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Item FAQ by Tarrun

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/06/08

Mega Man X3
Items FAQ 

Table of Contents

I - Introduction
001.0 - Contact Info 
002.0 - Legal Info
003.0 - Version History

II - Items 
001.0 - Heart Tanks  
002.0 - Sub-Tanks 
003.0 - Miscellaneous Items 
004.0 - Enhancements  
005.0 - Ride Armors 
006.0 - Weapons 
007.0 - The Golden Armor 
008.0 - The Z-Saber

Welcome to my Mega Man X3 Items FAQ. 

Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my 
email is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something 
related to Mega Man X3 in the subject line so I don't have to figure 
out what game you're talking about. Questions regarding something 
that's already covered in the guide will not be answered. Credit will 
be given to anything sent to me that I add or major corrections. For 
corrections, please email me only if it's something really important, 
something that will clearly confuse anyone reading.

Legal information:
This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2008. 
This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstance except for 
personal or private use. It may not be placed on any web site, magazine 
or otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission. 
This guide may not be used for profit, and may only be used on 
gamefaqs.com. Use of this work on any other web site besides the ones 
noted above or as a part of any public display is a violation of 
copyright and is strictly prohibited.

Version History: 

First Submission: Version 1.0 

II - Items 

001.0 - Heart Tanks 

X begins the game extremely weak, and this is never more apparent than 
in his pitifully small energy meter, which has a meager sixteen bars. 
However, you can find eight heart tanks - one in each stage - to 
increase his maximum energy by two units, sixteen in total. That's 
right, you can double X's maximum energy by the end of the game! 

- Neon Tiger's Stage - At the very end of the stage is a final insect 
robot that will take you to a platform above the door leading to Neon 
Tiger. Alternatively, you can also perform a dash-jump from the higher 
step and climb up the wall yourself. Either way, the heart tank is on 
this ledge.

- Blizzard Buffalo's Stage - Near the beginning, after entering the 
main building and climbing up the ladder, jump into a Ride Armor and 
head right. Use it to destroy the enormous blocks of ice to reveal a 
gap, and at the bottom you'll find a heart tank. 

- Toxic Seahorse's Stage - Follow the first waterfall of toxic waste to 
the top instead of entering the new area on the right. The heart tank 
is at the top on a small ledge being guarded by a weak robot. 

- Tunnel Rhino's Stage - After entering the caves, you'll find a 
section at the top of a vertical tunnel that branches off left or 
right. Go right, and use a charged Triad Thunder to knock the boulder 
to the ground - the heart tank is on the platform behind it. 

- Gravity Beetle's Stage - Keep in mind that you have to defeat Blast 
Hornet before you can obtain this heart tank. Once you've entered the 
main building, you'll come across a large room with a bunch of 
platforms. Make your way to the top left corner to find the heart tank 
sitting on a platform. If Blast Hornet is still alive, the gap between 
platforms will be blocked by large crates. 

- Blast Hornet's Stage - In the area outside where you find the Chimera 
Ride Armor, use a vertical air dash to reach the right wall after the 
sequence where you destroy the boxes by the air-ship. Climb up to the 
top to find the heart tank. 

- Volt Catfish's Stage - Ride up the second elevator to the very top 
instead of getting off about halfway up. The heart tank is sitting on a 
bed of spikes against the wall, so to get it you have to jump to the 
other side and slide down without touching the ground. Afterwards, jump 
back to the other side and jump down the elevator shaft. Just watch out 
for the spikes lining the walls. 

- Crush Crawfish's Stage - Grab a Ride Armor and continue to the next 
screen. One of those red robots that whirls a mace around will fall 
through the bridge and cause it to collapse. Carefully jump down two 
stories, but you'll have to stay along the edges to avoid missing it. 
On this level, the wall to your right is cracked, so destroy it with 
the Ride Armor. The heart tank is in the hidden room. 

002.0 - Sub-Tanks 

Instead of the E-Tanks from the original Mega Man series, X has Sub-
Tanks to accomplish the same goal. Once you find a Sub-Tank, any energy 
capsules you collect when X has full energy will be stored in any 
available Sub-Tanks. Should X ever be in a tight situation and need to 
recover, you can tap into these reserves to boost X's health. A full 
Sub-Tank will recover X's entire energy meter, and unlike E-Tanks, you 
can reuse Sub-Tanks as many times as you want as long as you refill 
them. The only drawback is that the passwords don't remember if any of 
your Sub-Tanks were full, so you'll always have to refill them when you 
return to play. 

- Neon Tiger's Stage - Near the beginning of the stage, there's an open 
area with the insects that you can stand on. Though you can use them to 
bypass the second level, climb up the right wall and destroy the red 
robot that swings a mace at you. The Sub-Tank is directly above you in 
the far right corner, so use the platform-insect to reach it. 
Alternatively, you can also use the enhanced boots and perform air-dash 
up to it. 

- Blizzard Buffalo's Stage - There's a good chance you spotted this 
Sub-Tank as you were going through the level, since it's right in plain 
view as you climb up the ladder leading to the area just before the 
Maverick's room where the blizzard is taking place. However, X can't 
reach the ledge it's on without the enhanced boots. Conveniently, the 
enhanced boots are in this same area at the end, so once you pick up 
the boots you can backtrack to the beginning to grab the Sub-Tank. 
Standing on the elevated step to the right of the ladder, jump to the 
left and perform a vertical air-dash to reach the ledge.  

- Tunnel Rhino's Stage - In the part of the tunnel where columns of 
dirt are dropped on you and the moving platforms, the Sub-Tank is in 
the far right corner. You're supposed to drop down a series of steps, 
and you'll probably spot it as you're going. Simply jump to the wall 
and climb up to obtain it. 

- Volt Catfish's Stage - Beyond the room where you fight Bit or Byte, 
there's a long vertical passage with orbs of electricity running up and 
down. Head up top first and jump into a Ride Armor when you find the 
Ride Armor platform. Now return to the vertical tunnel and jump down. 
When you reach the bottom, the Ride Armor's mass will cause the floor 
to crumble beneath you. Follow this new path to a hidden room where 
you'll find the Sub-Tank and some energy capsules. 

003.0 - Miscellaneous Items

Besides heart tanks and Sub-Tanks, there are a few other items that 
will help X as he blasts his way through the various stages. A list of 
these items and their uses can be found below. 

- Small Energy Capsule - These small, golden capsules refill X's energy 
meter by two units. They're rarely found throughout the levels, but 
enemies frequently drop them when destroyed. If you have full energy 
and empty Sub-Tanks, the energy will be stored there. 

- Large Energy Capsule - A much larger version of the energy capsule 
that recovers eight units of energy instead of two. Enemies can also 
drop these, but they're often found placed in the stages themselves as 

- Small Weapon Capsule - If any of X's weapons meters are low, these 
small, blue capsules will recover them. Even if you're currently 
equipped with a weapon that's full, the capsule will transfer to 
another that does need it. Weapon capsules are dropped by destroyed 

- Large Weapon Capsule - Similar to the larger energy capsules, the 
upgraded weapon capsule is a more effective version, and can also be 
dropped by enemies. 

- Extra Life - These helmet icons will grant the player another life 
and allow them to start at one of the check points throughout the 
stages instead of getting game over and replaying the entire level. 
Extra lives are often tucked away in secret locations, but they also 
have a tendency to drop from enemies, particularly the robot bats. 

004.0 - Enhancements  

It seems that Dr. Light was a clever fellow. Recognizing that the world 
may need a hero in the future, he stored away several item enhancement 
capsules that would boost X's abilities. However, this concept has been 
taken a step further in Mega Man X3, since each enhancement can be 
upgraded again. The catch is that, normally, only one part can be 
enhanced at any given time, so you'll have to forfeit three super 
enhancements for the other. However, it is possible to obtain all of 
the super enhancements using the Golden Armor enhancement, but in order 
to do so you can't upgrade to any of the super enhancements beforehand. 

- X-Buster Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: In Neon Tiger's stage, there's an open area with 
several insects you can jump on and use as platforms. Afterwards there 
are some robots that become columns to block your path, and at the end 
of this room is a ladder in front of a cracked wall. The cracks should 
tip you off that something's funny about it, but you'll also notice 
that your X-Buster shots bounce off of the wall, which is another clue. 
Use the Tornado Fang to drill through it, and use a vertical air-dash 
to reach the platform where the capsule is. 

What It Does: The enhanced X-Buster has two distinct upgrades from the 
basic model you begin with. For one, as always, you can use it to 
charge up any of your other weapons at the cost of more energy. 
Secondly, you can charge up the X-Buster in both of your arms, and if 
you shoot both cannons simultaneously, the two shots will merge and 
create a super shot that does extra damage. 

- Super X-Buster Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: In Gravity Beetle's stage, there's a vertical tunnel 
directly above you after exiting from the Bit/Byte boss room. Climb up 
to the top to find a Ride Armor platform. Use any Ride Armor and 
continue on with the level until you reach a wall that you can break. 
This breakable wall is pretty easy to find, since it looks unique from 
the rest of the stage and it's the very last area where the Ride Armor 
can travel. After breaking through, cross over the bed of spikes and 
find the capsule at the end. 

What It Does: Otherwise known as the Hyper Cannon, the twice-upgraded 
X-Buster will grant X a new weapon that stores charged shots, allowing 
you to release a barrage of cross-charged shots. The Hyper Cannon, like 
your other weapons, does have a specific energy meter that drains as 
it's used. 

- Armor Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: Take the elevator in Volt Catfish's stage up to the 
top and find the cylindrical gravity well at the bottom of a vertical 
tunnel lined with spikes. Stand on it and use a charged Gravity Well to 
levitate it up. The capsule is right in front of you at the top. 

What It Does: The enhanced armor reduces the amount of damage you'll 
receive, but also generates a defensive barrier that protects him. In 
other words, it increases your invulnerability time by a few seconds. 

- Super Armor Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: In Crush Crawfish's stage, take a Ride Armor and 
follow after the mace-swinging robot that falls through the bridges 
where the heart tank is found. Enter the building, and jump down into 
the first seemingly bottomless pit. Instead, you'll safely land on the 
ground and find a cracked wall. Destroy it with the Ride Armor and head 
inside to find the capsule. 

What It Does: The armor chip doesn't grant X any new abilities, but 
simply upgrades enhanced armor. More damage reduction, and an increased 
length of time the protective barrier stays up. 

- Helmet Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: There's a second hanging boulder in Tunnel Rhino's 
stage beyond a series of falling rock traps. Use a charged Triad 
Thunder to knock it down, and climb up the wall to find the capsule on 
the surface at the top.

What It Does: The enhanced helmet is an upgrade from Mega Man X2 - 
instead of searching for any items on screen, the helmet will show you 
a map of the stage when you first enter, marking any hidden items with 
a dot. But don't rely on it, this FAQ is infinitely more helpful, I 

- Super Helmet Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: After riding up the elevator in Blast Hornet's stage, 
there's a small lip of the ceiling that's hanging down just far enough 
that you can reach it with an air-dash. At the top you'll find a Ride 
Armor platform, so pick any Ride Armor besides the Frog. The next area 
is a wide-open area with moving platforms, but the area you're looking 
for is in the top right corner. Dash to the edge of the platform you're 
standing on, leap off, and then jump out of the Ride Armor to clear the 
spikes against the wall. 

What It Does: When standing still, the helmet chip will slowly refill 
X's energy meter. However, I want to emphasize the word "slowly". To 
make up for it, though, the helmet chip will also fill up X's Sub-
Tanks. It may take awhile, but once you have it, make sure to be at 
full energy before taking on any bosses. 

- Boots Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: Following the dark area in Blizzard Buffalo's stage, 
there's a portion of the stage where it's snowing just before the boss 
room. In this area is an elevated highway that you use as platforms, 
with the icy lower level littered with Reploids on snowmobiles. Stay on 
the highway, and dash-jump off of the final platform and grab onto a 
thin ledge jutting out from against the wall. Enter the room here to 
find the capsule with the enhanced boots. 

What It Does: Similar to Mega Man X2, since you begin with a dash, the 
enhanced boots allow X to perform an air-dash. However, X3 takes it one 
step further, since you can now perform an air-dash vertically as well 
as horizontally. 

- Super Boots Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: Before dropping down into the water in Toxic 
Seahorse's stage, jump into the Frog Ride Armor. Take the higher path 
until you reach a set of fans, which you can destroy with a few 
torpedoes. Leave the Ride Armor and climb up the wall to come up to a 
new area that isn't submerged. There's an empty area that looks 
promising near the water level, but the enhancement capsule is cleverly 
hidden behind it in the next screen. Climb up the wall to find it. 

What It Does: The boots chip double X's air-dashing abilities by 
allowing him to perform two air-dashes before falling back to the 
ground. You can perform a pair of horizontal air-dashes, a pair of 
vertical air-dashes, or one of each. 

- The Golden Armor Enhancement - 
Where It's Found: You'll find this capsule in the first level of 
Doppler's Fortress, just after the mini-boss with the collapsing 
ceiling. For more information, check out the section dedicated to the 
Golden Armor. 

What It Does: The Golden Armor is the only way to use all four of the 
super enhancements at the same time. Good deal, I say! 

005.0 - Ride Armors 

Ride Armors have always played small roles in the Mega Man X games, but 
X3 puts them to more use. Throughout the stages, you may come across a 
yellow platform that will give you a Ride Armor to play with if you've 
collected any of the Ride Armor items. There are four in total, all 
with slightly different abilities, but you have to find the Chimera 
Ride Armor before being able to use any of them.

- Kangaroo Ride Armor (K) -  
Where It's Found: Before diving into the water portion of Toxic 
Seahorse's stage, jump into the Frog Ride Armor and take the higher 
route until you reach some fans. Destroy them, and jump to the wall and 
climb up to the surface. If you explore the area on the right, you'll 
find the super boots chip, but we're not interested in that at the 
moment. Fans of Mega Man X2 may know that X can skip across the water 
if you jump just as X lands back on the water's surface, so that's what 
we're going to have to do to reach the Kangaroo Ride Armor. There are 
some spiked turtle shells floating around to complicate things further, 
but you can perform an air-dash over them. At the end, use a vertical 
air-dash to reach the ledge. 

What It Does: I'm not sure what the name is supposed to imply - if 
anything - but the Kangaroo Ride Armor is basically an upgraded version 
of the Chimera, and seems to be the Ride Armor Vile uses. Instead of 
fists, the Kangaroo has spikes to punch with, but not a whole lot else 
is unique about it.  

- Frog Ride Armor (F) - 
Where It's Found: After the boss room where you fight Bit or Byte in 
Gravity Beetle's stage, climb up the ladder to reach an area that's 
back outside. Climb up the metal column on the left, and use a vertical 
air-dash to reach the Frog Ride Armor on the ledge.  

What It Does: The Frog Ride Armor is unique in that it's the only Ride 
Armor that can survive underwater - if you've attempted to use one, you 
know that it will immediately short out and explode. It also shoots 
homing torpedoes, but it's not a Ride Armor you'll use often since it 
hops instead of walking normally. 

- Chimera Ride Armor(N) - 
Where It's Found: In Blast Hornet's stage, there's an area with a 
series of warehouses connected by bridges. Destroy the second set of 
boxes on the rooftop, and drop down to the ground through the hole 
created. Use a Tornado Fang to destroy the left wall of the warehouse, 
and slide down the side to find the Chimera Ride Armor suspended in a 
containment machine. Destroy it and claim your prize.  

What It Does: This is the standard armor that you can walk around in 
and punch stuff. Nothing special, but you're required to obtain this 
Ride Armor before you can use any of the others. 

- Hawk Ride Armor (H) - -
Where It's Found: In the initial area of Crush Crawfish's stage, drop 
down from the crane and find the Ride Armor platform. To your right are 
two bridges that are about as long as the screen and a smaller, more 
cylindrical platform. Use a charged Triad Thunder to destroy it, and 
grab the Hawk Ride Armor sitting on the ground. 

What It Does: The Hawk Ride Armor, as the name implies, can fly - sort 
of. It certainly hovers for a while, anyway, and you can get quite a 
bit of extra distance when combined with a dash. The Hawk also fires 
missiles instead of punching, but they aren't homing missiles like the 
Frog Ride Armor's are. 

006.0 - Weapons 

The X-Buster is going to be the workhorse of your arsenal, but the 
weapons collected from defeated Mavericks certainly come in handy, 
particularly against bosses. In this section, you'll find descriptions 
of how each weapon works and how effective they are against the bosses. 

005.1 - Weapons Database

- Ray Splasher - 
Obtained From: Neon Tiger

What It Does: When fired, the Ray Splasher will erratically release a 
stream of energy shots in front of you. When charged, X will release a 
glass orb above him that will shoot a handful of shots in all 

Most Effective Against: The Ray Splasher is a great weapon because both 
Vile and Byte are weak against it on top of one of the eight Mavericks 
- in this case Gravity Beetle, who loses three units of energy per hit. 
In order to permanently destroy Byte and Vile, the final shot must be 
from the Ray Splasher. For this reason, Neon Tiger is usually the first 
Maverick I destroy, since Bit, Byte, and Vile will appear after any two 
of the bosses are defeated. 

- Frost Shield - 
Obtained From: Blizzard Buffalo 

What It Does: The uncharged Frost Shield is basically an even slower 
version of the Tornado Fang, except this one isn't able to destroy 
breakable walls. Instead, after hitting something, the icicle will fall 
to the ground and create an ice stalagmite that continues to injure 
anything that comes into contact with it. The charged version creates 
an ice spike that sticks to the end of the X-Buster and can be used as 
a battering ram. After a few moments, the spike will break off and 
slide along the ground.  

Most Effective Against: Like the Ray Splasher, the Frost Shield is also 
able to permanently destroy one of the three side-bosses. Since Byte 
and Vile are vulnerable to the Ray Splasher, that leaves Bit. However, 
if you destroy both Bit and Byte, you will have to face a different - 
and in my opinion much more difficult - boss later on in Doppler's 
Fortress. Since Bit is easier to fight alone than Byte, I usually don't 
finish him off, but if you'd like to, this is the weapon to use. As a 
bonus, Frost Shield is also one of two weapons that does added damage 
to Sigma, and it inflicts three units of damage to Toxic Seahorse. 

- Acid Burst - 
Obtained From: Toxic Seahorse 

What It Does: When used, a wimpy blob of acid will splatter on the 
ground a few feet in front of you, with a few extra drops splashing 
afterwards. The charged variation is slightly better, with a pair of 
larger acid blobs bouncing across the entire screen, leaving puddles of 
acid where it lands. 

Most Effective Against: Tunnel Rhino and Dr. Doppler both receive three 
energy units of damage per hit, and five when the Acid Burst is 
charged. It may not be the most exciting weapon, but it gets its job 

- Tornado Fang - 
Obtained From: Tunnel Rhino 

What It Does: When fired, Tornado Fang creates a small drill that flies 
across the screen, which can destroy some walls as well as attack 
enemies. If you quickly tap the Y-Button upon firing, the drill will 
break up and create a wall of smaller drills. When charged, the drill 
will become locked into the X-Buster as long as you have energy and 
hold the Y-Button down.

Most Effective Against: Slow and weak is a bad combination, but Tornado 
Fang does three units of energy against Volt Catfish, and is just as 
effective against Byte as the Ray Splasher is (though it doesn't 
destroy him). Besides those two, the Tornado Fang can destroy breakable 
walls, which usually leads to goodies like heart tanks or Ride Armors. 

- Gravity Well - 
Obtained From: Gravity Beetle 

What It Does: Supposedly, using the Gravity Well will change the 
gravity in the immediate vicinity where it hovers. Unfortunately, it 
only affects certain things, and to be quite honest it really isn't 
worth the time to figure out what those things are. When charged, it 
has the same effect, but its radius covers the entire screen. 

Most Effective Against: Offensively, use it to easily defeat Blast 
Hornet, but never against anything else - the Gravity Well does 
absolutely no damage to any other Maverick. Other than that, you need 
to use a charged Gravity Well to find the armor enhancement in Volt 
Catfish's stage, but that's about the extent of which I've ever used 
this "weapon". 

- Parasitic Bomb - 
Obtained From: Blast Hornet 

What It Does: The uncharged Parasitic Bomb releases an explosive that 
will attach itself to the first thing it comes into contact with and 
explode a few moments later. There is a bit of a time delay, but 
enemies seem to be paralyzed during this time. When charged, X will 
lock onto four enemies or fewer and release hornets to attack them for 
as long as you hold the attack button down. 

Most Effective Against: Blizzard Buffalo is vulnerable to the Parasitic 
Bomb, but that's really the only time you'll want to use it. This is 
the kind of weapon that sounds much cooler than it really is. 

- Triad Thunder - 
Obtained From: Volt Catfish 

What It Does: Uncharged, three orbs of electricity will surround X and 
connect with streams of electricity, shocking anything that touches the 
barrier. When it begins to dissipate, the orbs will shoot off in 
different directions for more damage. The charged variant is one of the 
more interesting attacks, as X will slam the ground with his fists and 
release a large electric orb in either direction. This isn't terribly 
exciting by itself, but the resulting shock will cause hanging objects 
to fall to the ground. 

Most Effective Against: Triad Thunder is effective against Crush 
Crawfish and Bit, though you still need to use Frost Shield if you plan 
on permanently destroying Bit. Otherwise, Triad Thunder is actually a 
pretty good attack to use to quickly destroy a large group of weak 
enemies that have surrounded you. The charged version is also used to 
get rid of the suspended boulders blocking some extra items in Tunnel 
Rhino's stage. 

- Spinning Blade - 
Obtained From: Crush Crawfish 

What It Does: After such a unique name like "Triad Thunder", Spinning 
Blade sounds a bit stale, doesn't it? It is, however, spot on when it 
comes to being descriptive. When fired, Spinning Blade will release a 
pair of blades that act like a boomerang. Instead of catching it, 
though, the two blades pass over and under you. When charged, an 
enormous blade will be released on a wire and hover about half of a 
screen in front of you, destroying anything that gets in its way.

Most Effective Against: Spinning Blade is a weapon that is pretty 
effective against a few enemies, most notably Sigma. An uncharged Blade 
will inflict two bars of damage against Blast Hornet, Neon Tiger, Vile, 
and Sigma himself. A charged Spinning Blade will deal out a whopping 
five bars of damage to the big boss man - the most from any weapon. 

- The Z-Saber - 
Obtained From: Zero in the second stage of Doppler's Fortress - check 
out the section dedicated to Zero's Z-Saber below for more information. 

What It Does: Having the Z-Saber gives X an extra attack after charging 
his X-Buster, and will end a combo will a swing of the Z-Saber. 

Most Effective Against: It's extremely powerful, so anything you want! 

006.2 - Damage Chart 

While each Maverick is vulnerable to a specific weapon, occasionally 
there's a second or third weapon that can also be used in case you're 
low on energy for the other. Below is a comprehensive list of each 
weapon, including the X-Buster, and how much damage it inflicts on all 
eight Mavericks, the three extra bosses, Dr. Doppler, and both of 
Sigma's forms. The Z-Saber isn't included in this list, but any hit 
from the Z-Saber will automatically halve the energy meters of a boss. 

- X-Buster -         Uncharged   Charged   Cross-Charged     
Neon Tiger              One         Two        Three         
Blizzard Buffalo        One         Two        Three         
Toxic Seahorse          One         Two        Three         
Tunnel Rhino            One         Two        Three         
Gravity Beetle          One         Two        Three         
Blast Hornet            One         Two        Three         
Volt Catfish            One         Two        Three         
Crush Crawfish          One         Two        Three         
Bit                     One         Two        Three         
Byte                    One         Two        Three         
Vile                    One         Two        Three         
Dr. Doppler             One         Two        Three         
Sigma                   One         Two        Three         
Kaiser Sigma            One         Two        Three         
- Ray Splasher -     Uncharged   Charged                     
Neon Tiger              Zero       Zero                      
Blizzard Buffalo        Zero       Zero                      
Toxic Seahorse          One        One                       
Tunnel Rhino            One        One                       
Gravity Beetle          Three      Three                     
Blast Hornet            One        One                       
Volt Catfish            One        One                       
Crush Crawfish          One        One                       
Bit                     One        One                       
Byte                    Two        Two                       
Vile                    Two        Two                       
Dr. Doppler             One        One                       
Sigma                   One        One                       
Kaiser Sigma            Zero       Zero                      
- Frost Shield -     Uncharged   Charged                     
Neon Tiger              One        Two                       
Blizzard Buffalo        One        One                       
Toxic Seahorse          Three      Five                      
Tunnel Rhino            One        One                       
Gravity Beetle          One        One                       
Blast Hornet            One        One                       
Volt Catfish            One        One                       
Crush Crawfish          One        One                       
Bit                     Three      Five                      
Byte                    One        One                       
Vile                    One        One                       
Dr. Doppler             One        One                       
Sigma                   Two        Four                      
Kaiser Sigma            Zero       Zero                      
- Acid Burst -       Uncharged   Charged                     
Neon Tiger              One        One                       
Blizzard Buffalo        One        One                       
Toxic Seahorse          One        One                       
Tunnel Rhino            Three      Five                      
Gravity Beetle          One        One                       
Blast Hornet            One        Two                       
Volt Catfish            One        Two                       
Crush Crawfish          One        One                       
Bit                     One        One                       
Byte                    One        One                       
Vile                    One        One                       
Dr. Doppler             Three      Five                      
Sigma                   One        One                       
Kaiser Sigma            Zero       Zero                      
- Tornado Fang -     Uncharged   Charged                     
Neon Tiger              Zero       Zero                      
Blizzard Buffalo        Zero       Zero                      
Toxic Seahorse          Zero       Zero                      
Tunnel Rhino            Zero       Zero                      
Gravity Beetle          Zero       Zero                      
Blast Hornet            Zero       Zero                      
Volt Catfish            Two        Three                     
Crush Crawfish          Zero       Zero                      
Bit                     Zero       Zero                      
Byte                    Two        Five                      
Vile                    Zero       Zero                      
Dr. Doppler             One        One                       
Sigma                   Zero       Zero                      
Kaiser Sigma            Zero       Zero                      
- Gravity Well -     Uncharged   Charged                     
Neon Tiger              Zero       Zero                      
Blizzard Buffalo        Zero       Zero                      
Toxic Seahorse          Zero       Zero                      
Tunnel Rhino            Zero       Zero                      
Gravity Beetle          Zero       Zero                      
Blast Hornet            Four       Six                       
Volt Catfish            Zero       Zero                      
Crush Crawfish          Zero       Zero                      
Bit                     Zero       Zero                      
Byte                    Zero       Zero                      
Vile                    Zero       Zero                      
Dr. Doppler             Zero       Zero                      
Sigma                   Zero       Zero                      
Kaiser Sigma            Zero       Zero                      
- Parasitic Bomb -   Uncharged   Charged                     
Neon Tiger              One        One                       
Blizzard Buffalo        Three      Three                     
Toxic Seahorse          One        One                       
Tunnel Rhino            Zero       One                       
Gravity Beetle          Two        Two                       
Blast Hornet            One        One                       
Volt Catfish            One        One                       
Crush Crawfish          Zero       Zero                      
Bit                     One        One                       
Byte                    One        One                       
Vile                    One        One                       
Dr. Doppler             One        One                       
Sigma                   One        Zero                      
Kaiser Sigma            Zero       Zero                      
- Triad Thunder -    Uncharged   Charged                     
Neon Tiger              One        Two                       
Blizzard Buffalo        One        Two                       
Toxic Seahorse          One        Three                     
Tunnel Rhino            Zero       Two                       
Gravity Beetle          One        Two                       
Blast Hornet            One        One                       
Volt Catfish            Zero       One                       
Crush Crawfish          Three      Five                      
Bit                     Three      Five                      
Byte                    One        Two                       
Vile                    Zero       One                       
Dr. Doppler             One        Two                       
Sigma                   One        Two                       
Kaiser Sigma            Zero       Zero                      
- Spinning Blade -    Uncharged   Charged                    
Neon Tiger              Two        Four                      
Blizzard Buffalo        One        One                       
Toxic Seahorse          One        One                       
Tunnel Rhino            One        One                       
Gravity Beetle          One        One                       
Blast Hornet            Two        Three                     
Volt Catfish            One        Two                       
Crush Crawfish          Zero       Zero                      
Bit                     One        One                       
Byte                    Two        Two                       
Vile                    Two        Five                      
Dr. Doppler             One        One                       
Sigma                   Two        Five                      
Kaiser Sigma            Zero       Zero                      

007.0 - The Golden Armor 

Naturally, with Capcom having already indulged fans twice before with 
the Hadouken and Shoryuken, there was a slim chance they'd have been 
able to get away with not adding another secret in Mega Man X3. 
Normally, X can't equip himself with all of the super enhancement 
chips, which are found in Dr. Light's pink capsules. Of course, as a 
greedy pig, I'm just not satisfied unless I can have it all, and 
luckily Capcom was willing to indulge me. The Golden Armor will give X 
all of the enhancement chips and a pretty neat color scheme as a bonus. 

In order to be eligible for the Golden Armor, you need to find all of 
the items except for the super enhancements. This means you must have 
all of the heart tanks, Sub-Tanks, Ride Armors, and normal upgrades. 
The information needed to find all of these items can be found in this 
guide, so be sure to check it out if you're stuck anywhere. 

Once you've got everything, enter Doppler's Fortress. Blast your way 
through the level normally, but try to keep your energy meter as close 
to full as possible. You need to be at max energy for the capsule to 
appear, but there are a few recovery capsules scattered around the 
stage to help you out. 

After fighting the mini-boss in the room with the collapsing ceiling, 
you'll enter a large area with several of those pesky robots that hang 
on the walls and shoot energy orbs at you. Dash off of the ledge you're 
standing on, aiming for the far right wall, and fire a charge shot as 
you begin to descend in your arc to destroy the wall robot. Grab the 
energy capsule to recover your health, and use any stored health in 
Sub-Tanks if you aren't at full energy. Remember, you don't need all of 
your Sub-Tanks to be full, but your actual energy meter has to be. 

At the top of this side is a Ride Armor platform, so pick a Ride Armor 
and jump down to the ground. Since the Ride Armor has its own separate 
energy meter, you can take as many hits as you want while using it and 
not have to worry about losing energy yourself. Make your way to the 
lower right and drop down, and follow this passage until you reach an 
area with spiked cannonballs rolling into a pit. Jump out of the Ride 
Armor and slide down the left side of the wall to find a hollow spot. 
If all goes well and you've met the requirements, a final capsule will 
be in this room containing the Golden Armor. For an explanation of your 
new abilities, check out the Enhancements section of this FAQ. 

008.0 - The Z-Saber

The Golden Armor is certainly a great prize, but it just doesn't have 
the same sort of punch that the Street Fighter moves did. If only there 
was another secret item to find... 

Zero's Beam Saber is actually pretty easy to get, but you have to 
fulfill two prerequisites before entering Doppler's Fortress. The first 
is to defeat Vile, destroying him with the Ray Splasher. Second, you 
have to keep Zero alive. With those two fairly simple requirements 
checked off, play through the second stage of Doppler's Fortress until 
you reach the underwater area.

If you've been using Zero throughout the game, you'll know that the 
game never allows you to enter a boss room as Zero, instead forcing you 
to switch to X. However, it turns out that there's an exception to this 
rule. If you defeated Vile with the Ray Splasher, there's an insect 
robot in the second stage of Doppler's Fortress that acts as the 
stage's mini-boss instead of Vile. The entrance to this room is 
directly after the underwater area, so switch to Zero after stepping 
back on dry land. 

The boss is a joke even when using X, but Zero makes it child's play. A 
single combo is enough to destroy it, so charge up the Z-Buster and 
take it down. As the robot struggles to stay in the air, it will hover 
over Zero before crashing into him - it seems like poor old Zero is 
always getting needlessly destroyed, doesn't it? X will appear soon 
after, and Zero will tell him that he's too damaged to continue 
fighting. To help his friend, he bestows X with the Z-Saber. 

X uses the Beam Saber exactly like Zero, so you'll have to charge up 
the X-Buster one extra time to finish off with a slash from the Z-
Saber. The only difference is that if you have the Hyper Cannon, the 
slash will create an energy wave that flies across the screen. 

Zero's Z-Saber isn't quite as powerful as the Hadouken or the 
Shoryuken, but it's still better than anything else you have. The Z-
Saber will always knock out half of a boss's energy meter - including 
Dr. Doppler and both forms of Sigma! The trade-off is that you get a 
slightly different ending, but the changes aren't too significant. 

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