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Game Shark Codes (JP) by Valour

Updated: 01/22/01

                      Rockman X5
                   Game Shark Codes

Submitted with 'permission' by: Valour
E-mail: evalour@hotmail.com
URL: http://ffc.jumpgames.com

NOTE: I contacted the author by e-mail and I have his
permission to submit these GS codes to gamefaqs.com

I did not hack or make any of these codes. No codes/FAQS
should be submitted w/o first getting permission from 
the authors. I claim no copyright on this work.

             GS Codes by Khow and the_codes 

Created by: Khow and the_codes  
E-Mail: the_khow@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/khow_codes


Joker command P1                          

D00CA7F8 ????
D00CA7FA ???? 

Joker command P2                          

D00CA960 ????
D00CA962 ????

Suicide (press select on controller 2, use 1 code only)

1.Suicide (normal)
D00CA960 0100
3009B584 0003

2.Explosion body
D00CA960 0100
3009B5F0 0003

Unlimited energy all weapons              

D0040BE2 A603
30040BE3 00A0
D004313C 00AC
8004313C 00A0
D003F6B2 A600
3003F6B3 00A5
D004823A A464
3004823B 00A2
D0044FF2 0062
80044FF2 0061

Have all armor for X (Can use Dark Zero without pressing 
any button.) Dark Zero 300D3122 00FF Or hold select for 
Dark X while game is loading.
Dark Zero                                 

300D3122 00FF

Dark X                                    

D00CA7FA 0100
300D3121 0004

Infinite Health                           

8009B5DC 4040
300D311F 0040
300D3120 0040

shortest life bar for bosses                     

300D317A 0020

Max Charge for X buster                   

8009B61C 5A02
Max Charge for all weapons                    

3009B61B 0002

Invisible and climb everywhere            
D009B5E0 0000
3009B5E1 0050
3009B624 0000
8009B5CA 0005

Drain Boss health (Select+Up)             
D00CA7F8 1100
800935CC 0101

Never have virus status                   
3005B6CB 0000

Refill energy on all weapons (Press start) 
D00CA7F8 0800
B0090002 00000000
8009B628 0120

Air walk (Press Select)                    

D00CA7FA 0100
3009B585 0002

Have super jump (L2 in the air)            
D00CA7FA 0001
8009B5A6 0002

Have super high jump (Up + X)              
D00CA7FA 1040
8009B5A4 FFFF

Max energy sub tank and W. tank            
D00CA7F8 0800
800D314E A0A0
D00CA7F8 0800
300D3150 00A0

Have sub tank, W. tank and Spare life     

300D3157 00FF

Unlimited lives                            

D00D311C 0000
300D311D 0009
D00D311C 0001
300D311D 0009

Have all armor                                 

800D3178 FFFF

Have all parts                                  
800D3178 FFFF

Can equip all parts                        
D00BFE9A 0010
300D3108 000F

All support ability for X              
B0050004 00000000
800D3160 FFFF
B0050004 00000000
300D3162 00FF

All support ability for Zero               
800D3174 FFFF
300D3176 00FF

8 bosses defeated                            
800D3124 FFFF

Walk through V block (L2+up) 
D00CA7FA 1004
3009B678 0030

Unlimited jump and air dash           
8009B606 0000

Unlimited air jet for X                    
8009B668 0000

Clear time=00:00"00                        
800D328C 0000
800D328E 0000

X rank modifier                            
0= MEH
1= PA
2= GA
3= SA
4= A
5= B

300D3182 000?

Zero rank modifier                         
0= MEH
1= PA
2= GA
3= SA
4= A
5= B
300D3183 000?

Infinite countdowntime                     
300D3186 005E

Infinite weapons energybar                     
300D312B 0040
300D312C 0040 
Long range dash                            
3009B605 0000
No shadow when dash                        
3009B60C 0000

Long range Nova strike (press R2 if you don't want to 
D009B674 0001
3009B674 00FF
D00CA7F8 0002
3009B674 0000


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