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FAQ by RFurr

MEGA MAN X  (1994)  12 Meg  -  by Rick Furr (RFURR@VT.EDU)

     After Vile (Highway Stage)
          5385 7136 6321
          1768 5858 3884
     Chill Penguin defeated
          6385 5336 5364
     Storm Eagle defeated
          6483 7376 5124
     Flame Mammoth defeated
          1573 5232 7264
     Spark Mandrill defeated
          5131 7358 4181
     Armored Armadillo defeated
          5147 8437 4536
     Launch Octopus defeated
          1556 6642 7448
     Boomer Kuwanger defeated
          5151 3427 4261
     Extra Life Tank
          5447 4177 4536
     Sting Chameleon defeated
          4131 6712 1221

Password for armor, helmet, acceleration, several Heart Tanks and three 
  Sub-Tanks.  Note that all of the bosses are still intact:

     1152 1176 2181

Start game with all but one Heart Tank, three Sub-Tanks, and ALL FOUR 
  suit power-ups (chest armor, helmet, acceleration, and blaster)!

     6544 8278 6228

To get the other Heart Tank and the other Sub-Tank:
     1)   Get the Boomerang Cutter power-up in the Kuwanger stage.
     2)   Enter the Mandrill stage, use the Boomerang to grab the Sub-Tank.
     3)   Enter the Kuwanger stage again and use the Boomerang to grab the 
          Heart Tank sitting on the ledge at the top of the outside tower.

All Sub Bosses, all Heart Tanks and all Sub-Tanks plus:
     Armor, Helmet, and Acceleration System.
     To get Zero's Cannon: Enter Sigma level, cross chasm, battle Vile.
        (Zero will give you his arm cannon just before passing away)
        (Zero's Arm Cannon is the same)

     3441 3356 4421

All Sub Bosses, all Heart Tanks and all Sub-Tanks plus:
     Armor, Helmet, Acceleration System, and Zero's Arm Cannon.

     3673 2137 2484
     8441 2136 4421
     8447 4626 6155

                            MAXIMUM LIVES (9)

1.   Go to the Armored Armadillo stage.
2.   Ride the cart but jump off before leaving the first section.
3.   There will be a large bat hanging from the ceiling.
4.   Shoot the bat - it will usually give you a 1-Up.
5.   Move out of sight of where the bat hangs.
6.   Reenter the bats area -- he will re-appear, shoot him again.
7.   Continue until your 1-Up lives are full (9 max).

                         MAXIMUM LIVES AND FULL POWER
                        (need Zero's Arm Cannon Power)

1.   Go to the Armored Armadillo stage.
2.   Start to ride the cart but jump off after it starts moving.
3.   Use Zero's AC power to fully charge then switch to Rolling Shields.
4.   With X's Force Shield surrounding him search for bats
5.   Simply run into as many bats as you can, move back and forth to 
     make the bats reappear.
6.   Once all of your Heart Tanks and Sub-Tanks are charged go for the bat.
7.   There will be a large bat hanging from the ceiling.
8.   Touch the bat with your shield - it will usually give you a 1-Up.
9.   Move out of sight of where the bat hangs.
10.  Reenter the bat area -- he will re-appear, shoot him again.
11.  Continue until your 1-Up lives are full (9 max).


1.   Chill Penguin      S. Ice (Shotgun)        Kill with Plain power
     Ht: 5.34  Wt: 237                          (Jump onto the wall)
     Powers: Shotgun Ice, Sliding

2.   Spark Mandrill     E. Spark (Electric)     Kill with Shotgun Ice
     Ht: 10.0  Wt: 646
     Powers: Electric Spark, Dash Punch
        -- Use Fire Wave to kill the Robot Guards.
        -- Use Shotgun Ice or Tornado power to kill the Thunder Slimer.

3.   Armored Armadillo  R. Shield (Rolling)     Kill with Electric Spark
     Ht: 6.36  Wt: 510
     Powers: Rolling Shield, Guarding

4.   Launch Octopus     Homing. T (Torpedoes)   Kill with Rolling Shields
     Ht: 7.8   Wt: 348                          For fun use  Boomerang to 
     Powers: Homing Torpedo, Energy Drain       cut off his tentacles.
        -- Use Storm Tornado to destroy the Ship.
        -- Use Storm Tornado to kill the Mecha-Eel.
        -- For fun try riding on the Mecha-Eel's back!

5.   Boomer Kuwanger   B. Cutter (Boomerang)   Kill with Homing Torpedoes
     Ht: 7.93  Wt: 206                          (Hang  on  left  wall  and
     Powers: Boomerang Cutter, Dead Lift        fire Homing Torpedoes)

6.   Sting Chameleon    C. Sting (Chameleon)    Kill with Boomerang Cutter
     Ht: 5.8   Wt: 169
     Powers: Chameleon Sting, Iron Tongue

7.   Storm Eagle        Storm. T (Tornado)      Kill with Chameleon Sting
     Ht: 8.2   Wt: 275
     Powers: Storm Tornado, Diving

8.   Flame Mammoth      Fire W. (Wave)          Kill with Storm Tornado
     Ht: 10.5  Wt: 719
     Powers: Fire Wave, Oiling, Jump Press

                          SUB TANKS (4)

1.   Armadillo  To the left of the 1st Earth Moving machine.
2.   Mandrill   In the first area, down a ladder, on the other side of
                  a wall -- use the Boomerang Cutter.
3.   Eagle      In the glass tower.  It's easiest to get from the right 
                  side of the tower.
4.   Mammoth    In the room with the Pick Tossing Miners.  Climb up the 
                  platforms, working towards the upper left side.  
                  Accel-Jump from the platform with the Hard Hat Guys to
                  the left wall.

                         HEART TANKS (8)

1.   Penguin    Fire Wave on Ice Castle above cave with robot suit.
2.   Mandrill   After the ceiling guns, past the transformers, at the 
                  ladder, go up, it's on a ledge -- use Boomerang Cutter.
3.   Armadillo  Jump onto the ledge in front of the 2nd Earth Moving 
4.   Octopus    Sink Ship, Battle 1st Mecha-Eel, room to right.
                  -- Use Storm Tornado to destroy the Ship.
                  -- Use Storm Tornado to kill the Mecha-Eel.
                  -- For fun try riding on the Mecha-Eel's back!
5.   Kuwanger   On ledge at top of outside tower -- use Boomerang Cutter.
                  -- If you have the X-Buster Power-Up from the Mammoth
                     Stage or Zero's Arm Cannon Power then form a shield 
                     around you before riding the elevator and while 
                     climbing the tower wall.  It will kill every enemy 
                     during your outside climb up!
6.   Chameleon  In pit at the start of the cave.
                  -- Must defeat the Octopus so water will fill the pit
                     that is just before the cave, then accel-jump across.
7.   Eagle      Ride the elevator to the top and accel-jump to the left.
                  -- You will land on the roof of the building on the left.
8.   Mammoth    In the Pick Tossing Miner room on the far bottom right.
                  -- Must defeat the Penguin first to freeze the Lava on 
                     the floor.

                       DR. LIGHT's CAPSULES

0.   X-Buster              Beginning    Hold  "Y"  to  charge, release to

1.   Acceleration System   Penguin      At the top of the Ice cave.
                                        Speed  by  pressing "A" and  jump 
                                        twice as far by pressing "A"+"B".

                                        "Step  into   this   capsule  and
                                        receive an acceleration system to 
                                        boost your speed." - T. Light

2.   Helmet Enhancement    Eagle        Climb the tall girder, go down the
                                        other side, Accel-jump to ledge on 
                                        right, blast through the gas tanks.

                                        "This    capsule    contains    an
                                        enhancement for your  helmet which 
                                        will   allow  you  to  break  some 
                                        ceilings with a headbutt." 
                                                                - T. Light

3.   Armor                 Chameleon    At cave entrance,  accel-jump over
                                        the  pit,  climb onto  top of cave
                                        and fight a Green  Clamper  robot.
                                        He  can  be defeated  by X-Blaster
                                        shots to the head.  Run fast under
                                        his jumps between your shots.

                                        "This  capsule contains a new type
                                        of  body  armor.  It  will  reduce
                                        damage   to   your  system  by  50 
                                        percent." - T. Light

4a.   X-Buster Power-Up    Mammoth      At  the   entrance  to  the   Pick
                                        Tossing Miners room jump  onto the
                                        first  platform,  then run back to 
                                        the left and dash jump so that X's 
                                        helmet begins  breaking the blocks
                                        (See below).

                                        "This   capsule  contains  a  part 
                                        which     will     increase    the  
                                        capabilities  of  your   X-Buster.  
                                        You can  use it to  fire all types 
                                        of weapons." - T. Light

4b.   Zero's Arm Cannon    Vile's Room  Beat all Mini-Bosses,  enter Sigma
                                        level, cross ravine,  climb shaft,
                                        battle Vile (See below).

                                        "You  are  more  powerful than you 
                                        were before but Sigma is much more 
                                        than  he  appears  to  be.  You're 
                                        going to  need  an  edge.  Take my
                                        Arm Cannon  and  your attack power 
                                        should increase.  Good Luck, X!"
                                                                    - Zero

5.   Hyruken Power         Armadillo    Use the following instructions:

                                        "I  give  you a  special  present.
                                        Now, enter the capsule,  please."
                                                               - T. Light

        1.   Finished off all the Mini-Bosses and collect ALL of the Hart 
             and Sub Tanks.
        2.   Return to the Armored Armadillo stage.
        3.   Before you reach the boss's room, when you are flying across 
             the chasm on the cart, jump to the cliff above the door.
        4.   Quickly  climb  the  cliff and  grab the Power-Up, then jump 
             into the chasm.
        5.   Repeat the  process  four  more  times,  and  Dr. Light will
             appear and give you the Hyruken power.
        6a.  Press Down, Down/Forward, Forward then Y to use the Fireball.
        6b.  Press Down, Down/Reverse, Reverse then Y to use the Fireball.
        7.   Remember, you must have full power to fire this weapon.
        8.   When X fires the Hyruken Power he yells "Cook'in".

                         X-BUSTER POWER-UP or
                        ZERO's ARM CANNON POWER

     Dr. Light's Capsule or Zero's Arm Cannon Power will increase the 
       power of X's X-Buster.
     Hold "Y" until X turns red then release a Mega blast of energy.
     Also, while X is red, push the top "L" or "R" button to select one
       of X's special powers and then release "Y":

1.   S. Ice (Shotgun)       Forms an Ice Cart that X can ride.
2.   E. Spark (Electric)    Shoots two Electric walls left and right.
3.   R. Shield (Rolling)    Generates a Force shield around X until
                              another weapon is selected or until
                              certain enemies touch X.  This weapon
                              is great to use to collect energy and 
                              1-Ups from bats in the Armadillo stage
                              or from the shaft worms just before
                              Sigma's room!
4.   Homing. T (Torpedoes)  Fires 5 Torpedoes forward.
5.   B. Cutter (Boomerang)  Throws 4 Boomerangs in all 4 directions.
6.   C. Sting (Chameleon)   Makes X Invisible (to enemy) for 7 seconds.
7.   Storm. T (Tornado)     Generates a vertical tower Tornado.
8.   Fire W. (Wave)         Throws a wall of Fire forward.      

                               SIGMA LEVEL

1.   Bomb Puffers                       Use Fire Wave to kill.
2.   Crossing Canyon                    Use Force Shield.
3.   Vile in an Armored Carrier         Don't use any special powers, 
                                          you always loose almost all of
                                          your power, Zero comes to rescue.
4.   Vile                               Use Rolling Shields.
5.   Vertical Shafts                    Use Chameleon Invisibility and
                                          acceleration jump to climb.
6.   Kuwanger                           Kill with Homing Torpedoes.
7.   Just outside the BoSpider room     Raise X's Force Shield and move 
                                          back and forth hitting the
                                          enemies and getting recharged.
                                          Don't run into the Hard Hat guys
                                          when they are down or you'll
                                          lose your force shield.  Simply
                                          turn X's back to them and they'll
                                          run into X and be destroyed.
8.   Mecha-Spider Boss (BoSpider)       Shoot the Spider when it's on the
                                          floor and it's spot turns red.
                                        Stay in the left corner.
9.   ** Exit to Main Screen **          7437 6412 1255  (p/w doesn't work)
9a.  Go to Armadillo stage (Optional)   Charge up power and lives.
10.  Penguin                            Kill with Plain Power.
11.  Eagle                              Kill with Chameleon Sting.
12.  Eyeball Machine Boss               Shoot the Eyeballs and Nose.
        (Rangda Bangda)                 Use Chameleon Sting on eyes.
                                        Use Homing Torpedoes on nose.
13.  ** Exit to Main Screen **          7431 3842 8523  (p/w doesn't work)
13a. Go to Armadillo stage (Optional)   Charge up power and lives.
14.  Armadillo                          Kill with Electric Spark.
15.  Chameleon                          Kill with Boomerangs Cutter.
16.  Mandrill                           Kill with Shotgun Ice.
17.  Octopus                            Kill with Rolling Shields.
18.  Mammoth                            Kill with Storm Tornado.
19.  DinoTank Boss (D-Rex)              Cling to the wall and Shoot the 
                                          top part with the X-Blaster.
                                          Asscel-Run to dodge the Energy
20.  ** Exit to Main Screen **          3676 4627 5142  (p/w doesn't work)
21.  Shaft to Sigma room                Use Force Shield.
                                          Keep hitting the worms until all 
                                          powers are charged up.
22.  Sigma's Mecha-Dog                  Kill with Shotgun Ice.
                                         or One shot of Hyruken power!
23.  Sigma with Sword                   Jump on left wall to dodge Sigma
                                          and kill with Electric Spark.
                                         or One shot of Hyruken power!
24.  The Sigma Machine (Velgurder)      Jump on platforms and shoot Sigma
                                          in the head with Rolling Shields.
                                          Don't get too close to his head 
                                          or you'll hit his shields and 
                                          loose your shot.
25.  Game Ending and credits!!!         Time from 1-25 is about 30 minutes.

                               STAGE ENEMIES
                              (from end credits)

1.   Highway Stage -- Vile
        Spiky                   Rolling Spike Wheels
        Crusher                 Helistompers
        Ball De Voux            StockyBots
        Road Attackers          Queen Bee Ship
        Bee Blader              Two-legged Droids
                                Robot Bomber Wasps
                                Monster Cannon Cars
                                Vile's Car Launching Ship
                                Vile in Armored Carrier (don't fight)

2.   Ocean Stage -- Launch Octopus
        Amenhopper              Water Spiders
        Sea Attacker            Bomb Puffers
        Gulpfer                 Spinning Sea Horses
        Anglerge                Cuttle Vacuum Subs
        Gruiziler               Cyber Eels
        Utuboros                Vacuum Fish
                                Whale Fleet Ship
                                Chopper Clamps
                                C Dragons

3.   Snow Mountain Stage -- Chill Penguin
        Ray Bat                 BunnyBots
        Tombot                  Robot Lumber Jacks
        Bomb Been               Robot Bomber Wasps
        Armor Soldier           BatBots
        Snow Shooter            Rolling Spike Wheels
                                Buzzsaw Birds
                                Bandit in Armored Suit

4.   Power Plant Stage -- Spark Mandrill
        Gun Volt                StockyBots (Robot Guards)
        Hotrrion                Light Bugs
        Flammingle              Buzzsaw Birds
        Turn Cannon             Thunder Slimer Boss
        Thunder Slimer          Gyro Jet Paranas
                                Floor Gun Turrets
                                Ceiling Gun Turrets
                                Bomb Puffers
                                Two-legged Droids

5.   Sky Stage -- Storm Eagle
        Lift Cannon             Chopper Clampers
        Flamer                  Shielded Spike Throwers
        Sky Claw                Rising Gun Turrets
        Death Rogumer           StockyBots
                                Flame Thrower Turrets
                                Two-legged Droids
                                Hard Hat Droids

6.   Factory Stage -- Armored Armadillo
        Scrap Robo              BatBots
        Dig Labour              Large BatBot
        Rolling Cabyool         Buzzsaw Birds
        Hoganmer                Rock Rumblers
                                Hard Hat Droids
                                Rolling Spike Wheels
                                Pick Tossing Miners
                                Jet Birds

7.   Gallery Stage -- Flame Mammoth
        Batton Bone             Large Scrap Reploids
        Batton M-501            Cyclops Scrap Reploids
        Mettool C-15            Chopper Clampers
        Metal Wing              Pick Tossing Miners
        Mole Borer              Lava Drops
                                Spiked Pipe Rotors
                                Shielded Spike Throwers

8.   Tower Stage -- Boomer Kuwanger
        Dodge Blaster           Shelded Spike Throwers
        Sine Faller             Wall Pulse Cannons
        Jamminger               Helidroids
        Mega Tortois            Laser Beam Triggered Laser Cannons
        Slide Cannon            Bomb Puffers
        Ladder Yadder           Ledge Pulse Cannons
                                Floating Gun Turrets
                                Ladder Lizards
                                Ceiling Gun Turrets

9.   Forest Stage -- Sting Chameleon
        Planty                  Robot Lumber Jacks
        Iwgrm                   Bush Droids
        Axe Max                 Bush Worms
        Crag Man                Water Spiders
        Mad Pecker              Jolly Green Clamper Boss
        Greeper                 WoodPecker
        RT-55J                  Cyber Worms
                                Shielded Spike Throwers
                                Bandit in Robot Suit

10.  Sigma Stage -- Vile, Sigma
        BoSpider                Bomb Puffers
        Rangda Bangda           Helidroids
        D-Rex                   Floor Gun Turrets
        Velgurder               Ceiling Gun Turrets
                                Two-legged Droids
                                Vile in Armored Carrier (don't fight)
                                Vile Boss
                                Laser Beam Tripped Laser Cannons
                                Shielded Spike Throwers
                                Wall Pulse Cannons
                                Kuwanger Boss
                                Hard Hat Droids
                                Rolling Spike Wheels
                                Mecha Spider Boss w/Baby Mecha Spiders
                                Buzzsaw Birds
                                Penguin Boss
                                Bandit in Robot Suit
                                Pick Tossing Miners
                                Wall Pulse Cannons
                                Floating Gun Turrets
                                Ceiling Gun Turrets
                                Eagle Boss w/ 4 babies
                                Rolling Spike Wheels
                                Shielded Spike Throwers
                                Eyeball Machine Boss
                                Ceiling Gun Turrets
                                Bomb Puffers
                                Armadillo Boss
                                Pick Tossing Miners
                                Chameleon Boss
                                Pick Tossing Miners
                                Gyro Jet Paranas
                                Mandrill Boss
                                Vacuum Fish
                                Octopus Boss
                                Laser Beam Tripped Laser Cannons
                                Floor Gun Turrets
                                Ceiling Gun Turrets
                                Mammoth Boss
                                DynoTank Boss
                                Pipe Worms
                                Sigma's Dog
                                Sigma with Sword Boss
                                Giant Robot Sigma Boss

          List of Hearts Tanks, Sub Tanks and Power Ups

                   Octopus\ ------------- /Penguin
                           \|H    |H  A |/
                       STAGE|     |     | MAP
             Armadillo |H R |           |H W | Mammoth
                       |T   |           |T   |
                       ------           ------
                       |H E |           |H   |
                 Eagle |T   |           |    | Kuwanger
                        SPEC|H    |H  M |SIGMA
                           /|T    |     |\
                  Mandrill/ ------------- \Chameleon

H - Heart Tanks:
    Each Heart Tank will increase the Energy Meter by 2 energy units.

T - Sub Tanks:
    Each Sub Tank, when full and selected, will increase the energy 
       Meter by 28 energy units.

   A - Accelerator
         Speed by pressing "A" and jump twice as far by pressing "A"+"B".
   E - Helmet 
         Break some ceilings with you head, also good on some monsters.
   W - Power-up Weapons
         Power-up both all weapons by holding "Y" till X turns red.
   M - Extra Armor
         Take 50% less damage.
   R - Special attack (the famous Ryu Fireball)
         Kills most monsters with only 1 hit, including boss monsters.
         You must have full health to use it.  Press Dn, Dn/Rt, Rt, "Y".

Energy Meter:
    The Initial Energy Meter has 16 energy units.
    The eight Heart Tanks add 8 x 2 = 16 additional energy units.
    The Energy Meter holds a maximun of 32 energy units.
    The Chameleon Armor will additionally reduce damage by 50%.

Power Capsules:
    Large Oval White Power Capsule = 8 energy units.
    Small Round White Power Capsule = 2 energy units.

Weapon Power Meter:
    The Weapon Power Meter holds a maximun of 28 energy units.

Weapon Capsules:
    Weapon Capsules are added to the weapon with the lowest energy level.
    Large Round Blue Weapon Capsule = 8 energy units.
    Small Round Blue Weapon Capsule = 2 energy units.

Enemy Energy Meter:
    The Enemy Energy Meter holds a maximun of 32 energy units.
                        NOM ENGINEER WORK SYSTEM
                             MODEL CPS-9204

                     Copyright (c) 2105, 2109, 2114
                             NOM Corporation
                           All Rights Reserved

real mem  =  8192 TB
avail mem = 32768 TB

primary data cache :    512 KB
primary inst. cache:    768 KB
secondary cache    :  32768 KB

login: Dr. CAIN
code:  ******

>device -dvl -2

reading "M.X.S."
reading "BD-E"
reading "WARNING"

                        MEGAMAN X SPECIFICATION

   Broad-range eye camera
   Ultra-sensitive Voice Recognition System
   Voice Generation System made by HAYATOM Inc.
   Accumulative Energy Generator
   Micro-Fusion Fuel Tank
   Central Joint-controlling System
   X-Buster (Mega Buster Mark 17)
   Energy Amplifier
   Variable Weapon System
   Gyroscopic Stabilization System
   Emergency Acceleration System (Optional)

   Reactive armor skeleton which reduces damage by 93 percent.
   Lightweight "Titanium-X" alloy


"X" is the first of a new generation of robots which contain an innovative 
new feature  --  the ability to think,  feel and make their own decisions.  
However this  ability could  be very dangerous.   If "X" were to break the 
first rule of robotics.   "A robot must  never  harm a human being."   The 
results would be disastrous and I fear that no force on earth could stop.

Approximately  30 years  will be required before we can safely confirm his
reliability.   Unfortunately  I will  not live to see that day.   Nor do I 
have anyone to  carry on my work.   Therefore,  I have decided to seal him 
in  this  capsule,   which  will  test  his  internal  systems  until  his
reliability  has been confirmed.   Please do not disturb the capsule until 
that time.

"X" possesses great risks as well as great possibilities.  I can only hope 
for the best.  September 18, 20xx  --  T. Light

Rick Furr

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