While following the game system and world view of the original "Wizardry" RPG, the "Wizardry Empire" series was created as a different series in different scenarios. This is the third work, and it will be released on PlayStation 2, the first in the series.

The stage is an autonomous nation that has followed the path of extinction due to the runaway magical power and has barely survived. Become a chosen adventurer and challenge 5 types of dungeons in order to prevent the impending disaster. The dungeon is divided into five parts: wood, soil, water, fire, and gold, with monsters that match the characteristics of each which will appear as the story unfolds.

The basic flow of the game is the same as before, first creating a character, forming a party at the bar, embarking on dungeon exploration, and proceeding with the story while defeating enemies and collecting items. The characteristics of each character are divided into a wide variety of races such as humans and elves, and occupations such as warriors and magicians, so the feature of this series is that you can perform a wide range of battles and explorations.

In this title, in addition to inheriting the save data of the previous two works, 40 types of new monsters have been added, and a wire frame mode reminiscent of the original "Wizardry" (the dungeon is displayed in a line drawing and the monsters are also reduced in color).

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