Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 05/29/07

Pretty good game based on a movie

I've never read the Chronicles of Narnia books but I really enjoyed the movie. Which is why I wanted to play this game. Over a year after its release I've finally rented it and while it isn't the best thing ever, it's enjoyable and one of the better games based on a movie.

Four children are sent away from war torn London to live out in the country. They stumble upon a wardrobe that allows them to enter a magical world that is being tormented by the White Witch. A woman who has frozen the lands and has been turning people into statues. The plot is pretty good and while the game adds a few bits and pieces to it, it's nothing too bad and it works well enough.

Graphically this game is average. The character models are a bit fuzzy and while the locations look good enough, they feel a bit sparse. The cut scenes, while looking way better than live action segments from the good ole PS1 days, these still look a little out of focus. As if it still can't handle it.

The sound in the game is top notch. Voice work done by the actors is the first high light. Next up is the musical score which I believe is the same as the film and it's really good. The sound effects are kind of bland, lacking in many areas but the music makes up for it and creates the mood more so than the sound effects.

The control in the game is pretty simple. Combos are very light, and usually the same just changing for enemies. I did have problems reaching a few items for odd reasons but besides that the game controlled really well.

If you've played Return of the King then you know how this plays but think more team work and puzzles and some really hectic battles.

At its core this game is a hack and slash title. Run around linear paths and kill enemies. You'll run into different puzzles. As an example one has you using the little girl to go into a hole, climb around a cliff and push a barrel into the water. Now this allows the younger boy to hop on it and cross the river to a tree where he knocks it down, forming a bridge for everyone to cross.

The puzzles all seem logical, to some degree and they work well and break up the combat nicely. The combat itself is a bit dull after a while so this game is best plays in spurts. The combo system is going to be either X and then A or B, X, A. It never varies or changes for the characters.

A cool feature is the team moves. Depending on who teams with who you can pull off different moves. Some are puzzle based while others pack a punch of hail arrows to the ground or a few other things. It really adds a fun mix to the game and makes this game actually worth owning if you have someone to play it with since its two players at all times.

The game itself is fairly short. With about 13 missions or so. Each mission is around 15 minutes long. There are a number of items to find in the game that works as collecting and these items are used to unlock special features like interviews with the cast and making of documentaries for the game. The multiplayer is good though.

Chronicles of Narnia is a pretty good solo adventure. Worth a rental or a very cheap purchase. On the other hand if you are able to play this with someone else then a lot more fun can be had. Too bad the game doesn't support four players for the stages that has all four characters together. That would have been awesome. Either way the game is at least worth playing once and if you liked Return of the King then you should like Narnia.

Story - 8/10
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 9/10
Control - 8/10
Game Play - 8/10
Replay Value - 7/10

Final Score - 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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