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Reviewed: 08/23/05

For Only $30, It's Worth It

For the longest time, Sonic fans have demanded Sega to realese a collection of Sonic games that includes one of the most famous platformers to this day, Sonic CD. Sega has finally answered this call with "Sonic Gem Collection", and also included famous racer "Sonic R", and fun arcade fighter "Sonic The Fighters". Also included are 6 gamegear games and 2 hidden megadrive games, but none compare to the three "gems" of this package.

Game play: 9.5/10
For starters, if your a hardcore Sonic fan like me, it should take you no time to beat these games (Sonic CD only lasted one and a half hours for me, I actually remember it being much longer...) but this barely degrates from the score. These are some hardcore games here that deserves a thourogh look-through. Sonic CD is a great experience (especially if you've never played it), Sonic R is a fun fast-paced foot racing game (A short one, but one none the less), and Sonic The Fighters is a fast-paced, cartoony fighter. These three don't fail in the collection and can keep you hooked to the collection. The six Gamegear games (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic Triple Trouble, Tails Skypatrol, Tails Adventure, Sonic Drift 2, and Sonic Spinball) can provide many good experiences too, but just don't compare to the main three games. Vector Man and Vector Man 2 are also fun, but seem not at all on topic to the collection. A 9.5 for how well these games held up in the fun-factor. On a plus side, for the 8 "side" games, there's a great save system, so on those extremely difficult parts, you can save then load anytime in the game to that point you saved at.

Graphics: 8/10
Whilas the graphics of Sonic The Fighters, Sonic R, and Sonic CD are polished, and seem to have way better animation, the other 8 games remain in there original form. Not that that's a bad thing, though. A 8 for smoother 3d graphics and crispier visuals in Sonic CD.

Music: 8.5/10
While many whine about the fact that the Japanese Sonic CD soundtrack isn't in the collection, and that Sonic R's music is a collection of strangely unique Europe pop songs, the music is overall good, and the unlockable music in the museum is a nice remix of old songs (like Sonic Boom, Can You Feel The Sunshine, and Sonic 6059, just to name a few). Sonic The Fighters and Sonic CD have great music, and Sonic's R music is a love/hate situation. An 8.5 for a most positive soundtrack.

Outside The Games: 9.0
The Museum is absolutely addictive! You get a feeling that you must unlock every single thing in it. But to unlock the items, you must do esy, hard and creative task. But can get many items in the game without much a problem (I've owned the game for less than 24 hours, and I already have 229 pictures, 8 soundtracks, but no movies), but believe me, the further you get into the game, the harder it becomes. Once you get every picture for a game, you unlock soundtracks/movies/hints. Soundtracks are remixes of old songs, I have still yet to unlock a movie, and the hints are helpful (You must TRY the sound test code for Sonic CD, follow the hints directions and you can view 5 most strange pictures...). In extras, there are hints and the credits but besides those, there is nothing else.

Overall: 9
I rounded it to a nine because I think it deserved it. Sonic Gems Collection is a $30 well spent, especially if you've never played Sonic The Fighters, Sonic R, or Sonic CD. Buy it now, you know there gonna' sell like hot cakes eventually (as all Sonic games do).

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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