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Ranking System Guide by SOTNightBoat

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/18/04

== Mega Man X5 Ranking System Guide ==
==        by sotnightboat           ==

There's not a whole lot of information available on the ranking system used
in Mega Man X5, and rather than continually post this information on forums I
finally decided to organize the important information I'd gathered and wrote
from time to time and created this guide.
All information provided in this guide, with the possible exception of the
rank chart (See section for contributers), is free for you to use however you

Version 1.0 : 12/16/2004
1. Releases & Changes
2. Todo
3. Contributers
4. Rank Chart
5. Example Routes
6. MEH Tips

= 1. Releases & Changes =
Version 1.0 - Initial release

= 2. Todo =
* Add a walkthru for Axl's stage when going for rank MEH
* Try and think of what else to add..

= 3. Contributers =
-Paromin: Providing me with the rank chart on the forums, and strategies on
getting through the stages faster
-Marshmallow man: Providing the original rank chart on the forums
-Mecha Gouki: Providing tips and strategies
-kain falanx G: Pointed out it is possible for X to obtain MEH on Axl's stage
-All those who contributed guides/faqs for Mega Man X5 (Used JPeasley guide
for the names of a couple of attacks)
-All other GameFAQ memebers who provided relevant information on the Mega Man
X5 forum

= 4. Rank Chart =
Finish Time - 0-1 min.(8pt. PA rank only) 0-2 min.(8pt. for all other ranks)
2-3min.(4pts.) 3-6min.(2pts.) 7min. and more(1pt)

Number Of Robots Killed - 0-40(8pts) 41-80(4pts) 81-150(2pts.)
150 and more(1pt)
[kill less to get more points.]

Damage - 0-16(8pts.) 17-32(4pts.) 33-64(2pts.) 65 and up(1pt.)

Highest Possible Damage Done To Boss - 8-up(8pts.) 7-6(4pts.) 5-4(2pts.) 
[This ammount is scaled for X depending on which armor you're using. I'm not
sure by how much though, just know that you have to do more with the 4th armor
than unarmored or falcon armor]

Number Of Viruses You've Been Hit By - 0(8pts) 1(4pts.) 2(2pts.) 3-up(1pt.)


0-31(Decrease LV.)
32-up(Same LV.)

0-31(Decrease LV.)
32-39(Same LV.)
40(Raise LV.)

0-31(Decrease LV.)
24-35(Same LV.) 
36-40(Raise LV.)

0-19(Decrease LV.)
20-31(Same LV.)
32-40(Raise LV.)

0-17(Decrease LV.)
18-31(Same LV.)
32-40(Raise LV.)

0-14(Decrease LV.)
15-27(Same LV.)
28-40(Raise Lv.)

0-11(Decrease LV.)
12-19(Same LV.)
20-40(Raise LV.)

(Can't Decrease LV.)
0-15(Same LV.)
16-40(Raise LV.)

= 5. Example Routes =
Here are two example routes to get you started, both work on extreme
difficulty, and neither require ultimate armor, or even the fourth armor for
X.  One hunter will get MEH on Dynamo, and the other on Axl's stage.

-STAGE : DayStart - DayEnd : Player : Rank to obtain/maintain [: note ref # ]

Zero To MEH on Axl:
-Slash Grizzly : 11 - 10 : Zero     : GA  : Note 1
-Waste one day
-The Skiver    : 9 - 8   : X        : A   : Note 2
-Dynamo        : 8 - 7   : X        : SA
-Duff McWhalen : 7 - 6   : X        : SA
-Squid Adler   : 6 - 5   : Zero     : PA
-Izzy Glow     : 5 - 4   : X        : GA  : Note 3
-Fire Cannon   : Plus one day
-Duff McWhalen : 5 - 4   : X        : GA  : Note 4
-Mattrex or
Dark Dizzy     : 4 - 3   : Falcon X : PA  : Note 5, Note 6
-Dynamo        : 3 - 2   : X        : MEH
-Axl The Red   : 2 - 1   : Zero     : MEH : Note 7

X to MEH on Axl:
-Slash Grizzly : 11 - 10 : Zero     : GA  : Note 1
-Waste one day
-The Skiver    : 9 - 8   : X        : A   : Note 2
-Dynamo        : 8 - 7   : Zero     : PA
-Duff McWhalen : 7 - 6   : X        : A
-Squid Adler   : 6 - 5   : X        : SA
-Izzy Glow     : 5 - 4   : X        : GA  : Note 3
-Fire Cannon   : Plus one day
-Duff McWhalen : 5 - 4   : X        : GA  : Note 4
-Mattrex or
Dark Dizzy     : 4 - 3   : Falcon X : PA  : Note 6
-Dynamo        : 3 - 2   : Zero     : MEH
-Axl The Red   : 2 - 1   : X        : MEH : Note 7

1. Get hyper dash
2. Get jump enhancer
3. If you can't obtain GA here get X to GA on Mattrex, then PA on Dark Dizzy
4. Get last part of falcon armor
5. If you choose Dark Dizzy you'll still need to beat Mattrex, as you need the
fallen phoenix crush weapon for Zero
6. For Mattrex go down when the path splits, keep in mind damage taken while in
the ride armor counts towards your rank
7. Use hyper dash and jump enhancer

= 6. MEH Tips =
Always dash jump through the stages, it's the fastest way to travel in the

X can also get MEH on the 3rd Zero virus stage with the ultimate armor fairly

Getting your hunter to MEH on Axl's stage can be pretty tough, so I thought
I'd use this section just for that..

Parts needed:
Zero: hyper dash + jumper enhancer
Unarmored X: hyper dash + jumper enhancer + quick charge + buster plus
4th Armor: hyper dash + jumper enhancer
Falcon Armor: hyper dash + jumper enhancer

Strategy for Axl's stage:
(coming soon)

Strategy for Axl:
Zero: If he's on the ground, hit him with a 2-3 hit combo with your z-saber
then immediately jump to avoid his attacks while using the crescent moon slash
against him; double jump while following him during his attacks.  When/if he
does a whip attack, quickly jump on the wall next to him and continually use
your crescent moon slash attack from above.
Avoid using the fallen phoenix crush as it stuns him for too long, but make
sure you finish him off with the technique in order to receive all the points
for highest possible damage done to boss.

4th Armor: Simply charge The Skivers wind slash and let him have it.  Make
sure you wait for your previous attack to completely dissipate before firing
another one, as X will just lose his charge if you try to fire it before then.
This is why using the quick charge would be useless on this level.  Remember,
you have no margin for error during this fight, miss once, reset as you won't
have time to finish him off within the min time limit.

Falcon or Unamored X: I found it much easier to get MEH with unarmored X 
rather than with the falcon armor (For me, using the falcon armor to
obtain MEH on Axl's stage was the hardest rank jump in the game that I
remember).  But regardless of your choice, all you need to do in this fight
is alternate between a charge shot, and a wind slash attack.  I'll walk you
through the start of the boss battle.  Depending how you hit Axl with your
first shot will determine his pattern of attack for the rest of the battle,
the pattern that can be defeated faster starts off with Axl jumping twice
after firing his big spiked ball that bounces around, as in this attack he
won't have a chance to use his vine whip attack.  You can still get MEH if he
does, but it will be harder as you'll have to dash jump follow him to the same
side of the screen he jumps to, and take some damage intentionally to avoid
getting caught in his whip (Walk into him before he uses his whip).  So to
avoid this situation altogether, hit him with a charge shot during his first
jump, as he's going up (so fire your shot right when the copy he creates at
the start of the battle begins to disappear).  Make sure it hits him while
he's in the air, and while he's still in the air fire a wind slash attack at
him, and when he hits the ground fire another charged shot.  At this point he
should just be getting ready to throw that spike ball I mentioned before.
Now you'll be able to destroy it and hit him at the same time if you time
your next wind slash attack correctly, if not just take the damage and ignore
the ball.  For the rest of the battle make sure you stay right up against him,
avoid his attacks only while you're waiting for your buster to charge,
otherwise it would be wise to get in a hit, and receive some damage yourself
as beating him within 1 min is going to be the tough part.  Remember, there's
no margin for error here, if you miss one shot on him you might as well start
over, as you won't beat him within the min time limit.

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