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FAQ by azzurri4star

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/07/06

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Super Mario Strikers (Gamecube) General FAQ
Version 1.0 /11/06/06/
Written by Azzurri-4Star
Copyright 2006 Azzurri-4Star
NOTE: Welcome to my Super Mario Strikers FAQ. This writing piece details
everything there is to know about the game, ranging from character descriptions
to unlockables to tips and strategies. That being said, expect Spoilers below.
As for this document itself, it may be not be reproduced under any
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web
site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. For more information, see
"Legal" under the Table of Contents.
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Table of Contents:
1. Version History
2. Game Introduction
2a. From Soccer to Strikers
3. Controls
3a. Basic Controls
3b. Super Strikes
3c. Gameplay Strategies
4. Characters
4a. Captains
4b. Sidekicks
4c. Goalkeepers
5. Arenas
6. Power Ups
6a. Basic Power Ups
6b. Balance Power Ups
6c. Random Power Ups
7. Tournaments
7a. Cup Battles
7b. Super Cup Battles
7c. Custom Battles
8. Trophies
8a. Cup Trophies
8b. Milestone Trophies
9. Options
9a. Difficulty
9b. Cheat Menu
10. Extras
10a. Unlockables
10b. Glitches & Oddities
10c. Common Questions
11. Legal Information
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
1. Version History

Version 1.0 /11/06/06/
Sections 1-11 completed.
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
2. Game Introduction

Welcome to the competitive world of Super Mario Strikers for the Nintendo
Gamecube. The game was created by Next Level Games under the supervision of
Nintendo. It was released in North America on December 5 2005, in Japan on
January 19 2006, and in Europe on November 18 2005 under the name of Mario
Smash Football. In short, this game brings soccer to the Mario universe,
offering a much more aggressive and competitive edge to the sport. The game
features a manic four-player multiplayer experience, as well as a variety of
challenging cups to conquer. Super Mario Strikers is rated E for Mild Cartoon
Violence and takes up 5 blocks on a standard Gamecube memory card.

2a. From Soccer to Strikers

Super Mario Strikers is an arcade soccer game, meaning that it is fast-paced
and centrally focused around scoring. There are next to no strategic elements
in the gameplay, so anyone looking for an in depth career mode or anything like
that, you have the wrong game. Super Mario Strikers is hardly soccer to begin
with, as the only elements that remotely resemble the sport in the game is the
soccer field and the soccer ball. All the rules have been thrown out the
window, along with throw-ins, cautions/dismissals, and so on.
Every team consists of 5 characters: one captain, one goalie, and three
identical sidekicks. The captains are the main characters of the Mario
franchise and are differentiated by the different Super Strikes that they can
perform. More about Super Strikers below. Sidekicks are smaller characters who
are unable to perform any special moves, and are pretty much just there to fill
in the roster. The goalies (whom you do not have control of prior to grabbing
the ball), although positioned in the 18-yard box, are not confined to the box
when defending. That being said, if an opponent gets too close to the keeper,
he will pounce on the ball.
Apart from the characters, Next Level Games introduces even more twists to the
traditional sport. Classic Mario Kart power ups have been added to the game,
increasing the level of chaos on the pitch. And the last unconventional
addition is an electric fence which encloses the field, keeping the ball and
the players in the arena.
The rest is self-explanatory, the team with the most goals at the end of the
set time limit (defaulted to 5 minutes) wins the match. If the match is tied at
the end of the 5 minutes, overtime commences on a next-goal-wins basis. There
is no time limit for overtime, so it is quite possible for matches to exceed
double the playing time, especially during multiplayer modes.
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
3. Controls

Mastery of the game's controls is essential to winning in Super Mario Strikers.
Although they are very simple to understand, using them to execute plays and
strategies on the pitch is another story. Practice literally makes perfect in
this situation.

3a. Basic Controls

Start - Pause Menu
Control Stick - Move your character

A - Pass the ball
B - Shoot the ball
*Moving the control stick when passing/shooting determines where the ball goes.
-> Hold B - Power up the shot and/or Super Strike.
L - Lob Option
*Holding L when passing/shooting puts the ball airborne.
-> L + B - Chip Shot
-> L + A - Lob Pass
R - Speed Boost
*Only available when ball is in your possession.
Y/C Stick - Deke
X - Power Up
Z - Swap Power Up

A - Select Character
B - Slide Tackle
*Advantage: Ball in your possession.
Y - Big Hit
*Advantage: Knocks player off of the ball and/or into electric fence.
X - Power Up
Z - Swap Power Up

(When the goalie is in possession of the ball you gain control over him)
A - Throw Ball
B - Goalie Kick
*Moving the control stick when throwing/kicking the ball determines where the
ball goes.

3b. Super Strike

Super Strikes are matrix-like shots that the team captains can perform. If
these shots are successful, the end result is two points on to your score.
There are five possible outcomes of Super Strike shot:
-knocking the goalie into the net (perfect)
-having the ball sent back at the shooter
-dazing the goalie
-and a normal save
Super Strikes are performed by holding down the B button with your captain in
possession of the ball. Like all shots, they can only be performed on your
opponent's half of the field. If charged fully, your captain will leap into the
air with the ball, and a golf meter will come up. Your job is to tap the B
button in order to align the cursor in both green areas.
-if aligned perfectly, the meter will glow cyan.
-if one is aligned slightly above and the other slightly below, it is a
guaranteed goal.
-depending on the difficulty level and distance from the net, strikes with the
cursors in yellow may go in.
It is also important to note that the size of the green section is different
for each captain.

3c. Gameplay Strategies

There is no single perfect strategy for scoring in Super Mario Strikers. Most
players create their own plays on the fly, and repeat/perfect them over time.
Here are some examples that I've found useful during my time with the game,
especially during multiplayer.

Passing is very useful for opening up space in both the midfield and in the
opponent's end. If you string a series of passes quickly, most opponents can be
caught off guard and one or more of your sidekicks will be left uncovered.

Just like in real soccer, if you want to beat a single defender quickly, pass
the ball to a player slightly ahead and to the side of you. As the defender
moves toward that player, your initial player should run ahead of the defender
and open up for a pass. Then, make the pass and head for the goal. (Works
better during multiplayer)

When you find yourself in a 1 on 1 situation with a defender, deke to a side,
then speed boost to breeze by the defender with ease.

If able to connect, aerial strikes at the tip of the box are almost guaranteed
goals. There is no sure-way of doing this, so when you see a teammate open,
quickly lob-pass them the ball and hope that the keeper doesn't come out for
the snag.

This play is much more accurate. Carry the ball as close to the keeper as
possible without him pouncing. As he approaches you, turn your back on him to
allow time for a teammate to get in position near the opposite side of the box.
When the keeper is about to pounce, quickly pass the ball to the open teammate,
who will strike the ball into the empty net.

Most power ups can be converted into useful defense mechanisms that can buy you
the necessary time to perform a super strike. Aside from stars and chain chomps
which usually isolate you with the ball, I recommend bananas and freeze shells
because they create physical obstructions for a few seconds. When you find an
opening in your opponent's half, run forward and throw the bananas or shells
behind you. The bananas will block you off from any opponents while freeze
shells will freeze your opponents and make the other players have to maneuver
around them to reach you. It should look something like this.

------X---------------------|   Opponent's
----X---Your Captain--------|   Net

This strategy creates a sort of shield around your character, allowing you to
execute a Super Strike.

Items such as bombs and Bowser shells can be useful to open up space right
after goals. They literally are unavoidable at that point.

Taking airborne shots near the center line can surprise your opponent and often
result in a goal.
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
4. Characters

Super Mario Strikers features 15 different types of characters that are
classified into three types: captains, sidekicks, and goalies.

4a. Captains

NOTE: Captains are able to perform Super Strikes.

Name: Mario
Status: Balanced Captian, Mario's uniform skills make him a reliable leader.
Bio: The mustached plumber returns again for Nintendo's latest foray into
sports. Mario is the average character and is balanced in most areas.
Super Strike: Fireball Themed.
Name: Luigi
Status: Playmaker Captain, Luigi baffles his opponents with daring tactics.
Bio: Luigi steps out of his brother's shadow once again for Super Mario
Strikers. Luigi is quicker than most with superb ball control.
Super Strike: Green Fireball Themed.
Name: DK
Status: Aggressive Captain, DK's talents can slip up even the best players.
Bio: With no referee to stop him, Donkey Kong uses hands and feet to ensure
that the ball goes into the net. DK is bigger and more powerful than most
characters, and able to deliver powerful aerial strikes with ease.
Super Strike: Electricity Themed.
Name: Yoshi
Status: Balanced Captain, Yoshi leads with a cool head and fierce courage.
Bio: The light-footed dinosaur rules this sport with his speed and strength in
balance. Quick and agile, Yoshi is a formidable opponent for even the most
experienced player.
Super Strike: Bubble Themed.
Name: Peach
Status: Playmaker Captain, Peach leads with masterful tactics and quick
Bio: The princess of the Mushroom kingdom takes to the pitch to lead her team
with quick feet masterful tactics. Peach is quicker than most characters, and
her shots are very accurate. Her tackle doesn't reach as far as most characters
Super Strike: Heart Themed.
Name: Daisy
Status: Offensive Captain, Daisy's witty attitude matches her playing style.
Bio: Competitive and aggressive, the other princess of the Mario universe is a
more powerful form of Peach, with her tackle range slightly extended but her
speed reduced.
Super Strike: Flower Themed.
Name: Wario
Status: Aggressive Captain, Wario will stop at absolutely nothing to win the
Bio: First appearing in Super Mario Land 2, Wario has become a franchise staple
in all of the Mario multiplayer games. He returns once again to bring his
ungrateful attitude to the pitch. With powerful shots and heavy hits, Wario is
ready to take out the competition.
Super Strike: Electricity Themed.
Name: Waluigi
Status: Offensive Captain, Waluigi's ego tends to be his biggest opponent.
Bio: Wario's sidekick is present as well. With his new, infamous crotch-crop
and cheap tricks on the field, Waluigi makes up for his lack of skill with
speed and power.
Super Strike: Purple Fireball Themed.
Name: Super
Status: Robotic Nightmare, Cold logic and superior power on the field.
Bio: Once unlocked, the Super Team consists of four identical robot and a
robotic kritter, created by Bowser in his rage that he wasn't selected to be a
captain. All of these robots are captains of their team and are all able to
perform super strikes, though their green bar is much smaller than that of the
Nintendo captains. Aside from that advantage, they are really slow but powerful
Super Strike: Electricity Themed.
Unlock: Defeat them in the Extra Round of the Bowser Cup.

4b. Sidekicks

NOTE: Three identical sidekicks fill the rest of your team roster.

Name: Hammer Bros.
Bio: First appearance in Super Mario Bros., he's been a common enemy in all of
Mario's sidescrolling adventures.
Pros: Strong shot.
Cons: Smallest sidekick.
Name: Toad
Bio: First appearance in Super Mario Bros., he's best known for his trademark
phrase "The princess is in another castle".
Pros: Powerful Tackle, Best deke.
Cons: Slower than most sidekicks.
Name: Koopa
Bio: First appearance in Super Mario Bros, he's been a common enemy in all of
Mario's sidescrolling adventures.
Pros: Quickest sidekick, better deke.
Cons: Weaker shot.
Name: Birdo
Bio: First appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2, he's become a common entry into
the Mario Sports games' rosters.
Pros: Biggest Sidekick, Largest tackle range.
Cons: Slowest Sidekick.

4c. Goalies

NOTE: Goalies are one to a team and identical.

Name: Kritter
Bio: Originating from Donkey Kong Country, these fearless crocodiles will leap,
push, charge, and even drop kick their opponents during their reckless pursuit
for the ball. Every team captained by a Nintendo character has a normal kritter
for their goalie.
Teams: All Except Super
Name: Robotic Kritter
Bio: A Super Team needs a Super Goalie. This upgraded form of the kritter is
behaves pretty much the same as the regular goalie, with the exception of being
heavier. Their robo-exterior resembles that of the Super Team.
Teams: Super only.

*   *   *   *
5. Arenas

All arenas play pretty much the same, with very little differences in size and
possibly ball bounce. Aside from those miniscule differences, all arenas are
identical except for their appearance. There are seven in all.

Name: The Palace
Location: Mushroom Kingdom
Type: Grass
Capacity: 15 000
Home: Mushroom Cup
Unlock: Unlocked at Start
Name: Pipeline Central
Location: Mushroom Kingdom
Type: Concrete
Capacity: 25 000
Home: Flower Cup
Unlock: Unlocked at Start
Name: The Underground
Location: Subterranean
Type: Metal
Capacity: 35 000
Home: Star Cup
Unlock: Unlocked at Start
Name: Konga Coliseum
Location: Kong Island
Type: Wood
Capacity: 31 000
Home: Super Mushroom Cup
Unlock: Place in the top three of the Mushroom Cup
Name: Crater Field
Location: Yoshi's Island
Type: Grass
Capacity: 42 000
Home: Super Flower Cup
Unlock: Place in the top three of the Flower Cup
Name: The Battle Dome
Location: Bowser's Castle
Type: Concrete
Capacity: 68 000
Home: Super Star Cup
Unlock: Place in the top three of the Star Cup
Name: Bowser Stadium
Location: Deep Space
Type: Rubber Compound
Capacity: 50 000
Home: Bowser Cup & Super Bowser Cup
Unlock: Place in the top three of the Bowser Cup
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
6. Power Ups

Super Mario Strikers features ten different power ups for your characters to
command. Power ups are awarded to players who are hit without the ball in their
possession as well as when a goalie makes a big save. Power ups are awarded in
singles, triples, fives, and with explosive and size changing properties.

6a. Basic Power Ups

Name: Mushroom
Availability: Singles
Sizes/Properties: n/a
Effect: Temporary boost of speed.
Name: Banana
Availability: Singles, Triples, Fives
Sizes/Properties: Normal, Giant
Effect: Trips the opponent.
Name: Green Shells
Availability: Singles, Triples
Sizes/Properties: Normal, Giant, Explosive
Effect: Knocks down opponent and/or stuns them.
Name: Red Shells
Availability: Singles, Triples
Sizes/Properties: Normal, Giant, Explosive
Effect: Homing shell that knocks down opponent and/or stuns them.
Name: Blue Shells
Availability: Singles, Triples
Sizes/Properties: Normal, Giant, Explosive
Effect: Freezes opponent temporarily.
Name: Spiked Shells
Availability: Singles, Triples
Sizes/Properties: Normal, Giant, Explosive
Effect: Bounces around while knocking down opponents.
Name: Bomb-ombs
Availability: Singles, Triples
Sizes/Properties: Normal, Giant, Always Explosive
Effect: Thrown to explode/blow opponents into the air.

6b. Balance Power Ups

Two power ups are considered to be balance power ups because they usually
appear to the disadvantaged or losing team, especially during a lopsided game
when one team is winning by 2 or more goals. With these power ups, it is
possible to perform super strikes uninterrupted.

Name: Star
Availability: Singles
Sizes/Properties: n/a
Effect: Temporary invincibility.
Name: Chain Chomp
Availability: Singles
Sizes/Properties: n/a
Effect: Runs around the field, targeting opponents and stunning them for a
short time.

6c. Random Power Ups

There is one power up that occurs at random during the game. This power up
usually trails the ball for a short time and may or may not tilt the field in a
certain direction. There is no way to control its occurrence, but it can be
toggled off in the options menu.

Name: Bowser Attack!
Availability: Random
Sizes/Properties: Giant
Effect: Bowser jumps down onto the stadium and tries to take possession of the
ball, knocking around everything in his way. Depending on the location of
Bowser's jump, the field may or may not tilt in favor of a player/oppoenent's
net. After a few seconds Bowser will jump back up and the stadium will return
to normal.
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
7. Tournaments

Super Mario Strikers features eight tournaments to conquer, as well as the
ability to set up your own tournaments with the Custom Battle mode. The
tournaments differentiate by length and the arena that the final match is
played in.

7a. Cup Battles

Cup Battles are tournaments that are available at the start. By finishing in
the top three of these tournaments, you unlock a trophy as well as an
additional arena.

Name: Mushroom Cup
Format: Table
Teams: 4
Rounds: 3
Name: Flower Cup
Format: Table
Teams: 6
Rounds: 5
Name: Star Cup
Format: Table
Teams: 8
Rounds: 7
Name: Bowser Cup
Format: Table & Knockout
Teams: 8
Rounds: 7, 2
Bonus: Super Team Challenge Round

7b. Super Cup  Battles

Super Cup Battles must be unlocked by placing in the top three of the Bowser
Cup. By finishing in the top three of these tournaments, you unlock a cheat in
your cheat menu.

Name: Super Mushroom Cup
Format: Table
Teams: 4
Rounds: 6
Name: Super Flower Cup
Format: Table
Teams: 6
Rounds: 10
Name: Super Star Cup
Format: Table
Teams: 8
Rounds: 14
Name: Super Bowser Cup
Format: Table & Knockout
Teams: 8
Rounds: 14, 2

7c. Custom Battles

Once you get tired of the same old Cup Battles, the game offers a Custom Battle
mode which enables you to customize your own tournaments with a variety of
options. This mode is best suited for multiplayer situations in which players
can be assigned to various teams and matches can be generated. Unlike Cup
Battles, there is no reward for placing in the top three of these tournaments.
Features offered in Custom Battles are listed below.

Tournament Type: League Table or Knockout
Teams: 3-8 (League Table), 4-8 (Knockout)
Teams Match Up: Play against the same opponent once or twice.
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
8. Trophies

8a. Cup Trophies

NOTE: All the Cup Battle trophies are silver with gold lining, while the Super
Cup Battle Trophies are gold.

-Mushroom Cup Trophy
-Flower Cup Trophy
-Star Cup Trophy
-Bowser Cup Trophy
-Super Mushroom Cup Trophy
-Super Flower Cup Trophy
-Super Star Cup Trophy
-Super Bowser Cup Trophy

8b. Milestone Trophies

Milestone trophies are awarded for achieving qualitative goals during the
course of the various cup battles. There are three types of each trophy:
Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Acquiring a Gold trophy unlocks a cheat in the cheat

Bronze Veteran Trophy - Play 25 matches
Silver Veteran Trophy - Play 50 matches
Gold Veteran Trophy - Play 100 matches

Bronze Sniper Trophy - Score 75 goals
Silver Sniper Trophy - Score 150 goals
Gold Sniper Trophy - Score 300 goals

Bronze Super Striker Trophy - Perform 25 Super Strikes
Silver Super Striker Trophy - Perform 50 Super Strikes
Gold Super Striker Trophy - Perform 100 Super Strikes

Bronze Tactician Trophy - Perform a Perfect Pass 75 times
Silver Tactician Trophy - Perform a Perfect Pass 150 times
Gold Tactician Trophy - Perform a Perfect Pass 300 times

Bronze Paramedic Trophy - Hit other players 250 times
Silver Paramedic Trophy - Hit other players 500 times
Gold Paramedic Trophy - Hit other players 1000 times

The amounts of goals, matches played, hits, super strikes, and perfect passes
that you've performed can be viewed in the Spoils menu under Milestone
Trophies. Also, it is quite possible to max out the counter at 999 for each
category over a long period of gameplay.
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
9. Options

In the options menu, the game enables you to toggle certain features on/off.
They are as follows:

Music Volume - (-/+)
SFX Volume - (-/+)
Voice Volume - (-/+)
Sound Mode - Stereo, Mono, Dolby Pro Logic II

Camera Type - Auto Zoom, Manual Zoom
Aspect Ratio - Normal (4:3), Wide (16:9)

Skill Level - Rookie, Professional, Superstar, Legend
Match Time - 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 10:00, 15:00
Power Ups - On/Off
Super Strike - On/Off
Rumble - On/Off
Bowser Attack - On/Off

*Must be unlocked by winning different Super Cups and achieving gold milestone

*Must be unlocked by beating the Bowser Cup


9a. Difficulty

This is one of the best features of the game. There are four levels of
difficulty, ranging from Rookie to Professional to Superstar and ending with
Legend. Descriptions below:

Level: Rookie
Frustration Rate: 1/10

Winning on this level should not be a problem for anyone. The opponents hardly
pass or shoot, and it is quite easy to take the ball off of them. This was
clearly included as a difficultly for tutorial purposes.
Level: Professional
Frustration Rate: 5/10

The first big jump in difficulty. These opponents should prove to be much more
challenging, as they actually seem to know what they're doing. All aspects
aside, if you're a seasoned player you still shouldn't have much trouble with
Level: Superstar
Frustration Rate: 7/10

This is an actual competitive level, and for those wanting to get the most
duration out of their game, I suggest that you play at this level throughout
the Cup Battles. Don't take anything lightly at this level and don't give up
any careless opportunities, because your opponent will make them count at this
Level: Legend
Frustration Rate: 9/10

If you really think that you are something special at this game, set the
difficulty to Legend and let the computer knock your self-esteem down a couple
notches. These opponents make every ball count, and every second you leave
their captain open contributes to their almost-every-time perfect strikes. Use
your items to your advantage, defend aggressively, and you may come out on top.

9b. Cheat Menu

The following cheats can be unlocked throughout the course of the game. They
are unlocked through placing in the top 3 of Super Cup Battles as well as
claiming gold milestone trophies.

Cheat: Custom Power Ups (Accelerators, Explosives, Giant, Shells, Freezing)
Effect: Changes the Power Ups available to the selected type.
Cheat: Field Tilt
Effect: As the score increases, the field tilts in favor of the losing team.
Cheat: Infinite Power Ups
Effect: Power Ups are continuously available to the user.
Cheat: Weak Goalies
Effect: Goalies are set to let more shots in.
Cheat: Perfect Strike
Effect: No matter where the cursor is aligned on the super strike meter, the
strike will always go in.
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
10. Extras

In this section I will list any additional information that I am aware of,
ranging from methods of unlocking cheats/characters/arenas to glitches to
common questions and so on.

10a. Unlockables

The following features can be unlocked:

Flower Cup - Place in the top 3 of the Mushroom Cup
Star Cup - Place in the top 3 of the Flower Cup
Bowser Cup - Place in the top 3 of the Star Cup
Super Mushroom Cup - Place in the top 3 of the Bowser Cup
Super Flower Cup - Place in the top 3 of the Super Mushroom Cup
Super Star Cup - Place in the top 3 of the Super Flower Cup
Super Bowser Cup - Place in the top 3 of the Super Star Cup

Konga Coliseum - Place in the top 3 of the Mushroom Cup
Crater Field - Place in the top 3 of the Flower Cup
The Battle Dome - Place in the top 3 of the Star Cup
Bowser Stadium - Place in the top 3 of the Bowser Cup

Super Cup Battles - Place in the top 3 of the Bowser Cup

Super Team - Defeat them in the challenge round after winning the Bowser Cup

Credits - Place first in the Bowser Cup

Cheat: Custom Power Ups (Accelerators) - Get the Gold Sniper Trophy
Cheat: Custom Power Ups (Giant) - Get the Gold Paramedic Trophy
Cheat: Custom Power Ups (Explosives) - Get the Gold Super Striker Trophy
Cheat: Custom Power Ups (Shells) - Get the Gold Veteran Trophy
Cheat: Custom Power Ups (Freezing) - Get the Gold Tactician Trophy
Cheat: Perfect Strike - Place first in the Super Mushroom Cup
Cheat: Field Tilt - Place first in the Super Flower Cup
Cheat: Weak Goalies - Place first in the Super Star Cup
Cheat: Infinite Power Ups - Place first in the Super Bowser Cup

10b. Glitches & Oddities

Here I've listed some glitches and oddities that have occurred over the course
of my time with the game.

-The goalie does not enter the stadium with the team.
-The ball cannot be walked into the net, an invisible wall prevents the
character from entering the net.
-Sideline cameras can explode during the game.
-Waluigi and Super's in-game animations are identical. Super Team is pretty
much a different costume for Waluigi.
-The audience will occasionally scream out different Mario-related phrases.

-Character gets frozen with the ball in mid-air due to an explosive blue shell.
-Ball bounces off of a giant shell and rebounds into my/my opponent's net.
-Character misses the ball during a mid-air perfect pass and continues through
the air into the electric fence.
-Ball ends up going through the goalkeeper when shot from time to time.

10c. Common Questions

Q: Why is DK allowed to use his hands?
A: There is no referee, so he can't really be carded for it, can he?

Q: What the heck? The goalie shot my Super Strike back at me?!?
A: You obviously didn't line up the cursors in the meter very well. Better luck
next time.

Q: Why do all the characters seem pissed off?
A: Next Level Games thought it was necessary in a soccer game. Who cares, it
looks pretty funny.

Q: Did Waluigi just...?
A: Yeah, he did.

Q: Why are there so few playable characters as opposed to most other Mario
Sports games?
A: The game was rushed to meet its release date. There was supposed to be more
characters, but NLG was forced to scrap them and throw in the one unlockable
Super Team as a final challenge.

Q: What happened to Mario's Hammer Super Strike from the e3 demo?
A: It got scrapped from the final version, along with many other things.

Q: Is there a sequel to this game?
A: Yes there is. Mario Strikers Charged for the Nintendo Wii will be released
sometime in 2007.
*   *   *   *

*   *   *   *
11. Legal

First and for most, Mario and all the characters of the Mario universe are
copyrighted to Nintendo.
Super Mario Strikers for Nintendo Gamecube was created by Next Level Games and
published by Nintendo.
Thus, all trademarks and copyrights mentioned in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders. I take no credit for the
production or distribution of this game.

Second, thank you to Next Level Games and Nintendo for creating and releasing
such an entertaining game, as well as thank you to GameFAQs for hosting this

Now, for the document itself. This General FAQ for Super Mario Strikers
(Gamecube) was written solely by Azzurri-4Star. Copyright 2006 Azzurri-4Star.
This is an unofficial guide written by a fan of the game.
It may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
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In conclusion, I hope my guide was able to answer any questions you may have
had about the game and/or was able to help you in some sort of way. If you have
any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to email me.

-Azzurri-4Star (azzurri-4star@hotmail.com)

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