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FAQ by Paul Acevedo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/12/05

Donkey Konga 3 Japanese version FAQ V1.0
Written by Paul Acevedo
Created on: 05/12/05
Updated on: 05/12/05

1.  Introduction
2.  Version history
3.  Freeloader users
4.  Menu translation
5.  Song List
6.  Famicom song list
7.  Mode descriptions
8.  Unlockables
9.  Links
10. Contact information

1. Introduction
   Donkey Konga 3: Tabe-houdai! Haru Mogitate 50 Kyoku FAQ (All You Can Eat!
Spring 50 Song Mix) is another excellent instalment of the Donkey Konga series.
You basically get lots more songs (including many Famicom/NES classic tunes)
and Funky Kong. Hope you didn’t like mini-games though, as Rhythm Banana and
Trial Mode are all that’s present. If you like Japanese music at all, you
should pick up each Japanese Donkey Konga release – the music is almost
entirely different from the US versions, and quite awesome.

2. Version history
05/12/05  Version 1.0 FAQ created.

3. Freeloader users
   You can play Donkey Konga 3 on a non-Japanese GameCube using Datel’s
Freeloader disc, but you will not be able to save! That means no Famicom music
or extra modes for you… I highly recommend installing a country switch in your
GameCube instead. Do a web search for more info.

4. Menu translation
When you power on for the first time, you will be asked to intialize
the save data. Choose Hai (2 characters) for yes.

The menus are all rotary, so I’ve translated them from left to right. Some
options won’t appear until they have been unlocked.

1-Story (blue option with blocky border) For 1 or 2 players.
  a: Solo (green) The one-player game.
  b: Duet (yellow) Play with two players or the computer.
  c: Return to Mode Select (grey)

  1a.Story Sub-menu (Options are the same in Solo and Duet.)
     a: Easy (red)
     b: Hard (green)
     c: Expert (red)
     d: Back to Story main menu (grey)
     e: Shuffle Expert (purple) Play songs with random patterns.
     f: Shuffle Hard (green)
     g: Shuffle Easy (yellow)
  1b.Song select (see song list)

2-Battle (orange) For 2 players only.

3-Challenge (red with arrow at the top-left corner) For 1 or 2 players.
  a: Solo (green)
  b: Duet (yellow) For 2 players only.
  c: Return to Mode Select (grey)

  3a.Challenge sub-menu
     a: 6 Song Course (blue)
     b: 12 Song Course (orange)
     c: Back to Challenge main menu (grey)
     d: Full Course (purple)

4-Famicom (red and yellow like a Famicom controller) For 1 or 2 players.
  a: Solo (green)
  b: Duet (yellow) Play with two players or the computer.
  c: Return to Mode Select (grey)
  d: Shuffle Duet
  e: Shuffle Solo

5-Trial (green with O and X at top) For 1 or 2 players.
  a: Solo (green)
  b: Duet (yellow) For 2 players only.
  c: Return to Mode Select (grey)

  5a.Trial Sub-menu
     a: Cheap Course (red, costs $100)
     b: Moderate Course (orange, costs $200)
     c: Return to Trial sub-menu (grey)
     d: Expensive Course (yellow, costs $300)

6-Option (light blue)
  a: Drum & Controller (green)
     Controller: Choose type A, B, or C controls and toggle vibration
  b: Volume Balance (yellow)
  c: Default (orange)
     c1: Choose the left option for default settings or right to cancel
  d: Return to Mode Select (grey)
  e: Stereo/Monaural (red)
     e1: Choose left option for stereo or right for monaural sound.

7-Title Screen (grey with arrows)

8-Museum (purple)
  a: Request Ranking (orange): See which songs have been played the most.
     a1: All modes, Story Solo, Story Duet, Concert Share, Concert
     Quartet, Battle
  b: Face Collection (blue): See what faces you’ve unlocked.
  c: Return to Mode Select (grey)
  d: Funky News: View Funky’s tips you’ve unlocked (up to 99)

9-Shopping Mall (pink)
  a: Bongo sounds (blue)
  b: Records (yellow): Purchase Expert-level songs.
  c: Return to Mode Select (grey)

10-Rhythm Banana (yellow with bananas): For 1 player only.
   a: Banana Tree
   b: Return to Mode Select (grey)
   c: Rhythm Banana Story (orange): View a story sequence.
   d: Prologue (red): View a story sequence.

11-Ad-lib Place (green): For 1 to 4 players.
   Pause menu:
   a: Return to Game
   b: Settings
      b1: Song select
      b2: Background select: Picnic, Vacation, Pumpkin, Snowman, Western
      b3: Bongo sound select
   c: End (Return to Mode Select)

12-Concert (yellow): For 1 to 4 players.
   a: Share: For 1 player only.
   b: Quartet: For 1-4 players.
   c: Return to Mode Select (grey)

5. Song list
Songs are listed in the order that they appear in the game followed by their
banana ratings for Easy/Hard/Expert difficulties.

J-Pop (red)
1:  Hana (5/6/7): by Hamasaki Ayumi
2:  Happy Days (1/3/2)
3:  Baka (Stupid) Survivor (6/7/6): Boboboubo Boubobo op. #2 by Ulfuls
4:  Start (2/4/5): Detective Boy Conan opening theme #14 by Aiuchi Rina
5:  Seishun Kyousou Kyoku (5/3/3): Naruto opening theme #5
6:  ignited (7/5/4): Gundam Seed Destiny opening theme #1 by T.M.Revolution
7:  Rokoroushon (4/4/2)
8:  Rewrite (5/5/5): Full Metal Alchemist op. #4 by Asian Kung-fu Generation
9:  Kimi ni Bump (4/2/7): Japan 2004 Single of the Year
10: GO!!! (3/2/4): Naruto opening theme #4 by FLOW
11: Kore Ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi (2/2/): by Puffy Ami Yumi
12: Tomorrow (2/1/1)

Children’s (blue)
1:  Tenohira wo Taiyou ni (2/1/1)
2:  BINGO (3/1/1)

Latin (orange)
1:  La Cucaracha (7/6/6) (The cockroach)

Classical (purple)
1:  William Tell (overture) (6/7/8)
2:  Aine Kuraine Nahato Majiku (7/6/8): by Mozart

Jazz (orange)
1:  Entertainer (8/7/7): Charlie Chaplin tune

Game (blue)
1:  Super Smash Brothers DX (8/8/8): Super Smash Bros. Melee
2:  Kochira * Mona’s Pizza (3/5/1): Mawaru Made in Wario (WarioWare Twisted!)
3:  Jungle Beat (6/6/6): Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
4:  Star Fox (5/4/5): Star Fox Assault
5:  Donkey’s Groove (5/8/8): A horrible assault on humanity (DK 3 theme)

Anime (yellow)
1:  Banana Tengoku (5/4/2): Donkey Kong ending theme (Banana Kingdom)
2:  Ashita ni Nattara (4/7/5): Donkey Kong opening theme
3:  Touch (4/4/3): Touch opening theme by Iwasaki Yoshimi
4:  Cha-la Head Cha-la (4/4/4): Dragonball Z op. by Kageyama Hironobu
5:  Ora wa Ninki Mono (1/1/3): Crayon-shin-chan op (I’m such a popular kid)
6:  Mezase Pokemon Master (2/2/6): Pokemon opening theme
7:  Kite Kite Atashinchi (1/4/3): Atashinchi ending theme

TV Commercials (green)
1:  Fire Emblem (5/6/7)
2:  Do, re, mi, fa Daijoubu (2/4/4): Hajimete no Otsukai Theme

Variety (blue)
1:  Iiyudana (3/2/2)
2:  Yodel Tabe Houdai (3/6/5)
3:  Makkensanba II (4/3/4): Short version

6. Famicom song list
These songs are only available in Famicom mode and I am listing them from the
first Nintendo tune.

Nintendo (blue)
1:  Donkey Konga (2): Famicom-style arrangement of the Donkey Konga theme.
2:  Super Mario Brothers Chijou BGM (5)
3:  Zelda no Densetsu (3): Legend of Zelda Famicom Disc System version
4:  Super Mario Brothers 3 (3)
5:  Balloon Fight (5)
6:  Hoshi no Kirby Yuyu No Isumi No Monokatari (3): Kirby’s Adventure
7:  Palthena’s Castle (5): Kid Icarus
8:  Doctor Mario (6)
9:  Super Mario Brothers Suichiyuu BGM (8)
10: Naze no Murasamejou (7): Never released in the US, try the GBA game
11: Donkey Kong (1)
12: Donkey Kong Junior (1)
13: Mario Brothers (4)
14: Ice Climber (2)
15: Clu Clu Land (2)

Namco (green)
1:  Xevious (1)
2:  Dig Dug (6)
3:  Skykid (6)
4:  Pac-Man (7)
5:  Tower of Druaga (5): The only Namco tune not written in English
6:  Mappy (4)

7. Mode descriptions
Play any song to earn money and a high score. As you hit the beats, the meter
in the top-right corner of the screen will fill up. Get it to the point where 3
Katakana are marked in order to pass. Fill it completely to get a gold medal.
If you achieve a gold medal and the majority of your hits were Great, you may
receive the Super Kong award and the victory music from the original Donkey
Kong arcade game plays. You get $1 for an OK hit and $2 for a Great hit.
After a song ends, you can choose Song Select, Retry, or End.

Found in Story and Famicom modes. All beats are shuffled randomly, which is
good if you’ve learned a song inside-and-out already.

This is a 2-player only battle. To win you must have a higher score than your
opponent. If you hit a POW Block with a Great, you’ll reduce your opponent’s
score to 0. Get an OK and their score goes down by 90%. Bad or Misses do nothing.
When the 3 StarFox cards appear, certain barrels marked with the word STOP roll
by. Hitting them with Great, OK, Bad, or Miss gives you a certain card. Match 3
to get a huge point bonus, but you may still get points as long as you don’t
miss any of them. When the train appears at the end of the song, you’re playing
Janken (Paper, Rock, Scissors.) Your hits toggle between the 3 hand positions.
Whoever wins at Janken gets 5,000 points.

Play 6, 12, or more random songs in a row without dying. Your meter refills a
little at the end of the song, but the songs keep getting harder. You don’t
earn money in Challenge, which is a drag.

This mode unlocks after you have achieved enough Gold or Silver medals in Story

At first only one song is available, but more become unlocked as you procure
more medals. The tunes are great, but they only have one difficulty and it’s hard!

This mode unlocks after you have achieved enough Gold or Silver medals in Story

Pay money earned from Story mode in order to play a random trial. Make sure you
don’t hit the skull barrels or you’ll fail automatically! Your reward is a
chance to play the memory game. The reward is increased by 1 for each higher
difficulty, but they get way harder, so it’s not worthwhile to play them unless
you just want to challenge yourself. Playing the memory game is the only way to
unlock new faces for the high score screen.

The Trials:
POW: Wait until the POW block scrolls by, then get a Great hit on it to pass.
     You get 1 try at the matching game for winning.
Tramp (4 characters, the last has a circle on the right corner):
     It’s the StarFox card game. Wait for the STOP barrels to scroll by, then
     Get 3 of the designated card to win. It’s Fox (3 Greats) on the $100 Trial,
     but not the others! Extremely annoying. You get 2 tries at the matching
     game for winning.
Claps (3 Kanjis): You have to achieve 100, 200, 0r 300 claps before the song
     ends. No other types of hits matter. You get 2 tries for winning.
Points (4 characters, the 1st has a circle on its top-right corner): You have to
     achieve a score in the tens-of-thousands that is displayed beforehand. So
     if 2 is displayed, you must get 20,000 points. You get 2 chances at the
     matching game for winning.
Beats: Achieve the number of beats displayed beforehand.
COMBO: Score a combo of 50, 100, or 150 hits depending on the difficulty.

Rhythm Banana:
Feed the tree combos and it will grow bananas. You get combo points from the
Banana fairy, who appears around you when you’re scoring combos in Story mode.
Every time you give the tree 100 points, it will grow a batch of bananas and
you can play the banana minigame. Feed the tree 1,000 points and the minigame
will become permanently selectable. You can rotate around and zoom in or out on
the tree using the bongos or controller. To exit, press Start and choose the
left option.

Ad-lib Place:
This is just for fun. As you play along to the song of your choice, various
Donkey Kong Country characters appear on-screen. Pause to access the Ad-lib menu.

Play to an audience – sort of. When you see a blue circle around a barrel, hit
it properly (at the same time as the others in multiplayer) and you’ll receive
applause. After the song, you’ll be awarded money based on your Synchronization
rating. You don’t get medals in Concert, so I’d wait until after you’ve
unlocked all the songs to really spend time with it.

8. Unlockables
Bongo sounds: If you have Donkey Konga 1 or 2 save data on your memory card, all
    the bongo sound effects from those games will be unlocked in this one. You
    can purchase additional sounds in the Shopping Mall as well.
Expert songs: Purchase these in the Shopping Mall.
Famicom mode: Get enough of silver and gold medals in Story mode. That means
    playing on every difficulty, shuffle, and maybe even multiplayer.
Famicom songs: Get lots of silver and gold medals in Story and Famicom modes.
Banana minigame: Feed the Banana tree 1000 combos in Rhythm Banana mode.
Trial mode: Get plenty of silver and gold medals.
Faces: You can win new faces by winning at Trial mode and playing the matching

Face List: (incomplete)
Donkey Kong, Diddie Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, Funky Kong
Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi
Fox, Slippy, Andross

9. Links
Links are subject to change without notice because that’s the internet, baby!

Nintendo’s Japanese Donkey Konga 3 Website (nice commercial there):

Donkey Konga 3 Japanese TV Commercial 2:

Cha-la Head Cha-la Lyrics:

GO!!! Lyrics:

ignited Lyrics

Mezase Pokemon Master Lyrics:

Ora wa Ninki Mono Lyrics:

Rewrite Lyrics:

Touch Lyrics:

10. Contact information
If I've made any mistakes, please let me know. I would be happy to
answer questions by email as well. I don't know that much Japanese so I
may not be able to get any more specific than I already have.

Email: suppliesx@dbzmail.com
Xbox Live Gamertag: EastX
Sega Saturn Net Link Handle: Eastman

Donkey Konga 3: Tabe-houdai! Haru Mogitate 50 Kyoku copyright 2005 Nintendo,
Namco, and Nintendo/adamants music, Inc.

This document is copyright 2005 by Paul Acevedo. It may not be posted
anywhere but gamefaqs.com, ign.com and cheats.de without permission.
I'm *not* posting my FAQs anywhere else at the moment. Show me the monkey!

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