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Armor Guide by Bloody Cloude

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 07/07/02

  Megaman X6 Armor Guide
    By:  Bloody Cloude
Version 1.5
Copyrighted 2001 Jason Rogers

|   Contents   |
 1. Introduction
 2. Update History
 3. Armor Descriptions
 4. Armor Locations
 5. Questions
 6. Contact Info
 7. Credits
 8. Copyright

|   1. Introduction   |

This is my first FAQ so don't send me complaints about my use of words
or any of that.  This FAQ gives information on the location,
descriptions, ways to get the different pieces of armor in the game, and
how to get Zero. The armor system on X6 is basicly borrowed for X5 in
which you have to get ALL 4 parts of the armor to be able to use it or the
parts (that means no crossing different pieces of armor together). I 
will also be using the default settings in my descriptions and 
instructions on the getting the armor.

|   2. Update History   |
Version 1.5 = Information about Blade Armor Body Part added
              - Submitted on July 5, 2002
Version 1.4 = Information on Zero added,
              First frequent question posted
              - Submitted on Jan. 24, 2002
Version 1.3 = Input the correct parts that are already
              included in the Ultimate Zero Armor,
              Organized the armor descriptions
              - Submitted on Jan. 14, 2002
Version 1.2 = Fixed the Shadow Leg & Helmet Part Locations
              - Submitted on Jan. 8, 2002
Version 1.1 = Instructions on how to get Zero included,
              Ultimate Zero info included,
              fixed a few typos
              - Submitted on Jan. 7, 2002
Version 1.0 = First version sumbitted publicly
              - Submitted on Dec. 30, 2001

|   3. Armor Descriptions   |

            Falcon Armor
 - recieved at the start of the game
 - can no longer fly like on X5, replaced with air-dash
 - can damage enemies while you air-dash
 - charged X-Buster is small and makes it hard to hit enemies
 - can charge maverick weapons
 - Giga Attack hits everything on the screen

            Ultimate Armor
 - recieved by pressing (Left 3x, Right 1x) at the title screen
 - used at the start instead of the Falcon Armor after using the code 
 - can do Giga Attack indefinitely
 - can charge maverick weapons
 - charged X-Buster leaves an orb where it hits an enemy
 - can air-dash or hover after pressing X or O in the air

            Shadow Armor
 - recieved by collecting all 4 parts in the Maverick levels
 - regular X-Buster shots become energy shurikens and have a random
   attack path
 - charged X-Buster does a powerful slash attack
 - can cling to walls and not slide down
 - by pressing Up+X you can cling to the ceiling and dash from it
 - ability to cling to, walk on, and climb spiked areas, walls,
   and ceilings
 - can't do an air-dash
 - Z-Sabre is a different color
 - can't use any of the Maverick abilities
 - Giga attack makes two crescents that circle around you

            Blade Armor
 - recieved by collecting all 4 parts in the Maverick levels
 - charged X-Buster is something similar to the Ultimate Armor's
 - by Holding Up while you do a charged X-Buster, you will do a
   powerful slash attack
 - can air-dash in all directions except diagonal (you suspend in the
   air if you hold X or O in the air)
 - You can dash farther than you could with the Falcon Armor
 - air-dash damages like the Falcon Armor
 - Z-Sabre/triangle attack is more powerful
 - Giga Attack sends a powerful slash attack forward that will
   seriously damage whomever it hits

            Ultimate Zero
 - recieved by pressing (L1 3x, R2 1x) at the title screen
   (if you put this code in you will not be able to get the
   Ultimate Armor for X)
 - Zero's armor turns black
 - some of the parts that you get from the Reploids for Zero are
   included in this armor. I think they are Saber Plus, M. Sabre
   Shock Buffer, and Shot Eraser.
 - Z-Sabre turns blue(not sure, e-mail me if I'm right or not)

NOTE : X and Zero technically aren't armors.

|   4. Armor Locations   |

   Blade Armor Part Locations
Leg Part - Located in Commander Yammark's stage
         - you recieve this part by going right on the first drop
           where a mantis blocks your path

Body Part - Located in Shield Sheldon's stage
          - take the path that leads you down, don't take the path to
            the right(leads to Shield Sheldon).  After you take the
            downward path, go through the laser puzzle then there
            will be a wall that is false and you can walk through, do a
            long dash jump(there is also an invisible platform in the
            middle of the pit) to get to it.

Arm Part - Located in Infinity Mijinion's stage
         - this is probably the easiest part to get, after you defeat
           the second battle with Illumina you will teleport, go left
           and the arm part will be right there.

Helmet Part - Located in Ground Scarab's stage
            - this part is easy to get but aggrevating to find because
              the totem poles send you to a random location, but it is
              in your path through the location it is in.

   Shadow Armor Part Locations
Leg Part - Located in Blizzard Wolfgang's stage
         - This part is located past one of the avalache's that fall
           from the ceiling, you can use the Blade Armor or the 
           Ultimate Armor to get it, use the Nova Strike with the
           Ultimate Armor to dash over to the ledge and the part will
           be on your right or dash upwards with the Blade Armor from
           the bottom of the icy hill over to the ledge.

Body Part - Located in Rainy Turtloid's stage
          - there are two maybe three ways to get this part
             1.) This one doesn't require much skill, lure one of the
                 bats with the bombs over to the narrow spikes, let one
                 of the bombs hit you and dash across the spikes
             2.) This one requires more skill(not recommended for you
                 MMX beginners), with the Blade Armor, time it so that
                 you will suspend in the air so that you can air-dash 
                 past the spikes without dying(if you don't think you
                 timed it right dash up and try again)

Arm Part - Located in Blaze Pheonix's stage
         - You will need the Blade Armor for this one, after you defeat
           the second miniboss make your way up, jump up the wall a bit
           if the metal blocks aren't there then use the air-dash and
           dash upward and the part will be above you, if the metal
           blacks are there, catch a ride on one of them to get up to 
           the ledge and the part will be above you.

Helmet Part - Located in Metal Shark Player's stage
            - you will need Hyper Dash, the Blade or Ultimate
              Armor, and Ice Burst or ground Dash to get this part.  After
              you get to the end of the second compressor you will need to go
              left and quick because there isn't much space, then go down
              the ladder and head right, use ice burst to get some length
              on your dash jump to get on the other side of the pit, if
              there are red, black, and blue blocks you can push the black
              blocks to dash jump across the pit.

Instructions on getting Zero/Mysterious Hunter
Zero - What you have to do to get Zero is, find a teleporter in any stage,
       the teleporters a blue in color(not the totem poles in Ground
       Scarab's stage) after you find one you will have to go through
       something that is a little different from the original stage.
       After you get to the end, you will have to fight 'Nightmare' Zero.
       He looks like Zero, but is purple.  He will fire Z-busters and
       hit you with his Z-Sabre.

 *=--=*  I recieved this info on Jan 24, 2002 that you CAN get the armor 
| NOTE | parts with Zero like on Megaman X5(I haven't added how to get the
 *=--=*  armor parts with Zero, but I plan to soon)

|   5. Questions   |

 If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them as quick as
 possible, I will post the questions that are asked over and over.
 (See Contact Info for email address)

 (1) Q. How do I get past the silver blocks blocking my way in Blaze
        Heatnix's Stage?
     A. Well, what you have to do is use a charged Metal Anchor, and
        it will destroy the blocks blocking your way to the capsule.

|   6. Contact Info   |

Please don't curse me out or I will ignore any questions you may have
later no matter how important they are.  My email address is
cloude2006@yahoo.com, submit any comments or corrections you may have.

|   7. Credits   |

 - Thanks to GameFAQs, Neoseeker, and PsxCodez for posting my FAQ.
 - Thanks to Capcom for making the MMX series.
 - Thanks to Tchucky for helping to correct an error in the armor
   locations section.
 - Thanks to Darren Silverleaf for submitting to me the correct
   Zero parts that are included in Zero's Ultimate Armor. 
 - Thanks to "Z" for submiting to me the info on Zero being
   able to get X's armor parts for him.
 - Thanks to Take Walker for submitting the info about the Blade
   Armor Body Part.

|   8. Copyright   |

This document is copyrighted and should not be edited to any way shape
or form, violaters will be persacuted.

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