Review by tropicpollution

Reviewed: 02/02/06

I'm having trouble finding the "gems"

I consider myself a pretty big Sonic fan. Most of the games in Sonic Mega Collection were great. Both Sonic Adventure games for the Dreamcast were good, and all the Sonic Advances are pretty decent. But I have never played Sonic CD and everyone tells me it's the best Sonic game out there. So I decided to pick up Sonic Gems Collection. I figured, even if all the others suck, at least I'll have one good game to play, right?

Wrong! I don't know what people see in Sonic CD or in ANY of the games on Gems Collection for that matter. Sonic CD is horrible, which is sad because it is BY FAR the best game on here. Every single Game Gear title is virtually unplayable with the exception of Sonic 2 but I hated that game back in the day so there's no reason I'd like it now. Not only that but the resolution and sound quality for all GG games are abysmal. I was hoping at least Sonic R and Sonic Fighters would be fun... well they were the first five minutes. After that I got bored. 5 tracks in Sonic R? Give me a break... and the controls are pretty bad too. I'm usually pretty lenient with my reviews but this game is ridiculous. It's as if Sega opened up a shoebox, took a dump in it, shrink-wrapped it, and said "Let's name this Sonic Gems Collection!"

I know you're probably thinking "Oh well he's just not an old-school gamer", but believe me, I am. I grew up on the Atari 2600, NES and SNES. I was so looking forward to playing Sonic CD but it just made me sad to see such a poor version of a Sonic game. Maybe Sonic CD has lost it's so-called "charm" over the years (can't say, seeing as I never played it back in the day) but then again for me, none of the other Sonics (on Mega Collection anyway) have, so why should this one? Call it underrated and a must-have all you want, but this was a waste of 20 bucks for me.

Graphics: Old and dated especially the Game Gear games. It doesn't bother me too much except in the GG games. I know rating graphics on old school collections is hard but....I mean they could've done SOMEthing with the horrible resolution! 3/10

Sound: Nothing too bad...again, except for the GG games. Very horrible sound quality on those, but then again saying the quality sucks on a GG game is like kicking a person who is on the floor all tied up. But again....would it have been so hard to make it sound good enough to not make my ears bleed? 2/10

Gameplay: Hahahaha....For most games the controls are horrible, mainly in Sonic R and Sonic Fighters. Also, this is mostly due to the Gamecube controller, but using the control stick or the control pad just sucks. The stick is inaccurate in 2D games and the control pad is too small. 5/10

Overall: If you're a big Sonic fan and never have played these games you may not want to soil your love for the hedgehog. They call it Gems but it's more just like a sack of pebbles. If you have played these back in the day, it may be worth your while to check these out for nostalgia reasons but other than that....don't let the Gems name confuse you. It may only be $20 now but wouldn't you rather find a game you'll actually enjoy? I know I would.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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