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  1. Whenever I win or my friends win a Duel Minigame on a Duel Space, whenever we spin the wheel, it gives us a red X and we don't trade stars or coins. It's done this for almost the whole 50-turn game(We are on turn 42 now)! We only got coin trading once! The game never did this before! Why is this happening all of the sudden? It makes going on Duel Spaces not worth it!

    User Info: Jirachifan100

    Jirachifan100 - 3 years ago
  2. After I finished the 50-turn game, I did another game with a different board. BUT IT'S STILL DOING IT!

    User Info: Jirachifan100

    Jirachifan100 - 3 years ago


  1. This happened to me a lot, you just have to time it juuuust right!

    User Info: Bluedinkle

    Bluedinkle - 3 years ago 0   0

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