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Guide and Walkthrough by SuperOtakuAlex

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 11/17/2013

Madagascar (GC) Walkthrough/Complete Guide
Author: SuperOtakuAlex
Version: 0.7
Console: Nintendo GameCube
Created: 6/16/13
Last Update: 11/17/13


Table of Contents 
[1] Introduction
       [1.1] Game Overview/Intro
       [1.2] Version History 
[2] Madagascar Brief Information
       [2.1] Plot
[2.2] Gameplay
[2.3] Collectibles
[2.4] Zoovenir Shop 
[3] Characters
[3.1] Alex the Lion
[3.2] Marty the Zebra
[3.3] Gloria the Hippo
[3.4] Melman the Giraffe
[3.5] Skipper the Penguin
[3.6] Rico the Penguin
[3.7] Private the Penguin
[3.8] Kowalski the Penguin
[3.9] King Julian the Lemur
[3.10] Maurice the Lemur
[3.11] Mort the Lemur
[3.12] The Lemurs
[3.13] The Foosa
[3.14] The Foosa King
[3.15] Wilbur the Warthog 
[4] King of New York
       [4.1] King of New York 
[5] Marty's Escape
       [5.1] Marty’s Escape 
[6] N.Y. Street Chase
       [6.1] N.Y. Street Chase 
[7] Penguin Mutiny
       [7.1] Penguin Mutiny 
[8] Mysterious Jungle
       [8.1] Mysterious Jungle 
[9] Save the Lemurs
       [9.1] Save the Lemurs 
[10] Jungle Banquet
       [10.1] Jungle Banquet 
[11] Coming of Age
       [11.1] Coming of Age 
[12] Back to the Beach
       [12.1] Back to the Beach 
[13] Marty to the Rescue
       [13.1] Marty to the Rescue 
[14] Final Battle
       [14.1] Final Battle 
[15] Mini-Games
[15.1] Tiki Mini-Golf
[15.2] Shuffleboard
[15.3] Lemur Rave
[16] Final Word
       [16.1] Final Word 
[A] Email/ Contact Information 
[B] FAQs
[C] Credits 
[D] Copyright

[1] Introduction
[1.1] Game Overview/Intro
Welcome to my walkthrough of the GC version of the game Madagascar, 
made by Toys for Bob and Activision, and based on the Dreamworks’ 
film of the same now. This walkthrough will guide you through the 
game to reach completion. Enjoy the guide and good luck!

Madagascar is a 3D platforming game that revolves around four animal 
friends living in a zoo in New York City. Their lives are suddenly 
changed when they wind up on the island of Madagascar. They must work 
together to get off of Madagascar and return to New York and their 
old lives. The game is loosely based on the film.

This game has multiple versions, including the Nintendo Gamecube, the 
Xbox, the Game Boy Advance, the Playstation 2, and the Nintendo DS.
[1.2] Version History
Version 0.1 [6/16/13]
The guide was created and formatted on this date, with information 
added to the Introduction and Brief Information sections.

Version 0.2 [6/17/13]
Information was added to the Brief Information and Characters 

Version 0.3 [6/19/13]
Information was added to the Characters section and the King of New 
York section and Marty’s Escape sections were completed.

Version 0.4 [6/27/13]
The N.Y. Street Chase section was completed.

Version 0.5 [11/10/13]
The Penguin Mutiny section was completed.

Version 0.6 [11/16/13]
The Mysterious Jungle, Save the Lemurs, Jungle Banquet, Coming of 
Age, and Back to the Beach sections were completed.

Version 0.7 [11/17/13]
The Marty to the Rescue, Final Battle, and Mini-Games sections were 
completed, as well as the complete guide, including edits.

[2] Madagascar Brief Information

[2.1] Plot
Madagascar begins with four friends, Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria, 
animals at the New York Zoo. As Marty’s 10th birthday approaches, he 
comes to realize he wants to seek the bigger life outside of the zoo 
and go to “the wild”. The others find this proposition ridiculous and 
disregard Marty’s ambition. In response, Marty runs away with help 
from the psychotic Penguins, other habitants of the zoo. When Alex, 
Gloria, and Melman catch up to Marty in the streets of New York, they 
are tranquilized and are to be shipped off in crates to Africa. Along 
the way, their crates fall overboard, and land ashore on Madagascar, 
where they befriend the party-crazy lemurs. The group must find a way 
to work together to get back to New York.

[2.2] Gameplay
The following controls apply to the Gamecube version of the game, and 
can be changed to apply to other console controls.
The Control Stick allows the player character to run or walk in any 
direction. The “C” stick rotates the in-game camera in any direction. 
Characters can be switched between using the “X” button (near a totem 
pole). Characters can talk or interact with most other objects using 
the “X” button. Characters can jump using the “A” button and attack 
using the “B” button. With the ability to play as Alex, Marty, 
Melman, Gloria, and the Penguins, each character has their own unique 
set of moves, which will be listed below.
Before each of the animals (Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria only) can 
make it outside the zoo, they have to tap into their instincts and 
pick up on their natural abilities. This is done by collecting Power 
Cards. Power Cards come in sets of three and you must have all three 
to obtain a new maneuver. A picture of the character is shown on the 
card to determine whose it is.
In various chapters, you’ll need to swap between the characters. This 
can be done via approaching a totem pole and pressing the “X” button. 
Scroll through characters with the Control Stick and select the 
desired character with the “A” button.
*Power Card abilities are marked with an “*”. *
~Alex’s Abilities~
· Jump – A button
· Roar – B button
· Super Roar – B button (only after eating a super roar plant)
· *Double Jump – A button, pressed twice in a row
· Throw – Y button (only after picking up mangoes)
· *Claws – X button
~Marty’s Abilities~
· Jump – A button
· *Kick – B button
· *Sneak – Y button, held down
· *Slide – Y button, while moving
· *Long-jump – A button, pressed twice in a row
~Gloria’s Abilities~
· Jump – A button
· Charge – Control Stick
· *Butt Bounce – A button, pressed twice in a row
· Tumble – B button
· *Hip check – Y button
~Melman’s Abilities~
· Jump – A button
· Spin – B button
· *Helicopter-glide – A button, pressed twice in a row
· Throw – X button (only after picking up coconuts)/Control Stick to 
· *Head bash – Y button
~The Penguins’ Abilities~
· Jump – A button
· Slide – B button, while moving
· Attack – B button
· Finishing move – B button, when enemy is down
· Call up troops – X button, when near a trumpet
· Fish – Control Stick to aim, hold down X button to cast, release X 
button when fish takes bait.

[2.3] Collectibles
Collectibles are pick-ups found throughout the various levels of the 
Life Tikis – These act as your health. Each one you pick up, one of 
the four slots on the character’s life meter is filled. When ten are 
collected, an extra life is gained.
Health Meter – The health meter indicates the number of lives you 
have. The four triangles indicate how much life you have left on a 
single life.
Monkey Money – Monkey Money is currency that is traded to the monkeys 
at the Zoovenir Shop. Silver monkey coins are worth only one credit, 
whereas gold monkey coins are worth five credits. A money counter on 
the right side of the screen shows how many coins you’ve collected as 
of current.
~Special Items~
Chili Pepper – Gloria loves these spicy chili peppers. After eating 
one, Gloria is able to run faster, bust through large obstacles, and 
mow down enemies. It only lasts a short time though!
Super Roar Plant – This plant causes Alex’s roar to become a super 
roar, with the capability of taking out all enemies within range. 
However, it only lasts a short time!
Coconut – Melman can use coconuts as projectiles by flinging them 
with his long neck. Their usually found is bunches.
Mango – Alex can throw these mangoes at any enemies, and is 
especially useful for airborne enemies. They are found on the ground, 
usually one at a time.
Keys – Certain areas require keys to access. These keys can be found 
within a level requiring one.

[2.4] Zoovenir Shop
The Zoovenir Shop is run by the monkeys. Here you can exchange Monkey 
Money for cool items, such as mini-games, collectibles, apparel, and 
other unique items.
Alex’s Crown – 20
Alex’s Finger – 30
Gloria’s Bikini – 20
Gloria’s Flowers – 30
Marty’s Hat – 20
Marty’s Glasses – 30
Melman’s Clock – 20
Melman’s Shoes – 30
Coin Magnet – 175
2x Life Tikis – 80
Flame-prints – 50
Extra Health – 30
Tiki Mini-Golf – 35
Shuffleboard – 35
Lemur Rave – 35

[3] Characters
[3.1] Alex the Lion
Alex is the main attraction at the New York Zoo. He enjoys the fame 
and the pampering that the zoo has to offer him and doesn’t 
understand Marty’s desire to get out. Alex is dubbed the “King of New 
York” and has an incredible liking for porterhouse steaks.
[3.2] Marty the Zebra
Marty is Alex’s best friend at the New York Zoo. Marty feels there’s 
more to life than living at the zoo, and desires to go to the wild. 
His other friends find this notion a bit extreme, in contrast.
[3.3] Gloria the Hippo
Gloria is the most level-headed of the group. She is strong and 
independent, and certainly doesn’t have time for nonsense. Gloria is 
determined to keep the group together by any means.
[3.4] Melman the Giraffe
Melman is a hypochondriac giraffe that is close friends with Alex, 
Gloria, and Marty. Although his phobia gets the better of him, Melman 
is loyal to his friends and sticks with them through even their most 
wild plans.
[3.5] Skipper the Penguin
Skipper is the leader of the Penguins and has dedicated his time to 
planning an escape to Antarctica. He is a strong leader, tough and 
straight-forward, though Alex sees it as being a little crazy.
[3.6] Rico the Penguin
Rico is a member of the Penguins. He doesn’t have much to say, but 
he’s very useful to the team. Rico is capable of regurgitating useful 
objects from his stomach when needed.
[3.7] Private the Penguin
Private is a member of the Penguins. While Private is a bit slow and 
dim-witted, his loyalty makes up for it. Skipper treats Private just 
as he would any member of their team.
[3.8] Kowalski the Penguin
Kowalski is a member of the Penguins. Tall and intelligent, Kowalski 
usually is right behind Skipper when it comes to forming plans. His 
quick-thinking helps the team get through any situation.
[3.9] King Julian the Lemur
Julian is the king of the lemurs on Madagascar. While he enjoys to 
party all the time, he is not the most cautious person. This leaves 
the lemurs vulnerable to danger, which he prioritizes a bit lower 
than a party. Julian means well.
[3.10] Maurice the Lemur
Maurice is the real authority of the lemurs. He keeps the lemurs in 
line and tries to keep the safe. Maurice tends to oppose Julian’s 
reckless and wild antics.
[3.11] Mort the Lemur
Mort is the smallest of the lemurs. While cute to anyone who doesn’t 
know him, Mort is severely annoying to any that do know him. He’s 
incredibly loyal to King Julian and is usually found by his side.
[3.12] The Lemurs
The Lemurs are a large group of squirrel-like animals living on the 
island of Madagascar. They enjoy partying with loud rave music and 
having banquets. However, they are often attacked by the Foosa, and 
usually never get to have a party without it being crashed by them.
[3.13] The Foosa
The Foosa are a clan of cat-like predators that prey on the Lemurs. 
The Foosa live in the wasteland of Madagascar. They attack the Lemurs 
during their raves, when they are most vulnerable.
[3.14] The Foosa King
The Foosa King is the leader of the Foosa. He is big and notoriously 
dangerous to the defenseless lemurs. He resides in the wastelands 
with the rest of the Foosa.
[3.15] Wilbur the Warthog
Wilbur lives in the jungle of Madagascar. He is docile and sweet, and 
usually struggles with his own tasks. He will do favors in return for 
some help. Wilbur has an intense liking for Gloria.

[4] King of New York
[4.1] King of New York
*	Marty Power: Kick
*	Alex Power: Double Jump
*	Alex Finishes His Act
*	Gloria Wins the Race
*	Penguin Fishing
*	Melman Cleans Up

The level begins as a typical day at the zoo with bustling tourists 
and crowds about. Marty however, is tired of the routine day-in and 
day-out. He decides that at his 10th birthday party that evening, he 
is going to tell his friends about his dream of going to the wild. 
Marty must greet his friends for the day, but first, he must get out 
of his pen. You’ll need to collect 3 Power Cards to unlock Marty’s 
“Kick” ability. The first power card is next to the treadmill, the 
second is on the hay, and the third is just outside the gate. 

Afterward, Marty will be able to kick things. Kick the hay blocking 
the shed and pick up the 2 coins inside. Next, kick the gate open to 
enter Alex’s pen. Approach Alex to talk to him. He and Marty will 
discuss Marty’s birthday for the evening and then get on the subject 
of Alex’s act. Alex will have to demonstrate for Marty. However, Alex 
will need the Double Jump ability, which means time to find more 
Power Cards. The first Power Card is to the left in the pool, the 
second is up on far side of the stone pedestal, and the third is on 
the highest stone platform to the right. With the Double Jump 
ability, Alex must jump through all seven floating hoops in his pen. 
The first green one is right off the far right stone platform, along 
with two coins. On the ground, step on the buttons to open the cages 
containing monkey coins. Three more hoops are above the pool and can 
be accessed by activating the water fountain button. Unfortunately, 
some pigeons come to crash the party. You can scare the pigeons away 
using Alex’s “Roar” attack. Another hoop is just off the stone 
pathway above. Another hoop is across the gap leading to Alex’s 
pedestal. The final hoop is above Alex’s pedestal. Return to the 
pedestal at the very top to complete Alex’s act.
With the show over, Marty decides to go visit Gloria and Melman. Kick 
the gate at the far side open and approach Melman’s pen. Melman 
appears to be having another hypochondria-induced episode, and is 
starting to run around and panic. Perhaps later he’ll calm down a 
bit. Head down the path to the right and kick away the hay. Approach 
Gloria, who is challenging two ostriches to a race. As Gloria, you’ll 
have to race four ostriches. It will seem impossible, but with the 
help of chili peppers, Gloria can definitely do it. The ostriches 
tend to close in very quickly, so it’s imperative that you 
continuously collect chili peppers. Knocking away obstacles is a good 
idea too, as there’s a very useful shortcut near the end of the track 
that’s blocked by hay. After defeating the ostriches, you’re free to 
roam once more. Additionally, there is a maintenance room in the far 
corner of the area that has a mini-game called Armor Madness. You 
must protect the fort while firing missiles from incoming tanks. Your 
score is depending on how many walls you have left and how much 
damage the fort avoided. Otherwise, return to Gloria and kick open 
the gates at the left of her. The next area is the Penguin pool. As 
the Penguins, you’ll have to fish for the various fish in the pool. 
First, you’ll have to get 4 blue fish. This can be done by aiming 
with the control stick and casting with the “X” button. Release the 
“X” button when a fish has taken bait. Next, you’ll have to get 3 
green fish. Other fish will begin to enter the pool, but you have to 
try and avoid those. Afterward, you’ll have to nab 2 red fish. With 
the fish done, all that’s left is to take various items from the 
people surrounding the pen. First is 2 Alex dolls, one kid is 
standing still with one and the other is moving. Next is 2 hats, 
which is the same situation. Next is 1 pair of sunglasses, on a kid 
that’s standing still. Lastly is a bucket on the moving janitor cart. 
After all the fishing, the Penguins will depart, leaving Marty to his 

Proceed forward to approach Melman’s pen again. As Melman, you’ll 
have to use his “Spin” attack to dispose of the trash and the pigeons 
that land in his pen. You must knock out 50 items of trash in the 
amount of time shown at the top by a bar. Afterward, the cleaning 
crew will finally arrive and relieve Melman of his fit of filth. 
Marty decides to return to his pen for another long day at the New 
York Zoo.

[5] Marty’s Escape
[5.1] Marty’s Escape
*	Marty Power: Sneak
*	Get the Ostrich Key
*	Use the Ostrich Key
*	Get through Zone Ostrich
*	Get the Monkey Key
*	Use the Monkey Key
*	Get the Bear Key
*	Get through Zone Bear
*	Defeat the Zoohunter!
*	Escape into the City

During the night, Skipper winds up in Marty’s pen. Marty questions 
what the penguins are doing, to which he replies they’re busting out 
of the zoo to go to Antarctica. Marty tells Skipper of his dream to 
get out in the wild. Skipper, in return, decides to help Marty escape 
the zoo. Skipper brings Marty to Zone Elephant, where Marty must 
intercept a few Power Cards. The first Power Card is held by Darnell 
the Elephant. Fortunately, Darnell spits out of his mouth, rather 
than having it exit another way. The second Power Card is in Zone 
Camel. Follow Skipper down the path to talk to Nick the Camel, who 
will give you the card. The last operative has the final Power Card. 
Kick open the gates at the right to get to Zone Rhino. From this 
point on, night guards are now an obstacle. They can’t see Marty 
unless they shine their flashlights on him. For the first guard, kick 
the nearby trashcan in his direction to knock him out. Move forward 
and another guard will be standing in front of Zone Rhino. Unlike the 
other guard, he changes direction. Try to take him out from behind 
with a kick, when his back is turned. Approach the rhino to get the 
last Power Card. With the “Sneak” ability, Marty can get the key to 
Zone Ostrich. Go back to where the first guard was and sneak through 
the grate on the nearby wall. Pick up the key and crawl back out. 
Head over to the gate by Zone Rhino to unlock Zone Ostrich.

Ahead is another turning guard. Take him out from behind. Upon 
approaching the ostriches, they will suggest you kick the trashcans 
at the guards to get rid of them. The guard on the far left is 
stationary, whereas the guard on the far right turns direction and 
walks around additionally. Along the roundabout, go to the far side 
and take out the guards. One can be hit with the janitor cart and the 
other can be lured closer by kicking the nearest animal sound 
machines. He can then be hit with a trashcan nearby. Head back to the 
other gate where a guard is standing in front of an open grate. Kick 
the trashcan at him. Sneak through the grate into the other area, 
which is Zone Bird. Once here, kick the janitor cart at the nearby 
guard. You’ll have to sneak alongside the hedges to avoid the next 
two guards. Move a little further and the toucan will talk to you 
about his self-esteem issues regarding his nose before telling you to 
activate the animal sound machines to lure guards. Lure the nearby 
guard over with the machine and take him out with a trashcan. The 
janitor at the end of the path is holding the key to Zone Monkey. 
Take him out with a simple kick and grab the key. Kick open the gate 
and Skipper will open the grate that leads to the entry to Zone Bird. 
Head back to Zone Ostrich and make your way to Zone Monkey, where the 
two guards were previously taken out. Use the key on the gate to 
access Zone Monkey.

Two guards are blocking the path in Zone Monkey. Sneak around the 
cage and kick the janitor cart to kill two birds with one stone. Or 
knock out two guards with one cart. Kick open the gate and approach 
Skipper by the brick wall. Skipper tells you to talk to the monkeys 
in the cage, seeing as the pipe in the wall is too small for Marty to 
get through. Behind the bales of hay by the shed is a grate that 
allows you to enter the shed. Inside the shed is Super Space Blastoid 
1977, a mini-game that’s similar to Space Invaders. Otherwise, talk 
to the monkeys in the cage. The monkeys explain that the janitor 
nearby has the key to Zone Bear. Zone Bear is the only way to the 
exit, as the front gate is in Zone Bear.

The next two guards are positioned in a zigzagging pattern. Kick the 
janitor cart at the first guard. Kick the trash can at the second 
guard. As you continue along the roundabout, the polar bear will warn 
Marty about the Zoohunter that patrols along the entrance of the Zoo. 
Up ahead, another guard is waiting. But there aren’t any nearby 
objects to get rid of him with. He’ll have to be lured closer to an 
object. Kick the nearby animal sound machine, and continue kicking 
each of the next few back to where the two guards were at the Zone 
Bear entrance. Get rid of the guard with the trash can and continue 
back along the roundabout. At the gate up ahead, another guard is 
blocking the way. Kick the animal sound machine to get him out of the 
way of the trash can. Kick the trash can at him to get rid of him. 
Careful crossing through the gate, as another of the turning guards 
is standing there. Wait until he turns away before kicking him. The 
main gate is up ahead, but a couple of guards are standing in a line 
diagonally. Fortunately, the janitor cart nearby can take out all of 
the guards in a single shot! Skipper catches up, but unfortunately, 
he’s got his ticket out via balloons, leaving Marty to finish up the 
escape on his own. When you’re ready, approach the janitor sweeping 
up near the front gate. He’ll panic at the sight of Marty, which 
summons the Zoohunter. The Zoohunter boss is a pretty simple 
strategy. Three guards are blocking the gate, where the Zoohunter is 
pacing back and forth. Really the only obstacle you have to avoid is 
the Zoohunter, who is firing tranquilizer darts from his tranquilizer 
gun. The darts can be easily avoided, but if hit, Marty becomes 
disoriented for a few seconds. The best place to duck behind is the 
stairs on the right wall, but if you use Marty’s sneak ability, he 
can just as easily miss the darts. Use the janitor carts and trash 
cans to get rid of the three guards first. Once the area is ridden of 
guards, approach the janitor cart to the left of the Zoohunter and 
kick it at him. He’ll dodge the cart, but the cart will cause the 
statue behind him to topple over and knock him out. With the key to 
the main gate, Marty is able to escape into the streets of New York 

[6] N.Y. Street Chase
[6.1] N.Y. Street Chase
· Alex Leads the Way
· Gloria Power: Butt Bounce
· Gloria Outsmarts the Cops
· Melman Power: Heli-Spin
· Melman Finds the Station
· Alex Rings:
· Destruction Bonus
Not long after Marty’s escape, Alex, Melman, and Gloria trek into the 
streets of New York to find him and take him back to the zoo. This 
level is separated into three parts, consisting of Alex’s part, 
Gloria’s part, and Melman’s part respectively. As Alex, you must run 
along the streets, with your only obstacles being incoming traffic, 
rambunctious dogs and cops. The safest place to be is on the 
sidewalk, either on the left side or the right side. The right side 
tends to see more action. Along the way, you’ll also come across 
Alex’s hoops, which if you jump through them, are a bonus goal to 
complete. As you run along, be sure to roar at the dogs two times, or 
they will chase Alex and cause damage. The cops on the other hand, 
just run from Alex and are impossible to catch up to. People out on 
the streets will be terrified at the sight of Alex and will do 
anything it takes to stay out of his way. After a bit, you’ll 
approach a subway. Head down there to reach the next street. Ahead is 
the museum, where a horde of cops try to corner Alex. The goal is to 
just roar at the cops and lure them into traps, such as open 
manholes, the mouths of the mechanical dinosaurs outside the museum, 
food carts, etc. After taking out six cops, the remaining cops will 
retreat to call for back-up. Alex is able to continue his run. On the 
right side is a ramp that turns onto the next street. Take the ramp 
to the next street and be careful of incoming traffic. At the far end 
is another ramp leading to a bridge. Cross that and run to the end of 
the street to complete Alex’s part.
As Gloria, your main obstacles are cops and incoming traffic. Unlike 
with Alex, these cops will jump onto Gloria and slow her down. If 
more than four cops manage to hold Gloria down, a life will be lost. 
To combat this, Gloria must constantly eat red hot chili peppers. The 
peppers allow her to charge enemies, and even knock cars and large 
vehicles out of her path, but it only lasts a short time. Pick up the 
first power card at the end of the street. A second power card isn’t 
too far away. A couple of cops will have already jumped onto Gloria 
by the time you pick up the last power card on the next street. 
Gloria is now able to use the “Butt Bounce” ability, which will keep 
those pesky cops off of her! At the end of the street is a bunch of 
crazy traffic happening. You’ll have to time your moves in order to 
get across the street safely! Turn onto the next street at the end 
and take out the cluster of cops up ahead. At the end is a set of 
even crazier traffic which moves faster than the crazy traffic. Get 
Gloria safely across and charge straight through the cop cars at the 
end to complete Gloria’s part.
As Melman, your main obstacles are to reach Grand Central Station and 
stay off of the unsanitary streets of New York City. Head down the 
ramp and on top of the bus for Melman’s first power card. Ride the 
bus to the next ramp and wait for the bus to approach. Jump onto the 
platform at the left and pick up the second power card. On the left 
side of the platform, wait for another bus to approach to reach the 
next ramp with the last power card. Melman is now able to use his 
“Heli-Spin” maneuver. Using this ability, Melman can hover over the 
steam coming out of the open manholes. Use this to reach the bridge 
up ahead. As you reach the end of the street, you’ll turn to a 
construction site. The construction workers will try to fight you, so 
just use Melman’s spin attack on them. At the end of the construction 
site, the route turns to the next street. Using the Heli-Spin on the 
steam will get Melman safely to the ramp at the end of the street, 
where Grand Central Station is located.
By the time the gang catches up with Marty, the cops have already 
arrived with back-up and successfully tranquilize the escaped 
animals. The group blacks out.

[7] Penguin Mutiny
[7.1] Penguin Mutiny
*	Open the First Pipe
*	Secure the Crane Deck
*	Take the Gas Room
*	Capture the Radio Room
*	Bowling on the Deck
*	Secure the Poop Deck
*	Storm the Mess Hall
*	Seize the Bridge

Alex and the others awaken on a ship, finding themselves trapped in 
crates to be shipped to Africa. However, they're not the only ones on 
the ship. The penguins seem to have found their way on board. Their 
mission is to hijack the ship and make their way to Antarctica. The 
key is to lead the troops through the ship without steering them into 

As you turn the corner, you'll find a guard walking around. He's 
guarding the area where the key is to the other area of the deck. 
Although the guards are much larger, they can be subdued by hitting 
them twice with the B button. It's easier to attack the guards when 
their backs are turned, as they won't be able to double back and 
catch you. Usually, there are open crates to hide in to prevent 
detection. Take out the guard and turn the corner. Jump over the 
crate. To the right is a horn, which is used to summon the other 
penguins. But first, pick up the key to unlock the gate, allowing the 
troops to enter the area. Use the X button to unlock the gate, then 
call the troops by pressing the X button near the horn. The pipe 
nearby will be opened. The pipes allow the penguins to travel 
undetected. Certain guards, like the large guy near the pipe, are 
impossible to attack straight on. Travel through the pipe to sneak 
past him. Summon the troops on the other side of the pipe. A guard is 
just around the corner. Wait until his back I'd turned and then take 
him out. At the right is another guard for you to finish off. Turn 
right at the corner and open the new pipe using the X button. The 
pipe leads to the crane deck. Before calling the troops, get rid of 
the two guards wondering about on the deck. The crane will be able to 
get rid of the remaining guards on the lower deck, allowing the 
troops to join you.

Approach the crane to control it. Now comes the fun. The key is to 
pick up 5 sailors and eliminate them, which can be done through two 
different means. They can be put in the gated cages or dropped 
overboard. Use the X button to pick them up and then decide how to 
dispose of them. With the 5 sailors gone, summon the troops. Open the 
pipe to the left of the crane and travel through it. Once inside the 
Engine Room, use the X button on the green button to unlock the door. 
Summon the troops with the horn in the Gas Containment Room. Working 
together, the penguins enter the open air shaft into the Pump Room.
Two guards, a big guy and a smaller guy are roaming the area. When 
it's safe, attack the smaller guard. Now unlock the door the guard 
was pacing in front of by pressing the green button using the X 
button. Enter the Radio Room and pick up the key. Open the other 
door, leading to the Lavatory, in the Pump Room. Press the green 
button on the far wall of the Radio Room to mess with the plumbing. 
The big guy and a few other guards will wander into the Lavatory to 
investigate the noise. Shut the door to the Lavatory. Head down the 
ramp the big guy was guarding, but be careful, as there's a guard 
down below. Finish off the guard.

Use the key to unlock the door to the lower Radio Room. Summon the 
troops and proceed to the Aft Deck. Continue forward underneath the 
stacked crates and turn left. A crate full of bowling balls will be 
able to subdue the roaming guards. Use the X button to pick up a 
bowling ball, then hurl it at a guard. Do this for the two guards 
nearby. Lastly, place a bowling ball by the open pipe to get rid of 
the big guy at the other end. Travel through the pipe and summon the 
troops. Use the crane to eliminate 5 sailors, as well as remove 
crates blocking the exits.

Next, place the 3 remaining penguins by the three locked gates to 
access the upstairs. Summon the troops on the Poop Deck. Unlock the 
door at the left to enter the Storage Hold. Using the Bowling Pin box 
to hide, infiltrate the area, being careful of the many guards 
wandering about. Inside the Mess Hall is a tranquilizer gun, perfect 
for removing the remaining guards. Use the X button to use the 
tranquilizer gun and the X button to shoot tranquilizer darts at the 
8 sailors. It often takes more than 1 shot to take them out, so watch 
out for the ones that sneak up. Open the pipe on the left end of the 
Mess Hall. Inside the Safari Cabin is a box to hide in, which will be 
useful in hiding from the familiar Zoohunter. The key is by the 
table. Once you've got the key, exit the room via the pipe or the 
door. Use the key on the door at left end of the Mess Hall. Enter the 
room and attack the guard, never minding the two sleeping guards. 
Open the door on the left and summon the troops. Use the ladder to 
reach the upper level of the Poop Deck. Enter through the door at the 
The penguins will have taken over the ship, but not without having 
faced the dreaded Zoohunter. Grab the tranquilizer gun and fire darts 
at the 6 incoming sailors. Next, you'll have to shoot at the 
Zoohunter 4 times. Fire at him as he walks past windows and doorways, 
and definitely before he can get you with his own tranquilizer darts. 
After getting rid of the Zoohunter, the penguins take over the ship 
and make a sharp turn, knocking Alex and the others' crates off the 

[8] Mysterious Jungle
[8.1] Mysterious Jungle
*	Collect the Pearls
*	Climb the Falls
*	Lead the Bees
*	Protect the Mushrooms
*	Alex Rings:

Alex washes ashore onto a strange island, with no sign of the others 
anywhere. However, he discovers the crate that held Marty and wonders 
if he has run off somewhere on the island. Roaming around are snappy 
crabs, which will harm Alex if he comes too close. Roar at them to 
get rid of them. Many of them pop out of the sand, so be careful. 
Scattered around are clams that can be opened by roaring. Head up 
along the path in front of Marty's crate. Jump up on the rock 
platform and then up to the tree bridge. Pick up the mango. Mangoes 
can be thrown at enemies by Alex and are good for taking out enemies 
you don't want to be close to. Press the Y button to throw mangoes. 
Jump to the next platform and then to the ledge of the mountain. A 
parrot is sleeping in a nest of pearls. Talk to him. The bird accuses 
Alex of trying to take his pearls, but Alec quickly turns down that 
notion and asks if the bird has seen the others. The bird says he 
has, but only agrees to direct Alex if he brings him 6 pearls from 
the beach. Roar at the clams to open them. Some will have health and 
some will have the pearls you're looking for, but look out for clams 
containing crabs. Return to the parrot when you have 6 pearls. The 
bird mentions having seen the others by the waterfall. Enter through 
the cave behind the parrot's nest. 

The tall waterfall is on the other side, with Marty, Melman and 
Gloria at the top. Scale up the waterfall, jumping across the ledges 
in a crisscrossed pattern until you reach the top. At the top is a 
large plain with a queen bee hovering around. Talk to her and she 
will sneeze quite a bit, coming down with hay fever. Alex asks if 
she's seen his friends. The queen says that if Alex can lead 3 swarms 
of bees to flowers, she'll send drones after his friends to locate 
them. Simply approach a swarm by any of the hives and lead them to 
the clusters of glowing orange flowers. You'll have to take each 
swarm to a different cluster each time so they can pollinate. You 
must hurry because if the bees aren't brought to a cluster in 18 
seconds, they will sting Alex. Afterward, return to the queen and 
she'll mention that one of her drones saw the group going down the 
path nearby. Head down the Path of Descent, jumping over the spitting 
purple plants. At the bottom of the path is a pit with a super-roar 
plant inside. Grab the plant and then scale the platforms at the left 
to reach a ledge. Jump down into the Mushroom Patch. 

A bat hanging nearby bargains that he'll direct you to the others if 
you can protect his mushrooms from thieving cockroaches. Protect 4 
mushrooms within the time limit by roaring at the cockroaches. Use 
super-roar plants if too many are making off with the mushrooms. Once 
you've done so, two bats will drop you off along a tree branch path 
on a swamp. Spiders roam the area, but can be taken out with mangoes 
and super-roar plants. Run along the paths, being careful of falling 
off the paths. At the end of the path, the group enters a cave. Alex 
runs after them, catching up. The gang reunites. 

[9] Save the Lemurs
[9.1] Save the Lemurs
*	Ascend the Cave
*	Navigate Wind Part 1
*	Navigate Wind Part 2
*	Escape the Seaside Resort
*	Escort the Lemurs
*	Alex Rings:

Alex and the gang approach a clearing, where they find a clan of 
lemurs dancing to music. The creatures are startled by the large 
animals and take off to hide. Hoping they're friendly, the lemurs 
toss Mort, the annoying child-like lemur, to meet them. The lemurs, 
including King Julian and his advisor, Maurice, welcome them, but the 
greeting is cut short when the Foosa arrive. The lemurs take off, but 
Marty follows through the secret passage way as the lemurs head for 
their safe spot. Climb up the platforms to reach the pathway up 
above. Kick the stalagmites to clear the path. Also beware of spiders 
that wander about and drop from above. Kick the wobbly rocks to 
create bridges to higher pathways. At the top, jump into the river 
canal and approach the cave the water is coming out of.

On the outside, the lemurs will say it's too windy in the valley and 
they ask that you rescue some of the lemurs who are stuck in the 
valley. For this, you'll need to use Marty's crouch ability to hide 
against rocks. The larger rocks, Marty can simply stand behind. For 
smaller rocks, Marty will need to crouch. If caught in the wind 
gusts, Marty will blow back to the beginning of the path. Rescue 4 
lemurs, which are dangling on thin branches, and reach the end, which 
is a hollow tree. On the other side, 5 more lemurs require rescuing. 
Rescue the 5 remaining lemurs and meet with them at the end of the 

Separated again, Alex must catch up with the others. In the cave are 
Foosa, which can be taken out with 3 roars. Ascend the cave, hopping 
from platform to platform while taking out Foosa. Exit the cave, and 
Alex will meet up with the lemurs. The lemurs explain that this path 
is the safe route to their alternate party location. Ironically, the 
path is riddled with Foosa. Protect the 8 lemurs as you navigate the 
path. Take out Foosa with mangoes and super-roar plants. As long as 
you make it to the end with half of the lemurs with you, you'll have 
completed the level.

[10] Jungle Banquet
[10.1] Jungle Banquet
*	Mash the Moles
*	Harvest the Onions
*	Find the Pineapple
*	Repeat the Tune
*	Grab the Limes on the Slide
*	Bash the Roaches
*	Help the Queen
*	Grab the Kelp
*	Smash the Melons
*	Out Jump the Frog
*	Gloria Power: Hip Check
*	Melman Power: Headbash
*	Marty Power: Long Jump
*	Alex Rings: 
*	Mushroom High Score:

In honor of the gang, the lemurs plan to throw a banquet together for 
them. However, the group must gather food for their own banquet. This 
level introduces the totem, which allows swapping between characters. 
As Gloria, collect her 3 power cards, one on a rock by the giant 
bongos, one on the path to the left. The sign has a picture of 
Gloria. Walk down to the Carrot Patch for the last card. Gloria 
unlocks Hip Check. Talk to the stocky lemur by the Carrot Patch. He 
asks if you can get rid of the moles that eat the carrots before 
they're ripe. Pick up the reward for 1/10 items found.

Switch to Alex using the totem. Enter the Mushroom Cave and speak to 
King Julian on the center mushroom. Julian explains that the key is 
to hop on the colored mushrooms in the order of its pattern in order 
to receive the reward. Repeat the pattern 6 times in order to win. 
Collect the reward for 2/10 items found. Return to the Hero Tree and 
jump onto the rock near the giant bongos. Jump into the tree with the 
reward for 3/10 items found. Drop down into the chasm across from the 
Hero Tree and talk to the queen bee at the right end. She asks that 
you take her to different flower clusters, as she's misplaced her 
glasses. Take the queen to the 7 colored flowers she requests within 
the time limit. Collect the reward when you're done for 4/10 items 
found. Enter the cave across the chasm to reach the Onion Grotto. 
Julian will explain that you must harvest the ripe cave onions before 
the cave spiders reach them. When they begin to turn red, they are 
ripe, but you must collect 20 before the time limit runs out. Collect 
the reward for 5/10 items found.

Find the totem near the Hero Tree and switch to Melman. Collect 3 of 
Melman's power cards. One is on a rock near the giant bongos, another 
is on the hollow log path and the last is down said path in the 
Noogie Grove. Melman has unlocked the Head Bash move. Talk to Mort, 
who asks that you use your head bash to get rid of the thieving 
cockroaches harvesting the Noogies. Bash 15 roaches to collect the 
reward for 6/10 items found. Return to the totem and switch to 
Gloria. Head down the same log path and eat the chili pepper to bash 
through the bolder blocking the new path. Walk down to the beach and 
pick up the reward for 7/10 items found. Beware of the turtles that 
slide into you, it takes two hits to get rid of them.

Talk to Wilbur the Warthog by the entry to the beach. He asks if you 
can smash the groups of watermelons in the area. Using chili peppers 
scattered around or Hip Check, smash into 19 watermelon clusters 
before the time limit is up. Chili peppers are faster, but Gloria is 
more difficult to steer. Try to take out most of the clusters with 
chili peppers and the remaining ones with Hip Check. Afterward, 
collect the reward for 8/10 items found. Scale the mountain towards 
the back and take the mud slide on the right. As you slide down, pick 
up the reward for 9/10 items found.

Switch to Marty using the totem. Collect Marty's 3 power cards. One 
is on a rock near the giant bongos, the remaining 2 are on the rock 
bridges and platforms in the Melon Patch by the beach. Marty unlocks 
the Long Jump. Head up the mountain and turn right onto the path. An 
orange frog is hopping on the edge of the cliff. Talk to him and 
he'll challenge Marty to a jumping contest. This can be tedious. You 
must out jump the frog a total of 3 times. Use the Long Jump in the 
direction the frog went. You don't necessarily have to "jump farther" 
than him, just make it to the platform he jumps to. Afterward, 
collect the reward for 10/10 items found.
The banquet commences, giving the group a heroes' welcome.
[11] Coming of Age
[11.1] Coming of Age
*	Save the Tree
*	Bomb the Nests
*	Bash the Moles
*	Escort Mort 

Gloria talks with Melman in the night, saying that Alex has been 
acting oddly lately. Melman overreacts, saying that Alex has 
contracted a disease. Gloria says that Alex is hungry, but there is 
no way to get steak naturally from a tree. She advises him to ask 
Maurice. Maurice does not know of any steak, but suggests Melman rid 
the Giant Baobob tree of the Baobob worms, as there might be steak 
somewhere on the tree. Using coconuts, Melman must fling them at the 
nests of the Baobob worms to unblock the path ways and prevent more 
worms from breeding. Hit the nests first and then take out the worms. 
The third set of worms/ nests, you must simultaneously take out 
vultures too. Hit the nests a few times before they regenerate. 

Eventually the path will fall, allowing you to continue to ascend.
After taking out the last set of worms/vultures/nests, proceed to the 
end of the path on the tree. Mort is on the other side, explaining 
that they've found the primary nests of the Baobab worms. However, 
they are breeding fast. You must take out the nests using durians. 
This is more difficult since you're at a distance. You must test the 
strength at which you'll toss the durian, as you must take out the 
nest primarily. After taking out 4 of the nests, you must get rid of 
the 6 remaining Baobob worms. During the lemurs' victory dance, 
Gloria decides to help out by ridding the lemur garden of the pesky 
Your goal is to take out 30 moles using chili peppers, within the 
time limit. 

Follow Melman down the newly opened path. Mort mentions that Alex is 
acting viciously as a result of his hunger. Gloria says she's going 
to find Marty. Melman and Mort must make it across the chasm without 
falling in and being caught by Alex. Use the Heli ability to navigate 
safely from platform to platform until you reach the cave at the end. 
Once united with the other lemurs, Maurice says that Alex has now 
fallen for his primal urges and is a potential threat to them all.

[12] Back to the Beach
[12.1] Back to the Beach
*	Fling the Lemurs
*	Rocky Crags
*	Melman Glide
*	Save the Fruit
*	Defeat the Crocs
*	Secret Room
*	Hidden Ledge
*	Smash the Crabs
*	Boulder Run
*	Bash the Crates 

On the beach, the gang realizes they have to rebuild the rescue 
beacon in order to get off the island. Wilbur is willing to help 
rebuild it, but the beacon has burned down. However, pieces are 
scattered around the beach that can build a new beacon. Talk to 
Wilbur who is struggling with some pesky crabs. Smash 5 crabs using 
Butt Bounce 2 times, in the time limit. Collect the reward for 1/10 
pieces found. Talk to Wilbur again, who advises you to bash 14 crates 
using chili peppers. After breaking the crates, collect the reward 
for 2/10 pieces found. Smash the boulder near Melman's makeshift 
grave to free a geyser. Switch to Marty using a totem.

Use the geyser to reach the cliff. Use long jump to get to the ledge 
at the left. Pick up the reward for 3/10 pieces found. Return to the 
cliff and use the geyser to reach the ledge at the right. Use long 
jump to get from platform to platform, in which another beacon piece 
is on the last platform. Collect the reward for 4/10 pieces found. 
Use a similar technique on the platforms in the water to reach 
another beacon piece. Collect the reward for 5/10 pieces found. 
Switch to Gloria and head to the far side of the beach. Use chili 
peppers to bash the boulders along the rock bridge/path. Collect the 
reward at the end for 6/10 pieces found. Switch to Melman and talk to 
Maurice on the beach, who is located using a floating arrow. He 
mentions that there are beacon pieces that can be retrieved by lemur 
scouts permitting Melman throws them.

Much like the coconuts and the durians, fling lemurs at the platform 
to collect the beacon. Throw the 3 lemurs onto the platform. Collect 
the reward afterward for 7/10 pieces found. Switch to Marty. Head 
down the bridge trail towards the back of the beach. Talk to Wilbur, 
who says the tortoises are knocking fruit from his tree. Using 
Marty's kick, get rid of 6 tortoises. It takes 2 kicks to take a 
tortoise out. Take them out in the time limit. After, collect the 
reward for 8/10 pieces found. Switch to Gloria back at the beach. 
Take out the boulder towards the back of the beach. Switch to Marty 
again and collect the beacon piece from the rock platform in the area 
just opened for 9/10 pieces found. Next, enter the cave near the 

In the Croc Pit, an albino crocodile challenges Marty to a duel 
against he and his 2 crocodile minions. The crocs follow close 
behind, so use the long jump as they get close. When they get dizzy 
from spinning, kick them. After 2 hits on the 2 regular crocs, you 
must take out the albino crocodile with 5 hits. His tactic is to 
strike furiously at you, however, he'll tire if you dodge. Hit him 
when he's tired. Collect the last beacon piece afterward for 10/10 
pieces found.
In the end, Wilbur expects a kiss from Gloria. Gloria begs that 
Melman do it, and she'll make it up to him in exchange. Luckily, it's 
censored. Marty realizes he can't leave without Alex and opts to go 
back and retrieve him.

[13] Marty to the Rescue
[13.1] Marty to the Rescue
*	Get to Mort
*	Collect Fruit for Wilbur
*	Slide
*	Cross the Spider Pit
*	Beat the Croc
*	Fruit High Score: 40 

Marty asks Mort for a route to reach Alex. However, the only quick 
route is the "No Chance of Survival Trail". You must catch up to Mort 
on the trail by ducking under hanging vines, jumping over spitting 
plants, using the long jump and kicking past spiders, all within the 
time limit. Meet with Mort by the cave at the end of the trail. 
Wilbur is on the other side, which appears to be a dead end. However, 
he's willing to help out if you gather fruit for him from the tree. 
Using Mort, jump along the mushrooms to collect the falling fruit 
while avoiding the durians and spiders. Collect at least 30 fruits 
for Wilbur to win. Wilbur frees the path up easily, irritatingly 
enough to Marty. In the new cave is a long river slide, with sink 
holes and chasms. Unfortunately, Mort jumps in and slides down, and 
must be rescued. Using the water jets, propel yourself after Mort, 
catching up to him at the cave at the end within the time limit.
In the cave, Mort has already made it across to the other ledge of 
the cave. Rabbit hole loading screens are such an enigma! Use the 
durians to bomb the spiders and clear your path as you jump across 
platforms. Meet with Mort at the next cave entry. As he is talking, 
he is suddenly captured by the albino crocodile. You must race the 
croc down another canal slide, however, there are chasms and other 
dangers this time. Use the water jets to keep yourself ahead of the 
croc! When you beat him, he'll return Mort to you. He then instructs 
that you must jump into the whirlpool to reach Alex. Not that it 
makes sense, but it is more exciting!

[14] Final Battle
[14] Final Battle
*	Defeat the Foosa
*	Defeat the Foosa Boss 1
*	Defeat the Foosa Boss 2

Alex wanders off into the Foosa territory, where he is cornered by a 
pride of Foosa and the Foosa King. Just when things get ugly, the 
penguins arrive with 3 power cards for Alex. Grab the 3 cards to 
unlock Claws for Alex. This ability can only be used in this boss 
fight, which definitely is a bummer. After slicing at a couple of 
Foosa, the Foosa King will enter the spiked arena. The Foosa King 
eats durians and is able to harm Alex with his durian breath. Jump 
from the platforms that line the arena, while picking up mangoes. 
When the Foosa King is not breathing in your direction, throw mangoes 
at him. It is easiest to hit him when he's tired. You may also have 
to take out a number of his vulture minions. After defeating him the 
first round, he will chase Alex to a more difficult arena. For this 
portion, the Foosa King has a flame on his back. You must avoid his 
vulture minions carrying durians, while also avoiding his durian 
breath and charging attack. When he tires, is distracted, or is 
sending vultures after you, those are opportune times to attack him 
with the Claws attack.
After the battle, Marty arrives from the whirlpool, mashing the 
defeated Foosa King. As the two reunite, the lemurs celebrate as they 
are free from the Foosa's attack, and the Penguins have brought the 
ship, allowing the group to return home. The credits roll.
[15] Mini-Games
[15.1] Tiki Mini-Golf 
Tiki Mini-Golf is a mini-game that can be unlocked for 35 coins in 
the Zoovenir Shop. Tiki Mini-Golf plays just as actual mini-golf. The 
key is to putt your ball into the hole in as few turns as possible. 
There are many obstacles that you must navigate the ball past. To hit 
the ball, you must use the action meter. Your strength in the stroke 
is dependent on the height of the action meter.
If the ball is stroked too hard, it can veer off in a direction you 
don't want or it could even sail over the hole. You can unlock up to 
6 players in the Zoovenir Shop, which allows for 6 people to take 
turns playing. Total strokes on each hole are added up at the end of 
the game. The player with the lowest score wins.

[15.2] Shuffleboard 
Shuffleboard can be unlocked in the Zoovenir Shop for 35 coins. It 
plays much like real shuffleboard. The key is to roll your puck down 
the lane to earn points. The lane is split into sections. The Foul 
Zone earns you no points and your puck gets removed. The 1 Zone earns 
you 1 point, the 2 Zone earns you 2 points, etc. Using the action 
meter dictates the strength in which you push the puck. Pushing too 
hard can knock the puck off the lane, earning you no points. Pushing 
too softly can put you in the Foul Zone. The goal is to be the first 
to gain 15 points. You can knock your opponent's pucks off the lane 
using clever maneuvering. Up to 4 players can play, on 3 different 
lanes that can be unlocked in the Zoovenir Shop.

[15.3] Lemur Rave 
Lemur Rave can be unlocked for 35 coins in the Zoovenir Shop. The key 
is to match the arrows as they fall to the beat of the song. Thumbs 
on the screen dictate the points you score. Two thumbs up is 3 
points, 1 thumb up is 2 points, 1 thumb up and 1 thumb down is 1 
point, 1 thumb down is -1 point, and 2 thumbs down is -4 points. Up 
to 2 players can play. Songs can be unlocked in the Zoovenir Shop. 
You can practice a track as well to get used to its patterns.

[16] Final Word
[16.1] Final Word
And thus draws this walkthrough of Madagascar to a close. This 
walkthrough took a little longer than planned due to other priorities 
of mine, but it’s finally finished! I hope this walkthrough helps 
draw the game to completion! I did not give locations for coins, as I 
imagine anyone who plays would be able to dictate their own 
collecting of coins. Anyways, I should be able to complete another 
walkthrough, although I’m not sure which as of yet! See you later! 

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