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Reviewed: 06/14/13

Pretty good compilation

On August 16, 2005, a new compilation of Sonic games was released called Sonic Gems Collection. This game featured many games not seen in compilations before, and gave many Nintendo fans a chance to play these games. The compilation has 3 main games and many bonus ones too. I would like to share my opinion of this collection in this review.

The compilation's 3 main games are Sonic CD, Sonic the Fighters, and Sonic R. If you have played the original versions of these games, you will note that the games have been noticeably changed. For one thing the graphics have been made a little better, and some of the loading screens are different from what they were before. I do not like how much the appearance of these games has changed, amd I believe that they should look like they were when originally released. The Gamecube controller does make it feel different, too, but the games are still fun, nonetheless. It certainly does feel weird playing Sonic the Fighters, an arcade game, with the Gamecube controller, though.

Also included are 6 Sonic games for the Game Gear. These are Sonic 2, Sonic Spinball, Triple Trouble, Drift 2, Tails Sky Patrol, and Tails Adventure. While these games were included in Sonic Adventure DX for the Gamecube, I would rather play them on this collection. The reason for this is that a new save-state type feature was used for these games. You can save your progress at any time and reload it, just like on an emulator. This makes beating the games easier, and now one can have a better chance at beating them. This especially helps with the difficult Sonic 2 for the Game Gear. There are some additional Vectorman games, but I have never bothered to play those.

As for bonus feature, this game has a Museum, where you can view artwork from the games in the collection and some other games too. The artwork looks pretty cool, but there are also demos you can play of the old Genesis games, and of the 6 Game Gear games not included in this collection. The demos allow for you to play the last level of each game, some giving the good or the bad ending. I think these demos are really cool, and allow for people to see the endings to these games if they have not beaten them before. There are also some really cool movies in the Museum as well.

As a whole this is a great compilation of games, and I would recommend that anyone get it. My score for it is 8/10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic Gems Collection (US, 08/16/05)

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