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Reviewed: 08/19/05 | Updated: 02/07/06

Best Value for the Blue Blur?

Sonic has been known to have impressive games, and with both Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Rush coming out, it's easy to forget the classics. However, Sega decided to fix that problem with "Sonic Gems Collection!" This collection is, in my opinion, equal to Sonic Mega Collection, but how do each of the games stack up? (All Game Gear games have been updated with a save function.)

Sonic: The Fighters---6.5/10

This is the first time Sonic: The Fighters has been released other then at arcades (where it is known as Sonic: Championship outside of Japan.) That right there is a plus to this game.

Characters include Sonic (of course!), Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Espio (From Knuckle's Chaotix), Fang (aka Nack, from Sonic's Triple Trouble... we'll discuss that in a moment), Bean, and Bark as playable characters. They all have unique moves, but no matter what, you basically should use the same strategy.

The game is easier to control then most fighting games, but it is still little more then a button masher; it has the same flaw that all fighting games with potential have: you can always be beaten by some newbie hitting random buttons no matter how good you get! It is a fair game, but don't be expecting it to replace Super Smash Bros. or anything.

Sonic CD---8.5/10

A good game indeed, using not only the classical style of gameplay that we Sonic fans are used to, but also including a "time warp system" to add variety to the individual levels. It also has a save feature, which is unusual for a Sonic game, but a good thing nonetheless.

The game isn't that long however, and despite what Nintendo Power says, it is not the best in the Sonic series.

Sonic R---9.7/10

I love this game for the simple reason that you can play as Metal Sonic! Also, the courses are well planned. I actually find this more fun then Double Dash to be honest! Although, it doesn't out do MarioKart 64 it is an excellent game nonetheless.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear Version)---6/10

A disappointment, especially if you've played the Genesis version... you can't even use the Spin Dash in this game! Also, Tails is captured... meaning he isn't a playable character.

Sonic Spinball (Game Gear Version)---8.7/10

Not as good as the Genesis version, but it is easier (I can't beat the last level on the Genesis version!) Very fun, and at the time, an original concept. However, the bonus levels are horrible, just small mazes, which can easily be solved.

Sonic Triple Trouble---9/10

A very fun game, it let's you use Sonic or Tails, and it has special items that are unique for each of them. A very fun game, but a bit short. Not to be overlooked.

Tails Skypatrol---9/10

A very unique and challenging game, I can guarentee that you won't find many games that can out do it in terms of orignallity (note the word "Many," not "any.") You play as Tails who is flying through the air during the whole game, and you have a ring to attack enemies, as well as latch on to special devices and items. Without the instant save feature, this game would be next to impossible. However, that challenge is part of what makes this unusual game so worth while.

Tail's Adventures---9.8/10

3rd best Sonic game ever made in my opinion! Although it is completely different from the normal style of play, this unique game is worth the $30 alone, and is impossible to explain! Just wait until you get the Triple Bomb... ducks will fear the very mention of your name!


There seem to be no extras when you first get the game, however, as you play, that soon changes. You can unlock many extras including:

Vectorman---9.8/ 10

An excellent platformer, with quite a few unique levels... an excellent game that you'll find is another reason that the Genesis was out done only by the SNES in quality. Sure, the storyline is kind of pointless (you're basically a garbage hauling robot... what fun...) however, did Pac-Man need a storyline to become the worlds best selling coin-op? I didn't think so.

Vectorman 2---9.5/10

Not quite as good as the first one, it follows suit pretty well. This time, the levels aren't quite as varied, but there's still a enough classic platformer-style shooting to keep you busy for a few hours... an excellent game if I do say so myself.


The art gallery consist of no less then THREE HUNDRED pictures from Sonic games including concept art, screenshots, official art, and even a few pictures that are hard to explain... there's no shortage of images here. There's no way I'd be able to fit all those on one disc!

Other Gallery Items-
There are 20 other items (okay, so one of the twenty is still a pic, but it's a congrats pic for getting EVERY gallery item. In addition, there are three videos (Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure:DX opening, Sonic Heroes trailer, and some other pointless video), and SIXTEEN demos! Plus, you're not just playing the beggining of each game... you're getting to see HOW IT ENDS!!! Plus, if you finish (or die) fast enough, you can play the game from the beginning (until time runs out anyways.) This leads one to wonder... are these the full games? I believe so, and if some one figures out how to hack that timer with an Action Replay or similar device, that'll make this game the ULTIMATE Sonic collection!

Final Rating- 9.5/10
Overall, this game truly lives up to its name. And it's another reason why the GameCube is better then PS2 and... wasn't there another console? Oh well, this isn't about the consoles, it's about this game, so all in all, it's worth every penny... heck, I'd of payed $50 if it had come out at it. I got this game the day it was first released, and it hasn't dissappointed me since.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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