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FAQ/Walkthrough by Neo Zero

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 02/11/03

Rockman X5 Walkthrough/FAQ
By Neo Zero, neozero@NOSPAMcox.net
Started in January, 2001
Version 2.1


1. Story [Not finished]
2. Game Controls
   2.1. X
   2.2. Zero
3. Upgrades [Not finished]
   3.1. Dr. Right's Capsules
   3.2. Upgrade Items
4. Game Commands
5. Game Walkthrough
   5.1. Gameplay Information
        5.1.1. Ranks
        5.1.2. Sigma Virus
   5.2. The Enigma and the Repliforce Shuttle
   5.3. Intro Level
   5.4. Irregulars
   5.5. Sigma Levels
6. Secrets
   6.1. Glitches
   6.2. Rumors
7. Other Stuff
   7.1. Music List
8. Updates
9. Credits/Disclaimer


"Unless you're one of those types that like to live in caves, you should know 
at least a little something about the Mega Man universe, whether it be the fact 
that the series is divided in two (the X and the original series), the fact 
that Mega is a little robot dude in blue underwear that shoots bullets out of 
his arm, or the fact that he has more sequels than McDonalds has hamburgers."
- Red Draco

Welcome to my Rockman X5 walkthrough/FAQ thinger-ma-bob. All my info is based
from the Japanese version, so some of my info may be a bit hard to understand. 
Live with it, I'm not fluent in Japanese. :) A LOT of information, such as 
Zero's ability/weapon names aren't translated yet, I have to go and look each 
symbol up separately.

The only sites this FAQ should be on are:
http://havoks.com/neozero/ [My site]
http://gamefaqs.com [GameFAQs]

If you find this somewhere else, please contact me about it and tell me where 
you found it, or ask the owner of the site to remove it, if you feel nice. ^_^

If you need a menu translation guide, it's in the Game Commands section. It can
also be found at my page (eventually), among other various Rockman/Rockman X 
related stuff, the URL to it is above. In addition, I'll also be uploading a 
guide that has both English and Japanese in it, so you can see what Japanese 
words mean what and where.

1. Story

I haven't finished translating the story from the instruction booklet yet. So, 
basically, a space colony (NOT asteroid, it's a SPACE COLONY, trust me on this 
one) is falling to Earth and will crash in 16 hours, which will kill people and
destroy stuff like that. It's up to X and Zero to find a way to prevent it from
falling. Your job is to collect parts to build a cannon called Enigma, to shoot
the Colony before it crashes.

2. Game Controls

2.1. X's Game Controls
Hopefully, this'll help instead of confuse. :)

Up- Only used for grabbing ropes.
Down- Crouch
Left- Move left
Right- Move right
L1, R1- Cycle through weapons. Only works if you've defeated an Irregular Boss.
L2- Giga Attack
Circle- Dash
Square- X-Buster
Triangle- X-Buster/Current Special Weapon
X- Jump

Other commands:
X Button while in air-
  Force Armor- Enables rocket boosters, letting you hover for a short time.
  Falcon Armor- Enables jets, allowing you to fly.
  Ultimate Armor- Enables rocket boosters, letting you hover for a short time.


2.2. Zero's Game Controls

Up- Grab ropes/Special moves
Down- Crouch
Left- Move left
Right- Move right
L1, R1- Cycle through weapons. Only works if you've defeated an Irregular Boss.
L2- Messenkou
Circle- Dash
Square- Z Sabre
Triangle- Z Buster
X- Jump

Other Commands:
X Button while in air: Second jump (Gained from Crescent Grizzly)
Circle Button in air: Air Dash

3. Upgrades

3.1. Right's Capsule Upgrades

Both X and Zero can access these special upgrade capsules. Zero cannot use the 
upgrades gained from them, however. There are three different types of full 
armor upgrades you can use:

- Force Armor [Fo-su A-ma-]
- Falcon Armor [Farukon A-ma-]
- Gaia Armor [Gaia A-ma-]
- Ultimate Armor [Arutimatto A-ma-]

Once you have all the armor parts, you can have X use them by pressing left or 
right at the character select, once you've picked the level you want to go to.

Armor Descriptions:
* Force Armor
  Use Irregular Weapons: Yes
  Upgrade Items: 2
  Special Ability: Lingering Plasma blasts, Nova Strike, Hover, Air Dash
You can ONLY get this armor if you start as X. The Force Armor is X's special 
armor from X4.

* Falcon Armor
  Use Irregular Weapons: Yes
  Upgrade Items: 2
  Special Ability: Fly, Giga Attack
One of the very few things I like about playing as X. Not only do you get a
Giga Attack, but you also can FLY for a limited amount of time! You can't shoot
while flying, just run into things to hit them. You can charge you X Buster
while flying. Fully charged X Buster shots are released as laser beams.

* Gaia Armor
  Use Irregular Weapons: No
  Upgrade Items: 0
  Special Ability: Walk on spikes, Giga Attack
Yes, you read it correctly, walk on spikes! With the Gaia Armor on, spikes no
longer do any damage at all. Very useful. However, your speed has plummeted
quite a bit, but you can hurt things by dashing into them. The X Buster can't 
fire single shots as quickly, and the shots dissapate before getting all the 
way across the screen. On the up side, your X Buster charges MUCH faster, and 
the blasts don't stop at the first thing they hit. The X Buster can break the 
big black boxes with the yellow "V" shape on them.

* Ultimate Armor
  Use Irregular Weapons: Yes
  Upgrade Items: 2
  Special Ability: Lingering Plasma blasts, Hover, Air Dash, Infinite Nova 
The Ultimate Armor from X4. X Buster shots don't stop at the first thing they 
hit, but instead, keep going across the screen, leaving a large, lingering 
plasma blast wherever they hit.


3.2. Upgrade Items
Almost every time you complete a level, you get a special upgrade item. This 
could be either a life-up, weapon-up, or an upgrade that can be installed to X 
and/or Zero. You start getting these items after the first battle against 
Dainamo, and whether you get a life- or weapon-up depends on the path you've 
taken to fight the bosses. It takes one visit to a level to get the life- or 
weapon-up, and two visits to get the upgrade. All you have to do is enter the 
level, you don't have to go all the way through.

Boss Name: Life + / Weapon +
Crescent Grizzly: Shock Buffer / Hyper Dash
Bolt Kraken: Quick Charge / Z Saber Extender
Shining Hotarunix: Burst Shot / Shot Eraser
Tidal Makkoin: Super Recover ([Kaifuku] Up!) / Energy Saver
Spiral Pegasyon: Hyper Jump / Speed Move
Spike Rosered: Ultimate Buster -> Z Saber Plus
Dark Necrobat: Virus Barrier / Virus Buster
Burn Dinorex: Speed Shot / Buster Plus

4. Game Commands

Not finished, but it's been started.

* Title Screen
Ge-mu Suta-to			Game Start- Start a new game.
Kontinyu				Continue- Load a saved game.
Opuchon				Options- Game options.
Tore-ningu				Training- Practice in a training level.

* Options Menu
Ge-mu Reberu			Game Level- How hard the game is.
 - Futsuu (Normal) -> Muzukashii (Hard) -> Yasashii (Easy)

Ge-mu Supi-do			Gameplay speed.
 - Futsuu (Normal) -> Osoi (Slow)

Botan Sattei			Button Establish- Button configuration.
Botan No Sattei (Setting of Buttons)
 Square: X Basuta- (X Buster), Z Seiba- (Z Sabre)
 X: Jyanpu (Jump)
 Circle: Dashu (Dash)
 Square: Tokushu Fuki (Special Weapon), Z Basuta- (Z Buster)
 L1: Fuki Serekuto Hidari (Weapon Select Left)
 R1: Fuki Serekuto Miki (Weapno Select Right)
 R2: Giga Atakku (Giga Attack)
O-to Cha-ji (Auto Charge)
 Ofu (Off) -> On (On)
Rensha (Actual Meaning Unknown [Rapid Fire])
 Ofu (Off) -> On (On)
(Can't translate)
Opuchon Nimodoru (Return to Options)

Saundo Mo-do			Sound Mode- Sound output setting.
 - Sutereo (Stereo) -> Monoraru (Monoaural/Mono)

Saundo Tesuto			Sound Test- Plays sound tracks.

Mo-do Serekuto Nimodoru		Return to Mode Select

5. Game Walkthrough

5.1. Gameplay Information
This section has stuff that I couldn't really fit anywhere else.


5.1.1. Ranks

Both X and Zero start off at a certain Rank. X starts at B, and Zero starts at 
SA. This tells how skilled they are in battle (which means Zero is better, take 
that you X fans). There is a total of eight ranks (according to the manual, I 
think), but I have only seen C, B, A, SA, GA, PA, and MEH.


5.1.2. Sigma Virus

The Sigma Virus takes the form of a floaty purple Sigma head. You can't kill it
unless you have the Virus Buster part equipped, or Zero has his ultimate armor 
(only he will be able to kill them, not X). If it touches you, it will do a 
certain amount of corruption damage, indicated by the little meter in the 
bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The stages the meter goes through are 
Normal, Caution, Danger, and then Virus. X can NOT become an Irregular; if he 
is infected with the virus, it will ignore him and pass on to Zero, who CAN 
become an Irregular. If the meter reaches "Danger" before you complete a level 
(I am unsure as of whether it still counts if you die or not), Zero will be 
corrupted and he won't be available for use after you've finished the eight 
Irregular levels.  According to this information, I'mm assuming there are 
three variations of the ending.


5.2. The Enigma and the Repliforce Shuttle

You can fire the Enigma at any time you want before the game does it 
automatically, simply by pressing R1 at the level select screen. You can do the
same with the Repliforce Space Shuttle, but it will effect the game. Below are 
the effects it's had on my game.

Start with X -> Fire Enigma -> Launch Shuttle -> Zero goes Irregular


5.3. Intro Level

This level serves to introduce players to the game. Eiria will help you out by 
telling you what to do when you get to certain spots.
BIG NOTE! There are both up and downsides to playing as X or Zero through the 
first stage.
* If you start as X: You get the Force Armor, but Zero will NEVER be able to 
use his Z Buster, since it was damaged (actually, torn off) badly.
* If you start as Zero: You can use his Z Buster, but X will NEVER get the 
Force Armor.


BOSS BATTLE: Giant Floaty Sigma Head
Level: 1
Yeah, so it's not really called that, but that's what I call them... His 
pattern is the same for both X and Zero. Sigma does just about 4 different 
things. When he shoots the large green/yellow orbs, jump up onto the left wall 
and jump over them. If he charges forward at you, just stay put, he won't run 
you over. When he fires a whole friggin bunch of little blue orbs, duck down 
and hit him when you can. If he starts to kinda shake up and down and you hear 
a high pitch noise, get up onto the top of the left wall to avoid the big nasty
purple beam he's about to shoot. A fairly easy boss battle. Your other
character must've already weakened him for ya. ^_^


5.4. Irregulars

There's a big detail you need to pay attention to here. You have 16 hours, and 
8 bosses. It takes one hour to travel to an Irregular's location. That means 
you can't go skipping around as you please, not yet at least.
After the intro level is complete, you'll be back at the Irregular Hunter HQ, 
and Signas will tell you which four Irregular bosses hold the pieces needed to 
repair Enigma. The four bosses are Crescent Grizzly, Bolt Kraken, Shining 
Hotarunix, and Tidal Makkoin. After you've gotten all of Enigma's pieces, 
you'll need to defeat the other four bosses to retrieve parts to repair the 
Repliforce Space Shuttle. These bosses are Spiral Pegasyon, Spike Rosered, Dark
Necrobat, and Burn Dinorex.
The American names of the Irregulars are quite a change from the traditional 
name style. All of them are named after people from Guns N Roses, which is 
apparently pretty popular in Japan.

Boss Profiles
Boss Name (Japanese) [Boss Name (Romaji)/American Name (GNR Relation)]
Boss Title [English translation]
Weapon for X [Romaji name]: Description
Weapon for Zero [Romaji name]: Description


Kuresento Gurizuri [Crescent Grizzly/Grizzly Slash (Saul "Slash" Hudson)]
Housou Aiankuro
Kuressento Shotto [Crescent Shot]: Fires a miniature crescent blade.
Mikazukizan: Z Sabre Button while in the air. Zero will spin, creating somewhat
of a shield around himself.


Boruto Kuraken [Bolt Kraken/Squid Adler (Steven Adler)]
Choudenji No Wana [Super-Electromagnetic Trap]
Toraisanda- [Tri Thunder]: Shoots three bolts of electricity from your body
(up, down, and forwards) that turn into orbs that travel along a surface when
they run into it.
Denjin- Up+Z Sabre Button. Similar to the Ryuuenjin from X4, but it uses
electricity instead. The longer you hold the buttons, the higher Zero goes. A 
bolt of electricity is dropped from the sabre while you're in the air. (VERY 
useful on that obnoxious Fish Sub Tail)


Shainingu Hotarunikusu [Shining Hotarunix/Izzy Glow (Izzy Stradlin)]
Chisei No Kagayaki
Wirure-ge-: A small homing firefly missile is yours to command. Use the 
directional pad to navigate it.
Messenkou: R2, or select it on the Sub-Screen. Zero hits the ground with his 
fist, shooting several blasts of energy that fan outward across the screen.


Taidaru Makkoin [Tidal Makkoin/Duff McWhalen (Duff McKagen)]
Teikai No Shukoshin
Jerusheiba-: A small wave of water that travels along surfaces.
Hisuishou: Dash button while in the air. Creates a water shield in front of you
while air dashing. If you hold up before dashing, you'll dash gradually upwards
at an angle. Same if you hold down, but you go downwards.


Supairaru Pegashion [Spiral Pegasyon/The Skiver]
Ea Fo-su Purinsu [Air Force Prince]
Uingusupairaru [Wing Spiral]: Creates a small whirlwind around yourself that 
travels upwards.
Hayate: Z Sabre button while dashing. Sends forth a silouette of yourself that 
attacks any enemies it hits before stopping.


Supaiku Ro-zureddo [Spike Rosered/Axl The Red (Axl Rose)]
Shinku No Genjutsu
Supaiku Ro-pu [Spike Rope]: Sends a large ball of thorns at your enemy.
Sougenmu: Similar to X's Soul Body move in X4. Creates a copy of yourself that 
can be used to attack distant enemies.


Da-ku Nekurobatto [Dark Necrobat/Dark Dizzy (Dizzy Reed)]
Wasu Re Sa Rareshi Yami No Senshi [Forgotten Dark Warrior]
Da-kuho-rudo [Dark Hold]: Freezes time until the weapon's energy runs out.
Da-kuho-rudo [Dark Hold]: Freezes time until the weapon's energy runs out.


Bu-n Dinorekkusu [Burn Dinorex/Mattrex (Matt Sorum)]
Shurashikku Inferuno [? Inferno]
Gurandofaia- [Grand Fire]: A small ball of fire sticks to whatever surface you 
shoot it at and spits embers out in all directions.
Danchien: Down+Z Sabre button while in the air. A powerful flaming downthrust 
move, that creates a small group of explosions upon contact.


Level Walkthrough

The order you go in really doesn't matter, but the fastest way to get all the 
armor parts as soon as you can is listed here.
Crescent Grizzly, Bolt Kraken, Tidal Makkoin, Shining Hotarunix, Dark Necrobat,
Spiral Pegasyon, Burn Dinorex, Spike Rosered.


Pretty straight forward. Make your way to the right end of the set of trucks. 
Destroy the gems on the front that shoot the laser beams, and jump to the next 
truck before the little timer that appears reaches zero. The basic idea here is
to keep moving.

* Sub Tank: On the last exploding truck, the Sub Tank is sitting on the very 

* Heart Tank: Once inside a large "room" on the trucks, there'll be a spot
where you can jump up between the outside walls of two truck sections. Up on
top sits the Heart Tank on a bed of spikes. You'll have to come back with the
Gaia Armor or Falcon Armor.

* Enhancement Capsule- Leg Parts F: Once you've reached the front truck, you'll
just stand there for a bit until it hits another truck, and sends you flying
into a mountain cave. Right above where you land is a hole in the ceiling. Jump
up into it along the walls. At the top is a small room, containing part of the
Falcon Armor.


BOSS BATTLE: Crescent Grizzly
WEAKNESS: Spike Rope/Sougenmu

Grizzly doesn't pose much of a threat, especially if you're playing as Zero,
who can kill pretty much ANYTHING at least five times faster than X can. :) Hit
him as much as you can while he's standing still, and crouch to avoid his
mini-crescent shots. (If you've used the Ultimate Armor code for Zero, his Z 
Sabre can destroy the mini-crescent shots.) When he jumps into the ceiling, 
dash around the room back and forth quickly, so he doesn't surface right 
over/under you. He can come down from the ceiling (drills downward), up from 
the ground (pokes his head out and sticks his drill arm out at you), or from 
the back wall (slashes at you).



Oh, how I hated this stage when I first played through it... It's much easier 
with the Rapid Fire option on. Just hold the button down and stay at the back 
of the screen until the part with the little orb over the gap. At that point, 
stay as close to the front of the screen as possible, and keep firing through 
the barriers. You'll drop down and head towards three more barriers, just dash 
to get through them. The next area features Lock Systems and obnoxious 
electrical barriers (the little objects supporting the electric beam remind me 
of the capsule that teleported you to fight Vava in X3). To open the locks, hit
them until they hit the wall and the door opens. The door will only stay open 
for a short period of time, to be quick. In areas with two locks, hit one lock,
then hit the other, then hit the first one, to keep them both going at the same

* Heart Tank: Shortly before the gate to the boss room is a Yellow Lock off to 
the left. Inside the "room" past the lock are several black boxes with a purple
"V" on them. The only way to break them is with the Gaia Armor. Past the boxes 
is another Yellow Lock, which is guarding the Heart Tank. Be sure to get in and
out of the small chamber before the door closes.

* Enhancement Capsule- Head Parts F: Get all of the little blue orb items 
during the first part of the level. When you get off the Land Chaser, Eiria 
will tell you to shoot them at the door. If you got them all, the door will 
bust open, and you can get to the capsule.


BOSS BATTLE: Bolt Kraken
Weakness: Jerusheiba-/Hisuishou
Much easier with Zero, cause then you basically just have to air dash at him. A
little harder with X, because the Jerusheiba- shots don't travel far before 
falling. Every hit will stun him, though.


Note that the music for this level is a remix of Bubbly Crablos/Bubble Crab's 
level music from X2... :)
Gah, I hate playing this level as normal X. It's easier to take out the Fish 
Sub with Zero. Anyways, Hit the top and bottom "jaws" of the Fish Sub to 
destroy them (the yellow things that shoot energy at you won't come back when 
you've accomplished this), and be sure to help any Repliroids the thing spits 
out. I've noticed that it seems to do this if you push it to the back of the 
screen for long enough. Note that it'll sometimes spit them out into a wall, 
where you can't touch them. Stupid fish. Once you've reached a certain point, 
the Sub will stick a laser cannon out from its mouth. This is your cue to jump 
up onto the wall and stay there until the Sub stops the laser. It'll do this 
several times, before you have to fight it as a sub-boss (no pun intended)...


SUB-BOSS: Fish Sub- Head
This battle is SO much easier if you've taken out the jaws beforehand. If
you're playing as Zero, just stand right in front of the Fish Sub and slash 
away. If you're playing as X, fire fully charged blasts at the laser cannon 
when it shoots those annoying pink fish at you. Stay low most of the time, to 
avoid being blasted by the laser cannon.


Once the Sub's Head is destroyed, head to the right, and the stupid thing is 
back, only this time you're dealing with its tail. Just destroy the missile 
launchers as much as you can (they regenerate) on your way down. Once you've 
gotten to the bottom, it's another sub-boss battle.


SUB-BOSS: Fish Sub- Tail
I hate this thing, I really do. It's pretty easy if you're playing as Zero, 
just hit anything that moves or is orange. But if you're playing as normal X, 
it's much, MUCH harder without any special armor. Dash back and forth along the 
bottom, firing fully charged X Buster blasts at the bottom portion of the Tail 
to keep the very bottom torpedoes from getting near you, until it explodes. If 
you're using any armor that shoots large blasts, don't worry about crouching to
be able tohit any torpedoes along the bottom. To deal with the top portion, 
hang from the rope and fire fully charged X Buster blasts at it. None of the 
torpedoes should hit you at this point.


Now that the Fish Sub's Tail is dealt with, head to the right. The water will 
drain, and you'll have a bit of dry area to trek through. You'll pass by an 
Enhancement Capsule, but ignore it for now, since you can't get it. Keep going,
and the area will fill with water again... and the stupid Sub is back again!
If you're playing as Zero, this is easy, since his Z Sabre can hit below where
he's standing. If you're playing as X, well, you're screwed, unless you're 
using an armor that shoots large blasts, or if you have the Grand Fire. 
Otherwise, you'll just have to avoid the energy blasts the orange cones shoot 
at you, until you reach the top.


SUB-BOSS: Fish Sub- Dorsal Fin
Hit the rectangular blue gem thing on the left side of the sub to take down the
force field around the other blue gem on the top of the fin. Hit it when the 
shield is down to do damage to it. Sounds simple, right?


Once the Sub explodes and sinks, jump up to the gate on the wall, making sure 
you don't go down with the sub too.

* Heart Tank: When you get into the dry area, you'll climb up onto a ledge with
an odd looking, cracked grey panel in the ceiling. Bring Zero, and have him use
the Denjin move (from Bolt Kraken) on the cracked area to blast through. 
There'll be another panel inside the room, bust through that and be careful to 
avoid the spikes. From there, the Heart Tank is easy to nab.

* Enhancement Capsule- Parts F: Remember the area you couldn't get into before 
you ran into the Fish Sub for the third time? Come back to the area with X 
after beating Makkoin. Stand on the ground next the wall that's between you and
the capsule, and move carefully to the right, so the screen scrolls a bit. Turn
around and face the left, and shoot the Jerusheibaa (Makkoin's weapon). 
If you're far enough away, the shot will run across the floor and hit the 
object inside the small room, blowing up the wall.


BOSS BATTLE: Tidal Makkoin
WEAKNESS: Crescent Shot/Mikazukizan
Hitting Makkoin with the Crescent weapons will freeze him, and he'll stay still
for a moment. Just hit him again as soon as he stops flashing, and he won't get
a chance to hit you. :) When his life gets low, he'll swim to the left side of 
the screen. Jump over him, but keep attacking. If you do it perfectly, he
should explode when he's not even on the screen. Pretty cool. :)



I find it amusing that the little drawbrige in the beginning of the level 
counts as an Irregular on your score... ^_^ There are a LOT of Sigma Viruses
in this level, so watch out.


SUB-BOSS: Rope-Heads
I dunno what else to call them. :P hit the front of the black thing that comes
down (the side with the laser cannon on it). Remember, you can hang on the 
ropes too, and you should do so to avoid the other laser blasts.


* EX-Item(?): Use the Grand Fire on the wooden ceiling structures just after 
the first few falling spiked platforms.

* Heart Tank: Just after the drawbridge in the beginning of the level is a 
place you can drop down below. Slide down against the left wall to find a 
stranded Repliroid, then dash-jump over to the right wall. It's hard to 
maneuver it just right, but you can dash so you can grab the Heart Tank under 
the ledge. Alternatively, you can simply enter the level with X's Gaia Armor 
and just walk over the spikes that line the pit or fly to it with X's Falcon 

* Enhancement Capsule- Arm Parts F: In the second area, after the sprialing 
staircase, there's a bunch of large cannon-like things that shoot orange balls 
of plasma. There's a small hole in the ceiling past the first or second left 
shaft. Jump up inside, and use the Crescent Shot/Mikazukian to destroy the 
cannon, and blowing a hole through the wall while you're at it. Enter the new 
room to find the Capsule.


BOSS BATTLE: Shining Hotarunix
Weakness: Tri Thunder/Denjin
Just stand under him and a bit to the side, and fire the Tri Thunder/Denjin at 
him. He won't have much of a chance to do anything.



This level is so cool. It slows down a bit when the nebula is displaying in the
background, though.

* Sub Tank: Not very well hidden, it's at the very end of the first area with 
the constellations.

* Heart Tank: It's in the area where the room flips upside down when you move
to a new section. You can only get it if the Heart Tank is at the top of the 
screen. If it isn't, just go back to the left and hop through the room reversal
warp again.

* Enhancement Capsule- Head Parts G: At the end of the level, there's a small 
pit before the door leading to the boss room. Jump down the pit as X and use 
the Wirure-ge-. Guide the missile through the twisting path, and run it into 
the blue-ish section of the inside of the door to destroy it.


BOSS BATTLE: Dark Necrobat
Weakness: Wirure-ge-/Messenkou
When hit with the Wirure-ge-/Messenkou, Necrobat will be stunned and drop to 
the ground. You can easily take him out without him ever really attacking.



Pegasyon is a part of Repliforce, as you can see by the emblem on his muzzle. 
The word "EAGLE" is also printed on doors scattered through the area.

* Heart Tank: In the elevator shaft, the platform stops and you can see other 
Repliroids in need of help off to the right. In one of the places, the Heart 
Tank is near the wall.

* W Tank: It's inthe area with the descending platform elevator, below the 
platform. Drop down below the platform before it crushes the floor to snag it.

* Enhancement Capsule- Body Parts G: Use X's Falcon Armor and fly directly up 
at the area right before the outside lift (with the Sigma Virus).


BOSS BATTLE: Spiral Pegasyon
Weakness: Dark Hold
Just use the Dark Hold and hit him as fast as you can. Using Zero, I've been
able to beat him without him getting to move after he's been frozen. If you 
don't have the Dark Hold, or you run out, dash around the screen and keep 
moving to avoid him as he flies across the screen. He'll hold his arm in the 
air before throwing a tornado, so be ready to jump over it before it gets too 




* Heart Tank: In the area where you drop down into the pit and hide behind the 
walls from the lava, head all the way to the left to find the Heart Tank.

* Enhancement Capsule- Arm Parts G: Once you get to the end of the area with 
the Ride Armor you use to go underneath the magma, the path continues more to 
the right after it goes up and out of the magma pools. Follow the path to the 
right and you'll end up at another opening, in front of the Enhancement 
Capsule. You could also go through this area normally and fly over using the 
Falcon Armor.


BOSS BATTLE: Burn Dinorex
Weakness: Wing Sprial/Hayate
If you're playing as Zero, make use of the Hisuishou and dash through Dinorex 
when he charges across the room. If he has the upgraded Z Sabre, you can also 
destroy the little fire pods he spits out at you. When Dinorex is hit by the 
Wing Spiral/Hayate, he'll be stunned for a moment (and look REALLY funny), so 
take that time to get far enough away from him to have enough room to avoid the
next attack.




* Heart Tank: In the first area just below the rope vines is a wall of black 
boxes with yellow "V"s on them. Use the Gaia Armor to break through. The Heart 
Tank is sitting up on a ledge that's just a little too high for you to reach. 
Move a black box by dashing into it down into the small indentation in the 
ground, then move another one over it to the ledge. Jump up onto that box, then
dash-jump to the ledge with the Heart Tank.

* Enhancement Capsule- Foot Parts G: In the area with the ropes across the pit,
there's an opening in the ceiling just before you get back to solid ground. 
The easy way to get up here is to use X's Falcon Armor and fly up, but it is 
possible for Zero to get up by jumping up onto the left wall, up and to an 
overhanging ledge, and over to the right. Then jump up the overhanging ledge, 
avoiding the spikes on the left wall. (It's MUCH harder than it sounds.)


BOSS BATTLE: Spkie Rosered
Weakness: Grand Fire/Danchien
Rosered can be tough, but he's so cool. :) He opens the battle by creating a 
clone of himself, which disappears immediately. For the first part of the 
battle, Rosered will just jump around, throwing balls of thorns at you. Once 
his energy gets to around the halfway point, he will go to one side of the room
and send out a vine whip. If you touch it, it'll wrap around your character and
proceed to squeeze the life out of you. Simply press buttons as fast as you can
to free yourself. He will also have his clone do this at the same time, on the 
other end of the room. Stay on the wall to avoid the attack. Rosered will 
sometimes stop and shoot several pinkish blasts into the air. This puts several
large rose petals at the top of the screen, and will float down and hurt you if
you touch them. Hitting Rosered with the Grand Fire or Danchien will interrupt 
whatever he's doing. You cannot hurt the clone.




Dainamo is a Mercenary hired by Sigma to destroy X and Zero. He challenges you 
only twice in the game, which kinda sucks, since he looks so cool. :\ Dainamo 
uses mock-respect when speaking to or about X and Zero, being the only 
character in the game to use respective titles (san, kun). He will challenge 
you first when you have defeated two bosses, and again when you have defeated 
six. You can't proceed until you've fought him each time.
However: If you lose and pick "Stage Select" instead of "Continue", Dainamo 
will leave and you won't have to defeat him. Whether this has any effects or 
not is unknown to me, since it's two years later and I STILL have yet to get 
an American copy.


Level: 5 (varies)
Weakness: ?
Dainamo is VERY simple to take out the first time. He doesn't move very quickly
and his attacks do little damage. Dainamo uses a double-bladed beam sabre which
he will either spin in front of him (and laugh while doing it), or throw it at 
you. His other basic attack is using his arm cannon, where he leaps REALLY high
into the air and fires a shot downward that splits and travels horizontally at 
your level. If you're using X, Dainamo will also leap at you and slash with his
beam sabre. This battle should be short, my best time is like 10 seconds. :D



Level: 17 (varies)
Weakness: ?
He's back, and I think he's not gonna under estimate the power of cheese... I 
mean, you. Heh. This time he moves faster, and shoots two blasts from his arm 
cannon. In addition to this, he frequently will jump to one side of the screen,
and makes large, purple beams shoot from the ground. You can tell where you can
stand to avoid them by the lines on the floor. He will make three "waves" of 
this attack at a time; first, the entire screen, second, the side of the screen
he isn't standing on, third, the side of the screen he is standing on. This
attack can kill you easily if you get hit a couple of times, so be careful.


5.5. Sigma Levels

Level One
These next few levels are rather confusing. Not only is the background 
distracting, the area features green lasers that activate when you pass in 
front of them. They do NOT shut off, and if you get hit by them, you die. 
Anyways, as you enter the level, work your way down until you reach a weapon 
power-up. You'll need to head to the right. However, there seems to be 
something over there, and it's purple and floaty. No, it's not a purple floaty 
Sigma head, it's a purple floaty Zero silouette! O_o Perhaps this is what Eiria
meant by "Zero Virus". He appears no matter who you play the level as. AVOID 
HIM. He does several times more corruption damage than the Sigma heads. To 
avoid him, stand still until he dashes at you, then jump over him. He'll 
reappear at least once, so stay alert. The EASIEST way to get through the next 
area, containing those nasty green lasers, is once you get to the little area 
with the two steps before the two lasers on the right wall, use the 
Dark Hold to freeze time, and the lasers. Get through as fast as you can, 
GRAB THE WEAPON POWER-UP ON YOUR WAY. Otherwise, the weapon's energy will run 
out, and you'll be on your own. Once through here, you'll face a boss.


BOSS BATTLE: Black Devil
Level: 26
Weakness: ?
Players of the original Rockman series  should recognize this enemy. His 
weakness is the same- attack the eye. When the battle starts, crouch down to 
avoid being hit by overpassing blob-cubes, making a short jump over the one 
that glides across the floor. The Blob will assemble itself, and the eye will 
appear in one of a couple places on the body, or the foot. It fires two 
fireballs at you before liquifying again and shooting back across the room like
it came in. Do NOT touch the green outline, or the Blob's main body. When about
half of its energy is gone, it may launch only half of the cubes across the 
screen before pausing. Stay read, because in a few moments, one cube from EACH 
SIDE will fly across to the other end of the screen. This will cycle through 8 
times (16 cubes) before stopping, then one half of the cubes will join the 
other. At some point after this, it will transform into a skull-shaped object 
(obviously a Wilybot), and stomp around the screen, smashing the ground with 
the spikes it has on the bottom. Dash jump over it. After it jumps a few times,
the eye will appear at the top-center of the skull. Attack away.



Level Two
The next level is a little less stressful... The Zero Virus is in here too, a 
lot more frequently than in Level One. Just befor you enter the gate to the 
boss room, there's a seemingly useless ledge. Jump up onto it, and head for the
left wall, and you'll pass right through it. Inside the small hidden chamber is
an extra life and a max life capsule.


BOSS BATTLE: Rangda Bangda II
Level: ?
Weakness: ?
Remember this guy from X1? Well, he's back, and with a vengeance. Hit the eyes 
as they open, taking out the red one as quickly as you can. This will make the 
last part MUCH easier. Eventually, the walls will close in and spikes will grow
from the floor, and either the upper or lower area of the walls. A fire ball 
will circle the small area, and the spikes on the walls will go away. Run from
the fire ball, hitting it as you go. If you get hit, you'll drop straight down
to the spikes, so get back up quickly.
On a side note, Rangda Bangda II has an Egyptian design to it. The "eyes" are 
actually eagle heads, facing the center of the screen.



Level Three
This level has lots of spikes, and some Metools. I like Metools. :)

* Enhancement Capsule- Ultimate Armor: In the area with the lifts, there is a 
small pit with a lift on the left-most side. Slide down the right wall of the 
pit, you'll eventually drop through the wall. (If the screen does NOT scroll 
when you slide down the wall, you have the wrong pit.) Inside this hidden room 
is the ninth Enhancement Capsule, which both X AND Zero can get. However, only 
one of them can get it. X gets the Ultimate Armor from X4, and Zero gets a 
better version of his black armor (also in X4), which powers up his Z Sabre, 
allowing him to kill floaty purple Sigma heads. In order for the capsule to 
appear for X, you MUST go through the level with the default blue armor (no 
special armor). Also, if you get the enhancement as one character, get a game 
over, then re-enter the stage as the other character, you should be able to get
it for them too.

* Hunter Against Hunter
It all depends on who you played through the level as, and what's happened 
during the previous gameplay...


Level: 23 through 27
Weakness: None
If you enter the boss room as Zero, X will be your opponent. I've seen his 
level at 23, 25, and 27, I'm not sure what effects the level he's on. He's not 
too difficult to take out. Once the battle begins, X will change to his 
Ultimate Armor. In addition to the large, lingering plasma blasts, X can also 
use abilities from the previous game, Rockman X4. Before using the weapon, 
he'll usually charge it up in his "normal" (no special weapon) form, and 
change weapons as it becomes fully charged. The abilities I've seen him use 
are the Soul Body, Frost Tower, and Double Cyclone. The Soul Body fires copies 
of himself across the room at you, just jump over every other one to avoid 
them. The Frost Tower is much harder to avoid though, keep yourself in between 
the large icicles that fall from the ceiling. The Double Cyclone is easy to 
avoid though, just stay off the same level that X is on when he releases it. 
Basically, keep moving above him (heh, sucks to be short, doesn't it X?) and 
hit him whenever you get the chance. The battle shouldn't be long, I had to let 
him live a while to see what moves he had. :)



Level: ?
Weakness: None
Nya~! There's a reason Sigma wants Zero to work for him so badly, and now you 
get to see why. Having to battle against Zero really sucks. **For this battle, 
I STRONGLY reccomend using X's Falcon Armor.** His moves are few, but VERY 
powerful. Three to four hits from his new Giga Attack can easily kill you if 
you're not using special armor. He also will do a triple blast, as in X2, but 
this time the energy beam emitted from his Z Sabre will shoot out at you, so 
you'll have to jump over it quickly to keep from being hit. If you're on the 
ground, he'll shoot. If you're on the wall, he'll use the Giga Attack. The 
Falcon Armor is VERY helpful here, and lets you hover over his Z Buster shots. 
Drop to the ground after the second one to be able to get away from the Z Sabre
beam. To avoid the Giga Attack, fly across the top of the screen and stop at a 
spot that's between two blasts, then drop down.
If you're NOT using any special armor (which I did the first time through, go 
me), it's much, MUCH harder. Your defense isn't as high, and you can't move as 
freely. Stay on the walls to avoid his triple blast, and as for evading the 
Giga Attack... good luck. Moving toward the blasts that have already shot out 
of the ground might help a bit. Try to stay up on the walls, only coming down 
to fire charged X Buster shots at him. Don't even bother trying to use any 
Irregular weapons on him, they all bounce off. At least he can't block, like in
Side note: During the explosion sequence, I saw a silouette of Zero dashing 
right at X, and it disappeared once it got close to him... I've seen it at 
least 4 times, I don't know the significance. I've been told by SigmaVirus that
it's some sort of Soul Body, and is explained in the American version (which, 
ironically, I don't have yet).



BOSS BATTLE: Irregular Zero
Level: 17, 25 (varies)
Weakness: None
Okay, now you're pretty much screwed. Not only do you have to fight Zero, but 
you have to fight him in a much more powerful form. This is also the last time 
you see him in the entire game. I suggest using the Gaia Armor for this battle, 
as you'll need the higher defense and it also lowers Zero's difficulty level to
17 (it's 25 if you use the Falcon Armor). His attack patterns are the same for 
the most part, except his Z Buster shots are now large blue rings that hone in 
on you. The Gaia Armor's charged blasts can destroy these rings, but the very 
moment you do, Zero will immediately slash with his beam sabre, sending out a 
wave of energy.



Level 4: Final
Here we go, the traditional battle of all eight Irregulars! But first, there's 
a bit of a level to deal with. There's not much to go through, and you'll come 
to an area with a small pit in the floor. Jump over it and go right to get an 
extra life and a life capsule. Drop down into the small pit to enter a room 
with eight teleportation pads.

Capsule Order:

             To Next Area		
Dinorex                        Pegasyon
   Necrobat                 Rosered
      Hotarunix          Grizzly
         Kraken       Makkoin


Once you've taken out all 8 Irregulars, a golden teleportation pad will appear 
on the central platform between the two life capsules. This will take you to 
the next and final area. Here you'll find a LOT of purple spheres that roll 
across the ground, and a bunch of little golden triangle things that fly at you
like in Cyber Kujacker's level in RMX4. After climbing upwards past several 
sets of golden triangles, you'll end up at a large pit in the ground. Looks 
like a dead-end, doesn't it? Nope, it's those stupid disappearing-reappearing 
blocks from the original Rockman games. The end of the chain is where there's 
two sets of two blocks on top of each other.


Level: 25
Weakness: Tri Thunder/Denjin
Sigma is around the same level as Zero, but not nearly as hard. All he does at 
first is fire easy-to-dodge orbs at you, then jump up and between the walls of 
the room. He's weak against the weapons from Bolt Kraken, so hit him with 
those. Once his energy starts getting low, he'll form three floaty purple Sigma
heads around himself, and will either jump between the walls, or teleport to
the side of the room and fire large blue-green waves of energy at you. Duck
down to avoid the higher ones, jump onto the wall to get over the lower ones, 
and jump in between the one that goes along the ceiling and the floor. Fairly 



BOSS BATTLE: Sigma Final
Level: 96
Weakness: Spike Rope/Sougenmu
Hit the gem on his forehead with Rosered's weapons. Duck down when the spiked 
hands fire the purple blasts, and avoid anything pointy or purple. When the 
gloves move off of the screen, he fires four orbs out, along the ground. 
They'll go after you, one at a time, to the other end of the screen, and stay 
there for a moment before doing it again. Once Sigma's life gets low enough, 
large purple squares will appear near you, and do some pretty nasty damage. 
Dash and get away from them as quickly as you can. The large square will bash 
into the wall (I don't know how it pulls this off), so jump over it and duck 
when nessessary. It honestly isn't that hard of a battle, compared to in 
Rockman X4. Personally, I'm disappointed. :\



Once the battle is done, the game will begin the ending sequence. It's 
different depending on who you beat it as, and what's happened during the game.
There are at least 3 variations. I won't tell anything about them, you'll have 
to find out for yourself.

6. Secrets

Ultimate Armor codes
These codes allow you to start the game with either X or Zero's ultimate armor.
You can get them yourself by letting the game sit for a while after the credits
roll. To enter these, hightlight the desired character at the Character 
Selection screen when starting a new game. You'll hear a sound when the code is
entered properly. Press Circle when you hear it to confirm your selection. If 
you press any other buttons before Circle, the code will be cancelled.
X- Up twice, down nine times.
Zero- Down twice, up nine times.

6.1. Glitches
Land Chaser Sound effects- Entering the Sub-Screen (pressing start) will shut 
off the Land Chaser sound effects in Bolt Kraken's level. They come back on if 
you dash.

Shut off the music- Take the CD out during game play. Be sure to put it back 
before it tries to load anything else, though.

Missing: Left Arm- Not really a glitch, but an incorrectly made sprite. 
NOTICE- Do NOT e-mail me saying that this is wrong, and that I'm not seeing 
that his Z Buster is on the ground. All e-mails saying so will be deleted, and 
I won't respond to them. I hate to go nazi here, but it's REALLY annoying.

At the end of the intro level, the other character will teleport into the boss 
room. Play through the level as X, and look very carefully at the UPPER PORTION
of Zero's left arm (it's the one facing "towards" the screen) in the third 
frame of animation... it disappears! O.o

Spike Rosered sprite glitch- In at least one of the frames for Spike Rosered's 
teleport-in animation has his foot in it. The rest of him, however, isn't 
there. Also, if you're real sharp, you'll notice a single transparent pixel in 
his dying sprite... :)


6.2. Rumors
I've heard from two different sources now that Sigma contracted the Irregular 
Virus from Zero, during his battle in the warehouse (again, see X4). The virus 
was supposedly held in the crystal on Zero's helmet, put there by Wily as a 
last resort to control all Repliroids. I have not confirmed this.

An rather interesting rumor. It's pretty much just something that some people 
noticed, I don't know how much it can be backed up. Remember the black armored,
silver-haired Zero clone from Rockman X2? Who in this game is a smartass, has 
silvery hair, and black armor? Hmmm. :D If you can't figure it out, you're not 
paying attention.
(Thanks goes to many people on PhoenixMUCK for bringing this one up/arguing 
about it for a long time.)


6.3. Other
When spelled out in kana (Japanese writing), Dark Necrobat is "Daaku 
Nekurobatto". "Batto", however, does not mean a bat as in the animal, it's a 
baseball bat. :)

Track 20, Black Devil, is a remix of a song from Rockman 1 on the old NES.
(Thanks go to Dynamo on PhoenixMUCK for *not* killing me when I suddenly 
screamed this. n.n)

7. Other Stuff

7.1. Music List
These are listed according to the Sound Test under the Option menu. The opening
and ending music is performed by a group called Mosquito-Milk. They're good. :)

Opening Theme: "Monkey"
Closing Theme: Mizu No Nakai(?)
Track 00: Zero's Theme (X1) Remix
Track 01: Hunter Selection
Track 02: Rockman X's Introduction Level
Track 03: Zero's Introduction Level
Track 04: Irregular Hunter Base
Track 05: Irregular Introduction
Track 06: Crescent Grizzly
Track 07: Bolt Kraken
Track 08: Shining Hotarunix
Track 09: Tidal Makkoin
Track 10: Spiral Pegasyon
Track 11: Spike Rosered
Track 12: Dark Necrobat
Track 13: Burn Dinorex
Track 14: Battle With An Irregular
Track 15: Dainamo
Track 16: Mission Report
Track 17: Heroic Hunters [Firing of Enigma]
Track 18: Irregular Hunter Base- New Level
Track 19: Sigma Levels
Track 20: Black Devil
Track 21: Rangda Bangda II
Track 22: Hunter Against Hunter
Track 23: Final Sigma Level
Track 24: Battle Vs. Sigma
Track 25: Final Battle
Track 26: Rockman X's Victory Fanfare
Track 27: Zero's Victory Fanfare
Track 28: Enhancement Capsule
Track 29: Ending Dirge
Track 30: Chosen Path

8. Updates

Version 2.1- February 11, 2003
My e-mail address changed quite a while ago- needed to change that... Fixed a 
few typos and changed a tiny bit of information.

Version 2.0- September 8, 2001
Added the part about the Gaia Armor being able to blow up the black boxes with 
the yellow V things on them to the Armor section, and fixed/added other stuff. 
Added a rumor about the Zero clone.

Version 1.9- May 30, 2001
I could swear I had the W Tank location in there. Really. I did. c.c

Version 1.8- May 6, 2001
Fixed the Heart Tank location for Burn Dinorex's level. I don't know why it was
still left blank.

Version 1.7- April 7, 2001
Yes, it's been a while. Just been too busy with other (useless) stuff. Added 
to the Secrets section and how to beat the rest of the bosses. The info is very
brief, though. c.c

Version 1.6- February 24, 2001
Okay, I'm sick of people e-mailing me about the "Missing Arm" glitch I have 
listed in the glitch section. Obviously, people are not actually reading the 
whole description, because all the e-mails I've gotten regarding it are telling
me that I'm wrong, and his Z Buster is on the ground in front of him, blah blah
blah. I've added a notice to the section on this glitch.

Version 1.5- February 19, 2001
Added more info on the bosses and added a section about firing the Enigma and 
launching the Repliforce shuttle early.

Version 1.4- February 17, 2001
Added information about the American Irregular names that I had sitting around 
for a while and info about the Upgrade Items. Fixed spelling of Valkysas' name 
in the credits area. :)

Version 1.3- February 13, 2001
Nrrt, I have to go and fix everything so GameFAQs will accept it... ^_^;

Version 1.2- January 24, 2001
Added more to the Irregular level walkthrough section, and information about 
the ranking system.

Version 1.1- January 22, 2001
Expect to see the rest of the level walkthroughs in the next version.

Version 1.0- January 21, 2001
First release! Not much else to say.... um... Zero's cute. Yeah, that'll do.

9. Credits/Disclaimer

Thanks go to...
* CAPCOM: FINALLY releasing the fifth (and hopefully not final) installment of 
this great game series. You guys rule. :) [Now, if only Zero made it into a 
fighting game...]

* My mom: Actually buying the game for me as a Christmas present.

* Shinta: Telling me how to get X5 to play on my PSX. Now my family has to listen
to the music even more. XD

* Valkysas: Telling me how to get X5 to play on bleem!.

* The Mechadrake Message Board: For information on the American Irregular names 
and the connections to GNR. Thanks you guys. :) The board's URL is 

* Various people of the Rockman cast on PhoenixMUCK. Now if only I could 
remember who brought some of the stuff up that I put in here. o_o

* SigmaVirus: Information on the Upgrade Items.

And now, the boring disclaimer...
This FAQ is copyright 2001 Neo Zero, neozero@home.com, also known as me. If you
want to put this on any site, contact me first. You're free to print it up for
yourself, though. :) Rockman, Rockman X, Zero, and all related characters are 
copyright 1985-2001 CAPCOM. This FAQ is in no way affiliated with CAPCOM, and 
may not be sold in any way, shape, or form. I, Neo Zero, am also not affiliated
with CAPCOM, despite my nickname. It's just something I made up cause I like 
Zero. Don't sue me, please. :) I don't have much money anyways...
bleem! is Copyright... uh... bleem!. Their site is at http://www.bleem.com. ^_^

- Neo Zero, neozero@home.com

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