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Reviewed: 03/16/05

MVP Baseball 2005-Is this one In the Game?

Baseball isn't just America's National Pastime. It is America. So isn't it fitting they should have a great video game to go along with?

MVP Baseball 2005 has great game sound, but a mediocre soundtrack. It is nice to hear a realistic crack of the bat, but these songs get annoying fast. They should have more songs, and maybe a big-name artist here and there.

This is one of the reasons that this is a big improvement from MVP 2004. They made the pitching windups and batting stances more realistic, not to mention throwing motions and swings. The one thing they should work on is the fans. They have five different looks and all they do are lean back and forth.

This game has awesome game-play. Great fielding, sweet hitting, and near-perfect pitching. The ball even bounces with the right physics! Hitters cannot always hit for .400 or can't expect to be able to get the ball over the fence 100% of the time. If the game gets out of time, you can adjust the little things with the "Game-play Tuning" option.

The features in this game are what made me a believer. The main new addition is Owner Mode. This is by far the greatest franchise/dynasty/etc. mode there is. Now you start with a tiny little 20,000-seat park. Over the course of thirty years, little by little, through buying concession stands, stores, and various park upgrades from seating capacity to advertisements, you turn your park into a 65,000-seat stadium. Along the way, you control all the teams down to A, manage the draft, pick up that hot free agent, and more Another addition are the Mini Games. There are three different ones: batting, pitching, and un-timed pitching. In the batting game, you try to hit the ball in a certain direction. In the pitching game, you have to hit certain colors corresponding to different pitches in a time limit. The un-timed pitching is the same as the pitching one, except instead of having a time limit you get a certain number of pitches. Overall, these features own.
With the caliber of this game at only $30, this game is a must-have.

This game has a great CAP, with some minor flaws. The good part about the CAP is that there are extensive ratings, and all new batter tendencies. The flaws are you can only choose skinny, athletic and heavy for body types, and they have limited face options. These are good overall, though.

This game really hits a homer.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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