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Zero FAQ by JTucker

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/06/99

Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 22:54:09 -0700

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		|_  /  | ___| |   \  / \
		 / /_  | ___| |   / | O |
		/____| |____| |_|_\  \_/
			VERSION 1.2
			by Jason Tucker

	I.   History of Maverick Hunter Zero
		1. Before the games
		2. Mega Man X 
		3. Mega Man X2
			A. Version 1 - cool battle
			B. Version 2 - cool story
		4. Mega Man X3
			A. Version 1 - sucky
			B. Version 2 - better
			C. Version 3 - best
		5. Mega Man X4
		6. The Future
	II.  Changes in Zero's weapons/abilities
		1. Mega Man X
		2. Mega Man X2
		3. Mega Man X3
		4. Mega Man X4
	III. Mega Man X4 walkthrough
	IV.  Rumors and frequently asked questions
		1. Is Zero like Protoman X?
		2. Who created Zero?
		3. Is that his hair or a yellow cape?
		4. What is that symbol?
		5. Why "Zero?"
		6. Why are Zero's abilities named in Japanese?
			A. Probable reasons
			B. Translations
		7. What do you mean "Zero's not a Reploid" ?!
	V.   Zero secrets
	VI.  Updates and revisions of this FAQ
	VII. Special thanks and credits



	Zero's history is shrouded in mystery and shadow, but 
through flashbacks and reccuring nightmares, we can see that Zero
was created by a partially-bald gentleman with frizzy hair. He was
created specifically for the purpose of crushing this individual's 
	He became a Maverick back in the days when Sigma still led 
the Maverick Hunters. They clashed, and Zero almost beat him when
the blue Jewel in his forehead flashed with a "W" and he became
distracted for long enough for Sigma to defeat him. Sigma ordered
him to be taken to Dr. Cain's lab and studied.
	Later, he was repaired and eventually joined the Maverick
Hunters. When Sigma went Maverick, Zero took over as their leader.


	When X tries to confront Vile, Zero intervenes and saves
X's hide. Vile retreats and they split up, Zero opting to find 
Sigma's fortress. When he finds it, he and X assault the citadel.
	When X is confronted by Vile again, Zero intervenes. He 
loses and is captured. Then, after a breif bout between the armor-
riding Vile and X, Zero breaks his bonds and nobly self-destructs,
destroying the armored walker.
	When X finishes off Vile, he finds Zero almost dead. (If 
the X-Buster enhancement was not found in Flame Mammoth's stage,
Zero will give X his.)


	A new group of Mavericks calling themselves the X-Hunters,
Serges, Agile, and Violen, collect Zero's parts. They challenge
Mega Man X to fight them for the parts. 
	(VERSION 1) X collects some or none of the parts. The X-
Hunters storm Dr. Cain's lab and steal back whatever X has collected
as well as Zero's control chip. 
	After defeating the X-Hunters, X confronts Sigma, who has
ressurected Zero to fight for the Maverick cause. X defeats Zero
and then goes after Sigma while Zero destroys the main computer.
	(VERSION 2) X collects all of Zero's parts and brings them 
to Dr. Cain's lab. Dr. Cain reactivates Zero, and he dashes to the
central computer.
	Zero destroys a cheap copy of himself, saying, "You should
have studied the blueprints closer. There is only one Zero!"
	Sigma replies, "Wait! I know your secret: You were destined
to follow me!" (foreshadowing?)
	"Maybe so, but I still don't like you!" retorts Zero. He
then sends X to face Sigma while he destroys the computer.


	Zero and X are given command appointments to different 
units of Maverick Hunters, Zero leading a special Unit #0.
	Maverick Hunter H.Q. is attacked by the forces of a new
threat in the form of Dr. Doppler, a reploid scientist who helped 
to neutralize the cause of Maverickism. Zero and X rush back to 
help defend their base.
	Zero sweeps up the enemies outside the building and then
checks up on X inside, only to find him captured by Mac, a former
Maverick Hunter who joined Doppler's army. He rescues X, then tells
him to be more careful.
	Together, they assault Doppler's army, only to find that
Dr. Doppler is merely a puppet who has been corrupted by Sigma,
whose true form is revealed to be a virus.
	(VERSION 1) Zero damages his power generator, leaving X
to face the remaining threats alone.
	(VERSION 2) Zero is injured in Doppler's fortress, fighting
a bee-like contraption. He passes his Beam Saber to X.
	In either of these versions, Dr. Doppler absorbs the Sigma
virus and self-destructs, both to atone for his crimes and to
finish off Sigma once and for all.
	(VERSION 3) Zero and X assault Doppler's fortress, and
ultimately Sigma's hideout. Zero loads an anti-Sigma program into 
his Beam Saber and Sigma is defeated.


	Zero has a reccuring nightmare about his creator and the
slaughter of innocent people. He awakens to an alarm - Repliforce
has occupied the Sky Lagoon, and all Hunters must scramble!
	At the Sky Lagoon, he finds Magma Dragoon of the 14th Unit.
Learning that the Lagoon will soon fall, they escape, only for
Zero to find the city below in ruins after it comes crashing down.
In the city, he finds Iris and rescues her, much to the gratitude
of the Colonel of the Repliforce, who is Iris' brother. A question
and answer session between two friends turns ugly when Colonel 
assumes that Repliforce has already been branded as Mavericks.
	Back at Maverick Hunter H.Q., Zero learns that Repliforce 
has started a coup to gain independence for a Reploids-only nation.
Iris pleads with him not to fight them, torn between her brother
Colonel and Zero, the one she loves. 
	As Zero fights Repliforce, he learns that someone is working
behind the scenes, pulling the strings of some Repliforce officials.
This someone also offered the traitor Dragoon the chance to fight
Zero if he joined Repliforce. 
	Colonel tells Zero to meet him at Memorial Hall. They battle
breifly before Iris stops them. Even in the conclusion of this 
episode, both side refuse to budge in their positions.
	Repliforce leaves for space, and Zero persues them. He
reluctantly battles Colonel and wins. Zero then discovers that 
Iris has left with Repliforce for their Final Weapon, and he persues.
He is then forced to face Iris. She confesses her feelings for him,
and he, fond of her too, laments that he was unable to prevent 
	He fights General, and discovers that the pupet master 
behind the MH-Replifoce war was none other than Sigma! His past 
as a Maverick is revealed, and he destroys Sigma. General sacrifices
himself to stop the weapon from firing on Earth, and Zero ponders
wether it is the fate of all Reploids to become Mavericks.
	Zero is later shocked when X asks him to "take care of him"
should X ever go Maverick. He dismisses the question, himself
uneasy in facing that possibility.


	This is all conjucture, but it is foreshadowed in several
games that Zero and X will have to face each other. Perhaps X will
be the bad guy. Perhaps Zero will be. They will fight each other
at some point, though, and the fate of all humanity will hang in
the balance.



	Zero's original weapons and abilities consisted mainly of
an extra-powerful X-Buster.


	When Zero was ressurected, he gained the ability to charge
energy in both arms, giving him a double shot. Also, this game 
marks the first appearence of his Beam Saber, which was able to 
fling a crescent-shaped wave of energy. Zero was able to dash while
slashing with his Beam Saber, and was able to punch the ground,
causing debris to fly upward. Lastly, he could block shots from
X's X-Buster.


	This is the first time Zero was actually playable. His
Zero-Buster was chargeable to five levels. 
1. Press button 
	- fires a shot
2. Hold button less than 1.5 sec. (begins flashing blue)
	- fires a larger shot 
3. Hold button 1.5 to 3 sec. (flashes blue, charging tone steadies)
	 - fires a big shot
4. Hold button 3 to 4.5 sec. (flashing purple)
	- fires two big shots
5. Hold button 4.5 sec. or more (flashing green)
	- fires two big shots and slashes with Beam Saber
In this game, Zero has 28 cells of life, and once he is defeated,
he cannot be brought back. He cannot collect enhancements or fight
bosses or half-bosses (except for the bee half-boss in Doppler's
fortress). He cannot use or collect ride armors, either.


	This is the first game that features Zero in his own story
and the first that does not allow Zero to use his Zero-Buster. 
Also, his Beam Saber is now a Z-Saber. His learning system of sword
techniques is also introduced, allowing him to win attacks from the
bosses. Here are detailed descriptions of what he can do.
BEGINNING - Tap the button for a single-hit slash. Rapidly tap a
	second time for a single-hit horizontal slash. Rapidly tap
	a third time for a six-hit double-handed slash. In the air,
	press the attack button for a two-hit wide-range slash. 
	From a ladder, he does a two-hit slash and from the wall,
	he has a three-hit slash.
WEB SPIDER - Press the special button when Zero is on the ground
	for Raijingeki. It's an electrical attack that can score 
	up to twenty hits, plus up to eight hits on enemies close
	behind Zero when he whips is Z-Saber out! It has greater 
	range than any normal slash.
CYBER PEACOCK - Press the Giga-Attack button on the ground for
	Rakuhouha. Sends nine energy blasts to the sides and upward
	at all angles. It's the only technique that has an energy
	meter. You get four shots when it is full. The energy meter
	refills when you collect weapon energy, life energy, take
	damage, or use the Weapon Tank. Zero is invincible while
	doing this.
STORM OWL - Tenkuuha. The Z-Saber changes from green to violet. 
	It allows you to destroy energy projectiles from enemies.
MAGMA DRAGOON - Press up + special button on the ground for Ryuenjin. 
	It is a jumping upward fire slash. This technique allows
	you to burn certain tree trunks in the Jungle and the ice
	ceiling in the Snow Base. After slashing, you are able to
	move, slash, or do whatever as you fall. It has multiple-
	hit capabilities.
SPLIT MUSHROOM - Press jump while in the air for a double jump
	(Kuuenbu). While in the air, press attack for a spinning
	slash (Kuuenzan). Kuuenzan has less range than the standard
	air slash, but it covers more area above, below, and behind 
	Zero, and has the ability to hit up to six times.
JET STINGRAY - Press dash or tap the direction button twice for
	an air-dash (Hienkyaku). While in the air, either falling
	or jumping, you are capable of only doing ONE of the 
	following: (1) Kuuenbu, (2) Hienkyaku, or (3) jump out of
	a ride armor.
SLASH BEAST - Press special while dashing for Shippuuga. It is a
	triple-hit slash, but as you slash, your dash immediately
	slows to a halt.
FROST WALRUS - Press down + special while in the air for Hyoretsuzan.
	It is a diving ice attack that can hit up to three times.
	(At least, three hits is all I've managed to score on a 
	single target.) Press left or right while using this to 
	steer Zero's fall. You can't steer it all that much, but 
	you can exert some control.


	I'd like to say that this is my order for playing the game
with Zero. Your order may differ, but I have tried to develop as
efficient an order as possible, allowing for as few revisits as
possible. First, do the first stage. Then...

	Kill Web Spider and get his Raijingeki. Avoid his webs by
dashing under him when he throws them.

	Use Raijingeki against the drilling insect half-boss. To
nab the Heart Tank in Area 2 after the spiraling staircase, let
the machine drill the first chunk of bridge. Let it slide a little
and climb up before it falls.
	Against the fungus, slash him while he spawns Soul Bodies.
While he spins in the air, dash to the opposite corner and jump
the first Body. Then, duck the second and continue the pattern.
When he splits, watch him as he divides. The fake will be 
transluscent for a moment as they fall. Only the real Split Mushroom
is vulnerable. Zap him with Raijingeki. Get Kuuenbu and Kuuenzan.

	In Area 1, just don't jump right before the Heart Tank, 
and you'll land right on top of it. In Area 2, you can get the 
Sub Tank on the platform by dash-jumping from the platform before.
	To beat Stingray, just use Kuuenbu and then Kuuenzan right 
next to him. If timed correctly, you can slash him continuously
and destroy the Ground Hunter shots. Dash over him when he dives.
Get Hienkyaku.

	The Heart Tank is in the middle of Area 2, after a vertical
climb. Dash-jump or Hienkyaku to the left. 
	When the time comes to abandon the ride armor, don't. Go 
under the ledge and destroy the blocks. Use the ride armor against
Dragoon, and then Raijingeki after it is destroyed. Get Ryuenjin.

	Watch the movie. It's cool.

	In Area 2, after a climb and drop through some spider-
generating webs, use Ryuenjin to burn a section of tree trunk.

	Climb the wall at left when you begin the stage. You'll
find power-ups and a 1-up. After that, double back and enter the
cave. Use Ryuenjin to break the ceiling and get the Heart Tank.
After the appearing and disappearing slopes, before the path goes
downward and leftward, climb the wall to the right. Use Kuuenbu
to get the Life-Adding Doohickey. Use Ryuenjin or Kuuenzan against
the ice claw half-boss. In Area 2, use Ryuenjin to burn all the 
ice blocks and get the Weapon Tank.
	To beat Frost Walrus, use Ryuenjin and then triangle jump
off the wall to avoid him when he slides. Whenever he uses ice to
attack, use Ryuenjin to destroy the projectiles.

	In Area 1, get through every part as fast as possible. Use
Kuuenzan to destroy the yellow eyeball thingies only when they 
block your path. Otherwise, avoid everything. The first part will
net you a 1-up, the second gets you a Heart Tank, and the third
gives you the Sub-Tank. In the third area, save time by dashing
under the spiked ball robots as they appear from portals.
	To kill Cyber Peacock, use Ryuenjin before he can attack.
Get Rakuhouha.

	In Area 1, after you get the ride armor, destroy the gun
turrets and big missile-firing enemies, then ditch the armor. It's
far easier to collect the Heart Tank without the armor, since as
much speed as possible must be used. At the end of Area 2, use
Ryuuenjin against the half-boss.
	You only get four shots of Rakuhouha, so make them count.
If you have a full Weapon Tank, then hit him eight times. If it 
is not full, wear him down with other sword techniques and use
Rakuhouha when it is unavoidable. You can gain extra shots, but
you must get hit twice for each one. Note that you can hit him
multiple times with a single Rakuhouha attack if more than one of
the energy blasts hits him. Doing this requires close proximity
to the Maverick.

	To destroy the half-boss at the end of Area 1, maneuver 
so that you are next to the bottom spike. Use Raijingeki on it, 
then Ryuenjin on everything else. In Area 2, the Heart Tank is in 
plain view. 
	To fight Slash Beast, dash under him when he jumps and use
Kuuenzan whenever possible. You can jump over or dash under his 
Twin Slasher attack. Do not attack him when he stands charging 
his claws; he will immediately counter-attack. When he dashes at 
you, use Hienkyaku or Kuuenbu to avoid him.

	When fighting Colonel, jump straight up into the air. Time
it right, and you'll avoid his swordslash. Come down on him with 
Hyoretsuzan. When he throws energy waves from his sword, dash under
the first, jump the second, and Sippuuga under the third.

	When you fight Iris, don't hit her any more than you have 
to. That'll generate little floating enemies, and she won't take
damage. Destroy the purple octohedron.
	Watch the movie. It's sad. (Iris smiles cutely before dying.
Now that's tugging at the heartstrings!)
	You have two possible routes to take after that. The higher
road has lots of spikes and big ship-destroying lazers like the 
ones in the Air Force stage. The lower road has few places to stand
and an eagle ride armor.
	When fighting General, just cling to the wall when he's
flying around and slash at his head. When he launches his fists
at you, climb to the higher fist and let it carry you to his head. 
Kuuenzan his face, being careful to avoid the energy bubbles. Then,
jump and Hienkyaku away.
	When fighting the eight Repliforce soldiers again, defeat
them the same way you did before, with the following exceptions:
MAGMA DRAGOON: Avoid his attacks as best you can and use Raijingeki.
JET STINGRAY: Use Kuuenbu immediately whenever he appears so that
you can get high enough to use Hyoretsuzan. Continue this so that
he has no chance at attacking.
WEB SPIDER: Use Shippuuga to destroy the spider drones. It does 
some nice damage against the Spider himself, too.
	Fighting the Sigma Reaper, just keep using Ryuenjin. Every
third attack will be a sweep with his energy sythe, so climb the
left wall and jump over him as he passes.
	Fighting Sigma's second form, leap over the sythe when he 
twirls it, then strike him with Raijinkegi from a distance. When
he throws his sythe again, jump to spoil his aim and make him toss
it into the wall. Slash him two or three times, then Kuuenbu to
the far wall when he uses his eye lasers. Repeat this pattern as
neccessary. Be careful not to get too close, as doing so will make
him spawn invincible boomerangs.
	The third Sigma forms are difficult, but not impossible
to fight. Whatever form attacks first, the pattern will continue
in a cyle: Colored head, laser gun, colored head, and wind face.
YELLOW HEAD: Start underneath it and make your way to one of the
other heads. Climb atop the head and jump through the lighting
RED HEAD: Go right. Climb the heads to avoid the first two fire
waves, then jump over the second wave, fall beneath the third, and
dash under the fourth.
BLUE HEAD: Climb the heads at left and ride the Blue Head.
WIND FACE 1: Dash right as the tornados blow leftward. Use Shippuuga.
WIND FACE 2: Avoid the "sucking in" debris as best you can and 
retreat up the right wall to avoid the "blowing out" debris.
LASER GUN 1: "The end..." Scramble up the heads as fast as you can.
LASER GUN 2: Climb the heads or jump to misdirect the aim for his
first shot, then use Raijingeki to destroy the Red Head. After 
that, stand under his lowest aim and hit the face with Ryuenjin.
Don't stand too close when using it, as you may get hit by direct

	Watch the ending.



	No. Zero is not a future version of Protoman. Many have
suggested this, but it is not the case. Protoman and Megaman were
created by Dr. Light, who modified Megaman into Megaman X. Zero
was not created by Dr. Light at all.


	No one can say for sure. His origins are mysterious. However,
it is very, very, VERY strongly hinted in Mega Man X4 that he was,
in fact, created by Dr. Wily! This is reninforced by Sigma's dying
words in Mega Man X2, saying that "He is... last of the doctor's
	Before anyone suggests that Zero is a "Bass X" I am compelled
to say that, in my opinion, he appears to be more of an original
creation than a modification of a previous robot.


	What is that yellow stuff that seems to flow from his neck
area? It's hair. Long, blonde hair. One of my firends suggested
that it was originally a cape in the first Mega Man X game, and it
gradually became hair. Wrong. It was always hair. Yes, he has long 
hair, and yes, he is a boy. Get over it. 


	Under Zero's life meter in X3 and X4, there is a symbol
that looks like an X. The same symbol appears on his shoulder.
That emblem is, in fact, not an X, but a very stylized Z. "Z" for

5. WHY "ZERO"?

	My guess would be that he is supposed to be some kind of 
counerpart to Megaman X. It's like Tic Tac Toe... One player is
the X's and the other is the 0's. 


Well, the game was originally programmed in Japan. That may have 
something to do with it. All of Megaman's special weapons are in 
English, even in Japan. This could be an attempt to add to the 
X-and-0 contrast by making X more "Western" and Zero more "Eastern." 

Raijingeki = Raijin Attack. (Raijin is the Shinto thunder god.)
Rakuhouha = Fallen Phoenex Crush.
Tenkuuha = Heavenly Mandate. ("ten" = "sky" or "Heaven")
Ryuenjin = Dragonfire Blade ("ryu" = "dragon" and "jin" = "blade"
	or "slash")
Kuuenbu = Air Dance ("kuu" = "air")
Kuuenzan = Air Slice ("zan" = "sword thrust")
Hienkyaku = Flying Kick ("kyaku" = "kick")
Shippuuga = Spinning Fang
Hyoretsuzan = Ice Burst Stab ("restu" = "burst")


	Just that. Zero's not really a Reploid. Reploids are robots
who can think, feel, and make their own decisions. Reploids were
given rise to when Dr. Cain tried to replicate (hence, "Reploid")
the technology of Dr. Thomas Xavier Light. Since Zero was not built
by Dr. Cain or, apparently, anyone in that era, he was not designed
with Reploid technology.  He was designed by Dr. Albert Wily, with
Wily's own schematics and technology.
	By the same token, Mega Man X is not a Reploid. He *is*
the orignal technology of Dr. Light that Dr. Cain tried to replicate.



	You can give Zero's Beam Saber to Mega Man X! All you have
to do is not fight Vile in the Maverick stages. Then, in the second
Doppler stage, switch to Zero before fighting the bee half-boss.
Defeat it, and it will crash into Zero, leaving him with one cell
of energy. He will pass on his Beam Saber (restored to its Mega
Man X2 power) to X.


	If you are playing the Japanese version of the game, then
at the title screen, put the curser on Zero. Hold R1 and press
right six times. Then release R1, hold X and press START. Zero will 
have his black super armor!
	The American version has this feature, too, but it's done
differently. Put the cursor on Zero and hold R1. Press right six
times and release R1, then hold O and press START.
	It's probably important for me to note that the super
armor is not neccessarily all that super. It's just cool-looking.


VER. 1.2

	Fine-tuning of translations, thanks to Ursa.
	Corrected the hit count for Raijingeki and added hit count
		for Kuuenzan. Detail about Zero's invincibility
		in Rakuhouha added.
	Shippuuga strategy for Web Spider added.

VER. 1.0

	Pretty much everything was new.


Rough translations of Zero's Z-Saber techniques courtesey of Max
	"Metool" Hadgehorn's Mega Man X4 FAQ.
Help fine-tuning translations of Zero's techniques thanks to Ursa.
Zero's super armor for Japanese version courtesey Valentino 
	Bhudidharma and his Mega Man X4 FAQ.
Zero's super armor for American version courtesey Max "Metool"
	Hadgehorn again.
Information about passing on the Beam Saber in Mega Man X3 courtesey
	Moses "Mr. X" Gomez.
Extra special thanks to God for letting me finally finish this.


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