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Reviewed: 07/18/06

A grand slam

MVP Baseball 2005 was the last baseball game from EA. EA did a great job with this game. There's a lot to do, there's plenty of realism, and the game just gets the job done if you feel like playing baseball, but don't want to go outside. There's homerun showdowns, mini games, a manager mode, franchise mode, owner mode, and more.

I'll start off with the graphics. Graphics are pretty much the same as 2004 withi a few improvements here and there. They added new animations so you'll know if you hit the ball well and whatnot. A lot of the players look like their real life counterparts, while some look nothing at all like themselves. I don't blame them though since everything can't be perfect. They implemented a new hitter's eye feature where the color of the ball changes when leaving the pitcher's hand so you could identify what he's throwing. There's hot and cold zones so you know when to pitch, and to know where the pitch should be for a good hit. The stadiums are nice and they have their unique features like homerun celebrations. The jerseys also look nice and there are unlockable retro jerseys for your team. You'll be able to see results from sliding and diving. The field looks great as well.

Next is gameplay. Gameplay in MVP Baseball 2005 is great. The fielding is great, but could be improved. You could basically do anything they do on the field such as sliding or diving for catches, climbing up the wall to grab a homerun, relay throws, etc. When throwing, there's a meter for power and when pitching there's a very nice pitching meter that makes pitching an essential part of you skills. You choose a pitch, hold the button for effectiveness, and try to get the pitch at the perfect spot. Pitchers run out of stamina so of course you'll have to activate your bullpen and there's so much to do during the game. Batting is great, but on rookie and pro it may be a bit too easy to hit ones out of the park. Hot and cold zones aid you and the pitch/swing analysis replay lets you study what the pitcher is throwing and see how you swung.

The sound in the game is great. The commentators get annoying, but they do a good job doing play by play. The crowd chants things, they clap, there's music and everything. The sounds of balls getting caught in gloves are great and a hit ball sounds great as well. EA of course added a soundtrack like every other EA Sports game and the soundtrack is very good. It adds just that extra thing when browsing through menus and rosters.

There's tons of replay value in this game. There's a franchise mode and an owner mode. Franchise mode is getting your team through around 100 seasons (I can't remember the exact number), trying to get your team to be the best franchise in all of baseball achieving team goals and winning the big one. Owner mode is a brand new feature in MVP Baseball 2005 and it lets you be the owner of your franchise. You start from the ground up building your ballpark and purchasing everything you need. You can trade players, hire different staff members and try to end up with as much money after 30 seasons. There's tons to do and I never get tired of this game.

Well to sum it all up, this game's a great game for baseball and non baseball fans and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

...I wrote this review in '94...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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