in
    your direction, otherwise you'll get biten. The dog moves counter-clockwise,
    so try to get past him by going to the left side of the dog. As long as you go
    to the other side, it's ok if you get biten, because at this rate, you don't 
    need to pay as much attention to your health bar, because enemies are scarce.
    Nothing to collect.
    Current Objective: Sneak past Jonny and Plank without them seeing you.
    To get past Jonny, wait until he is on the other side about to turn around to
    go to the manhole cover thingy, then run to the right side of the yard and
    wait for him to look inside the cover. That's your cue to gun it to get out
    of here. By the time you reach the next yard, Jonny should make that excited
    feeling and go away from the cover. Since you're in the next yard, you don't
    have to worry about him anymore.
    None to collect.
    Current Objective: Don't let Nazz see you. (Stealth)
    Nazz is feeding some Squirrels ahead. There are two ways to get past her, 
    but only one of them will allow you to get the second Jawbreaker. As Edd, hit 
    the school bell with your Slingshot and it should ring. While she is walking 
    over to where the bell is, run over to the Jawbreaker, then get out of there.
    You could also use the box like you did with the dog, but the other method is
    much safer. When you go over the bridge, take the path left at the junction.
    You should have 1 Easter Egg, 1 Costume Piece, and 2 Jawbreakers.
    Current Objective: Jimmy is painting just up ahead. Don't let him see you.
    Unlike the other two, this is the easiest objective to complete. As Ed, toss
    one of the paint cans at Jimmy. You'll notice the game makes adjustments so
    the can actually hits Jimmy. He will then run away and you'll be free of kids
    for a little while. Take a detour to the area where you chased the Chicken to
    grab the third Jawbreaker, then continue.
    You should have 1 Easter Egg, 1 Costume Piece, and 3 Jawbreakers.
    Current Objective: Sneak pass Sarah and Jimmy. (Stealth)
    Like Nazz, there are two ways to get past them, and again, only one of them
    will allow you to get the Jawbreaker from Jimmy. You can use the bush to get
    past them, but it's harder since Sarah's hair almost covers her face. To get
    them to go away, you must wait for Sarah to look in the direction opposite
    from where you are, and as Eddy, throw a Stink Bomb at them. The C-Stick works
    wonders here, as you'll get a better view of where Sarah is looking. The final
    Jawbreaker will be dropped as the two of them head into the final yard.
    You should have 1 Easter Egg, 1 Costume Piece, and 4 Jawbreakers.
    Current Objective: Don't let Kevin see you. (Stealth)
    Oh boy, this sure was a long level. Just one more objective and you'll clear
    the Scam. Kevin is a tricky one to get past, because he's almost always 
    moving. Activate the Tractor nearby and stay with it, away from Kevin's sight.
    The footprints near the end of the yard should give you a good idea on where
    the Tractor will go. The lead character should be on the right side of the
    Tractor AT ALL COSTS. There are some crates that hold cash, but you may not
    have enough time to collect them. Don't worry about them, just don't let Kevin
    see you. When you reach an open gate, head through it. Thankfully, this
    ends this long level. If you got everything, you should have 38% of the game
    Nothing collected right here.
    4: Ed on Arrival
    Main Objective: Navigate the obstacle course to win Rolf's Urban Ranger badge.
    This will put all of the Eds' abilites to the test. You must make it through
    all the obstacles ahead to earn the badge from Rolf. Unless you follow this
    guide carefully, you're bound to make a few mistakes if you're not so
    observant about the surroundings. Some of these obstacles are going to test
    your mental skills too, such as how to put stuff in the right order. Anyway,
    this'll be your biggest challenge yet, so take a deep breath and grab a nearby
    barrel and get ready.
    Current Objective: Lift and throw barrels to hit the targets. (Normal)
    Using the barrel you are now holding (using Ed), fire it at the plank with the
    red target on it. These are Ed's targets. Hit these with barrels to send the
    planks coming down. After you knock down the first one, grab another barrel
    and fire it at the plank to your left. This'll allow access to crates that
    have cash, but also a Rat and a barrel. When you return to the previous
    junction, try to cross the plank leading to the other side. Before you get to
    cross it, it breaks down. Tough luck. You'll have to find an alternate path.
    Too bad Edd doesn't have a jetpack. Continue using the barrels on the other
    two planks and you'll reach the other side. Take out the Rats, then Batter-Ed
    the fence on the right side, but stop as soon as you hit the fence. If you try
    to smash through the fence to the left of barrels and crates, you'll fall 
    through a pit into the water below and lose a life. Switch to Edd and go into
    First-Person mode to shoot a blue target. This'll lower a blue plank, which is
    even narrower then the ones you crossed before. You'll need the Tower of Eddy
    to cross. When you reach the other side, you'll face another enemy exclusive 
    to this Scam, like the Clams in Scam 2. This is a Fat Squirrel. This creature
    has a different attack plan than the Red Squirrels. It decides to stay back
    and shoot nuts at you. It still takes two hits, but it's somewhat easier to
    defeat than the red creatures. When you're done, continue using Ed and Edd to
    lower planks and using the Tower of Eddy to cross the blue ones. Before going
    to another side area like the other one you went into, continue going towards
    the end. Along the way, Rats and Fat Squirrels continue their attacks.
    Batter-Ed the fence and break open the crates inside. A gold coin pops out,
    this is worth 10 coins I think. Go back to the wooden bridges and enter the
    area you haven't been to yet. There are two Rats here. There's also some sort
    of dresser in this area as well. Use Ed to pick it up and throw it so you can
    get some cash. On a nearby wall is some weird looking switch. Use Edd on it
    and it opens the gate blocking your progress deeper into the construction 
    You shouldn't have collected anything.
    Take out the rat, then head up the path opposite the one you just used. Up
    ahead is another plank you have to use the Tower of Eddy on, but there's a
    twist here. There is a fridge swinging back and forth on some part of the
    plank. To avoid it and not lose a life, gun it just when the fridge crosses
    the plank. Use Ed to crush another dresser, then Batter-Ed a nearby fence. Use
    Edd, then enter the next area.
    Current Objective: Hit Jimmy when he pops up! (Timed Event)
    Hit the coin-looking thing (Eddy tells Ed how to do it in the cutscene) and
    Jimmy starts popping up in one of the 8 pipes here. Jimmy will come up a total
    of 15 times and you can still proceed farther into the area even if you miss
    Jimmy once or more, but the only way to open the white door in this area is to
    hit Jimmy all 15 times. The doors will open up. If the white door doesn't open
    up, just try again by hitting the coin until it does. Inside is a dresser and
    the first Jawbreaker. You should know what to do with the dresser by now. Head
    into the other area and take out the Fat Squirrel on top of some unbreakable
    crates. Then, drop down to the floor and search the entire floor. Take out
    some Rats and look to your left. You should see the Scam's sandbox. You know
    what to do. Head back up and climb the stack of crates. Use Edd to shoot the
    planks down, then the Tower of Eddy to cross. Take out the Fat Squirrels if 
    you to, but you'll need to take out the Rat at the end of this area. Break
    down the fence and activate the gate.
    You should have 1 Jawbreaker and 1 Costume Piece right now.
    Current Objective: Collect the power cells and bring them back to the machine.
    You'll need to find 4 power cells and put them into the generator. Ed
    gets excited with the dirt in this area, but there's nothing you can do with
    that pile. Before searching for the power cells, take out the Rats in this 
    part and examine the colors next to another white door. That order needs to be 
    followed to open the door. The order you need to put the power cells in the 
    generator is as follows: Blue, Green, Orange, and Red. The walkthrough will 
    follow the order, so unless you want to do this for yourself, you don't need 
    to remember the order. But you really should only be reading this guide for 
    help, what fun is this game if you just follow this guide? Try to at least do 
    some of the game by yourself. Anyway, head up the board near the generator 
    just to the left of the white door. Take out the Fat Squirrel and break open 
    the crates for another gold coin. While you're here, you might as well shoot 
    down the blue target to release a blue plank. That will come in handy later.
    Use the Tower of Eddy and grab the Blue Power Cell up on top of a large crate
    with the B Button. Bring it back to the generator and place it in the slot 
    next to the blue cord. Next is the Green Power Cell. Head up the plank you
    just knocked down and use Eddy's formation to walk across it. Take out the Rat
    and bring the Green Power Cell back to the generator. Place it next to the
    green cord, then Batter-Ed the fence on the opposite side of where you walked
    across the narrow plank. Before going in, head left and enter the area with
    the Red Power Cell. Get rid of the Rats there so they don't become a problem
    later. The plank above the water will break down, so don't cross it. At least
    you can walk on this water. The Trampol-Edd formation will allow you to reach
    a crate in this part of area, but it only holds one coin. Take out any Rats
    and Fat Squirrels here and Batter-Ed the fence. Switch to Eddy and time it so
    the object swinging back and forth near the Orange Power Cell passes the Eds.
    Quickly enter Tower of Eddy formation and get out of here with the power cell.
    Place the cell near the orange cord (near the blue cord), then head up the
    plank to the left of the dirt. Walk across the narrow planks and grab the Red
    Power Cell, then place it in the only empty spot in the generator. This will
    cause both doors to open. Get the Jawbreaker and dresser in the white door
    area before leaving.
    You should have 2 Jawbreakers and a Costume Piece now.
    Ahead is the Scam's Chicken. Still easy to catch but watch out for the pig
    (Wilfred?) swinging ahead. Run across when the pig crosses the board. You see
    crates and a Rat up ahead, but there is also the tough Gator here. Avoid the
    Gator if you can. There's another one up ahead, but it may be on the stairs.
    If it is, it can't get you, so go ahead and get rid of it for energy. Ignore
    everything else in this and the next area and go to where you see something
    moving around.
    You should have 2 Jawbreakers, 1 Easter Egg, and 1 Costume Piece.
    Current Objective: Use Batter-Ed on Victor to knock him into the water.
    Rolf wants you to try to beat Victor in this contest. Do what Eddy says and
    Batter-Ed Victor. Stop once you hit him, then Batter-Ed him again. You'll win
    in no time flat as long as Victor hasn't moved around much. Rolf then moves
    out of the way and you can continue. Before going over to the end of this 
    area, take a breather and look to your left. You'll be on that strange complex
    of planks and boards in a little bit. When you're ready, go to meet Kevin.
    Nothing collected here.
    Current Objective: Beat Kevin to the finish line! (Race)
    Kevin challenges you to a race! Of course, you don't have to wait for the
    timer to stop, that's only when Kevin starts to go. Just running isn't going
    to do you any good, Kevin will be ahead of you in no time. You've got to find
    a way to go faster. Simple, use the formation you used against Victor. Not
    only does the formation break things apart...it's also very fast. As long as
    you watch out for holes in the track (it'll take a few tries) and avoid the
    obstacles (crates and fences won't slow you down, but trash cans will delay
    you a bit), you should win this easily. Be on the lookout for a fence on the
    right side of the track that leads to a higher platform. It usually appears
    after you've made a pretty hard left turn at the beginning of the race. This
    little area has the final Jawbreaker near some crates. At this point, Kevin
    is sure to have passed you now, so get back in the race and pass him up. This
    track is long, but as long as you stay ahead of Kevin and avoid holes, you'll
    see the finish line eventually. Crossing this before Kevin will finish this
    Scam. If you got everything, you should see to it that you get 61% game
    Note: You have to push in the direction you want to go, otherwise Kevin can
    still beat you in Batter-Ed mode.
    You should have 3 Jawbreakers, 1 Easter Egg, and 1 Costume Piece.
    5: Nightmare on Ed Street
    Main Objective: Bring Mister Yum Yum to Jimmy. (Normal)
    So Eddy did this on purpose...he's a meanie to Jimmy. Anyway, the Kankers have
    Jimmy's bunny. They either wanted gifts in return for Mister Yum Yum or some
    kisses. The Eds know how much they don't want to be kissed, so they decide to
    give the Kankers presents. They better do it quick or Mister Yum Yum will be
    sliced in half! Actually, the ending will be the same no matter what you do, 
    so take your time on this Scam so you don't miss out on any goodies! Oh, and
    don't step into the pink light without a gift or the Kankers will run after 
    you for smooching!
    Note: I will be showing you parts of the house that appear to be the same as
    in the episode, Honor Thy Ed, because remember, this is the exact same house
    as it's showed in the cartoon.
    Current Objective: Bring the Ship in The Bottle to Lee Kanker. (Normal)
    Note: The opening area is where the Eds faked about being hurt by goats. It's
    also I think where they board the train to meet the Kanker Sisters for a
    Only one of the three doors in the opening area will be open, so go up the
    staircase. But before you do so, break open the crates for some cash. At the
    second floor, Batter-Ed the object blocking access for a Gold Coin. Head into
    the next room and ignore the two doors in this room (you can't open them right
    here). Lee Kanker will attack here, so watch out. At the next part of the
    hallway, there is a big hole. Use the Tower of Eddy to cross the plank. The
    plank will break down as soon as you cross it. You're trapped in this part of
    the area, but not for long. Head into the next room and unlock the door ahead.
    You'll need this unlocked to leave. You'll notice a pool table in this room,
    this has something important inside. Before examing the strange object on a
    shelf, go up the stairs and get the area ready for carrying things. You'll see
    yet another enemy exclusive to only one Scam. This is the Bat. They are the
    only airborne enemies in the game. These guys only require one hit, but they
    deal a good amount of damage. Take them out and the game mentions that
    something used to be on this pink pedistal. The thing is a trophy and that is
    on the shelf you saw earlier. Head back down and enter the Tower of Eddy
    formation. Pick up the trophy like you did on Jimmy's dolls in Scam 3 and the
    Power Cells in Scam 4. This ability is used very often in Scam 6. Carry the
    trophy up the staircase and set it on the pedistal. The pool table will then 
    suck out the Ship in The Bottle. Grab it using Ed, then bring it to Lee at the
    start of the Scam.
    You shouldn't have collected anything so far.
    Current Objective: Bring the Can of Axle Grease to Marie Kanker. (Normal)
    Marie wants a gift now. The door to your right is now open, which leads to yet
    another hallway. Watch out for the hole to your left. Around here, Marie will
    attack. Later on, May will give it a shot. The doors are locked and there
    seems to be no way of proceeding further. Not to worry, since you got this
    awesome guide with you, I've got you covered. There is a hole in the wall next
    to one of the locked doors. Activate the Trampol-Edd formation to allow Edd to
    go inside. There is a Jawbreaker next to the television in this room, so don't
    forget to pick it up before you leave the room. Take out the Spiders in this
    room. The Spiders act exactly like the Red Squirrels, except they require one
    hit instead of two to be defeated. Unlock the door, then use Batter-Ed on the
    object to the left of the television to uncover a switch. Use Edd. The switch
    will activate a bookcase nearby to uncover the passage underground. Don't
    forget to pick up the Jawbreaker and watch out for May if you haven't
    encountered her already. Ed's favorite event, the Chicken Chase, begins after
    you step down from the wooden stairs. You may need to use Batter-Ed here to 
    catch the Chicken. Take out more Spiders and break open the crates to unload
    the jackpot of coins. Head up the slope and activate the Trampol-Edd to get up
    onto the ledge. The Spiders should be easy to take out, even with Edd.
    Activate the volve to raise the water level. Pick up the Jawbreaker before you
    drop down the ledge. Make sure you land on the slope, the other side is water.
    Cross the wooden bridge, then take out bats as you Batter-Ed up the wooden
    bridge. You'll break open the white wall and enter a bedroom. Take out the
    Spiders and Batter-Ed the object next to the door on the left side, then use
    Edd. The bunk bed will lift up, allowing access to a hole. There isn't
    anything interesting behind the door on the side you're on, other than a
    Spider and Marie Kanker, but it does allow you to see what's coming up.
    Trampol-Edd your way past the hole and watch out for bats as you unlock the
    door in the bathroom. Grab the Trophy using Eddy, then watch the object
    swinging in the air. It is going across the area of the plank nearest to you,
    so gun it as the object passes and you should clear it. Head over to the
    pedistal and a picture will uncover the Can of Axle Grease. Use Edd to open
    the door before grabbing the can with Ed. Bring it to Marie, watching out for
    the hole in the hallway ahead.
    You should now have 2 Jawbreakers and an Easter Egg.
    Current Objective: Bring the Taxidermy Book to May Kanker. (Normal)
    May's turn now. Go through the newly open door. This is the same stairs the
    Eds went down while riding on the door in the show. The room is also the same
    but without the mirrors. The elevator to your left isn't functioning, so head
    right. Lee will give it one last shot. The Scam's final collectibles, the
    Third Jawbreaker and the Costume Piece is found here. The switch that
    activates the elevator is on top a bookcase. Use the elevator after using
    Trampol-Edd. In the library, use Trampol-Edd one more time to access another
    switch, but watch out for bats and spiders. The bookcase just below the switch
    moves over, allowing access to the final area in the Scam. Unlock the door
    before heading in, you'll be coming this way later. I always got stuck here
    before I found out I could Batter-Ed the ladder found here, allowing you to
    use the Tower of Eddy to climb the plank. You'll be crossing plank after plank
    until you reach the top. Watch out for spiders as you make your way up. Smash
    the crates in this area and to your left at the top junction. The one ahead
    is the Pedistal and the plank with the object swinging in midair has the
    trophy. Gun it when the object passes the middle section of the plank two
    times to get the trophy and bring it back. Cross the other plank to the
    Pedistal. A book will appear from another picture. The Eds will automatically
    come down and land near the book. Pick it up as Ed and bring it to May via the
    door you just opened with Edd. You'll be back in the same hallway you went
    through to get Lee's persent. She won't attack here, so bring it to the start.
    You should have 3 Jawbreakers, 1 Costume Piece, and 1 Easter Egg.
    Current Objective: Use Edd to disable the Saw. (Normal)
    The Kankers are happy with their gifts that they leave you with Mister Yum Yum
    and the Saw. Deactivate the Saw with Edd to complete the Scam. You should have
    74% of the game completed now.
    6: X Marks The Ed
    Main Objective: Get the remaining map pieces to find your Jawbreakers.
    This is the hardest Scam in the game, even Bonus Scam 2 isn't as hard as this
    one. You'll also have your final battle with the Kanker Sisters and it's a
    tough one. Also, you'll face a new enemy, the strongest one of all. Note: The
    music played in this Scam is the same music played in Know-It-All Ed.
    Current Objective: Find the first map piece. (Normal)
    You'll face an enemy exclusive to this Scam, the wild Dog. Unlike the dogs in
    the Cul-de-sac, these beasts move around and chase you instead of waiting for
    you to come to them. They're much more dangerous than normal Dogs, so take
    them out quickly. They take only 4 hits, not as much as the weaker Gators
    which take 5. As I mentioned several times, ALWAYS use Eddy to fight enemies
    if possible, as he is the best Ed suited for attacks on enemies. Anyway, in
    this first section, you will fight three Dogs. Take out the one near the gate
    so you won't have trouble bringing stuff here. You need three Power Cells to
    allow Edd to activate the gate. The one we're going after first is the only
    one not guarded by enemies. Get the red Power Cell by using Batter-Ed on the
    couch that is on its side upward. Switch to Eddy and go into the Tower of Eddy
    formation to reach the Power Cell. Bring it to the red colored generator. 
    Next, head left (you can also head right, but we'll be going left first). Use
    Edd to lower the bridge, then switch to Eddy to take out the Dog. Switch back
    to Edd and activate Trampol-Edd formation to go over a hole in the fence.
    The Rats shouldn't prove as difficult as when you faced them earlier with Edd.
    Take them out and get ready for a tricky section. Go as far as you can before
    jumping to the middle part, then to the other side. If you miss, simply try
    again until you do clear the large gap of water both times. Take out the rats
    in this area so they don't pose a problem when you're activating the switch
    below the green Power Cell. This will open up the gate and allow Ed and Eddy
    to come in. Use Tower of Eddy to bring the Power Cell to the same color
    generator. If the power cell doesn't make it, either you were too far away or
    you were too close. Try the drop at a different spot. It doesn't have to
    directly land on it, a little off will still stick to it. Now, head right and
    use Batter-Ed on the junk car ahead to create a bridge. Take out the Dog and
    Rats so they don't pose a problem. Use Edd to lower the bridge, then take out
    more Rats before going into Tower of Eddy formation. Bring it to the remaining
    generator, then use Edd to activate the gate via the switch to the left side.
    There are two Dogs up ahead, but take a breather, as they won't see you...yet.
    Break the big stack of crates to your right to find a Gold Coin. Take out the
    Dogs, then head past Jonny and activate the switch. This will lower the
    electrical flow of the fence. Now, Batter-Ed the junk car several times to
    send Jonny away, as he is blocking access to the Map Piece. Jump onto the
    stump and jump to the fence to grab the piece.
    You should have 1 Map Piece now.
    Current Objective: Find the second map piece. (Normal)
    It's starting to come together, but you still need two more pieces of the map
    to solve the mystery of where your Jawbreakers are hidden. Head on over to the
    gate to the left of the junk car and try to take out the Dog using Eddy from
    behind the fence (you don't want to fight it with Edd, trust me. Rats are bad
    enough). Trampol-Edd over the hole in the fence and take out any Rats that
    spot you. DO NOT let the Dogs see you, they can defeat you pretty easily.
    Activate the switch so the other two Eds can come to you. NOW take out the
    Dogs, both of them at a time if you can manage alternating attacks (I can).
    Take out any other Rats that come to you and break the pink bird things for
    more cash (this Scam has a lot of cash to be collected), then Batter-Ed the
    couches blocking a switch. Take out the Dog on the other side of the gate and
    ignore the Chicken up ahead unless you want to use the Batter-Ed formation to
    stun it, as you simply cannot catch it just by running, as the mud is slippery
    and slows you down, which allows the Chicken to escape with little effort. A
    tree to the left houses Spiders and many more will drop down as you approach
    the tree. Lower both Bridges and take out any enemies standing between you and
    the junk car. Batter-Ed the car and take out more enemies on this grassy 
    field. Hop over the fence and make your way to the beginning of this large
    area. There's the Chicken and you'll catch it by surprise, as when the chase
    starts, you'll already be near the Chicken. Stun it and catch it. See,
    sometimes it's best to be sneaky. Head back over to the grassy field near the
    junk car and enter the next area. Clear the area of enemies and activate the
    gate. You'll find Jimmy up ahead with the second map piece.
    Jimmy wants a Jawbreaker in exchange for the Map Piece. Ed points out the
    location of one over at the other side of a pond. That's actually an egg full
    of Spiders, but Jimmy will mistake it as a Jawbreaker anyway. Take out the
    enemies on the grassy area near the pond (it's possible to send a Dog into the
    water, take the remaining hits and die), then use Edd to lower the planks with 
    the blue target cursor on it. Use the Tower of Eddy to cross the narrow
    planks. This section is tricky because there are tire swings going back and
    forth over an area of the planks and they can get you if you time it wrong.
    Watch them for a bit to learn exactly where they swing over. The C Stick works
    wonders here. Gun it as the tires go over the planks to clear them. The first
    "island" has some crates and one Spider. The next one has a Gold Coin. Get
    both if you feel you can keep your balance all the way, but grab the Gold Coin
    as you pass the area, because it's worth so much money. Time it so you clear
    more tires and you'll eventually reach the side of the pond with the egg. Take
    out the Rats and grab the egg with the Tower of Eddy formation. Dodge three
    more tires and keep your balance and you'll make it to Jimmy. This may take a
    few tries to do it all the way. Jimmy will then give you the second piece of
    the map.
    You should have 2 Map Pieces and 1 Easter Egg. That should complete your
    Easter Egg collection.
    Current Objective: Find the third map piece. (Normal)
    Unlike the other map pieces, this one won't take very long at all to obtain.
    Head forward after collecting the second map piece and use Trampol-Edd to lift
    Edd onto the ledge. Attack the rocks holding a bridge to bring them down, and
    shoot the bridge ahead of you to allow you to hit the other rock. Shoot all
    the bridges from here if you like, that way you can get it done out of the 
    way. Bridges will still come down if you hit them, while with planks you will
    need to hit the blue target. You can hit the plank nearest to the other Eds,
    but it isn't necessary, with my path through the game, you won't need it.
    Head up the other path and take out the enemies and crates, as well as those
    pink bird things, to get cash and clear the area. From here. use the Batter-Ed
    formation on the two junk cars to finish the path leading to solid ground on
    the other side of this lake. Remember to use the Tower of Eddy to walk on the
    planks. On the other side, grab as much money as you can before leaving the
    area. You'll also finally grab a REAL Jawbreaker, the Scam's first believe it 
    or not. It's found inside the crates in the middle of this area. Use Edd to
    activate the switch when you're done chasing coins.
    This next area is very short, as you only need to lower a bridge and cross it.
    Before doing so, some trash cans here actually have some junk in them. These
    cans give up a coin when attacked or thrown.
    You should have 2 Map Pieces, 1 Easter Egg, and 1 Jawbreaker.
    Current Objective: Defeat Victor for Rolf's map piece. (Normal)
    Rolf wants you to "dance with the goat" with Victor. Nothing much has changed
    from the previous battle with Victor, except the arena itself. It's much
    larger than in Scam 4, and it also has trash cans. Some of them will give up
    a coin. Use the Batter-Ed on Victor several times to send him into the water.
    Victor is more of an annoyance than a true enemy, because Victor sends you
    back if he runs into you, but does not deal damage whatsoever. Defeating him
    once will earn you the piece. The games asks if you want to fight him again.
    Say yes, trust me. Defeat him again and say yes one more time. Defeating
    Victor the third time will earn you the following items: Third Map Piece, a
    Gold Coin, and the Second Jawbreaker (this is why I had you fight Victor 
    again). Once you pick up the third map piece, the Eds realize that the Kanker
    Sisters stole their Jawbreakers. Eddy then heads inside their trailer and
    pulls a switch, sending the Eds underground. The final battle against the 
    Kanker Sisters is about to begin.
    You should have all 3 Map Pieces, 1 Easter Egg, and 2 Jawbreakers.
    Current Objective: Escape the room before the Kankers break through. 
    (Timed Event)
    The Kankers were about to kiss the Eds, but Ed closed the door on them. This
    gives them time to make their escape, but just how long is this going to keep
    the Kanker Sisters away? Not much. You need to get out of there before the
    Kankers open the door. 
    First things first, lower the bridge and use the Trampol-Edd formation to 
    lift Edd onto a rock with the switch. Activate it and the other door in the 
    area will open. Before you go in, jump to a trailer and grab the Third 
    This next room is part of a sewer system. There's nothing here besides a
    winding, narrow bridge. Use the Tower of Eddy to cross it. On the other side,
    Batter-Ed the couch, then look for the switch to activate the door.
    The next room has not one, or two, or three, but FOUR Dogs. Take them out
    quickly. There's a lot you can do in this room, but you don't have a whole lot
    of time. First, dig in the sandbox to get the Scam's Costume Piece. Next,
    use the Trampol-Edd formation to lift Edd onto a lower part of the pipe with
    the Gold Coin on it. Collect it, then jump to the trailor to collect the
    Scam's Final Jawbreaker. Then, activate the four switches in this room.
    Finally, GET OUT OF HERE! If the Kanker Sisters do get in, you will be brought
    back to the entrance of the room you were caught, with your progress not
    hindered at all, but the Dogs will reappear. If you were able to activate all 
    but one or two switches, you just need to do them and you'll be able to leave.
    Next area, this room is completely mirrored from the other sewer related area, 
    except this room has a tire swing. Avoid it and Batter-Ed the couch, then 
    activate the switch.
    The final area is a long one with a fast clock. Is there a faster way of
    getting to the end other than running? Remember the race against Kevin? Use
    that technique to get to the other side. Watch out for holes in the ground,
    as you can fall into them. The trash cans will only delay your progress, so
    avoid them too. When you reach the door, the Eds find their Jawbreakers! But,
    there's something else in here too...
    You should have all 3 Map Pieces, 1 Easter Egg, 1 Costume Piece, and all 4
    Current Objective: Defeat the Kankers to free your Jawbreakers. (Normal)
    The Kanker Sisters don't know when to give up, don't they? Now you got to
    defeat them to get your Jawbreakers. This is your final battle with the
    Kankers. At first, you won't know how to deal damage. But with this guide on
    your side, you won't have to worry about such things, you only need to worry
    about doing the awesome techniques found here right. 
    There is electrical water near the Kankers. It's best to not step in it. As
    if the water and the attacks from the Kanker Sisters weren't enough, you'll
    also find an enemy here! Be glad it's not the Dog, but the annoying Red
    Squirrels. Chances are you're going to need to replenish your lost energy at
    least once in this battle, so defeat the Red Squirrels if you need some blue
    balls. The attacks from the Kanker Sisters can range from a single kiss, to
    a spray of them. As for dealing damage, you need Ed's help. There are two ways
    to hit Ed's targets, the first will probably give you more damage, but the
    second one will have you going closer than the comfortable level to the
    Kankers and the electrical water. The first is to switch to Eddy and stun the
    Red Squirrels with the Stink Bomb (unlike regular Squirrels, these will not be
    stunned by normal means), then use Ed to pick them up and throw them at one of
    Ed's targets to turn off the electricity. The Red Squirrels will chase the Eds
    until they are stunned or they grab onto you and bite. The Kankers or the Red
    Squirrels can make you drop the enemy. The other way is to grab a trash can
    and throw it while being VERY close to the water. The reason you have to be
    closer is because the trash cans won't go very far because they're so heavy.
    Also, any attacks from the Kankers or the Red Squirrels will make Ed drop the
    can. Either way, once the water is normal, Batter-Ed the pillar below the 
    Kankers to deal damage. Do this long technique three more times to defeat the 
    Kanker Sisters. Expect to be defeating Red Squirrels to get energy later on.
    Also, expect the Kanker Sisters to get a little more creative with their
    attacks. Destroying the last pillar will complete the Scam. You should have
    about 87% of the game finished now.
    Nothing collected.
    10. Bonus Scam Walkthrough
    These Scams can be accessed by the same way as a regular Scam, but you must
    have found enough Costume Pieces to be able to make the warp to them appear.
    You must have formed the Ed-Zilla Costume (by digging in the first three
    sandboxes) to play Revenge of Ed-Zilla. 
    The Space Suit must be complete (digging in the last three sandboxes) in 
    order to play Rebel Robot Ranch.
    Bonus Scam 1: Revenge of Ed-Zilla
    Main Objective: Destroy the city and get to the Chunky Puff factory. (Normal)
    You know, this could become a favorite level to everyone, because you actually
    play a role a bad creature would do...destroy stuff. It's too bad my report is
    very small on this Scam, because there isn't much to note. The thing to note
    about the Bonus Scams is that they are all taken from Ed's imagination. The
    dream Ed's having is that he is destroying of what appears to be the city of
    New York, seeing the Statue of Liberity is there on its island.
    Current Objective: Destroy everything you see on this island. (Normal)
    Just destroy everything you see on this island island. There are only two
    enemies in this Scam, and one of them will meet you starting here. It is a
    battletank. The voice that appears all of a sudden when one fires sounds like
    the voice of Jimmy in a very playful mood. But anyway, the blasts they do
    deals a small amount of damage, but it does stun Ed (should I call him
    Edzilla?) a bit. Unlike other enemies you've seen, you cannot defeat a
    battletank by normal means like you did to the other enemies. You have to stun
    it, then pick it up and throw it to defeat it. Destroy all the buildings and
    the bridge ahead lowers so you can cross.
    When you reach the next island, the bridge behind you breaks down. Do the same
    thing you did to the other island here. There are more battletanks to be found
    here, so destroy the yellow buildings ASAP so you won't have to deal with
    them. You'll also face bigger buildings, but they won't have much effect on
    you, you can destroy them like you did to the smaller buildings. There are
    some hospitals here, destroy these to get health. Both the yellow buildings
    and the hopsitals are not required to be destroyed in order to proceed, but
    destroy them anyway if you want.
    The Scam's only two treasures, both of them Jawbreakers, can be found in this 
    section. Do the usual thing of acting like a monster, but be sure to grab the
    items before you proceed. One of them will appear when you destroy the
    buildings nearest to the factory. The other one is on a small island with the
    statue I mentioned earlier. Normally, you'd sink into the water, but the water
    near this island is shallow, so you can walk across. Destroy the statue to get
    the other Jawbreaker. Finish up any business on this island and head on over
    to the factory.
    You should have 2 Jawbreakers now.
    Current Objective: Throw 10 Chunky Puff pieces to defeat the Kankerator.
    This boss creature is giant. It has two attacks. One of them is the usual kiss
    which will go pretty fast towards you. The other is a damaging shockwave when
    the creature bounces. Jump over the shockwave to avoid it and keep moving to
    avoid the kiss. To defeat the Kanerator, you must pick up the Chunky Puff
    pieces and throw them at the creature. This isn't easy, as Ed is vulerable to
    its attacks while doing this, especially if he is holding a piece. Like the
    objective says, you need 10 hits on the Kankerator to defeat it. 50% game
    completion should appear if you got everything so far.
    No items collected.
    2: Rebel Robot Ranch
    Main Objective: Find the space rocket. (Normal)
    This Scam is loaded with a lot of enemies, but what do you expect from a
    movie Ed wanted to see? It's a robot colony. Before we go into the base,
    there are a few things I want you to know. First of all, there is a boss
    battle, but the road to it is easier than the fight itself. The Boss is the
    hardest in the game because of its powerful weapons. Its underlings, however,
    can be easily dispatched. Second, Edd and Eddy have different weapons than in
    the regular Scams, so I will be using different names from here on out. Edd
    now has a lightsaber (Ruler) and a laser gun (Slingshot). Eddy's main weapon
    is still the same look, but I don't think a basic Yo-yo would damage a robot,
    so I will now call the following weapons that Eddy has: Metallic Yo-yo (Yo-yo)
    and an Electro Bomb (Stink Bomb). Last but not least, Edd is much more useful
    in this Scam, because Edd's lightsaber is longer than his Ruler, and his Laser
    Gun attack is twice as effective as a regular attack. Feel free to shoot
    enemies from afar, ok? It's invaluable against the Boss. Oh, and don't forget
    that all except one of four enemies here can shoot from afar. Got all that in
    your mind? Let's begin.
    Current Objective: Rescue Ed! (Rescue)
    The only Rescue mission in the game. Bummer right? The robots have taken Ed 
    prisoner and Edd and Eddy have got to get him back before they can escape.
    Head forward from right here and you'll meet a robot dog. It's not as powerful
    as the other Dog, ok? It takes three regular attacks, but only two shots from
    the Laser Gun will do it. Another enemy you'll face is one that shoots you
    from afar. Take it out with two Laser Beams or three regular attacks. You'll
    deal with more enemies up ahead. One of the dead-ends up ahead has a 
    Jawbreaker. Be sure to grab it before attempting to enter the base. You'll
    face yet another new enemy at the top. This one is stationary and turns 
    slowly, so you're safe to beat it up with regular attacks. It fires a double
    laser, so expect the attacks to be more accurate than the red robot. When you
    climb to the top and go beyond the green robot, you'll find some weird looking
    thing. This is the source of the electrical gate. Attack it until you break
    the connection. This will open up the path into the base. Inside, you'll find
    a machine that generates robots. Destroy it before using Edd to activate the
    switch. The electrical gate to the right of the entrance will open up. You can
    ignore the other enemies. In the next area, ignore everything and head to the 
    right. You'll be back inside the base. Ignore the enemies in this pathway and
    you'll find what appears to be a cargo area in the next room. Take out the
    enemies in this room. Now, head to where you see a toxic can, then jump onto
    the block behind it and go left. Make a turn to the left once you reach the
    wall and you'll find the Scam's Second Jawbreaker! Head into the next room and
    you'll finally find Ed trapped in an orb. Head up the ledge near Ed and take
    out the robot producing machine before activating the switch. This will free
    Ed and formations can now be used!
    You should have 2 Jawbreakers.
    Current Objective: Find the space rocket. (Normal)
    Leave the area via the opening below the ledge and activate the switch at the
    end of the hallway to open up a passage out of the base. Go into first person
    mode after you leave the base and shoot the green robots before they can fight
    back. This way, you won't have to stun them using the weird looking thing
    behind toxic cans. Trampol-Edd up the ledge and activate the switch. Ignore
    the robots and switches until you come to another electrical gate that is
    online. The switch here is above you on a ledge. If you keep getting attacked
    while trying to activate the switch, take out the green robots on the other
    side of this area with the Laser Gun before trying again. Before you enter the
    big area up ahead, try to eliminate the green robots from here. If you can't
    hit them, try adjusting your position. It is possible to destroy a lot of the
    robots before entering.
    The boss will appear once you approach the hole in the middle of the area.
    This boss has two attacks. It fires a lot of Lasers for its first attack.
    Sometimes, the boss will bend back a bit. This weapon almost kills you in one
    hit! It's an orange bomb that is almost avoidable unless you kept moving. The
    green robots will also attack once you're in their line of sight, but they are
    the least of your worries. There are many ways to attack the boss. Attacking
    the weird looking things near the boss will stun it. There are also eight
    switches in the area. If you can manage to activate all eight, the boss will
    turn on its teammates. The boss will recieve damage in return, but it will
    destroy the green robots. After they're gone, it turns its attention back to
    you. The best way to defeat the boss is to stun it, then shoot rapidly at it.
    You should be able to get two or three hits in before it recovers. Repeat
    until he's gone. This is the safest way to defeat the boss. If you don't want
    to use this technique or you can't stun him anymore, shoot him when he's not
    looking at you (you can get a cheap shot in when he's finished his attack),
    then run until he fires again. Repeat until he's gone. Before finishing off
    the boss, look for the Scam's Final Jawbreaker. It's on a ledge inside an area
    near an electrical gate. Either use Trampol-Edd to get it or jump onto the
    ledge using the trash cans. 
    If you've been collecting Vintage Jawbreakers all this time, 99% game 
    completion should show up. That just means you didn't get everything this game 
    has to offer. Repeat Scam 6 to get the money you need to buy the remaining
    Jawbreakers. After you purchase all the Jawbreakers, you should have
    everything and something will be unlocked. Check the Secrets section for that.
    And with that, you're done. Congratulations. Try and beat it without looking
    for help in your next game for me, ok?
    11. Secrets
    This section shows where every item is in the Scams, as well as what you get 
    for collecting special items in the Scams.
    This section shows the locations of every special item in the game.
    Scam 1
    Jawbreakers: (2)
    Blueberry - Corner in next yard near the dog
    Black Licorice - Rolf's shed
    Costume Piece: (1)
    First Edzilla Piece - Same yard as the dog
    Easter Egg: (1)
    Big Heads - Third Yard
    Scam 2
    Jawbreakers: (4)
    Peppermint - On the lowest platform near the water in the first big room
    Red Hot - Room behind the second big white wall
    Tutti-Frutti - Inbetween crates in the room with Jonny
    Bubble Gum - Inside a pinata
    Costume Piece: (1)
    Second Edzilla Piece - In a corner in Jimmy's backyard
    Easter Egg: (1)
    Small Heads - After the hallway with the first Clam
    Scam 3
    Jawbreakers: (4)
    Root Beer - Behind a pile of doghouses near Jonny.
    Everlasting - Nazz holds this one.
    Candied Beets - In the area with the Chicken after visiting the Candy Store.
    Anchovy Paste - Jimmy is licking this one.
    Costume Piece: (1)
    Final Edzilla Piece - With Sarah and Jimmy before the Candy Store.
    Easter Egg: (1)
    Space Suits - Secret area in the woods.
    Scam 4
    Jawbreakers: (3)
    Jimmy's Fudge - Behind the white door after the Whack-a-Jimmy game.
    Crayon Taco - Behind the white door after the Power Cell Generator.
    Chunky Puffs - On a side route in the (boss) race with Kevin.
    Costume Piece: (1)
    First Space Suit Piece - In a corner after the Whack-a-Jimmy game.
    Easter Egg: (1)
    Plank Movie - Bridge after the Power Cell Generator.
    Scam 5
    Jawbreakers: (3)
    Gingerbeard Sailor - Next to the television in the room with the switch.
    Sea Cucumber - Next to the Scam's sandbox.
    Kanker Ketchup - In the underground area where you raised the water level.
    Costume Piece: (1)
    Second Space Suit Piece - Room directly opposite from the elevator to the
    Easter Egg: (1)
    Actor Movie - Near the entrance to where you first go underground.
    Scam 6:
    Jawbreakers: (4)
    Peaches & Cream - Inside the crates near the end of the first area.
    Pudding Skin - After defeating Victor three times.
    Buttered Toast - On the trailer in the first underground room.
    GRAVY! - On the trailer in the third underground room with the four Dogs.
    Costume Piece: (1)
    Final Space Suit Piece - Same area as GRAVY!, except it's on the ground.
    Easter Egg: (1)
    Commercial Movie - On a muddy track just after collecting the first Map Piece.
    Bonus Scam 1:
    Jawbreakers: (2)
    Curry Surprise - I think inside the statue on the small island. I didn't check 
    the Jawbreakers section after I got these two Jawbreakers.
    Queen's Choice - I think inside or behind one of the buildings on the third
    big island.
    Bonus Scam 2:
    Jawbreakers: (3)
    Australian Adventure - Behind toxic cans near the base in a dead-end.
    Cantonese Paradise - In the cargo area inside the base.
    Freezmee - On a ledge during the Big Robot boss battle.
    Vintage Jawbreakers:
    All 15 Jawbreakers in the Vintage Jawbreaker machine will come out in this
    order. There's an infamous quote that comes with these Jawbreakers, plus the 
    25 Normal Jawbreakers in the game. If a lot of people request it, I'll add the 
    saying here and try to say which person said that phrase. Next to each name is
    the price for each one. Playing one of the later Scams will net you the most
    Italian - 1
    German - 2
    Scottish - 4
    French - 8
    English - 12
    Latin - 18
    Greek - 26
    Swedish - 36
    Slovak - 48
    Canadian - 62
    Australian - 78
    Guatemalan - 96
    Antarctic - 116
    Mexico - 138
    Japanese - 162
    This is what you get for getting all 40 Jawbreakers. It was worth it, because
    you can now play the game with different effects, making it a whole new
    experience. Below is the name for each Cheat and what it does when turned on.
    Scam 6 is perfect to test these Cheats out, because not only do you have
    strong enemies to work with, the first area is very wide.
    Unlimited Stealth: It allows you to sneak by enemies and kids without them 
    noticing you. Perfect for Scam 3. You will need to turn this option off near
    Jimmy in Scam 6 to get the Second Map Piece.
    Unlimited Damage: All enemies will be defeated in one hit. This does not apply
    to the Kanker Sisters in Scam 6, they will still take 4 hits.
    Fast Run: Makes the Eds run faster. Perfect for showing Kevin who is the boss 
    in Scam 4. Speed decreases to normal when doing anything besides running,
    including jumping and activating formations.
    These movies can be obtained by catching the Chicken in Scams 4-6.
    The Plank Movie is the same version of My Best Friend Plank played on Cartoon
    Network a long time ago. It'll be good to see it once, but if you're someone
    like me who has already seen it on Cartoon Network, it's not something you'll
    want to watch again.
    The Actor Movie is a short movie on who was making the voices of the Eds. I
    guess it was worth getting it, because the Chicken was so easy to get with the
    Batter-Ed formation.
    The Commercial Movie is what I think the best movie of all. It shows the 
    actual commercial of this game, which is so cool. It was still playing on 
    Cartoon Network, but I think that's history now. That one wasn't as detailed 
    as the one in this game though.
    12. Credits
    This section is my way of giving thanks to those who made this guide possible.
    I would like to thank the following guys for helping me with the guide:
    Nintendo: For allowing the game to be made on your systems.
    The guys that made the game: I'm too lazy to name every company, but thanks
    for making the game.
    Gamefaqs: For allowing my guide to be posted.
    You: For making my guide worthwhile to be read.
    Thank you for reading!
    Copyright 2006 Daniel Gardner

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