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Guide and Walkthrough by zr122

Version: Final | Updated: 02/08/2007

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 Walkthrough

Legal Info

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Don't post my Guide on your site or any other, please. If you want to use it as 
research for your own guide or FAQ, go ahead, just give me some credit.

As for me, I've looked at some other guides and they've helped me with 
unlocking characters, but for the most part, this is all my experiences in the 
game. These are the guides I've used:

Character Unlocking Guide written by SSJ1 Mike on GameFAQs.com

Copyright 2005 zr122 (Bryan Francis)



Table of Contents

1. Dragon World (Part 1)
	1.1 Basic Overview
	1.2 Dragon World - Stage 1
	1.3 Dragon World - Stage 2
	1.4 Dragon World - Stage 3
	1.5 Dragon World - Stage 4
	1.6 Dragon World - Stage 5
	1.7 Dragon World - Stage 6
	1.8 Dragon World - Stage 7
	1.9 Dragon World - Stage 8
	1.10 Dragon World - Stage 9
	1.11 Shenron the Eternal Dragon

2. Dragon World (Part 2)
	2.1 Reasons For a Second Part
	2.2 Dragon World - Stage 1
	2.3 Dragon World - Stage 3
	2.4 Dragon World - Stage 4
	2.5 Dragon World - Stage 6
	2.6 Dragon World - Stage 8
	2.7 Dragon World - Stage 9
	2.8 Shenron the Eternal Dragon

3. Dueling
	3.1 Basic Overview
	3.2 Getting Ready to Fight

4. World Tournament
	4.1 Basic Overview
	4.2 Novice
	4.3 Adept
	4.4 Advanced
	4.5 Cell Games

5. Training
	5.1 Basic Overview
	5.2 Practice
	5.3 Training
		5.3.1 Chapter 1
		5.3.2 Chapter 2
		5.3.3 Chapter 3
		5.3.4 Chapter 4
		5.3.5 Chapter 5
		5.3.6 Chapter 6

6. Edit Skills
	6.1 Basic Overview
	6.2 Edit Capsules
	6.3 Skill Shop
	6.4 Skill List
		6.4.01 Goku
		6.4.02 Teen Gohan
		6.4.03 Gohan
		6.4.04 Goten
		6.4.05 Vegeta
		6.4.06 Kid Trunks
		6.4.07 Trunks
		6.4.08 Piccolo
		6.4.09 Krillin
		6.4.10 Tien
		6.4.11 Yamcha
		6.4.12 Great Saiyaman
		6.4.13 Hercule
		6.4.14 Videl
		6.4.15 Supreme Kai
		6.4.16 Raditz
		6.4.17 Nappa
		6.4.18 Recoome
		6.4.19 Captain Ginyu
		6.4.20 Frieza
		6.4.21 Android 16
		6.4.22 Android 17
		6.4.23 Android 18
		6.4.24 Dr. Gero
		6.4.25 Cell
		6.4.26 Dabura
		6.4.27 Majin Buu
		6.4.28 Super Buu
		6.4.29 Kid Buu
		6.4.30 Support Capsules
		6.4.31 One Time Only Capsules

7. Options
	7.1 Basic Overview
	7.2 Game Options
	7.3 Save/Load
	7.4 Controller
	7.5 Screen
	7.6 Sound
	7.7 Exit

8. Babidi's Space Ship
	8.1 Basic Overview
	8.2 Stage 1
	8.3 Stage 2
	8.3 Stage 3
	8.5 Stage 4
	8.6 Kili Earnings

9. Fusions
	9.1 Basic Overview
	9.2 Fusion <Gotenks>
	9.3 Fusion <Tiencha>
	9.4 Potara <Vegito> (Goku)
	9.5 Potara <Vegito> (Vegeta)
	9.6 Potara <Gokule> (Goku)
	9.7 Potara <Gokule> (Hercule)
	9.8 Potara <Kibitoshin> (Supreme Kai)

10. Breakthrough
	10.1 Basic Overview
	10.2 What Do Breakthrough Capsule's Do?

1. Dragon World (Part 1)

1.1 Basic Overview

Note: Right from the start, this guide has spoilers. If you don't want to know 
the secrets, but figure things out on your own, I suggest you stop reading as 
soon as you have found what you need.

This is the one-player mode that all Dragonball Z games have. In Budokai 2, you 
play as if playing a board game, quite unlike the first Budokai. Characters 
move from one spot to the next, and fight any enemies that are on the same 
location as your character. In Dragon World, you also get the help of allies, 
whom you chose at the beginning of each stage. You start off with one, but are 
able to use more as the game proceeds. There is also a new way of obtaining 
Dragon Balls; instead of buying them from Mr. Popo as is Budokai 1, Goku and 
his friends must find them in the different Dragon World Stages.

Dragon World is made up of 9 stages spanning the entire Dragonball Z universe; 
from the arrival of Raditz to the thrilling conclusion with the battle for 
Earth between Goku and Majin Buu in all his forms. Prepare yourself...

Note: The following info is a transcription of the opening cinematic for Dragon 
World. Don't read it here if you want to read it on your TV. Or, you can skip 
the one on your TV and read it here. It is definitely faster to read it here, 
but do what you want to do.

"Long ago, seven Dragon Balls were forged, which when gathered together would 
summon the Eternal Dragon to grant a single wish. The quest for these magic 
orbs is a perilous one - one that Goku has faced all too often.

For over time...the allure of the Dragon Balls has attracted a host of powerful 

In order to protect the Earth, and to prevent the Dragon Balls from falling 
into evil hands, Goku has thrown himself into battle.

And always, he is fueled by a single, burning desire - to be the best!"

1.2 Dragon World - Stage 1

Stage 1 begins with the arrival of Nappa and Raditz on Earth. Yes, Raditz came 
alone and Nappa with Vegeta later on in the TV show, but as you'll see, the 
game doesn't follow the show exactly.

Raditz and Nappa will start talking about how this is where Kakarot was sent 
all those years ago, and how they should look for the Dragon Balls.

Note: While Goku has a body in Dragon World, everyone else has a portrait. Why? 
Who knows? It looks a bit weird watching a bunch of pictures hop around, but 
that's about it.

Goku is the main character, and as such, will be stronger than everyone else. 
While your allies will all start off with two abilities, Goku has three: King 
Kai Fist x20, Kamehameha, and Dragonthrow.

Next you will be prompted to choose an ally from a list: Gohan, Goten, Kid 
Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, and Tien.

For this stage, you will want to pick Tien. He starts off the stage with 
Dodompa and Jackhammer Fist.

Goku will be at the bottom-left hand corner of the screen, and Tien two spots 
above him. Send Goku east past the Dragon Radar over to the Saibamen that Nappa 
and Raditz grow. Send Tien to the right also, but towards Nappa. Tien will 
automatically get a +30% armor upgrade on his way to Nappa, but there is also a 
+10% attack upgrade that either Goku or Tien can get.


The secret to unlocking Yamcha is to defeat Nappa using Tien. Nappa is a large 
opponent who uses brute force to pulverize his enemies. He will charge often, 
and has two long-range ki attacks: Bomber DX and Break Cannon. Bomber DX is a 
ball of blue energy shot from his hand, while Break Cannon is a beam of blue 
energy shot from the mouth. Both are fast moves, and hard to dodge if you are 
to close to Nappa.

Not only do you unlock Yamcha, but two of his moves as well. They are Tiger 
Jackhammer, a throw, and Kamehameha (Yamcha), just like most every other good 
character (and some bad ones) on the show.

Nappa has four lives while Tien has two, so make sure he doesn't beat you. 
Also, Raditz will most likely challenge Tien as well, so watch out. Raditz is 
also a brute force character, with two long-range ki attacks of his own: Double 
Sunday and Saturday Crush. Double Sunday is a yellow beam attack while Saturday 
Crush is a red ball of energy.

Note: There is a Dragon Radar on every stage, but you don't always need to get 
it. For stage 1, the Dragon Ball is not hidden, so you won't need the Dragon 
Radar. Later on, once you have all the Dragon Balls, you won't need to worry 
about the radar.

Raditz is one of the starting characters, so you don't need to unlock him, but 
if you want more capsules, defeat him along with Nappa and the Saibamen. All 
you have to do is get either Goku or Tien to the Dragon Ball before Nappa or 
Raditz gets it. If you kill Raditz and Nappa before they get a chance, then all 
the better. Collect the Dragon Ball to move on to Stage 2.

1.3 Dragon World - Stage 2

You're still on Earth, except now you're in the north. Your enemies this time 
are Captain Ginyu and Recoome of the Ginyu Force, along with their boss, 
Frieza. There is only one hidden character here, and he is unlocked by using 
Goku, so choose whoever you want as your ally.

When Goku arrives, he'll witness an exchange between Captain Ginyu and Recoome 
about how Nappa and Raditz have failed and now it's up to the Ginyu Force to 
find the Dragon Balls. Lame-o's.

Your ally is closest to the Dragon Radar, so make him get that while Goku 
battles Recoome.


Recoome is the only hidden character here, but don't worry, he's real easy to 
beat. Goku's Super Dragon Fist and Kamehameha are good moves to use, as they 
keep Recoome off his feet. Zanku Fist is okay, but it doesn't do that much.

Recoome comes with two moves as well: Reccome Eraser Gun and Recoome Hyper 
Swing. *INFO NEEDED - RECOOME'S STARTER MOVES* Eraser Gun shows a large red 
beam of energy shot from Recoome's mouth. For Hyper Swing, Recoome grabs your 
leg, flies up into the air a short distance, swings you around, and hurls your 
sorry butt into the ground.

While Goku is taking care of Recoome, send your ally off to get the Zenie and 
then to help weaken Captain Ginyu. You don't have to beat him, but as with 
Raditz, you'll get more capsules.

Recoome will only use the two moves he came with, but Ginyu has his own 
mixture. Milky Cannon is a purple beam attack that he throws with both hands 
while Ginyu Strike is his version of a punching throw. Once you've taken out 
the Ginyu Force, head south to take on Frieza.

Goku should fight Frieza and grab the capsules while your ally goes for the 
Dragon Ball, if you don't have it already. In case you don't know how to search 
the ground for Dragon Balls (and other items) this is it: select your 
character, then push X to search. Push Y to skip your turn, which is a good 
thing to do when you are on Dende's healing circles.

Note: There is one set location for each Dragon Ball; however, you never know 
which of the seven you will get on any given level unless you already have the 
other six. Most of the time they are in the same spot, but be warned.

You're in for a surprise here. Frieza, along with other important bosses later 
on, has extra life. Right now it is only one bar, but later on, they have two 
full bars of extra health. The easiest way to even the playing field is to blow 
all your Ki right away and take off as much health as possible. Then beat the 
sucker into submission.

Of course, if you are on Very Easy mode like I was, that won't be necessary.

Frieza will use Death Beam and Death Wave a lot, two very destructive blasts. 
Death Beam is a red, well, beam, that comes out of his finger, while Death Wave 
is a large, um, wave, of energy that he throws at you. His throw is called 
Frieza Nightmare, an uppercut into the air followed by a flurry of punches.

After you beat Frieza, he will return to his ship and fly away. That's the end 
of Stage 2.

1.4 Dragon World - Stage 3

Finally, you're on Namek. There are three characters to unlock here, as well as 
a special Ability Capsule for Goku that I know you will love. Choose Krillin 
for your ally and get ready to battle.

As soon as you can move, put Goku west to the circle with the capsule, and send 
Krillin past the Dragon Radar (don't pick it up) over towards the Attack 
Increase symbol. Don't worry about the Radar, Goku will get it later.

Goku should be challenged by Vegeta, so fight him, and then move over to his 
circle on your next turn to fight him a second time that will end all of his 


It's about time! Finally, we get to use Vegeta, the second most powerful mortal 
in the universe.

Vegeta starts off with two basic attacks, Galick Gun and Nose Dive Crash. 
Galick Gun is a red version of the Kamehameha that Goku uses, with slightly 
different animations. Nose Dive Crash is a one-two-three hit throw. One: 
Uppercut. Two: Elbow in the gut. Three: Kick in the back that sends the enemy 
flying away.

Vegeta will reappear and say that this time he will help Goku out. Now you have 
three "party" members: Goku, Krillin, and Vegeta. Add Kid Gohan and you have 
the whole set.

Krillin should have fought Recoome at least once by now. If it's his turn, 
attack the second member of the Ginyu Force. This should kill him, but if not, 
Recoome'll attack Krillin again and then die. Once he dies, though, Frieza will 
get a +10% to both attack and defense, so be warned.

Captain Ginyu will end up attacking Vegeta, so use Goku to get the Dragon 
Radar, which should be one circle below him. Use Krillin or Vegeta (after 
beating Captain Ginyu) to grab the Dragon Ball, as they will most likely be 
closest to it.


If you were wondering when he would be unlocked, now is the time. Vegeta needs 
to fight and subsequently kill the leader of the Ginyu Force in order to unlock 
him. So get fighting.

Captain Ginyu may or may not use his famous Body Change ability. I don't know, 
as he's never used it on me. Maybe that's because he's a wimp and I beat him 
real fast.

Aside from Body Change, Ginyu will use Milky Cannon and Ginyu Strike. Milky 
Cannon utilizes the same animations as Vegeta's Galick Gun, and Ginyu Strike 
looks like Frieza Nightmare if you've seen it.

Frieza will get another +10% to attack and defense, bringing him up to 120 
attack and 120 defense. It's not that much, but might make a difference to 
thenovice player. Send Krillin out to fight the alien fiend.

Do you see that tower up above Frieza with a Namekian house on it? That's 
Guru's house, and if you put Krillin on the circle right next to it, he'll warp 
up and get his Unlock Potential ability! This allows him to use his ultimate 
move, even though you won't get it until later.

Try to get Frieza down to one or two lives, then let Krillin die. Frieza will 
be a bit stronger than the first time you fought him, what with his attack and 
defense upgrades, but he will also have that extra health bar. Use Kamehameha 
and Jackhammer as much as possible, but in the end, you want Krillin to die.

Upon the death of his best friend, Goku will go into a rage, and get an 

And he gets the Super Saiyan capsule! Equip it right away.

If you haven't gotten the Dragon Ball as of yet, you probably should, although 
you don't need to. If you do decide to get it, use Vegeta to get it and Goku to 
fight Frieza. Why? Because...


The third hidden character in this level is indeed Frieza. He comes with two of 
the moves he used in Stages 2 and 3, Death Beam and Frieza Nightmare.

After unlocking that third character, Frieza will blow up Namek, but not before 
Goku escapes in a Saiyan space pod. If I remember correctly, (I'm writing this 
guide during my sixth time through Dragon World) you get Namek as a stage for 
Dueling and Practice. Now it's back to Earth and Stage 4.

1.5 Dragon World - Stage 4

Part 1

Back on Earth and ready to fight, Goku arrives to find Dr. Gero (a.k.a. Android 
#20) and five custom-made Saiba Rangers waiting for him. You'll get to choose 
two allies in this Stage, so grab Piccolo and Krillin (again). Get Goku to 
search the ground right away to come up with a peach, which will give him two 
moves each turn.

The five Saiba Rangers all have different colors, and despite what you might 
think, there is a reason for that. If you battle all five, Goku will have a 
little conversation with them. It's not much, but it's funny. The green one 
won't talk with Goku, since green is their normal color, but the red, orange, 
yellow, and blue ones will.

It doesn't matter who kills which Saiba Rangers, but it does matter who is 
positioned where before you fight Dr. Gero. Put Goku and Piccolo on the circle 
right in front of the good doctor, and Krillin one circle below. Make sure that 
Goku has one move left while the other two have none before Goku fights Dr. 


As an Android, Dr. Gero has enrgy powered moves. His first two are Photon Wave 
and Rolling Crush.

Photon Wave is just a blast of yellow of energy from his palm, but Rolling 
Crush is a bit more fancy. Dr. Gero punches you into the air, where he grabs 
you and turns you both upside down. A corkscrew turn and a plunge into the 
ground later, you're lying on the ground and Dr. Gero is charging up his ki.

Part 2

Now that you've defeated their maker, Androids #16, #17, and #18 to take their 
turn at killing Goku. #16 appears above Goku while #17 is below. #18 should be 
above Piccolo.

You unlock all three, but there is a set pattern you need to follow. As soon as 
Android #16 is defeated, Part 2 ends, no matter what you still want to do. So 
make sure #17 and #18 are dead first.


Piccolo finally gets a turn to unlock a character, so he goes for Android #17. 
This guy uses a variety of moves, but you only get to unlock Power Blitz and 
Buster Swing.

Power Blitz is a mimic of Photon Wave, just blue instead of yellow. Buster 
Swing is a mimic of Goku's Dragonthrow. They look okay, but it's nothing you 
haven't seen before.

You'll think that a lot before this game is over. Trust me. Send Piccolo after 
the Dragon Radar once #17 is dead.


The only female android, and the only female character until MUCH later on in 
the game, is Android #18. She has all the same moves as her brother, #17, aside 
from one that you won't get until you either buy it from Bulma or win it after 
fighting #18 in subsequent visits to Dragon World.

No, I won't tell you what the move is. *cough* Destructo Disc *cough*

Use Krillin to unlock the android. Once she's dead, #18 and Krillin will warp 
to the beach, where Krillin will get a goodbye kiss as #18 flies away.


Once #17 and #18 have been defeated by Piccolo and Krillin (respectively), send 
Goku after Android #16. #16 is a lot like Nappa in the fact that he's large, 
slow, and powerful.

He doesn't share any moves with #17 and #18 (thankfully), but comes with his 
own unique set. Rocket Punch is pretty self explanatory, and so is Killing Neck 
Throw. #16 grabs you by the neck and flings you around a bit before throwing 
you to the ground. Self explanatory.

Defeating all three androids ends Part 2, and begins Part 3.

Part 3

Another part?! Yes, and get used to it, there are still three more stages like 

Cell will warp in and absorb #17 and #18, becoming Perfect Cell right away. No, 
you don't get to see or use his first two forms. I know, I know, it's a rip 
off, but what are we going to do?

Along with Cell comes four Cell Jr.'s. One of them will most likely grab the 
Dragon Radar if Piccolo wasn't fast enough, but don't worry about it. There are 
seven Dragon Balls, but nine Stages, so you can find it later.

The Cell Jr.'s are easy to defeat, once you get used to fighting an enemy half 
your size (only if you're Goku or Piccolo, they're the same size as Krillin). 
Make Piccolo and Krillin take them out while Goku fights Cell.


Don't worry, this will be your last battle in Stage 4. Cell is tall and fast, 
so get ready for a fast paced battle.

Cell comes with Kamehameha (WHAT?!?) and Lasso, where he grabs your leg, spins 
you around, and slams you back into the ground. Kamehameha is just Kamehameha. 
He uses both of them, too, and he might use Energy Field as well, though you 
won't get it as a capsule till later.

You might get a Super Saiyan 2 capsule for Goku after this fight as well, but 
there are other places to get it, so don't worry if you don't get it. Although 
you should. Stage 4 is over, so fly off to Stage 5.

1.6 Dragon World - Stage 5

Part 1

Stage 5 takes you to an expanded version of Stage 1. Goku starts off at the 
bottom of the screen, in the expanded part of the stage. He'll talk to this guy 
who says he's the Supreme Kai. Select two allies, it doesn't matter which, and 
get cracking.

Send Goku straight upwards to fight the Supreme Kai while your two allies grab 
the armor, sword, and Zenie.


The Supreme Kai is the first character you meet with two extra health bars. But 
don't worry about it; he's a real push-over. You can beat the Supreme Kai 
without losing a full health bar. Throw a whole bunch of punches his way and 
the battle is won.

Shockwave and occasionally Noble Throw are the only moves you will see Supreme 
Kai use, if he gets a chance to use any at all. They are also the two moves you 
get in the after-battle rewards. Shockwave is a blue energy blast that is only 
visible after it hits the enemy. Noble Throw is...well, let's just say it's lame, 
shall we?

Lame, just like every other move that the Supreme Kai has. Lame.

Part 2

It turns out that the Supreme Kai was just testing you, and since you beat him, 
you now get to face off against Babidi and his henchmen. Well, henchman, since 
it's only Dabura under Babidi's spell. Vegeta is there too, but he's by 

You can move up past where the Supreme Kai was, but as soon as you enter the 
left-hand side of the screen (the side with Babidi and Dabura), you will 
activate Part 3 of this stage. Instead, head to the right to fight Vegeta. When 
you beat Vegeta, you should get another Super Saiyan 2 capsule, but if you 
didn't get one from Cell in the previous stage, then you should try for this 
one. There is only one more try after this stage to get the capsule.

After you beat Vegeta, grab the capsule and the Zenie, then head over towards 
Babidi. He'll start talking and bring three new characters onto the stage: 
Majin Vegeta, Majin Cell, and Majin Frieza!

In this stage only, if you fight any of the aforementioned newcomers, you will 
send energy to Majin Buu's ball. Three battles loses the stage, so just bypass 
them and head for the ball. Once Goku gets there, he will attack it and the 
stage will end.

1.7 Dragon World - Stage 6

This is the Sky Pier stage. Goku warps in to see Babidi and the three Majin 
controlled characters waiting for him. Grab any old ally and get ready to 

You are supposed to catch Babidi, but unless you have a Gameshark or Action 
Replay that gives you two or more moves each turn, you won't catch him. So just 
use Goku to fight Majin Vegeta and Majin Frieza. Send your ally one circle left 
to grab the Dragon Radar and get more health. He will most likely have to fight 
Majin Cell, so make sure he is someone you are familiar with. Or not, whatever 
you want.

Defeating Majin Vegeta will get to Super Saiyan 2 for Goku if you don't have it 
yet. This is the last time you can get it (that I remember), and I suggest you 
do your best to get this if you don't already have the capsule. You need SS2 if 
you want Goku's ultimate transformation.

Eventually, Babidi will get to the center of the dais at the top of the screen. 
There he will summon forth Majin Buu, who subsequently kills Babidi! The three 
Majin controlled characters will lose that M on their foreheads, but if you 
killed any they will come back, Vegeta with two health but the others with only 
one. Fight them for some capsules.

Majin Buu has five health bars, just like the Supreme Kai, while Goku and your 
ally will only have three. Don't worry though, Majin Buu is a pushover. If you 
know how to use Goku pretty good, you will do fine. Defeating Buu will not 
unlock him, however; that is saved for a later date. Instead, he transforms 
into Super Buu and you unlock...

!!Super Saiyan 3!!

Goku's ultimate transformation, SS3! You NEED SS2 in order to use SS3, and 
unless you are a complete retard, you will have gotten both SS1 and SS2 before 
this battle. If not, I feel sorry for you, especially since you are using a 

Oh, and you unlock Sky Pier as a stage for Dueling and Practice.

1.8 Dragon World - Stage 7

Hoo, here we go, inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Piccolo will get Goten and 
Trunks to fuse into (bum-bum-bum-bum) Gotenks! Goku and one of his allies (just 
grab anyone, it doesn't matter) will appear in the upper left corner. Super Buu 
will have his own allies, Frieza and Cell. But you probably won't have to worry 
about them.

Move whoever you want wherever you want, but if you want the Dragon Ball send 
the ally (whom we'll call Gohan for the hell of it) to the top right carpet. 
Grab the capsule (it will be ultra rare; save first, there are quite a few 
capsules that you can get here that you won't get anywhere else) and the +10% 
attack, and make sure you use the top right carpet when you get to the top 
right of the screen. This will take you to the stretch of circles nearest Super 
Buu. Underneath the capsule is the Dragon Ball.

Of course, doing all that will take you about 10 turns, and there are other 
characters to use in this stage. Super Buu, in he lands on the same spot as 
Frieza or Cell, will absorb them! He does get stronger, but not by much. 
Gotenks will be instrumental in fighting Super Buu. All you have to do is make 
sure Gotenks doesn't kill Buu before you get the Dragon Ball. Unless you want 
to get it later. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Gotenks doesn't have a ki guage, but a clock and a gauge that slowly decreases. 
That is the time limit that all fusion characters have, on the show and in the 
game. Fortunately, Gotenks doesn't de-transform in the HTC, but he does in 
Dueling mode, so watch out for that.

Because of his time guage, Gotenks doesn't have a ki guage. What does that 
mean? FIELD TRIP! Well, not really, but since there is no limit on how much ki 
you have, you can use ki blasts the entire battle and not have to worry about 
running out. Also, Gotenks can transform right from the start of the match 
without having to charge up. Just be warned: in order to go Super Saiyan 3, you 
have to already be Super Saiyan 1, just power up twice in a row to achieve 
ultimate status.

SS3 Gotenks is actually kind of hard to use. His best moves make use of button 
combinations that take a while to master, but become second nature after you've 
played the game for a long time. I've gone through Dragon World seven times by 
this point in writing this walkthrough, so I know all of his moves by heart. 
You will too, after a while.

Once you beat Super Buu (whether he has absorbed Frieza and/or Cell or not), he 
will absorb Gotenks to become Fusion Buu, then warp out. Let's head to Stage 8 
to meet up with Gohan and the Supreme Kai. You should also get the Hyperbolic 
Time Chamber capsule for Dueling and Practice modes.

1.9 Dragon World - Stage 8

Part 1

Goku warps in to find his supposedly dead older son still alive, and with his 
inner power finally unlocked in the form of the "Elder Kai's Unlock Ability" 
capsule. You need to get Goku on the same circle as the Supreme Kai in order to 
pass the first part of this stage. Your ally can be anyone.

Super Buu has two moves in this level, a side effect of absorbing Gotenks. Get 
Gohan to head north and lead Super Buu towards the upper area of the stage. You 
will eventually have to fight him, so get ready.

Now, there are two different endings to this stage, depending on who you beat 
Super Buu with and which form he is in. If you defeat him with Gohan, you will 
unlock the City Streets capsule, which is another Dueling and Practice stage. I 
advise losing to Super Buu after kicking his, um, posterior region, two or 
three times. That way, you will get to fight him but still get other capsules 
and characters. Besides, you WILL have to go through Dragon World again. Many 

But don't worry, Gohan won't have to die until part 2.

Part 2

Hehe, sorry about that. Gohan will die, but Goku have gotten the Potara 
Earrings from the Supreme Kai, and Vegeta will have warped in. The two 
friends/enemies (make up your mind, Vegeta!) need to meet up. Do so to get 

Part 3

That was fast. Anyway, Vegito will now be your main character, and Gohan should 
be dead, leaving Super Buu even more powerful than before. But Vegito has five 
health bars, just like Buu, so this match will be a breeze. Since Vegito has 
190 attack, and Buu will have about 140, that only decreases the difficulty you 
will have. Use Spirit Sword to do a whopping amount of damage, and try to beat 
Buu at least twice, just like on the show. Besides, becoming Super Vegito takes 
up the same amount of ki as a SS2 fighter, so watch out. Check out the Fusions 
section near the end of the walkthrough for more Vegito info, if you need it.

Like I said, Buu should be a breeze, so defeat him to get a new enemy. That's 
right, Kid Buu! He'll warp out, and you'll follow him to the Supreme Kai's 

1.10 Dragon World - Stage 9

You are Goku again, even though Super Buu didn't absorb like he did in the 
show. And you can't refuse with Vegeta into Vegito, so don't even try. It'll 
just be a waste of time. If you tried to get Gotenks after Stage 7, then you 
know what I'm talking about. You get two allies, so get one of them to be 
Gohan, and the other should someone strong that you're familiar with. The Mr. 
Popo carpet leads you to Kid Buu, so only take it if you want to get this Stage 
over with.

There are four packs of Zenie, between 200 and 1000 in amount, so get that, 
then move on the fighting. Goku should go south to activate Frieza warping in, 
along with two Cell Junior's. Past the Dende point is Frieza, guarding a warp 
point that leads you to Kid Buu, just like the one to the north. Instead of 
using it, though, head north one more circle to get the Z-Sword, an attack 
upgrade for Goku and Gohan. There are some capsules and Zenie, but don't worry 
about them; the Cell Jr.'s will get them long before you get a chance to.

Gohan, after getting the Zenie in that top region, should head to the right to 
activate Cell and two more Cell Jr.'s, if one of the other Cell Jr.'s haven't 
already done so. Cell also guards a carpet warp point to Kid Buu. Defeat Cell 
with Gohan to unlock Teen Gohan!


Finally, another character! While Gohan is more like Goku in his overall 
fighting style, Teen Gohan reflects his old mentor Piccolo. Moves like Fierce 
Ranma and Instant Killquick make a reappearance, just like in the original 
Budokai. But you only get Kamehameha and High-Speed Hammer, Teen Gohan's throw. 
It looks like Kid Trunks Grand Impulse. Yeah.

Well, all that's left is to defeat Kid Buu. Use any of the three warps, but I 
advise sending all three fighters at the same time, and making sure they all 
have five health, cause Kid Buu will work you over big time.

One thing you should know before entering Kid Buu's area; he sits on top of two 
capsules that reside underground. One of them is a random ultra-rare capsule, 
and the other is a Senzu Bean! Grab those if you can.

Kid Buu, like I said will really take you for a ride. If you picked Vegeta as 
your second ally, I feel sorry for you. I took Vegeta through all three levels 
of the tournament, winning each time, then fought Kid Buu with him and got my 
ass royally whooped. You're better off using Gohan with Elder Kai Unlock 
Ability (if you can equip it) and Goku with Super Saiyan 3. Trunks is good too, 
if you have Burning Attack and/or Burning Slash. But you probably don't have 
those, so good luck. You'll need it.

When you finally manage to take out that last life, Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and 
Yamcha (if you unlocked him) will talk about summoning Shenron. If you have all 
seven Dragon Balls, you will. Congratulations! You've beaten Dragon World!

1.11 Shenron the Eternal Dragon

This only appears if you gathered all seven Dragon Balls during the nine levels 
of Dragon World. I sure hope you did. If you didn't get all the Dragon Balls, 
you'll have to wait until you go through a second time (and a third, and so on, 
until you get all the secret capsules - you'll have to go through Dragon World 
no less than 35 times. Sorry.) to get this stuff.

Anyway, someone will call forth Shenron (I think it might by Uulong, but who 
knows?) and he will grant you "any one thing from among these" or something 
like that. You will have three choices: two different Breakthrough capsules or 
Babidi's Space Ship Portal. Pick the portal. This will allow you to access the 
Babidi's Space Ship mode on the main menu, where you unlock four more 
characters and a host of moves for them. Check out section 8 of this 
Walkthrough for more information.

2. Dragon World - Part 2

2.1 Reasons For a Second Part

All those characters you unlocked are not the only hidden characters in the 
game. In fact, there is another batch just waiting for you to unlock them. You 
unlocked 12 characters the first time you went through Dragon World, bringing 
you total up to 20. There are still 5 more waiting for you. Sorry about the 
trouble, but this is the fastest way to unlock all 29 playable characters. I'm 
going to skip over the stages that don't have any more hidden characters, so 
that's why it jumps around a little bit.

2.2 Dragon World - Stage 1

This time around you will want to pick Vegeta as your ally, instead of Tien. 
Aside from the change in ally, do the same thing as before; get Vegeta to fight 
Nappa and Raditz while Goku goes for the Saibamen and the Dragon Ball.


Nappa, a large, powerful character with few moves and less brainpower. But he's 
a Saiyan, so he's a worthy opponent. Nappa comes with Break Cannon and Megaton 
Throw, a beam attack and a throw, just like every other character.

After unlocking Nappa, go grab the Dragon Ball and head off to Stage 2.

2.3 Dragon World - Stage 3

Stage 2 has no hidden characters aside from Recoome, and you unlocked him the 
first time through, so head to Stage 3 to get the fourth hidden character 

Your ally this Stage is Kid Trunks, one of the four midget characters (Goten 
and Krillin are two others; the fourth is Kid Buu). Once you get to move, get 
Goku and Kid Trunks to switch positions so that Vegeta has to fight his son. 
Goku should grab the Dragon Radar, fight Recoome, fight Captain Ginyu, grab the 
Dragon Ball, and kill Frieza.

It's a lot of work for one guy, but you can do it.


Defeating Vegeta with Kid Trunks unlocks Trunks, the adult version. Despite 
what you might think, Trunks shares little in the way of moves with his younger 

Trunks and Kid Trunks share Buster Cannon, but Trunks also gets Rapid Fall 
Slash instead of Grand Impulse. Remember Vegeta's Nose Dive Crash? Replace 
Vegeta with Trunks and you have Rapid Fall Slash.

That's it for Stage 4. Head out to Stage 5 to begin the time consuming process 
that unlocks the last group of characters. You'll see what I mean.

2.4 Dragon World - Stage 4

There is one character we missed here, but you would have had to sacrifice one 
of the other characters to unlock this one.

Gohan should be one of your allies this time around, since he unlocks the next 
hidden character. Beat the first two parts however you want, and then send 
Gohan over to the right so he can fight Cell.

Just like last time, Cell has that extra bar of health, and he warps about the 
field, but Gohan is strong enough to take him out. Just use Kamehameha and 
Super Saiyan if you have it.


Yes, you get to use Gohan's alter-ego! Great Saiyaman doesn't have any power-
ups, but he does have a plethora of unique moves. They all start with 
'Justice'. Along with the Great Saiyaman capsule, you also get Justice Punch 
and Justice Carnival. Gt. Saiyaman uppercuts the opponent, twirls around in 
mid-air, and uses the same fist to slam the other guy into the ground. Carnival 
is just like Tien's Jackhammer Fist.

2.5 Dragon World Stage 6

Your ally this time through should be the Great Saiyaman, because this is the 
second step in a long character unlocking sequence. Do the same in this first 
little bit as you did the first time through Dragon World, and wait until Majin 
Buu is brought into play.

Gt. Saiyaman should defeat Majin Buu instead of Goku. If you're not used to 
G.S.'s moves, then go through the World Tournament a couple of times, or even 
Practice if you think it will help. Just make sure that Gt. Saiyaman deals the 
killing blow. That will unlock the strongest man in the world, the World 
Champion, Hercule!


Did someone say, bring in the clowns? Because Hercule has, by far, the most 
hilarious moves ever. You'll see what I mean when you unlock Hercule Special. 
You'll have to settle with Dynamite Kick and Hercule Miracle Bomber for now, 

Dynamite Kick is a set of three explosive kicks that end with the enemy flying 
far away. Not funny. TBS, very funny. Sorry about that. Hercule Miracle Bomber 
is funny. Multiple punches that do jack all to the enemy, followed by a kick 
that's deflected so easily it's like swatting a fly. Except easier. Of course, 
Hercule gets knocked into the air and falls on the enemies head, knocking them 
out for a few seconds.

Let's skip over Stage 7 and head straight to Stage 8.

2.6 Dragon World Stage 8

Super Buu has absorbed Gotenks, and Gohan has been upgraded. Let's get our 
newest character to be our ally, and get cracking.

Do whatever you want, but make sure that Gohan is absorbed by Buu. That is the 
only way to unlock the last hidden character in Dragon World. Use Vegito to 
wear the powered-up Buu, but instead of killing him with your fused warrior, 
kill him with Hercule. Why? Because you unlock...


Hehe, thought you'd like that. Videl, the second and only other female fighter 
in the game. For those of you who have poor memories, the other is #18. Videl 
comes with Eagle Kick and Bear Blowthrough. Basically, a less explosive 
Dynamite Kick and Kid Trunks' Grand Impulse. But it's Videl, so who cares what 
her moves are?

Well, there you have it. All 17 hidden characters that reside in Dragon World 
have been unlocked. If you want the other four, go to Babidi's Space Ship. 
Believe me, it's worth it.

2.7 Dragon World - Stage 9

You don't unlock any other characters here, but I feel like I should tell you 
this anyway. Almost every character has an Ultimate Death move (Goku's Warp 
Kamehameha, Gohan's Super Kamehameha, Vegeta's Final Flash and Big Bang Attack, 
etc.), and the only ways to get them are to buy them from Bulma or to defeat 
Kid Buu with the corresponding character. Granted, you can only get the 
Ultimate Death move for those characters who you have as allies in Dragon 
World, but it is easier to buy the more expensive capsules if you win as many 
as possible.

2.8 Shenron, the Eternal Dragon

Back to Shenron. This time, you will choose between three Breakthrough 
capsules. They will be random, but there is something you need to know about 
picking one over the other.

First of all, Gotenks and Vegito aren't the only Fusion characters in the game. 
The only way to get those capsules is to get the Breakthroughs of the 
corresponding characters in the fusions. So, when picking a Breakthrough, get 
them for the following characters before all others: Goku; Vegeta; Hercule; 
Tien; Yamcha; and Supreme Kai. As for the fused characters, check out the 
Fusion section of this guide.

Once you've gotten all the Fusion and Potara characters, I suggest you get the 
Breakthroughs for the following characters: Gohan; Goten; Kid Trunks; Piccolo; 
Krillin; Great Saiyaman; Trunks; and Videl. Why? Because they are your options 
for allies in Dragon World. Piccolo and Trunks both have over 7 moves, so the 
Breakthroughs for them allows you the full range of their abilities. The others 
not so much, but it's good to have Breakthroughs for all of them.

On a side note, Super Buu's Absorption technique takes up 3 slots, and since he 
has 6 moves, equipping Absorption means losing one of the others. You may want 
to get Super Buu's Breakthrough so that you can equip all his moves. Also, 
there are other characters with more than 7 moves (Captain Ginyu, REcoome, 

3. Dueling

3.1 Basic Overview

The Dueling section is multi-player; you and one friend can fight each other to 
see who has the best techniques, and who reigns supreme.

3.2 Getting Ready to Fight

The Dueling selection on the main menu takes you to the multi-player mode. 
First you select one of four fighting modes: 1P VS 2P; 1P VS COM; COM VS 2P; 
and COM VS COM. Once that has been decided, you go to a character selection 

If you go to Dueling before unlocking any characters from Dragon World or 
Babidi's Space Ship, you will have eight options for playable characters: Goku, 
Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Raditz, Kid Trunks, and Goten.

You will also be able to select what move list they use, Normal or Custom.

Normal gives your character basic moves, like a throw and any ki attacks that 
don't have cut-scenes (Spirit Bomb, Big Bang Attack). Some characters even get 
transformations. Custom allows you to use a list made by you in Edit Skills 
section - whether within the Dueling menu, or off the main menu.

You will also get to change the amount of life each fighter has, from one life 
bar to the normal three to the maximum, seven. The more health a character has, 
the longer the fight.

And of course, there is the map selection screen. You start off with Islands, 
World Tournament, and Snowy Mountains, but you get quite a few others as you 
play through Dragon World.

3.3 Battle Screen

If you've played any fighting game at all, you should find the battle screen 
familiar. If you don't, I feel pity for you. But that's not why your reading 
this guide, is it?

The only thing different on the Dueling screen is the crown and Wins: 0 at the 
top above each character' stats. This is just a tally of wins. Nothing else. 
All you really need to know about that is that if you decide to leave and 
reselect your characters, the win tally reverts to 0 for each fighter.

But, seeing as this is a walkthrough, I probably should explain everything 
else. First of all, each character...

...so, you can transform after K.O.ing the opponent and not have to worry about 
taking up any ki. Not that you'd be using any anyways.

Well, that was boring. You probably zoned out, didn't you? I know I did. Wait a 
minute, how does that work? Oh well, what are you going to do, right?

4. World Tournament

4.1 Basic Overview

The World Tournament, as in the original Budokai, is the main source of Zenie. 
The three difficulty modes, Novice, Adept, and Advanced, each give different 
amounts of Zenie as prize money.

The rules of the World Tournament are simple. Either K.O. your opponent, or 
knock him out of the ring. Simple stuff, people.

Just make sure that you don't get knocked off the edge when trying to do the 
same to your opponent.

4.2 Novice

You start off with only the Novice difficulty, the easiest of the three. Novice 
consists of three battles, each putting you closer to winning. Only the final 
battle counts, though. It is there that you win money, no where else.

Eight contestants line up in a random configuration, and battle it out. If you 
lose in either the first or second battles, you don't get Zenie. However, 
whether or not you win the last fight, you will receive some prize money. 5,000 
for a second place finish, and 10,000 for first.

4.3 Adept

Slightly harder than Novice, you can buy the Adept level from Bulma once you 
have unlocked eight more characters, bringing you total up to 16. Why? Because 
Adept level needs sixteen competitors.

Adept sends you on four fights - really it's just two Novice tournaments that 
have the winners face each other for total dominance.

4.4 Advanced

The hardest level, Advanced does the same to Adept what Adept did to Novice. 
This time you face five battles - two Adept tournaments where the winners fight 
each other.

4.5 Cell Games

You don't actually get to choose the Cell Games, but after you beat Advanced 
mode, you get to buy a capsule from Bulma called "W. Tournament (Cell Games 
Rules)". Just push and hold L when selecting the tournament difficulty and all 
restrictions are declared null and void. Basically, you can use fusions or 
moves that require other characters to enter the field of battle (you'll 
understand when you get Videl's Close Call, Videl's Ultimate Death move).

5. Training

5.1 Basic Overview

The Training section does exactly what you think it does; allows you to train, 
or practice the moves a certain character has. What, you thought it would be 

5.2 Practice

Practice is practice. Select your character and an opponent, then a map, and 

Press Start/Pause to bring up the menu, which gives you options on what you 
want your opponent to do. You automatically get to see the amount of damage 
done and what buttons you are pressing, but you can change which of those you 
see, if you see any at all. You can also select what you want your opponent to 
do, from standing there and taking anything you can dish out, to fighting back, 
after a fashion. Experiment if you want, but just having him/her stand there is 
good enough for me.

5.3 Training

5.3.1 Chapter 1

The first chapter in Training is how to use basic controls. You start off by 
learning how to move around. Push the Control Pad forward to move forward, and 
backwards to move back.

Double tap forward to dash. You have to dash three times to win round.

Double tap backwards to jump back. You only need to do it once to end the 

Now Goku will teach you how to shift. Guard while pushing up or down to shift 
away from the opponent.

P and K are the attacking buttons. Push either one to end the round. If you 
don't know which is which, look at the bottom of the screen and it will tell 

Finally, you have to use continuous attacks. Hit Goku with three consecutive 
punches and three kicks to end Chapter 1.

5.3.2 Chapter 2

Now you learn how to use ki attacks. Your teacher this round is Super Saiyan 
Gohan. The first thing he teaches you is how to charge up your ki gauge. Hold 
guard and double tap backwards to charge up. After charging half of you gauge, 
Gohan will stop you.

Now you get to go Super Saiyan. P+K+G will let you ascend.

Now that you can manipulate you ki, Gohan will get you to use a ki blast. Push 
E. Two of them will end the round.

Now Gohan will teach you how to deflect ki blasts. Just push G right before the 
ki blast hits you to hit it either away from you or back towards Gohan. 
Congrats, you've beaten Chapter 2.

5.3.3 Chapter 3

Goten will now get to train with Piccolo. He will ask you to use >E three 
times. This move is Kamehameha, the basic move for all the Z-Fighters.

Now Piccolo will show you that more complex button patterns will do the same 
move. Do PPPPE to show him you understand. That's the end.

5.3.4 Chapter 4

Now Krillin will appear to teach Goten some moves. Krillin will start off by 
teaching you how to guard. Just hold G until you see the SUCCESS! thing come 

Krillin will then tell you about Charge attacks. Pushing P+K at the same time 
will activate this technique. Hold them down to make it more powerful.

Another way to get past an opponents guard is to throw them. P+G will do that.

The final thing Krillin can teach you is how to do a dash attack, which will 
also break a guard.

5.3.5 Chapter 5

Tien is here to teach you about nullifying techniques. Do the command that 
appears to finish the first round.

Bursting! Now you learn how to activate and attack in Burst Mode. You have to 
do a Charge attack and release at the same time as Tien in order to get 
SUCCESS! The easiest way to win in Burst Mode is to rotate the Control Stick as 
fast as you can while as pushing P, K, G, and E as fast as you can.

Tien will try to leave, but Goten will stop him. Win Burst Mode three more 
times to end this chapter.

5.3.6 Chapter 6

Piccolo comes back for this last chapter in Training Mode. He will teach you 
how to combine with Kid Trunks to get Gotenks. PPKKE will activate the Fusion. 
You will then have to push five buttons in the order they appear to 
successfully achieve Fusion. Do them wrong any you will get something that 
isn't necessarily Gotenks...

Now you will have to do a Finishing Move called Continuous Die-Die Missiles. 
>PPPPE will activate it. Make sure you charge up all the way when it comes 
time. The easiest way to do this is to put your hand over the Control Stick and 
the C-Stick and spin as fast as you can. Just spinning the Control Stick is 
really hard to do.

The final lesson is on moves that can be dodged. You need to do Ultra Missile 
Parfait, a move that is just like Zanku Fist. No matter button you push when 
prompted, Piccolo will dodge it, and that's the end of Training. Notice how you 
don't get the Gotenks Fusion capsule, even though you get to be Gotenks. What a 
rip-off. Go through Dragon World to get this move.

6. Edit Skills

6.1 Basic Overview

The Edit Skills area on the menu allows you to check all of your capsules, buy 
more, and change which moves each character has equipped. Also, if you have a 
second memory card and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 data on it, then you can trade 

6.2 Edit Capsules

All you get to do here is change the equipped capsules on any given character. 
Pretty boring.

6.3 Skill Shop

Here in Bulma's shop is where you buy those capsules that you just can't seem 
to find in Dragon World.

There is a pattern to the capsules you see in Bulma's shop. The first three are 
Ability Capsule's, the next three are Physical Capsules, the three after that 
Support Capsule's. After that, there is the Gamble, where you never know which 
capsule you get, and then some one-time only capsules that increase the 
enjoyment of the game.
There are certain capsules that only appear below the Gamble capsule. They 
include five more costumes for Bulma, a new Dueling map, Membership Cards that 
enable new capsules to be bought, World Tournament levels, and World Tournament 
prize upgrades (more money!).

6.4 Skill List

Here is where you see which moves each character has, and how many. This is 
just a good way to keep track, that's all.

The first number is how many copies of the capsule you can have, 1 meaning you 
get it once and that's it, 2+ meaning you will keep getting them. The sign NT 
means that you can't trade the capsule with other save files. The numbers 1 
through 7 tell you how many slots each move will take up when you equip them to 
a character. The P means you can equip 2 copies of the capsule to make the move 
stronger. Finally, the Z means that you can only use that capsule once per 

6.4.01 Goku

Ability Capsules

      King Kai Fist x20                                     2+          1

      Super Saiyan                                          2+          1

      Super Saiyan 2                                        2+          1

      Super Saiyan 3                                        1     NT    1

      Kamehameha                                            2+          1     P

      Warp Kamehameha                                       2+          1     P

      Spirit Bomb                                           2+          1     P

      Super Spirit Bomb                                     2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Zanku Fist                                            2+          1     P

      Continuous Kamehameha                                 2+          1     P

      Super Dragon Fist                                     2+          1     P
      Dragonthrow                                           2+          1     P

6.4.02 Teen Gohan

Ability Capsules

      Super Saiyan                                          2+          1

      Super Saiyan 2                                        2+          1

      Kamehameha                                            2+          1     P

      Father-Son Kamehameha                                 2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Instant Killquick                                     2+          1     P

      High-Speed Hammer                                     2+          1     P

      Fierce Ranma                                          2+          1     P

      Jackhammer                                            2+          1     P

6.4.03 Gohan

Ability Capsules

      Super Saiyan                                          2+          1     P

      Super Saiyan 2                                        2+          1     P

      Elder Kai Unlock Ability                              1     NT    1

      Kamehameha                                            2+          1     P

      Super Kamehameha                                      2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Zanku Fist                                            2+          1     P

      Continuous Kamehameha                                 2+          1     P

      Super Dragon Fist                                     2+          1     P

      Jackhammer Smash                                      2+          1     P

6.4.04 Goten

Ability Capsules

      Super Saiyan                                          2+          1

      Kamehameha                                            2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Zanku Fist                                            2+          1     P

      Continuous Kamehameha                                 2+          1     P

      Jackhammer                                            2+          1     P

6.4.05 Vegeta

Ability Capsules

      Super Saiyan                                          2+          1

      Super Saiyan 2                                        2+          1

      Galick Gun                                            2+          1     P

      Final Flash                                           2+          1     P

      Big Bang Attack                                       2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Final Bash                                            2+          1     P

      Meteor Flash                                          2+          1     P

      Meteor Break                                          2+          1     P

      Nose Dive Crash                                       2+          1     P

6.4.06 Kid Trunks

Ability Capsules

      Super Saiyan                                          2+          1

      Double Buster                                         2+          1     P

      Buster Cannon                                         2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Blast Attack                                          2+          1     P

      Energy Burst                                          2+          1     P

      Grand Impulse                                         2+          1     P

6.4.07 Trunks

Ability Capsules

      Super Saiyan                                          2+          1

      Super Saiyan 2                                        2+          1

      Buster Cannon                                         2+          1     P

      Finish Buster                                         2+          1     P

      Burning Attack                                        2+          1     P

      Burning Slash                                         2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Blast Attack                                          2+          1     P

      Energy Burst                                          2+          1     P

      Meteor Break                                          2+          1     P

      Rapid Fall Slash                                      2+          1     P

6.4.08 Piccolo

Ability Capsules

      Sync with Nail                                        2+          1

      Fuse with Kami                                        2+          1

      Destructive Wave                                      2+          1     P

      Light Grenade                                         2+          1     P

      Special Beam Cannon                                   2+          1     P

      Hellzone Grenade                                      2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Instant Killquick                                     2+          1     P

      Fierce Ranma                                          2+          1     P

      Demon Roundhouse                                      2+          1     P

6.4.09 Krillin

Ability Capsules

      Unlock Potential                                      2+          1

      Kamehameha                                            2+          1     P

      Destructo Disc                                        2+          1     P

      Fierce Destructo Disc                                 2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Zanku Fist                                            2+          1     P

      Valiant Fist                                          2+          1     P

      Jackhammer                                            2+          1     P

6.4.10 Tien

Ability Capsules

      Ki Blast Cannon                                       2+          1     P

      Dodompa                                               2+          1     P

      Volleyball Fist                                       2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Jackhammer Fist Flash                                 2+          1     P

      Domination Blast                                      2+          1     P

      Machinegun Fist                                       2+          1     P

      Jackhammer Fist                                       2+          1     P

6.4.11 Yamcha

Ability Capsules

      Kamehameha                                            2+          1     P

      Wolf Fang Fist                                        2+          1     P

      Spirit Ball Attack                                    2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Wolf Slice Fist                                       2+          1     P

      Wolf Fang Blast                                       2+          1     P

      Tiger Jackhammer                                      2+          1     P

6.4.12 Great Saiyaman

Ability Capsules

      Justice Punch                                         2+          1     P

      Justice Kick                                          2+          1     P

      Justice Pose                                          2+          1

Physical Capsules

      Justice Finisher                                      2+          1     P

      Justice Flash                                         2+          1     P

      Justice Dynamite                                      2+          1     P

      Justice Carnival                                      2+          1     P

6.4.13 Hercule

Ability Capsules

      High Tension                                          2+          1

      Dynamite Kick                                         2+          1     P

      Rolling Attack Hercule Punch                          2+          1     P

      Hercule Special                                       2+          1

      Present For You                                       2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Hercule Critical Attack                               2+          1     P

      Hercule Ultra Dynamite                                2+          1     P

      Hercule Miracle Bomber                                2+          1     P

6.4.14 Videl

Ability Capsules

      Eagle Kick                                            2+          1     P

      Videl's Close Call                                    2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Leapord Shoot                                         2+          1     P

      Falcon Rush                                           2+          1     P

      Bear Blowthrough                                      2+          1     P

6.4.15 Supreme Kai

Ability Capsules

      Shockwave                                             2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Holiness Break                                        2+          1     P

      Energy Rain                                           2+          1     P

      Majestic Rush                                         2+          1     P

      Noble Throw                                           2+          1     P

6.4.16 Raditz

Ability Capsules

      Double Sunday                                         2+          1     P

      Saturday Crush                                        2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Exciting Year                                         2+          1     P

      Weekly Special                                        2+          1     P

      Dynamite Monday                                       2+          1     P

      Day Crush                                             2+          1     P

6.4.17 Nappa

Ability Capsules

      Break Cannon                                          2+          1     P

      Bomber DX                                             2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Giant Attack                                          2+          1     P

      Breakstorm                                            2+          1     P

      Megaton Throw                                         2+          1     P

6.4.18 Recoome

Ability Capsules

      Special Fighting Pose 3                               2+          1

      Special Fighting Pose 4                               2+          1

      Recoome Eraser Gun                                    2+          1     P

      Recoome Kick                                          2+          1     P

      Recoome Bomber                                        2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Recoome Buster Magnum                                 2+          1     P

      Recoome Max Vulcan                                    2+          1     P

      Recoome Hyper Swing                                   2+          1     P

6.4.19 Captain Ginyu

Ability Capsules

      Special Fighting Pose 1                               2+          1

      Special Fighting Pose 2                               2+          1

      Milky Cannon                                          2+          1     P

      Body Change                                           2+          1

Physical Capsules

      Processed Power Crush                                 2+          1     P

      Parmesan Shower                                       2+          1     P

      Ginyu Special                                         2+          1     P

      Ginyu Strike                                          2+          1     P

6.4.20 Frieza

Ability Capsules

      Death Beam                                            2+          1     P

      Death Wave                                            2+          1     P

      Death Ball                                            2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Frieza Nightmare                                      2+          1     P

      Killer Ball                                           2+          1     P

      Evil Dance                                            2+          1     P

      Meteor Crash                                          2+          1     P

6.4.21 Android 16

Ability Capsules

      Rocket Punch                                          2+          1     P
      Hell Flash                                            2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Devil Crush                                           2+          1     P

      Finishing Splash                                      2+          1     P

      Killing Neck Throw                                    2+          1     P

6.4.22 Android 17

Ability Capsules

      Power Blitz                                           2+          1     P
      Energy Field                                          2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Power Strike                                          2+          1     P

      Power Falling Star                                    2+          1     P

      Buster Swing                                          2+          1     P

6.4.23 Android 18

Ability Capsules

      Power Blitz                                           2+          1     P

      Energy Field                                          2+          1     P

      Destructo Disc                                        2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Power Strike                                          2+          1     P

      Power Falling Star                                    2+          1     P

      Buster Swing                                          2+          1     P

6.4.24 Android 20

Ability Capsules

      Photon Wave                                           2+          1     P

      Ki Blast Absorption                                   2+          1

      Life Drain                                            2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Power Break                                           2+          1     P

      Precise Cannon                                        2+          1     P

      Rolling Crush                                         2+          1     P

6.4.25 Cell

Ability Capsules
      Kamehameha                                            2+          1     P

      Energy Field                                          2+          1     P

      Spirit Bomb                                           2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Ultimate Attack                                       2+          1     P

      Negative Power Rain                                   2+          1     P

      Cybernetic Radar                                      2+          1     P

      Lasso                                                 2+          1     P

6.4.26 Dabura

Ability Capsules

      Demonic Will                                          2+          1

      Hell Blitz                                            2+          1     P

      Evil Blast                                            2+          1     P

      Hell Blade Rush                                       2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Hell Blow Shoot                                       2+          1     P

      Hate Ray Cannon                                       2+          1     P

      Hate Dancing                                          2+          1     P

      Evil Tornado                                          2+          1     P

6.4.27 Majin Buu

Ability Capsules

      Innocence Cannon                                      2+          1     P

      Angry Explosion                                       2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Innocence Strike                                      2+          1     P

      Enjoy Browning                                        2+          1     P

      Innocence Dance                                       2+          1     P

      Merry Swing                                           2+          1     P

6.4.28 Super Buu

Ability Capsules

      Absorption                                            1     NT    3     Z

      Ill Flash                                             2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Vice Break                                            2+          1     P

      Assault Rain                                          2+          1     P

      Vice Browning                                         2+          1     P

      Badness Throw                                         2+          1     P

6.4.29 Kid Buu

Ability Capsules

      Vanishing Ball                                        2+          1     P

      Kamehameha                                            2+          1     P

      Warp Kamehameha                                       2+          1     P

Physical Capsules

      Crazy Smash                                           2+          1     P

      Mad Kill Spike                                        2+          1     P

      Savage Rush                                           2+          1     P

      Vanishing Drop                                        2+          1     P

6.4.30 Support Capsules


      Fusion <Gotenks>                                      1     NT    7

      Fusion <Tiencha>                                      1     NT    7

      Potara <Vegito> (Goku)                                1     NT    7     Z

      Potara <Vegito> (Vegeta)                              1     NT    7     Z

      Potara <Gokule> (Goku)                                1     NT    7     Z

      Potara <Gokule> (Hercule)                             1     NT    7     Z

      Potara <Kibitoshin>                                   1     NT    7     Z


      Breakthrough (Goku)                                   1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Teen Gohan)                             1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Gohan)                                  1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Goten)                                  1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Vegeta)                                 1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Kid Trunks)                             1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Trunks)                                 1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Piccolo)                                1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Krillin)                                1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Tien)                                   1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Yamcha)                                 1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Great Saiyaman)                         1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Hercule)                                1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Videl)                                  1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Supreme Kai)                            1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Raditz)                                 1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Nappa)                                  1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Recoome)                                1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Captain Ginyu)                          1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Frieza)                                 1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Android 16)                             1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Android 17)                             1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Android 18)                             1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Dr. Gero)                               1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Cell)                                   1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Dabura)                                 1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Majin Buu)                              1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Super Buu)                              1     NT    7

      Breakthrough (Kid Buu)                                1     NT    7


      General Vest                                          2+          1

      Training Vest                                         2+          2

      Sturdy Vest                                           2+          3

      Mysterious Vest                                       2+          4

      Normal Tribe Uniform                                  2+          1

      Evil Training Uniform                                 2+          2

      Evil Sturdy Uniform                                   2+          3

      Evil Mystery Uniform                                  2+          4

      Normal Fiber Jacket                                   2+          1

      Quality Fiber Jacket                                  2+          2

      Sturdy Fiber Jacket                                   2+          3

      Mystery Fiber Jacket                                  2+          4

      Kami's Outfit                                         2+          1

      King Kai's Outfit                                     2+          2

      Grand Kai's Outfit                                    2+          3

      Supreme Kai's Outfit                                  2+          4

      Old Training Vest                                     2+          1

      Wedding Vest                                          2+          2

      World Champion Vest                                   2+          3

      High-Tech Vest                                        2+          4

      Champion Belt                                         2+          1

      T-shirt                                               2+          1

      Black Belt Vest                                       2+          2

      Sparring Outfit                                       2+          3

      Great Saiyaman's Wardrobe                             2+          4

      Old Style Armor                                       2+          1

      Rit Armor                                             2+          2

      New Style Armor                                       2+          3

      Bulma's Armor                                         2+          4

      Special Coating                                       2+          1

      Improved Special Coating                              2+          2

      Nanomachine                                           2+          3

      Improved Nanomachine                                  2+          4

      Life Extract for 10                                   2+          1

      Life Extract for 100                                  2+          2

      Life Extract for 1000                                 2+          3

      Life Extract for 10000                                2+          4

      Demon Realm Guard                                     2+          1

      Mage Guard                                            2+          2

      Babidi's Guard                                        2+          3

      Bibidi's Guard                                        2+          4

      Z-Sword                                               2+          1

      Dabura's Sword                                        2+          1

      Trunks' Sword                                         2+          1

      Cheering                                              2+          1

      1/3 Senzu Bean                                        2+          1     Z

      Senzu Bean                                            2+          3     Z

      Frieza's Space Ship                                   2+          4     Z

      Babidi's Mind Control                                 2+    NT    3     Z

      Saiyan Heritage                                       2+          1     Z

      Viral Heart Disease                                   2+          2

      Vaccine                                               2+          1

      Super Holy Water                                      2+          2

      Piccolo's Regeneration                                2+          1

      Cell's Regeneration                                   2+          1

      Majin Buu's Regeneration                              2+          1

      Dende's Recovery                                      2+          1

      Kibito's Revival Power                                2+          1

      Medical Machine                                       2+          1

      Automatic Restoration                                 2+          1

      Mixed Blood Power                                     2+          1

      Rage!                                                 2+          1

      Rage!!                                                2+          2

      Rage!!!                                               2+          3

      Serious!                                              2+          1

      Serious!!                                             2+          2

      Serious!!!                                            2+          3

      Power Near the Limit                                  2+          2

      Desperate Resolution                                  2+          2

      Desperate Power                                       2+          2

      Pride of the Strongest                                2+          2

      Last Ounce of Strength                                2+          2

      Pressure on the Champ                                 2+          2

      Dabura Cookie                                         2+          2

      Moon Light                                            2+          1

      Potential                                             2+          1

      Universal Power                                       2+          2

      Miracle Power                                         2+          3

      Ultimate Power                                        2+          4

      King's Confidence                                     2+          3

      Mode-switching Systems                                2+          3

      Saiyan's Awakening                                    2+          3

      Toxic Chocolate                                       2+          3

      Saiyan Spirit                                         2+          1

      Ginyu Force Badge                                     2+          1

      Hercule's False Courage                               2+          1

      Super Kami Water                                      2+          2

      Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D                           2+          3

      Ki Flash                                              2+          1

      Android's Barrier                                     2+          1

      Cell's Barrier                                        2+          1

      Babidi's Barrier                                      2+          1

      Gero's Deflection R&D                                 2+          1

      Gero's Deflect-Back R&D                               2+          2

      Gero's Energy R&D                                     2+          1

      Scouter                                               2+          1

      Babidi's Scope                                        2+          1

      Ki Control                                            2+          1

      Meditation                                            2+          1

      Yakon                                                 2+          1

      Nature of Evil                                        2+          1

      Angel's Halo                                          2+          1

      Human Candy                                           2+          2

      Marron's Wish                                         2+          2

      Chiaotzu's Wish                                       2+          2

      Puar's Wish                                           2+          2

      Dende's Wish                                          2+          2

      Bulma's Wish                                          2+          2

      World's Expectations                                  2+          2

      Loyalty to Frieza                                     2+          2

      Universal Ambition                                    2+          2

      Androids Goals                                        2+          2

      Essence of the Mighty                                 2+          2

      Loyalty to Babidi                                     2+          2

      Kibito's Wish                                         2+          2

      King Kai's Wish                                       2+          2

      Sparking!                                             1     NT    1

      Sparking!!                                            1     NT    2

      Sparking!!!                                           1     NT    3

      Sparking!!!!                                          1     NT    4

      Sparking!!!!!                                         1     NT    5

      Sparking!!!!!!                                        1     NT    6

      Sparking!!!!!!!                                       1     NT    7

6.2.31 One Time Only Capsules


      Goku                                                  1     NT

      Teen Gohan                                            1     NT

      Gohan                                                 1     NT

      Goten                                                 1     NT

      Vegeta                                                1     NT

      Kid Trunks                                            1     NT

      Trunks                                                1     NT

      Piccolo                                               1     NT

      Krillin                                               1     NT

      Tien                                                  1     NT

      Yamcha                                                1     NT

      Great Saiyaman                                        1     NT

      Hercule                                               1     NT

      Videl                                                 1     NT

      Supreme Kai                                           1     NT

      Raditz                                                1     NT

      Nappa                                                 1     NT

      Recoome                                               1     NT

      Captain Ginyu                                         1     NT

      Frieza                                                1     NT

      Android 16                                            1     NT

      Android 17                                            1     NT

      Android 18                                            1     NT

      Android 20                                            1     NT

      Cell                                                  1     NT

      Dabura                                                1     NT

      Majin Buu                                             1     NT

      Super Buu                                             1     NT

      Kid Buu                                               1     NT

Training Capsules

      Master Roshi's Teachings                              1     NT

      Korin's Teachings                                     1     NT

      Kami's Teachings                                      1     NT

      King Kai's Teachings                                  1     NT

      Elder Kai's Teachings                                 1     NT

      Goku's Teachings                                      1     NT

Shop Capsules

      Green Membership Card                                 1     NT

      Silver Membership Card                                1     NT

      Gold Membership Card                                  1     NT

      Black Membership Card                                 1     NT

Tournament Capsules

      World Tournament - Novice                             1     NT

      World Tournament - Adept                              1     NT

      World Tournament - Advanced                           1     NT

      W. Tournament (Cell Game's Rules)                     1     NT

Menu Capsules

      Babidi's Spaceship Portal                             1     NT

Bulma's Capsules

      Bulma's Costume (1)                                   1     NT

      Bulma's Costume (2)                                   1     NT

      Bulma's Costume (3)                                   1     NT

      Bulma's Costume (4)                                   1     NT

      Bulma's Costume (5)                                   1     NT

      Bulma's Costume (6)                                   1     NT


      World Tournament Stage                                1     NT

      Hyperbolic Time Chamber                               1     NT

      Islands                                               1     NT

      Snowy Mountains                                       1     NT

      Planet Namek                                          1     NT

      Sky Pier                                              1     NT

      City Street                                           1     NT

      Great Kai Planet                                      1     NT

      Red Ribbon Base                                       1     NT

7. Options

7.1 Basic Overview

You probably don't need one of these, but for consistency, I'll do one.

All you can do here is change difficulty, save/load data, and change the 
controller configurations. Oh, and music and sound effects stuff, too.

If you changed anything, it will automatically save when you exit the menu.

7.2 Game Options

Game Difficulty - This is the difficulty adjustment for Dragon World. You start 
off at Easy, but can change to Very Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. You can 
unlock two more difficulties, Z and Z2, by completing Very Hard and Z, 

COM Level - Here you can change the strength of the computer controlled 
characters in Dueling Mode. You can practice your technique against certain 
enemies here, or just see if you can beat the Very Strong difficulty. As for 
the difficulty levels, just replace Easy with Weak and Hard with Strong.

Duel Time - Adjust the time you have to defeat the enemy in Dueling Mode. The 
standard amount is infinite, but you can go (in seconds) to 30, 45, 60, or 99 

7.3 Save/Load

Self-explanatory. Save your data, or load from a different memory card. Real 

7.4 Controller

This screen is just the same thing twice, the copy on the left represents 
player 1 and the one of the right represents player 2.

Rumble is rumble, turn it on or off. Config. changes what configuration your 
controller has, A B or C, or Cust. which allows you to fully customize your 
controller to your liking. If you have another 1 on 1 fighting game, you can 
change the DBZ:B2 controls to mimick that game. Hold down the button you want 
to change and push left or right to choose which action that button will do.

7.5 Screen

Brightness Control - A battle screen with Goku vs. Piccolo will pop up, along 
with a light bulb bar on the bottom that you move left or right to change the 
brightness. There are only three stages, medium, light, and really light, so 
just leave it on medium unless you have sight problems. Push START/PAUSE to 

Screen Adjust - If you've ever played Soul Calibur 2, you will recognize this 
screen. Goku and Piccolo will come back, and this time there will be two blue 
areas with X or Y in them. Hold down the corresponding button and push the 
control stick or the control pad in whatever direction you want the blue area 
to move. Push START/PAUSE to exit.

7.6 Sound

Speaker - Mono or Stereo. Come on people, this is easy stuff here.

Music Volume - Hold left or right to change. The music will change as you move 
the musical note.

Voice/SFX - Hold left or right to change. Goku will say some stuff when you let 

7.7 Exit

Come on. If you don't understand this, you need to get help. Fast.

You can also push B to do the same function as selecting Exit. If you changed 
anything, the game will automatically save. Unless you clicked did Save Game 
before exiting, cause then you've already saved and the game won't need to save 
again because you haven't changed anything since your last save. Unless you did 
change something...


8. Babidi's Space Ship

8.1 Basic Overview

Inside Babidi's Space Ship is where not just an extra mode to play in, but also 
where you unlock the last four characters, and some of their moves! If you're 
wondering which ones you unlock, skip ahead is to Kili Earnings area (8.6).

Kili is the energy that goes towards the Majin Energy Counter. The more Kili 
you get, the more capsules you will be rewarded with.

8.2 Stage 1

Stage 1 pits you against any opponent you want, and they only have one health 
bar. The catch? Babidi revives the enemy every time you defeat him.

Each kill you get translates into Kili. To be exact, multiply your number of 
wins by 25, and you get that amount of Kili.

My record is 7 kills. I used Goku vs Krillin.

8.3 Stage 2

Stage 2 is a test of endurance. Babidi puts your character and one other in any 
arena, and you have to stay alive as long as possible. Run away, guard, hit the 
opponent, it doesn't matter what you do, since your opponent won't have any 
health, but you do.

Each second you last translates into two Kili.

My record is 59 seconds, Goku vs Videl in the Snowy Mountains stage.

8.4 Stage 3

Stage 3 sees how many hits you can land on an opponent within a set time limit. 
Your enemy hits back and guards, so watch out.

Each hit will give you 4 Kili, so hit as much as you can.

My record is 72 hits.

8.5 Stage 4

Stage 4 is probably the easiest stage, and it gives you the most Kili. All you 
have to do is deflect as many ki blasts as possible.

The best way to do this is to jump backwards twice, then go forward about two 
steps. That will get you into the perfect position. Send out a ki blast against 
your opponent, and he will deflect it back to you. Every time you deflect or 
deflect-back, you will get one point on you blast meter. If you deflect-back, 
then you get a lot more Kili than just deflecting.

The number of deflects multiplied by three will give you Kili towards the Majin 
Energy Counter.

My record is 166.

8.6 Kili Earnings

Note: This is the order that I got capsules and at what Kili amounts, but that 
does not necessarily mean that you will have the same order. This is a rough 
list until I can prove otherwise.

100 - Dabura

320 - Hell Blitz (Dabura)

430 - Evil Tornado (Dabura)

540 - Demonic Will (Dabura)

800 - Yakon

965 - Demon Realm Guard

1,200 - Majin Buu

1,420 - Innocence Cannon (Majin Buu)

1,530 - Hell Blow Shoot (Dabura)

1,695 - Babidi's Scope

1,805 - Merry Swing (Majin Buu)

2,025 - Mage Guard

2,190 - Enjoy Browning (Majin Buu)

2,400 - Super Buu

2,620 - Ill Flash (Super Buu)

2,730 - Hate Ray Cannon (Dabura)

2,840 - Innocence Dance (Majin Buu)

2,950 - Badness Throw

3,060 - Hate Dancing (Dabura)

3,170 - Vice Browning (Super Buu)

3,390 - Vice Break (Super Buu)

3,600 - Kid Buu

4,040 - Hell Blade Rush (Dabura)

4,260 - Evil Blast

4,480 - Majin Buu's Regeneration

4,700 - Vanishing Ball (Kid Buu)

4,975 - Loyalty to Babidi

5,085 - Vanishing Drop (Kid Buu)

5,360 - Babidi's Guard

5,580 - Assault Rain (Super Buu)

5,745 - Innocence Strike

6,185 - Angry Explosion (Majin Buu)

6,405 - Kamehameha (Kid Buu)

6,790 - Dabura Cookie

6,955 - Crazy Smash (Kid Buu)

7,175 - Human Candy

7,505 - Toxic Chocolate

10,000 - Absorption (Super Buu)

Note: Once you've gotten Absorption, any Kili left over will be recorded 
starting from 0. This way, you can get two of Dabura's Hell Blade Rush capsules 
and trade one of them with your friend for his Warp Kamehameha (Goku) capsule. 

9. Fusions

9.1 Basic Overview

There are multiple Fusion capsules in Dragonball Z: Budokai 2. Some of them are 
from the Fusion Dance, and other a result of the Potara Earrings. I will list 
them here, along with who is involved and what moves these fused characters 

All the Fusions aside from Gotenks and Vegito (Goku) are only available by 
wishing for them. Wishing is also the only way to get Breakthrough capsules, 
which I will talk about after the Fusion section.

A good thing about Fusion capsules is that even if you equip them and take up 
all seven capsule slots, you still get to use most of your regular attacking 
capsules. No transformations, but almost all of your every other moves is 
available to be used before fusing. Since Fusion (both the dance and the 
earrings) is activated by PPKKE, any moves that use that button combo are now 
unable to be used (Warp Kamehameha, Volleyball Fist, etc.)

9.2 Fusion <Gotenks>

The Gotenks fusion can be used by either Goten or Kid Trunks. You get this 
capsule in Dragon World Stage 7. Gotenks is the first Fusion Character you get.

The good thing about this type of Fusion is that you don't have a set amount of 
ki. You can use only normal ki blasts the entire match and not have to worry 
about charging up. However, when the time runs out and Gotenks gets knocked 
down, the Fusion is over.

Just as in the show, Gotenks has the same hairstyle as Vegeta, although with 
purple highlights from the side of his head. The black/purple hair is from 
Goten and Kid Trunks, since their hair colors are different. Gotenks also wears 
the blue and yellow Fusion Jacket that's really more of a vest, and white 

Gotenks has all the moves from the show that made us love him so much, along 
with some others. Here they are.

Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 3


Victory Cannon

Galactica Donuts

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Ultra Missile Parfait

Continuous Die-Die Missiles

Hyper Plasma Shortcake

Yes, I know, there is no Super Saiyan 2 in that list. That's because in the 
show, Gotenks never ascended to the second level, but went right from level 1 
to level 3.

Anyway, all of Gotenks' good moves are only available after he's SS3, and the 
others are just generic moves with different names, so let's ascend to level 3 
and kick some butt.

Kamehameha is the basic energy attack, you know, the same one that Goku, Teen 
Gohan, Gohan, Goten, Krillin, Yamcha, Cell, and Kid Buu have. Ultra Missile 
Parfait is just like Zanku Fist, Continuous Die-Die Missiles is just like 
Continuous Kamehameha, and Hyper Plasma Shortcake is the Gotenks equivalent of 
Kid Trunks' Grand Impulse or Videl's Bear Blowthrough.

Now on to the good stuff. Victory Cannon is a giant blast of energy that 
Gotenks shoots from his mouth. Just like in the show. Since Kamehameha is used 
by pushing >E, that means that Victory Cannon is <E.

Galactica Donuts is an awesome attack that is unblockable. Gotenks hits the 
opponent into the air and weaves a large circle of energy that he places around 
the opponent, effectively binding him in one place. A Kamehameha then engulfs 
the enemy in an energy inferno.

Finally, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack! Unlike the show, Gotenks only spits out 
one ghost, but one is all we need. Just be sure you charge up the entire way. A 
full bar sends the ghost out and has it blow up right beside the enemy. If you 
don't charge up the bar all the way, Gotenks and the ghost clasp hands, and it 
blows up in your face! But it's still a pretty cool attack.

If you play as Gotenks every minute of every day, you will most likely never 
figure out what I am about to tell you. I only saw it because I put Kid Trunks 
with Fusion <Gotenks> against Goku with Potara <Vegito> into the COM VS COM 
mode in Dueling. When you are either Goten or Kid Trunks, and you have Fusion 
<Gotenks> as your capsule, you can switch between the two characters!

Yes, that's right, you can start off the battle as Kid Trunks, and yet end the 
battle as Goten! All you have to do is press P+K+G, just how you would ascend 
to Super Saiyan in normal circumstances. Whoever you are will jump off the 
screen and his fusion partner will jump in! You can do this as many times as 
you like. Your health doesn't change, though, which totally sucks. If Goten 
isn't working for you, switch to Kid Trunks!

Anyways, that's Gotenks for you. Hope you have fun.

9.3 Fusion <Tiencha>

I know, this character doesn't appear in the T.V. show, but we all knew he had 
to appear somewhere, right? You can get the Fusion between Yamcha and Tien only 
if you've wish for both of their Breakthroughs from Shenron. When you get the 
second Breakthrough, you are guaranteed to get Tiencha the next time you meet 
Shenron, so don't worry about whether or not it is going to be there.

Because this is a dance related Fusion, you can do it as many times as you 
want, but if you run out of time and are knocked down, you revert to a normal 
player. Just like Gotenks.

Tiencha is basically just a larger version of Gotenks when it comes to 
clothing. All the colours and styles are on Tiencha as well, and really the 
only thing different is the head. Tiencha has Yamcha's scars and Tien's third 
eye, and as for the hair, well, let's just say that Tiencha is balding, shall 

Gotenks was restricted to those moves he used in the show, but not so with 
Tiencha. Atari was able to create their own crop of moves for this guy. Here 
they are.


Wolf Fang Volleyball Fist

Sirius Hammerfist

Wolf Fang Jackhammer Fist

Wolf Fang Machinegun Fist

Whirlwind Impact Fist

Sadly, Tiencha has no transformations, and he only has six moves, making him 
one of the worst fused characters in the game. But his moves are kinda cool.

Dodohameha is a fusion move between Dodompa Ray and Kamehameha. Tiencha 
crouches down with his hands in gun form behind his back, then brings them 
together and unleashes "Dodohameha!" Wolf Fang Volleyball Fist is basically the 
same as Tien's Volleyball Fist, except that Tiencha does about six somersaults 
before hitting the enemy with a Wolf Fang Fist as the third blow. Everything 
else is the same, though.

The other four moves are Physical, so they don't do that much damage, and are 
just renamed versions of other attacks. Whirlwind Impact Fist is Tiencha's 
throw, the two that start with Wolf Fang are Tien's moves with Wolf Fang added 
to the beginning, and Sirius Hammerfist is really Zanku Fist.

Just as with Gotenks, push P+K+G when you are Tien or Yamcha to switch to the 
other. It's a good way to momentarily stun your opponent if you are playing 
against a human player who doesn't know about that little tidbit. Just 
remember, Tiencha (and Gotenks) have unlimited ki, so don't be stingy on the 
Wolf Fang Volleyball Fist. You can use it a good 4 times against a 3 health 
gauge opponent, and more times if they have more health. Have fun.

9.4 Potara <Vegito> (Goku)

The Fusions using the Potara Earrings are much different than those using the 
Fusion Dance. Using the Earrings makes a permanent fusion, not one that is 
reversed when the time is over and your character is knocked down, like with 
Gotenks. You get the Vegito capsule in Dragon World Stage 8.

Fusing with the Earrings only changes your appearance, moves, and voice. You 
still have a ki gauge, and you need to fill it up in order to use moves. The 
Fusion is permanent, however, so you don't need to worry about re-fusing.

Not that you'd be able to re-fuse, anyway. If, for some reason, you do end up 
pushing the same button as Vegeta (remember Zanku Fist? It's kind of like 
that), then your opponent will fly in and grab the earring, and then crush it 
so you can't try to fuse again. Tough luck.

Vegito looks like Goku with Vegeta's hair, and Goku's clothes except with the 
colors switched around. Oh, and he has the Potara Earrings on, as well.
On the show, Vegito didn't really use any moves, aside from Kamehameha and 
Spirit Sword, although he didn't call it that. So, the creators of Budokai had 
to give him some new ones.

Vegito's moves are very reminiscent of Goku, and that's because it was Goku who 
instigated the Fusion. Here they are.

Super Vegito


Spirit Cannon

Spirit Sword

Spirit Might

Surf Chain

Dragon Drive

Dinosaur Throw

Note: For the Potara Fusions, there are two different characters who can start 
it. Whichever character you use determines what moves the fused character will 
have. I have one section for each different Fusion result, so look for the one 
that you have used.

Yep, only one transformation. But one is all Vegito needs. Super Vegito gives 
the same power upgrade as the regular Super Saiyan transformation, but because 
Vegito starts off with 90% extra attack and 60% extra defense, becoming Super 
Vegito really adds up.

Kamehameha is Goku's contribution to the Fusion, as is Dinosaur Throw, which is 
the same as Dragonthrow. Spirit Might is like Zanku Fist, Surf Chain like 
Continuous Kamehameha, and Dragon Dive is the Vegito equivalent of Super Dragon 

Really there are only two good moves that Vegito has: Spirit Cannon and Spirit 

Spirit Cannon is the input reflection of Kamehameha; Kamehameha is >E, and 
Spirit Cannon is <E. It looks a lot like Frieza's Death Wave ability, just 
yellow instead of red. It's also a bit more powerful than Kamehameha, believe 
it or not.

Spirit Sword is a different matter. Vegito and his opponent fly into the air, 
and when the enemy tries to kick Vegito, the all-powerful character grabs his 
leg and throws him to the ground. After charging, Vegito uses the "sword" that 
erupts from his right hand and into goes into the opponents' body to lift the 
enemy off of the ground.

Now, there are two endings to this move. If you don't charge up all the way, 
Vegito will haul the enemy up into the air, then hit him with a blast of sonic 
energy. If you do charge all the way, Vegito rushes towards the enemy and 
slices right through his torso with the Spirit Sword. Needless to say, charging 
up does a lot more damage.

Earring fusions do not allow the switching of characters in the middle of 
battle, I'm sorry to say. The good thing is, you only need three ki gauges to 
fuse, and you start off with three, so you can fuse first thing. Have fun.

9.5 Potara <Vegito> (Vegeta)

This version of Vegito is pretty much the same as the other, except for the 
move list. Here it is.

Super Vegito

Galick Gun

Spirit Cannon

Spirit Sword

Proud Crush

Shining Star Rain

Disdain Blow

Disdain Throw

The final four moves in this list are the essentials for any character: 
multiple ki blasts; strike with enhanced force; strike while chasing enemy; and 
a throw. Basically the only difference between these moves and the ones the 
other Vegito has is that these all look like Vegeta's moves instead of Goku's. 
Just substitute Final Bash, Meteor Flash, Meteor Bash, and Nose Dive Crash into 
the list above and you have the animations for this new version of Vegito.

Have fun.

9.6 Potara <Gokule> (Goku)

This Potara Fusion is between Goku and Hercule! This is probably the funniest 
Fusion in the entire game, so get ready to laugh.

Again, you're fusing with the Potara Earrings, so it's permanent. This Fusion 
capsule is only available if you wish for it from Shenron at the end of Dragon 

Again I must say, Gokule is the funniest character EVER! His body looks like 
Goku, except with Hercule's shoes. As for his head...Goku with Hercule's hair, 
beard, and mustache! (Falls to the ground and rolls around laughing) Sorry 
about that, it's just so funny.

Gokule is shown in the show, but only for about two seconds. Right after Super 
Buu absorbed Gohan, he allowed Goku five seconds to fuse with whomever he 
wanted. Unfortunately, the only people still alive are Dende and Hercule. Goku 
imagines what it would be like to fuse with both of them, showing in his mind 
what he believes the fused fighter would look like. Fortunately, Baba and 
Vegeta warp in to elp, so Goku doesn't have to lower himself to fusing with 
Hercule. But for the sake of the game, Gokule exists. Since Hercule doesn't use 
any ki attacks, Gokule had to make up some of his own. Check them out.


Trick Beam

Ultra Spirit Bomb

Super Finish Gokule Attack

Super Dragon Dynamite

Miracle Dragon Bomber

Gokule's moves have names that are a merger of Goku's and Hercule's, but they 
all look like Goku's. Super Finish Gokule Attack is Zanku Fist, Super Dragon 
Dynamite is Super Dragon Fist, and Miracle Dragon Bomber is Dragonthrow.

Trick Beam is a super funny attack activated by <E (among others). Gokule turns 
around and fires a wavy green beam backwards at the enemy. It's hilarious!

And then there is Ultra Spirit Bomb. Must I put emphasis on the sheer 
awesomeness of this move? You remember how Goku's Super Spirit Bomb is twice as 
powerful as his normal Spirit Bomb? Well, Ultra Spirit Bomb is twice as 
powerful as Super Spirit Bomb. It's red this time, instead of blue, and so 

Have fun.

9.7 Potara <Gokule> (Hercule)

This version of Gokule is pretty much exactly the same as the other, except for 
the move list. Here it is.

Dynamite Kick

Rolling Hercule Punch

Trick Beam

Ultra Spirit Bomb

Gokule Critical Attack

Gokule Ultra Dynamite

Gokule Miracle Bomber

Despite the one extra move and the different names, everything is pretty much 
the same. Dynamite Kick and Rolling Hercule Punch are the same as Hercule's 
Dynamite Kick and Rolling Attack Hercule Punch, since they are Hercule's main 

In the Goku version of this Fusion, the Physical moves are all Goku's with new 
names. Well, in this version they are all Hercule's moves with new names.

And since Trick Beam and Ultra Spirit Bomb make a reappearance, you can be sure 
that they are the same as before. Hercule's Gokule is basically just a slightly 
varied copy of Goku's Gokule. So, if you know how to use Hercule, you can use 
his version of Gokule. Have fun.

9.8 Potara <Kibitoshin>

This is the fusion between Supreme Kai and his bodyguard, Kibito. They fused 
during the Buu saga to show Goku about fusing.

The only reason to get this capsule is to have that illustrious 100% sign in 
the Edit Skills section. Seriously, this is the worst fusion is video game 

The only difference between Supreme Kai and Kibitoshin is appearance and 
strength. That's it. All the moves are still Supreme Kai's and there is still 
only five. I'm sorry I wasted your time with this little packet of useless 

You won't have fun with this guy, so don't even try.

10. Breakthrough

10.1 Basic Overview

Breakthrough capsules are only available by wishing for them from Shenron, the 
Eternal Dragon. They take up all seven capsule slots, but believe me, it's 
worth it.

10.2 What Do Breakthrough Capsule's Do?

Equipping a Breakthrough capsule enables the character to use every single move 
they have. Not just the moves you've unlocked, EVERY MOVE!

Breakthrough capsules are good for people who are trying to beat the game at 
harder difficulties. I don't know if I already mentioned this, but if you beat 
Dragon World on Very Hard mode, you unlock the Z difficulty, and if you beat Z, 
you get Z2. So, Super Hard mode and Ultra Hard mode, if you will.

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