1. Gabe Avila Development
  2. Joe Barnnes Development
  3. Todd Blackburn Development
  4. Jon Bray Development
  5. Del Campbel Development
  6. Tyler Colburt Development
  7. Brent Critchfield Development
  8. Marcus Fisher Development
  9. Adam Ford Development
  10. Chefi Hawley Development
  11. Dallin Haws Development
  12. Jim Henns Development
  13. Justin Kunz Development
  14. Lauriann Development
  15. Bryan Lefler Development
  16. Dave McClellan Development
  17. Al Mecklenburg Development
  18. Mike Olmos Development
  19. Alex Olmos Development
  20. Rodney Olmos Development
  21. Jeff Oxburrow Development
  22. Matt Parrish Development
  23. Nate Robbins Development
  24. Scott Stoddard Development
  25. Aaron Walker Development
  26. Jon Warner Development
  27. Kristen Yee Development
  28. Benson Yee Development
  29. Scott Yoho Development
  30. Barry Zundel Development
  31. Chuck Huber Voice of Android 17
  32. Meredith McCoy Voice of Android 18
  33. Phillip Wilburn Voice of Android 19
  34. Vic Mignogna Voice of Broly
  35. Tiffany Vollmer Voice of Bulma
  36. Dameon Clarke Voice of Cell
  37. Justin Cook Voice of Cell Jr.
  38. Laura Bailey Voice of Dende
  39. Kent Williams Voice of Dr. Gero
  40. Linda Young Voice of Frieza
  41. Brice Armstrong Voice of Ginyu
  42. Stephanie Nadolny Voice of Gohan
  43. Sean Schemmel Voice of Goku/King Kai
  44. Bill Townsley Voice of Henchman/Guldo
  45. Sonny Strait Voice of Krillin/Bardock
  46. Mike McFarland Voice of Master Roshi
  47. Phil Parsons Voice of Nappa
  48. Kyle Hebert Voice of Narrator/Gohan
  49. Duncan Brannan Voice of Red Ribbon army
  50. John Burgmeier Voice of Tien/Saibamen
  51. Eric Vale Voice of Trunks
  52. Christopher Robin Sabat Voice of: Piccolo and Vegeta


Data and credits for this game contributed by AlanEdgeHead, Blueberry Buttface, Chaos Control, German Dragon, and LordAndrew.

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