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It's Shadow on an ultimate adventure to find his past!...again... 02/28/06 Anti_Entirety
Wow..........Weapons.............. 12/04/06 Belle2346
If you mix Sonic Adventure 2 with pure vomit, you'd probably get this 10/28/10 Blue Blob
Sega sure likes money...and fans sure love Shadow 07/11/06 CAHowell
Dark clouds gather over the horizon in this sordid tale, as both the world (and the franchise) are in grave danger 10/03/13 CaliGamer25850
I'd Buy That For A Dollar 02/04/08 Duff_Ostrich
You're going straight to hell! 10/13/06 FawfulTheGreat
A bit of a disappointment 02/21/06 FreakX
A good game, without a shadow of a doubt! 03/24/06 GavLuvsGA
Feelin' Lucky, Punk? 12/26/06 horror_spooky
I was disappointed with this game, but still some fun to be had 03/02/06 Knuckles83
This game was really looking up, if only they spent more time tweaking and fine tuning it. 11/29/05 KoolKirby
Never should a Sonic game feel like this much of a chore 07/31/06 me frog
Just because he has black fur and an attitude doesn't mean he needs a gun 11/27/06 missingn087
I was in a state of shock after playing this game. 01/06/11 nintendosega
GUN Soldier and Scrapperton say "Mr. Yuji Naka is alright." 06/17/08 Scrapperton
Shadow's back with a vengeance...and a gun. 12/26/05 ShadowGuardian9
How does Shadow fare in his first solo adventure? Click to find out. 01/06/06 Sonicspeed1755
*Insert witty tagline here* 12/18/06 strucon314
Shadow tries too hard to be something it's not, at the expense of the Sonic feel. 12/21/05 Time_Keeper
Only the most die-hard Sonic fan could enjoy this. 11/28/05 vwbuggyman
Run, gun, and have some fun 04/06/07 wayne_steed
Mediocre doesn't mean not fun 02/21/06 Zachski2
Sonic didn't say what I think he said! 03/13/06 Zero_Hero789

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Who am I? And who is this Maria? Oh wait....She's that girl who died. I remember now..... 08/18/08 Aaron_G
Shadow the Hedgehog 11/28/05 Anderstoast
Shadow the- Misunderstood Hedgehog 11/21/05 Ccrules2791
This is a good game. ( Catchy tagline, no? ) 01/05/06 Chaos_Keychain
A good game hindered by gameplay issues 02/28/08 DarkSamuri
Guns+Sonic formula=STINKER! 11/28/05 Def Freak7
No Sonic game can compare to this one! 12/07/05 DemonHunter23
Sonic Team deserves a pat on the back for this. 12/26/05 egggolem123
Shadow with a gun?! OMGWTFBBQ?!!?! 11/18/05 Evil_tailz
Shadow's game takes the Sonic out of the franchise. 11/21/05 HyperSonic06
Underrated, a fun game 06/19/13 irrewonderful
Shadow's back, and he's busting caps and taking names! 11/23/05 Lawyer Chaos
Under-rated, but by no means excellent 12/14/08 madhair60
Shadow's first game is far from a disappointment. 11/20/05 Mr Potter
Grab a gun and have some fun 03/17/08 nicktoonchamp
All Hail Shadow! 01/06/06 NintendoFan2000
Shadow with a Black Sword, or Shadow with a Street Sign? 11/21/05 Pitaya
Hero or Villain? Either way, you'll have a blast. 11/21/05 pummy84
Worth a try, but Sonic fans beware. 10/22/14 RokStar9000
Another fresh Sonic (Or Shadow) the Hedgehog game, and doesn't dissapoint 11/19/05 Seagaia
Experience the ultimate power... 11/21/05 Shadow_King
The truth about Shadow... revealed. 11/23/05 Smash Master
Give Team Chaotix some guns and tell 'em to shoot stuff. This is it, but with Shadow. 12/26/05 TailstheEchidna
Not like other Sonic games, should be rated "Teen" 01/05/06 timakuni
Shadow's back in his own game! Did his game cut it or not? 01/05/06 TPitch
It is best to view it as it's own game, rather than just a branch in the Sonic series 11/21/05 U_Never_Know
Can Shadow shoot through his first game? 03/13/08 ViralPlayer101
Acceptable! 11/30/10 xeno586
A Truly Underlooked Game 12/03/07 yaboyjayrizzo
Experience the power of the Dark Side... or the Hero Side... 11/17/05 Yamate

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