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Reviewed: 10/31/05

"It's like you're watching a real game!"

MVP 2005 was a great baseball, and only me second baseball game ever. (my first was for the Genesis when Wade Boggs was still playing. Kinda outdated, huh?) This game is remarkably realistic, but sometimes in can get a little too realistic for its own good. Keep reading to figure out what I mean.

The game has two modes: Dynasty Mode and Owner Mode. In Dynasty Mode, you get quite a few seasons to make your team the biggest name in all of sports. This doesn't just include your Major League team, this includes A, AA and AAA teams as well.

Owner Mode is the more complex of the two: You have 30 seasons to be a successful manager. This is when you have to step into the Owner's shoes that goes way beyond trading and trying to guess who the next MVP is. You have to make your own ballpark that is at first embarrassingly small, but it can become monstrous later on if you make a few smart decisions. Oh, don't forget that you have to keep the time's payroll under control.

You know how I said the game is realistic? Well, I mean that graphic-wise and gameplay-wise. All of the players and ballparks look awesome. When playing as the Boston Red Sox, all the players looked practically identical as they do on the TV. That goes the same with Fenway Park. Also, there are also realistic sounds in the game as well. For instance, if the bases are loaded and you give up a grand slam, the fans in your stadium will either go dead silent, or they'll start booing. If you have a three run rally in the bottom on the ninth, listen and enjoy the fans as they scream at the top of their lungs in excitement.

However, as I said, the game gets a little too realistic at times. What I mean by that the game treats what you're doing as if it's real. For instance, players can age. When this happens, you usually have to find some low quality replacement that the computer gives you, or a younger player from another team. However, you can also be bought out in Manager Mode if the game doesn't think you're doing a good enough job managing the team. (nothing worse than having that happen to you after you've finally bought the full 62,050 seat stadium-trust me!

Now, finally on to playing the game: it seems pretty hard at first, but it's actually easy. When batting, try jamming the control stick in the direction you want the ball to go when you hit it. If you get on base, then you can attempt to steal or you can slide, just to be cautious.

When pitching, you choose from a variety of pitches, and when you decide what pitch you want to throw, you hit its corresponding button. A meter will instantly come up with a little notch that travels from one end of the meter to the other. In the center is a small green section, and hitting the A button when the meter is in the green section will make a perfect pitch. Hitting it when the meter is outside may cause the ball to swerve a little, and when you hit it deep in red...well, it won't be pretty.

This is a remarkably realistic and great game. It looks and plays just like a real baseball game, and maybe it will show you the stress of being the manager for a team. It was $30 when it came out, but it might have changed. Either way, it's a great buy for this game, so don't think twice. If you're a baseball fan, you should go out and get this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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