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FAQ by Procyon_Lotor

Version: 1.5 |

			*** Mega Man X 2 FAQ v1.5 ***

What's new:
- A new way to get the heart in the Snail Stage
- Revised Boss strategy
- Another Full Power site listed.
- SUPER POWER UP REVEALED!!!  ***SHORYUKEN***  Dragon Punch!!!

Techniques on beating the bosses; Number in ()s is the ease of beating
the bosses with the X-Buster, 1 - easy ... 5 - hard

Moth (1) - The Moth is fairly easy to beat.  Just keep powering up and
beat the little "Bug" by hitting it as many times as you can while
avoiding the trash.  When the real bug morphs into the Moth, Continue
to power up, while you continually dash underneath it.  This will
cause the Moth to stop dropping "dust" on you, ans prepare to fire at
you.  Just get to the opposite side and fire a big blast at him.  The
Ostrich projectile also works well against the Moth, but the Moth is
definatly a guy to start off with.

Pede (3) - The Pede is difficult since he teleports to any one of four
corners and to hit him with the Buster requires you predict where he
will be.  However, with the Silk Shot, the Pede is really easy, plus,
one shot of the Silk SHot will completely destory the Pede's annoying
tail.  All you have to do with the Silk shot is stand in the very
center.  If he appears on the floor, just fire right at him.  If he
appears on the ceiling, fire in the opposite direction and let the
projectiles from the silks shot break up and nail him.

Snail (5) - This guy can be incredibly annoying without the Pede's
Magnet Shot.  The reason is, only the magnet shock will knock the
Snail out of his shell, and only for a little bit, til he charges back
into it.  When you hit him with the magnet, prepare to jump over the
Snail as he is knocked out and flies to the wall.  Try to time your
next shot so he can't get back in all the way and fly up.  If he does
fly up, %90 of the time, he will just slow down time and come down
exposed.  Keep hitting him and jumping to avoid him.

Ostrich (2) - The only strategy for this guy, if you use the X-Buster
is to jump over him, or let him jump over you if he's bouncing.  He's
hard to dodge and does a lot of damage.  If you have the SNail crystal
however, he's a breeze.  The crystal will shock him and force him to
jump and and let out the "raining" projectile shot.  Just nail him
when he lands back down.  It takes 20 seconds like this.

Gator (1) - Another easy target for the X-Buster.  The wire Sponge
will also work well on him, but you may want to start with the Gator.
Jump to one wall, and climb all the way to the top and stay there.
When you see a wheel coming at you, jump off and away from the wall as
the wheel approaches.  Get back on the wall quickly and stay high to
avoid the Gator when he jumps out.  Then jump off and get to the other
side.  FIre shots at him when he's not flashing, and avoid the wheels
or the Gatro himself if he drills at you.  Other than drilling, the
Gator will not move from his spot until he goes back underwater.

Crab (4) - The wheel will wear right through the Carbs though force
sheild.  Use the wheel on the Crab and go from one side to the other,
avoiding the crab as best as possible.  It doesn't always work
(especially if the water level is high), but sometimes, you can just
stay on the top of one wall and fire wheels down at the Crab and stay
there.  You can hit the Crab sometimes as many as three times with one
wheel this way.

Stag (2) - The Stag's predictable pattern makes him incredibly easy to
beat, even with the X-Buster, but if you have the bubbles, you can
knock him off in about 15 seconds.  All you have to do is wait for him
to land from jumping around, hit him with bubbles, then jump to avoid
the fire he shoots at your feet, and hit him again on the way down.
Every time you hit him, he will chuck fire at your feet, so follow the
pattern for a sure fire win.

Sponge (2) - The Sponge is another wild one.  The idea is to take him
out as quickly as possible and the best way to do that is with the
flame shots.  Avoid the wire, and kill the little plants when you have
the time.  Keep hitting him whenever you get shots in.  When he
"burns" up, he's getting ready to fire electricity.  If he does this,
het about four or five "blocks" away from him and you should be safe.
Fire again when he's vulnerable.

X-Hunter Strategies:

Agile: Agile is eay to beat if you can get to the walls fast enough.
When he is standing on one side, jump to the opposite wall and stay
roughly mid-way up.  This will force Agile to throw his sword beam at
you high enough so that it will go over your head if you drop to the
ground fast enough.  Power up your shot and take him out when you
land.  If he charges at you, just get to the other side and repeat.

Violen: Violen is really tough since, while his ball does follow a
sort of pattern, it is difficult to predict.  You could try to power
up the Buster and hit him, but this is usually to slow considering the
damag his ball can do to you.  Violen does hate Bubbles though, so hit
him with as many as you can.  If you are out of Bubbles, you could
also try the wheel, since Violen will stay stationary while the ball
is swinging around.

Serges: He doesn't play fair by riding a platform hovering in the air
with a force sheild.  It's hard to hit him while he standing on it, so
wait til he pops up in the air to release shots.  He is weak against
Fire, and the Flame weapon seems to do a good job at penetrating his
force sheild as well, if you fire high enough (i.e. the tip of his
head).  Not too difficult compared to the other two.

Boss order:
Sponge -> Gator -> Crab -> Stag -> Moth -> Pede -> Snail -> Ostrich

Strategy:  The above order gives you a good idea on who to take out when.
HOWEVER... It is a VERY good idea to go straight to the Ostrich any
time after you've beaten the Gator in order to the Air Dash, and to
then return to the Gator stage to pick up the Dual Blaster.  The best
time to attempt this would be after you've beaten the Stag so that you
can get the heart in the Gator stage as well as the Energy Tank and
heart in the Crab stage.  The Sponge is not particularly weak to the
Ostrich Projectiles, but if you do beat him with it, you see him split
in half at the torso, so that's kind of cool.

Power-up Capsules:

Moth -> Armor: Needed - WHEEL
	In order to get the armor, start the stage, and enter the
building.  Atfer the first vacuum type duct that sucks garbage from
the floor to the ceiling, send a wheel out on the ground before you
have to jump up to a higher ledge.  The wheel will dig down to where
the capsule is.

Snail -> Radar Sight: Needed - nothing
	After the long verticle climb, you come to a gap.  You can
fall down this gap and enter into the left.  This is the easiest
Capsule to find.

Ostrich -> Air Dash: Needed - WHEEL
	Towards the very end of the stage, after the cycle, and the
two scorpion like robots that reside indoors, and just before the last
verticle drop, you will come to a 2 by 4 set of blue blocks, which the
wheel will cut through and lead you to the Capsule.

Gator -> Dual Buster: Needed - AIR DASH
	Right after you enter the Dinosaur's body, and fall down for
the first time, you need to jump onto the right wall and air dash to
the left wall on the other side, and work your up to find this


Energy Tanks:

Crab: Needed - DUAL BUSTER and BUBBLES
	When you get to the long horizontal underwater stage, and you
see a energy up capsule inside of the rock, power up your bubble shot
so that you are surrounded by bubbles.  In water, this means you can
jump all the way to the surface.  Mega Man is capable of jumping along
the surface, so you when you jukmp up to the surface, be sure to jump
again real quick to get out of the water.  you fill find the E. Tank
to your left.

Stag: Needed - nothing
	When you see the big "Beetle" robot that tries to ram into you
at the beginging, jump onto it's back and let it take you to the top.
Jump onto the ledge that is above where you started and move left.

Sponge: Needed - nothing
	When you come to the bars that move up and down, jump on top
of the first one, and dash jump (not air dash) to the left to the
right side of the wall.  Work your way up, and take the uper platforms
to the right.  It's past the extra life you will see.

Pede: Needed - nothing (but the Dual Buster and Flame really helps)
	When you get to the part where the blocks fall and arrange
into barriers, get to the last one where they fall from the ceiling
like this: left right right left left right.  After the first right
block falls, race through there before the third one squashes you and
you will see one lone block on the ceiling.  Jump onto and dash jump
(or power up the Flame shot) and try your best to make it to the right
wall that hangs down.  Jump up that wall to find the tank.


Sponge: Needed - nothing
	This heart is the easiest to get.  It's right above and to
your left of where you start.  It's hidden in the wall.

Moth: Needed - CRYSTAL
	When you start, use the crystal on the first sheild throwing
robot and use him as a launch point for the wall above and tow your
right.  Work your way up that wall.

Stag: Needed - nothing (But Dual Buster and Air Dash help a lot)
	You can see this heart clearly as you are forced up the
volcano.  The trick to getting it is speed as a barrier robot blocks
your path.  The easiest possible way to get it is to power up your
dual blaster (let the first shot go so you don't have to hold down
another button), And work your way up the volcano using the air dash
at timed points.  Fire at the robot ASAP and grab the heart.

Pede: Needed - DUAL BUSTER and FLAME
	At the beginning, you see the searchlight motion detectors.
When you get through this part, make sure you have not destroyed the
very last robot box that drops from the ceiling if the alarms go off.
Power up the flame shot and aim for that box to start working your way
up through the ceiling.

Ostrich: Needed - Turbo Cycle
	When you reach the 2nd Turbo Cycle, be sure to knock down
every wall, including the one atop the cliff after the big jump, then
head back, hop on the cycle, hold down the A button for Turbo speed,
and make your way into the building and onto the ledge with all the
spikes.  Try not to run into the spikes though (even if you do, you'll
still get the heart however)

Crab: Needed - DUAL BUSTER and FLAME
	After the fish comes out, work your way above where the fish
crashes through the floor.  Jump off the wall, after you've powered up
the Flame shot, and grab the side of one of the bars moving up and
down.  Work your way up from there.

Gator: Needed - DUAL BUSTER and FLAME
	You can see this heart after you are forced to dismount the
Mobile SUit in order to climb up the ladder.  You will have to power
up the flame shot once again and jump from the ledge on the right to
make the jump over to the heart and avoid the spikes.

Snail: Needed - Chain Wire (Sponge)
	When you start the stage and slide down the incline and hop in
the Mobile Suit, jump back to the left and fall into the gap in the
incline and work your way to the left.  From the ledge, Dash jump (and
be sure to hold down jump so the robot will fly longer), but as soon
as the robot stops flying, jump out of the robot.  The ONLY way to
grab the ledge is by timing the wire to grab the edge soon enough.
The quickly make it to the top before you fall through the bottom of
the screen.
From: Michael J Evans <evansmj@nextwork.rose-hulman.edu>
There is another way to get this heart, without using the Strike  
Chain.  Get in the Mobile Suit, and charge up the spiked arm attack.   
When you let go of it, the suit will go flying to the left, and if  
you jump out of the suit at the right time, you can make it to the  
ledge w/o the Strike Chain.

Where to find the X-Hunters to win back Zero

Sponge: When you get to the elevator, wait for it to pass overhead and
jump into the shaft.  You will see the path to the door on the right.

Moth: In order to find the X-Hunter here, you need the Air Dash.  When
you begin your long descent down the very long ladder, you will see a
sheild thrower standing on a ledge at the very beginning to your
right.  Take him out and air dash over to the ledge.

Stag: After the volcano, and the dropping ledges, you will see another
beetle type robot trying to ram you into the side.  Go ABOVE the open
space and make the beetle crash open that part of the wall to reach
the X-Hunter's Door.

Pede: The door to the X-Hunter is found all the way to the right and
at the bottom of the room where all those blocks fall to form the rest
of the floor.  The trick to reaching it, lies in the stage before
hand, where you are falling and trying to avoid the motion detectors.
If you make it through without triggering one, the blocks will fall
very slowly, allowing you to dash all the way under them.  The more
you trigger the alamrs, the faster the blocks will fall, making it
more and more difficult for you to get through.

Ostrich: At the very beginning of the stage, you get to the rock where
some of it looks darker.  Needless to say, use the wheel on it and
continue through the path.

Crab: When you get through the water, you make it into a building.
Instead, swim to the wall opposite that door and climb up and over to
the right, above where you enter the building.

Snail: This is probably the trickiest one to find.  You need the
Mobile Suit found in the beginning.  Take it down the hole with you.
Then park it as far to the right as you can, get out, and trigger the
crystal slab to fall so the peice of ice blocking the robot breaks.
Get back in the robot and work your way right, then up and to the left
to reach the ledge.  Break the ice over head and dash jump into it.
Get out of the robot and grab the bars moving up and down and continue
up, until you see the door.

			*** Special ***
Full energy: In the Crab stage, after the Fish crashes through the
floor, fall in and push to the left as you cling to the left wall.
You will enter a small room.  Power up the Silk SHot with the Dual
Blaster and at full power, 8 energy ups will enter the room.  This
happenes EVERY TIME you power up the Silk Shot here.  There is another
spot just like this in the Ostrich stage.  After the first cycle and
you knock the draw bridge back down, turn around a dash jump to the
left.  Knock the wall out with the Wheel and enter the room and power
up you Silk Shot.

Full weapons: In a similar meathod, go to the Snail stage, and after
the jump over the gap that leads to the Radar sight, climb up the
ladder that leads to the small room and Power up the Silk Shot again
to get 8 Weapon power ups.  (Though I don't know why you'd bother,
since you get full weapons each time you enter a Maverick's stage)

Easy 1-up loop:  In the Stag stage, take the first beetle up as you
would to get the energy tank, only instead of going left, go right to
grab the 1-up on the outcropping.  Then go in as you would and enter
the volcano.  Be greedy and grab the 1-up that is an obvious lure to
kill you.  You will die, but repeat this to get up to 9 extra lives.

From: Tu Dang <Tu.Dang@m.cc.utah.edu>
Have you found the Dragon Punch?  In case you haven't here it is.  You 
need to get to the third level of the bosses stage.  i think it's Agile.  
About half way through, there'll be a part where you can go down a 
ladder, but there'll also be a ladder above you that you can't reach. 
You'll need to crystalize a bat to get to that ladder. Climb up and pass 
through the spikes.  Then there'll be a long drop, but hug the left 
wall.  Eventually, you'll fall through an invisible section in the wall 
and inside is the capsule with Dr Light saying, "You're cool.  I'm not 
worthy.  I'm not worthy."  Then he'll give you the dragon puch.  However, 
you can only get the dragon punch if you have EVERYTHING and can only do 
the dragon punch when you have full energy.

	There you have it.  You will need every trick in the book to
get though those spikes.  The best strategy is to do the following.
Once your up the ladder and have passed the sheild thrower, power up
your flame shot and drop into the spikes, but release the flame shot
in order to shoot over to the ledge at the last second.  Get past the
next few spikes and climb up.  Now you'll see an Extra life surrounded
by spikes.  The best way to get around requires REALLY quick botton
pushing.  First, power up the wire shot, let it go and jump up just a
little bit when its about to hit the wall.  Push to the right a little
to get past the spikes sticking out.  Now while you're falling turn
left and air dash to the extra.  You have ONE SECOND to do all that.

Rumors & Questions:
	Mega Man can throw Dragon Punch (NOT Sonic Boom) when fully
powered up.  CONFIRMED!
	Can you play as Zero (I can see it now... "new Zero and Mega
Man with lock-on technology)?
	Does hitting the balls on the weather stage do ANYTHING?

This FAQ was written by Procyon Lotor, who is a huge fan of Mega Man.
He has beaten MM 1,2,3,4,5,6 for the NES, MM 1,2,3,4,5 for the GB and
now MMX 1 and 2. - Procyon Lotor (procyon@destiny.dorm.umd.edu)

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