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Parts FAQ by Red Shadow

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/15/01

Megaman X6 Parts Guide and Analysis
Dec.15, 2001
By Red Shadow
This document © 1999 Mike Rousseau


1. Introduction
2. Revision History
3. Parts System
4. Quick Parts Listing
5. Parts Descriptions
   5.1- General Parts
   5.2- X Only Parts
   5.3- Zero Only Parts
   5.4- Limited Parts
6. Unanswered Questions   
7. Special Thanks
8. Submission Info
9. Copyright Info


My name is Red Shadow. I'm here to explain everything I've learned and
discovered about the MMX6 parts system. THIS GUIDE MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, so
read at your own discretion. I'm going to skip any furthur formalities, and
just jump right into the task at hand.


Dec. 15, 2001 - Ver. 1.1 - Master Saber info added
                         - Hyper Dash clarified a tad
                         - Overdrive clarified a bit
                         - An Unanswered Question has been answered

Dec. 12, 2001 - Ver. 1.0 - First public version release


Borrowing from the optional parts system in X5, the parts system in X6 is less
complex, but allows for more flexibility. There are 128 Reploid Hostages, 
scattered throughout the 8 main levels (16 to a stage). Out of these 16, there
will be 5 who carry useful items for you to pick up once you rescue them. If
you're slow and inexperienced, the ever-vigilant "octopus droids" (seen almost
constantly throughout the game) will turn the Reploid into a Maverick, forcing
you to kill them. This means you don't get a part, if that Reploid happens to
be one of the 5 that carries something useful. Rule of thumb: do your best to
never leave a man/dog/woman behind.

One of these 5 will be holding a Life Up, in addition to the one you find
while scouring the level. One holds a Weapon Up, which increases your weapon
energy, and the other three carry equippable parts for you to enjoy. Note that
this distribution is not random; the 5 who carry items are predetermined, 
and will not change locations from game to game.

Initially, you will not be able to equip any of these parts. As you collect the
Nightmare Souls present in every level (which act like experience points), you
will slowly be able to equip more and more parts. Nightmare Souls can be found
by killing "octopus droids", beating the Investigator at the end of every 
level, or by hitting Dynamo with a water-based weapon and following it with a
simple shot or slash. The number of equippable parts you are allowed to have
in use at one time is broken down as follows:

Rank  A - 1 part
Rank SA - 2 parts
Rank GA - 2 parts, 1 Limited part
Rank PA - 3 parts, 1 Limited part
Rank UH - 4 parts, 1 Limited part

And that's about all there is to it. 


This list will show you which Reploids in each level carry which items. This is
meant to be used as a quick reference, used in conjunction with your own list
(which can be seen by pressing R1 at the level select screen) to determine
which items you are missing, and whether they are lost forever.

Note: Ground Scaravich's level consists of 4 "scenes", randomly chosen from a 
set. Multiple play through's will be needed to get them all.


P = Power Up
G = General 
X = X Only
Z = Zero Only
L = Limited


Power Up = 16
General = 10
X = 4
Zero = 4
Limited = 6

Amazon Area - Commander Yanmark

1. Life Up (P)
3. Energy Up (P)
5. Life Recover (L)
10. Super Recover (G)
15. Rapid 5 (X)

Northpole Area - Blizzard Wolfang

3. Shot Eraser (Z)
5. Energy Up (P)
6. Weapon Drive (L)
11. Life Up (P)
14. Jumper (G)

Magma River - Blaze Heatnix

2. Buster Plus (G)
10. Life Up (P)
13. Energy Up (P)
14. PowerDrive (L)
15. U.Buster (X)

Recycle Center - Metal Shark Player

6. Energy Up (P)
11. Shock Buffer (G)
12. Hyper Drive (L)
14. Life Up (P) 
15. Sabre Extend (Z)

Central Museum - Ground Scaravich

5. Life Up (P)
7. Speedster (G)
9. Quick Charge (X)
13. Energy Up (P)
16. Overdrive (L)

Inami Temple - Rainy Turtloid

7. Energy Up (P)
10. Life Up (P)
12. W.Recover (L)
14. Hyper Dash (G)
15. Sabre Plus (Z)

Laser Institute - Shield Shelldon

1. Life Up (P)
7. Energy Up (P)
11. Energy Saver (G)
14. D.Barrier (G)
15. Weapon Plus (X)

Weapon Center - Infinity Mijinion

4. D-Converter (G)
7. Speed Shot (G)
10. Life Up (P)
11. Master Sabre (Z)
13. Energy Up (P)


Now, I will attempt to go in-depth with each part, describing its proper use,
and providing my own comments and insight as needed.


These are parts that can be equipped by either X or Zero.

Found in: Central Museum
Description: The Speedster greatly increases your walking speed. This speed
             increase allows for slightly longer jumps, but does not increase
             dashing speed. Reccomended.

Found in: Northpole Area
Description: When equipped, this part will increase your jumping height. Useful
             if you always seem to be missing your mark, especially when 
             combined with the Speedster part. Reccomended.

Hyper Dash
Found in: Inami Temple
Description: Increases dashing speed. If you continue to hold the Dash button,
             you will reach the normal maximum dashing distance, but holding a
             direction in conjunction with dashing lessens your overall dashing
             distance. This part also decreases your air-dash distance a fair
             amount. But, the dashing speed translates well into dash-jumps.
             Reccomended on occassion.

Energy Saver
Found in: Laser Institute
Description: The Energy Saver halves the cost for using standard and charged
             versions of your special weapons, effectively doubling your usage.
             Note that this also applies to Zero's giga attack. But, seeing as
             how extra lives are abundant, and you lose no ground for using a
             continue, and your weapons are refilled after every death, this
             part is only recommended for protracted battles where your normal
             weapon meter isn't sufficient for the task at hand.

Super Recover
Found in: Amazon Area
Description: Causes life capsules to give you back 1.5 times as much life as
             previously awarded. Useful for the character with the lower life
             bar, and for filling E-Tanks.

Buster Plus
Found in: Magma River
Description: Turns X's shots pink, and increases his shot power by 1. This
             means enemies take 1 less standard shot to destroy then before. 
             This part does not change the color of Zero's buster, but gives it
             a power boost as well. Reccomended for those who choose to take
             advantage of the mighty Z-buster, and for X when there are no
             better parts available.

Speed Shot
Found in: Weapon Centre
Description: The Speed Shot causes standard projectile shots from both X and
             Zero to go roughly 1.5 times as fast as normal, and turns X's 
             shots a blue color. Good for X when combined with Rapid 5 for the
             player with a turbo controller.

Shock Buffer
Found in: Recycle Center
Description: Definately a part you don't want to go without when playing as
             Zero. This part mimics armor for unarmored X and Zero. They will
             take 1/2 damage from attacks, and the recoil from hits will be
             almost completely negated in most cases, just like the bonus you
             get from wearing a suit of armor. Note that this does not double
             your defense further in armor, the part is ignored in this case.
             Great for Zero and unarmored X.

Found in: Laser Institute
Description: Doubles the time you remain invulnerable for after taking a hit.
             Useful for getting the armor capsule in the Inami Temple, and for
             missions where you prefer to avoid fighting.

Found in: Weapon Center
Description: A rather useless part that turns damage into weapon energy for the
             currently equipped weapon. Only useful when your weapon energy is
             sufficiently lacking for the task at hand.


These parts can only be used by X.

Rapid 5
Found in: Amazon Area
Description: Lets X have 5 shots on screen at once instead of the usual 3. This
             lets him shoot at a faster rate, and is decent when combined with
             Speed Shot.

Found in: Magma River
Description: When equipped, X will automatically charge silently, and when you
             press the fire button, he will shoot a fully charged shot. When
             the special weapon button is pressed, if applicable, X will shoot
             the fully charged version of that weapon. The charge time is still
             equal to the time taken when done manually, and it disables your
             ability to shoot normal rapid fire shots. Useful in some areas,
             when combined with the Quick Charge ability. Not always the best
             choice, use your own discretion.

Quick Charge
Found in: Central Museum
Description: Halves the time it takes for X to charge up for a shot. Simply 
             put: once you find this, never take it off of X. This part comes
             highly recommended, and is infinitely useful in any situation.

Weapon Plus
Found in: Laser Institute
Description: Increases the power of X's special weapons. Pretty useful if you
             need the extra punch and can't find anything better to equip.


These parts can only be equipped by the man himself, Zero.

Saber Plus
Found in: Inami Temple
Description: This increases the power of Zero's saber, turning it a blue color.
             Useful in most situations.

Saber Extend
Found in: Recycle Center
Description: Adds a small crescent shaped slash to the end of the saber, which
             extends its range, but not enough to be actually useful. Forget
             you ever found this part.

Shot Eraser
Found in: Northpole Area
Description: Turns the saber white and lets it destroy some shots by slashing
             them out of the air. Not overly useful.

Master Saber
Found in: Weapon Center
Description: Increases the power of Zero's special attacks (the ones won from
             bosses), including his Giga Attack. Useful on occasion.


These parts can be equipped by both X and Zero, but they are activated manually
and can only be used ONCE per stage. One can be equipped at a time.

Found in: Recycle Center
Duration: 6 Seconds
Description: Slightly increases defense. It's like holding a paper plate in
             front of your face to defend against hits for about 6 seconds.

Found in: Magma River
Duration: 6 Seconds
Description: Slightly increases weapon power. Not really worth using for X, as
             he has a part that does this permanently. I wouldn't bother.

Found in: Northpole Area
Duration: 6 Seconds
Description: Lets you use weapons for free for the duration. There are better
             things to use your Limit slot for.

Life Recover
Found in: Amazon Area
Duration: Instant
Description: This is like a free E-tank, as it completely refills your life 
             meter when used, no questions asked. This should be on you at all
             times once you find it and are able to utilize it.

Found in: Inami Temple
Duration: Instant
Description: Fills up all of your weapon gauges at once. Just like dying. I
             wouldn't use it unless you have a very short energy bar and can't
             beat anything without using them as a crutch.

Found in: Central Museum
Duration: 10 Seconds
Description: This is a neat part. For 10 seconds, you can rapidly fire charged
             buster shots. For X in any armor, he rapidly shoots out the green
             charged shots that unarmored X fires, regardless of armor. For
             Zero, he fires _5_ Z-buster shots with every button press.
             Basically, you go through enemies like diarrhea either way. I use
             this now and then for fun, and on certain levels where I can't be
             bothered to sit and walk through normally. Note that this does
             NOT allow unlimited use of the Giga Attack for X when in use, as
             some guides mention. Overall, fun to use. 


This is where I put the questions I can't seem to answer. If you can verify
anything here, please check the submission information section. You'll get

Dec. 12, 2001 - What other effects does the Master Saber have? 
                *SOLVED ON 12/15/01*


Reeve - For being a knowledgeable voice of reason in the MM community, and for
        running a great site.

Slash - Ditto.

Irregular Hunter Zero - For helping me fill in my Quick Parts List.

Hugh Jass - For info on the Master Saber.

Capcom Japan - For making such a hard game that tested my patience.

Whoever localized the game - For keeping the voices and original songs intact.




Please direct all submissions, questions, comments, and cash donations to
evilmike@powersurfr.com, with the subject line "Parts Guide".


This guide is © 2001 Mike Rousseau, all rights reserved. It is for personal use
only, and is not to be re-printed, reproduced, or re-written in any way. This
guide is not to be used without my express written consent. You can find the
latest version of this guide at the following places:

Red Shadow's Homepage <http://evilmike.aexx.net>
GameFAQS              <http://www.gamefaqs.com>

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