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    1-Page Fatalities List by The Faceless Master

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    Mortal Kombat: Deception - Printable Fatalities List - Version 1.0
    This FAQ may not be reproduced in whole or part without the consent of
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    Following classic MK Tradition, here is a printable fatalities list.
    List              Fatality 1 = F1   Fatality 2 = F2   Hara-Kiri = HK
    Key               Xbox              PlayStation2      GameCube
    1                 X                 Square            ?
    2                 Y                 Triangle          ?
    3                 A                 X                 ?
    4                 B                 Circle            ?
    u = up            d = down          b = back          f = forward
    Distance          Close (c)         Sweep (s)         Full Screen (f)
    Scorpion          Mileena           Baraka            Sub-Zero
    F1: f,d,f,f,1 (s) F1: f,f,d,d,1 (s) F1: f,u,d,2 (c)   F1: f,b,d,f,2 (c)
    F2: f,b,f,b,1 (c) F2: u,u,f,f,3 (f) F2: f,d,b,f,2 (s) F2: b,d,f,d,1 (s)
    HK: d,d,u,b,1     HK: b,d,f,b,1     HK: d,b,u,b,4     HK: d,u,d,u,2
    Kabal             Ermac             Nightwolf         Bo'Rai Cho
    F1: f,u,u,u,3 (c) F1: d,b,b,d,3 (s) F1: b,f,b,f,1 (f) F1: d,u,f,f,2 (s)
    F2: u,u,d,d,2 (c) F2: b,d,b,d,4 (s) F2: d,f,d,u,2 (s) F2: u,b,f,3 (s)
    HK: f,u,u,d,2     HK: d,u,u,d,3     HK: u,u,u,u,3     HK: b,b,f,f,2
    Ashrah            Dairou            Kobra             Darrius
    F1: d,d,u,u,2 (c) F1: d,u,b,b,1 (s) F1: d,b,f,d,4 (c) F1: u,d,b,f,3 (s)
    F2: f,d,f,d,2 (s) F2: d,d,b,3 (c)   F2: f,b,f,f,2 (c) F2: d,f,f,u,1 (c)
    HK: u,d,u,u,2     HK: b,b,b,d,1     HK: u,u,b,b,2     HK: b,f,f,2
    Jade              Kenshi            Sindel            Havik
    F1: b,f,u,f,1 (s) F1: f,f,b,b,2 (s) F1: b,f,f,b,1 (s) F1: d,f,f,u,4 (c)
    F2: b,f,f,f,2 (c) F2: u,f,b,f,2 (s) F2: u,u,b,f,3 (s) F2: f,f,f,b,2 (s)
    HK: f,f,f,b,2     HK: d,b,b,f,4     HK: f,u,u,d,4     HK: f,u,u,u,2
    Raiden            Li Mei            Noob - Smoke      Tanya
    F1: b,d,f,d,1 (s) F1: f,f,f,f,1 (s) F1: b,f,b,f,4 (s) F1: f,d,d,d,1 (s)
    F2: u,d,f,f,1 (f) F2: u,b,f,f,4 (s) F2: u,d,d,f,2 (s) F2: u,b,f,u,2 (c)
    HK: f,u,u,b,1     HK: u,d,u,d,3     HK: d,u,u,d,4     HK: d,d,f,u,3
    Shujinko          Hotaru            Kira              Liu Kang
    F1: u,d,d,f,3 (c) F1: f,u,b,d,1 (s) F1: b,f,f,b,4 (f) F1: b,b,b,f,2 (s)
    F2: b,u,f,f,1 (c) F2: d,f,b,f,2 (c) F2: u,f,d,b,3 (s) F2: f,f,u,u,3 (s)
    HK: d,b,d,b,3     HK: u,b,b,b,2     HK: f,b,u,b,3     HK: d,d,d,u,3
    FAQ Author: Kaijam Jeffers a.k.a. The Faceless Master™ a.k.a. faceless™

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