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FAQ by MetroidMoo

Version: 1.16 | Updated: 09/26/04

 =-                            Mega Man X (SNES)                          -=

                    Written By: Ryan "MetroidMoo" Ammerman

             GUIDE TYPE ..................................... FAQ
             FILE SIZE .................................... 25 KB
             FIRST RELEASED ...................... August 7, 2001
             LAST UPDATED .................... September 26, 2004
             LATEST VERSION ................................ 1.16


<<<                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                           >>>

1) Version History
2) Story
3) Controls
4) Weapons
5) Power-Up Locations
      [5.1] Enhancements
      [5.2] Heart Tanks
      [5.3] Sub-Tanks
6) Boss Strategies
      [6.1] Mavericks
      [6.2] Sigma's Fortress
7) Contact/Legal Information


 =-   1)   VERSION HISTORY                                                -=
VERSION 1.16 - SEPTEMBER 26, 2004
  Updated e-mail address.

VERSION 1.15 - NOVEMBER 9, 2003
  Revised the file's format, adjusted the number of characters per line, and
added/moved sections.

VERSION 1.05 - OCTOBER 14, 2002
  Updated contact information and made a few other changes.

VERSION 1.0 - AUGUST 7, 2001
  First (and complete!) version of the guide.

 =-   2)   STORY                                                          -=
Mega Man X's storyline, from the instruction manual...


April 8th
  Still nothing. For the last month, I have been sifting through the dirt
trying to find a fossil record which would verify my findings on Mesozoic
plant life, but so far I have come up empty. Tomorrow, I'll move my archaeo-
logical dig to a new site. Maybe I'll have better luck.

April 9th
  Set up camp at the new site and laid out a preliminary gridwork for the dig.
I got some odd readings at location E-46. It looks like something metallic
is buried several meters below the surface. I think I'll begin there tomorrow.

April 10th
  I can't believe what I found! Several meters below the surface was the
remains of a lab. Although most of the lab was damaged, I did manage to find
papers that indicate that it belonged to the famous robot designer, Dr. Thomas
Light. I've begun to review what is left of Dr. Light's notes and it looks
like he was onto a major breakthrough. The notes keep referring to "the

April 13th
  I found it. Standing 14 meters high and 8 meters wide, the capsule was
hidden underneath a collapsed ceiling. Even underneath all the rubble, the
capsule has remained intact and was still running some sort of diagnostic when
I found it. There is a warning on the capsule, but all the indicators on the
capsule show green. It should be safe to open it. I'll know tomorrow.

April 14th
  Today I met "X." Not simply a robot, X is something totally different. Light
has give him the ability to think and make his own decisions. At times, X
seems more like a man than like a machine.

April 15th
  Light was a genius! I've been going over his design notes and they are a
quantum leap beyond anything the world has ever seen. Using them as a guide, I
may be able to replicate his design and integrate them into a new generation
of robots. I'll begin transporting X and the rest of Dr. Light's things back
to my lab tomorrow.

November 22nd
  With X's help I have completed my first "Reploid." Although I don't com-
pletely understand how all of Dr. Light's systems works, I was able to make
some minor modifications and the reploid seems to be functioning perfectly.
His strength and intelligence seem limitless and he is fully able to make his
own decisions. In fact, we got into our first argument. How intriguing!

January 3rd
  The new reploids have been running off the assembly line for several weeks.
It's amazing how easily they have been able to adapt to even the most diffi-
cult jobs. It still is a bit odd to see them working side by side with humans
 but everyone seems to be happy to accept them.

February 16th
  Three reploids went "maverick" today and injured two people before they were
stopped. This is the third instance of this type of behavior and I still have
no idea of what is causing it! There is some talk about stopping the assembly
of any more reploids, but I don't think it will happen. Maybe we've become too
dependent of them....

  The council has now decided to set up a group of "Hunters" to destroy any
maverick before it can cause injury. The reploid named Sigma has assigned to
lead the Hunters. Sigma is one of the most intelligent reploids I've created
and contains my latest circuit designs. His systems should be immune to any

May 16th
  It's been two months since Sigma took control of the Maverick Hunters and he
and his hunters have been able to prevent any further injury to the popula-
tion. Everyone is starting to breath a little bit easier....

  I am a little worried about X. He seems unsure of his place in life and what
Dr. Light had planned for him. But given time, I'm sure he'll find his way....

June 4th
  My worst nightmare has just come true. Sigma went maverick today and took
most of the other hunters with him. His motives are unclear, but it seems that
he "decided" that humans are inferior and limiting the growth of the Reploids.
For that reason, he decided that all humans should be eradicated.

  Most of the population is in hiding or trying to flee the city. I'm not sure
how long we can hold out against Sigma's forces. I fear I've built the rep-
loids too well.

  X is taking the news of the war very personally. He wants to join Zero, the
new leader of the Maverick Hunters, when he goes after Sigma. I'm doubtful of
their chances, but I won't stop him. Something has to be done....

 =-   3)   CONTROLS                                                       -=
This section describes the basic controls.

D-Pad  ->  (Left/Right) Move Mega Man X
           (Up/Down) Climb ladder

A      ->  Dash

B      ->  Jump

Y      ->  Fire weapon
           (Hold) Charge X. Buster

L      ->  Switch weapon

R      ->  Switch weapon

Start  ->  Bring up menu

 =-   4)   WEAPONS                                                        -=
This section contains the effects of the weapons.

X. Buster
Received From: N/A

  This is essentialy the Mega Buster from the original Mega Man series.
Unlimited weapon energy and can be charged up through three levels. The third
level is reached when you acquire the cannon upgrade.

Shotgun Ice
Received From: Chill Penguin

  Launches a sphere of ice that splits into almost a 180 degree arch. Charge
it up to create a sled that resembles Chill Penguin, and you can also ride on
it. Not terribly useful, but fun.

Electric Spark
Received From: Spark Mandrill

  Fires a ball of electricity. It splits up into two when colliding with a
wall. Charging it creates two walls of electricity. Useful for eliminating
generally weak enemies.

Rolling Shield
Received From: Armored Armadillo

  The name says it all...fires a rolling shield. The charged form is quite an
asset. It surrounds X with a barrier that blocks just about anything. If it
takes too much damage, it collapses.

Homing Torpedo
Received From: Boomerang Kuwanger

  Fires a torpedo that tracks the closet target. Handy for taking out annoying
foes that are out of your reach. Charging it sends out several homing fishies.

Boomerang Cutter
Received From: Boomer Kuwanger

  Sends out a sharp boomerang that curves around and flies back to X. Can be
used to retrieve items. The charged B. Cutter sends out four large boomerangs
in diagnal directions.

Chameleon Sting
Received From: Sting Chameleon

  Couldn't Capcom think of a better name...? Anywhoo, this weap launches a
green beam that splits into three directions. Charging it enables X to turn
himself into a chameleon of sorts for a short period of time. During this, you
cannot be harmed by enemies.

Storm Tornado
Received From: Storm Eagle

  A great multi-hit weapon. The charged Storm T. creates a small tornado.

Fire Wave
Received From: Flame Mammoth

  Its range is quite short, however the damage is very high. Charging it sends
out a ground fire wall that moves forward until it reaches the end of the
line. I wouldn't recommend using that too often. You have to waste valuable
weapon energy to even reach the third charge level and then Fire Wave uses
even *more* energy to create the wall!

 =-   5)   POWER-UP LOCATIONS                                             -=
This section lists the locations of the various upgrades.

<<<   [5.1]   ENHANCEMENTS                                                 >>>
Dash Upgrade
Location: Snow Mountain Stage
Requirements: None

  If you can't find this upgrade, please...bang your head against the closet
wall, 'kay?

Function: Enables X to dash. This can also be used to make long jumps.

Helmet Upgrade
Location: Sky Stage
Requirements: Dash Upgrade

  Along the way to Storm Eagle's lair, you will find a tower of metal
scaffolding. Climb up and fall down the other side. Dash jump from the small
ledge to the next. Fire away at the tanks, enter the room, and get the brand
spankin' new helmet.

Function: You can use X's noggin' to smash through certain blocks.

Armor Upgrade
Location: Forest Stage
Requirements: Dash Upgrade

  Towards the beginning of this stage there be a large mound of dirt you have
to climb over. Dash jump off the ledge and climb the stone wall. Enter the
tiny room and procede to fight the robot RT-55J. He's not that difficult; just
fire at the red crystals embedded in his armor. When he starts smokin' and
explodes, the capsule emerges from the dirt.

Function: Reduces damage by 50%. Needless to say, this makes the game a lot

X. Buster Upgrade
Location: Factory Stage
Requirements: Dash Upgrade, Helmet Upgrade

  Nabbing this thing requires a bit o' luck on your part. When ya reach the
second spot with the lava (or ice if you already defeated Chill Penguin), look
at the ceiling and you should see several small, breakable blocks. Dash jump
from when little room you have and keep attemping to break through the blocks.
If you can get lucky, you will break through the ceiling and reach the

  There's also an alternate way to obtain the upgraded cannon, but it occurs
much later in the game. After Zero has that little skirmish with Vile in
Sigma's house of horrors, he will fork over the upgrade to you, if you don't
have it already.

Function: Gives the X. Buster a third level charge. X can also power up the
          weapons from the Mavericks.

Hadouken Upgrade
Location: Gallery Stage
Requirements: All Enhancements, Weapons, Heart Tanks, and Sub-Tanks

  This one takes some take to nab, but it's worth the trouble. Once everything
is collected, head to Armored Armadillo's stage. On the final mine cart ride,
jump off the cart (before it hits the wall) and wall kick up. Take the energy
capsule and use the escape function. Repeat this about four more times. A new
capsule should appear by the energy capsule. In this upgrade unit, Dr. Light
appears in a Street Fighter outfit. Enter the capsule to gain a new power.

Function: Enables the use of the hadouken fireball attack. Can only be used
          when at full power. To use the power, press Down, Down-Forward,
          Forward, and then Y. If done correctly, X launches a fireball that
          pretty much beats the @!%$ outta of any enemy. It will take some
          practice to do this attack if you're not a big player of fighting

<<<   [5.2]   HEART TANKS                                                  >>>
Sky Stage
Requirements: Dash Upgrade

  At the very start of the stage, you have the moving platforms. Get to the
tip-top and dash jump to the left. If you went far enough, you'll land on a
ledge with the tank.

Factory Stage
Requirements: None (although defeating Chill Penguin helps)

  In the huge room with all of those robots that use pickaxes, the Heart Tank
is in the lower-right corner. Now if you haven't beaten Chill Peguin, you will
have to move through the lava to reach it. Keep in mind that lava easily melts
X's armor into liquid. But if the penguin has already biten the dust, you can
just walk on the ice and get the item.

Gallery Stage
Requirements: None

  When the second Mole Borer is in your sights, make sure you get in FRONT of
him. Continue walking forward, and you should find the Heart Tank in a gap
amongst the rocks. Wallkick your way up to it before the Mole Borer erodes the
rock ceiling away.

Ocean Stage
Requirements: None

  Towards the later half of the stage, there's a battleship of some sort
floating on the surface. Fire away at the glowing crystal, and the watercraft
sinks and breaks the floor into pieces. Fall down, enter the room, destroy the
robotic worm, and take the tank.

Power Plant Stage
Requirements: Boomerang Cutter

  This is located right after the first turtlelike robot you encounter.
Wallkick up the wall to see the Heart Tank. Fire the Boomerang Cutter and hope
it collects it for you. It will probably take some time before it'll actually

Tower Stage
Requirements: Boomerang Cutter

  When you reach the outside of the tower, climb to the very top. Use the
Boomerang Cutter to retrieve the Heart Tank from the ledge.

Forest Stage
Requirements: Launch Octopus defeated, Leg Upgrade

  Fall down the first gap you reach in this stage. You should see a column of
blocks and water. Break the blocks, dash jump to the right, and collect the

Snow Mountain Stage
Requirements: Fire Wave

  Hop into the first armored carrier, dash jump off the dome, and eject
yourself from the mech to reach the ledge. Continue on and use Fire Wave on
the next dome you spot. The building collapses, and you get a Heart Tank.

<<<   [5.3]   SUB-TANKS                                                    >>>
Sky Stage
Requirements: None

  Right after the beginning platform area, there's a cannon on top of a moving
column Blast the cannon, hop onto the column, and let it take you to what I
suppose is a air traffic control tower. Shoot the glass once to break and move
in. The Sub-Tank is found there.

Factory Stage
Requirements: Dash Upgrade

  This Sub-Tank is found in the same room as the factory's Heart Tank, except
this one is in the upper-left corner. Dash jump from the platform, wallkick to
break the blocks, and collect the reward.

Gallery Stage
Requirements: None

  When you see the first Mole Borer enemy, jump down and let him pass
by. Enter the cache that was behind him to get the tank.

Power Plant
Requirements: Boomerang Cutter

  At the very beginning of the stage, the path splits with two ladders. Take
the lower route. Then there's a wall that blocks the Sub-Tank. Use the B.
Cutter to pick it up.

 =-   6)   BOSS STRATEGIES                                                -=
This section gives tips on defeating the game's bosses.

<<<   [6.1]   MAVERICKS                                                    >>>
Chill Penguin
Weakness: X. Buster (or Fire Wave)
Receive: Shotgun Ice

  If you wish to make this an easy battle, I would suggest picking as many
items as you can at this point in the game (particularly the armor and X.
Buster upgrades).

  With those in hand, Chill Penguin is cake. The third level charged shot can
easily wipe out the ice statues he fabricates. Keep blastin' Chill until
bites the ice..er..dust.

Spark Mandrill
Weakness: Shotgun Ice
Receive: Electric Spark

  With Shotgun Ice, you can defeat Spark Mandrill with your eyes closed. Hit
him with it to freeze the foe in his tracks. When he breaks out, shoot at the
'bot again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Armored Armadillo
Weakness: Electric Spark
Receive: Rolling Shield

  Peg Armadillo in the chest with a shot from E. Spark and watch his armor
fall to the ground. Now he is completely exposed [insert pervertive phrase
here]. Continually blast away until he's outta here...

Launch Octopus
Weakness: Rolling Shield
Receive: Homing Torpedo

  Time your weapon attacks so they actually hit Launch Octopus. His many
homing fishes can block your fire. The only thing you have to keep an eye out
for is his whirlpool move. Get caught and drains your life meter and adds it
to his.

Boomer Kuwanger
Weakness: Homing Torpedo
Receive: Boomerang Cutter

  Just fire away with the Homing T. So the shots do track the target, you
don't really need to worry about where you attack.

Sting Chameleon
Weakness: Boomerang Cutter
Receive: Chameleon Sting

  Stand on the ground and launch a shot from the weapon, one at a time. The
projectile will swoop up and nail Sting Chameleon. No problem.

Storm Eagle
Weakness: Chameleon Sting
Receive: Storm Tornado

  Since the C. Sting splits when it's fired, you can easily damage Storm Eagle
while he is airborne. Get ready to dash a lot in this battle. If you're not
careful when he uses the wind attack, X will get blown right off the ship.
Also, watch out for his dive bomb maneuvers. Just dash once you hear the sound
he makes. When Storm Eagle is out of the picture, his airship crashes right
into Spark Mandrill's power plant.

Flame Mammoth
Weakness: Storm Tornado
Receive: Fire Wave

  This battle is about as easy as the rest. The key point you have to keep in
mind is that you should jump every time Flame Mammoth does. When he lands on
the ground, X will be stunned for a few seconds.

<<<   [6.2]   SIGMA'S FORTRESS                                             >>>
Mid-Boss: Vile (In Armored Carrier)
Weakness: None

  Again, let Vile beat the crap out of you...

Mid-Boss: Vile
Weakness: Homing Torpedo

  After Zero hitches a ride on Vile's carrier, Vile no longer has any
protection whatsoever. Break out the Homing Torpedo, and let Vile have it!
Watch out for his stun sphere thing. Otherwise, his other attacks are easy to

  Just as a little sidenote, don't go overboard with the torpedo weapon.
You'll need it a bit later in this stage.

Weakness: Shotgun Ice

  This boss plays different than most. Before Bospider descends into your
view, poles randomly stretch between the columns in the room. Then the
mechanical menace will move down, according to how the poles are set up. Once
the spider is at the bottom, its eye core opens up. Shoot the S. Ice at it.
At various points throughout the battle, the spider moves MUCH faster than
normal. You might want to keep one Sub-Tank full.

Rangda Bangda
Weakness: Chameleon Sting

  There are three things you need to take out. The two eyes and the central
device. The eyes are no problem...just fire away and dodge their shots when
necessary. The thingy in the center can be a slight pain. Slowly slide down
the side of the wall, fire the C. Sting a few times, and wallkick up again.
Repeat this strategy.

Weakness: Boomerang Cutter

  D-Rex tends to detach its head and move both of its body parts around the
room. Try to avoid standing on the robot's base, or it'll decide to make a X
sandwich out of ya. When D-Rex is at the right side of the room, get ready to
move! The attack is difficult to dodge since it's so damn big.

Scooby Doo
Weakness: Shotgun Ice

  Okay...it's not really Scooby... If you have the hadouken, you might as well
use it now while you got the chance. If not, just blast the mutt with Shotgun
Ice. Shouldn't present you with any trouble...

Weakness: Electric Spark

  This battle is actually easier than you might think at first. Simply
wallkick rapidly in the upper-left corner. When Sigma leaves the left wall the
second (or the third, in rare cases) time, fall down, and fire at him.
Wallkick back up again. Keep doing this until Sigma decides to unveil his new

Weakness: X. Buster (3rd Level Charge), Rolling Shield

  Prepare to get your ass whooped. If you have the Rolling Shield at full
power, this battle isn't quite as bad. Throw the shield at the head of this
monstrosity. Try to stay on one of the claws and dodge the lightning they
create if possible. Sigma's attacks do very heavy damage, so use those Sub-
Tanks! If you run out of energy for the Rolling Shield and Sigma still has a
lot of life left in him, then I would just say give up. You can attempt to
beat him with only the X. Buster, but it certainly won't be easy.

 =-   7)   CONTACT / LEGAL INFORMATION                                    -=
Copyright Information
(c) Copyright 2001-2004 Ryan "MetroidMoo" Ammerman

  This FAQ cannot be distributed in books, magazines, etc. or in any other
form of printed or electronic media (CDs, etc.) in any way. It may not be
given away as some sort of prize or bonus with a purchase, and it may not be
used for promotional or profitable purposes.

  Any characters, names, or other objects are copyright their respective
companies. This document and its author are in no way affiliated with any
company involved with this game.

E-mail Information
E-mail Address: ryanammerman[at]gmail[dot]com

  Before you e-mail me a question, make sure you've looked through the FAQ to
see if your question is answered. If you send me a question that is answered
in the FAQ, it WILL be ignored.

Posting Notice
  If you wish to use this guide on your site, you may post it without my
permission as long as this document is **NOT** changed in any way, shape, or
form. The latest version of this guide can always be found at GameFAQs

                                                         --End of Transmission

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