Review by horror_spooky

Reviewed: 03/03/06

That's It! I'm Charging The Mound! Yeah, you eat it. Eat it...

I've never really been into sport games. My little brother bought this and I decided to give it a spin. It was actually pretty good. Any of you gamers out there who down sport games and just stick to RPGs and action games, give the sports a chance!

This game is pretty entertaining. The career mode isn't too great, though. I just stuck to two player and all the mini-games. Get a bunch of friends together and hook up your Gamecube controllers. The Gamecube is pretty much dead, but this game is worth it. I know it's on other systems, but I find the Gamecube versions of games just funner, probably because of the controllers. I hate the controllers on the PS2 and the Xbox!

The game's difficulty really depends on who you're playing against. The mini-games range in difficulty, but you shouldn't really have a problem with the difficulty modes.

The controls are simple. You set-up your pitch and bat. You can make your runners steal bases (which can really piss your friends off!) and countless other things. There is also the ability to charge the mound, which can get your player booted off the team for the game! There is a setback, though. Hitting a homerun is way too simple of a task. Which makes the games less challenging and it'll get old fast.

Yeah, there is no story to this game at all. Except win games and get through seasons. That's pretty much it.

The character modules are pretty decent. The sound is pretty alright, the game has a really awesome soundtrack. Sometimes I just left the game on and listened to the music. That's how good it was!

I haven't completed career mode, this whole review is based on the multiplayer aspects of the game. I didn't find the career mode very appealing, anyway. I assume that anyone who buys or rents this game will just do it for the multiplayer anyway.

This game is a definite renter. You'll probably get bored with it after a few hours, but a few days later you could pop it back in and be fully entertained. This game has giving me a new look on the sport genre and will probably get me to play more sport videogames. Good job, EA!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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