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FAQ/Walkthrough by liquidcross

Version: 2.21 | Updated: 01/30/02

MEGA MAN X6 for PlayStation FAQ
by LiquidCross

cross (at) liquidcross.com

v2.21 - January 30, 2002

WARNING: As with many FAQs, this document contains SPOILERS. If you don't want
to ruin the game, then DON'T read this!

The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at www.GameFAQs.com.

What's New?

v2.21 - Typos attack again, and are defeated.
v2.2 - Fixed an error with the location of the Heart Tank in Commander
Dragonfly's stage.
v2.11 - Stupid typos...well, they're gone now.
v2.1 - Fixed an entry in the Nightmare System section, and added some strategy
on fighting Infinity Flea.
v2.0 - Whew! Added the Blast Hornet sighting, the Nightmare System effects,
info on getting to Gate with the Shadow Armor, the Reploid Parts list, updated
Sigma's weaknesses, and cleaned up some typos.
v1.2 - Updated the Parts list and the endings, plus some Zero strategy on
fighting Sigma.
v1.1 - Updated info on endings, Sigma's weaknesses, and a few bits and pieces.
v1.0 - The FAQ is finally done. You might have noticed that I've started
alphabetizing Maverick lists, tank locations, etc. (unlike in my other FAQs).
This just makes information easier to find.

What's in this FAQ?

1. Story
2. Game Basics
	a. Controls
	b. Ranking
	c. Teleport Areas
3. Terms and Characters
4. Boss Information
	a. Name Conversion
	b. Suggested Order
	c. Weakness Chart
	d. Strategies
	e. Teleport Pads
	f. Weapon Descriptions
5. Nightmare System
6. Upgrades
	a. Heart Tank/Sub Tank/Capsule Locations
	b. Armor Descriptions
	c. Parts
7. Secrets/Unlockables
8. Endings
9. Notes
10. Contact Info
11. Credits
12. Disclaimer


Three weeks after the space colony Eurasia crashed into Earth (play MMX5 for
the full story), X investigates an outbreak of the Nightmare Virus...and
wonders if the death of his friend Zero is all it appears to be.



D-Pad: Move left or right, or up or down ladders; hold Up to grab onto lines,
and hold Down to crouch
X: Jump
Square: Fire X-Buster (hold to charge); with Zero, use Z-Saber
Triangle: Fire special weapon (again, hold to charge), use Z-Saber; with Zero,
fire Z-Buster
Circle (or tap Forward twice): Dash (you can air-dash by pressing Circle or
tapping Forward twice in midair)
Start: Weapon Select
Select: Contact Alia (when [!] appears in the lower right corner of the
screen); Quit Game (on Weapon Select screen)
L1/R1: Cycle through special weapons
L2: n/a
R2: Giga Attack

All these button settings can be changed with the Button Configuration option
on the Weapon Select Screen, as well as settings for auto-charge, rapid fire,
vibration. For the purposes of this FAQ, I'll be using the default buttons.


Yes, Ranking actually has a point. The higher your Ranking, the more Parts you
can equip! The amount of Nightmare Souls you acquire has an effect on your
overall Ranking. Keep collecting more Nightmare Souls, and your Ranking will
increase after every level you beat!

Teleport Areas:

Every now and then, you may come across a blue teleporter. If you jump in here,
you'll often be transported to an alternate part of the level you're on, and at
the end, you'll face Nightmare Zero. The next time you go, you'll face High
Max, and from then on, you'll face Dynamo. (You'll also face Dynamo if you've
defeated all 8 Mavericks.) Annoyingly, after you defeat them, you'll have to go
through the entire level again to get to the Maverick.



EX TANK - An item that allows you to start with 4 lives instead of the standard

HEART TANK - An item that increases your life bar.

MAVERICK - A Reploid that's gone berserk as a result of being infected with the
Nightmare Virus.

MAVERICK HUNTERS - Reploids who track down and dispose of Mavericks.

NIGHTMARES - Mavericks that resemble octopi. You'll find them in every level.
Destroy them quickly!

NIGHTMARE SOULS - These energy spheres are left behind when Nightmares are

NIGHTMARE VIRUS - Previously known as the Sigma Virus or Zero Virus. This virus
causes Reploids to go Maverick.

REPLIFORCE - The Reploid military branch.

REPLOIDS - Complex robots, complete with emotional circuits and the ability to

SUB TANK - A portable energy tank that allows you to refill your life bar when
it's low. Sub Tanks can be refilled with standard life energy capsules if your
life bar is full.

W-TANK - A portable energy tank that allows you to refill your weapon energy
bar when it's low. The W-Tank can be refilled with standard weapon energy
capsules if your energy bar is full.

X-BUSTER - X's primary weapon system, consisting of a long range plasma cannon
that can be charged up for more powerful shots.

Z-SABER - Zero's primary weapon. A beam saber that can be upgraded. After
Zero's "death," X now carries this weapon.


ALIA - The navigator for the Maverick Hunters. She stays in contact with X
throughout his travels, and offers hints to get past various obstacles. She
used to work with Gate in his lab.

DOUGLAS - The Maverick Hunters' mechanic and engineer, Douglas builds Parts for

DR. LIGHT - Creator of X, who now appears in holographic form.

DYNAMO - A Reploid mercenary who seems to exist for the sole purpose of
harrassing X. He's also out to hijack Reploid data to upgrade all his systems.

GATE - A Reploid scientist who appears to be working to find out the true cause
of the Nightmare Virus. While investigating the crash of the Eurasia colony, he
found a strange piece of circuitry among the rubble. He sent out eight agents
to investigate the latest "outbreaks"...you can guess what became of them. He's
got his own agenda in regards to the data he's collected, and plans to build a
perfect world for Reploids (kinda like Dopplertown from MMX3), with himself in

HIGH MAX - A warrior Reploid constructed by Gate to find Zero.

INJURED REPLOIDS - You'll see these guys in every stage. Rescuing them (just go
up to them) will often refill your life meter and give you an extra life, and
possibly give you Weapon/Life upgrades and Parts. Careful, though...Nightmares
will try to infect the Injured Reploids before you can get to them! If they DO
become infected, you'll have to destroy them.

ISOC - Gate's underling in their research organization.

SIGMA - X's archnemesis. No matter how many times X destroys him, Sigma always
comes back for more. Ever since MMX3, Sigma has been described as a dangerous
virus that can infect Reploids.

SIGNAS - Signas is leader of the Repliforce. He has the most precise CPU of all
the Reploids.

X - Mega Man X. The hero of the story is a powerful robot - the last one built
by the late Dr. Light. After being recovered by the scientist Dr. Cain, X is
now a leader of the Maverick Hunters--robots dedicated to bringing down 'bots
gone berserk.

ZERO - X's friend, who was originally a Maverick himself. He was built by Dr.
Wily around the same time X was constructed. Zero was defeated by Sigma, who
was a Maverick Hunter at the time (play MMX4 for full details). Zero was
reprogrammed, and later hunted Mavericks alongside X. Zero sacrificed his life
at the end of MMX5 to save X.


Name Conversion:

Alright, let me make one thing VERY clear: The US names for the Mavericks SUCK.
They didn't bother to translate them! So, since this is MY FAQ, I'm using MY
names. Don't worry, they're not sweeping changes...it's essentially what they'd
translate to, anyway. You won't get confused. If you don't like it, tough! :)

Name			New Name
Commander Yammark	Commander Dragonfly
Ground Scaravich	Ground Scarab
Infinity Mijinion	Infinity Flea
Blaze Heatnix		Blaze Phoenix
Blizzard Wolfang	Blizzard Wolf
Rainy Turtloid		Rain Turtle
Metal Shark Player	Metal Shark
Shield Sheldon		Shield Shellfish

Suggested Order:

Commander Dragonfly - Ground Scarab - Blaze Phoenix - Blizzard Wolf
Rain Turtle - Metal Shark - Shield Shellfish - Infinity Flea

Weakness Chart:

Boss			Weakness		Weapon Gained
Blaze Phoenix		Ground Dash		Magma Blade
Blizzard Wolf		Magma Blade		Ice Burst
Commander Dragonfly	Ray Arrow		Yammar Option
Dual Cells		Metal Anchor		(none)
Dynamo			Meteor Rain		(none)
Gate			(none)			(none)
Giant Mechaniloid	Z-Saber			(none)
Ground Scarab		Yammar Option		Ground Dash
High Max (1st)		(none)			(none)
High Max (2nd)		Ray Arrow,
			Meteor Rain		(none)
High Max (3rd)		Ray Arrow,
			Meteor Rain		(none)
Infinity Flea		Guard Shell		Ray Arrow
Metal Shark		Meteor Rain		Metal Anchor
Nightmare Zero		Z-Saber			(none)
Rain Turtle		Ice Burst		Meteor Rain
Shield Shellfish	Metal Anchor		Guard Shell
Sigma (1st)		Metal Anchor		(none)
Sigma (2nd)		Ground Dash		(none)


NOTE: The strategies listed have X in mind, obviously. For Zero, use your
judgment, and the corresponding special move that matches up with X's weapon.
Good luck!

Blaze Phoenix - He'll summon lava from either the top of the screen or the
bottom of the screen, so watch your step! Hit him with the Ground Dash, while
you dodge his magma blobs. Later, he'll attack you with fire arcs, or dash
across the screen in full blazing glory. You can avoid this by jumping to and
from the platforms.

Blizzard Wolf - Use the Magma Blade, and keep in mind that it's got range. If
he runs at you, jump over him. Watch out for his ice blocks and icicle dash
attack! He may jump at you, too. Just dash under him, turn around, and burn his
ass again.

Commander Dragonfly - What a joke. He'll have his dragonfly underlings circle
him and fire at you--except you can destroy the shots! Use the Z-Saber to wipe
them out, and blast Commander Dragonfly with the Ray Arrow. He'll charge at you
sometimes...just jump off the wall to avoid him.

Dual Cells - You'll find these pests at the end of the first stage in Gate's
fortress. Your best bet is to use the Shadow Armor. (If you don't have the
Shadow Armor, the Metal Anchor works well, too.) Each cell has a metal eye in
the middle. However, you can't damage it until it comes out. They'll rotate
around the room...jump off the walls to dodge them. When an eye comes out close
to the ground, slash it, and immediately follow up with the Shadow Armor's Giga
Attack, as it will do plenty of damage. When the eyes are out, they'll use any
of three different attacks: blue spheres that shoot lightning and race along
the floor and walls; red spheres that set the floor on fire; or a magma cascade
that comes raining down from above.

Dynamo - Does this guy even have a point? Anyways, use charged shots and the
Meteor Rain to take him out. Dodge his boomerangs, and climb the wall directly
behind him to avoid his lightning attacks. If you blast him with a charged shot
right after you hit him with the Meteor Rain, he'll drop a sphere worth 200
Nightmare Souls! He'll only drop three per fight, so don't overdo it.

Gate - You can't directly damage this guy...you'll have to turn his own attacks
against him. He'll float around the room (AVOID coming into contact with him!),
and fire out various spheres. Slash them until they burst, and if a fragment
hits Gate, it will damage him. The blue spheres will draw you towards them, the
green ones will follow you, the red ones slow down the action, the orange ones
fire energy bursts, and the purple ones create Nightmares. Later in the fight,
he'll perform a large energy slash that can take out the floating platforms.
They'll come back eventually...just don't get caught in one while it's
materializing, or you're toast!

Giant Mechaniloid - Not too difficult. The trick is to hit the orb controlling
the robot, not the robot itself. Use the Z-Saber to slash it. High Max will
show up after you destroy the Giant Mechaniloid.

Ground Scarab - This annoying little punk will roll a big pile of junk at you,
then go off the screen. The ball will gradually get bigger, so destroy him
quickly! To sting him, use the Yammar Option, and make sure to hit him with the
dragonflies' shots.

High Max (1st) - You can't hurt him. Avoid his energy sphere attacks, and
eventually he'll leave.

High Max (2nd) - This guy's a real pain in the ass. Fire a charged shot, and
while he's flashing, hit him with a Maverick's weapon, preferably the Meteor
Rain or charged Ray Arrow, since you can stand under him, fire, and dash out of
the way. (If you used the Ultimate Armor cheat, you can fry him with the Nova
Strike after you hit him with a charged shot.) Your best bet is to blast him
with a charged shot, get close FAST, and smack him with the Meteor Rain or
charged Ray Arrow. He'll fire out his regular energy orbs (dash to avoid them),
charge up and rush you (jump off the wall to dodge it), or put up a ring shield
and rush you (just crouch, and he'll fly right over you). Later, he'll charge
up and send orbs flying out from the
middle of the screen. Avoid them as best you can.  After you beat him, you'll
able to go directly to the final stages, even if you haven't defeated all the
Mavericks yet.

High Max (3rd) - NOTE: This is the version of High Max you'll fight in Gate's
fortress, regardless of whether you fought his 2nd version or not. Good news
and bad news. The good news is, you can trounce this guy with the Shadow Armor.
The bad news is, it'll be VERY difficult to get to Gate directly after him with
the Shadow Armor (you'll have to use the Speedster and Hyper Dash Parts, and
dash-jump off the LOWEST point on the blocks to cross the "impossible gaps").
But I'll give you strategies with and without the Shadow Armor anyway, so don't
worry. With the Shadow Armor, charge up, and when he's got his shields up, get
close and unleash your slash. The sword will go right through the shield and
knock him on his ass. Alright, now for a different strategy. I suggest the
Blade Armor or Ultimate Armor, as you'll need them later to get to Gate. Just
like before, you'll need to hit him with a charged shot, then use a Maverick
weapon (I suggest the Ray Arrow). (If you used the Ultimate Armor cheat, you
can fry him with the Nova Strike after you hit him with a charged shot.) If
you've got the Ultimate Buster part here, that'll come in handy, too, as you'll
only fire charged shots, and the Ray Arrow will be the charged version, which
will do more damage.  High Max has those annoying shields that'll get in your
way. When he drops down to rush you, dash-jump off the wall to dodge him. He'll
also send the shields out to track
you. Wait until they appear above you, wait another moment, then dash to avoid
them. He'll do his irritating middle-of-the-screen bit again, too, where he'll
send out those monstrous orbs that burst if you shoot them. Hit him with a
charged-up Ray Arrow at this point. With luck and patience, you'll take him

Infinity Flea - Defeat this guy FAST, otherwise he'll get extremely annoying.
He'll shoot at you, but eventually, he'll start to clone himself. You thought
Gemini Man (MM3) and Split Mushroom (MMX4) were bad? This guy will FILL THE
SCREEN with clones, and rain down energy blasts all over the place. So make
sure you keep track of the REAL Infinity Flea. Blast him like there's no
tomorrow! The Guard Shell can reflect his attacks back at him! However, you
don't bounce the green spheres back. You bounce that attack that shoots in
every direction where he says "woo-hoo!" as well as that attack where he
touches the ground and makes energy rain down. This worked best with Zero. You
activate the shield and get close to one wall. Next you point the shield
towards the center of the room.
Now, use Zero's spinning attack (Down and Triangle) like crazy. You'll stop all
of the green attack spheres and the shield will do its work. The only attack he
can hurt you with is that small purple beam, but just keep spinning and you'll
win the battle with half of the damage (In most cases).

Metal Shark - He'll swim about in the junk below you, then pop out. Soak him
with Meteor Rain. He'll also summon holograms of Magna Centipede (from MMX2),
Blast Hornet (from MMX3) and Sting Chameleon (from MMX) to bother you! (Which
character ends up appearing depends on what difficulty setting you chose when
you started the game.) These can't be destroyed, so just avoid their attacks
and continue assaulting Metal Shark.

Nightmare Zero - He's a purple Zero, and rather tough. Use your Z-Saber to stun
him, then blast away. He'll fire his Z-Buster at you, or rush you and slash.
His attacks do a TON of damage, so watch out! He's also got some wide
crescent-slash attacks that can be a pain to avoid...crouch them if you can.
Defeat him, and you'll be able to use Zero as a playable character!

Rain Turtle - He's one big bastard. Bigger that Frost Walrus in MMX4! To defeat
him, you'll first need to destroy the two green gems on his shell. Slash at
them with the Z-Saber--it'll take out the missiles he fires out as well. After
they break, you'll be able to damage him. Use the Ice Burst. The gems will
regenerate after awhile, but just destroy them again. When he retracts into his
shell and rolls at you with spikes extended, get on the wall and air-dash over
him. Later, he'll move a lot faster when he does his rolling attack, and his
Meteor Rain will drop down from the ceiling. Move quickly to dodge him, and
continue your assault.

Shield Shellfish - He'll protect himself with his shells...when he pops out,
use the Metal Anchor to drop him. When he charges up his energy barrier, the
angled flight of the Metal Anchor can break right through it!

Sigma (1st) - Oh, what a shock. Sigma's back, and it's all Gate's fault. Like
we didn't see THAT coming. He looks like hell, too. While he's crawling along
the ground, clown him with Metal Anchors. Eventually, he'll create an energy
portal and start firing at you. Dodge his shots, slash and blast him. Not too
tough of a fight. If you're using Zero, stand on
the ground and use the Z-Buster. Also use the Rankukojin (metal saber) or
Ensuizan (spin-slash) to knock Sigma back a ways. Duck and jump the energy
waves just like X.

Sigma (2nd) - The Capcom designers took a cue from "The Terminator" with
Sigma's new body. You'll only be able to hit him when he opens his mouth, and
you see the sensor inside. In the meantime, he'll be busy sending out green
blobs that'll either form into platforms, or little skulls that will fire at
you. Destroy the skulls, because a) they'll give you powerups, and b) they'll
overwhelm you if you don't! When Sigma opens his mouth to fire, smack him with
the Ground Dash (or let loose with a Giga Attack!) then crouch to avoid his
beam cannon. If a tracking marker appears beneath you, dash to avoid the
vertical beam cannon he'll try to blast you with. If you're using Zero, stand
under his chin and spin-slash the green skulls. Whenever Sigma opens his mouth,
do a quick jump and slash. With full Sub Tanks, some patience, and relentless
attacks, you'll eventually obliterate him.

Teleport Pads:

It's just not a Mega Man game unless you have to fight all the bosses over
again. And to make things interesting, the bosses are slightly more powerful
this time around! Here's the order, starting from the top right:

			         |-Commander Dragonfly
	         |-Blizzard Wolf-|
   Blaze Phoenix-|
	         |-Metal Shark-|
			       |-Ground Scarab
		 |-Rain Turtle-|
Shield Shellfish-|
		 |-Infinity Flea

Weapon Descriptions:

If X has the Falcon Armor, Blade Armor, or Ultimate Armor equipped, then he can
charge special weapons. Zero learns special moves, like in previous games.

Giga Attack:

Falcon Armor - A huge laser blast that damages everything onscreen.
Blade Armor - You'll throw a powerful saber attack.
Shadow Armor - A shockwave attack that tears apart anything in its path.
Ultimate Armor - The good ol' Nova Strike. X jumps up a bit and powerdashes
through the air, obliterating whatever's in your path.
Zero - Similar to Dynamo's lightning attack. He'll punch the ground, and an
energy blast will rain down and damage everything on the screen.

Ground Dash:

Normal - A big chunk of rock. Amazing, isn't it. And it even explodes on
Charged - A monstrous sphere of junk, that'll seek out an enemy and smash into
Zero - Sentuizan. Press Up and Square in midair. You'll slash downward.

Guard Shell:

Normal - A small energy field appears in front of you. Great for dispelling the
X and Zero Soul Bodies.
Charged - Four shells appear at the corners of the screen. Keep pressing
Triangle, and they'll fire off energy bursts!
Zero - Same as Normal.

Ice Burst:

Normal - An ice block that you can stand on. It'll also shatter if it hits an
Charged - X will flash rapidly. If you dash, giant icicles will fire out up and
down behind you.
Zero - Hyoroga. Hold Up, and jump. You'll be able to stick to ceilings! Plus,
you'll fire out icicles if you hit Square.

Ray Arrow:

Normal - A laser pulse that reflects at 90 degree angles off walls.
Charged - Vertical laser beams will hit 50% of the screen, with you at its
Zero - Aekkoha. Giga Attack. Press R2. Zero punches the ground, and an energy
blast will damage everything on the screen.

Magma Blade:

Normal - A fire sword, that tosses out two fireballs.
Charged - Multiple phoenixes fly across the screen.
Zero - Shouenzan. Press Up and Square. You'll slash upwards with flames!

Metal Anchor:

Normal - An anchor bounces across the screen.
Charged - Attack of the clones! (Sorry...couldn't help it.) You'll summon a
squadron of Storm Eagle holograms that will divebomb everything on the screen.
(Storm Eagle was a Maverick boss in MMX.)
Zero - Rankukojin. Press Down and Square in midair. You'll stab downwards with
a giant metal sword, and an anchor will also bounce out.

Meteor Rain:

Normal - A giant raindrop that shoots straight up, then drops back down.
Charged - Just like the Astro Crush in MM8. Multiple giant raindrops rain
across the whole screen.
Zero - Ensuizan. Press Down and Triangle, and Zero will spin-attack on the

Yammar Option:

Normal - Three dragonflies circle you. Pressing the Special Weapon fire button
again will cause the dragonflies to fire out energy bursts.
Charged - The dragonflies circle you and continually fire.
Zero - Same as Normal. Press Up and Triangle to trigger it.


Certain parts of levels change depending on the order that you visit them. This
can get EXTREMELY annoying! Areas affected by the System will be highlighted in
red on the Stage Select screen. Here's a list of the effects that the Nightmare
System produces:

Commander Dragonfly -> Shield Shellfish = Metal flies
Commander Dragonfly -> Blaze Phoenix = Metal flies
Rain Turtle -> Commander Dragonfly = Rain
Rain Turtle -> Ground Scarab = Rain
Blaze Phoenix -> Blizzard Wolf = Raining magma
Blaze Phoenix -> Infinity Flea = Raining magma
Infinity Flea -> Commander Dragonfly = Spotlights
Infinity Flea -> Rain Turtle = Spotlights
Shield Shellfish -> Blizzard Wolf = X/Zero Soul Bodies
Shield Shellfish -> Rain Turtle = X/Zero Soul Bodies
Blizzard Wolf -> Metal Shark = Iced floors
Metal Shark -> Blaze Phoenix = Metal blocks
Metal Shark -> Infinity Flea = Metal blocks
Metal Shark -> Ground Scarab = Metal blocks
Ground Scarab -> Metal Shark = Red/black/blue crates
Ground Scarab -> Shield Shellfish = Red crates

- Metal flies can be destroyed with the Yammar Option.
- Rain slows you down.
- The raining magma will destroy the cracked ice walls in Blizzard Wolf's
stage, enabling you to get the EX Tank and Heart Tank.
- The spotlights are annoying as hell. They'll only focus on you, and don't
give away much of the surrounding area. Look before you leap!
- The X/Zero Soul Bodies are silhouettes that will attack you. Remove them with
the Guard Shell.
- The iced floors will cause you to slip. Watch your step!
- The metal blocks often block your path. Destroy them with the Metal Anchor
(the charged-up version works extremely well!).
- Red crates can be destroyed with the Ground Dash (or Sentuizan). Black and
blue crates can be moved with the same weapon.


Heart Tank/Sub Tank/Capsule Locations:

NOTE: Heart Tanks will ONLY extend the life of whoever picks them up; they will
NOT extend the life of both characters.

Blaze Phoenix stage:

Heart Tank - After you beat the second miniboss, go through the door and use
the Blade Armor to scale the platforms via air-dashing straight up. The Heart
Tank is hidden behind an Injured Reploid; rescue the Reploid and you'll grab
the Tank at the same time.

Capsule - Shadow Armor (Arms). After you get the Heart Tank, keep heading up.
Use the charged-up Metal Anchor to remove any metal blocks that may be blocking
your way to the capsule.

Sub Tank - After you get the Capsule, keep heading to the right. You'll get to
a teleporter. Jump in, and work your way up. The Sub Tank will be sitting on a
platform waiting for you.

Blizzard Wolf stage:

Heart Tank - Defeat Blaze Phoenix first. Equip the Blade Armor. After the
beginning avalanche section and pits, right before you head down the ladder,
the wall on the right next to the ladder will be broken! Kill off the
Nightmares, and right below you will be two Injured Reploids. Use the Blade
Armor's vertical air-dash to get to them. The Heart Tank is behind the Reploid
on the right.

Capsule - Shadow Armor (Head). After the beginning avalanche section and pits,
right before you head down the ladder, there's a ledge above you. Use the Blade
Armor or Ultimate Armor to dash across to it from the other side. The capsule
awaits right past the ledge.

EX Tank - In the same area as the Heart Tank, you'll see a pit with spikes on
the walls. Drop down there with the Shadow Armor. The EX Tank is sitting on top
of some spikes.

Commander Dragonfly stage:

Heart Tank - When you get into the cave section, you'll see a pit with some bar
lights over it. You can drop down here, rescue some Reploids, and grab the
Heart Tank.

Capsule - Blade Armor (Legs). The first time you drop down, head to the right.
The capsule is right there waiting for you.

Sub Tank - You'll need the Blade Armor. After you drop down the first time,
keep heading left. Eventually, you'll see a ledge up above you. Air-dash up
there, then do a long air-dash to the left. There will be an Injured Reploid
and the Sub Tank on a small ledge.

Ground Scarab stage:

Heart Tank - This is going to bug the hell out of you. It's in one of the totem
pole areas, right in your path. You can't miss it. However, since the totem
pole areas are COMPLETELY random, there's no guarantee you'll get to the Heart
Tank when you go through. So basically, just keep playing through the stage
over and over again.

Capsule - Blade Armor (Head). Again, like the Heart Tank, it's in a random
totem pole area, and it'll be right in your path. Keep playing though the stage
until you get it.

Infinity Flea stage:

Heart Tank - After you defeat Illumina (that huge robot in the background) the
second time, jump in the teleporter and head to the left. There it is!

Capsule - Blade Armor (Arms). It's next to the Heart Tank. Just get it!

Metal Shark stage:

Heart Tank - You can't miss it. Towards the end of the stage, in yet another
compressor area, the Heart Tank will be waiting for you in your path.

Capsule - Shadow Armor (Legs). Equip the Blade Armor or Ultimate Armor. After
the second compressor area, you'll see a ladder heading down, and the
compressor continuing to the left. You'll be heading left...but make sure you
can move quickly, as you won't have much time. (The Speedster and Hyper Dash
Parts work well here.) Get through the compressor, then drop down the ladder.
Head to the right. There will be a large pit in your way...destroy the
Nightmares hovering there, then air-dash across to get the capsule.

Rain Turtle stage:

Heart Tank - You'll need the Shadow Armor. In the tree area where there's small
sections branching off to the left and right, the Heart Tank is in the second
section down on the left. Destroy the enemies in your way, and walk over the
spikes to claim it.

Capsule - Shadow Armor (Body). In the tree area where there's small sections
branching off to the left and right, stay up top. Get a bat to follow you, and
wait close to the spikes. Let him drop a bomb on you, and while you're
invulnerable, dash like mad across both spike sections to grab the capsule.
(The D-Barrier Part helps out here.)

Shield Shellfish stage:

Heart Tank - Take the lower path after the laser puzzles. Keep going for
awhile...eventually, you'll see the Tank in your way. It's sitting on a row of
spikes. Use the Shadow Armor to nab it if you don't want to waste a life.

Capsule - Blade Armor (Body). Take the lower path after the laser puzzles.
Right after you drop down again, part of the wall on the left is false. Walk
through it, and dash-jump to the left to nab the capsule.

W-Tank - Take the lower path after the laser puzzles, and you'll see it sitting
on a row of spikes. Use the Shadow Armor to nab it if you don't want to waste a

Armor Descriptions:

NOTE: To use the Blade Armor or Shadow Armor, you must have ALL FOUR pieces.
Individual pieces have no effect.

Blade Armor - Your Z-Saber is stronger with this armor--charge up your
X-Buster, then hold Up when you release it to unleash a strong slash attack.
Press and hold X in midair, then press and hold a direction (left, right, or
up) and release X to dash in that direction. This air-dash will also damage

Falcon Armor - You can't fly anymore, but you can air-dash, damage enemies, and
charge your special weapons with this armor now. Your charged shots are rather
tiny, which makes it harder to hit enemies.

Shadow Armor - X becomes a ninja! This armor will allow you to stick to the
ceiling (hold Up and jump), walk on spikes, and move a lot faster. Your normal
shots are shuriken (ninja stars, for the unenlightened) that fire in a random
spread pattern. When you charge up, you unleash a crescent sword attack! No
air-dash, however.

Ultimate Armor - Much more powerful X-Buster shots, and the ability to use your
Giga Attack infinitely. Press X in midair to hover.

X - Our hero without any armor. Not recommended, as you're rather weak in this

Zero - Our favorite beam saber-wielding Maverick Hunter. He can do combo
Z-Saber attacks and air-dash.


As you rescue Injured Reploids, you might get Life boosts, Weapon boosts, or
Parts. Different Parts obviously have different effects when you equip them.
Life Up and Energy Up Parts increase your life bar or weapon bar's effiency.
Other Parts are either Normal (can be used by X or Zero), X or Zero specific,
or Limited (you can use them only once during a stage). Here's a list of which
Injured Reploids give you which Parts, and the effects the Parts have on your
character. (The number following the Reploid's name is their number on the
Rescued list.)

Commander Dragonfly’s Stage:

MAH 01404 (1) - Life Up

Satton (3) - Energy Up

ISO (5) - Life Recover (Limited) - Fully restores your life bar, just like a
Sub Tank.

Goken (10) - Super Recover (Normal) - Doubles the effectiveness of energy

Kuborina (15) - Rapid 5 (X) - X shoots a 5 shot burst instead of a 3 shot

Blaze Phoenix’s Stage:

Chibon (2) - Buster Plus (Normal) - Increases the attack power of the X-Buster
and Z-Buster.

Hatori (10) - Life Up

Higurai (13) - Energy Up

Hal (14) - Power Drive (Limited) - Increases the attack power of special
weapons and techniques.

Keiji (15) - Ultimate Buster (X)- X only fires charged X-Buster and special
weapon shots.

Blizzard Wolf’s Stage:

Ryu (3) - Shot Eraser (Zero) - Zero can cut enemy shots.

Ken (5)	- Energy Up

Nina (6) - Weapon Drive (Limited) - Use weapons without wasting weapon energy.

Chun (11) - Life Up

Dante (14) - Jumper (Normal) - Increases jumping height and distance.

Ground Scarab’s Stage:

PL 98 (5) - Life Up

Tsuki (7) - Speedster (Normal) - Doubles overall speed.

Bad (9) - Quick Charge (X) - X charges twice as fast.

Home (13) - Energy Up

Mars (16) - Over Drive (Limited) - X only fires charged X-Buster shots. Zero
fires a 5 shot burst with his Z-Buster.

Infinity Flea’s Stage:

Paralla (4) - D-Converter (Normal) - Converts damage taken into weapon energy.

Tekk (7) - Speed Shot (Normal) - Fire much faster.

Gital (10) - Life Up

Metal (11) - Master Saber (Zero) - Increases the attack power of Zero's special

Grantsu (13) - Energy Up

Metal Shark’s Stage:

Wright (6) - Energy Up

Toshi (11) - Shock Buffer (Normal) - Cuts damage from all attacks in half.

Inaria (12) - Hyper Drive (Limited) - Increases defense.

Kikuturk (14) - Life Up

Dajango (15) - Saber Extend (Zero)- Increases the range Zero's of saber.

Rain Turtle’s Stage:

Moa (7) - Energy Up

Etsu (10) - Life Up

Yui (12) - Weapon Recover (Limited)- Fully restores all weapon meters.

Nori (14) - Hyper Dash (Normal) - Doubles dashing speed.

Rena (15) - Saber Plus (Zero) - Increases the attack power of Zero's saber.

Shield Shellfish’s Stage:

Kazu (1) - Life Up

Dai (7) - Energy Up

Taiji (11) - Energy Saver (Normal) - Cuts weapon energy consumption in half.

Kenz (14) - D-Barrier (Normal) - Doubles time of invulnerability after taking

SO 1 (15) - Weapon Plus (X) - Increases the attack power of X’s special


Ultimate Armor cheats:

On the title screen, highlight "Game Start" and enter the following code:

Ultimate X: Left three times, Right once
Dark Zero: L1 three times, R2 once

High Ranking:

Collect 5000 Nightmare Souls to earn the PA Ranking. Now you can equip 4 Parts!
Collect 9999 Nightmare Souls to earn the highest possible Ranking, UH. Equip 5


X's Ending (with Zero):

X gives Gate to Alia, in hopes that she can rebuild him. Then X and crew decide
to continue work on rebuilding the planet, and leave in peace with humans.

X's Ending (without Zero):

X and Alia talk over the body of Gate, when all of a sudden, Zero shows up from
behind a rock. Zero tells them he has work to do, and leaves. Alia and X are
left wondering what the hell just happened.

Zero's Ending:

Zero, speaking with a "mysterious scientist," seals himself in a capsule for
102 years, to awaken on August 15th. This may factor into the upcoming "Rockman
Zero" game for Game Boy Advance, where the main character looks like a modified
version of Zero. Maybe August 15th could be a US release date?


- Is it just me, or was Zero's return LAME? "I hid myself away to repair
myself." Ugh. C'mon, Capcom, you can do better than that!
- You can stun Illumina (in Infinity Flea's stage) with the Meteor Rain.
- The music in Gate's fortress sounds familiar, doesn't it? It should...it's a
kickass remix of the final X-Hunter Base level music from MMX2! Also...Sigma's
battle music is remixed from MMX.
- When X finds Isoc's lifeless body, the "Erasure Incident" that Alia refers to
occurred in MMXtreme2 (Game Boy Color).


Know something I don't? Find a hidden secret you're dying to share? Feel free
to email me at cross (at) liquidcross.com. Just put "Mega Man X6" in the
line. If you give me valid info, I'll credit you in future versions of this
FAQ. :)


- Thanks to Capcom for continuing the X saga!
- Thanks to Maverick for information on Zero's techniques.
- Thanks to Irregular Hunter Zero and Rodrigo Shin for helping with Tank
- Thanks to IHZ (again!) and Jay for helping fill out the Parts list.
- Thanks to Paul Varela for updates on Sigma's weaknesses.
- Thanks to Startyde for some added strategy on fighting High Max.
- Thanks to Zero X-Hunter for info on Zero's Z-Saber.
- Thanks to Tim Jones for added strategy on fighting Sigma with Zero.
- Thanks to Kryptech for info on the Nightmare System effects.
- Thanks to Dan Hunter for info on which Injured Reploids give you parts, added
info on Sigma's weaknesses, and added strategy on fighting Infinity Flea.


Feel free to distribute or post this FAQ, but you MUST reproduce it IN FULL,
and you must give me credit for it. Reproducing/copying/posting sections of
this FAQ is strictly prohibited. Mega Man X, Zero, and all associated materials
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