Review by Eagles610

Reviewed: 03/11/05

EA's new baseball game is WAY OUTTA HERE! In a good way.

Ah, baseball. Nothing better to do on a cool summer afternoon then sit back and watch the ol' ballgame. And with this game, you can play the ol' ballgame, without getting off your own couch.
Gameplay- Well, erm, there's really two versions of gameplay, the real playing of the game, and the stuff to do in between. The playing of the games are very fun. In the game, you can pick how many innings, if there's injured player, ect ect. This makes it possible for you to pick and choose how you want the game to be, and thus how the game can fit you perfectly. If you only have a couple of minutes and you want a quick game with no interference, then set it to 3 innings with no errors or injures. If you have the time to play a full game, then do it! The ways to play are also very cool. In Dynasty Mode, you control your MLB team and their farm system teams as well. You have 120 season to try to win the big one, while at the same tim trying to keep your money in check. You can customize the Pitching Rotation, the Line-up, and the bench. You can also make trades or pick up free agents. You also have a draft in the offseason. There's also a new Mini Game feature, which is very similar to the Madden Series's mini games, they're just practices to gain control of your skills. In Owner Mode, you try to take your team from rags to riches, starting by building a new stadium. This mode is almost the same as Dynasty, with a few minor changes. The create a player is also very nicely done, you can customize a person as much as you want. The gameplay overall is GREAT! Gameplay: 9/10

Graphics- These graphics are amazing. It really looks like you're playing a game with real people. The batting helmets are shiny, the ballparks are GREAT, these graphic may be some of the best I've ever seen. I mean wow. The only problem is they can get a little blocky, and this cause a slow down in the frame rate. But it's nothing MAJOR.Graphics: 9/10

Sound- Sound MAKES a baseball game. The commentary is great, it makes it seem like you're watching FOX on a lazy Summer afternoon. The crack of the bat hitting the ball and the punch sound of a ball hitting a glove are so real, and the crowd is done nicely too, they make noise at all the right times. Sound: 10/10

Buy, Rent or None?- Buy. Go buy it RIGHT NOW! It's only $30 new, and if you're a baseball fan, you'll want this.

Overall- With 120 teams in the game, this game offers a lot of different ways to play. 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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