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FAQ/Walkthrough by iplaylikekg

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/09/06

Mega Man X5 for the Sony Playstation
------------------------------------      -Legal Things
Creator/Developer: CAPCOM
Current version: 1.0                   Copyright 2006 Steve Sanchez. 
Faq writer: Steve Sanchez (iplaylikekg)
E-mail: juarezshirley@hotmail.com      This guide is for personal use only.
------------------------------------   Please do not take this or parts    
Table of contents                      of this guide without my permission.
1.) Introduction                       Thanks.
2.) How to play                        All trademarks and copyrights 
3.) Items                              contained in this document are owned 
4.) Armors                             by their respective trademark and
5.) Sigma virus                        copyright holders.
6.) Hunter rank                 
7.) Starting/Saving                    Version History
8.) Walkthrough                        July 28, 2006- Started
9.) Items and parts locations          July 29, 2006- Added character, items,
10.)Secrets/codes                      Sigma virus, armors, hunter rank,   
                                       Starting/saving sections and started
Credits                                walkthrough sections
Me, and you for clicking on this!      July 30, 2006- Adding more things
                                       August 2, 2006-Complete!
                                       August 3, 2006-Fixed some errors
1.) Introduction
Hello and welcome to my very first faq for the Mega Man X5 game! This guide 
is to help you get through this game easier and I will also include other 
general information about this game. Anyways, lets forget my talking and move
on to the guide!
2.) How to play
Both X and Zero:
[]=Attack with X buster/Z-saber
Triangle=special weapon use/cancel
Directional pad=move left, right, duck, climb ladders and cling on ropes
R1=special weapon cycle move right
L1=special weapon cycle move left
R2=Giga attack

Controls for X:
-Press X twice to hover/fly
-Hold [] to do a charged shot
-Press X+O with certain armors and perform an air dash

Controls for Zero: 
-Press []+[]+[] to do a triple slash combo
-Press [] and quickly turn him and you will create a circular slash
-Press X+X and you will double jump
-Press X+[] to perform quake blazer
-Press X+O to air dash
-Later in the game press X+O to do an invincible air dash called F-splasher
-Press up+[] to perform E-Blade
-Press right or left twice to perform W-shredder
The last 6 for Zeros Controls will need certain bosses defeated

Advanced Tactics for X and Zero: 
-To wall climb jump to a wall and press X+right/left to wall jump a wall
-Press O+X to do a long dash jump
-Press right or left twice to dash. Same as pressing O
-Press O on a rope to dash on it
3.) Items
Health energy
This restores our heroes' health and also fills the E-tanks. These look like 
capsules and can be found in small, medium or large amounts.

Weapon energy
This restores our heroes' weapon energy and also fills the W-tank. These look
like blue spheres and can be found in small, medium and large amounts.

These give you an extra life and look like X helmets or Zero helmets, 
depending on the character you find these with. Injured reploids also 
usually give you an extra life. 

Injured reploids
Just touch these yellow screaming reploids and they will give you health 
and an extra life.

Heart tanks
These give your life bar a little permanent increase, but only for the 
character you went in the level with. These look like pink hearts. Their 
are only 8 of them, one in each level.

There are two of these, and they store health energy. Once used it will empty
but fortunately, you can use these as much as you want. These look like 
little tanks with the letter "E" on it.

There is only one of these and they store weapon energy. Like the E-tanks, 
you can use these infinitely. This looks like a tank with a "W" on it.

There is one of these, and this lets you start a level with 5 lives instead 
of 3. This looks like a tank shaped like a heart with floating energy in it.
4.) Armor
X (just plain X)
Air dash: No
Hover: No
Giga attack: No
Part slots: 4
Special weapon charged: No
Special abilities: None
Recommended when: Not very useful. Use him to get the Ultimate armor.

Force armor X
Air dash: Yes
Hover: Yes
Giga attack: No
Part slots: 2
Special weapon charged: Yes
Special abilities: Takes 50% less damage than regular X. Plasma shot when 
Recommended when: In the beginning of the game. This is a great all round
armor. Very useful.

Falcon armor X
Air dash: No
Hover: No. Flight instead.
Giga attack: No
Part slots: 2
Special weapon charged: No
Special abilities: Takes 50% less damage, piercing shot when charged, 
can fly. Less weapon energy used.
Recommended when: He is a must if you are trying to get the gaea armor.
He also is good for finishing a stage quick.

Gaea armor X
Air dash: No
Hover: No
Giga attack: Yes
Part slots: None at all.
Special weapon charged: No. Can't even use weapons in this armor.
Special abilities: Can cling on walls, walk on spikes take 75% less damage
and can move "V" blocks with a dash and can destroy them with a charged shot. 
Also his regular shot is now shorter. Green blast when charged.
Recommended when: He is needed to get all the heart tanks and if you have 
a more defensive style of game play you should use this armor.

Ultimate armor X
Air dash: Yes
Hover: Yes
Giga attack: Yes
Part slots: 2
Special weapon charged: Yes
Special abilities: Takes 50% less damage and can use the "Nova Strike" 
infinitely. Also has a charged plasma shot.
Recommended when: Always. This is X's best armor and is the best boss killer
in the game. He makes stages quick and easy destroying all enemies in his 

Zero (red armor)
Air dash: Yes
Hover: No
Giga attack: Yes
Part slots: 4
Special weapon charged: No. But most of his weapons require no energy at all.
Special abilities: None much really but Zero appears to be a better boss 
killer than Force, Falcon and Gaea armor X.
Recommended when: Most of the times. He destroys enemies more quicker and 
goes through stages faster.

Dark armored Zero
Air dash: Yes
Hover: No
Giga attack: Yes
Part slots: 4
Special weapon charged: No. Most of his weapons require no energy at all.
Special abilities: 50% less damage, Z-Saber plus, can destroy Sigma virus and
can vanish some enemies projectiles.
Recommend when: This is the second best boss killer in the game and if you 
want to get a stage done fast then use this armor and the stage will be a 
5.) Sigma virus
Once you have completed the first stage you will start seeing purple Sigma 
heads chase you. These "viruses" will appear in the stages to try and infect 
you. On the bottom left corner of your screen you will notice a status. This 
status changes when you touch a Sigma virus or later in the game, the Zero 
virus. I will now list how the Sigma and Zero viruses affect your status.
Number of viruses               virus status          Commentary
0 Sigma virus                   Normal                Don't worry.
1 Sigma virus                   Normal                Don't worry.
2 sigma virus                   Normal                Don't worry.
3 Sigma virus                   Caution               Be cautious.
4 Sigma virus                   Danger                Stay alert!
5 Sigma virus                   Virus                 Too late.
Number of viruses               virus status          Commentary
0 Zero virus                    Normal                Don't worry.
1 Zero virus                    Caution               Be cautious.
2 Zero virus                    Danger                Stay alert!
3 Zero virus                    Virus                 Too late.
Note: Notice that the Zero virus infects you faster and goes straight to 
caution. Now once you've been infected to virus, you'll notice that X and 
Zero have different reactions. With X you will start to lose health and
with Zero you will become invincible!
6.) Hunter Rank
Once you've completed a level Alia will tell you your stats in that level.
All these stats then sum up to make your hunter rank. This rank determines
the level of your next boss. Good rank, the harder the boss. Bad rank, the 
easier the boss. Now why would you want a lower level boss that's easier? 
Well the higher the boss level, the better the things you get. Once you reach
a boss that's level 4 you will have the option of choosing health energy or
weapon energy. Once you reach a boss that is level 8, you will have the 
option of choosing life energy plus or weapon energy plus and you will 
receive a part depending on the one you choose.

Here is a list of ranks I've gotten and ones I've seen. 
Worst-E, D, C, B, A, SA, GA, PA and I think their is a UH. UH=Best. Not sure.
The stats that determine your rank is how fast you completed the stage and
boss, the damage you took and the enemies defeated. 
So to get a good rank you need to be fast, avoid enemy's attacks and kill 
little to no enemies. Personally in my file X is ranked SA and Zero PA. 
7.) Starting/Saving
Once you turn on the game there will be a cool cut scene and then you will be
brought to the main menu. It will say game start, continue, options and 
training. If you're new to the game you can check out the training course. 
But if you want to start the game select start game. You will have the choice
of selecting X or Zero to start off with. But there is a catch. If you pick X
you will get his Force armor but Zero won't get his Z-Buster. If you pick 
Zero you do get his Z-Buster but X won't receive his armor. 

To save this game you will need a Playstation one memory card. To save you'll
need to either beat a stage or die in one. After you do one of these you will
have the choice to save. You can have up to 8 files for only one block. 
Select a space and confirm. You will now have a save file for this game!
8.) Walkthrough
Now once you have selected X or Zero a brief cuts cene will go and then you 
will start!
Intro stage
Difficulty: 1/10
Items: None

You will start off on a broken street. This level is very straight forward so
I will provide little strategy. With X just shoot the floating enemies and
either charge shot the cars or air dash over them. Keep doing this and you 
will end up in a falling boulder place. Simply dodge these falling rocks and
get out of there as fast as you can. Jump on the platforms and use the rope.
With Zero, just slash the enemies and air dash over the cars. Do the same 
stated above and then you will reach a ladder. Climb it and then the walls 
will start coming in. Wall climb fast and don't mess up! Go through the door 
to meet the boss.

Sigma Head
Difficulty 2/10
Gives: Nothing
Weakness: X-buster, Z-saber
-Green eye attack
-Blue ball swarm
-Charge forward
-Purple beam attack

If X, stay on the left side at all times. Duck to dodge blue ball swarm and
charge a shot while ducking. He will pause so you can shoot his mouth 
(Mouth=weak spot). His green eye attack will follow you but you should wall
climb then dash to dodge. Sometimes he will just charge forward so just stay
as left as you can. To dodge his purple beam you should duck and charge. He
will pause and you can shoot. Keep doing these and he should die quick.
If Zero, stay on the left and duck to dodge his blue ball swarm and purple 
beam and then he will pause. Run up to him and triple slash combo his mouth. 
For his green eye attack, wall climb and dash. If he charges just stay left. 
Just keep slashing and he will fall. 
After this fight there will be a cut scene and you will go to the mission 
select screen. This screen will show the bosses. Press R1 and L1 to go to the
parts and canon shuttle screen. I will do the walkthrough in the recommended 
order. I will not use normal armor X, Falcon or Gaea till further notice. 
Thank you.
Chase the Truck!
Difficulty: 5/10
Items: Falcon piece, Heart tank and E-tank

You will start off on a moving truck. Just keep jumping and dashing on to the 
next truck. You will notice that their are lots of enemies on these trucks 
so things can get hectic. With X, try to avoid these enemies and jump to the 
front of the truck. On all of the trucks except the exploding ones their will
be a blue beam thing. Destroy it and proceed to the next truck and do the 
same. With Zero you can try to defeat these enemies but I would prefer not 
to. Do the same and slash the blue beam things. You will end up in a big 
truck now. Go down the ladder and watch out for the spinning red thing. Keep 
moving. You'll then see a blue truck and two enemies. Destroy them then the 
blue truck. Keep going on the trucks and there will be exploding trucks. You 
will get 9 seconds for these ones. Avoid the enemies and there will be a 
truck with drills. These kill instantly. So try to avoid them the best you 
can. One of these trucks has the E-tank. Be sure to grab it if you see it. 
Keep moving and you will eventually be in a rocky warehouse. Destroy the 
truck, head up and kill the enemies and proceed to the boss.

Grizzly Slash (Crescent Grizzly)
Difficulty: 3/10
Gives: crescent shot and C-sword
Weakness: Spike rope, Twin dream
-Triple crescent shot
-Huge crescent shot
-Dive drill
-Pop out 

If X, charge up some shots while ducking to dodge his crescent shots. He'll 
jump and then you can shoot him. After a while he'll start diving and popping
out to do a quick attack. To dodge you should run back and forth on the 
screen and when he pops out stay away and keep shooting. After you take away
some more life he'll shoot out huge crescent shots. Wall climb to dodge then
dash forward and shoot. He'll be dead in no time. If Zero dodge his three 
shots and run and slash. When he jumps, you should jump and slash. He'll 
start diving and popping out so run across back and forth and wait for him to
pop out. Wait for the attack and then slash. He'll start shooting Huge shots 
now. Wall climb, then get close and triple slash. 
Obliterate the Battleship!
Difficulty: 7/10
Items: Falcon piece, Heart tank.

You'll be in the ocean for this level so your jumps will be slower but 
higher. When you start the level off you will be constantly be chased by a 
huge battleship! So you'll have to be moving forward at all times. The 
battleship will be shooting yellow beams from its head. I recommend you 
destroy these as soon as possible. If you're X avoid the beam shots and the
other enemies the best you can. If some enemies get in the way shoot them. If
the enemies don't bother you then I suggest you don't attack. If you are 
Zero, use the C-sword a lot and you will be fine. The enemies shouldn't even 
get close. Keep moving and avoid the attacks and you will then engage in a 
fight with the ship. 

If you're X charge and shoot, but when you sense that the ship will attack, 
duck and shoot some more charge shots and he should die fast. If Zero use the
C-sword and when he shoots the beam just slash while ducking. The enemies he
shoots out shouldn't be a problem. After you will be heading down, but you 
will be facing the tail of the ship instead. If you're X shoot the missiles 
and break the holes they are coming from. Grab the health capsules too. If 
Zero, just C-sword the whole way down and you won't get touched. Again grab
the life and you'll then go for round two.

If X, use charged shots and move around to avoid the missiles. Soon two 
missile holes will destroy completely. Keep shooting but when you're Zero, 
use the C-sword like mad and you'll make this boss fall really fast. Keep 
using C-sword and he will die. Move forward and you'll be inside a sunken 
ship but their won't be water. Keep moving forward and kill the small 
enemies. You'll end up outside of the ship and you'll face the battleship 
once more. You're going up this time and their will be rocks and enemies in 
the way. Try to avoid them as good as you can and keep moving around to avoid
the ships beams. You can destroy these but they will just regenerate. Survive
and then you'll fight once more.

The weak point is the light blue diamond on the side. Destroy that and the
yellow shield will go down and you can attack the thing inside. If you're 
Zero, use the c-sword repeatedly and you won't get hurt! X will be a bit 
tougher. With X, use the c-shot to try and make the multiple shots hit the 
beams, the blue thing, enemies and the thing inside the shield. If their are
life capsules grab them. You will most likely need them. Once the ships 
destroyed you must wall climb to the right and stay there. Go through the 

Duff McWhalen (Tidal Whale)
Difficulty: 6/10
Gives: Gel shaver, F-splasher
Weakness: C-shot, C-sword
- Ice maze
- Gel shaver
- Ice spit

If X, just use your c-shot and it will stun him. He will eventually die but
if you don't have it Duff will make his maze. Move through it and avoid the 
gel shavers and then attack. Keep doing this and he will then move to the 
left. He'll spit ice blocks, which can push you to the spikes which will 
automatically kill you. Jump up and down to avoid, and shoot when you have 
the chance. If Zero, use the c-sword but if you didn't get it follow the 
maze, avoid the easy gel shavers and attack. He'll soon move left and spit 
ice blocks. Jump up and down and get close. Slash when you got the chance!
Dynamo attack phase 1

You will then see a brief cut scene and then go into battle with the 
mercenary hired by Sigma.
Difficulty: 4/10
Weakness: X-buster, Z-saber and c-sword
-Blocking blade
-Boomerang blade
-Sideway shot
If you are X, shoot, shoot and shoot! If he starts to block move back and 
charge up, and when he stops shoot. He'll also use his pink blade as a 
boomerang. Jump over it and shoot. When it comes back jump and then shoot. 
He'll also jump and shoot two shots sideways. Just stand there and wait. If
Zero triple slash him and if he blocks move back and wait. When he stops 
slash him. If he uses it as a boomerang just jump and get close and c-sword 
him. If he sideway shoots avoid it by standing or easily jump over it.  
Electric Trap!
Difficulty: 7.5/10
Items: heart tank, Falcon piece.

You'll start this level on the ride chaser! It might take you a few tries to
get through this part. As you start, jump on the platforms and destroy the 
objects in your way. Jump on the platforms then air dash. Keep pressing [] to
destroy the objects and get ready to dash. If you made it, go down and 
destroy more stuff and you're done! It's harder then it seems.

Head down and save the guy while avoiding the purple ball attacks. Go down
and destroy the enemy. Hit the long thing repeatedly and go through the door.
Keep moving and try to avoid the electric thing and purple attacks. You'll 
see two long things now. Get the reploid and use the platform to hit the top
long thing. Keep hitting the two and head down. Keep going and two more long
things are there. Keep going up and down and shoot if X, and for Zero move
forward, be quick, and slash. Try to avoid the electric thing. It gets pretty
straight forward from here. Save the reploids, avoid the electric traps and 
when you get to more long things attack them, use your environment and soon 
you will be head to the boss.

Squid Adler (Bolt Kraken)
Difficulty: 5/10
Gives: Tri-thunder, E-blade
Weakness: gel shaver, F-splasher
His moves.
-Electric ground
-Lightning box
-Electrical shots

If you are X wall climb and try to get the gel shaver attack on him. If you
are Force armor X you can charge it for a better attack. I also suggest doing
charge shots. But if you wall climb avoid the electric box. If he puts the 
ground in electricity stay on the walls. If he moves toward you alternate 
walls and climb. He'll usually tri-thunder and make three electric balls move
on the walls. Alternate walls and attack when you got the chance. If Zero, 
again, stay on the walls. Alternate and use the F-splasher to stun him and 
take good damage. You can also use the c-sword if you wish. It always takes
moderate damage. Soon he should die.
Fortress Lab Infiltration!
Difficulty: 6/10
Items: Heart tank, Ex-item and Falcon piece

Move forward and attack the door and move. Destroy the little enemies and 
avoid the falling spike platforms. Kill more enemies and go up the ladder. 
Avoid the enemy or kill it and avoid the spike platform. Go up and wait for
the platform to go down. Move very carefully on the platforms and don't fall.
You'll see a couple of Sigma viruses here so if you are X avoid them, if Zero
touch them. Take the teleport and you'll be on the stairs. Keep moving and 
avoid the enemies. There might be a couple of Sigma viruses here and there
so watch out. You'll soon encounter a mini-boss!

As the blocks go down on the vines watch out and destroy the black one. The
black block is the only one that can be destroyed. Just avoid the others and
you will be fine. Head forward and take the teleport. You'll be in the third
section now. Head forward and you will see a green generator thing. The only 
way to destroy those are to use the c-shot or the c-sword. Anyways head 
forward and avoid the generators if you like. If you are X avoid the Sigma 
viruses and for Zero touch them. Head up past all the generators next and 
keep moving to head to the boss.

Izzy Glow (Shining Firefly)
Difficulty: 2/10
Gives: F-laser, C-flasher.
Weakness: tri-thunder, E-blade
His moves.
-Green beam

This guy is easy. If X just avoid being near him and shoot the tri-thunder 
and he will be stunned and fall. When he flies around get away and shoot. 
When he uses f-laser, tri-thunder the fly and him. And when he uses green 
beam use tri-thunder to stun him and his attack will be cancelled. If you are
Zero, just use your c-sword when he's in the air and when he uses the 
f-laser. When he goes for the beam, quickly use the E-blade and try not to 
get hurt and he will fall soon.
Escape the space trap!
Difficulty: 5/10
Items: Gaea piece, Heart tank, E- tank

In this stage you'll notice a sort of black hole thing, which will cause you
and everything to slow down. But after a while there will be constellations
which will then turn in to bats! Anyways jump over the purple enemies and 
keep moving. You'll end up on a moving platform. Jump over the purple guy to
get on the platform. There will be many other platforms so go on them but 
avoid the bats or you can shoot them with X or try out Zero's giga attack. 
Keep moving through these obstacles and move as fast as you can. Soon you  
will see the E-tank so grab it. Move and you will teleport.

In this section there will be up and down things. These will make the ceiling
the floor or vice versa. Kill the enemies here and go through. Keep 
proceeding and keep going through the teleports. Avoid the viruses as X but 
for Zero again, just let them touch you. If you want to kill the enemies fast
in the rooms as X use the tri-thunder (you'll know what I mean) and for Zero 
use the trusty c-sword. Keep moving and you'll reach the boss.

Dark Dizzy (Dark Necrobat)
Difficulty: 3/10
Gives: Dark hold
Weakness: F-laser, C-flasher
His moves.
-Bat cover
-Bat attack
-Diving suck
-Sonic scream
-Dark hold

This guy will usually be near the ceiling so as X don't use the f-laser but
quickly wall climb and shoot. Sometimes he'll have bats around him so you'll
have to keep shooting to hit him. Also he'll sometimes get the bats after you
so use the tri-thunder to kill them. He'll also sometimes dive and suck you
to get your health. Move-one way or the other to dodge. Rarely he'll scream 
three slow moving circles. Move around to avoid. If a sonic scream is near
you he'll dark hold (stop time briefly) so you can get hit. Just wall climb
and shoot him to eventually kill him. But if you're Zero use your giga attack
to do really good damage and stun him. Keep repeating. If you run out double
jump and use the c-sword. You don't even have to worry about his other 
Destroy the Time Bombs!
Difficulty: 6/10
Items: Heart tank, W-tank, Gaea piece.

In this level their will be multiple 5 second time bombs so you must get to 
them first! Anyways proceed and destroy the bomb. Keep heading in to the next
rooms and get the reploids and destroy the bombs. One of the next rooms will
be a bit trickier. You'll have to be fast. Quickly head to the top platform
and destroy the bomb. Keep heading on the platforms and use the tri-thunder
move with X to destroy the big trucks. If Zero use the E- blade. Then destroy
the last bomb in the air. Head up now and move forward. You'll end up on
an elevator. Ignore the enemies and make sure to get the W-tank. Soon you 
will be on another elevator. Be careful for the virus and duck for the 
spikes.Now their will be an elevator that moves up. It will stop several 
times. So go in the spaces, destroy the missile trucks and the time bombs. 
There will be sigma viruses her so watch out. Get the heart tank and keep 
going on these elevators and avoid the spikes. You'll be at the boss now.

The Skiver (Spiral Pegasus)
Difficulty: 8/10
Gives: wind spiral, w-shredder
Weakness: Dark hold
His moves.
-Blue charge
-Flying barrage
-Wind spiral

Alright this guy likes to charge at you so just jump over him and attack him.
He'll also send a blue skiver at you then attack himself. Try to jump and do
it again to avoid and again simply attack. In the beginning though you 
shouldn't suffer on these attacks though. Use dark hold and then attack, 
attack, attack! You should be able to take a chunk out of his life. He'll 
then start to use his good attacks. He'll fly off the screen and then come 
back from random directions to hit you. All I can say is move across the 
plane and don't fall off! Then he will float and use the wind spiral. Stay
below him and use tri-thunder and the c-flasher and c-sword.
Dynamo attack phase 2

Yes Dynamo's back and with a few new tricks up his sleeve.
Diffuiculty: 7.5/10
Weakness: X-buster, Z-saber, c-flasher
His moves.
-Blocking blade
-Boomerang blade
-4 shot
-Rising beams

Alright. Use the see the strategy above first. Once you've done that now I'll
tell you how this guy fights. Sometimes Dynamo will use the sideway shot but
now he will do it twice. Either wall climb or jump to avoid these. He'll also
start punching the ground to make beams appear on his side, opposite side and
the whole screen! When he does this either quickly attack him to cancel this 
or go on the other side where the beam isn't. When he does the final punch
to make beam columns on the whole screen use the c-flasher and with X 
tri-thunder. If this does hit you, you shouldn't worry. He only does rising
beam rarely. His other moves are easier to dodge.
Red Hot World!
Difficulty: 7/10
Items: Heart tank, Gaea piece.

Alright start by heading down quickly before the metal dragon heads spit fire
and move forward once horizontal. Wait for the head to stop and the other one
too. Keep moving and destroy the flies. Now head down. Here if the left side
starts to erupt you must find cover behind something. So be careful. You'll 
soon find melted walls so wall climb on the high cover area and wait for the 
lava. It will break. Keep going through these obstacles and then break the 
door. Now there is two ways to this. Go under the lava with the ride armor
or go through the obstacles with the mini-boss dragon chasing you. I'll only
do this for the mini-boss chase. Just jump on the rocks, attack the bats that
come near and attack the fire balls of the dragon. When you come across a
close destroy the wall and keep doing the same. You'll then fight the dragon.
Just use c-flasher and c-sword for Zero to kill him fast and for X use the
tri-thunder but when this guy charges at you make sure to alternate platforms
and keep attacking. After that climb the ropes and head to the boss.

Difficulty: 7/10
Gives: ground fire, quake blazer
Weakness: wind spiral, w-shredder.
His moves:
-Ground fire
-Jump stomp
-Infernal dino
-Fire spring
-Flame thrower

Alright this guy usually jumps a couple of times then stops at a side and 
shoots fire. When he jumps shoot him with X or use the spiral to stun him
and take more damage. When he stops wall climb and charge. He'll also 
sometimes go on walls and dash at you. Wall climb and dash to avoid. He can
also get the ground to spring up fire and dash at you. Again wall climb and 
dash whil avoiding this spring. When he shoots flame, wall climb and avoid 
his dash too. With Zero when he jumps use w-shredder. When he shoots fire, 
springs fire, spits flame and dashes at you wall climb. Then swoop down to
repeat the process of using w-shredder when he jumps.
Into the Jungle!
Difficulty: 4/10
Items: Heart tank, Gaea piece.

Just air dash and avoid the easy enemies. Soon you'll see ropes leading up. 
So grab on the vines and jump to the next ones. Avoid the shooting enemies by
moving back and forth. They shouldn't really give you trouble though. Keep
moving and you'll see pink big roses that will shoot baby mechanical spiders
at you. Just jump over it and keep going though. Now walk and wait for the
falling, spiky vines to fall. Destroy it and keep moving. Now head down and 
avoid the roses and make sure you go to the left to land on ground. If you go
straight you'll most likely fall unless you get on the rope. Anyways go on 
the ropes and avoid the enemies on them. Air dash to the next rope and be 
careful of the vine. If this place gets hectic use the dark hold. Get on the
next vines and then you'll encounter more of the roses. Dash jump over these
and avoid touching these things. You'll now be at the boss.

Axle the Red
Difficulty: 6/10
Gives: Spike rope, Twin dream (YES!)
Weakness: Ground fire, quake blazer.
His moves. 
-Spike rope
-Spike ball
-Vine grab
-Petal shower
-Twin dream

This guy will usually get a fake version of him out and jump around. This
"Twin" can't get hurt. If you're close he'll get out his spike rope (ball) 
and the spiky bouncy ball. Stay away but if you're close attack this ball to 
destroy it. He'll also jump to one end and shoot out a long vine. Stay away. 
He can also do this with his twin so wall climb. He'll occasionally send
exploding petals from the ceiling so move around and attack these. With X use
ground fire and shoot from far. Make sure to remember his real self. If Zero
get close and c-sword him and his spike balls and petals. When he uses his
vine use c-flasher be cause it hurts him a lot. Don't use quake blazer, you
might touch him and get hurt.
After a cut scene will show the shuttle mission. Zero has the possibility of
turning maverick. I will continue assuming he didn't though. 
Unknown stage 1
Difficulty: 9.5/10 
Items: N/A

Start off by going up to the left to get a 1up. Head down and pass the 
enemies. Now you'll encounter beams that will automatically kill! So go down
quick and keep going down and use the walls to. Grab the weapon energy and
air dash over the enemy and avoid the Zero virus. The Zero viruses will 
usually dash at you twice so approach with caution. Head through and go down.
Do your best and pass the beams. After you'll be safe for a while. Use the 
dark hold and go down the as fast as you can, grab the weapon energy and head
down the many platforms. Now quickly dash for the next beams and head to the 

Shadow Devil
Difficulty: 10/10 
Weakness: Tri-thunder, E-blade 
His moves.
-16 blobs
-Fireball x2
-Spike stomp
-Green reflection

This guy starts off by sending 16 blobs at you. This is pretty hard to dodge
but you must jump over the blobs. The blobs will the form to make the shadow
devil! He'll then have his red-eye pop out. This is his weak spot. He'll 
shoot out two fireballs. With X easily dodge these and shoot him or use the
tri-thunder. With Zero you can use the E-blade but you will get hurt. You 
will also notice he leaves a green reflection, touch this you get hurt. After
this he'll start to go from both sides. All I can say is good luck and dodge 
here. He'll also turn into a spiky thing. Here is when it gets simpler. Just
wall climb, dash and then attack him right away with the buster or thunder. 
Zero use c-flasher and c-sword. You should probably enter this fight with two
full E-tanks. And W-tank.
Unknown stage 2
Difficulty: 9/10
Items: N/A

Start this by destroying the big guys and then go on the platforms. Keep 
going up and avoid the Zero viruses. Keep going and try to avoid the enemies 
here or use c-flasher and tri-thunder here. Wait for the enemy to drop and 
pick up its stomp thing and move on. You'll soon see spikes, the Zero virus
and a couple of enemies. Jump over the spikes but destroy the big first. Jump
the virus and dash jump to the next platform. Keep moving and you'll see a 
ladder. Take it and destroy the big guy. Wall climb and avoid the enemies and
dash. Keep heading through these obstacles and use your weapon. You'll see 
the boss door but go on the empty platform and go through the "fake" wall. 
You'll see a full life capsule. Now go to the boss.

Rangda Bangda
Difficulty: 9/10
Weakness: green eye, c-sword and c-shot. Blue eye ground fire, quake blazer.
Red eye, tri-thunder and E-blade. 
His moves.
-Green eye circle shots
-Blue eye charge
-Red eye fire
-Wall spikes
-Sun move

This guy has his eyes come out color-coded. Use the correct weapons for each
listed above. Just use the weapons on these easy eyes and they'll die. After
a while the walls will come in with spikes at the bottom, you must wall climb
and do your best to avoid the sun. After you've gotten his life low the walls
will have spikes come out on the sides. This is completely random so do your
best. If you have to hit the sun and go on the spikes while your invincible.
If you defeat all the eyes the walls will stay there so use the gel shaver 
and f-splasher on the sun and he should die.
Unknown stage 3
Difficulty: 7.5/10
Items: Ultimate armor X and Dark Zero

Move along and kill the little mettaurs. Go on the rope. There are a lot of 
enemies so use the dark hold because you might get hit and fall. Go on the 
land and go on the platforms to avoid the spikes. Air dash for the one with
spikes on the top and bottom. Go on all the platforms and avoid the spikes by
waiting on the falling platforms then dash. Continue and you'll reach the 

Ultimate armor X
Diffuculty: 7/10
Weakness: Z-saber
His moves.
-Icicle drop
-Twin shoot
-Buster shot 

When you come with Zero you fight X. When he shoots jump and then get close 
and attack. He'll sometimes make icicles on the ceiling drop so move. He'll
also get twin souls of himself to go out and dash. Jump and double jump to
avoid these. Use c-flasher and the c-sword. If you don't want to get close 
use twin dream.

Zero/maverick Zero
Difficulty: 8/10
Weakness: X-buster
His moves.
-Saber slash
-Saber shot
-Saber blades

Use your buster and shoot charge shots. He'll shoot lots of saber things so
air dash and wall climb. If you get close he'll slash so stay away and shoot.
He'll use c-flasher so jump in between the blasts. If Zero went maverick he
can do this continuously.
Sigma stage
Difficulty: 6/10
Items: N/A

Head down and move forward and avoid the spikes and enemies. Just keep moving
and go on the platforms when you see the spikes. Head down and you will fight
the eight bosses again. Same strategy's as above. Head in the gold portal and
move ahead. Jump the purple balls and avoid the triangles. Keep moving and go
up. Go on the black disappearing things and then head to the final boss!

Difficulty: 8/10
Weakness: E-blade, tri-thunder.
His moves.
-sigma guard
-electric balls
-wave of destruction

When he stands there and shoots electric balls, wall climb and then get down
and attack! When he dashes, jump over him and attack! He'll also 
occasionally put destroyable sigma heads to protect him. He'll also send huge
waves that take 3/4 of your life so duck, wall climb and air dash between the
waves when he sends two. Keep doing this and make him dash at you so you can
attack him. Try your best to save your E-tanks.

Gamma Sigma
Diffuculty: 10/10
Weakness: spike rope, twin dream.
His moves.
-Elec claw
-Gamma fists
-Gamma blocks
-Gamma balls
-Fist shot

He'll start off by sending his hands out. Go on the fists and avoid the pink
blasts. Jump to his head (weak point) and attack. He'll also send out homing
balls. Wall climb, then dash to the head and attack! He'll also get his hand
out and shoot electricity. Take the hit but if Zero, use the f-splasher. Use
the twin dream and spike rope when you have the chance. He'll occasionally
send a huge pink block so wall climb, then dash and do anything you can to
avoid this. Use your E-tanks here. You'll need them.
9.) Item/part locations
Grizzly stage-Use gaea X and wall climb up the 2 big trucks for the heart. 
After 1 of the exploding trucks. In the rock area head up with Zeros double

Duff stage-Use gaea or falcon X and go up the spiky area and keep going for 
the heart. Use the gel shaver to get through the crack for the armor.

Squid stage-Use gaea X and go to the left when there is 2 paths for the 
heart. Get 8 energy balls on the ride chaser for armor.

Izzy stage-Use gaea or falcon X and jump off the black bridge and head down
for the heart. Use the ground fire on the wood for the Ex-item. In the 3rd 
section go up the space and use the c-shot or c-sword for armor.

Dizzy stage-Self explanatory for the heart. Use X's f-laser in the maze 
before the boss for armor. Jump on the platform before the 2nd section for 
the E-tank.

skiver stage- Self explanatory for the heart. Use falcon X and fly up before 
the 2nd elevator for armor. Self explanatory for the w-tank.

Mattrex stage- Go left in the lava place for the heart. Use the ride armor
or Falcon to go across the gap in the boss area for armor.
10.) Secrets/codes
When you start a game highlight X and press: up x2, down x9 and confirm. You
will start with Ultimate X! Or in the 3rd unknown stage go down one of the
gaps to find an Ultimate armor capsule.

For Dark Zero press: down x2, up x9 and confirm. Now you'll start with him!
You can go to the same gap and get him too!

Well that's it hope you enjoyed the guide!

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