• Extra Difficulties for Dragon World

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Z DifficultyComplete Dragon World on Very Hard.
    Z2 DifficultyComplete Dragon World on Z.

    Contributed By: SSJ2 Dark.

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  • Rare Capsules in DW

    If you defeath certain characters with certain other characters, you can unlock some rare capsules.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Babidi's Mind ControlDefeat Majin Vegeta, Majin Cell or Majin Frieza in Stage 5 or 6.
    Strongest Of The UniverseBeat Dragon World on Z2 difficulty.
    Super Kamehameha WaveDefeat Kid Buu with Adult Gohan in Stage 8.
    Super Saiyan 2 (Goku)Defeat (non-Majin) Vegeta in Stage 5 with Goku.
    Super Saiyan 3 (Goku)Defeat Majin Buu in Stage 6 with Goku.
    Super Spirit BombDefeat Kid Buu with Goten in Stage 8.

    Contributed By: DarkAres_02 and freaksheet_1.

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  • Senzu Bean

    On stage 9, go to the spot where kid buu starts off at and dig twice. It's the middle spot on the right. You'll first recieve a random rare capsule and then the senzu bean.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Senzu BeanDig twice on the spot where kid buu starts off on stage 9

    Contributed By: krzypsycho.

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  • Transformations, Ultimates, and other Rare capsules

    Most of the major characters can unlock their ultimate moves by defeating Kid Buu but minor characters won't (i.e. Tien). Earliest method in DW to get first level transformations is defeating Frieza on stage 3.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Angry Explosion (Majin Buu)Get 6185 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Bibidi's GuardGet 8000 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Big Bang Attack (Vegeta)Defeat Kid Buu on stage 9 with Vegeta
    Dabura CookieGet 6790 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Demonic Will (Dabura)Get 540 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Fierce Destructo Disc (Krillin)Defeat Super Buu on stage 8 or Kid Buu on stage 9 with Krillin
    First Level Transformation Capsule (except Goku)Defeat Frieza on stage 3 with that character
    Hell Blade Rush (Dabura)Get 4040 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Hellzone Grenade (Piccolo)Defeat Kid Buu on stage 9 with Piccolo
    Hercule Special (Hercule)Defeat Kid Buu on stage 9 with Hercule
    Human CandyGet 7175 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Loyalty to Babidi (Dabura)Get 4975 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Present For You (Hercule)Defeat Super Buu on stage 8 with Hercule before Gohan absorption.
    Toxic ChocolateGet 7505 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Unlock Potential(Krillin)On stage 3 go to the spot on the right of the farthest spot in the upper left with a ki down symbol
    Warp Kamehameha (Kid Buu)Get 8660 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Z-SwordOn stage 9 go towards the hidden spot behind the mountain with the Z-Sword

    Contributed By: krzypsycho.

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  • Trunks' Burning Slash and Other Rare Capsules

    Beat Kid Buu with Future Trunks to unlock Burning Slash. You can also beat Kid Buu with other characters to unlock other ultimates or other rare capsules.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Trunks' Burning SlashBeat Kid Buu with Future Trunks

    Contributed By: AlanEdgeHead.

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  • Unlock Majin Buus

    To get Babidis space ship u must finish dragon world with all 7 dragonballs in your possesion.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Kid BuuGet 3600 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Majin BuuGet 1200 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Super BuuGet 2400 kili in Babidi's Spaceship
    Super Buu's Absorbtion TechniqueGet 10,000 kili

    Contributed By: X MidnightSon X.

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  • Unlockable training modes

    Complete each training mode to unlock the next one in the traing section located on the main menu.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Elder Kai's TeachingsComplete King Kai's Teachings
    Goku's TeachingsCompleteElder Kai's Teachings
    Kami's TeachingsComplete Korin's Teachings
    King Kai's TeachingsComplete Kami's Teachings
    Korin's TeachingsComplete Master Roshi's Teachings

    Contributed By: mikedaman64.

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  • Unlockables

    All these must be done in Dragon mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Adept World TournamentUnlock 16 Characters, then buy it from Bulma
    Advanced World TournamentUnlock all 29 Characters, then buy it from Bulma
    Android 16Beat Android 16 with Goku.
    Android 17Beat Android 17 with Piccolo.
    Android 18Beat Android 18 with Krillen.
    Android 20Beat Android 20 with Goku.
    Babidi's ShipCollect All 7 Dragon Balls and Wish for it from Shenron.
    Babidi's SpaceshipWish for it on the Dragonballs
    BreakthroughsWish for them with the Dragonballs
    Bulma's costumes2--6Wish for them on the Dragonballs
    CellBeat Cell with Goku.
    Cell Games RulesCome in 1st in the World Tournament: Advanced Mode
    City Street StageBeat super Buu with gohan on stage 8 without being defeated
    DaburaGet 100 Kili on Babidi's Spaceship.
    FriezaBeat Frieza with Goku
    Future TrunksBeat Vegeta on Namek with Kid Trunks.
    GinyuBeat Ginyu on Namek with Vegeta.
    Gokule(capsule)Get Goku and hercule's breakthrough
    Gotenks(Capsule)Once enteared stage 7 it's yours
    HerculeBeat Fat Buu with Great Saiyaman stage 6.
    Kabitoki(Capsule)Wish for it on the Dragonballs
    Kabitoshin (Potara)Collect seven dragonballs and wish for the capsule from the Dragon.
    Majin VegetaDragon World, Stage 5, defeat any Majin character to get the Capsule that allows you to get Majin Vegeta. (Dabura does not count.)
    NappaBeat Nappa with Vegeta (can only be done when you unlock Vegeta and start Dragon mode again).
    RecoomeBeat Recoome with Goku.
    SaiyamanBeat Cell with Gohan (adult) only.
    Silver Membership CardHave a Budokai 1 save on your memory card when you start a New Game
    SSJ2 Gohan (adult)Defeat Majin Vegeta before Majin Buu kills Babidi in Stage 6 (the area with the large ring)
    Super Saiyan 2(Goku)Beat Cell on stage 4 with Goku
    Super Saiyan 2(Vegeta)Beat Super Buu(Gohan) as Vegeto Stage 8
    Super Saiyan 3(Goku)Beat Majin(Fat) Buu on stage 6 with Goku
    Super Saiyan(Goku)Let Krillen die on Stage 3.
    Supreme KaiBeat Supreme Kai with Goku.
    Teen GohanBeat Cell for the last time on Supreme Kai's planet with Adult Gohan.
    Tiencha(Capsule)Get both Breakthoughs of Tien and Yamcha
    VegetaBeat Vegeta with Goku on Namek.
    Vegeto(Capsule/Goku)Get Goku to Surpreme Ki then to Vegeta Stage 8
    Vegeto(Capsule/Vegeta)Wish for it on the Dragonballs
    VidelBeat Super Buu(Gohan) as Hercule Stage 8
    YamchaBeat Nappa with Tien.

    Contributed By: X MidnightSon X and Himura_Kenji.

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Easter Eggs

  • Master Roshi's Spinning Turtle Top

    You can make Master Roshi move on the loading screen by rotating the analog stick to increase his spinning speed. Once he gets up to a good speed, you can move the analog stick left and right to make him move. You can even make him jump up and down sometimes!

    Contributed By: Chaos Control.

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  • Play in the Night version of some Stages

    When selecting a stage to battle in, instead of using the A button, select the stage with the Y button. Some stages don't have a night version, but they may start off in a different part of that stage while choosing it with the Y button, like if you pick the Red Ribbon base with the Y button, you will start outside instead of inside.

    Note: Some stages do nothing while picking it with the Y button.

    Contributed By: AlanEdgeHead.

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  • Trunks's Sword

    If you play as Trunks with his "normal" capsules, he will fight without his sword on his back. However, if you equip the capsule "Burning Slash" in his skill slots, he will start out the battle wearing his sword.

    Contributed By: Chaos Control.

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