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Guide and Walkthrough by KyleGon

Version: 5.2 | Updated: 05/07/2006



SECTION 1 - Version History
SECTION 2 - Introduction
SECTION 3 - Game Controls
SECTION 4 - Edgar Checklist
SECTION 5 - Inventory Locations
SECTION 6 - Script Page Locations
SECTION 7 - ACME Letter Locations
SECTION 8 - Chicken Boo Locations
SECTION 9 - Walkthrough
SECTION 10 - Frequently Asked Questions
SECTION 11 - Legal Details
SECTION 12 - Contact Details
SECTION 13 - Thanks To:


Version 1.0
5/11/2005 - First version of guide. This version is complete except for the ACME
Letter Locations guide and the walkthrough. ACME letters is complete up to
Spooky Movie, and the walkthrough has the first runs through Ye Old West and
Spooky Movie.

Version 1.1
12/11/2005 - Guide is now edited to gamefaqs.com standards (80 characters per
line). Also edited is some of the spelling and grammar.

Version 2.0
23/11/2005 - Updated walkthrough to include first run-through of Once Upon a
Time. Updated ACME letter locations and FAQ.

Version 3.0
22/12/2005 - After finding a way around the increasing distractions of Shadow
the Hedgehog, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and the impending holiday season, I updated
the walkthrough to include completion of King O'Sullivans Mines. I also updated
ACME leter locations and FAQ, edited Edgar checklist and Chicken Boo locations.

Version 4.0
8/1/2006 - The catch-up update. The walkthrough has been updated to include how
to get all the remaining ACME letters and collectables on the Warner Film Lot,
as well as clearing Ye Old West, Spooky Movie and Once Upon a Time of all items.
FAQ has also been updated.

Version 5.0
26/1/2006 - Most likely the final version. The FAQ has been updated again, as
has the ACME letter locations, and the walkthrough now includes the last areas
of the game - The Epic, and the final boss battle.

Version 5.1
4/2/2006 - This walkthrough is not only available on neoseeker.com and
gamefaqs.com, but is now known as "The Official Gameplayworld Game Guide." It
is now available for reading at gameplayworld.com as well.

Version 5.1
27/2/2006 - Just when I thought I was done, roped back in! The walkthrough now
has a more detailed description of the Digomatic mini-game from Spooky Movie.

Version 5.2
8/5/2006 - Another request for publishing on another website. I feel loved.
This FAQ is now avilable at honestgamers.com.


As cartoons go, Warner Brothers can generally be counted on to produce the
funniest, and there is no better example of this than the hilarious Animaniacs.
Although no longer showing on our screens (unless maybe you live in the States
and have WB kids, or some of the Animaniacs videos), the Warner Brothers -
Yakko and Wakko - and their sister Dot, will always have a place in the hearts
of many. This game will be no doubt be sought after by many a fan of their
ridiculous exploits.

The storyline is this - C.C. Deville, your typical cartoon villain with
delusions of grandeur, has stolen all the golden statuettes for the following
evening's Edgar awards (which seems to be a take-off of the Oscars), and is
threatening to melt them all down unless Warner CEO Thaddeus J. Plotz gives him
a contract to make 10 movies, each with a $10,000,000 budget. Unfortunately for
him, he didn't learn the essential lesson of never relying on the hired help,
and his clumsy assistant Jinx crashes his airship into the Warner water tower,
which not only scatters the stolen Edgars all over the film lot, but frees the
incarcerated Yakko, Wakko and Dot from their lofty prison...

I'm going to be quite honest here - I found this game a bit disappointing. Don't
get me wrong, it IS very enjoyable. It's just not all I hoped it would be. The
lack of options and bonus features was frustrating - at least an unlockable cut
scene replay would have been nice, and being unable to turn off the subtitles
drove me nuts. I was also disappointed at the lack of familiar faces. Apart from
the Warners, the only other characters that have guest appearances are Pinky and
the Brain, Chicken Boo, and Professor Scratchensniff. I would have liked to see
some of the others from the show - Buttons and Mindy, Slappy Squirrel, the
Goodfeathers... even Ralph and Hello Nurse would have been appreciated.
(Although Ralph's net has a brief appearance.) Sadly, it was not to be. And
finally, I was frustrated at how easy this game was. Apart from the at times
MADDENING search for all the items, there wasn't that much of a challenge to be
found here. The bosses were especially laughable - even the final showdown isn't
that difficult, so long as you've obtained plenty of apples. That said, I still
had a great time playing this game, and would recommend it to anyone who wants a

Okay, down to business. The reason you're here is because you're having trouble
with this game. Most likely, you're looking for something. Missing Chicken Boos,
ACME letters, inventory, or those gorram collectables, it doesn't matter -
unless you find them, you can't get that pesky 100%. Well keep this in mind -
getting 100% doesn't unlock anything. Like I said, very disappointing. However,
if you still want to know where to find whatever it is you're after, then you
came to the right place. This guide has specific sections detailing the
locations of all the inventory, script pages, ACME letters, and Chicken Boos,
for those who just want to get in, find out where whatever is, and run away
again. For the specifics of getting all 1800 collectables and 45 Edgars, you'll
need to refer to the walkthrough. (Or try the FAQ section)


The following controls are for the Gamecube version of this game. If you're
using a Playstation or X-Box, then check the game's manual. Or if you prefer,
just keep randomly pushing buttons until you find the move you want.

The following moves are shared between Yakko, Wakko, and Dot...

Surprise, surprise, you move by use of the control stick. As is common in these
types of games, you can choose from a snail-embarrassing creep, an every-day
walk, or a brisk run, depending on how far you push the control stick. Creeping
is handy for sneaking up on oblivious enemies, naturally.

Jumping is controlled by the A button. The longer you hold it down, the higher
you'll jump. However, if you push A again whilst in mid-jump, you'll perform a
double jump, allowing you to reach higher places. And tapping A again at the
apex of your second jump will result in a triple jump. You'll need the triple
jump quite regularly.

Some walls have trails of paw prints leading up. Once you've grabbed the
suction cups, run into the prints (I prefer to jump into them from maximum
height, as the climbing's somewhat slow), and then just push the control stick
up to scale the wall.

Until you've found the scuba mask, all you'll be able to do is swim across the
surface of any water, which is done by control stick use. After you've got the
mask, press B to dive, and then tap either A or B (A works better) to swim

Jumping or falling from a certain height will result in you smashing into the
ground and losing energy. To avoid this, press the X button in mid hurtle, and
your character will pull out a parachute of sorts (Dot has a parasol, Yakko has
a handkerchief, and Wakko uses his underwear :oP), with which they'll glide to
safety. Handy for crossing large gaps from high places.

Sometimes even the mighty triple jump won't get you onto a hard to reach ledge,
but it may be enough for you to grab the side of it. Once here, either press B
to describe yourself artisticly, A to haul yourself up, or down on the control
stick to drop back down.

Press the R button to duck. Good for dodging those pesky cactii in Ye Old West.

Pressing the R button whilst running will make you do a skid attack - you'll
hurtle forward whilst also ducking low. Whilst this is is an okay attack for
some enemies, I prefer to use it to simply get past them, as it's faster than

Pressing R in mid-jump will cause you to do a ground pound. Good attack for
certain enemies, as well as smashing grates in the ground to grab the goodies
they conceal.

Why they called it this I'll never understand, but pressing B will cause your
character to smash their primary weapon (Yakko's mallet, Wakko's boxing gloves
or Dot's frying pan) down in front of them. Kills certain enemies, but its most
common use is to activate buttons.

At least the name of this one makes sense. Pressing B whilst running will cause
your character to channel the Tasmanian Devil's spirit, and spin around whilst
wielding their weapon. Keep tapping B to maintain the attack, but keep it up too
long and you'll get dizzy and be vulnerable to attack for a few seconds.

Pressing left on the Control Pad will take you into first person view. Look
around by using the control stick. Good for spotting hard to see areas.

After you obtain this weapon, you can activate it by pressing right on the
Control Pad. Aim with the Control stick and press B to fire. Holding B will give
you a steady energy-beam, but it can only manifest for a limited time before
it'll run out and automatically recharge.

When you finally get these, you activate them by pressing down on the control
pad. Then just move about as normal, but with the benefit of being able to see
in the dark.

You'll need this to track down Chicken Boo (unless of course you already know
where he is... or just happen to find him). Once you've found the glass,
activate it by pressing up on the Control pad. It deactivates when you walk or
run, so either creep around during your searches, or run to wherever and stop,
and it'll automatically turn on again.

Press start to pause the game, which will bring up your Edgar checklist for the
area. Tap the C-stick left or right to check your tally for other areas, tap
down to check your inventory, or tap up to bring up the options menu.

The camera is mainly controlled by the C-Stick. You can swivel the view around
by pushing it left or right, and rotate it up or down with (gasp!) up or down.
The L Button locks the camera, so that the viewpoint won't change, and pressing
L again will unlock it. Z returns the camera to default position.

The following attacks are specific to each of the Animaniacs...

Thankfully, the explosives were doled out to the "responsible" Warner sibling.
Once Yakko has earned the bombs, you can drop one by pressing Y, or hold Y to
get a crosshairs, which will move further away the longer you hold it. Use this
to throw bombs at specific targets. Oh, and don't be near those things when they
go off - they leave big boo-boos.

Here's another disappointment - Dot doesn't actually put on her grass skirt when
it's limbo time. Ah well. Once you find the silly thing, Dot can limbo by
pressing the Y button. A little meter will pop up, showing how far she can bend
over. Green is standing up, and red is falling flat on her butt. Tap the control
stick right to stop this from happening and embarrassing yourself.

Wakko's secret weapon is the shovel - and only one catch phrase to go with it.
Once you've tracked down this tool, you can use it by standing in the middle of
a dirt mound (round brown patches on the ground) and pressing Y. You'll usually
uncover a collectable by doing this, but sometimes it'll be an apple, or even a
secret passage...


This is the list of all the Edgars of the game. If you go into the Warner
Offices in the Warner Lot (where Marvin hangs out), you can see the ones you've
collected in the trophy room. And as I mentioned before, if you want to check
which ones you're missing, just pause the game to bring up the main menu.
This'll show you the list of Edgars for the area you're in, and tapping the left
and right camera buttons cycle through the other areas you've already visited.
For more detailed explanations of how to get each Edgar, refer to the

Edgar #1: Find 125 collectables.
Edgar #2: Find all 300 collectables.
Edgar #3: Collect all 6 script pages.
Edgar #4: Locate Chicken Boo.
Edgar #5: Defeat C. C. Deville.

Edgar #1: Find 125 collectables.
Edgar #2: Find all 300 collectables.
Edgar #3: Moody Clan Round Up.
Edgar #4: Down the Tracks.
Edgar #5: Reservation Rain Dance.
Edgar #6: Horse Shoe Shenanigans.
Edgar #7: Bucking Champion.
Edgar #8: Locate Chicken Boo.

Edgar #1: Find 125 collectables.
Edgar #2: Find all 300 collectables.
Edgar #3: Exorcise in the Front Garden.
Edgar #4: Puzzle Cube Conundrum.
Edgar #5: Ghoulish Fountain Frolics.
Edgar #6: Here comes the Bride... She's Alive!
Edgar #7: Crypt-ic Bone Search.
Edgar #8: Locate Chicken Boo.

Edgar #1: Find 125 collectables.
Edgar #2: Find all 300 collectables.
Edgar #3: Bo Peep's Close Shave.
Edgar #4: The Wood, the Witch and the Turtle.
Edgar #5: Little Miss-placed Muffet.
Edgar #6: Billy Goat Bridge Bash.
Edgar #7: Enter the Dragon.
Edgar #8: Locate Chicken Boo.

Edgar #1: Find 125 collectables.
Edgar #2: Find all 300 collectables.
Edgar #3: Explore the Blue Lagoon.
Edgar #4: See no Temple... Hear no Temple.
Edgar #5: Home in the Treetops.
Edgar #6: Plunder the Monkey Mines.
Edgar #7: Defeat Aztec Pillar.
Edgar #8: Locate Chicken Boo.

Edgar #1: Find 125 collectables.
Edgar #2: Find all 300 collectables.
Edgar #3: Fill Cleo's Bath? My Ass!
Edgar #4: Hot Dates With a Soldier.
Edgar #5: Slave State, Retaliate.
Edgar #6: Riddle in the Bathhouse.
Edgar #7: Chariot Championship.
Edgar #8: Locate Chicken Boo.


The tools you'll need so very regularly during the game. Here's a quick
reference of where to find 'em. If you need something a little more specific,
have a looksee at the walkthrough.

You need these to climb walls with paw prints on them. You get them in Ye Old
West, outside the Prospector's Mine. Talk to ol' Skookum Jim near the entrance
to the mine.

Your long distance weapon. You get this from Boogor in Spooky Movie. He's just
inside the front door to the mansion.

Used for digging up buried treasure. There's a mouse cage outside the back of
the mansion in Spooky Movie, near the roller ghoster entrance. Beat the Pinky
and the Brain mini-game to win the shovel.

This one's easy to miss - uses the ol' hiding in plain sight trick. I don't know
how many times I went into Once Upon a Time before noticing the dirt mound and
shovel sign right outside the entrance. Dig it up to find the skirt.

Allows you to swim underwater. This one's the easiest to find, hands down - just
talk to Duffy Fish at the start of Once Upon a Time, and he'll give it to you.

Makes Chicken Boo's footprints visible. In Once Upon a Time, there's a mouse
cage in the early areas of the dragon's cave. Beat the Pinky and the Brain
mini-game to win the glass.

Grants you sight in dark places. They're in King O'Sullivans Mines. O'Sullivan
gives them to you once you've found the permanent light switch in the mine. To
enter the mine, you'll need to find all 3 pieces of the door key.

Stuff goes boom. ^_^ Right next to the light switch in King O'Sullivans Mines,
you'll find another mouse cage. The bombs are your reward for beating the Pinky
and the Brain mini-game.


One of the Edgars you seek is held my a meerkat named Marvin, and he refuses to
hand it over unless you help him out. Once you've assembled all 3 Warners and
returned to the Warner lot, you'll be granted access to the offices. Talk to
Marvin inside, and he'll assign you the mission of tracking down six missing
pages to his Goodfeathers script. Wanna know where they are?

There are two blocked off passages near the entrance to the Epic area. Get Yakko
to blow up the rocks blocking the right passage, because the page is in here.

The page is in the middle of what I call the stampede area - the path to it is
via the underwater canal near the train station.

The page is in the night-vision area on the lower level of the front area of the

The page is hidden on the cliff that you reach by taking the left path out of
the giant shoe. Watch out for that dragonfly hovering around.

To your left as you come up to the bone bridge, there's a climbable cliff face.
The page is at the tippy-top.

Near the bath chamber, there's a passage that appears to be a dead end. Not so.
Blow up the cracked wall and solve the puzzle to earn the final page.


Hidden in each area are the letters A, C, M, and E. Finding them all not only
proves your competence as a speller of four-letter words, but also adds an extra
apple to your health bar.

A - Get Dot to limbo under the broken fence near the entrance to the Ye Old
West area. The A's in there.
C - Near the entrance to the Spooky Movie area, there's a path that leads to a
dirt mound on a pedestal. Get Wakko to dig it up, and it will take you to a
hidden area.
M - The night-vision area on the right of the tunnel leading to King O'Sullivans
Mines. You don't actually need the goggles to get it.
E - Behind the entrance to Once Upon a Time, there's an underwater passage that
leads to another area. The hidden letter is at the bottom of one of the pot
holes in the lake. Obviously, you'll need the scuba mask to get there.

A - On the balcony of one of the buildings in Calamity Canyon. Get to the ramp
of the jail, then jump to the saloon balcony, and jump to the next roof from
C - In a small cave on the island in the middle of the lake. Underwater.
M - In the bird's nest on one of the cliffs. This is in an area you need Dot to
limbo to - the entrance is behind the bank in town.
E - On the ledge above Skookum Jim's mine. Talk to Jim to get the suction cups
you'll need to climb up.

A - Behind a tomb stone in front of the exit to the roller ghoster (front of
C - The prize for beating the roller ghoster mini-game. The entrance is at the
back of the mansion, beside Pinky and the Brain's mouse cage.
M - Prize for beating the clock chamber mini-game. It's right after the chase
from the rolling stone.
E - In one of the sheds at the back of the mansion. It's the one closest to the
door, on the left (as you exit the mansion).

A - In the first lava lake of the tunnel leading to the dragon. It's to the
right of the trail of paw prints leading up the wall.
C - Hidden in the dark woods, near where Miss Muffet is feeling sorry for
herself. You'll need the night-vision goggles.
M - On the right of the entrance to the castle.
E - On the highest leaf of the bottom part of the beanstalk.

A - In the laser room of the monkey temple, hidden inside the laser device
above the water.
C - In the underwater lagoon, in the area to the right of the tunnel leading up
to the Treehouse path.
M - In the lava area of the mines, to the left of the path that takes you to the
effigy battle.
E - In the lake, behind the island with the entrance to the underwater lagoon.

A - In a hole in the wall in the side of the palace.
C - In a small chamber behind the palace, near the gardens area.
M - In one of the cave-like storefronts in the Bazarr.
E - Held captive in the dungeons of the barracks. Same prison area as the


Chicken Boo is hidden in each of the levels, cunningly disguised as an enemy you
have to kill to reveal him. Whenever you uncover his elaborate disguise, he'll
reward you with an Edgar. However, he won't be accessable until you've found the
magnifying glass - killing the enemies he poses as before you grab the glass
will yield no result. Once you have it, the easiest way to track him down is to
go to the starting area of each level - because the tracks ALWAYS start there -
and then following the trail until it comes to an end, and killing the enemy
nearby. Or, you could just read this...

Near the gate in the Spooky Film area, there's a Man eating Plant. Get Yakko to
blow it up, or sneak up on it and smash it with a static attack.

One of the cactii near the train station. It's the one closest to the train.

On the upper level of the mansion (the way you go to confront Scratchensniff),
there's a midget with a chainsaw. Eliminate him.

The yellow bouncing mushroom by the beanstalk. Try using a ground pound on him.

The first bat that dive-bombs you in the Monkey Temple.

The Roman Centurion around the back of Cleo's Palace - near the entrance to the
Colloseum area. Blowing him up as Yakko seems to work best.


DISCLAIMER: I'm can't guarantee I've got the numbers of collectables right in
each spot - for instance, if I say in an area that there's 10 on a path, and
another 7 in containers nearby or whatever, I could be off by one or two. That
said, whenever I announce that you should have a certain number at this point,
that part should be correct. If you spot any incorrect collectable numbers in
this guide, please email me at kylegonjinn@yahoo.com and let me know what the
correct number should be. Now, on with the walkthrough!


Okay, you start the game in the middle of the Warner Film Lot as Yakko, who
complains that he can't find his siblings. A cowboy approaches him, and though
unable to help him with Wakko, says that someone fitting the description of
"cute" was hanging around the Wild West soundstage. He then fills you in on the
missing Edgars. After the cut scene ends, you'll see 4 movie cannisters right in
front of you - these are this area's versions of the 300 collectables you'll
need to find. Grab these, then run to the door of the Warner offices. You can't
get in yet, but you can take the cannister in the doorway. If you smash open the
fire hydrant in front of you, you'll find another. To the right of the offices
(as you're facing the entrance) is the blocked-off path to the Spooky Movie
soundstage, which is inaccessable at this time. On the left of the barricade is
an alley with three trashcans, which contain 3 more cannisters and an apple,
which will refill one apple on your health bar. You shouldn't need it at the
moment. Ground pound the grate in the road outside the alley for another 2
cannisters. Turn back towards the main area, until you're facing the path to
Once Upon a Time and King O'Sullivan's Mines (the one with the castle in the
background). As you'll notice, this too has been blocked off - the actual water
tower part of the tower prevents you from going down there. Smash open the fire
hydrant between you and the barricade for another 2 cannisters, and the fire
hydrant by the barricade for another 2. Turning right again, you'll now face the
path to The Epic - you guessed it, you can't go there yet. Smash the grate on
your way over for 2 more cannisters, and the trash can beside it will yield
another. There's another 2 cannisters in the hydrant in front of the barricade.
Turn right once more, and you'll face the one path that you can use right now -
the one that leads to Ye Old West. Before you start down there, smash the two
trashcans for 4 more cannisters.


Okay, start down the path to Ye Old West. The first thing you'll come across is
another grate and fire hydrant - smash these open for 3 more cannisters. Another
fire hydrant in front of you will give you another 2 cannisters. Grab the 2
cannisters along the path, then smash the two barrels open for another 1, plus
some apples. There's another cannister in the doorway of the general store, 2 in
the barrel in the corner, 1 in the doorway of the Saloon, and one right in front
of the gate.


Before you go through the gate, take a look to your right. See that gap under
the fence? You'll have to come back here later as Dot. Okay, now you'll see that
the gate has a logo on it, representing a golden statue and the number 0. You'll
come across these doors frequently in your travels, and they'll prevent you from
progressing unless you have the required number of Edgars. Seeing as you don't
need any to open this door, press X to pass through.

Take a minute to get the cannisters in this area before moving on - 3 in the
doorways of buildings to your left, 1 in a doorway on the right, 2 on the rooves
of buildings on the right, and 3 right down the path. This leads to the entrance
to the first level, but before you go in, grab the other cannisters. There are 5
scattered around the ground, another 1 on top of the overturned cart, 3 behind
the sound stage entrance, and 3 in the barrels behind the sound stage entrance.
You should also grab the 2 cannisters behind the building where the gringo is
sleeping on the porch.


You may have noticed that the number of collectables you've found is only
displayed on the screen when you're near some you haven't picked up yet. Very
observant, well done. So now you're probably wondering why it is that your
"collectables radar," as I call it, is still showing. The reason for this is,
there's one here you'll have to come back for when you've assembled your
siblings and gained a few handy items. Now, enter Ye Old West.


(By "Take 1," I mean that you're going to have to come back here again. At least

Welcome to the town of Calamity Canyon. Start by grabbing the 4 collectables in
front of you (in the form of gold nuggets on this level), then stop to have a
chat with the bloke nearby fingering his shiny badge. He introduces himself as
Sheriff Marion, and proceeds to tell you a bunch of stuff you don't really need
to know. He then gets to something relevant - the Moody Clan is preying on the
good citizens of Calamity Canyon, and as he's not a terribly competent sheriff,
he's willing to fork over a reward to anyone who can sort out all five Moodys
themself. Naturally, Yakko volunteers to help out.


Take a sec here to pause the game, bringing up your Edgar checklist. This'll
show you all the stuff that you need to find on this level, including Edgars,
collectables, ACME letters, script pages, and Chicken Boo. At the moment, you
can only access two Edgars, which will be lit up in yellow. Obviously, the first
one will be given to you once you've dealt with the Moodys.

Alright, let's get to it. First of all, grab the 3 nuggets on the jail ramp, and
triple jump up to the roof for another 3. From this vantage point, you'll be
able to see someone running around up the path nearby. Run over and say hello,
making sure to grab the 2 nuggets on the way. By "say hello," I mean that you
should give this guy a good bonk on the head with your mallet. You'll have to
wait until he stops to catch his equilibrium though - apparently just running
around makes these guys dizzy. Hardened criminals indeed! Hit him when you see
the green stars around his head, and he should fall down and disappear -
presumably into a jail cell? Anyways, a little indicator will show up, telling
you to assault another 4 of these wacky haired lunatics.

If you run back down into the town and go along behind the jail and other
buildings, you'll find a cave on your left which is home to a rattlesnake (Heh,
it has a rattle on its tail. Very clever!) and 2 nuggets. When you get close
enough, the snake will start striking out at you, but will become dizzy after
six such strikes. Stay a safe distance from him until he wears himself out, then
hit him and he too will disappear - hopefully not into a jail cell with the
Moody you just injured. Now you can grab the gold without any problems. Continue
along behind the saloon (big blue building), then go along the side of it to
grab the nugget in the horse trough. Go through to the Main Street, and you may
see two or three more of the Moodys running around. If you don't, don't panic -
they run around some, but won't have gone far. Grab the 5 nuggets on your left
that lead up to the cactii blocking the only road out of town, then backtrack
and smash open the brown barrels by the barn for 3 more. Don't bother trying the
steel kegs - they're unbreakable, even with explosives. There's another barrel
by the entrance to the saloon that has 1 more nugget. By this time, ol' Ike the
Undertaker may have taken an interest in you, and started stalking you around
town. Beat him on the noggin and have a chuckle at his expense! Now go back to
the building that serves as entrance to this level, and head up the path to the
left. You'll find another Moody up here behind the rocks, so take him out. If
you've already dealt with the three Moodys that hang around town, you'll see a
brief cut scene indicating that the Sheriff would like a word with you.

We'll get back to him in a minute. First though, there's a few more nuggets to
get in the area. Ignore the barrel nearby, it only has a snake in it. Instead,
look around until you see the rock formation bridge - there's a nugget for you
on it. There's another on the cliff it leads to; just watch out for the tornado
spinning by. Okay, now as you head back into town, have a look at the cliff face
under the rock bridge. This is another area that only Dot can reach, meaning
you'll have to come back later. Now run back into the town, and deal with any
Moodys you haven't knocked out yet. They'll be running around the town, so have
a look behind all the buildings until you find them. Once you've beaten them
all, go talk to Sheriff Marion again, and he'll award you with your first Edgar
statue. He'll also inform you that a girl bearing an uncanny resemblance to
Yakko was being tied to the train tracks. Yep, nothing gets past this sheriff.
Ol' Ike will then proceed to grievously aggravate one of the horses tied up to
the saloon, who'll do us two favours - trample Ike, and knock down the cactii
that are blocking the only road out of town. How convenient!


Before you run off to rescue Dot, there's still some stuff to collect in town.
From the jail's ramp, triple-jump up to the saloon's balcony, and from there,
jump to the next roof (the general store), where you'll find 5 more nuggets.
Jump to the next roof, and you'll come across a large letter A. In each level,
the letters A, C, M, and E are scattered around, waiting for you to find them.
Once you grab all 4, you'll be rewarded with an extra apple for your health bar.
Every time you do, this gives you an additional 4 hits before you die, so it's
quite handy. You'll start out with only 3 apples (12 hits, which in itself isn't
bad), but can max out your health bar to nine apples (a mighty 36 hits!).

Now enter the saloon. There's a nugget in the barrels behind the bar, 2 more in
the barrels beside it, 5 more leading up the stairs, and 2 more at the top - 1
for each flight. Oh, and 1 more in a barrel on the balcony.


But before you go... do you hear a squeaking noise? Sounds like a mouse wheel,
or something. Sure enough, have a look by that barrel you found the nugget in
upstairs, and you should find a mouse cage. Go up to it and press X to learn
about Pinky and the Brain's latest scheme to try and take over the world. Of
course, you'll have to help them out. Brain's plan is to steal all the
horseshoes in town. Ingenious... I think. Anyways, when the mini-game starts,
target a horse's feet, and hold the A button to activate the magnet. You should
attract the shoes right off the horse - try and grab four at a time. Once you
have four in your grasp, move the magnet over the trapdoor, and release the A
button to drop them. Once you've captured 16 horseshoes, you win another Edgar

Okay, now you're ready to leave Calamity Canyon. Go past the remaining cactii
and follow the path. There's a nugget in each of the first two barrels you come
across, so grab them. Another 3 nuggets will lead you to a box with a snake in
it, so just leave that one alone. There'll be 9 more nuggets after that, leading
to an inflatable cactus. Normally I just like to skid past these guys, but
there's an apple in the barrel next to it, so if you need the health, duck and
wait for it to shoot its needles, then make with the smashing.


You've reached the train station. Grab the 3 nuggets along the path that leads
past the station and to the big hole, then turn back around and take the first
path to the right of the one you just came from. There's 1 nugget on a ledge
down there. Go back to the clearing and look at the group of boxes on your left.
One of them is empty, but the rest all have cactii in them. Go for the one at
the back - there should be another nugget inside. There's another 4 nuggets on
the ledges behind these boxes. At the right end of the ledges, take a look up -
there's another 2 nuggets higher up for you to get.

To the left of the station's front door is another bunch of ledges. There's 2
more nuggets on the ledges here, plus another 2 on a ledge higher up. Go around
to the other side of the station and grab the nugget above the train. Take note
of the cactus nearby - you'll be coming back to beat it up again later. On the
ledges here, there's apples in the barrels, and another nugget in the barrel the
snake on the higher ledge is guarding. Nearby, there's a pool of water you have
to dive in. You can't swim underwater yet, so keep going. On the station's front
porch, there's a barrel with another nugget, and there's 1 more in the doorway
to the station.


Okay, time to enter the station. Would you look at that - there's an Edgar door
here. You can't go in unless you have 2 Edgars. Lucky you got that one that
Pinky and the Brain had, no? Go inside, ignoring the first box you come across -
it's another snake. Go past and grab 3 more nuggets, and 2 that are hidden in


Head out the door in front of you, and you'll see a cut scene of Dot in mortal
peril. Now you'll play a mini-game that sees you on top of the train cars. To
start with, you'll be on top of a passenger carriage. A conductor will pop his
head up from one of the hatches in the roof and throw his hat at you - whack him
with your hammer when he appears. After 3 beatings, the conductor will allow you
to proceed, so make your way forward, over the cars. Watch yourself when you
start going over the bridge - if you're on a high car, you'll need to jump at
regular intervals. You'll then arrive at another passenger carriage, where
you'll have to pound the conductor another five times before you can move on.
Grab the apple - you'll probably need one by now - and continue. This time
around you'll have to duck under the rock formations and jump over the bars
sticking out of water towers. Then you'll reach yet another passenger carriage,
and this time you'll have to beat the conductor seven times. Once he finally
surrenders you get another apple, and then must make a mad scramble to the
engine car, ducking and jumping obstacles on the way. When you get to the front,
whack the chimney with your mallet to stop the train and save the day! ...sort
of. You'll get another Edgar statue, anyway.

Now that you've rescued Dot, you have access to the Character Switch doors,
which, as the name suggests, are used when you want to switch characters.
There's one right outside the station, so if you want to play as Dot for awhile,
open the door and give Yakko a break. At the moment none of the Warners have
their exclusive weapons, so it doesn't make any difference which one you play

Leave the station area and take the path to the right. Jump over the hole and
avoid the falling rocks. There's another 2 nuggets to grab on the path, plus 1
in the barrel on the left. There's some apples there too, if you need them. Walk
down the path and enter the campsite. Follow the path around to the left. Jump
over the two inanimate cactii and follow the path up above the dried up river
bed. There's 4 nuggets along the back wall here. Continue to follow the river
bed path - go past the barrel with the snake in it, and head to the cave on the
left, where another snake is guarding 2 more nuggets.

As you'll have noticed by now, you're on the outskirts of a campsite. Go up to
the dude who's outside the only unzipped tent (warily avoiding the totem pole,
as it's incredibly creepy). This guy will introduce himself as Big Chief Sitting
Bison, and will explain the plight of his people - they're one brave short for
performing their rain dance, and need the help of someone who can limbo (since
when was the limbo part of a rain dance?). This is Dot's forte, but you're going
to have to come back later.

In the rocks beyond the Chief's tent, you'll find another 2 nuggets. Face the
camp again, and take the path up to the first ledge on the left for another 1.
Then grab 1 more on the rock bridge leading to the next ledge, and wait for the
cactus to try and attack you. Eliminate it when you can, and then smash the
barrels. There's 3 nuggets here, but also a snake - mind you don't fall off the
ledge when you bounce off the snake barrel.


Take the path under the rock bridge - the one indicated by the alligator sign.
Ignore the first box - it's a snake again. There are two apples in the next
barrel though, so you might want to smash that. 4 more nuggets lead to a group
of three cactii - I recommend just skidding past them, if you can. Another 4
nuggets lead to a snake cave, where there are 2 more nuggets and an apple. Keep
following the path, grabbing the 1 nugget in front of and 1 behind the barrel
hiding the cactus.


You have reached the lake. Stay out of the water for a sec, and instead, follow
the path around to the right. There's another nugget here, and 1 more in the
snake barrel. Okay, now jump in the water, but watch out for the alligator
swimming around. He won't bother you if you stay out of his way. Swim over to
the island in the middle of the lake. There's 1 nugget on the lower ground of
this island, and 3 more on the higher ground - the snake on the rock guards 2
of them. Look around until you locate the waterfall. Look carefully, and you'll
see that there's a ledge behind it.  Swim over to it, and you'll come across
your first warp door. These are handy for moving about the levels quicker. Make
sure you activate this one though, otherwise you'll have to walk back later. To
activate, simply walk up and press X to enter. Then simply switch to whichever
destination you wish - at the moment your choice is here or Calamity Canyon.
Choose here to get back out. Smash open the barrels for 2 nuggets, an apple, and
a snake.


Next, swim to the area where you can see the falling rocks in the distance.
There's a barrel before this path of peril, but it only has a snake in it, so
just leave it. Dodge the rocks and follow the path, grabbing the 5 nuggets that
lead to the group of barrels, which have 3 more nuggets and two apples.


As soon as you grab #125, an Edgar will appear. Nice one, you've gotten all the
Edgars possible on the level at this time. Luckily though, when you take that
fourth Edgar, a cut scene of the Warner lot will show you two things of
interest: first, that there's now a mouse cage in the centre of the level, and
secondly, that you now have enough Edgars to enter the next level. Cool! Let's
grab some more stuff before we leave though. Keep following the path. Kill the
snake in the cave to grab the 3 nuggets it's guarding. 3 more nuggets lead to a
cactus box, then 2 more lead into a clearing. There's 2 more nuggets on the
ground here (1 is behind the trees), and 3 in the water. Once you have those,
talk to the coot by the mine entrance. Ol' Skookum Jim is as helpful as Big
Chief Running Bison said - not only does he instruct you in the ways of climbing
walls, but he also forks over a pair of suction cups for you to use. Nice! Test
them out on the trail of paw prints leading up the wall behind you. I recommend
jumping into the paw prints from as high as possible, as this will cut down on
your climbing time, which can be long and tedious. At the top, there's 4 more
nuggets waiting for you, as well as a big letter E that you can reach with a
triple jump.


Don't bother going into the mine shaft back on the ground - you can't get far
in the dark. Run back to the lake and take the only path you haven't been on yet
- it's the one where there are nuggets out in the open still, and wide chasms to
cross. Grab the 4 nuggets leading to the first chasm, and leave the box alone,
since there's only a cactus in it. There are 7 nuggets on the rocks above this
first pit, so jump carefully and get them all. Be careful of the snake. There
are 3 more nuggets on the next ledge, as well as a tornado that you should
avoid. The next pit has 4 nuggets on the rocks above it, as well as an apple.
The next group of rocks above a pit has a path of 13 nuggets for you to get, but
watch out for that snake up the top. Finally, grab the 2 nuggets leading down to
the rodeo.


Talk to the cowboy at the gate, and he'll challenge you to tame his wild steed.
Only problem is he's lost his keys, and can't get inside. He suggests that maybe
the best way to get in is to dig a tunnel. Seeing as you haven't yet found the
shovel, or the Warner who wields it, you'll have to come back later. There's a
nugget in the barrel to the left of the rodeo entrance. Keep going around that
side, and you'll find a box. There's an apple inside, but also a tornado, so
unless you need the health, keep going. There's a hard to spot trail of paw
prints leading up the rock face on the left, so climb up, grabbing the 3 nuggets
on the way. There's 2 more at the top, plus another 1 in a barrel. The other
barrel has a cactus and an apple inside. You'll need to jump across another rock
path now. The best way to deal with the snakes littering these paths is to jump
towards then, then use a double jump to get back on the rock you came from until
they tire themselves out, then jump at them whilst attacking. The rock after the
snake has a nugget in the barrel, then there's another 4 on the following rock.
There's 2 more nuggets in the barrel on the top rock. The snake up there is best
just avoided. Glide back down to the ground, as a fall from this height will
injure you, and run around the other side of the rodeo until you get to the
grandstands. There are 3 nuggets in the stands, and another 3 under them.


Okay, we're almost done here - just need to do a little backtracking. Run back
to the rodeo entrance, and take the warp door back to the lake. Go back to Big
Chief Sitting Bison's campsite, and have a look at the cliff behind the limbo
greens. There's another climbable trail here, so shimmy on up, grabbing the 2
nuggets along the way. There's 2 more and a snake in the barrels at the top.
Follow the path around to another cave that has a snake guarding 2 more nuggets.
The next barrel on the path has a snake, so leave that one alone. Keep along the
path, grab the 1 single nugget, avoid the cactii, and take the apples in the
barrels if you need them. The last barrel has the final nugget that you'll get
this time around.


It's time to leave this level. Either walk all the way back to the exit at
Calamity Canyon, or pause the game, press up on the C-stick to bring up the
options menu, and select exit. That way's quicker.


NUGGETS: 202/300
INVENTORY: Suction cups.


You may notice that these guys have taken a page from Banjo-Kazooie - every time
you open a level, some enemies escape into the main hub. Bummer. Head back to
the central area and grab the 4 film cannisters surrounding the mouse cage.


Go up to the mouse cage and press X to learn of Brain's devious scheme to take
over the world through subliminal mind control. Of course, he can't do it
without your help. His plan is to beam his subliminal message to the world by
attaching a satellite dish to the Warner water tower, but as we already know,
this tower is lying in pieces around the film lot. So now you control a
gyrocopter that he and Pinky are piloting (where in the name of all that's good
and sticky did they get a gyrocopter?), which has a magnet attached to it.
First, move the struts back into place. They're already pretty close to where
they need to be, just hover over them and grab them by holding A, then move it
so that the feet match up with the marks on the grass. The taller part of the
tower goes on top next, then the shorter tower segment, followed by the actual
water tower part. Finally, move the satellite dish into position at the
tippy-top. When you've done this, rejoice! You now have access to the levels
that were blocked off earlier! Well, you can actually only get into one of the
other levels, but at least you have access to more of the film lot, so you
should grab some more cannisters before you start your next level.

Take the path that leads to The Epic - it's the one which has a temple in the
background. There's 1 cannister out in the open, then another in a grate
(remember, smash these with a ground pound), and 2 in the trash cans. 2 more
cannisters lead to another group of trash cans, with another 2 cannisters. Go
around the corner and grab 5 more that lead up to the gate that you can't yet
pass. 25 Edgars? Yikes!


On your way back, check out those piles of rubble either side of you. Looks a
bit suss, don't you think? Go back to the central area, and this time take the
path to Once Upon a Time and King O'Sullivans Mines - it's the one with the
castle in the background. Have a look on your right - there's an alley there
that's very easy to miss. There are 2 more cannisters in the trash cans here.
There's 1 cannister in the first grate, then 3 leading up to the fire hydrants,
which have another 5 cannisters. At the intersection, there's 1 cannister on the
left, outside the gate to Once Upon a Time. You can't go in here yet either.
Turn around and smash the grate for another cannister, then follow the trail of
5 cannisters down the tunnel. On your right, there's another darkened area where
you can't see, but this one's very small, so if you're quick enough you can run
inside and grab the 3 cannisters and the M before you're moved back into the
light automatically. You'll need to jump some spikes. Keep following the tunnel
until the barrier, grabbing 2 more cannisters on the way.


Go back to the entrance to the M cave, and have a good look at the wall on the
left. You should be able to spot a crack in the wall that you would have
otherwise missed. Unfortunately, this area is also dark and much larger than the
one you were just in, so don't bother trying to go in there yet. Head back to
the central area, and take the path you haven't been down yet - it's the one
with mist all over the ground. You'll spot a cannister immediately, and there's
another 2 in the fire hydrant nearby. 2 more cannisters lead to a group of trash
cans with another 3, and then 2 more lead to a group of fire hydrants which also
have 3 cannisters. Just before the Edgar gate, there's a path on the right where
there's another 4 cannisters. It leads to a pedestal with a dirt mound. You'll
have to come back here later.



Okay, enter the gate to the Spooky Movie area. There are 2 cannisters in front
of you, 1 in the nearby hydrant, and 1 in the car in the middle of the street.
There's 2 more leading up to the iron gate, and 2 in each of the trash cans
either side of the road. Walk through the gate, and smash open the vase by the
sound stage entrance for a cannister.


Another Edgar should have appeared, in the doorway of the house. Grab it, as
well as the cannister in the vase by the house. To the left of the house,
there's a cannister in front of a tombstone. If you go around the back of the
house to shake your head sadly at the shoddy renovating that's going on, you'll
see that there are two platforms there, each with a cannister. Help yourself. To
the left of the back of the house, there's a group of tombstones, and 2
cannisters hidden amongst them. There's another tombstone between the house and
the sound stage, with another cannister. And finally, there's two vases behind
the sound stage, each containing a cannister.


Enter Spooky Movie.




Ooh, such a horror-filled environment. Start by following the path that leads up
to the creepy mansion, grabbing the 12 collectables on the way - this time
they're in the shape of jack-o-lanterns. I'll just call them pumpkins for
convenience sake. There are 2 more pumpkins on graves that the path goes right
past - you might as well get those too. While you're making your way towards the
house, watch out for the ghosts - get too close to them, and they'll frighten
you away. More often than not, straight into the clutches of one of those
man-eating plants. You'll have to dodge two of them to get to the door at the
end of the path. Go into the entryway and introduce yourself to Boogor (that is
one of the grossest things I've ever seen!), who'll assign you the task of
getting rid of the ten ghosts hovering around the garden. To help with this
quest, he'll fork over something for your inventory - a proton accelerator pack.
As he'll tell you, you press right on the control pad to pull it out, then B to
fire it. Head back into the front yard.


If you go around to your left, you'll find a blocked off passage with a couple
of vases nearby. Smash them for 2 pumpkins. What's the deal with that poster on
the wall? A letter C for 500 points? Don't worry, we'll grab that later. If you
look back over the garden, you should spot a letter A behind one of the
tombstones. Grab it. Further down the garden, there's a bunch of 5 pumpkins
surrounding another man-eating plant. Be careful getting these - you might want
to try sneaking on up it. Whilst you're getting these pumpkins, you should also
be attacking the ghosts. You have to fire a steady stream of energy at them (in
other words, hold down the B button) until they vanish completely. Make sure
you give your pack enough time to recharge before you attack the next ghost,
otherwise you may run out of power. There's another pumpkin near the entrance to
this level, sitting on a grave. Now if you go over to the other side of the
garden, you should find 4 more pumpkins around a dead tree. There's another 1 on
a grave near the wall, and if you go up to the corner of the mansion, you should
find a couple of vases near a hole that Dot will have to come back to limbo
under later. There are 3 pumpkins in the vases.


If you've dealt with all the ghosts, go back and talk to Boogor again. If not,
eliminate the remainders, then talk to Boogor. He'll take you into the main
hall, and casually mention that his master, Professor Scracthenstein, is
experimenting on a funny little monkey boy's brain to breathe life into his
bride. Or something. Considering the range of possiblities that could happen
from this (such as the entire mansion exploding, for instance), it's probably
best that we rescue Wakko from the good professor's clutches right away. Grab
the Edgar that Boogor has left for you, and I guess you might as well grab some
pumpkins too, since you're here. There are 6 just lying on the ground in the
hall, and 9 in the vases. Mind those gaps in the floor - steam will pour out of
them at random intervals. Take the stairs up to the right, grabbing 4 more
pumpkins as you go. I know there's more pumpkins around here, but don't panic!
You'll be coming back in a few minutes anyway! Oh, and watch out for that suit
of armour on your way up the stairs - some of them like to thrash around with
their swords. This guy's one of them. Nice boxers, by the way. :oP Go through
the doorway at the top of the stairs and smash open the vase for 2 more
pumpkins. Dodge the chainsaw wielding maniac as he runs past you, and beat him
up when he gets dizzy. You'll have to smash him again later, so remember where
he's located. At the opposite side of this hall is another vase with 2 more
pumpkins. There's another pumpkin near it. Go back to the doorway in the middle
of this upper hall, and you should see 1 pumpkin before an Edgar door, which
won't let you pass unless you have 6 golden statues.


You should have the required number of Edgars by now, unless you haven't been
following this guide very closely, in which case, shame on you! If you're short
of one Edgar, go downstairs and try beating the puzzle cube - I'll be getting
to that shortly. If you need 2 more Edgars, you'll have to go back to the Warner
Film Lot or Ye Old West. Assuming you have enough to get through, do so.
You've now come to a lake of slime or toxic waste or something else that's
green. There doesn't seem to be any way out, but if you jump on each of the
blocks (there's 13 of them, each with a pumpkin on it), a section of wall will
slide away, giving you a way out. Make sure you grab the other pumpkin on the
rotating wheel before you go.


Follow the trail of 3 pumpkins up the stairs, but beware of the suits of armour
along the way. Then you'll come to a totally trippy passage, which has four
apples and 5 pumpkins floating on and between the platforms. At the end of the
passage, you'll confront Scratchenstein.


Scratchenstein has sewn himself together a bride, and is using Wakko's brain
waves to energise it. He really doesn't seem to mind, but it surely can't be
good for his health, so we have to battle the bride to free him. It's not
entirely clear whether it's best to fight her as Yakko or Dot - I've noticed
that sometimes if you fight her as Dot, then you're unaffected by her kisses,
but I think that's only if you die first. So go in as Yakko first, and if you
die, return as Dot.


The bride isn't all that tough. You can't attack her any old time, because she's
protected by an energy barrier. You have to wait until she's vulnerable. First
of all, she'll blow a wave of kisses at you. Duck under these, otherwise you'll
be immobilised, and she'll slap you in the face. After the kisses are safely
past, lightning will strike around her. Avoid this and whack the bride with your
weapon. Repeat this process, then she'll change her pattern. After your second
hit on her, her arm will fall off and she'll cry about it. Well, I guess loss of
a limb would be enough to make most people cry. Okay, this time after she blows
her kisses, she'll hurl a lightning strike at the floor, which will injure you
if you're standing on it when it hits. The triple jump is advisable here. If you
successfully avoid this attack, the more random lightning bolts will return,
giving you another oppurtunty to attack the bride. After you hit her for the
fourth time, her other arm will fall off, and she'll change her attack plan
again. This time she'll blow kisses, then throw the lightning you need to jump.
After this, she'll blow her kisses at you AGAIN, then follow through with the
random lightning bolts again, which is when you should attack. After 6 hits,
her head will fall off, and Scratchenstein will release Wakko and throw a hissy
fit. ^_^

After the cut scene, take the Edgar that Scratchy left in the microwave
(...why?), and have a look around. Hey, there's a warp door here! Use it to get
back to front yard. You may want to switch characters while you're here - the
switch door is on the opposite side of the path. Personally, I prefer to use
Wakko, but that's just me. You will need to be Wakko later in the level, but if
your preference is for one of the other Warners, you can always use a later
switch door. Whichever Warner you decide to go with, head back into the mansion.
In the entry passage, there's another 4 pumpkins between the suits of armour
(these ones attack too.), and 4 in the vases in here. Keep going, and you'll
find yourself back in the main hall. Take the stairs up to the left this time,
where there's 2 more pumpkins at the top, and then 2 on the platforms floating
nearby. From here, you'll need to jump across the three floating tables get 10
pumpkins suspended in mid-air. The triple-jump is very useful here.


Float back down to the floor, (giggling the whole way if you're using Wakko),
and run through the passage on the right, dodging the swinging scythe as you go
through. There are 2 pumpkins right in front of you, and another 2 in the first
vase. Watch out for Thing here - these guys aren't that tough. Use a static
attack on him and down he'll go. Doesn't die from a spin attack though. There's
another pumpkin before another vase with 2 more. 5 more pumpkins lead to a pit
with spikes you'll need to jump across. There are 2 more pumpkins before another
swinging scythe to dodge. You are now in the puzzle cube chamber.


Pumpkins first - there's one out in the open, and 4 more in the vases in the
corners. There's a couple of apples here too, if you need them.


Okay, you should have noticed a cube rotating in the middle of the room. This
thing can be a source of great annoyance, but it will reward us with an Edgar,
so we need to solve it. There are four sides to the cube we need to deal with,
each with a different puzzle to solve. The first side is a slide puzzle of the
Animaniacs logo - a picture carved into eight pieces and one empty spot, then
rotated around so that they're in all the wrong place. Press A when your cursor
is on a piece to move it into the empty spot - of course, this only works on
pieces immediately next to the empty one. I think their position changes every
time you play, so I can't really be of much help with this one, by means of
saying which piece to move first and so on. Of course, I could be wrong here -
if I am, send me an email and let me know. The completed picture will have Yakko
in the top left corner, Wakko in the top right corner, the word "ANIMANIACS" in
the middle, and Dot in the bottom middle position. The empty spot is the bottom
right corner. You'll know you have it right when the background lights up. Oh,
and the picture'll match up, too. ^_^'

Once you get this out (or if you get annoyed and want to try one of the other
puzzles, then come back), press right on the C-stick to move on. The second
puzzle is Memory - the cube has been divided into 36 squares, with 2 pictures of
18 different characters spread across them. You have to select the pictures two
at a time by pressing A, and try to pair them off. With the number of times I've
played this now, I'm pretty sure that it sticks to the same pattern, so here's
the locations of each picture this time I played it, from left to right:

TOP ROW - Crocodile thing, Pinky, Hag, Sheriff Marion, Wakko, Yakko
SECOND ROW - C.C. Deville, Professor Scratchensniff, Thorin, King O'Sullivan,
Boogor, Pinky
THIRD ROW - Big Chief Sitting Bison, Wakko, Ghost thing, Dot, Brain, Brain
FOURTH ROW - Queen Cleo, Thorin, C.C. Deville, Sparty-cuss, Queen Cleo, Sheriff
FIFTH ROW - King O'Sullivan, Boogor, Hag, Big Chief Sitting Bison, Chicken Boo,
Ghost thing.
BOTTOM ROW - Dot, Sparty-cuss, Professor Scratchensniff, Chicken Boo, Yakko,
Crocodile thing.

I bet Brain's embarrassed at being so easy to pair off. And if anyone can tell
me what those crocodile and ghost things are meant to represent, again, please
send me an email. I'd appreciate it.

Moving right along, once you've solved the second puzzle, press right on the
C-stick to go to the third - an empty jigsaw grid that you need to fill with
Tetris pieces. This one's not too difficult - all you have to do is get every
piece into the grid. Seeing as the pieces stay the same no matter how many times
you play, here's a simple enough positioning system:

Start with the small cube piece. Press A to grab it, and then move it into the
top left corner. Press A to drop it. Now grab one of the pieces shaped like a
small capital L - there are three of these pieces. Put it right under the cube,
but use the B button to rotate it so that the empty piece that would make it a
cube is on the bottom right corner. Grab one of the identical pieces and put it
under this one, rotating it so that it empty piece is the top left corner. They
should fit together without any trouble. Grab the other identical piece, and put
it beside the cube, with its empty part in the bottom right. The T-shaped piece
should go under it, with its top bar lining up against the pieces on the left,
and its pointy bit sticking out to the right. The other L-shaped piece should go
in the bottom right corner. Rotate it so that it's facing like a backwards
capital L. And finally, the remaining piece goes in the top right corner.

Got it? Okay, press right on the C-stick again to move onto to the final puzzle.
This one's a very straightforward maze. All you have to do is get your cursor
from the start to the finish to beat this puzzle. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. You
have to do this without touching the walls of the maze at all, otherwise you'll
have to start again. As I said before, this cube can be extremely irritating.
The only advice I can offer here is to go slowly. Once you beat all four sides
of the cube, an Edgar will pop up in the middle of the room. Thank God!


After that effort, you deserve another Edgar, right away. Dodge the swinging
scythes again and head back into the main hall - watch out for the bat that
crashes through the window and dive-bombs you, though. This time, go around to
the back passage of the hall, using the doorway on the left. 2 pumpkins will
lead you to a door blocked off by lasers, but if you wait, they will disappear
after a while. Run through the door when they do, and grab the 5 pumpkins that
lead to an area that can't be penetrated without night vision goggles. An Edgar
will appear back on the other side of the lasers when you get to 125, and a cut
scene will show to inform you that you may now enter Once Upon a Time. Grab the
2 pumpkins in the vase and go get your Edgar. Now, there are 4 more pumpkins
along the back and around the corner to the right here, but the problem is those
tentacles that pop out of the ground when you approach. You can temporarily
repel them by hitting them with your proton accelerator pack, but they won't
stay away for long, so be quick. I'd advise stunning only the one you need to
get past, as going after the whole group gives the first ones you hit time to
recover. Once you've gotten those pumpkins, as well as the 6 hidden in the
vases, stun enough of the tentacles to get past and into the doorway they're
guarding. Here, 2 more pumpkins lead up to the elevator. Go in.


When you get out of the elevator, DON'T run forward immediately - you'll fall
into a slime pit you can't see from that camera angle. Grab the pumpkin floating
above it, and the 2 in the vase at the back, then run around the corner. 1 more
pumpkin leads to a vase where 2 more await, and then there's a path of 7
pumpkins leading past swinging scythes and suits of armour that you'll need to
avoid. There's 4 more pumpkins floating around the spiked walls that crush
together - to get past these, stand right in front of the first and wait for it
to close. When it does, run forward, so that when it opens again, you're already
on your way. Triple jump across the pit, and keep running, and you should get
through the second crusher without any problems. There's 2 more pumpkins leading
up to the next set of scythes you need to dodge, which will bring you into a
round room with 9 pumpkins.


Now comes the inevitable Indiana Jones take off - although I feel it would have
been more appropriate in the temples of King o'Sullivans Mines. When you jump to
the first platform in the slime pit, it turns out to be booby-trapped. A giant
rolling rock will chase you down. You need to jump from platform to platform -
keeping in mind that several of them sink into the slime - and over the pits to
get to safety. Of course, safety is a relative term - the room you run into will
be blocked off by lasers, has no other visible exit, and three glass doors that
each contain a midget psycho, all of whom seem rather confused to be there. The
good news is that there's another ACME letter in here - the M. Above each glass
door there's a symbol covered by a question mark. To progress, you need to smash
the button in the middle of the room with a static attack. When you do, one of
the question marks above a door will disappear, revealing an analogue clock face
- too bad for anyone who can only read digital. This clock reads 3.15. You'll
see that the hands on the clock at the front of the room will start to turn now.
You need to hit the button when that clock reads 3.15. I recommed pushing the B
button at about 3.05, for best results. When you hit it at the successful time,
the door will open and the midget will attack you. Kill him, and another
question mark will disappear to reveal a clock showing 9.15. Again, you need to
hit the button at the time displayed, but now the clock has sped up a little, so
beware. Once you've released and killed another midget, your next target time
will be 6.10, and again, the speed of the clock hands increases. Release and
kill this midget for the final challenge - 12.30, but with the hands now moving
really fast, and backwards! You'll need to push the button much earlier for the
best results. Once you've hit the right time, you can collect the M, and the
doors under the clock will open. If you're playing as Yakko or Dot, now is
probably the best time for you to switch to Wakko. There's 2 pumpkins to get
through the door, and 2 more in the vase, then 3 going around the corner. Watch
out for a flying table here.

Go out the door to find yourself in the back yard. Follow the house around to
the right, and you'll see a poster on the wall identical to the one we saw at
the front of the house, advertising a C for 500 points. We're still not quite
ready to try for that yet - more things to grab first. Smash the vases for 4
pumpkins, then keep going around to the right - more vases to smash. These ones
have 2 pumpkins and an apple. And when you're done with your destruction of
inaminate objects, lookee! Another mouse cage! You know what that means!

This time around, Brain wants to drill a hole through the middle of the Earth to
destroy the entire planet's gravitational pull, and Pinky just wants to be duct
taped to a tree. As a result, you find yourself in control of the highly
originally named Digomatic, which you must pilot to Kathmandu. Previous
incarnations of this walkthrough only told you which exits to use, as I was too
lazy to go into any great detail. But upon request, I now present you with how
to get from start to finish:

Room 1 - Your first obstacle is the pumpkin bomb at the top of the screen, to
your right. Burrow under it, then move back left quickly, so that it doesn't
fall on you. Then go down the tunnel, drill to the bottom of the room, and make
for the exit on your right. Don't stop near the bombs above you, or you'll be
Room 2 - Stick to the top until you are one square from connecting with the
tunnel the fire sprites are patrolling. Wait until they're out of the way, then
quickly move through and towards the top right exit. The fire sprites should
head down the tunnel you just came from, allowing you to make a speedy getaway.
Room 3 - Go as far right as you can, then as far down as you can. Go left until
you reach the pumpkin bomb, then up to the bomb above you, and make a quick
left to avoid being blown up. Go for the bottom exit.
Room 4 - Go down 1 square, then right and down to the bottom between the two
fire sprite tunnels. Move quickly right under the pumpkin bomb and take the
bottom exit.
Room 5 - Wait for the fire sprite to go past, then dig into its tunnel, go back
around to the other side of the pumpkin bomb you're next to, and push it down
onto the fire sprite when it starts coming up towards you. Dig down and go along
the bottom to the left exit.
Room 6 - Wait until the fire sprites pass by, then go up the right side of the
top sprite tunnel. Travel above it to the top left exit.
Room 7 - Go along the top to the first bomb, then down until you're one block
away from the fire sprite tunnel. Wait until they pass, then dig to the bottom
Room 8 - Dig down into the bottom of the empty tunnel, move right out of it two
squares, then go down as far as you can and wait for the fire sprites in their
tunnel to pass. Dig to the bottom exit.
Room 9 - Go down and right until you're under a bomb, then make a quick left to
avoid the blast. Go down into the empty tunnel, wait for the fire sprite to
pass, and take the bottom right exit.
Room 10 - Go as far right as you can, then up and wait for the fire sprites to
pass. Keep going up, then right quickly under the bomb. Wait for another fire
sprite to pass then dig down as far as you can, and go left quickly under
another bomb. Head for the bottom right exit.
Room 11 - Go down as far as you can, then right until you get to a stack of
bombs. Go as far up as you can quickly, and they should blow themselves up. Take
the exit on the right.
Room 12 - Go right and up, left quickly under a bomb, and use the top exit.
Room 13 - Go all the way up, then right one square so that you're next to the
bomb. Go down one square, right under the bomb, then go back left quickly so
that the bomb misses you. Go down where the bomb fell, right and up to the next
bomb, and drill left quickly, so that again, you avoid being killed. Repeat this
process on the next two bombs, then go up and around to the bottom exit.
Room 14 - Dig down to the bomb, go left one square, go down as far as you can,
then right one square. Dig up under the bomb, then move quickly left until
you're under another bomb. When the first one's done exploding, make a quick
right and get out from under that one. Go around to the exit on the left.
room 15 - Dig around and up to the fire sprites, wait for them to pass, and head
for the left exit.
Room 16 - The end's in sight! Go as far left as you can, then go up to the bomb
and make a quick left. Then just dig down and around to the finish at the

Follow these directions, and you should be rewarded with the shovel - Wakko's
special item. If you didn't heed my earlier advice and switch to Wakko, you can
find a character switch door at the back of the yard. The shovel will be waiting
for you near the mouse cage, on a dirt mound. Wakko will have to dig these up
all the time, so he's the character I recommend you play as for most of the
game, unless I say otherwise. All the dirt mounds in this area, including the
one the shovel appears on, contain pumpkins for you, so dig them up by walking
into the centre of the mound and pressing Y. Staying on this side of the yard,
you'll find 2 more dirt mounds to dig up, and another pumpkin behind the tree in
the back corner. Carefully avoiding the man-eating plants here, get around to
the vases and smash them open for an apple and 5 pumpkins. Then run to the
opposite corner for another pumpkin. Have a look around and you should see a
pretty fountain that has a dragon regurgitating the water. Ooh, look! There's
an Edgar at the top!


Unfortunately, any attempts to retrieve this item will meet with failure, as the
water stream will bounce you off every time. Curses! You'll need to turn the
water off. A pipeline from the fountain will lead back towards the house -
follow it, digging up the dirt mound on the way for another pumpkin. Take a
moment when you get back to the house to smash the vase near the door for
another pumpkin. You'll find 2 more plus an apple in the other vases nearby. Now
jump up the platforms around the side of the house to the attic, grabbing 5 more
pumpkins along the way, and another 1 once you get inside. There's a tap in this
room - wander over to it and press X to turn it off, draining the water from the
fountain and allowing you to float back down to the ground and grab the Edgar.

You'll have noticed that there's another passage at the back of the garden that
those plants are guarding. You can go down there if you want, but you won't get
far. Your progress is halted until you're able to dive underwater. Still, you
can grab 6 more pumpkins - 4 in vases, 1 by the water's edge and 1 actually in
the water. Just watch out -  there's sword-wielding suits of armour at just
about every corner, and a couple of Things too. Back out in the garden, there's
one more dirt mound to dig up right in the centre of the yard. This one's a bit
tricky - its surrounded by man-eating plants. Grab the pumpkin underneath if you
dare. There are two paths leading out of the back door of the house - one leads
to the dead-end tunnel, and the other to the fountain. There are 7 pumpkins
along these two paths, so grab them. By now you will have probably had a nasty
shock - maybe several - when homocidal midgets burst out of any sheds you're
unfortunate enough to get close to. Dodge and kill them as they attack, but make
sure you go inside the sheds afterwards, as each of them has 2 pumpkins inside.
There are six sheds, so that's 12 pumpkins you can get. As an extra bonus, the
shed closest on the left to the back door of the house (as you're entering the
yard) has a big letter E as well. Joy!


We're almost done here - it's time to get that 500 point C the posters keep
bragging about. Go back to where the poster is hanging, and enter the passage.
At the end of it, there's a train car for you to jump in, so do so and press X
to ride what I've come to know as the roller-ghoster! As you race down the
tracks, you'll be swarmed with bats, ghosts, witches, the occasional Warner
head... and for some reason... fanged ducks. You'll note that you have your
proton accelerator pack armed, therefore you need to shoot at the targets flying
all around you. Hitting the bats, ghosts, ducks and witches will win you points,
whilst every time you hit a Yakko, Wakko or Dot head, you'll lose some. My
advice is to shoot at anything that moves, unless you can see already that it's
a Warner. You'll lose some points for hitting a couple of Warners, but trust me
- your score will suffer more from hesitation and indecision than it will from
loss of points. If you have 500 or more points when time's up, then you'll win
the C - and voila, one extra apple for your health bar! If you fail, then just
get back on the train - you can ride it both ways. But before you get back on,
grab the 5 pumpkins that lead back out into the front yard - no more barrier in
front of this door!


Once you've grabbed the pumpkins and the C, you're done here. Leave this level -
if you're at the front garden, you might as well just walk back - a little
exercise never killed anyone. At least, not anyone that mattered. If at the
back, then choose Exit from the options menu.


PUMPKINS: 232/300


Now that you have the shovel you can go back to Ye Old West if you want, to
grab the rodeo Edgar, as well as dig up a bunch of nuggets. I'd advise against
this myself, seeing as if you go back there every time you get a new item,
you'll be making an additional three or four trips that you don't need to. It's
your call, but I generally like to make my journey back to the previous levels
after I've finished King O'Sullivans Mines, as all the previous levels require
you to use the night vision goggles at some point anyway.

When you return to the Warner lot, you'll see a cut scene indicating that you
may now enter the Warner offices. Before you leave the Spooky Movie area,
there's a dirt mound you can now dig up on the other side of the partially built
house. Do so for a whopping 1 cannister.


Leave this area, but instead of heading back to the central area, take a left as
you go out the Edgar gate, into that area with the dirt mound on the pedestal
that we had to leave behind earlier. You'll notice that this place is infested
with tentacles now - the easiest way to get past them is just to skid attack
under them. As I said before, unless I specify otherwise, I'm going to assume
you're playing as Wakko. Dig up the dirt mound to find yourself in a completely
different area - cool! Secret passage! Avoid the swinging scythe that's in front
of the tunnel entrance and run inside, grabbing 7 cannisters on the way. You'll
have avoid a couple more suits of armour down here too. At the bottom, shoot one
of the tentacles so that you can get past, and grab the C at the back of the
chamber. There's also a cannister in the middle of this room, and 5 more along
the wall on the right hand side.


Go back out to the dirt mound and dig back to the Warner lot. Now head back to
the central area. If you need some health, try smashing the grates, hydrants and
cans around town until you find all the apples you need. Satisfied? Cool. Enter
the Warner offices. Take the path to the left, grabbing 4 more cannisters, until
you reach the trophy room. There's another 8 cannisters in here, as well as all
the Edgars that you've managed to find so far. Admire the fruits of your labour,
then take the path straight into the office, grabbing 2 more cannisters as you
go. Now it's time to meet Marvin. No, not that psychotic martian, another
Marvin. Go over to the odd looking character with the bad fidgeting problem and
have a nice chat with him. What's that? Your script pages have gone missing? You
want me to find them for you?!? Well, what's in it for me? An Edgar? Okay,
that'll do. When he shuts up, smash the trash can behind him for 2 more
cannisters. Now take the path on the left as you leave, as there's another 2
cannisters to get there.


Alright, time to get to the next level. Take the path to Once Upon a Time, which
requires you to be in possession of at least 9 Edgars before you can be
admitted. Finally, we're starting to get ahead of the tolls - you should have 10
Edgars if you've been doing the game in the order I've advised. Go through the
gate and grab the first cannister on the path, then go over to the area on the
left. There's 6 cannisters over here, as well as more apples than you'll be
needing at this point in time. Go back to the path and through the little gate -
follow this path to the back of a house for 5 more cannisters. There's 1 more in
the cans around the side of the house. Go back to the main path again, and smash
open the fire hydrant near the area entrance, as it holds another 2 cannisters.
The path leading down to the moat has 3 more cannisters, plus 1 at the top of
the stairs. There's 1 more in the box nearby. Now stand at the edge of the land,
and take a look out at the island. You'll notice there's a rather distinct
target over there, so what are you waiting for? Pull out your proton accelerator
pack and fire at it. This will cause the drawbridge to roll down and land at
your feet, giving you access to a new level. But before you do, go around the
back of the stage to find 3 more cannisters.


One last thing before you go in - there's a dirt mound near the entrance to this
level. Surpisingly easy to miss, even with the big shovel sign beside it. Dig it
up, and you'll find Dot's missing grass skirt. Now if you wish to backtrack,
this'll let you get Big Chief Sitting Bison's Edgar, a bunch of nuggets, and the
M from Ye Old West; more pumpkins in Spooky Movie, and more cannisters and the
A from Warner Film Lot. Again, I'd advise against backtracking for the moment,
simply because you can't complete the two previous levels until you have a few
more items. At any rate, if you want to backtrack, that's your call. Otherwise,
enter Once Upon a Time.


INVENTORY: Grass skirt.


You'll find yourself on an island in the middle of a lake. Smash open the box
next to you and you'll find 2 crowns, this level's collectables. Grab them, and
then have a chat with Duffy Fish, who is waiting for you at the water's edge.
He'll point out a few of the tourist attractions of this level, but more
importantly, he'll award you with a scuba mask and snorkel, allowing you to now
swim underwater. Check the game controls section if you need a refresher course.
Jump over to the island next to yours, and you'll see that it has a character
switch door, and a red treasure chest. These contain crowns just like the blue
containers do, however they can only be opened with Yakko's bombs, so you can't
get the goodies inside yet. Seeing as there are two types of containers in this
level, I'll be refering to the blue ones (which you can open by attacking) as
boxes, and the red ones (which you have to come back and blow up later) as

Swim over towards the tunnel (avoiding the piranhas as you do) that Duffy
pointed you towards, and grab the 9 crowns floating in the water and air above
it (they're grouped to form a downwards pointing arrow), then submerge and grab
the 7 crowns littered around the tunnel entrance. If you look back towards the
islands, you'll notice that there's a single crown waiting underwater in between


Enter the tunnel, following the trail of crowns. There'll be 2 alone, then a
group of 9 forming an arrow, then 8 more leading into the wishing well. Swim
upwards to the top of the well, grabbing 4 more crowns along the way. Jump out
of the water and onto the edge of the well, which has 9 more crowns around it,
and 1 more floating in the air above the water.



During your chase for these last few crowns, the nearby Bo Peep would have
started complaining about her problems. Seems that her sheep have gone too long
without a shearing, and now they're shocking her senseless. He he he, it's funny
because someone who isn't you got hurt! All the same, she won't open the only
gate out of here until you've completed the mission, so you'd better give her a
hand. You need to chase five sheep (not the whole flock, thankfully) into the
shearing machine (What? No good ol' fashioned aussie wool shed? Oh sure, modern
technology's all well and good, but where's the heart? Bah!) to advance. To do
this, select a sheep - best to start with the one that's right in front of the
path to the machine - a give it a good whack with your boxing gloves (I'm
assuming you're using Wakko here, as usual.) The sheep will now be afraid of
you, and will run in the opposite direction. In other words, whenever you want
to get a sheep to move, you want to be standing on the opposite side of it to
where you want it to run. Got it? Cool. This first one will run forward a bit,
but you'll need to advance on it a bit more to coax it into the machine. No need
to beat it up again, just run up behind it - don't get too close, or you'll get
electrocuted - and it should run away from you, straight into the bizarre
machine (Isn't the Wallace and Gromit's patented design from A Close Shave?).
You'll see a cut scene of it go through the contraption and emerge on the other
side considerably less furry. You may also notice there's a dirt mound by the
machine, so what are you waiting for? Dig it up for a crown!

While you're at it, you might as well get the other crowns here too. From the
dirt mound, walk up to the hilly part of this grass, and follow it towards Bo
Peep for 4 crowns, then jump to the hilly part on the other side of her for 4
more. Keep running in that direction, past another electrified sheep, to a
grassy area where several more sheep are grazing. There's a box with a crown
there, and four apples lying around a tree. You may end up needing these by the
time you're done with the sheep.


Go back to the sheep you ran past earlier, and give it a whack - but make sure
you're standing on the side of it you don't want it to run off in. You should be
facing the wishing well and the shearing machine, but stand a little to the
right as well, or it may run into the grassy area where the other sheep are
grazing. Then just follow it towards the machine - after you go around the well,
try and get on its left hand side, or it may trot around some more and miss the
shearing machine path. Two down, three to go.

Ignore the big group for the moment and instead, run down the path that the
sheep you just violated was standing in front of. You'll find a box with a crown
and an apple here, as well as two more sheep. You'll also notice a big wooden
tree stump here, that almost looks as if it could be part of the scenery. It's
actually there for a reason, but we'll get back to that later. Chase the two
sheep here into the machine (probably easier to do this one at a time), then you
can turn your attention to the main majority of the flock.

Getting this last sheep can be a bit of a pain, as if it runs up either of the
two hilly areas either side of the path, you'll have to chase it down again -
you can't get it to jump down to the path from where you are. I recommend
hitting the one that is grazing closest to the apple tree - stand behind it so
that you're facing the path when you hit it, and with a bit of luck, you should
be able to chase it onto the path. Then it's just a simple matter of herding it
into the shearing machine. Your sheep score should now stand at five, so go have
a word with Bo Peep and she'll open up the gate so you can be on your merry, and
also grab an Edgar.

Follow the new path that's opened for you, but don't get too close to the giant
mushrooms on the side, or they'll gas you. I've yet to find a way to kill these
buggers yet. If anyone knows a way, please email me. There'll be a crown on the
path down a ways, after which you'll find a box with 1 more crown and an apple.
There'll be a dirt mound on your left to dig up, with another crown inside. 2
more crowns lead to a box which has an apple and a smaller evil mushroom. These
ones bounce around and also gas you, but can be defeated by a ground pound. If
the first time you only make it dizzy, then pound it again. 4 more crowns lead
into a new area, and you'll find yourself near a character switch door.


Smash open the box nearby for a crown and an apple, then continue following the
path that you were on to a bridge for 6 more apples. As you do, a spider or two
will probably jump out of the trees and attack you. I prefer to stay out of the
way of these guys, but if you want to fight them (and you will have to later
on), then hit it with a spin attack to get it off its thread. Once it's on the
ground it can be destroyed with an static attack or a ground pound. Ignore the
Three Billy Goats Gruff for the moment - you still have crowns to grab. Smash
open the box next to them for 1 crown and an apple. From here you should be able
to see a warp door. Grab the crown in front and activate it, but warp back here
- no point going back to the lake at the moment. Return to the path and
backtrack until you get to a tree with two apples - there are apple trees all
over this area, it's very handy, but this tree will be at the intersection of
another path. Follow that one now to get 6 crowns, but stop there. You'll have
come to the entrance to another pitch black area, so you can't go much further,
even though you may be able to hear someone crying, and want to help them. Too
bad - they'll have to keep on going the blub for the moment.

Run back to the bridge by the goats, but check out behind them. There's no
actual path, but grassland leads around past a couple of mushrooms to what
appears to be vegetable patch. Grab the 8 crowns littered around it, and then
wander over to the sign and press X. You'll learn that you need to find three
magic beans. Don't stress, they're not terribly well hidden. In fact, the first
one should be right near you, bouncing around suspiciously. You may want to kill
the mushrooms around here before you chase the bean, as they can get in the way
and gas you. You may also want to try sliding into the bean when you chase it -
I find this very effective. Once you've caught it, smash open the box by the
river bank for another crown - leave the other one, it's got a giant mushroom in
it. How'd it manage to fit in there?


The other beans are pretty close by. The second bean will be bouncing around
somewhere near the path that leads to the bridge and the goats - probably close
to a yellow giant mushroom. The third one will be over near the entrance to the
dark forest, or possibly near the warp door. Once you've got all three, go back
over to the bridge and talk to the Three Billy Goats Gruff.


It always seems that the grass is greener on the other side - it's certainly
what these goats are complaining about. They want to cross the bridge to get to
a much nicer feeding ground, but also want to avoid getting eaten by the troll
that lurks under said bridge. Fussy, fussy, fussy... after you've spoken with
the father goat, run onto the bridge, and the first goat will start his charge
to get past. When he gets close, the troll will stick out his grotesque purple
hand to try and catch him. You have to bash that hand (push B) before the goat
runs into it. If you succeed, the goat will happily cross the bridge to the
other side. If you fail, the goat will manage to escape back to his parents. Go
back and talk to them again (grabbing the crown on the bridge as you go), then
run back onto the bridge to try again. You have to whack the troll three times
to get all the goats to safety, after which they'll reward you with an Edgar.

After getting your twelveth shiny gold statue, you'll see a clip showing that
you now have access to King O'Sullivans Mines. There's still plenty of work to
be done here though, so we'll get there later. Run back to the path and get the
crown in front of the bridge, as well as the 1 on the bridge if you missed it
before. Then follow the path around to get 3 more crowns before you come across
the sign depicting Yakko tiptoeing. The trees in this area are noise sensitive -
if you try to run past them, lasers will shoot out and hurt you. Your choices
here are to tiptoe through this area to proceed safely, or do a triple jump to
just pass harmlessly over the beams. You should be able to make it if you jump
from high ground. Get the crown just past the laser-shooting trees, then
continue around the corner. The first box you come to has another 2 crowns in
it, and 2 more lead to a giant shoe, presumably belonging to Old Mother Hubbard.
Wait until the toe of it has opened enough for you to get through, then run
inside before it can close on you. Inside, there are exits on either side of you
to choose from. Take the one on the right, but grab the crown behind the shoe's
heel before you go far. There's 1 more crown before you come to the edge of a
wide chasm, which has a button waiting patiently for you to activate it.


Pushing this button will result in a number of platforms materialising in mid
air across the chasm. As you'll probably be able to guess by the tick-tocking
sound effects, they don't stay there for very long, so make your way across
quickly, but carefully. I recommend double jumps for the most part here. If you
fall, you probably won't have enough time to cross again before the platforms
disappear, so wait until they do so, then hit the button again. There are 21
crowns along the platforms here, and when you grab the seventeenth, an Edgar
should appear next to the candy cane on the other side of the chasm. It's hard
to see from this side, so don't forget to grab it when you've made it across.


There should be a crown on the path in front of you now, and you'll find 2 more
and an apple in the box. By now you'll have come across some rather unpleasant
gingerbread men, who like to throw stuff at you when they think you're not
looking. They're pretty cowardly, and will protect themselves when you get near
them. Wait until they get dizzy from their throws and then proceed to bash them
silly. After the box there's 3 more crowns leading you towards a ramp that leads
nowhere, but has 5 crowns on it. Follow the path around the house. There are 2
crowns on the path, 4 sitting on the licorice allsorts scattered around this
area, and 1 on top of the large piece of cake. If you continue to circle the
house, you'll come across a dirt mound around the side, with 1 crown in it.
There are another 3 crowns behind the house.


Go back around to the front of the house and walk in the door, grabbing the 2
crowns as you go. Inside you'll find a hideous old hag - one who I believe has
shown up in several Looney Tunes cartoons. She needs you to collect some wood
for her to light a fire under her cauldron. Aha! We now know the purpose for
those stumps we've been seeing throughout the level! Before you run off to
fetch them, grab the crowns in here. Jump up on the fireplace, and get the
8 crowns that are up in the rafters. Then run back outside to the pointless


You may have noticed earlier that one of the wooden stumps is sitting here. If
not, you have now. Run over to it and press X to carve it up as only cartoon
characters can. You'll need to find four more of these wood piles though, so
let's go take care of that. Hit the button and cross the chasm again, and head
the opposite way out of the shoe this time. Here you will come across your first
laser-shooting dragonflies - and these guys can do a lot of damage if you can't
figure out how to dispose of them. They're also rather difficult to avoid at
times. What you need to do is jump on them - they'll plummet to the ground,
where you can kill them with a ground pound. Anyway, there's more crowns for you
to pick up here. The first box you come to has 2 crowns and an apple, then
follow the path to pick up 7 more, killing the dragonflies as you go. Then jump
up the blocks that lead to the top of the cliff - there's 5 crowns on the way
up. At the top, you'll find a dragonfly guarding the second stump you need to
carve up - this is one you should kill straight away, or it may knock you over
the edge. After you've got the wood, follow the path under the waterfall to find
a box with 3 crowns, and your first script page of the game. Only five more to

Now jump over the edge and into the lake. Swim over to the lily pads - avoiding
more piranhas - to find a frog prince that you can cruelly relieve of his crown.
Look around for a section of land near the waterfall - you should be able to
spot a dirt mound you can dig up for another crown. Jump back in the water and
swim around the lily pads to find another 3 crowns, then swim down the river to
gather 9 more.


You should be near the bridge where you did the Billy Goat bash once you've
gotten all the crowns. Now you can concentrate on finding three more stumps to
carve up. The first one you need is nearby - run over to the warp door, and you
should be able to see it from there. The second one I pointed out earlier - back
in Bo Peep's meadow, in the grassy area where you found two sheep before. Chop
that one up, then run back over the bridge to find the final stump in the grass
where the goats are now grazing. Now that you have all five piles of wood,
return to the witch's house.

The miserable old hag isn't very gracious - as a reward for finding her wood,
she tries to kick you out of the house without any of the delicious turtle soup
she's cooking. The Warners naturally find this incredibly rude, and a melee
ensues. It's not a very fair match up - you can't do any damage to the hag, yet
she has the ability to turn you into a frog if her spell hits. Fortunately, you
can turn her decor against her. As the laws of all cartoons go, mirrors can
deflect lasers, spells, enchantments, death rays, and occasionally, surface to
air missiles. As luck would have it, there happens to be a mirror hanging on the
wall. All you need to do is stand in front of it, duck when the witch throws her
spell at you, and then have a good chuckle at her expense when she gets a taste
of her own medicine. Take the Edgar that appears and leave the house.

Alright, there's one area left to explore. Remember gathering the magic beans
earlier? It's time to put them to use. Return to the vegetable patch and press X
on the sign again to grow your beanstalk. After you're done oohing and aahing,
start jumping up the leaves. You'll collect 2 crowns on the way as well as the E
before you have to wait for the next area to load. Keep jumping up the leaves
until you get to the top - you should pick up another 8 crowns along the way. It
seems as though there's nowhere to go from here, but if you look around, you'll
see an impressive castle with the drawbridge drawn - and it has a bullseye
painted on the side, just like the one leading to the entrance of this level
did. you know what to do - pull out your proton accelerator and shoot it to get
a bridge you can cross to the castle.

You won't get far from here - 2 crowns will lead to a gate that you can't pass
under if you're still playing as Wakko. We'll deal with that in a minute. First
though, have a look around the sides of the castle - you'll find 2 crowns on the
left, and 1 more on the right, waiting next to the M.

Conveniently, there's a character switch door right where you need one. Jump
back around to the front gate and switch to Dot - now that you have the grass
skirt you can limbo under the gate here. Press Y to start, and keep tapping
right to control how far you bend over. Once you get under, there's another
crown right in front of you, and 1 more in front of each of the two suits of
armour on your left and right. Be careful, as these ones will attack. Go up the
stairs - dodge the armour here too - getting the 3 crowns as you go, and enter
the gardens. There'll be a button in front of you - smash it, and it'll entirely
open the gate you just limboed under, so you can now enter this area as any
character. Get the 8 crowns out in the open, and then smash open the boxes
around the edge of the garden for another 4. Run back to the character door and
switch to Wakko, then come back to the garden and dig up the dirt mounds. Two of
them in opposite diagonal corners have apples, the other 8 have crowns.


Run up to the gate, and you'll see it's another Edgar tollpoint. If you've
gotten the other Edgars I've already directed you to here you should have 14,
and be able to enter. Run down the tunnel - there are 7 more crowns here - until
you get to a large cave, where you'll find another mouse cage. This time Brain
is determined to build a giant magnifying glass - no doubt so that he can set
things on fire by angling it with the sun. Joy. ^_^ When the mini game begins,
you control Pinky in a mouse wheel. Either a marble or a bomb will drop onto the
treadmill - if it's a bomb, then rotate the control stick anti-clockwise to get
rid of it before it explodes. If it's a marble, then rotate the control stick
clockwise to push it onto the crusher. Here, you need to flatten it by pushing B
three times, then press A to throw it into the bowl, ready for the next marble.
You need to get five flattened marbles in the bowl to proceed, and if you
prevail you win the much sort after magnifying glass. This thing allows you to
track down Chicken Boo and earn an extra Edgar on each level.

Bust open the box in front of you for a crown. Then continue on down the path,
but go slowly and cautiously after you've got the first crown you come across,
as a wall of fire will shoot up not far in front of it. Wait for it to die down,
then run past and grab the next 2 crowns. There's a second firewall after that,
so again, go with care. You'll also be attacked by lava sprites down this
passage, but they can easily be snuffed with a spin attack. There's 3 more
crowns after the second firewall before you come to the third, after which
you'll find a solitary crown before you reach a lake of lava.


You need to proceed with care in this area. There are 7 crowns on or around the
rocks floating in the lava that you need to pick up, but some of these rocks are
moving and easy to miss when you try to jump on them. Once you've got the
crowns, jump over to the wall with the trail of paw prints. Before you climb up
though, you'll want to jump around to the right side of the cave, as this is
where you'll find the A. Then shimmy up the trail and run down the path into the
darkness, grabbing 7 more crowns.


There are also two apples up here, which you may well need.


It's time for another boss battle, and this one can be a right pain if you don't
know what you're doing. The dragon will challenge you from a rock in the middle
of another lava lake. His first attack is to make three stalacmites drop from
the ceiling. It's advisable to not be standing under them when he does, but as
soon as they've landed, jump on top of one quick. His next attack is to raise
the level of the lava, so that you're burned to a crisp unless you're safe on
the newly installed stepping stones. After that he'll breathe fire at you, which
will destroy the rock you're standing on. You need to jump to another rock
before yours gets hit. The dragon will breathe fire again, leaving you to jump
to the only remaining rock. Then he'll cease attacking and start waving at you.
Your proton accelerator pack will automatically be activated now, and you'll go
into first-person view. Don't bother trying to hit the dragon - his scaly hide
is too thick, it would seem. Instead, aim for the stalacmite above his head. Hit
it with a continuous beam and it should dislodge, fall, and smash him in the
coconut. The lava level will drop back down, and the rocks will explode. The
dragon will now repeat his attack pattern, starting with the falling stalacmites
- this time he'll drop five of them on you. Then he'll raise the lava level and
breathe fire at you again so that it takes out four of the rocks and leaves you
with only one to stand on. He'll start waving again, and you can take out the
stalacmite above his head to give him another bash in the head. He'll repeat the
same pattern a third time, only this time he'll drop seven stalacmites. Give him
another headache, and his Edgar is yours. Cross the new rocks that have appeared
in the lava and get over to the island where the dragon was standing. There's a
warp door there now. Open it up and go back to the door near the Billy Goat's


You're almost done here for the moment, but there's one thing left unfinished.
Press up on the control pad to activate your brand new magnifying glass, then
use the C-stick to move the camera around until you see a trail of yellow foot
prints - they'll lead you towards the beanstalk again. You can now find this
trail at the start of every level, and they will lead you towards the enemy that
Chicken Boo is disguised at. In this level, they point at the bouncing yellow
mushroom near the beanstalk, so go over to kill it with a ground pound. It will
transform into Chicken Boo and putter away, leaving you with an Edgar.

Okay, you're done with this level for now. Take the warp door back to the exit,
or choose exit from the menu.


CROWNS: 263/300
INVENTORY: Scuba mask, magnifying glass.


Before you run off to the next level, there's a little cleaning up to do in this
area first. Jump into the lake - since you can swim underwater now, there's 10
cannisters surrounding the island with the sound stage entrance for you to
collect. When you swim around the back of the island, you may notice a tunnel in
the wall. Follow it down, grabbing another 4 cannisters as you go. You'll emerge
at the other end in another lake, which has a couple of potholes in it. In the
deepest one, you'll find the E. Jump out of the water and run around the edge of
the lake, dodging more spiders and mushrooms. There are 5 cannisters on the
bank, and another 4 hidden behind a large pillar.


Once you've cleared out this area, go back to the Once Upon a Time lake, climb
out, and exit this area. The path to the next sound stage is right in front of
you - follow the tunnel down to the Edgar gate, which will shatter when you
enter. Jump in the water and swim to the other side. Follow the trail of 6
cannisters to enter a cave. The sound stage is on an island in the middle of a
lava lake (we're seeing a fair few of those lately, aren't we?), but can be
reached by use of a flying fox. Climb up the tower on the left (make sure you
get the cannister here now, as there'll be a rattle snake waiting to attack
anyone who comes up here after you've entered the next level), and grab the
handle hanging above you. You'll speed down the cable, grabbing another 3
cannisters, and be deposited next to a couple of boxes. Smash them open for 2
more cannisters, then run around the far side of the stage and smash open
another box for 1 more.


Enter King O'Sullivans Mines.


INVENTORY: Grass skirt.


Yes, I know there ought to be two apostrophes in the word "O'Sullivans," but as
that's how it's written in the game, I'm sticking wih it. Did you notice that I
didn't label this level as a Take 1? That's because the final two inventory
items can be found here, and you can therefore clean out the entire level in one
fell swoop. Hooray!

Start by having a chat with the least regal monarch you're ever likely to come
across in a video game - King O'Sullivan. Pay attention as he tells his tale of
woe about how the three pieces of the key to his mine have gone walkabout, and
have a chuckle at the game's expense when Yakko correctly predicts the mine
hides an Edgar (Actually, there's two - three or four if you collect the right
number of collectables whilst down there. But if you follow my guide, you
shouldn't). Then start off on your mad little scavenger hunt again. Have a look
behind you to see 5 collectables up on a ledge - this time in the shape of
glistening emeralds. Before you take them though, you'll notice a couple of
boxes near the entrance - the kind that usually hide collectables. You'll find
on closer inspection that these are steel-rimmed, and can't be opened by your
usual methods. I'll be refering to these throughout the level as crates, and as
usual, the ones that can be broken with a normal attack will be called boxes.
Now jump up onto the ledge and take those emeralds.

Follow the ledge around to the right until you get to a path that leads to a
very poor bridge - there's 5 more emeralds here. Cross the rickety thing,
grabbing 2 emeralds and an apple as you go, and you'll see an even scarier
shabby bridge as you go around the corner. There's 6 emeralds spread across
various planks of this bridge, but another 10 floating in mid-air on the left
and right. You have to make careful jumps across the floating rock platforms to
get all these without plummeting to your doom.


Once you're done with your perilous mid-air emerald hunt, continue to the far
side of the chasm and follow the path that leads to the front door of the
Monkey Temple, as it will earn you 3 emeralds. The first piece of the missing
Shamrock key is at the top of the stairs. Two more to go!

Don't go in the temple yet, as there's still more emeralds to find outside. On
the right side of the door there's a box containing an emerald, and there's
another on the other side of the door. Go back down the stairs and into the
grounds to take a better look at the two enemies you'll come across most often
in this level. The first are monkeys - they can be found on the ground and in
the trees. The ones in the trees are worth three hits - one to make them fall
out, and two more to defeat them. Ones that are on the ground before you start
attacking them will fall to one or two hits. The natives are a little tougher.
They're one of those enemies that refuse to die until they get dizzy, and they
only do this after they try using their spin attack on you. They'll only try it
if you're near where they're running around. I advise avoiding them when

Now, there's a whole bunch of emeralds scattered around this area. From the
bridge, there's a tree nearby on the left which has a box under it. There's 2
emeralds and an apple inside. On the upper area left of the temple path, there's
4 on the ground and 2 on the tombstones. On the other side of the path you'll
find a barrel - this has a native in it and he's restless, so let him be. There
is however an emerald in the box, and you'll find another one in the dirt mound
near the back wall - you are still using Wakko, aren't you? If not, there's a
chracter swich door at the top of the temple steps.



It's that time again - run to the temple door and arm your magnifying glass. You
will see that the tracks lead down the stairs. As you follow them, a bat will
dive-bomb you at the bottom. Kill it, and it will reveal itself to actually be
Chicken Boo, and leave you with your first shiny Edgar for this level.

Venture further into the temple. From the bottom of the first flight of stairs
there's 1 emerald out in the open before you come to a box, containing an
emerald and a rattlesnake. You'll remember these guys from the Ye Old West
level, but may notice that they're orange insead of blue. This indicates that
they're more dangerous. While the previous snakes only lashed out at you six
times in a row, these guys will perform ten strikes before they wear themselves
out. When they do, dispose of them in the usual fashion.

Continuing along the path, 2 more emeralds lead to a barrel containing an apple.
Around the corner, you'll find a passage where arrows are being shot out of the
walls at two seperate points, making it advisable to time your trek down this
path. To complicate matters further, there's another snake in between the two
arrow hot spots. Make your way through this to find yourself before another
area where the arrows are making a constant barrage, but this time it's slightly
more complicated. But first, there's an emerald in this part, As the barrel here
contains a snake, it's best avoided. Now, to your dilemma. It's not that the
arrows are being shot any faster down the path you need to go. Indeed, if you
could simply run across here at timed intervals, things would be much simpler.
But there's a sign here which illustrates Yakko tiptoeing, which as you know,
means that sneaking along at a rather slow pace is required. If you run up to
the edge of the rocky area, you'll see why - spikes will come out of the ground
and impale anyone attempting to cross the area too quickly and loudly. You could
make it across easily enough with a triple jump, but the game designers are one
step ahead of you this time - there's a number of lasers above your head,
waiting to zap anyone who tries to take the easy way out. Thankfully, there's a
button at the edge that temporarily stops the arrows from shooting. Smash it
with a static attack, and carefully make your way forward. The arrows will
probably start shooting again before you make it to safety, but don't panic!
Once you pass under the last laser, you can jump to land not riddled with
spikes. Take a breather and treat yourself to some goodies - an emerald, and an
apple in the box. When you're ready, hit the second button and cross the other
spike pit. The final laser is inconveniently placed this time, so you'll have to
tiptoe all the way.

On the other side, you'll find a character door which saves your position (thank
god!), and a box with an emerald and an apple. There's a snake waiting for you
in front of the next obstacle - crushing walls that want to squash you to a
bloody pulp (pretty much the same as the ones you encountered back in Spooky
Movie). As before, the easiest way to get through unhurt is to be leaning
against them when they're closed together, so that you can zip through unharmed
when they retract. There's another emerald out in the open here, and 3 more in
the other boxes here. The box in the middle contains a snake and two apples -
leave it if you don't need the health.



Follow the path around and jump the spikes to enter a large chamber, which
houses a number of emeralds, several natives, a locked door on the opposite
side, and an impressive primitive artwork display, complete with monkey eye
laser grids. First, run around the edge of the chamber, avoiding or disposing of
the natives as you please, and gathering all the emeralds - there's 12 of them.


You need to get through the locked door to progress, but how? The answer is in
the name of this Edgar, which pays homage to the three wise monkeys. Arm your
proton accelerator pack and run over to the nearest monkey head display - you'll
notice that the lasers are coming out of its eyes. One shot in each eye will
deactivate the lasers, and you can progress to the next head to repeat the
process. When all eight lasers have been disabled, a clip will show the door
slowly open, and that there's a big letter A hiding in the laser grid device
above the pool in the centre of the chamber. To all you other smarty-pantses who
also found it before the clip, nice work!

Jump the spikes and continue down the passage - if you don't find 2 emeralds
followed by a snake, you're going back the way you came. There's a box after the
snake that houses an emerald, after which the path leads down to a small pit of
lava. Jump it and take the emerald on the other side, then ignore the next box,
as it's another snake. The path now leads into a second chamber, with another
locked door at the far end. Hit the button at your feet, and a bell chime set
to resemble a monkey's tonsils will echo four tones. This is the "hear no evil,"
part of the mission. On each side of the pool in the middle of the chamber,
there are two identical money heads, each with a tonsil chime. Hit them in the
right order, and the door will open. From where you're standing (the button),
the correct order is the far left chime, the near left chime, the near right
chime, then the far right chime. Once you've opened the door, jump in the pool
and try to grab the 3 emeralds there without being bitten by the piranha. Don't
get too worried if it gets you, as you can find apples in both of the middle
boxes either side of the pool. Don't open the ones on the ends though - only the
second of each group of three has an apple. The others are snakes.

Go through the door you so cleverly opened, and follow the stairs down to a huge
lava pit, taking 3 more emeralds along the way. Hovering above the lava pit are
large wooden hoops, which you can jump on to get across. Make sure you grab the
3 emeralds along the way. In the middle of the lava pit you'll find an island
with the Edgar that has taken you so much trouble to find, and a warp door. Use
it to get back to the start of the level.


Follow the path along the bridge and grab the 8 emeralds that lead to an
intersection. Look to your right, and you should see a group of cliffs. Jump up
them, grabbing 2 emeralds on the way, and follow the area around to a dead end,
with 2 more emeralds. You will notice the cable of a flying fox like the ones
outside the level here, but you can't use it from this end. Run back and choose
the path that leads upwards - it's the one that has all the boulders rolling
down it and attempting to squash you ala Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are some
spaces along the cliff face on the right where you can squeeze in and allow the
boulders to roll harmlessly by, so I suggest you make use of them. There are 4
emeralds along this boulder-infested path. Once you have them all, look to the
left to see some pillar-like platforms that can be reached by careful jumping -
very careful, as a dragonfly is hovering around one of them. Each of the 4
pillars has an emerald on top, and if you look around to the wall, you should
notice a cave that you can reach from this vantage point. Jump inside and make
your way through, grabbing 7 emeralds as you go (1 is underwater). When you
exit the cave, you'll come across an impressive bridge that appears to be mainly
constructed from dinosaur bones. Look around to your left before crossing it,
and you'll notice a trail of paw prints leading up the cliff face. Follow them
up, grabbing 3 more emeralds as you go, and at the top you'll find a box
containing an apple, an emerald, and your second script page.


Float back down to the ground in front of the bridge and start to make your way
across. There are 12 emeralds to find before you reach the other side of the


Investigate the lower part of this area first. There are 2 emeralds here; 1 out
in the open and 1 buried in a dirt mound. The box contains a native. On the
upper part of this area, you'll find 5 more emeralds resting on the scattered
tombstones. If you've been following this guide closely enough, another Edgar
statue should appear when you grab the first of these.


Turn your attention to the big rock under the tree if you haven't already, and
you'll see the second piece of the shamrock key just waiting to be taken. Once
you've gotten everything, run back across the bridge, through the cave and down
the bouler-plagued slope until you're back at the path intersection. This time
take the path you haven't been on. There's only 2 emeralds before another
intersection - this time take the path to the right. 3 emeralds lead up to a
large door, which is the entrance to the mine. You still need to find another
piece of the door key before you can go in, so just take the 2 emeralds in the
boxes outside for the moment. Keep following the path around to the right for 3
more emeralds.


This path should have led you to a secluded island seperate from the lake
proper. The box on this island has an apple and an emerald. There's a dirt mound
behind this island with another emerald. Jump in the water and look around - you
should be behind an island that's sporting a large, downwards pointing arrow.
Dive under the water and you should find the E submerged between two pillars
behind said island. Surface and jump onto the arrow island. There are 4 emeralds
in the boxes here, as well as a crate that you're currently unable to open. You
should be able to spot 2 more emeralds out in the open - 1 each on another two
islands. The remaining island has a box with 2 emeralds in it.


Jump in the water and swim over to the arrow on the large island. You'll notice
that this arrow is pointing at an underwater cave entrance. This is where you'll
find the last part of the key, so swim down into it.


The path leads straight down at first, littered with 3 emeralds, before it
levels out. Follow another 3 emeralds to an intersection where you must make a
choice - up or down? Doesn't matter really, as there's emeralds along either
path. Take the upper path. A single emerald shows the way into a room where
you'll find another 4 emeralds on a ledge. Take the exit at the other end of the
room and follow the path in the same direction. The path you skipped earlier
comes out here, but leave that for the moment. 3 more emeralds lead to another
intersection - this time the choice is left, right, or up. Take the left path.
This takes you to a room with 4 emeralds, and a crashed UFO with a disturbingly
familiar face inside. Better yet, the final piece of the shamrock key is
floating above the no-longer-flying saucer. Go back to the intersection and
swim straight ahead to take the opposite path. There are 8 emeralds along the
tunnel before you reach a room of underwater heat vents. There are 4 emeralds
floating above these vents, and another 1 that is floating just above an Edgar!

Make sure you grab the C at the back of this room to completely clear it of
goodies before you swim back to the intersection. Turn left and backtrack to the
area you didn't visit earlier. The lower path should reward you with 3 emeralds
before you reach a room full of writhing tentacles. Carefully swim around here
and grab 4 more emeralds, as well as the 1 that is leading back towards the
lagoon entrance.


Okay, swim back to that three-way intersection and take the upper path. Grab the
3 emeralds as you swim back up to the surface. You'll find yourself in the
middle of a smaller lake than the one you came from. Take the 3 emeralds in the
water, then look around for a path on the shore that leads to 2 emeralds and an
apple. Find it and follow it to a swamp covered in moving lily pads. Jumping in
the green muck doesn't injure you, but it acts similar to quicksand, so using
the lily pads is recommended. There are 14 emeralds scattered amongst the
lilies, and 1 more on the other side of the swamp leads to a clearing with an
impressive treehouse in the centre.


First thing you'll want to do is clear this area of enemies - it's covered with
monkeys and natives, and seeing as you'll be chasing someone around here in a
minute, the last thing you want is those goons getting in the way. Next, grab
the emeralds. There are 4 out in the open by a tree, and another 1 in a box.


Okay, talk to the Tar-zany looking character and pretend to be interested when
he whines about his monkey needing a spanking. Guess what? You're the designated
spanker! The hardest part about this mission is just catching the annoying
little pest, who is slightly faster than you. He can also be difficult to spot
if there are other monkeys whom you've spared running around. The key to this
mission is to chase him around the treehouse, but to be running closer to the
tree than he is. It's like in a horse race - all the horses run to the inner
lane as quickly as they can, because it means they don't have as far to run. As
soon as you get close enough, hit Cheeky (that's the silly-looking simian's
name) with a spin attack. Then do it again. And again. Once you've bashed it
senseless three times, talk to the self-proclaimed king of the swingers again (I
stand corrected - I guess there was a less regal monarch than King O'Sullivan
after all), and he'll activate the elevator that grants you access to his
treehouse. Jump on the moving platform, and make your way up to the treetop
village. There's 3 emeralds on the platforms that lead up. The first hut you
come to has 2 emeralds in it, and a shiny Edgar. Run across the bridge with 3
emeralds to the next hut, where you'll find an apple. The next bridge also has
3 emeralds, and leads to the handle of the flying fox you saw earlier. Grab on
and zip down the cable to get another 4 emeralds.


All righty, time to take a look around the mine. Follow the path down to the
bottom of the cliffs and go back to the mine entrance you ran past earlier. Now
that you have the entire key you can get in, but there's one slight hiccup. The
power is out down there, and there's no light. As you probably know by now,
if you go into a pitch-black area for more than a few seconds, you're
instantaneously teleported back to a beter lit area. The only thing you can do
is hit the switch at the entrance of the mine that turns the lights on
temporarily, and then run to hit the next switch before everything goes black


So, after the first light switch you'll find an emerald out in the open,
followed by 1 in a box, 1 out in the open, 1 in a box, and 1 more before another
light switch. You will have come to a room which has an interesting mural on the
wall - you'll do well to remember the position the circles at the bottom of it
are in. Below the mural though, you'll find an Edgar, and an emerald in front of
it. One of the boxes has an apple, and the other has a snake. Follow the path
out of the room (hit the light switch again just to be safe), and you'll come
across 1 emerald before a box. The box has an emerald too, but it also has an
enemy you've never seen before - kind of a wind-up rodent of some kind. You
don't yet have any weapon that can kill it, but you can easily outrun them, so
don't be too worried. Continue on the path and you'll come across two large
wheels that you have to jump through the spokes of to pass. Grab the emerald on
the rock in between as you go. There's another light switch after the wheels. 1
emerald leads to a box with another emerald and an apple inside. 2 more emeralds
lead into a room where light is streaming in from the ceiling. You'll notice
immediately that there's a light switch in this room, but that it's somewhat
bigger than the previous switches. Smash it and the lights will stay on
permanently. And now that you don't need them, King O'Sullivan will wander into
the room and give you a pair of night-vision goggles. As much as you will surely
want to give that guy a good kick, rejoice! You need only one more item to find
for your inventory, and that can be also found in this very room - go over to
the mouse cage for your final Pinky and the Brain mission.

Brain has created a time bomb that contains no explosives - go figure. Your job
is to find the right combination to activate it. If you've ever played the game,
"Master Mind," then you'll get a bit of an idea of what goes on here. When the
mini-game starts, the bomb will have three digits on it that will stop at random
numbers. You need to start changing between the numbers until you find right
ones. The easiest way is to do it one number at a time. Use up and down on the
control stick to change the first digit by one. Then move your cursor across to
the three lights on the end and press A. If you've got the right number, then
the light for that digit (left, middle or right) will turn green. In this case,
move on to the next number. If you've found the correct number of one of the
other digits, it will turn yellow. In this case, give this number to one of the
other digits you haven't gotten right yet, and check if you've got a green light
yet. If the light remains red, you've got the wrong number. Go back and try
again. Speed is of the essence here, as every incorrect guess eats up your fuse
a little more. The combination I got was 8-2-0, but I think it changes every
time, so don't be surprised if you try that combination and get it completely
wrong. If you successfully arm the time bomb, you will be rewarded with some
explosives of your very own!

Congraulations! You finally have everything you need to go back and clean out
all the previous levels. If you're still playing as Wakko, use the character
door to switch to Yakko and experiment with your shiny new toys. As with the
shovel and the grass skirt, the bombs are activated by the Y button. Tapping it
will drop a bomb where Yakko is standing, in which case you need to run to a
safe distance to prevent yourself from also exploding. This is good for busting
containers you can't otherwise open and impenetrable barriers, such as that wall
of rocks blocking your way out of here. Try destroying that now. On the other
hand you can also use bombs as a ranged weapon, in the style of grenades.
Holding Y will give you a cursor showing where the bomb will land when you throw
it. However, this doesn't account for the bouncing it will do when it hits the
ground. In other words, when you throw your bombs, you always need to aim short
of your target. Get a little practice in by trying to blow up the windups in
this room, using only thrown bombs.

Now, back to business. The 2 barrels in this room both have an emerald, and one
of them also has an apple. There are also a couple of crates in this room near
the doorway blocked off by the rocks, which you should now blow up if you
already haven't. The crates contain 2 emeralds, an apple, and a windup. The
crate on the other side of the room also has an emerald. Now turn around and
follow the path back to the room where you got your latest Edgar - it's the one
with that weird mural on the other side of the giant wheels. There's 2 more
crates in here with an emerald each.


Run back into the room where you got the last items of your inventory and head
through the freshly-blown-up doorway. You will have come to a pit of green ooze
or something, but have no fear - by now you should have mastered the triple jump
well enough to navigate your way safely across the rocks high above impending
doom. Your biggest challenge in this area is that some of these rocks have
windups crawling around on them. This is a good chance to practice distance
bombing. Or if you prefer, just run past them - like I said before, they're not
very fast. You'll find 3 emeralds on the first few rocks, another 3 around the
corner (where you'll also have to use moving platforms to cross), and another
emerald at the following corner. 1 more emerald greets you when you get your
feet back on terra firma, as well as a dirt mound that houses another. Luckily
there's also a character door here, so switch to Wakko to dig up the emerald,
then switch back to Yakko so that you can blow up another pile of rocks blocking
your path forward. There's an emerald  and an apple in the box, and another
emerald up on the ledge in front of the rock slide.


This one can be a bit tricky to destroy - the bomb you drop might fall off the
ledge, or not be close enough to take out the barrier. I advise standing in the
middle of the debris, and moving as close to the edge as you can, then drop the
bomb whilst you're facing the blockade. When the door is clear, you can run into
a large metal chamber with stairways that all seem to go in really weird
directions - very trippy. There's also a console with three handles to turn, all
marked with a different symbol. See? I told you that it would help to pay
attention to that mural, didn't I? Turn the handles in the order you so cleverly
memorised (right handle, middle handle, right handle), and the stairs will be
turned around so that you can now progress through the door at the top of the
chamber. And so it is that you've now reached yet ANOTHER firey-lava-influenced
area. Grab the first emerald you see (taking the time to kill any lava sprites
that come near you), and then wait for the firewall to spring into action before
you recklessly run into its clutches. There's a box on the other side of the
firewall that has an apple in it, and then another emerald in front of another

Past these firewalls you come to a large chamber filled with molten lava. There
are a couple of high-placed rocks and platforms, but apart from those and some
small islands at ground level with handles to turn, this place seems very
unhospitable. Take he upper path - cross until you reach the furthest of the
high rocks - you should pick up 3 emeralds on the way - and look down. Across
the lava straight in front of you, you should see a handle. You can easily make
it with a triple jump - make sure you get the 3 emeralds nearby - and turn the
handle. These handles activate the sprinker systems in this chamber, which
temporarily harden parts of the lava and gives you walkable paths between the
little islands. However, the one you just turned activated all of the sprinkers,
and the paths they leave stay permanently, unless you leave the level.

The door that leads toward your target is just behind you, but you should clear
this chamber of emeralds first. 3 emeralds should lead you to a box that
contains two apples and a snake - good if you need the health, but otherwise not
worth bothering with. Follow the path with 4 emeralds to one of the islands and
take the right path from there, which has another 4 emeralds. This path will
lead to a box with 1 emerald and a snake. Go back to the island you just came
from and take the opposite path, which has 3 emeralds. There's another emerald
in the box where that path leads.

There's one more box in this chamber, and it has two apples in it. Turn back
towards the exit you'll take out of this chamber - the one near the handle you
turned earlier - and you should see the M waiting for you in a little cave
nearby. Make sure you grab it, because that should be the last letter you need
for an extra apple. Now go through the doorway, being careful of the firewalls
in this passage. The barrel in here is empty. At the end of the passage you'll
come to an emerald, and an Edgar door that won't let you pass unless you have 20
golden statues to show off. Venture inside, and you'll be beside yourself.



The effigy totem pole isn't too difficult to defeat. When the battle begins, the
effigy will try to damage you by throwing bombs. Assuming that you're still
playing as Yakko, how does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine? At three
different points around the edge of the battlefield you'll find more effigies -
these are what you need to attack. Whether Yakko's bomb blasts can take these
out I've yet to determine, as the effigy's bombs tend to get there before mine,
but the first thing you need to do is use the bombs the effigy is firing to blow
up the bottom third of each Warner pillar - in other words, stand in front of
them and wait for the effigy to toss a bomb a you. Each time you destroy one
part of one of the three pillars, bombs will fall from the ceiling. Run towards
the next pillar and avoid getting exploded. You'll find that life imitates art
here -  once you've destroyed the bottom third of all three pillars, a large
mallet swings from the ceiling and reduces the enemy effigy by one third. It
will retaliate by shooting fire at you now. The easiest way to deal with this is
to stand on top of the pillars (they're short enough to be reached by a triple
jump now) and wait for the fire to burn through the second segment of these
pillars. Again, bombs will drop from the ceiling every time you destroy one, and
the mallet will swing again once you've knocked out all three. The effigy's
final retaliation is a laser beam. This is pretty much the same as the fire was
- just stand on top and wait for segment to be destroyed, then dodge the falling
bombs. Once you get all three segments, another Edgar is yours.


Take the warp door that's appeared where the effigy was, and head back to the
start of the level. You're almost done here; you just need to track down those
last few emeralds. This is a good place to start - the crates you couldn't open
earlier. There are 2 emeralds in the crates on the left of the entrance, and 1
in the crate on the right. Jump in the lake and swim to the island which also
houses the cave entrance to the blue lagoon. There's 1 emerald in the crate on
this island. Jump back in the water, enter the cave, and make your way back to
the treehouse on the far side of the swamp, where you violated all those monkeys
before. Run around the left side of the treehouse and get the 2 emeralds in the
crates, then run around to the other side to find the crate containing the very
last emerald.


Grab the Edgar when it appears, and check your tally. Got everything? Sweet.
Then head back out to the Warner Film Lot.


EMERALDS: 300/300
INVENTORY: Night-vision goggles, bombs.


Alhough you'll have gone to all but one of the levels, at this point you will
have only completed a little over half the game. It's time to clear out this
blasted hub once and for all. The timing is ideal - you have all the items you
need to empty the previous levels of their Edgars, and you will still need to
get at least one more golden statue before you can access the final level. Let's
start with the Warner Lot.

You'll be standing in front of the sound stage to King O'Sullivans Mines. The
flying fox on your left will take you back into the main part of the cave, but
be careful as you round the corner - there's now a rattle snake in front of the
paw prints leading to the top of the tower. Kill it and climb up, then grab the
handle to swing across the lava, grabbing 3 cannisters as you go. Climb back up
the rocks and swim to the other side. Now look closely at the wall on your
right as you follow the tunnel back up, and you should see a crack in it which
you can run into. This area is in complete darkness, but you now have the
equipment to navigate such areas. Press down on the control pad to arm your
night vision goggles, and stumble around until you find 3 cannisters hidden in
the dark.


Navigate your way back into a better lit area and disarm your goggles. Run back
up through the cave until you get to the T-intersection that leads you to Once
Upon a Time. You've found all the items in this area, so run back to the water
tower area and take the fork on the left to the Spooky Movie area. You've found
all the collectables here as well, but to clear this level of all cannisters you
need access to The Epic area, and you need one more Edgar to get in there. It
just so happens that there's an Edgar conveniently here.


Go through the gate to the Spooky Movie area, and look for one of the giant man-
eating plants near the next gate, on the right of you. If you're still using
Yakko, throw bombs at it until it goes boom. Otherwise you're going to have to
tiptoe up to it and smash it with a static attack whilst it's asleep. Defeating
it will reveal another Chicken Boo, and provide you with that oh-so-needed 25th
Edgar. Leave this area and run up the stairs to the Epic - it's the opposite
path from you as you approach the water tower.

Check out the piles of rubble and debris either side of you as you ascend the
stairs. Your Collectables-Sense should be tingling, so switch to Yakko if you're
not already using him, and blow them both up to reveal a couple of not so secret
areas. The one on the right has three vases blocking the entrance, yielding 6
cannisters. Venture into this area, and you'll see several pillars lying on the
ground, surrounded by 5 cannisters. Go back out and into the opposite area.
Again, you'll find 6 cannisters in the three vases blocking your path. Go into
this little area, and run into the far right corner for 3 cannisters. The
opposite corner has 2 cannisters - make sure you run all the way into this
little hidey-hole, because one of them is easy to miss. On the other side of the
building you're now crammed next to are 2 more cannisters, and the vase in the
doorway of this building has a script page.


Leave this area and run up the stairs and through the gate. Immediately in front
of you will be 2 cannisters. The vases visible to you have 4 more cannisters,
and if you turn around to look back at the gate, you'll see a vase with 1 more.
Go through the arch and pick up the 3 leading to the sound stage entrance, then
smash open the vase beside it for another. Run down this narrow path around the
stage to pick up more 9 more, and then look to your left to see a golden
pillared area - there are 3 more cannisters behind those pillars.


Now, you could enter The Epic if you wanted to... but wouldn't you rather get
the last of those annoying cannisters first? Of course you would! Head over to
the Ye Old West area, switching to Dot as you run through the central area. When
you get to the gate, have a look over to your right. There's a broken fence that
you can limbo under. Do so, and you'll come up on the other side to find
yourself on a path leading into a canyon area, but blocked by a rattlesnake.
You'll have to jump as you approach it to get its attention, as it's on a higher
slope than you. To your right, you'll see a discarded train engine like the one
you saw back in Ye Old West. There are 7 cannisters on the clffs surrounding the
train, and if you turn back around, you'll see another 2 on the ledge behind
you. Opposite the path that brought you here, you'll find a path leading to
another area with a snake in the centre. Kill it, then jump on the ledge for 3
cannisters and an A guarded by another snake, which should add another apple to
your health bar.


Your Collectables radar will disappear at this point, just one shy of awarding
you with another Edgar. To find the elusive cannister, you'll need to limbo back
under the fence, go through the gate, switch characters to Wakko, and look for a
dirt mound near the cart in the corner. It's guarded by a rattlesnake, and
contains cannister #300.


Since you're here, you might as well clean out this level - enter Ye Old West.


INVENTORY: Grass skirt.


The first area you need to visit requires limboing, but before you switch to
Dot, run around the back of the buildings on your right hand side until you get
to the barn. You'll find a dirt mound behind it with a buried nugget. Okay, now
run back to the character door near the level entrance and switch to Dot. Have a
look around for a large rock archway, and run under it. On the other side you'll
see a wall of rock with a small gap underneath. Just in case you're not sure
what to do here, the game producers have even thoughtfully added a sign
depicting Dot leaning over backwards. Shimmy under the rock to find yourself in
a canyon with a barrel in front of you. It contains an apple. Follow the path
along, avoiding cactii and tornados, but grabbing the lone nugget until you come
to a dirt mound near the ledge. If you need it, there's an apple poking out of
the dirt that doesn't require digging. There's a trail of paw prints leading up
the wall here, so climb up and grab the 3 nuggets up here. Duck the cactus
attack and knock him out of your way. Follow the ledge along to find 2 more
nuggets before an inanimate cactus. There's another 1 on the other side of the
cactus, in front of the snake. Turn back around and keep following the path.
You'll get 5 more nuggets before coming to an open (well, more open than before,
anyway) area.


Ignore the box to your left, it's only a snake. Instead, make your way around
the upwards spiralling path of the rock formation in the centre of this area.
There's 7 nuggets leading up. When you get to the top you'll see a rock nearby
with a box - it contains a nugget. Jump from that rock to the ledge with the
barrels and the character door. The barrels contain 4 nuggets, three apples, and
a cactus. Turn back towards the spiral rock tower and look for more rocks with
nuggets on them. The closest should have 1, and the next one will have 2 making
a path towards a higher rock. Be ready to jump to that higher ground, because
the rock those nuggets are on isn't stable. Be careful when you get to that
higher rock, because there's a snake up there along with 3 nuggets. From this
point, you should be able to see a ledge with what appears to be a large bird's
nest -  probably a vulture or a condor or some other large winged beast. Jump
from rock to rock (picking up another 3 nuggets) until you get there, and can
grab the 5 nuggets and the M snug in the nest. Go back to the wobbly rock and
jump over to another rock path. There are 2 rocks, each with a nugget, leading
towards a ledge that has a nugget at the top, and then 2 more and an apple down
a slope back to the ground. You can't get back up this slope, so you'll need to
climb the spiral tower to get back to the top of that ledge. Following the ledge
you'll come to a rock with a cactus, then another with a box that contains a
snake and an apple. I'd advise against opening this box even if you do need some
health, as you're likely to end up falling flat on your face and have to climb
up the spiral tower again. The rock after the box has 1 nugget, and then you'll
reach a ledge with a snake on it. There are 3 more nuggets and an apple along
the ledge behind this snake. Now make your way across the rocks over to the
character door, swich to Wakko, and make your way back along the canyon until
you reach the dirt mound by the paw prints trail. Dig it up for a nugget.


Go back to the character door, switch back to Dot, and limbo back under the rock
wall to get back to Calamity Canyon.


Leave town and follow the trail until you get to the train station. Run over to
the abandoned train engine and kill the cactus closest to it. It'll transform
into poultry and leave you with a shiny golden statue to add to your collection.

Use the character door at the entrance to the station to switch to Wakko, then
turn around and look back towards the path you used to get here. To the left of
it is a water-filled cave. Dive in, and swim out the other side to find a semi-
hidden area. Follow the path, watching out for tornados and cactii. Both boxes
on this path have apples in them, but enemies too, so be careful. At the end of
the path you'll come to a circlular fenced maze, filled with stampeding cattle.
When you navigate this area, make sure you stay close to the walls, as you never
quite know when a homocidal maniacal steer might charge into you. Take the left
path when you get here - the right is a dead end. The first hole in the fence
you come to - which offers you an alternate path - is also where a box is
sitting, but leave it alone. It has a snake inside, and you don't need an extra
enemy around whilst there's insane cows stomping around. Go through the gap in
the fence and take the left path. This will bring you to some boxes, which have
an apple and a cactus inside, a barrel with a nugget, and a dirt mound, with
another nugget. Turn around and go back through the fence, and continue going
clockwise along the outside path. Go through the next gap and the one near it,
and take the right path. You'll come to three boxes, which contain a snake, an
apple, and a nugget. Turn around and follow the left path until you get to the
centre area. Wait for the cactii to shoot at you, and then get rid of them.
Grab the script that's waiting for you. There are another three boxes here, and
again, they contain a snake, an apple, and a nugget. Go back through the first
gap in the fence and go left. You'll come to a series of boxes, which contain in
the following order: a snake, an apple, a nugget, a snake, and a cactus. The
barrel on this path has a nugget and an apple.


Return to the train station - just stick to the outer path to get back - and use
the character door to switch to Dot. Follow the path into Big Chief Sitting
Bison's valley.


You should be experienced enough with limboing by now that this Edgar should be
reasonably easy to get. Run into the limbo field, and watch as one of the
warriors shows you how it's done. Follow suit when the cut scene ends, then wait
until it's your turn again before repeating your performance. However, they will
have lowered the bar now, so you'll have to be a bit lower to get under
successfully. After your second bend, the bar will be lowered so far that no-one
else is able to get under it. Well, they do all have pretty large bellies. Dot
can slide through just barely - you'll have to be in the very last colour of
your limbo bar before you fall over to get through. When you get under, the
rain will fall, filling the creek and washing up several nuggets that were
supposedly buried in the creek bed. Talk to Chief Bison to get your Edgar.

Use the character door for the final time on this level and choose Wakko - you
won't need Dot or Yakko for the remainder of the level. Jump in the creek and
grab the nuggets that appeared - there are five of them. Then get back on dry
land and follow the creek until you get to the waterfall. There's a dirt mound
under it with another nugget.


Now follow the path down to the big lake with the island in the centre. Now that
you have the scuba mask you can grab the nuggets under the water. There are 22
in here, all in big groups above the rocks on the bottom of the lake.


There are also several apples in the lake, and there's a tiny cave under the
central island where you'll find the C, which should give you your next apple.
Once you've emptied the lake of all its goodies, take the path that leads to
Skookum Jim's mine (the one with the falling rocks).


This is the last area you need to search for collectables in. There's a dirt
mound outside the mine which has 1 nugget. Enter the mine and put on your night
vision goggles. The box just inside the entrance has 1 nugget and a snake
inside. After the box, there are 4 nuggets before you come to a pit of spikes,
which you'll have to jump over. After the spikes there's 1 nugget, then a box
with 1 more and two apples. 2 more nuggets lead to another spike pit, which is
followed by 3 more nuggets, and a box with a snake. The final nugget is behind
this box.


Grab the Edgar when it appears, and make your way back out of the mine. One more
Edgar and you're done here!


Go back to the lake and make your way from there to the rodeo - the quickest way
is by using the warp door. Now that you have the shovel, you can dig up the key
to the rodeo doors and go inside, where a very grumpy looking stallion is
waiting for you. Run up to him and jump on. Round 1 begins. You'll ride around
for a few seconds before the horse stops, and an arrow will appear on the screen
- either pointing left, right, up or down. You have to press the control stick
in the same direction, which will cause the Wakko icon on the bar at the top of
the screen to move right, towards the slightly-less-grumpy-looking horse icon
than the one at the other end. Keep pushing the directions that the arrows
indicate until you hit that horse to begin round 2. This one's slightly more
difficult, with more arrows than before, and more correct responses required to
reach your target. Round 3 is harder again, but once you beat this one, the
cowboy will point you towards his Edgar, in the stall at the back of the rodeo.
Grab it and check your tally. If you've got everything, you're good to leave.


NUGGETS: 300/300
INVENTORY: Suction cups.


No take this time, as you're not stopping to get anything. Just make your way
over to the Spooky Movie sound stage and go in.


There's not a great deal left to do here. It shouldn't take you that long to
clean up this level. To start with, switch to Dot and run around to the left
side of the mansion, where you'll see a broken fence. Limbo under, and you'll
find 6 pumpkins out in the open, 1 in a vase, and 1 in the vent, which you have
to coax open with a ground pound. There's also an apple in there.


Go back under the fence, run down to the character door and switch to Yakko -
he's the one you'll be needing for almost all of the remainder of this level. By
now you may be wondering why your collectibles radar is still showing. There
doesn't appear to be anywhere else to search in this front garden - no dirt
mounds or anything! Take the warp door to Scratchenstein's lab. Again, the room
seems empty, but the radar is still insisting that there's collectibles in here.
Take out your frustration on those stupid looking jack-o-lantern statues and
you'll find your answer - each statue hides two pumpkins! There are 2 statues
here, so that means 4 pumpkins. Warp back to the garden and blow up the three
statues there - there's one near a tree in the middle of the garden, and two
more near the front door - one near each of the giant plants. This will give you
another 6 pumpkins.



Enter the mansion, and run up the stairs and around to the right, to the hall
that leads to Scratchenstein's lab. When you do, the homocidal chainsaw-wielding
maniac will come at you. Wait until he loses his precious equilibrium, then kill
him. He'll morph into Chicken Boo and leave you with an Edgar.

Run back downstairs and head around to the back hall by the left doorway. Go
through the lasers on the left and into the darkened chamber. Pull on your night
vision goggles and have a look around. First of all, deal with the bats in the
room. There are four or five of them, and if they get close enough they'll knock
you into the spike pits, so kill them the first oppurtunity you get. Now follow
the winding path around to get the items. There's 1 pumpkin straight ahead of
you at the beginning, then 1 to the left before you have a choice of path. Take
the new path that's split off from there, it will lead you to 2 pumpkins and an
apple. At the end of this path there's a seperate little platform off to the
side with another pumpkin - you'll have to jump to it. Return to the main path
and follow it to another intersection, where you'll find another pumpkin. Take
the new path again for 2 more pumpkins, then go back and follow 2 pumpkins to
the corner. Get the single pumpkin on your left, and jump to the platform beyond
it that has 1 more. Then go the other way and grab 3 pumpkins, but then jump the
spikes to the opposite platforms, which have 2 pumpkins and your last script
page until you get to The Epic. Return to the main path - at the corner you'll
find 1 pumpkin to your left, and 3 to your right.


Leave this area and follow the path through the house until you get to the back
yard. If you find it easier, go out through the front door and take the roller-
ghoster. Either side of the back door, you'll find a blow-upable statue, each
with 2 pumpkins. From the door, run to the wall on the left side of the garden
to find the final statue, which also has 2 pumpkins.



Run down the passage at the back of the garden - the one guarded by man-eating
plants either side of the entrance. If you didn't come down here earlier, a
few pumpkins will lead down the stairs. If you did, the first one you'll
encounter will be in the water that you couldn't dive into before. Do so now,
and you'll find 2 pumpkins underwater, and 1 above it on the other side.
Continue on into a crypt, dodging a couple of axe-wielding knights on the way.
There are 5 pumpkins either side of the tomb - 3 out in the open and 2 in a vase
- and 2 more in a vase behind the tomb. Beyond that vase is a warp door (and
just when you beginning to believe this area only had two of them!), guarded by
another couple of knights. Dodge them and smash open the vases by the door for
the last 4 pumpkins.


The Edgar will appear in one of the back corners of the crypt. Go back for it,
and then turn your attention to the tomb in the centre. Looks like an X-button
pushing moment.


A ghost and his cute canine partner in deadness appear at this point, introduced
as Sporin and Jock. After Jock and Dot compare poems, Jock will get to his
problem - his soul can't rest with his deceased wife because the equally dead
Sporin dug up his bones and buried them in the front garden. He begs you to
bring the bones back to this crypt. Happy to oblige, you'll run past the knights
and through the warp door to find the front garden now has several upturned
areas of dirt that weren't previously there. Sporin's crime and subsequent death
must have been very recent indeed. Switch to Wakko and get out your shovel. The
first dirt mound is near the warp door. There's one each near the left and right
walls, and two in the centre of the garden. Once you've got all five bones, take
them back to Jock. In gratitude, he will present you with the last Edgar of this
level. If you've got everything, then it's time to head for the next one.


PUMPKINS: 300/300


Make your way over to the Once Upon a Time sound stage and head inside.


If you thought your last visit to Spooky Movie was short, then your unfinished
work here will be even shorter. You need two Edgars - the second collectibles
one and the one that Miss Muffet has. Get hers first, because as you may have
discovered in Ye Old West, it can be difficult to find an Edgar in the dark.

As soon as you arrive in this level, jump over to the other island, use the
character door, and switch to Yakko. Having already played here with Wakko and
Dot's unique talents, Yakko is the only character you'll need this time around.
One of those pink chests is right in front of you, and you now have the means
for breaking it open. Blow it up for 2 crowns.



Take the warp door into the centre of the forest, and run to the entrance of the
dark woods, where you may hear someone sobbing. Activate your night-vision
goggles and cautiously make your way inside. The path isn't that difficult to
follow - crowns show the way pretty distinctly - but you will have the
occasional spider drop down on you. Deal with them in the usual method. There
are 24 crowns in these woods, and when you've got them all, you'll be near Miss


Come back to her in a second, and keep following the path through the trees.
This will lead you to the C, which should be the last letter you need to add
another apple to your health bar. Now go back to Miss Muffet. Unsurprisingly,
she was frightened by a spider and lost her way in this area. Your job is to
lead her to safety. Don't go too fast as you make your way back through the
woods. Make sure she can keep up with you. Also, you'll have to eliminate every
spider you come across, as she will refuse to go past any spot they're hanging
around. Or crawling. When you get her out in the daylight, she'll reward you
with an Edgar.


Now all you have to do is blow up the remaining chests, all of which you
cleverly memorised the locations of, right? Probably not. All right, grab
whatever apples you need to refill your health bar, and have a look over on the
other side of this area to find a chest sitting behind a solitary giant yellow
mushroom. Blow it up for a crown. Take the path that leads back to Bo Peep and
her flock. On the path, near the gate where she's still hanging out, there's a
chest with another crown. You'll find 1 more in the chest in one of her meadows.
It's one that you will have cleared of sheep, if you followed my directions last
time you were here. Turn around and make your way back to the forest. Behind the
beanstalk, there's a chest with 2 crowns. Climb up the beanstalk, shoot the
drawbridge back down, and make your way into the castle gardens, where you dug
up all the crowns last time. There's 2 chests here, each with a crown inside.
Parachute back down to the ground, and cross the bridge to the paddock where the
billy goats are happily grazing. There's another chest here with 1 crown. Follow
the path along to the giant boot, where there's another chest inside. This one
has 2 crowns. The final chest is near the witch's house, so take the right path
and cross the dizzying chasm for the last time. The chest is near the ramp that
had a stump next to it so long ago.


Grab the crown, and your Edgar should appear on top of a cake over on your
right. That should be it. If you've got everything, exit the level.


CROWNS: 300/300
INVENTORY: Scuba mask, magnifying glass.


Ten Edgars left to find, two of which are on this level. Sadly, you can't access
either of them yet, so your options are kind of limited at this stage, aren't
they? Enter The Epic.


Alrighty, the last level of the game, and this one is perhaps the most
challenging yet. Not only do you have the usual collectables, chicken boo,
and script to find, but also eight tins of dates, five feathers, one pot of
glue, one set of blueprints, and one bundle of sticks, as well as milking three
donkeys (don't ask!) and leading three prisoners to safety! Also, because you
haven't been here before, and you have your full inventory, you'll need the
talents of all three Warners... well, except Dot, for some reason. Work, work...

If you check out your Edgar tally, you'll notice that the only mission lit up
as playable so far is the Chariot Championship. Which is odd, considering that
three of the areas you need to go to for it are blocked off. But anyway, you'll
find yourself on a boat in the middle of a lake. Immediately in front of you,
you'll find a vase. It contains a jewel in the shape of a scarab beetle.
Predictably, you need 299 more of these things. Look behind the door that leads
back to the Warner lot and you'll find another one. Dive into the lake and look
for 2 more scarabs floating on rocks. Get out of the water and go up the stairs
to meet Isis Denile. You don't really need to talk to him - he'll just point out
where Cleo's palace and the bazarr are, and mention there's a chariot race later
at the stadium, and you probably won't be able to get tickets. Behind Isis are
three vases, in which you'll find two apples and a scarab. Run into the alleyway
behind Isis - being careful not to get smushed by the rolling barrels - to find
a scarab out in the open, an apple in the brown pot, and 2 scarabs and an apple
in the blue vases. Now use the character door to switch to Wakko, if you're not
already using him. Jump back in the water, but this time on the opposite side of
the barrel-infested bridge to the boat. You'll find another 2 scarabs and an
apple on the rocks. Jump out onto the grass and head back towards the bridge,
unearthing another scarab in a dirt mound on the way. Before you do anything,
take a look at the golden head-piece of the boat you arrived here on. Very
strange-looking, don't you think?

Run up the path, dodging and jumping the barrels until you get to safety, past
the two pillars they're shooting out from. Between them are two barrels, each of
which contain a scarab. You'll see a couple of roman soldiers in front of you,
who grunt and jump around a lot. Ignore them for the moment. Turn left and empty
the barrel of its scarab. Keep going left and you'll come to three barrels.
One's empty, one has a scarab, and one has an apple. Jump up on the blocks on
top of the wall for 3 more scarabs. Jump down and go to the other side of the
pillars. There are 2 barrels with scarabs waiting to be taken, and 3 more
scarabs sitting on the wall. The group of three barrels again contain a scarab,
an apple, and nothing.


Now go back and have a look at that soldier. Because of their shields, the only
ways to defeat these guys is to attack them from behind.  Bombs don't work
unless you hit them from the rear. For the ones that jump back and forth, such
as the two you can see from here, this makes it a tad tricky, but do-able. Stand
to one side of the arch you want to run under, so that the soldier is blocking
your path. Now you need to go around him - you can get past by doing a skid
attack. Then hit him from behind to defeat him. Grab the scarab under the arch
and kill the second guard in a similar fashion. Then smash the vases for some
goodies - there are 2 scarabs and an apple in them.


Go through the big doors and run down the corridor to the throne room, smashing
all the vases to get 6 scarabs. There's an apple in the alcove on the right if
you need it. Go through the next doors to enter the throne room, where Cleo is
waiting for you. Grab the seven scarabs sitting around her bathtub, then go have
a quick word with her. The Queen is obsessed with her appearance, and believes
that bathing in donkey's milk will enhance it. She already has the facilities
set up - all she needs you to do is herd her three donkeys into the milking
machines, and turn the taps on for her. Sounds simple enough, right? Pick up the
rest of the scarabs in the room before leaving - 1 on Cleo's throne, and 4 in
the vases on the side of the room.


Exit the palace and turn to your right. A roman soldier will charge at you -
this type do not jump back and forth in one small area, sadly. The best way to
defeat these guys is to do a ground pound on their head, which will force them
to raise their shields to deflect. This will leave their backs open for a
second or two, giving you time to stop them. Smash open the four vases you can
see between here and the stairs to find 3 scarabs and an apple. If you pause on
the stairs, you should be able to see the first donkey at the bottom, near a
chracter door, and in front of a large locked gate that leads to the colloseum
area. Take care of the soldiers around here first - the last thing you need is
to get charged whilst you're trying to direct some random ass. If you want to
take out the big guy, you'll need Yakko and his endless supply of bombs. I
haven't found any other way of killing them.

Herding the donkeys is pretty similar to the sheep in Once Upon a Time -
they'll run in the opposite direction to where you are once you've hit them. You
just need to chase it into the milking machine behind where the big burly
soldier is. Smash open the vases either side of the path to the milking machine
for a scarab and an apple. Jump up to the first plank of scaffolding and grab
the scarab there, then grab the 1 on the next plank up. From here you can jump
to a plank with 2 scarabs and a green rattlesnake. The ones in this level will
lash out at you twelve times before wearing themselves out. That's twice as
powerful as the first snakes you encountered back in Ye Old West. Parachute back
down to the ground.

You'll see two vases near a palm tree nearby - they contain a scarab and an
apple. Run down to the corner and get rid of the three soldiers. There are 2
apples in the vases nearby if you need them. Continue down the path to the
second donkey, which is standing near a vase containing a scarab. Smack Eeyore
and herd her into the nearby milking machine. Jump up onto the scaffolding next
to this machine and grab the scarab. From here, jump to the plank at the next
lowest height, and follow it around, grabbing the 5 scarabs as you go. Turn
around and go back to the higher plank, where a vase contains a scarab, and then
3 more will lead you to a crane. Forget that for now and jump back down to the
milking machine. The vase on the next corner contains another apple. Here you'll
confront another two soldiers, but these ones are jumpers, so don't try taking
them from above. Run around and hit them from behind - a job made easier
considering that one of them is facing entirely the wrong direction.

Head around the next corner and kill the soldiers there (these ones are
chargers). There's a couple of apple vases here if you need them, including one
at the base of the stairs on the left. Leave the stairs for the moment. Herd
donkey number three into the milking machine around the corner, and run up the
stairs. Hit the soldier around the next corner - he's facing the wrong way.
You'll notice you've now run a lap around the palace. Turn around and smash open
the three vases behind you for an apple and a scarab. Run back down the stairs.
The vase above the milking machine contains an apple - triple jump to the ledge
from the stairs if you want it. Jump up into the little room on the right, where
you'll find vases containing an apple and a scarab. The vase on the step below
it also contains a scarab.


Okay, run up the stairs leading to the gardens. There's a scarab at the top. A
soldier will charge at you from the left, so be ready to jump. After you kill
him, take the left path. Parachute down safely into a grassy alcove, where
you'll find the C, and 3 scarabs leading back up to the stairs. Run up to the
very top, where you should see a soldier patrolling to the right. Chase after
him and finish him off. Grab the scarab, and then keep going that way into
another alcove, which has a vase with a scarab. Go around the corner and grab
the 2 scarabs, and skid past the soldier trying to block your path. Kill him
and his friend. You'll find a scarab in front of a locked gate. You'll be coming
back here later. Keep going and grab the 2 scarabs, and you'll find a camel,
which is the source of all the grunting you've probably been wondering about the
last couple of minutes. Go around the corner and smash open the vase for a
scarab. Jump onto the wall, and from here, you can jump to another wall where 2
scarabs lie. Jump back up, and make your way towards a scarab sitting on a tall
hedge just underneath you. Grab it, then jump back up and jump to the structure
in the middle of the stairs, which has 2 scarabs on top. Chute down to the left
side of it, where you'll find a vase with an apple. From here, you can jump up
onto the hedge, then from there jump onto the walls of the room you visited
earlier. Be careful with this jump, as there's no actual roof here. Grab the 5


Now comes the tricky bit. No, not turning on the taps, that part is reasonably
easy. I'm talking about trying to find all the scarabs on the palace walls -
there's so many of them! From your high vantage point, you should be able to
triple jump and parachute to a brick pillar along the side of the palace. This
will put you right next to one of the taps you need to turn, but also near two
rattlesnakes. Kill the one in front of the tap - you can probably ignore the
other one. Turn the tap on. Jump to the block on the right, which has a vase in
the dip on the other side of it. There's a scarab inside. Jump back to the tap,
and run to the left, where the scaffolding starts. Donkey Kong seems to be
hiding somewhere around here, as barrels are tumbling down the planks and trying
to squash you. Be careful. Grab the scarab on your level, then jump to the first
plank and take its scarab. The next plank up has 3 scarabs. The fourth plank has
1 scarab and a snake, and givs you a choice in direction. Jump up to the block
above you, where there's a snake and a vase. The vase has an apple. At the far
end of this stone, there's a jumping soldier guarding a vase with 1 scarab. Go
back to the plank you were just on and take the down path to a plank with 2
scarabs, then a plank with 1. From here, you can jump to a pillar that has an
apple, if you need it. Go back up to the high plank and take the elevator. It'll
take you up to a plank on the left with 2 scarabs, but watch out for the barrels
here. Turn around and jump to a lower plank with a vase. Don't open it, as
you'll bounce off the snake inside and take a tumble.


Well, that's one wall down. Jump over to where the crane is. Around the corner
you'll need to get past some moving walls, grabbing 4 more scarabs as you do. At
the corner, you'll find another tap. From here, go down into the first hole in
the stonework, and go from there to the pile of blocks with the vase. There's a
scarab inside. Jump to the next dip in the path from here, where there's another
scarab. A crane is in use here - use it to get down to the plank below you. Grab
the 2 scarabs and the 1 in the vase on this plank, as well as the one in the
hole in the wall. Then be ready to jump up and attack the snake when it gets
dizzy. Jump up onto stoney ground again, and onto the next plank, which has 1
scarab, and the one after that, which also has 1. Right next to this plank is
another hole in the wall, where the A is hidden. The next plank has 1 scarab and
a vase, but it has a snake inside, so leave it alone. From here, turn around
and jump up to the pillar behind you. Beyond it, you'll see a soldier patrolling
a plank that has 3 scarabs on it. Deal with them, then go back to the plank with
the snake vase, and jump up to the roof to turn the final tap on. You may notice
a strange yellow perch nearby - kinda like the headpiece of the boat from


Leave this area for now - again, you'll be coming back later - and parachute
down to the ground. Run back to a barely covered Cleo in the bath to get your
golden reward. As an extra bonus, she'll open the locked door on the roof you
just came from, which leads to the sunlight temple. You can go back there later.
When you get the Edgar you'll see a cutscene informing you that you can now use
Pinky and Brain's gyrocopter. That too will have to wait. For now, run around
the right side of the palace, to the character door at the top of the stairs.
You may notice there's an area on the left of it that you haven't explored yet.
Grab the scarab in the vase and deal with the soldier guarding the door to the
toilets. Run inside and smash the vases for 2 scarabs and an apple, then talk to
the fella on the other side of the door, with his pants around his ankles.



Without getting too graffic, this guy needs to clear his system out, and he
wants you to grab some dates for him from the gardens. That'd be the locked door
you went past earlier in the lush green foliagey area. Run back there, avoiding
or killing the soldiers that will have respawned by now, and head inside. First
of all, there are six vases here - three in each corner. They will yield 4
scarabs and two apples. At this point, another Edgar will appear on the other
side of the aqueduct.


As luck would have it, this is also where the date trees are. The problem here
is that you can't simply swim across to the other side, as the current is too
strong. It's too far to jump as well, so this is a bit of a dilemma. Deal with
that in a minute. Next, you'll want to get rid of the soldiers standing in
front of the stone pillars here. Finally, smash open the three vases along the
water for another 3 scarabs. If you inspect the bases of those pillars, you'll
notice that each have a picture of a bomb inscribed into them. Drop a bomb in
front of all 4 and they'll tip over, not only giving you some partial bridges
to cross with, but also revealing a scarab underneath each one. There's dirt
mounds on the other side, so switch to Wakko (and chuckle in irony if he asks if
this is the little boy's room!). Sadly, only the one of these pillars is of any
use here. The others are too short, or were placed too far away from the edge -
if you try jumping from those, you'll end up in the water. Use the second pillar
from the right, and you should be able to reach the opposite shore with a triple
jump. Grab your Edgar, and smash the vases along the water for another 3
scarabs. Kill the three snakes in the garden before you do anything else, then
turn your attention to the brown pots. Starting from the left side of the garden
(where another one of those strange yellow perches are), the pots contain:
- a snake and a scarab.
- a snake.
- an apple.
- an apple.
- a scarab.
Next, dig up the dirt mounds for another 2 scarabs.


Finally, turn your attention to the date trees. The key to getting them down is
shown conveniently on the sign in the garden, which depicts Yakko bouncing in
mid-air. Use your ground pound on the trees to shake the date tins loose. The
best way to do this is to move left to right across the garden, or to look up
into the trees in first-person mode to see which ones have tins in them. Once
you have eight, return to the toilets to get your somewhat soggy reward.

Now you need to open up the next area - the Colloseum. To do this, pay a visit
to the roof of the palace, where the sun temple is now accessible. Deal with the
guards first, then go for the vases on the left of the temple entrance. The
first one contains a snake, which you'll have to kill before you can take the
apple and 2 scarabs in the other vases. Enter the temple, smashing the vases in
the doorway for 2 scarabs and an apple. The vase down the stairs has a scarab
and a snake. There are another 2 scarabs in the vases at the next doorway.


Now, this part can be a bit tricky. After the cut scene, you'll find yourself in
a room full of crystals with lasers richocheting off them, coming from one
crystal at the bottom of the room. At the top of the room are three crystals
embedded in the wall, matching the same blue, green, and red ones downstairs
above that locked gate. What you need to do is to match up the beams of light so
that that shoot into each of the gems on the wall. Start with the red beam. It
needs to follow a trail of red posts, so go to the first post the red light
stops at, and press X until it has been repositioned to shoot the beam to
another red post. Continue to do this until it shoots into the red gem on the
wall. Some times they'll be an option of two red posts to choose from. Try one,
and if that path doesn't work out, go back and change the direction. Then repeat
for the green and blue beams. When you complete this task, the door to the next
area will open. Head back down, grab the 3 scarabs, and go through to the
Colloseum area.



Ignore the psssting for the moment, as well as anything else around you - your
focus here should be on the burly roman soldier with the sword - the type you
can't kill with standard attacks. Switch to Yakko with the nearby character door
and toss a bomb in his direction. He'll transform into Chicken Boo and surrender
his final Edgar to you.

Go point and laugh at the unfortunate fellow in the jail cart, then switch to
Wakko and run over to the tower. At the base of it, just behind another golden
perch, you'll find three vases, which contain 2 scarabs and an apple. To the
left you should be able to spot a guard in front of a locked doorway. You don't
need to worry about him just yet. Take care of the two jumping soldiers - one
either side of the tower - and get the scarab in the blue vase behind the one on
the left. Then take the stairwell to the top. The brown pot at the rear of the
tower has a snake in it, and the blue vases both contain apples. There are 7
scarabs in the pool, and another 1 in the dirt mound in the foliage on the left.

There's nothing underneath the tower, so start climbing from the first platform
on the left, which has 3 scarabs. The next platform has 1 scarab, and another
in a vase. Follow the stepping stones upwards and clockwise, grabbing 5 more
scarabs along the way. Then there's a block up and in the anti-clockwise
direction. Cut through the hole in the tower, grabbing another scarab, then
follow the stones up again, finding 5 more scarabs. There's another hole in the
tower with 1 scarab, and then more upwards trailing blocks, which will add
another 5 scarabs to your total before you finally reach the top.


At the top, you'll find an Edgar door, which will only open if you have 30
statues. Inside, Professor Scratchensniff seems to be doing well after the
unfortunate demise of his horrific wife. He's getting out and wants to see the
Chariot race. But as he's too cheap to buy a ticket, he's trying to overcome
his irrational fears and glide from the top of the tower down into the Colloseum
to see the race free of charge, with his own set of wings. After the amusing
conversation on phobias, the Professor will instruct you in the art of
wing-making. All you have to do is collect five feathers, some blueprints, glue
and sticks, and get back up to the top of the tower. To assist you in this, the
game kindly opens access to the bazarr.

Parachute back down to the ground and check out the perch you went past earlier.
As you can see, a vulture is now resting on it. Shoot it with your accelerator
pack and grab the feather that it drops. That's one. Get the rest later - for
now, use the warp door to get to the entrance of the bazarr. Go under the arch
and enter the bazarr. Grab the 2 scarabs in front of you, and turn right. After
1 more scarab, you'll come to an intersection with an empty vase. Keep going
straight ahead. The following vase contains an apple, and the next one has a
scarab. Between those two vases is a hole in the wall for a store, where you'll
find the M. After the next scarab, the vase is empty, and the pot has an apple.
Around the corner you'll find 2 scarabs, one of the hagglers that the Professor
advised you to look out for, and the second vulture perch. Shoot it to get
another feather. Take the apple in the blue vase if you need it - the pot has a
snake, and talk to the haggler. He'll let you have the glue free of charge,
provided you can win his game. He has three cups in front of him, under which is
a pea. If you can pick which cup the pea is under after he's moved them around,
you get the goods. The trick to this game is to keep a close watch over the cup
with the pea - the other cups are irrelevant distractions, ignore them. When you
get the glue, go back around the corner to the intersection and turn right.

You'll see a scarab, then a vase with an apple in front of a table with another
scarab. Ignore the path on the left and keep going straight ahead. There's
another scarab out in the open, then 1 in the store window on the right, and 1
in the next vase. 1 more scarab and a pot containing another leads to another
intersection. Take the right path. The first scarab you'll reach is 1 hovering
high above. There's a flying carpet underneath that'll take you to it. There's
1 more scarab, a vase with an apple, and then another intersection. Go right
again. Next you'll reach 1 scarab, a pot with an apple, and yet another
intersection. Lost yet? Have faith, I'll lead you through safely. Keep going
ahead to grab 2 more scarabs and meet another haggler, who doesn't look any
shorter or taller than the last one, in my opinion. This one is offering a
bundle of sticks, but he has five cups you have to find the pea under this time.
Earn your sticks, take the apple in the vase if you want it, and go back to the
previous intersection, as the pot is empty. Turn right.

On this path you'll come across a scarab in the vase, and another that you have
to reach by flying carpet again. The other vase is empty. Go around the corner.
The first vase has an apple, then you'll come to an intersection with a scarab.
Grab the single scarab on the left, then take the right path, by the character
door. There's a scarab sitting in a wheelbarrow, then a snake in a pot, and
another scarab at the corner. Go left and grab the scarab in the vase. The pot
here is empty. At the next intersection, grab the scarab, smash the pot for an
apple, and turn right. The two containers in the archway are both snakes, so
leave them be. Here you'll find the final haggler, who's offering the
blueprints. Predictably, the number of cups he uses has again gone up by two.
Beat him and take the prints, uncover the scarab in the dirt mound, and take the
apple in the brown vase if you need it. The blue vase is empty.

Go back to the previous intersection and keep going straight. At the corner
you'll find a scarab, and two vases. The blue one has another scarab, and the
other one's a snake. Dig up another scarab in the dirt in the corner, and go
left. Both the blue vases here have scarabs, and the brown one's an apple. Take
the next right turn, and the next right turn after that. A brown vase with a
snake sits in front of a table with a scarab. A blue vase with an apple is next
to a store window with a scarab. There's another one behind the stairs on the
corner. Go left. After the brown vase with an apple there's a a scarab, then a
blue vase hiding another. At the corner you can see a table with another one to
your left. Get it. The brown vase near it is an apple. Continue down this path
and get the scarab on the next table. The blue vase near it is empty. Get the
scarab under the flying carpet and go around the corner. Take the following
right path, then the next right. There'll be a scarab sitting there (unless you
grabbed it when you came past earlier), then another in a blue vase, then
another 2 out in the open. Around to the left, you'll see a camel in front of a
flight of stairs, under which is a scarab. The blue vase behind it has an apple.
The brown vase nearby is a snake. There's a scarab in front of a store window
which hides another, and two more at the corner, which should be the last in
this area. The vase has an apple.


If you look down the path on the right, you'll see that you're back at the
entrance to this area. If your tally doesn't match mine, you may want to quickly
run through the bazarr again, keeping an eye on your collectibles radar to make
sure you haven't missed any. Otherwise, go hunt down the other vultures to
shoot, who will somewhat begrudgingly add to your feather collection. The third
one you can findon the boat that you started the level from. The fourth is on
the roof of the palace, near the sunlight temple. And the fifth one is back in
the garden where you got the dates. Run back to the tower, climb it, and use
your new wings to parachute down into the stadium... right into a waiting
chariot. Oops.


This race isn't too difficult. Once you get ahead of the other three racers,
you're home free. For some reason, the track is in the shape of an infinity
symbol, or a number 8 that's fallen on its side. When the race starts, hold down
A to accelerate, and try to overtake the other racers. You've got seven laps to
get ahead of them, so don't panic if you can't do it all at once. Try to
stay on the inner side of the track around corners, and if you need to, you have
three speed boosts you can use by pressing X. I recommend using them on the
straight sections of track - either on the ramp or under it. If you win, you'll
see a victorious cut scene (Yay! A kettle!), and then find yourself back
outside, with your prize sitting right in front of you. And then it'll hit
you... was I playing as Yakko before the race?!?

Have a look behind you at the prison cart. Go over there and have a chat with
Sparty-cuss. Unsurprisingly, he wants you to free him, and a few of his buddies
as well. To do this, you'll need to go into the one area you've yet to enter
yet. Sparty generously opens the door for you using his impressive telekinetic
powers. I assume. But then one would think he'd be able to break out of his own
prison. But anyway, bop the guard - this one's a jumper - and run through the
doorway. There's 1 scarab on this side of the load zone.

Run down the corridor. You'll be able to reach 2 scarabs before the first guard,
then another 3 scarabs before the second. These two are jumpers again, and can
easily be avoided with skid attacks. You'll find yourself wandering into a
kitchen, with another guard at the other exit. To the right is a locked door,
behind which there are 2 scarabs. In front of it are two vases - the first one
has a snake, and the second one has an apple and a scarab. Smashing the second
one opens the locked door, but you may have to smash both to get it open, I'm
not sure. Head over towards the guarded doorway, and you'll see a pot nearby. It
contains an apple. Dispose of the guard - a jumper - and walk out into a
corridor which has revolving scythes used as either a burglary deterrent or a
air conditioning system - it's unclear which at this point. At any rate, jumping
into them will hurt you. Grab the scarab in the hall and bust open the barrel in
the corner, but do it with a spin attack, or you'll bounce back into the swords.
The barrel contains a snake and a scarab.

Go around the corner, grab the scarab, and proceed into a training room, where
you'll see a soldier on your right beating up a poor, defnseless training
device. Don't bug him, and he'll leave you alone. If he does come after you, use
your ground pound on his head. The two guards in front of the door are jumpers;
deal with them with a skid attack. To their right is a fenced area, with two
barrels in the gap. They contain 2 scarabs and an apple. Behind the fence you'll
find 2 more scarabs, but they're being shot at with arrows from the wall. You'll
have to jump over the arrows to get them. Alternatively, you could try to limbo
to them with Dot, but I don't think that would be terribly effective.

Follow the corridor down into a dungeon, grabbing 3 scarabs on the way. In here
several tigers are being held prisoner, along with a bunch of scarabs, the E,
and one of the slaves you're looking for. You could release him now, but take my
advice - you'll save yourself a lot of bother if you let him follow him on your
way out of here. The only exit you're headed towards now is a warp door, and the
slaves can't use them. Ignore the handles which are obviously the door releases.
Instead, focus on the containers in the corners of the room. The 2 vases each
contain a scarab, the pot closest to the handles has a snake, and the other pot
has an apple. The grates in the floor contain an apple and a scarab. Smash them
with a ground pound.

Continue into the next corridor, dealing with the guard at the corner by jumping
on him. Grab the apple in the vase if you want it, and go around the corner for
a scarab. The other guard will likely charge at you too, deal with him in the
same fashion. Ignoring the exit on the right, you'll continue down the main
hall, grabbing 4 scarabs, and turning the corner to see that you've hit a dead
end. However, this wall has a large crack in it - Yakko should be able to deal
with this one. Get the apple in the vase if you want, and take that turn you
skipped to find the bathhouse. Grab the scarab, then kill the guard whilst his
back is turned and use the character door on the right to switch to Yakko. Go
back to the cracked wall and use a bomb to blow it up. 2 scarabs will fly out,
and you'll have found a secret (well, sort of) chamber.

In the middle of the room are three buttons, and on the back wall is a large
wheel, which will roll into its default position when you approach. The wheel is
decorated with letters all around the edge, and above the target area is the
word ACME in big red letters. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what needs to
be done here - spell out ACME. The question is how. Take a minute to test out
the buttons, which you activate by jumping on. The left button will roll the
wheel right, putting the letter three places left of the previous target in the
target zone. The middle button also rolls the wheel right, but only two places.
So whatever was two places left of the previous target would become the new
target. The right button rolls the wheel left three places, making the new
target whatever was three places to the right of the previous one. Still
confused? Okay, have a look at what letters are two and three places left and
three places right of the star. M, A, and A. ACME obviously starts with A, so
the middle button, which would give you an M, is out. The left button will give
you the letters you need to start off with before coming to a dead trail, with
no possible way of reaching the E. So press the right button to get your A, then
check the wheel to see where the nearest C is. You'll find one either two places
left or three right, so the left button is out. If you press the middle button,
the C will roll into place, and you'll find an M three places to the left, so
press the left button. Finally, press the middle button to lock the E two places
to the left into place.

SO: the combination was - right, middle, left, middle.

When you succeed, a warp hole will open and shoot out your final script page as
a reward. Jump into the warp to confront a William Shatner-type in his own
private UFO. Have a chat if you like, then grab the scarab in the window and the
one in the middle of his table, and head back to the barracks.



Run back around the corner - carefully, as the soldiers may have respawned by
now - and enter the bathhouse again. The two blue vases at the back of the room
contain an apple in the left and a snake on the right. In front of a very
complicated-looking device at the front of the room is a glass floor with a
number of holes in it. Around the edge of it are 5 scarabs, and you'll find 2
more in the blue vases. If you look through the glass, you'll see more scarabs
and an Edgar below you. You need to raise the water level so that they'll float
up through the holes in the glass where you can retrieve them. The water flows
through the brown pipes, and you can see where it goes by which pipes are blue,
and alter the path it takes by using your proton accelerator pack on the scales,
which have targets on them as an extra hint. The water seems to be flowing from
the top left corner, so pull out your proton pack and shoot the scales under it,
which will change the course of the water. It will now divert to another set of
scales in the middle - the bottom one. Shoot this one to change the flow, and
the water should rise a little. When it does, the water will start flowing out
of a different pipe - the one at the top of the middle area. Shoot the scales
under it to make it flow towards the bottom right corner, and shoot those scales
too. The water should flow into the pool and raise the level again. Now the
water will be coming from the top right corner. Shoot the scales under it and it
should run right into the pool. Now the level's high enough for you to be able
to reach 4 more scarabs, and of course, another Edgar.

You may have noticed another prison cell in this room, but you should leave it
for the moment. You'll be coming back in a minute anyway. Take out the soldier
guarding the other door out, and run through to find yourself in a sauna.
Immediately visible are 2 scarabs on the benches either side of you. The vases
in the doorway contain 4 more. There are 2 more on other benches, another 1 in a
vase by the prison cell in here, and 1 in the cell itself. Seeing as you've now
come to a dead end (not counting the warp door), it's time to start leading the
slaves to safety. Open the cell door with the handle, get the scarab, and leave
the room. The slave will follow you wherever you go, just make sure he can keep
up with you.


Open the cell in here and grab the 2 scarabs inside. Now with two slaves
following you, make your way back to the dungeon where the tigers are being


There are three handles along the wall that will open the cells here.
Unfortunately, you'll have to deal with their tenants if you want the goodies
inside. The handle on the left opens the left and right cells on the far wall.
The right one contains the E, and the left has 3 scarabs and a tiger. The big
kitty will charge at you, so be ready to jump. You can eliminate it with a
ground pound. Get the scarabs and the E to receive your final apple. Turn the
middle handle, which will open the two middle cells. One has the third slave you
need to rescue, and the other has another tiger and 3 scarabs. Deal with them as
you did the last one. Turn the remaining handle to release two more tigers, and
give yourself access to the last 6 scarabs. Kill the tigers and grab the
glittering prizes.


The Edgar will appear on the table. Grab it, then continue to lead the slaves
back through the barracks and outside.


Providing they were close enough to you when you went through the door leading
out, the three slaves you freed will automatically run over to Sparty, who has
finally mastered his TK powers enough to free himself from the jail cart. Go
talk to him and he'll gratefully swear his head off at you and give you an
Edgar, which should be the last one you need for this level! If you've got
everything, then it's time for the final battle! Exit this level.


SCARABS: 300/300



I lied. It's not time for the final battle yet. If you've been making good use
of this guide, then you should have recovered all the script pages by now. Head
back to the Warner offices and return them to Marvin, and he'll twitch and give
you another Edgar. Okay, NOW it's time for the final battle!


You may want to take a minute to admire your handywork in the trophy room, which
you'll notice is now holding a lot more Edgars than when you were last here. ^_^

Exit the offices. Run over to Pinky and the Brain's gyrocopter and press X to
hit the skies and go after C.C. Deville's blimp. When the battle starts, you
control your movement with the control stick and open fire with B. Deville will
shoot electricity balls at you to start with. Dodging these is easy enough, and
even if you hit one or two, hey, you should have nine apples by now! After he
runs out of zap balls, he'll turn his blimp around to face you, and start
shooting fireballs instead. At this point, balloons will start filling the air.
You need to shoot these balloons, because little power-ups will come out of
them, which you use to fill your boost bar. At the same time, you need to try
dodging the fireballs too. When you've fully charged your boost bar, press X to
hit your turbo thrusters, which will give you a temporary boost of speed -
enough to get in firing range of the blimp. What you need to do here is shoot
out the four propellers. I know the big one in the middle is really tempting as
a target, but I advise aiming for the smaller one at the bottom first. Chances
are that when you miss you'll hit the big one anyway. Lay on enough firepower
and the propeller will break off, at which point you should open fire on the
little propellers either side of the big one.

Chances are that you'll only be able to shoot off one or two of the propellers
(three if you're really good) before your boost runs out, at which stage the
blimp will turn back around and start firing the zap balls again. Dodge until
the balloons come back, then start shooting them to fill your boost bar again.
When you have enough to go turbo, open fire again on however many of the four
propellers remain. When you've destroyed them all, he'll fall from the sky, and
you'll finally win your last Edgar. Watch the somewhat disappointing ending
clip, then the credits, and then allow yourself a moment to feel smug when your
Edgar tally appears on the screen. If you've got 100%, that is. If you haven't,
then you should go back and try to recover the ones you missed. Enjoy!

...anyone else find it ominous that Pinky and the Brain's subliminal message
satellite dish is still transmitting?


Q: I can't find three movie cannisters on the Warner Film Lot! Where are they?
A: If they're the ones I'm thinking of, these three cannisters are no end of
trouble - I spent ages searching all over the place for them with no result, as
did many others. Big thanks to A Gamer Guy from the GAMEFAQS forums, who pointed
out their location:
The three you're most likely to be missing are in the tunnel leading to King
O'Sullivans Mines. Opposite the darkened cave where the M is, there's another
black cave you won't be able to penetrate without the night-vision goggles. The
gap in the wall that leads to it is ridiculously easy to miss.

Q: I'm missing some collectables in (INSERT LEVEL NAME HERE). Please help?
A: The best way to find the collectables you're missing is to search the entire
level, paying close attention to the upper left corner of the screen. When the
number of collectables you already have shows up (your collectables radar), that
means you're close to one or more that you haven't grabbed yet. Search this area
with a fine-toothed comb until you find them, but keep in mind that you may need
a certain item to get to them, such as the shovel or the bombs.

Q: Where is that @#$%&* grass skirt?!?
A: A lot of people miss this, despite (or possibly because) it's hiding in plain
sight. Just outside the entrance to Once Upon a Time, there's a dirt mound with
a shovel sign. Get Wakko to dig it up for the skirt.

Q: I'm trying to repair the water tower, but the satellite dish keeps falling!
Is this a glitch in the game or something?
A: I don't think so, as this happens to me sometimes too. You have to be much
more precise in the positioning of the dish than you do with the rest of the
tower. Try and get it in the exact centre, but be ready to grab it again if it
starts to slide, then move a little more to the left or right, whatever the case
may be, until you get it in the correct spot.

Q: How do I get the rodeo Edgar (Bucking Champion) in Ye Old West?
A: To start with, you need the shovel. When you have it in your arsenal, dig up
the dirt mound outside the locked door of the rodeo - this will take you inside.
Run over to the horse and prepare for a fun ride! Winning this Edgar depends on
your reflexes, mainly. Arrows will flash on the screen indicating which way to
push on the control stick. The more you get correct, the further right your icon
will move. When you get it all the way right, you step up to a higher level of
difficulty. Beat 3 levels to win the Edgar.

Q: How do I get the shovel?
A: Out the back of the mansion in Spooky Movie (near the roller ghoster
entrance), there's a mouse cage with a Pinky and the Brain mini-game. Beat the
game to score the shovel. Full details are in the walkthrough.

Q: How do I beat the dragon in Once Upon a Time?
A: A lot of people make the mistake of trying to find a soft spot on the
dragon's hide where you can hurt it with your proton beam. What you actually
need to do is shoot at the stalacmite above its head.

Q: I can't find part of the key to King O'Sullivan's Mine!
A: That's not a question, but the three pieces of the shamrock key can be found:
1 - in the underwater lagoon, above the UFO.
2 - outside the entrance to the monkey temple.
3 - on a rock in the bone yard.
Check the walkthrough if you need more specific directions.

Q: The Bone Yard? Where's that?
A: That's just my name for that area, but I think it's pretty self-explanatory.
From the start of the level, follow the path over the bridge and around to the
right until you get to an intersection. From here, you should be able to spot a
cliffside path, complete with rolling boulders just itching to smush you. Avoid
them and make your way up the path until you get to the platforms on the left
that lead to a cave in the wall. This is the entrance to the bone yard.

Q: I can't find the Home in the Treetops area! Where is it?
A: You have to navigate your way through the blue lagoon (entry is through the
underwater cave marked with a large arrow) until you come to a three-way
intersection. Take the upwards path, and look for a way through the nearby swamp
when you surface.

Q: How do I get through to the Colloseum area in The Epic?
A: You need to solve the puzzle of the sunlight temple at the top of Cleo's
palace. Basically, you need to line up the beams so that they're all pointed at
the crystal in the wall of the same colour. You can't access this room until
you've filled Cleo's bath.

Q: Where are the dates I need for the incontinent soldier?
A: There is a garden out the back of the palace - you get to it up the stairs
with all the shrubbery. The trees on the other side of the aqueduct have canned
dates in them - shake them free with a ground pound.

Q: I can see the garden with the date trees, but I can't figure out how to get
across the water!
A: Crossing the aqueduct is done by use of the pillars by the side of the water.
If you inspect them closely, you'll notice that a picture of a bomb has been
engraved in them all. Use Yakko to blow them up, and then when they topple you
can use them as partial bridges, from which you can reach the other side with a
triple jump. But take note that only one pillar is long enough for you to jump

Q: How do I solve the puzzle in the bath house?
A: If you look closely at the pipes and follow the blue one's trail, it shows
you where the water is flowing. You need to divert its course so that it pours
into one of the stones basins at the bottom, from where it'll flow into the pool
and raise the water level. Basically, you shoot the scales under where the water
flows from the top, and then figure out where it's flowing now, and alter those
scales into it's going where you want it. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Q: What about the letter wheel? What's the deal with that?
A: You have to spell out ACME, surprise, surprise. Play with the three buttons
to figure out what direction and how far the wheel will spin when you use each,
then determine which button you'll need to push to get to each letter. The exact
combination is in the walkthrough, if you need it.

Q: How do I defeat C.C. Deville's blimp?
A: Avoid his fire until the balloons appear. Shoot those and grab the power-ups
that come out. Once you have enough of these to fill your turbo bar, you'll get
a temporary speed boost which gives you some time to go on the offensive. Shoot
the four propellers as much as you can until they fall off before your turbo
runs out. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Q: I'm having trouble in a certain area where the game is freezing up! Can you
A: Unfortunately not. Sadly, this game has its share of glitches, but as the
saying goes, you get what you pay for, and this game is not one paid for with
top dollar. My advice is to try different ways of doing whatever it is you need
to when the game locks up - take a different route for instance, or go to
another level first. You may have to give up and restart your game.

Q: What Animaniacs characters are in this game?
A: This game features Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Pinky, the Brain, Chicken Boo, and
Professor Scratchensniff. Oh, and Ralph's voice and net. Only the Warners (and
to a lesser extent, Pinky and the Brain) are playable.

Q: Are all the voices done by the actors from the show?
A: Yes, all the actors who did the voices came back for the game. Ah, the

Q: Is this game worth buying?
A: Well that's a matter of opinion, really. If you're looking for a
particularly challenging game, I'd have to say no. However, if you want a game
that's likely to make you giggle every time there's a cut scene, then go for it.


I don't own any of the characters from Animaniacs (something I've always
regretted) - those guys are the property of Warner Brothers, who for some reason
insist on locking them in that stupid tower all the time. Very sad. What I DO
own is this game guide, which I am posting to be published on gamefaqs.com,
gameplayworld.com, honestgamers.com and neoseeker.com ONLY. You may not publish
this on your own
website. If you want to save the file to your home PC so that you can refer to
it when you're playing the game, that's fine - go for your life.

So, let's review: This game guide is the work of Matt Sutton (aka Kyle Gon
Jinn). You may read it, save it and refer to it as often as you like, but you
may not post it on your website or claim it as your own work. That's called


If you're having trouble with this game (or just want to say a quick cheerio,
and how much this guide helped you out), then don't hesitate to get in touch
with me. MY AIM call sign is Kyle Gon Jedi, however I don't use it that much
these days. The best way to contact me is by emailing me - my address is
kylegonjinn@yahoo.com. Any input or questions about this guide or the game it's
written about would be greatly appreciated. Hate mail... not so much. :oP


I'd like to thank the following...

- A Gamer Guy from the gamefaqs.com forums, for guiding me to the 3 collectables
I couldn't find myself!
- gamefaqs.com, which is a regular source of information and help for me.
- Leo Chan for inviting me to post this guide at neoseeker.com
- everyone who emailed me in regards to this guide.
- and of course, Warner Brothers for bringing us this game, and the show itself.

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