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Mortal Kombat Plot FAQ by Gavok

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 10/16/04

The Mortal Kombat Plot Canon Guide Ver. 4.0

Plot guide of all games that officially exist within the canon Mortal 
Kombat storyline, and how they fit into what has been officially 
confirmed as canon by Midway via the creators and more importantly, the 
games themselves. This FAQ has been written by Gavok. Please do not post 
it to other sites without permission. Or claim credit for writing it, 
unless you're one of the people in the credits section, of course. And 
yes, Tiamat, writer of the Street Fighter FAQ, knows I'm ripping him off.


MK1 = Mortal Kombat 1
MK2 = Mortal Kombat II
MK3 = Mortal Kombat 3
UMK3 = Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. UMK3's storyline overrides MK3.
MKT = Mortal Kombat Trilogy. MKT's storyline overrides UMK3 and MK3.
MKM = Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
MK4 = Mortal Kombat 4
MKG = Mortal Kombat Gold. MKG's storyline overrides MK4.
MK:SF = Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
MK:DA = Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (aka Mortal Kombat 5)
MK:TE = Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition. Adds to the story of MK:DA
MK:D = Mortal Kombat: Deception (aka Mortal Kombat 6)


    Revision History
    Introduction and Opening Statement
    I.  Timeline and Canon Games
    II. Konquest
    III.  Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
    IV.  Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
    V.  Mortal Kombat 1
    VI.  Mortal Kombat II
    VII. Mortal Kombat 3 Series
        a. Mortal Kombat 3
        b. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
        c. Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    VIII. Mortal Kombat 4 Series
        a. Mortal Kombat 4
        b. Mortal Kombat Gold
    IX.  Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Series
        a. Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
        b. Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition
    X.  Mortal Kombat: Deception
    XI.  Master Character List (the meat and potatoes of this FAQ)
    XII. Realms
    XIII.  Factions
    XIV. Species
    XV. Fatalities
    XVI.  Miscellaneous Questions
    XVII.  Special Thanks and Author Contact Info


Revision History

10/16/04 - Version 4.0 -Mortal Kombat: Deception is out and so it's only
                        natural that I update this jalopy. Also added Konquest
                        as its own game for simplicity sake. Lots of updates
                        here and there, including the merging of profiles for
                        Older Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot. Enjoy!

9/3/04 -  Version 3.5 - So funny thing happened to me a few months ago. I got
                        an email from *the* John Vogel, the guy currently in 
                        charge of the MK story. Other than a little praise 
                        and correction (Johnny Cage stuff), he told me that he
                        felt sorry for how much stuff I was going to have to 
                        change once Deception came out. Stuff from the MK:DA 
                        endings that *should* be canon won't be canon. And 
                        that's why I'm not going to tell you specifically 
                        what's been updated so far. Changes here and there 
                        for almost every section based on the new storyline 
                        information from the upcoming Mortal Kombat: 
                        Deception. I barely touched the 
                        Realms/Factions/Species sections since I might as well
                        wait until the game is released for that. The styles 
                        for the new characters are left empty as I'm waiting 
                        for the final version of the game to tell us who has 
                        what (after all, Sub-Zero originally had tae kwon do 
                        in MK:DA before the final version). Also, for the 
                        moment, I'm considering the cameos in the MK:D Prison 
                        Stage to be non-canon easter eggs. Anyway, thanks 
                        again to John Vogel and to all you readers out there
                        for your support in this collosal waste of time.

3/4/04 -  Version 3.1 - Mortal Kombat: Deception has been announced and that's
                        reason enough for me to update. So far the confirmed 
                        cast are as follows: Ashrah, Baraka, Bo' Rai Cho, 
                        Dragon King, Ermac, Hotaru, Kenshi, Kitana, Mileena, 
                        Nightwolf, Noob Saibot, Quan Chi, Scorpion, Sindel 
                        and Sub-Zero. Human Smoke appears in arena concept 
                        art, so he's probably in there too. Also updates for
                        Cyrax, Kabal, Kai, Liu Kang, Sareena and the mutants.
                        Thanks for this update go to ]{ombat, Sakura316,
                        Andrew Wilgus and the fine people at PSM.

1/18/04 - Version 3.0 - Hey, it's the first anniversary of this wonderful FAQ!
                        how awesome is that?! Updates with some interesting
                        miscellaneous facts about Sub-Zero, Sindel, Moloch,
                        Johnny Cage and Shang Tsung, while fixing some 
                        spelling errors. Wait until you see what Sindel's 
                        original name was going to be. Oh man.

9/19/03 - Version 2.7 - Mostly fixing some minor errors. Nothing big.

9/3/03  - Version 2.6 - Full story info for Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition
                        added. Sections for Sareena, Sektor, Noob Saibot, 
                        Goro and Sub-Zero updated. The Tekunin added to
                        Factions. Probably won't have much in updates until 
                        we get some story info on Mortal Kombat 6.

6/11/03 - Version 2.5 - Added some info on Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition,
                        which adds Sareena, Sektor and Noob Saibot to the 
                        MK:DA storyline. Plus lots of random fixes and minor

2/14/03 - Version 2.1 - Celebrating Crippling Depression Day with an update. 
                        I've read through the MK2 comic and updated the MK1 
                        and MK2 sections, as well as the sections for 
                        Raiden, younger Sub-Zero, Quan Chi, Scorpion, Goro, 
                        Jax, Kano, Sonya, Kitana and probably some others. 
                        Also an update to the Black Dragon section and a lot 
                        of spelling errors.

2/3/03  - Version 2.0 - Lots and lots of stuff. I've been given information 
                        on the MK2 comic which means updates to the MK1 and 
                        MK2 sections. I was reminded that Raptors are also 
                        called Saurians and that Motaro's race is called 
                        Centaurians, not Centaurs. Plus updates in the 
                        sections for Goro, Johnny Cage, Kano, Kintaro, Liu 
                        Kang, Raiden, Rain, Scorpion, Sektor, Sindel, Smoke, 
                        Sonya, Stryker, and both Sub-Zeros. Plus an update 
                        in the Special Thanks. 

1/22/03 - Version 1.2 - Khameleon, Jade, Smoke and older Sub-Zero sections 
                        updated. Also updates in the Misc. Questions and 
                        Special Thanks.

1/20/03 - Version 1.1 - Just fixing some grammatical errors.

1/18/03 - Version 1.0 - Everything is new! Whee!


Introduction and Opening Statement

(If you read the Opening Statement for the Street Fighter Plot Canon 
Guide, you might as well move along to the next section)

The purpose of this FAQ is to finally give a coherent presentation of 
the storyline of Midway's Mortal Kombat series, and all the many games 
that tie into it. This FAQ relies on official statements and 
confirmations from stuff that is canon, as well as using info from the 
games to determine stuff that is PROBABLY part of the official canon 
storyline. If I don't have a complete 100% assurance, even if it's only 
a slight bit of doubt on a bit of info, that bit of info shall be marked 
as such.

Unlike the Street Fighter, King of Fighters and Tekken series, Mortal 
Kombat comes from an American company, meaning there's less confusion due 
to translation. Also, unlike Capcom and SNK, Midway has not published 
any books officially giving information on characters and events. This 
makes the events of the series a lot more vague, considering they have 
to be perceived from the games or the creators, who rarely ever give much 

Midway has been known to retroactively change ("retcon") their storylines 
and established canon, mostly due to the inclusion of more characters in 
the upgrades (i.e. MKT and MKG). Due to this, if you see something in an 
older game and there's a new version of it in a newer game, take the new 
version and forget the old. This FAQ goes by the latest, most up to date 
version of the storyline, which is the currently official one, and it 
shall continue to try to keep up to date. However, I will definitely 
mention times when Midway has retroactively changed already established 
parts of the storyline.

Another note, because for some reason, people don't seem to realize this: 
PART OF THE CANON (with the exception of the MK1, MK2 and probably MK4 
comic books which were made by John Tobias himself). Midway did not MAKE 
any of those things. They simply licensed out the Mortal Kombat name and 
characters to others, but they DID NOT review any of the storylines of 
what the people did with said license (for the express purpose of making 
it comply with the canon. Obviously, they'd check to make sure the 
content wasn't say... too 'inappropriate'). They are not canon in any 
way, though as I will mention in various places, the movies did help 
inspire parts of the MK:DA storyline. Their events are not canon, their 
relations between characters are not canon, and the artistic license 
portrayal of the characters' personalities within them aren't canon, 

So in other words: Scorpion is not "Yong Park" and he doesn't have a 
Piranha Plant living in his hand. Noob Saibot did not spawn from Ermac in 
the heat of battle. Sub-Zero never palled around with Hydro. Nightwolf 
is NOT a computer nerd who merges with a wolf. And if you even think I'm 
going to do a section of this FAQ about Siro, then click that X in the 
top right corner of your window.


I.  Timeline and Canon Games

This is the order that the games within the Mortal Kombat plot's universe 
take place. For the main games, I'm going to assume that each game takes 
place in the year it was released. Considering Kenshi's story claims that 
he lost his sight a decade ago by old Shang Tsung, it's safe 
to say that the story takes place in real time.

    Konquest (spans over the course of about 60 years, ending at the time of 
    Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (1990: Two years prior to MK1)
    Mortal Kombat: Special Forces (Date unknown, though it has to be 
before MK1)
    Mortal Kombat 1 (1992)
    Mortal Kombat II (1993)
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy (1995)
    Mortal Kombat Gold (1997)
    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance/Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition (2002)
    Mortal Kombat: Deception (Takes place immediately after MK:DA)

There were official comics released for MK1, MK2 and MK4 that portrayed 
the prologue for their respective games. The first two are almost 
definitely canon. They were written and illustrated by John Tobias 
himself, available through order as advertised in the arcade games 
themselves. The art and character profiles from the first one were 
adopted for the console manuals.

The MK4 comic was available with the purchase of the PC version of the 
game (though a friend hooked me up with a free copy a long time ago). I 
no longer have it and don't know how much Tobias had to do with it. So I 
can't really say how official it is compared to the story. It does not 
really contradict much of anything, though. I have been shown a scan of 
the older Sub-Zero's appearance in the comic, which turns out to be nothing 
more than a one-frame flashback, meaning his appearance is not a 

Even though I'd like to think that there's nobody who would believe 
otherwise, the comedic renders in MK:DA are nothing more than jokes that 
aren't canon, except maybe Johnny Cage's VHS collection. So Quan Chi 
doesn't have a jazz album coming out, Shang Tsung doesn't sell shoes and 
Kano doesn't have his own cereal named after him. Just wanted to cover 


II. Konquest

Gameplay: Konquest was part of MK:D. It was a side-game that elaborated on
the similarly-named training mode from MK:DA. Playing the role of Shujinko,
players would span various realms, looking for six artifacts known as the
Komidogu. During the adventure, Shujinko would run into various Mortal Kombat
characters and train alongside them in order to learn their attacks. Filled
with cameos, Konquest features an appearance by just about every Mortal Kombat
character to ever appear in a fighting game. It also featured the means to
unlock secret characters and arenas in the MK:D Krypt. (note: I don't count
the sidequest cameos as canon for good reason. By that I mean stuff like Jarek
hanging out in the Netherealm before he was even born)

Story: A child named Shujinko was strongly interested in the Mortal Kombat
tournament. He wished that one day he might be able to defeat Shang Tsung and
save Earthrealm. One day, a ball of light appeared before him. It called 
itself Damashi. It was a herald of the Elder Gods and needed Shujinko's help. 
Damashi convinced Shujinko into believing that he was the Champion of the 
Elder Gods and that he had to track down six powerful artifacts known as the 
Komidogu. Shujinko agreed and was granted the power to copy the fighting 
ability of those he would fight or train with.

Shujinko's quest began with years of vigorous training with Bo' Rai Cho.
Master Cho was truly impressed with Shujinko's ability to learn so quickly.
One day, Master Cho asked Shujinko to find his warrior's medallion that he had
lost. Shujinko wandered off and found it, but Damashi told him to keep it for
the time being. Shujinko then traveled to the Lin Kuei's training ground,
using Bo' Rai Cho's medallion to convince them that he was a worthy warrior. 
Under the grandfather of the Sub-Zero brothers, Shujinko expanded his 
fighting repetoir. He was a member of the Lin Kuei now. His first mission was 
to deliver an artifact without being caught by the Red Dragon, but as Damashi 
was quick to point out, it was the Earthrealm Komidogu. Damashi led Shujinko 
to the Nexus, where he was able to insert the first Komidogu. From there he 
went to the Netherealm.

The Netherealm was not a friendly place, but eventually Shujinko found a
friend in Ashrah. They trained together, followed up by Shujinko testing his
skills against a Tarkatan warrior. Ashrah asked Shujinko to help her find
Ermac so that she could slay him. Shujinko eventually came across Ermac, not
realizing his name. Ermac knew that Ashrah was looking for him and was
concerned. His magical power was diminishing in the Netherealm and he needed
something called the Soul Stone to help keep his powers in check. Shujinko 
assisted him in finding the stone and in return, Ermac trained Shujinko. Once 
they were finished, Ashrah appeared and the two battled. Ermac became the 
victor, but Ashrah continued to fight. Shujinko found the Netherealm Komidogu 
and left.

As he set the second Komidogu in place, something interesting happened. A
being known only as Monster showed up, angry at Shujinko. He and Shujinko
disagreed over who was the Champion of the Elder Gods, leading into a fight.
Shujinko defeated Monster, who was never heard from again. Damashi had no real
answers behind the incident. Off to Chaosrealm...

In Chaosrealm, Shujinko had to earn the right to exist there by fighting a
guard. During his journeys, he came across a cemetery that was being taken
over by a Netherealm wraith. Shujinko showed off his skills by defeating the
Hell spawn. He eventually ran into Havik, who needed help. Four Seidan
Guardsmen had taken over the Chaosrealm water supply and needed to be stopped.
If Shujinko could defeat them all and open their minds to the ways of chaos
(through a special medallion supplied by Havik), Havik would train him in the
ways of his bizarre fighting style. Shujinko defeated the four warriors, but
Havik refused to honor such a stupid thing as a contract. It wasn't his style.
Instead, he trained Shujinko through experience. Mainly by trying to kill
him. Shujinko realized the meaning in Havik's actions and moved on. He found
a labyrinth that led to the Orderealm Komidogu. To get it, he had to wade
through a pool of strange liquid. After running into Damashi, an older
Shujinko realized that the liquid slowed down time for him and years had
passed since he first stepped into the pool. He returned the Komidogu to the
Nexus and moved on to Outworld...

Shujinko's search in Outworld was fairly quick. He ran into Mileena and the
Tarkatan army, settled outside a rebellious village. Mileena attacked
Shujinko, though he fended her off and studied her onslaught so that he could
copy her attacks. Mileena decided to have Shujinko join Kahn's side and told
him of the village that refused to give up its rule to Kahn. If Overlord 
Zeffeero, the ruler of Lei Chen, would not give up his head, everyone would 
die. Shujinko didn't want to see that and tried to negotiate. Zeffeero refused 
to give up his head and instead told Shujinko of the Seidan Guard, who would 
jump at the chance of messing with Shao Kahn. He told Shujinko of an artifact 
in the Living Forest that would work as pay for the Guard. Shujinko wandered 
through the forest and met with Jade, who had found the artifact first. She 
assumed that Shujinko was an enemy and attacked. Shujinko knocked her out and 
took the artifact, which was actually the Outworld Komidogu. Damashi 
congratulated him and told him to continue the quest, but Shujinko's 
conscience nagged him. He wanted to help out Lei Chen, but he knew he couldn't 
use the Komidogu as a bargaining chip. Damashi explained the ways of Seido to 
Shujinko and said that while they could help drive away Kahn's forces, they 
would also take over the town as their own.

After a stop at the Nexus to drop off the Outworld Komidogu, Shujinko ventured
into Seido. He found Hotaru and told him of the village's plight. Hotaru
considered helping, but then told Shujinko that they were busy dealing with 
one of Darrius' riots. Shujinko ran off to stop Darrius himself. He was 
successful. Hotaru was impressed and trained Shujinko to be part of the Seidan 
Guard. From there, they returned to Outworld. The town had been liberated, but
Hotaru was now the man in charge. Shujinko left and ran into Baraka, who was 
rightfully furious at Shujinko. They fought and Shujinko won. He complimented 
Baraka and convinced him to teach him how to fight. Afterwards, Shujinko was 
visited once more by Damashi, who told Shujinko to return to Earthrealm so 
that he could take part in the Mortal Kombat tournament. After all, Damashi 
sensed Shujinko's hatred for Shang Tsung and felt that he deserved a chance
at destroying the sorcerer.

Back in Earthrealm, Shujinko met with Kenshi. Kenshi explained his background
and what Shang Tsung had done to him. He then taught Shujinko how to fight
without using one's sight. They parted ways with both of them looking for
Shang Tsung. During his travels, Shujinko came across Nightwolf. Nightwolf
noticed much evil in Shujinko's soul, much to Shujinko's surprise. For several
years, Nightwolf trained Shujinko in his fighting style while teaching him how
to control the darkness within. Shujinko moved on and found Shang Tsung. He
asked Tsung for a spot in the upcoming Mortal Kombat tournament. After some
brief sparring, Shang Tsung agreed to it. He also agreed to Kenshi's entry.
Shujinko found Kenshi again and told him about what happened. The two had a
friendly argument over who was going to defeat Shang Tsung and ran off to join
the tournament. On his way, Shujinko was stopped by an angered Damashi.
Damashi was not happy with Shujinko's acts of controlling his inner evil,
since he needed it to enter other realms and finish his quest. Shujinko was 
ordered to spend several years in the Netherealm to regain his negativity.
Shujinko gave up his spot in the Mortal Kombat tournament, which Liu Kang
eventually won. On his way to the portal, Raiden stepped in his way. He was
skeptical that Shujinko would be the Champion of the Elder Gods, but after
a battle between the two, Raiden was convinced. He allowed Shujinko to pass,
believing that the Elder Gods would have a good reason to bring in their

Back in the Netherealm, Shujinko met Scorpion. Scorpion didn't want anything
to do with Shujinko at first. He only wanted to hunt down Quan Chi and make
him pay. Shujinko convinced Scorpion that if he were to train him, they could
both gain from it. Shujinko would gather enough darkness from Scorpion's rage
and Scorpion would have an ally in tracking down Quan Chi. Scorpion agreed and
the two trained together. Afterwards, Shujinko found Quan Chi for Scorpion.
Scorpion smacked Quan Chi around and chased him off. This led to the intro
sequence of MK:DA. Shujinko returned to the Nexus, where Raiden was waiting
for him. Liu Kang had been killed and the Deadly Alliance needed to be
stopped. Shujinko agreed to help. 

He entered Outworld, but was quickly caught by Kano. Shujinko was thrown in
with the people of Li Mei's village, who were forced to construct a fortress 
for Shang Tsung. Li Mei told Shujinko that she planned to kill the Deadly 
Alliance herself. Shujinko wasn't sure that she could do it on her own, but 
trained her with styles Bo' Rai Cho once taught him years ago. Shujinko 
escaped the village and went to find Hotaru for help. Unbeknownst to Shujinko, 
when asking for help, he had violated Lei Chen's curfew. Hotaru brought 
Shujinko back to Seido, where he was imprisoned for some time. On the day of 
his trial, elderly Shujinko was saved by Dairou, who was hired by Damashi to 
kill the guards. Shujinko broke into a courthouse to find the Seido Komidogu, 
but a disappointed Hotaru showed up. Hotaru was going to defend Shujinko in 
court, but he had lost faith in his former friend and was going to punish him 
himself. Shujinko defeated him and ran off with the Komidogu. He returned it
to the Nexus and left for the final Komidogu in Edenia.

In Edenia, he met Kitana. She told him about how Sindel was captured by Shao
Kahn's henchmen (a bit of a screw up, since Kahn is supposed to be
dead and Kitana's supposed to be in Outworld). Shujinko fought off Tanya and
rescued the imprisoned Sindel. Sindel trained Shujinko, knighted him, and
granted him the Edenia Komidogu. Damashi appeared, proud of Shujinko. He told
him that because of the reuniting of the six Komidogu, he could return to
reality in a body. Shujinko returned to the Nexus one last and prepared to
insert the final Komidogu. But first, he found he had company.

Scorpion had just failed once again in unleashing his rage on Quan Chi. Due
to the events of his defeat at the hands of Moloch and Drahmin, Scorpion had
ended up in the Nexus. He recognized Shujinko, but for reasons Shujinko didn't
realize at the time, Scorpion tried to stop Shujinko. He failed. With Scorpion 
knocked out, Shujinko finally completed his lifelong quest. The Komidogu were 
set in place. But nothing happened. Onaga, the Dragon King, entered the Nexus, 
laughing at Shujinko. It was all a trick. Damashi was not working for the 
Elder Gods at all. He was just Onaga's spiritual essense. All Onaga needed for 
complete domination was Shinnok's amulet, held by Quan Chi at the time. He 
chased off Shujinko and left to find Quan Chi. Shujinko was appalled at what 
he had done, but swore he would undo the wrongs brought forth by the Dragon 
King's deception.


III. Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (takes place in 1990)

Gameplay: An unpopular sidescroller with the elder Sub-Zero as the 
protagonist. He's played in similar fashion as his MKT incarnation, 
including special attacks and running combos. The more experience gained, 
the more special attacks the ninja gains.

Story: Shinnok, fallen Elder God and ruler of the Netherealm, was 
desperate to escape the world of damnation. His high priest Quan Chi had 
set out to retrieve the amulet that would allow Shinnok to travel through 
realms. But instead of getting his hands dirty, he hired two ninjas to 
acquire the map to the amulet's dwelling: Sub-Zero of the Lin Kuei and 
Scorpion of the Shirai Ryu. The two met on their way to the map and 
fought for supremacy. Sub-Zero came out victorious and removed the head 
and spine of his rival.

Quan Chi was happy with Sub-Zero's ability and hired him again to follow 
the map into the fortress where the amulet was held. Sub-Zero agreed and 
successfully got past the four elemental gods who guarded it: the gods 
of earth, wind (Fujin), water and fire. He gave the amulet to Quan Chi, 
who cackled and escaped back to the Netherealm. Raiden appeared and 
informed Sub-Zero of the big mistake he had just made. Raiden was unable 
to enter the Netherealm, but thanks to Sub-Zero's soul being tainted with 
evil, he was able to enter. Under Raiden's orders, Sub-Zero went against 
his original mission and followed Quan Chi.

In the Netherealm Sub-Zero met the reincarnated soul of Scorpion who was 
obviously angry about the whole being dead thing. Sub-Zero won the 
rematch and moved on to face Quan Chi's assassin henchwomen Kia, Jataaka 
and Sareena. He killed the first two, but let Sareena live. Astounded 
that she was spared, Sareena assisted Sub-Zero in defeating Quan Chi. 
She pleaded for him to take her with him when leaving the Netherealm, but 
then she was attacked from behind. After having Sareena die in his arms, 
Sub-Zero saw that it was Shinnok himself who dealt the blow.

The two fought and while Sub-Zero could not outfight Shinnok, he did 
succeed in removing the amulet from his hands. Shinnok, enraged, 
transformed himself into a giant monster and chased the ninja. Raiden 
opened up a portal, which allowed Sub-Zero to escape back to Earthrealm 
victorious. Sub-Zero returned the amulet and went back to Lin Kuei 
headquarters. Shortly later he was asked by Shang Tsung to enter his 
tournament: Mortal Kombat.

John Tobias was hoping MKM would be a success in order to do more 
sidegames based on the MK mythos. Though he did work on MK:SF, he also 
claimed that he was interested in making games about Liu Kang and Baraka. 
Unfortunately those games never came into fruition.


IV. Mortal Kombat: Special Forces (takes place a little before MK1)

Gameplay: MK:SF was a 3D action game where the player controls Major 
Jackson "Jax" Briggs and has him hunt down criminals using his bare fists 
and various weaponry while solving puzzles. The game turned out to be a 
complete failure, disliked by even the most hardcore MK fanboys.

Story: After Kano caused the escape of Black Dragon members No Face, 
Tasia, Jarek and Tremor from prison, he and his team trapped and 
slaughtered Jax's friends and fellow Special Forces agents in an 
abandoned warehouse. Jax single-handedly chased each member, taking them 
down one by one, with his love interest Gemini giving him orders via 

After doing away with Tremor, Jax found that Kano had escaped through a 
portal. Despite Gemini's orders to wait for her, Jax entered the portal 
and found himself in Outworld for the first time. His search for Kano 
ended when he found the criminal in a room with a red gem called the Eye 
of Shitian, which apparently had the power of mind control since Kano 
insisted Jax would be the first to serve him. The two fought and Jax 
came out the winner. He brought Kano and the Eye of Shitian back to 
Earthrealm and that's pretty much it.

You might be thinking "Hey, why haven't you mentioned Sonya? Wasn't she 
in it?" The answer is: she wasn't. The original plan was to make both Jax 
and Sonya available for use. The two even appeared on the cover of a 
gaming magazine (forgot which one). But John Tobias left Midway in the 
middle of production of Special Forces, leaving the bigwigs at Midway to 
have the game finished in a hurry in order to make a couple bucks. This 
meant cutting plenty of corners, including the loss of Sonya in the game.

Also, Jax fights with his metal arms that we first saw in MK3. The reason 
for this is that they were only prototypes back when MK:SF took place.


V. Mortal Kombat (1992)

Gameplay: Using digitized graphics with live action characters, MK1 was 
created to jump on the fighting game bandwagon that started with Street 
Fighter 2. MK1 was a one-on-one fighting game with an extra helping of 
blood and gore that caused soccer moms to have a fit. It was the first 
fighter to incorporate directional taps and button holding in order to 
pull off special moves. The most famous aspect of the game, as well as 
the entire series, was the ability to do away with your opponent after 
winning with a "Fatality" move. The SNES version took out the blood, only 
to see the Genesis version gain more sales. It also featured the first 
mainstream secret character in a fighting game.

Story: Mortal Kombat was a Shaolin tournament held years ago in the name 
of honor. But one year the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung brought his 
apprentice, Prince Goro of the Shokan race to compete. He killed Kung 
Lao, the reigning champion and plunged the tournament's good name into 
darkness. Every tournament won by Goro meant the weakening of 
Earthrealm's barriers. By "unbalancing the furies", Shang Tsung's lord 
Shao Kahn would be able to invade Earthrealm and make it his own.

500 years had past since Goro's victory over Kung Lao. With the entrance 
to Earthrealm ready to give after one more Outworld victory, the young 
warrior Liu Kang stepped forward to put a stop to Goro and Shang Tsung. 
He had been trained by Master Bo' Rai Cho, a skilled fighter who could 
only train and not compete because of his Outworld origin (he may be a 
good man, but winning would still have the same effect as it did with 
Goro). Other warriors included the mysterious ninja Sub-Zero, hired to 
assassinate Shang Tsung; Scorpion, the specter form of a man Sub-Zero had 
murdered two years before; Kano, a criminal who has heard stories of the 
riches in Shang Tsung's fortress; Sonya Blade, the Special Forces agent 
out to catch him; and Johnny Cage, a movie star who entered the 
tournament out of spite for those who claimed his abilities were nothing 
more than camera tricks and special effects. Shang Tsung personally 
invited Raiden, the Protector of Earthrealm, to join the tournament. 
Shang Tsung kept his bodyguard Reptile hidden away from plain view during 
the proceedings. And some swear that they had seen a mysterious red ninja 
hiding in the shadows.

Everyone who entered and is NOT mentioned in the above paragraph was 
killed in the tournament. Among the vagueness of what happened for most 
the tournament, here are the only definite matches that had occurred:

Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion: Even though he had lost the first two times 
against his sworn enemy, Scorpion finally defeated Sub-Zero in battle. He 
returned the favor and killed Sub-Zero, fulfilling his mission. Immediately 
after, Scorpion faded to ash. He had no reason to face Goro or Shang Tsung. 
His duty was fulfilled.

Liu Kang vs. Goro: Liu Kang believed that he could use Goro's 
overconfidence to secure a victory. Luckily for him and the people of 
Earthrealm, he did win. Liu Kang did not kill Goro, allowing each of them 
to move on to their own battles. And before anyone emails me: Johnny Cage 
vs. Goro is nothing more than a fabrication from the movie.

Liu Kang vs. Shang Tsung: Despite Shang Tsung's ability to morph and use 
the abilities of other warriors, he still fell to the might of the 
Shaolin fighter Liu Kang. Once Shang Tsung received the match ending flying 
kick, his island began to crumble. Liu Kang left to escape the island 
rather than chase Shang Tsung.

Goro vs. Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Kano: This is according to the MK2 
comic. The four of them fought at the Pit and the three humans were likely 
going to win in the end. But the crumbling of the island separated them and 
Raiden could only find Johnny Cage. He flew the movie star away from the 
island and dropped him off near a Special Forces boat. Sonya and Kano 
found themselves in the forests of Outworld and Goro's whereabouts were 

Liu Kang left Shang Tsung's island and returned to his Shaolin home, only 
to find it in ruins. An army of mutants led by a being named Baraka had 
destroyed the ancestral land, leaving only a few survivors (one of which 
being Kung Lao). Liu Kang realized that the story had only begun.


VI. Mortal Kombat II (1993)

Gameplay: Improving upon its predecessor in every way, MK2 is referred to 
as the highlight of the series by many. The game featured more 
characters, more Fatalities and more secrets. It also included 
Friendships and Babalities, which proved to be popular at the time. The 
SNES version had the blood and gore intact, showing that Nintendo was 
finally beginning to break the mold of being a PG videogame company.

Story: Upon the wizard's return to Outworld, Shao Kahn immediately 
chastised the defeated Shang Tsung. He was going to have him horribly 
punished until Shang Tsung offered an idea that would redeem the lost 
efforts of Kahn's previous plan. He brought up the fact that if he were to 
be able to wander into Earthrealm once more, he would be able to challenge 
Raiden to a new tournament in Outworld. The rules said that they had to 
accept or else they would lose by forfeit. With Liu Kang and the rest of 
Earthrealm's champions defeated, the furies would be unbalanced and 
Earthrealm would be Kahn's for the taking.

Shao Kahn loved this plan and in return granted Shang Tsung youth (though 
he would not undo Shang Tsung's curse). Kahn would host and take part in 
the tournament along with Shang Tsung, his new general Kintaro, Baraka, 
Jade, Reptile and the twin assassins Kitana and Mileena. 

At the ruins of their beloved temple, Liu Kang and Kung Lao were visited by 
another ninja named Sub-Zero. He explained that he was the brother of the 
other Sub-Zero and that the Lin Kuei had found out the perpetrators of the 
attack thanks to their surveillance of the temple. He asked to join the two 
so he could find Shang Tsung and finish the job his brother couldn't 
complete. Sub-Zero was also accompanied by his fellow Lin Kuei member 

Jackson "Jax" Briggs came across Johnny Cage in the waters near Shang 
Tsung's island. Johnny insisted that his story about Shang Tsung's contest 
as well as Sonya's whereabouts were true, but Jax refused to believe that 
Sonya would ever help Kano and vice-versa. Eventually Jax set him free. 
Johnny returned to acting very briefly until being attacked by some of Shao 
Kahn's goons while filming a commercial. Jax and a soon-to-be dead Special 
Forces agent arrived to lend him a hand. Johnny and Jax got out alive with 
the help of the other Earthrealm warriors. Shang Tsung offered the challenge 
to Raiden, which was accepted.

Liu Kang and the others arrived into Outworld, led by Raiden. The news of 
Sub-Zero's return reached the ears of Scorpion, who rose from the depths of 
the Netherealm in order to slay his enemy for good. There was also an 
appearance of a shadow-like ninja named Noob Saibot, who seemed to be more 
interested in watching the battles as opposed to taking part in them.

So which matches happened or are important? Here's the rundown:

Sub-Zero vs. Unknown Opponent: At one point in the tournament, Sub-Zero 
won a match but refused to kill his enemy. This is an important moment 
in the series because Scorpion watched this with great confusion. As to 
who he let live, we were never told. It is most likely one of the fellow 
warriors from Earthrealm.

Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion: There is a chance that this is the moment when 
Sub-Zero got that scar over his eye. He lost to Scorpion, but to his 
surprise was granted mercy. Scorpion disappeared from the tournament after 
that, realizing that the ninja he fought was a different Sub-Zero then the 
one he fought in MK1. In fact it was that ninja's younger brother. Though 
Scorpion never told Sub-Zero, he vowed to become his protector as an 
apology for killing his brother. There is a contradiction between what the 
game says and what the MK2 comics says, since the comic had Scorpion on 
Sub-Zero's side from the beginning. It isn't totally important, but I'll 
side with the game's version of the story here.

Kitana vs. Mileena: Through her years as an assassin, Kitana had found 
out that she was really the daughter of the man who ruled Edenia before 
Kahn took over. Kahn was afraid of Kitana's motives so he had her fight 
her evil twin/clone Mileena. In the end, Kitana came out with the 
victory, killing the freak that once considered her a sister.

Raiden vs. Kintaro: According to Motaro's rarely used MK3 bio, Kintaro 
faced off against Raiden in MK2 and was vaporized by the god's immense 
power. So let's hear it for the series' most underdeveloped character, 

Liu Kang vs. Shao Kahn: Though there are some who believe otherwise, Shao 
Kahn did NOT win MK2. If he did, he wouldn't have needed that plan from 
the MK3 intro. He was defeated, and according to Liu Kang's story intro 
in MK3, it was Liu Kang who had won. The intro text claims that Liu Kang 
had thwarted more than one of Kahn's schemes and that getting rid of Liu 
Kang was the Extermination Squad's main priority. Defeating Shang Tsung 
in MK1 was quite a feat, but if Shao Kahn lost to somebody else, you'd 
think that he would be more interested in eliminating him or her instead.

Shao Kahn had been defeated, but he wasn't killed. Since his reign was 
still in tact in MK3, he likely used his armies to chase his enemies out 
of his precious realm. In the chaos, Jax had released Sonya and Kano from 
the chains that Kahn had bound them to. Kano escaped custody and eluded 
his Special Forces enemies. But Jax and Sonya were more concerned with 
the strong possibility that Kahn could somehow invade their home world 
eventually. Johnny Cage returned to Hollywood where he made Mortal 
Kombat: The Movie, revitalizing his career. Sub-Zero returned to Lin Kuei 
headquarters for further instructions as Scorpion returned to his home in 
the Netherealm. Kitana disappeared into the night, on the run from her 
furious stepfather. The Shaolin combatants Liu Kang and Kung Lao returned 
to the ruins of their devastated temple to pay their respects. Liu Kang 
accepted the events as part of his destiny, but Kung Lao was sure that 
their challenges were far from over.


VII a. Mortal Kombat 3 (1995)

Gameplay: Mortal Kombat 3's engine was faster paced than MK2 and included 
the unpopular Run button, which caused the player to run forward in order 
to unleash a dial-a-button combo. The Fatalities were sloppy and lacked 
the edge of the predecessor's finishing moves. It also added the ability 
to grant your opponent Mercy, letting them fight with only a scant amount 
of health. One needed to use the Mercy option in order to gain the 
ability to use his or her character's Animality. Cyrax's Animality was a 
shark, which fits considering many videogame fans consider MK3 to be the 
moment where the franchise "Jumped the Shark".

Story: As mentioned before, MK3 never really happened as it was upgraded 
into UMK3 and finally MKT. So I'll use this area for the story 
established in MK3 and bring up the changes in the UMK3 and MKT sections. 
Sound good? All right.

Ever since Sindel's abrupt death 10,000 years before, Kahn had had a plan 
to use Shang Tsung and his band of shadow priests to eventually resurrect 
her body, but in Earthrealm. This act would weaken the dimensional gates 
enough that he would finally be able to invade the realm. And to no 
surprise, it was a complete success. He and his armies invaded Earthrealm 
and he immediately devoured billions of human souls, growing even more 
powerful. The entire realm began to merge with Outworld, allowing Kahn to 
feed off its resources. But there were a select few mortals whose souls 
were protected thanks to Raiden. Unfortunately, Raiden would have to sit 
this one out, as he wasn't allowed to physically face Shao Kahn.

To counter Raiden's act, Shao Kahn had his new general Motaro lead his 
Extermination Squads across the realm with orders to destroy any 
survivors. Motaro and his men succeeded in taking care of most of their 
targets, including the horrible mutilation of Black Dragon member Kabal. But 
some survived, including Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Jax, Sonya, Nightwolf, 
Kurtis Stryker and the younger Sub-Zero.

For Sub-Zero, it could not have come at a worse time. The Lin Kuei had 
selected him to undergo cybernetic advancements that would make him a 
mindless weapon. With the robotic versions of Sektor, Cyrax and his best 
friend Smoke, Sub-Zero has to elude his hunters while helping out his 

While Kahn brought Motaro, Shang Tsung and Sheeva with him, it was a 
surprise to many that he had acquired the services of Kano, whose 
knowledge of Earth's weaponry would come in handy for Kahn's army.

Unlike MK1 and MK2, MK3 was not a traditional tournament. Instead it 
escalated into a war between two sides.


VII b. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (1995)

Gameplay: Make no mistake: Scorpion is probably the franchise's most 
popular character (just ask Pac Man). So it's no surprise that fans were 
disappointed in MK3's lack of the yellow ninja specter. Not to mention 
the fact that Kitana was missing as well. UMK3 was nothing more than an 
upgrade, adding more characters, all of them palette swaps (an overuse of 
the two ninja outfits). There were also a few more backgrounds and the 
Endurance mode that had been missing since MK1.

Story: The story pretty much stays the same as with MK3. There are only a 
couple additions.

First off, Shao Kahn also had the support of Mileena, who he had 
apparently resurrected. Kahn was also concerned with Kitana's audacity to 
revolt against him. He sent Reptile and Jade to eliminate her. This was hard 
on Jade who considered Kitana to be her best friend since childhood.

Kahn made an attempt to steal the souls from the Netherealm, only to 
fail. But it did allow Scorpion to escape its grasp. Without a mission at 
the time, Scorpion was enlisted into Shao Kahn's army.

Note: I don't mention Human Smoke, Ermac or Classic Sub-Zero here. Human 
Smoke isn't canon, Classic Sub-Zero is either not canon or not important 
and Ermac isn't given any story in this version of the game.


VII c. Mortal Kombat Trilogy (1995)

Gameplay: Who wants more characters? Well that's what you're getting. 
That along with Brutalities and the Aggression bar, which causes your 
character to become faster with a shadow effect. There are also classic 
versions of some of the characters and a few old backgrounds.

Story: Okay, so they changed the story a little more. Let's recap. Kahn 
did his thing with resurrecting Sindel and invaded Earthrealm. But this 
time Raiden was not only able to protect the souls of a few Earthrealm 
warriors, but fought among them, giving up his immortality.

Sub-Zero was still being chased by the three cyber ninjas and Kitana was 
still being chased by Jade and Reptile. Also, Mileena was able to read 
Kitana's thoughts, making her a great asset to Kahn. A female ninja named 
Khameleon appeared, searching for Reptile for some reason.

So finally, Kahn's legion was made up of: Shao Kahn, Motaro, Sindel, 
Shang Tsung, Sheeva, Kano, Mileena, Reptile, Jade, Baraka, Rain, Noob 
Saibot and Scorpion.

So here are the fights that happened:

Sub-Zero vs. Cyrax: While Smoke regained his senses and fought alongside 
Sub-Zero, the unmasked ninja defeated one of his remaining hunters in one 
on one combat. Rather than killing Cyrax, the Sub-Zero messed with his 
programming, changing Cyrax's orders to "Eliminate Shao Kahn."

Jade vs. Reptile: At some point, Jade realized that she would rather 
turn on her master than kill her best friend. So, she attacked her travel 
companion Reptile. Jade succeeded in allowing Kitana to escape the grasp of 
her scaly pursuer.

Kitana vs. Sindel: Okay, so this one is mostly speculation, but Kitana 
was the one who helped Sindel regain her memory. Considering Sindel's 
evil intent before that, I don't think she was the kind of person to 
stand there, listening to what Kitana had to say while refraining from 
using any violence.

Shao Kahn or a Minion vs. Scorpion: At one point, Scorpion realized that 
the younger Sub-Zero was one of the Chosen Ones. He remembered his vow to 
protect and went after Shao Kahn. We know that a representative of 
Earthrealm defeated Kahn, so Scorpion beating Kahn is not in the cards. 
It's likely that Kahn defeated the traitor and sent him back to the 
depths of the Netherealm. Then again, there's the possibility that 
someone like Motaro or Shang Tsung did it first.

Shao Kahn vs. Kung Lao: Originally this was meant to be Kung Lao's big 
death scene, but it was eventually retconned for MKG. Shao Kahn took Kung 
Lao's challenge and gained a decisive victory. It was believed that Kung 
Lao had died, but in actuality he faded from the world of violence in 
order to live in peace.

Raiden vs. Shao Kahn: It's almost totally certain that Raiden battled Shao 
Kahn at one point in MKT as it is referenced in other endings (mostly that 
Kahn's henchmen waited for him to be weakened from the fight so that they 
could capitalize). If it did happen, then Raiden got his ass handed to him.

If Raiden won, then Kahn was 
forced back into Outworld. If Raiden lost, then 

Liu Kang vs. Shao Kahn: It was Liu Kang who defeated Shao Kahn, fueled by 
Kung Lao's "death". So says the profile for Liu Kang's Tomb in MK:D. After 
Kahn's loss, he escaped back to Outworld, trying to at least salvage his rule 

Sonya Blade vs. Kano: The two fought on top a skyscraper with Kano 
winning for the most part. He tore off a lock of Sonya's hair, which left 
him open. She grabbed him with her legs and threw him off the building to 
his death. Motaro saw the fight and picked up Kano's dying body for Kahn, 
who would eventually revive Kano.

Sheeva vs. Motaro: Kano was brought back to full health through magic and 
kept locked up as punishment for his failure in killing Sonya. But just 
outside his jail cell, Sheeva attacked and killed Motaro with plans to do 
the same to Kahn. Kano offered to help her if she would let him out. She 
did, but when Kano was supposed to cause a diversion for Sheeva to attack 
Kahn, he instead informed him of Sheeva's plan. Kahn killed the female 
Shokan with a sword and immediately made Kano his new general.

After the two realms split thanks to Shao Kahn's failure, he and some of 
his minions lowered their profile and took a back seat for a few years. 
Baraka moved on from Kahn's faction and Reptile believed him to be dead. 
But Mileena and Noob Saibot were in fact spies for something equally as 
evil and powerful as Shao Kahn.

Jax and Sonya were thanked for their efforts by heading a new department 
of the Special Forces: The Outerworld Investigation Agency, which would 
use science to create portals used for excursions into other realms. 
Johnny Cage returned to the world of movies. The former Black Dragon member 
Kabal moved on from the adventure, deciding to carve his own path.

Cyrax's new mission to eliminate Shao Kahn was seemingly over. But he began 
to malfunction and found himself buried in a desert. Smoke was captured by
Kahn's forces at one point and was kept in one of Kahn's dungeons. Sektor 
was still functioning, much to Sub-Zero's dismay.

Kitana had succeeded in bringing back her mother's memory. Sindel and 
Kitana ruled their world of Edenia, which was also separated from 

Note: I did not mention "Classic" versions of characters, Human Smoke, 
Chameleon (who is different from Khameleon), Goro, Kintaro or Classic 
Sub-Zero. They are all non-canon additions who are there only for 
completion. Human Smoke's ending even states that he is non-canon. There 
is a chance that Classic Sub-Zero is an exception to this.


VIII a. Mortal Kombat 4 (1997)

Gameplay: Mortal Kombat had hopped the 3D barrier, ditching the live 
action actors. While the game included a weak weapon system and the 
ability to sidestep, it was mostly just MK3 with fewer characters. Like 
most 2D to 3D fighter translations (Street Fighter and Fatal Fury), MK4 
was not met with much critical acclaim. In the console versions, Goro was 
used as a penultimate boss before Shinnok. The extra -alities were 
scrapped, leaving only two Fatalities per character.

Story: Again, like with MK3/UMK3/MKT, MK4 was upgraded into MKG. So 
here's what the story was like before the new characters were included.

Ever since MKM, Quan Chi has had the special amulet, while Raiden, Shinnok 
and Sub-Zero were fighting over a replica. Escaping into Edenia with the 
help of a traitor they attacked the Elder Gods themselves. But Shinnok and 
Quan Chi did not fight alone. Not only did Shinnok have Noob Saibot on his 
team, but also his long-thought-dead general Reiko had mysteriously 
returned. Reptile, who was a wanted felon in Edenia, agreed to join the 
fallen god. Quan Chi had informed Scorpion that his wife and child had been 
murdered, claiming that it was the younger Sub-Zero who did it. Scorpion 
turned his back on his promise to protect Sub-Zero and agreed to work for 

Only a few gods survived Shinnok's onslaught. Namely Raiden and Fujin. 
They knew that they needed help immediately to combat this threat before 
it was too late for Earthrealm. They found Liu Kang, who agreed to give it 
his all, alongside his longtime friend Kai. An Edenian woman named Tanya had 
also joined their side, though nobody realized that she was the one who 
allowed Shinnok entry into her realm in the first place.

As Jax and Sonya pursued the last known Black Dragon member Jarek, they 
learned of Shinnok's plans to dominate Earthrealm. Despite being sworn 
enemies, the Special Forces members agreed to fight alongside Jarek to destroy 
the greater evil.

The younger, scarred Sub-Zero never wanted to wear his Lin Kuei uniform 
ever again. But with news of Shinnok and Quan Chi, he donned his blue 
ninja outfit once more. Not out of loyalty to the Lin Kuei, but as a 
tribute to his late brother whose courage foiled Shinnok's evil plans 
once before.

And much to the surprise of many, the legend of Mortal Kombat himself, 
Goro had seemingly returned.

Like MK3, MK4 is not a tournament, but a war between good and evil.


VIII b. Mortal Kombat Gold (1997)

Gameplay: Nothing added, really, just some new characters and a lot of 
glitches. There was originally going to be a new character named Belokk 
included, who looked like a big red demon, but he was taken out.

Story: All the stuff mentioned in the MK4 section still stands. There are 
just some story arcs added for the new characters.

Okay, so Shinnok was still out to take over Edenia and eventually 
Earthrealm, with a little Elder God revenge tossed in. But not only did he 
have Quan Chi, Reiko, Scorpion, Noob Saibot and Reptile working for him, with 
Tanya working as a spy, but Mileena was helping him out as well. Little did 
Shinnok know that Quan Chi had his own secret minion ready to assassinate the 
god: the Tarkatan nomad Baraka.

The Lin Kuei had found Cyrax in the desert and tried to fix his bugs and 
glitches. With only a few members left, they sent Cyrax to find Sub-Zero 
again, again accompanied by Sektor. Sektor was also commanded to keep an 
eye on his fellow cyber ninja.*

Despite his vow to live a life of peace, Kung Lao had to scrap his plans 
when he heard of Shinnok's evil intentions. But more importantly to him, 
he heard that Goro was still alive. Kung Lao felt the urge to make up 
for his ancestor's loss, so he joined his friends into battle once more. 
Also helping out this time was Edenia's princess Kitana.

Even though MK:DA has a deep storyline, the game almost completely 
ignores the events in MK4/MKG. Besides Quan Chi, who is in the game, most 
other new characters do not even get a single mention. The only exception 
is Shinnok, who is mentioned a couple times in Quan Chi's story for 
obvious reasons. Because of this, it is very hard to tell what fights 

Kitana vs. Mileena: This very brief fight is shown through their 
respective endings, occurring in Kitana's throne room. After Kitana won, 
Mileena begged for her life. Kitana almost considered it, but Mileena 
surprised her with an uppercut. Kitana bested her sister in kombat and locked
her up.

Liu Kang vs. Shinnok: Quan Chi was in possession of Shinnok's amulet, which
was his source of power, while Shinnok only held onto a replica. This allowed 
him to be destroyed by Liu Kang, according to the profile for Liu Kang's Tomb
in MK:D.

Sonya Blade vs. Jarek: With the threat vanquished, Sonya tried again to 
take Jarek into custody. For some reason they were standing on top a 
high cliff. Jarek rushed Sonya, only for her to move out of the way, 
causing the Black Dragon member to plummet.

Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion: It was the last known battle between the two, taking 
place in Goro's Lair. Scorpion's burning hatred was too much for Sub-Zero to 
handle and he fell to his might. Scorpion taunted him, claiming that he would 
finally have revenge for what Sub-Zero had done to his family and clan. But 
Sub-Zero groggily told him that he wasn't the one who did those deeds. 
Somehow, Scorpion knew he was telling the truth. Quan Chi appeared and 
admitted to committing the crimes and using Scorpion to get rid of his 
enemies, the Sub-Zero brothers. He banished Scorpion back to the Netherealm, 
but at the last moment, Scorpion grabbed Quan Chi and brought the sorcerer 
with him.

Reptile found out that Shao Kahn was still alive and returned to his side. 
Kitana thanked Liu Kang for his help and offered to become his wife. Liu Kang 
turned her down so that he could continue to protect Earthrealm. Kitana also
became allies with Goro, bringing peace to their land. Kung Lao attacked Goro 
and scarred his chest, but then the two talked it over and ended their feud. 
Johnny Cage returned to making movies, even winning an award for his latest 
flick. Jax and Sonya found Cyrax and using their technology, fully returned 
his human will. He thanked them by joining their ranks as a Special Forces 

* The part about Cyrax being found by the Lin Kuei and going on a second 
mission to catch Sub-Zero seems to have been retconned by MK:DA. MK:DA 
claims that Jax found Cyrax in the desert, ignoring the part about his 
mission with Sektor.


IX a. Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (2002)

Gameplay: The first MK of the new millennium surprised the masses by 
breaking the shell of the past games and completely changing the fighting 
engine. More about story and gameplay than gore, MK:DA featured a system 
where each character had three different fighting styles with the ability 
to switch between them during the match. The third style was usually a 
weapon style, which made the character more prone to damage. While 
casual gamers and fighting game fans enjoyed the game, there were many 
fanboys who pulled out their hair because there was only one Fatality 
per character. Because we all know that great gameplay is far inferior to 
being able to turn people into babies. </sarcasm>

Anyway, the game featured a new system called the Krypt where you could 
unlock from your choice of 676 different koffins. It brought back the 
Test Your Might mini-game and added Test Your Sight.

Story: Unlike the previous MKs, the story in MK:DA is a little more drawn 

After the many violent battles he had been involved in, Sektor's programming 
had been corrupted. He had a new mission: Destroy the Lin Kuei Grand Master 
and take over as leader. He succeeded in murdering the Grand Master, but
before he could take leadership, the younger Sub-Zero challenged him. Sektor
lost this fight and escaped to Japan, where he started his own clan of cyber-
ninjas known as the Tekunin.

Not only did Sub-Zero's victory gain him leadership of the Lin Kuei, but also
the right to wear the Dragon Medallion, which enhanced his ice abilities 
enough that he was almost a god. He reformed the Lin Kuei for good and 
gained new members by holding a tournament. The winner of the tournament was 
a young woman named Frost with abilities similar to Sub-Zero. He made Frost 
his student and trained her. Unfortunately, her cockiness increased along 
with her abilities.

In the Netherealm, Scorpion made it his mission to rough up Quan Chi as 
much as possible. Over time Scorpion became increasingly powerful while 
Quan Chi's power began to lessen. Quan Chi met with two Oni named Moloch 
and Drahmin who helped him out by beating up Scorpion. Moloch and Drahmin 
knew of a way out and promised to protect Quan Chi from Scorpion if he 
were to take them with him. He agreed until they made it to the portal 
out. Scorpion attacked again, causing Moloch and Drahmin to attack once 
more. Quan Chi, alone, hopped through the portal and into Outworld. After 
that, Scorpion jumped into the portal to find himself in a different 
place in Outworld. Moloch and Drahmin, furious at the treachery, followed 
them and also found themselves in another location.

Sometime later, the demon Sareena had come across the abandoned portal and 
escaped into Outworld. She learned to feed off of the living aura of Outworld
in order to regain her attractive human form.

Quan Chi found himself in the tomb of Onaga, the Dragon King, a demonic former 
ruler of Outworld who predated Shao Kahn. Using Shinnok's amulet, Quan Chi 
was able to read the ancient scriptures, telling of the Dragon King's 
invincible army. An idea spawned upon his bald head and he left to find the 
one sorcerer whose powers rivaled his own: Shang Tsung.

Through backstabbing Sheeva after she killed Motaro, Kano had become the 
general of Shao Kahn's armies. Though the emperor was weakened by his 
loss in MK3, his evil was still alive. At the time it was Kano leading 
Kahn's army against Kitana and Goro leading their army. While Kano's side 
was taking a beating, one of his soldiers, Noob Saibot, succeeded in killing 
the legendary Goro in the midst of battle.

The devolving Reptile was sent to retrieve Shang Tsung at his home, 
bordered by an acid moat. He told him to report to Kahn immediately. 
Shortly after the message, Shang Tsung heard a battle going on outside. 
There he saw Quan Chi battling Scorpion, who had caught up to the evil 
wizard. With a quick cheap shot, Quan Chi knocked Scorpion into the acid, 
killing him for the time being.

Quan Chi told Shang Tsung of his idea for domination of Outworld and 
Earthrealm. Using Shang Tsung's ability to transmit souls between bodies, 
he would fill the bodies of the Dragon King's undead army with the souls 
of worthy warriors. In return, Quan Chi would construct the Soulnado, a 
tornado of souls leading to the heavens that would give Shang Tsung 
almost eternal life. The two shook on it, but Shang Tsung added another 
part to the plan. He said that they had to get rid of the two who could 
put an end to their plans: Shao Kahn and Liu Kang.

Reptile was out of view, but he heard the entire conversation. He seethed 
in anger, smart enough to know that he wasn't enough to defeat both 
sorcerers. He traveled to Shao Kahn's fortress, hoping to make it before 
it was too late. But on the way he met a vampire woman named Nitara who 
pulled him aside to show him the base of Kitana's army. Reptile took this 
knowledge of the base and resumed his race towards Kahn's home.

But Shang Tsung and Quan Chi were there first. And after a false show of 
loyalty, they attacked Shao Kahn together. Shao Kahn put up a great 
fight, but in the end his body fell to the power of the Deadly Alliance. 
Upon Kahn's death, Kano revealed himself from the shadows, congratulating 
the sorcerers on their efforts and asked to join them. The three left 
together, a while before Reptile finally made it. The knowledge that he 
could have saved his master if he wasn't so caught up in finding the 
location of Kitana's army caused Reptile to fall even deeper into his 
insanity. He traveled alone, in search of a new master while blaming his 
anger on Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and Kitana.

Reptile eventually found Nitara again and attacked her. It wasn't that 
he blamed her, but he was so delusional that he saw her as those who he 
was so furious with. She forgave his attack and used him for her own 
agenda. She instructed Reptile to attack Cyrax, the Special Forces agent 
who was wandering through the realm. Under her instructions, Reptile 
attacked Cyrax and sunk his teeth into his arm panel, ruining any 
communications with Earthrealm. Cyrax scared Reptile away with his chest 
buzz saw attack, only for Nitara to conveniently appear. She asked that 
he help her find and destroy the orb that would separate her home world 
from Outworld, with the reward being a portal to Earthrealm. Cyrax agreed 
to her terms and they began their journey.

Later on, Reptile realized that maybe it WAS Nitara's fault that Shao 
Kahn was dead.

Liu Kang trained at the Shaolin temple, meditating with Kung Lao 
watching. Only it was actually Shang Tsung disguised as Kung Lao. The two 
fought with Liu Kang gaining the upper hand. But a surprise attack by 
Quan Chi ended the fight in Shang Tsung's favor. He snapped Liu Kang's 
neck and devoured his soul. Mortal Kombat's champion was no more.

Kung Lao found Liu Kang's body and screamed with rage. He would have his 
revenge on whoever killed his best friend. Raiden appeared and solemnly 
told him the news of the Quan Chi/Shang Tsung team-up. Kung Lao left the 
temples to seek out Master Bo' Rai Cho, the retired trainer from Outworld who 
taught Liu Kang how to defeat Shang Tsung ten years before. First Raiden 
wanted him to meet him at Shang Tsung's old island from the old MK 

Sonya and Jax had sent an agent, the mysterious swordsman Kenshi, to find 
Cyrax and bring him back. Little did they know that Kenshi was really 
entering Outworld in order to settle his vendetta with Shang Tsung. As 
he found out about the sorcerer's plans, Kenshi tried to return and warn 
Jax and Sonya. But he was too late.

Hsu Hao, a friend to the Special Forces, showed his true colors by 
setting a bomb that destroyed the Outerworld Investigation Agency's 
manmade portal. Though Jax tried to stop him, Hsu Hao escaped and hopped 
into the portal in order to meet with his leader and fellow Red Dragon 
member, Mavado. Kenshi was stranded in Outworld.

Mavado joined the Deadly Alliance in order to gain immunity for his Red 
Dragon organization upon invasion. Surprised to find his enemy Kano 
still alive, Mavado asked for a chance to kill him. Quan Chi promised 
that he could face Kano in a fight to the death if he could succeed in 
finding and killing the Special Forces spy Kenshi.

Shang Tsung gained his own allies during this as well. He found Moloch 
and Drahmin and acquired their services so that if Quan Chi was to try 
something funny, Shang Tsung could have them attack his treacherous 

Kano and his army forced a village to create a new fortress for Shang 
Tsung. A young woman named Li Mei became fed up and attacked the one-eyed 
thug. Quan Chi reprimanded her, but made a deal with her. If she were to 
win Quan Chi's tournament, she and her people would gain their freedom. 
She agreed to enter, not knowing that it was a ploy to gain worthy souls 
for the Dragon King's army.

Raiden had Kung Lao, Sub-Zero, Frost, Jax, Sonya and Johnny Cage meet him 
at what remained of Shang Tsung's island. It was there where he recapped 
the events leading up to Liu Kang's death. He led them to a portal where 
they had to each fight an image of their worst enemy to make it through. 
They succeeded and found themselves in Outworld.

The returning Scorpion attempted to sneak into Shang Tsung's fortress to 
get at Quan Chi. Instead of finding Quan Chi, he stumbled upon Drahmin 
and Moloch. Scorpion could not take them both on and was overpowered. 
They tossed Scorpion into the Soulnado where the Hell-born ninja was torn 
apart by its forces. But all of the sudden, Scorpion vanished.

While traveling through Outworld, Frost attacked Sub-Zero. It seemed she
wanted the Dragon Amulet for herself all along. Unfortunately for her, she
did not have what it took to contain its power and died from being completely
frozen. Sub-Zero could not save her and instead searched for a worthy place to
bury the body.

Mavado found the Special Forces spy Kenshi and challenged him to a duel. 
Mavado won and thought he killed Kenshi. Reporting back to Quan Chi, he 
was given his promised match against Kano. Mavado killed his rival and 
destroyed the last remnants of the Black Dragon. Quan Chi then informed 
Mavado of another group that could cause the Red Dragon trouble: the Lin 

Mavado met with his henchman Hsu Hao who awaited his new orders. Mavado 
gained favor to Quan Chi for allowing him to kill Kano and there was 
proof that Shang Tsung was planning to use Moloch and Drahmin against 
Quan Chi. Mavado ordered Hsu Hao to kill Shang Tsung. Hsu Hao ran off to 
the deed. On the way, he was ambushed and beaten half to death by Jax. 
The metal-armed agent then tore out Hsu Hao's red, glowing heart, killing 

Nitara the vampire lead Cyrax to the Dragon Egg's incubation chamber 
where the mystical orb that bound her realm with Outworld was held. Cyrax 
swam through boiling hot lava and found it. Nitara, true to her word, 
sent Cyrax back to Earthrealm. She then destroyed the orb, separating 
Outworld from her race's true home.

Some time later, Reptile had finally tracked Nitara down to the Dragon Egg's 
Incubation Chamber, but that's where the trail ended. Then a beam of light 
blasted out of the cracking Dragon Egg and took hold of Reptile. He began to 
transform into a large, reptilian emperor. He became Onaga, the Dragon King.

In the lava, Blaze, the protector of the Dragon Egg, was finally freed 
from his curse and left to do whatever.

Li Mei succeeded in winning Quan Chi's tournament. Breaking his promise 
to free her people, Quan Chi had Shang Tsung use her soul to awaken the 
final member of their undead army. Bo' Rai Cho intervened and ended up saving
the young woman from an existence of being nothing but a decayed slave.

Immediately after, the heroes of Earthrealm showed up to stop Quan Chi and 
Shang Tsung. But one-by-one, those heroes fell in battle. Kitana, Kung Lao, 
Jax, Sonya and Johnny Cage had been killed. Raiden was the last one left and
he fought hard against his two enemies. Their teamwork was too powerful and
even the mighty god Raiden could not come out victorious.

The Deadly Alliance had won.

But treachery appeared as Shang Tsung began to eye Quan Chi's amulet. Quan Chi
noticed this and the two turned on each other. It was a quick fight and Quan
Chi came out the winner.

...for two seconds.


IX b. Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition (2003)

Gameplay: The second version of MK:DA for Gameboy Advance, due to the limited
number of characters in the first version of MK:DA, everyone but Scorpion, 
Shang Tsung and Quan Chi have been replaced with the rest of the characters 
as well as three new characters: Sareena, Sektor and Noob Saibot. It also 
features a team play system and Weapon Fatalities.

Story: Same as MK:DA, only it added the less-than-important stories of 
Sareena, Sektor and Noob Saibot. I added them into the MK:DA story section 
above to save space.


X. Mortal Kombat: Deception

Gameplay: MK:D continues to use the MK:DA engine, though it tosses in wider, 
more interactive environments and the inclusion of Breakers. There are at 
least two fatalities per character, as well as "hara-kiri" suicide moves. 
Plus a new Konquest mode that acts as an adventure mode, allowing you to 
customize your own version of the warrior Shujinko. Not to mention a couple 
new side-games like a chess-based team fighting mode and Puzzle Kombat, which 
is Midway's take on Capcom's Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.

Story: Kabal wanted nothing to do with the Black Dragon, but that did not stop
Mavado from attacking him in an act to eliminate every remnant of his rival
syndicate. Kabal would have died, but he was saved by Havik. Havik insisted 
that Kabal return to his roots as a member of the Black Dragon and lead a new
faction to greatness. Kabal agreed and went to work right away. First he
tracked down Mavado and killed him with his hook swords. Afterwards, Kabal
searched for recruits for his new Black Dragon. He found them in Kira and 

Upon Quan Chi's victory over Shang Tsung, Onaga appeared for his amulet. Quan
Chi attacked Onaga, soon joined by Shang Tsung and Raiden, but their combined
might was not enough to stop the returning villain. In desperation, Raiden
used his energy to create a bomb made from the essense of his godhood. It
exploded. Raiden was nowhere to be seen, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung were dead,
and Onaga was still standing. He picked up the amulet and was on his way. But
not before resurrecting the dead bodies of Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Kitana,
Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs.

Baraka looked up to Onaga as an invincible leader. He became Onaga's general
and spread his new master's evil throughout the land. He recruited Tanya and
released Mileena from her prison. With Kitana's body now in Onaga's posession,
Mileena was able to impersonate her sister.

Queen Sindel was kidnapped and imprisoned by Onaga, guarded by Kitana herself.
Jade saved Sindel and locked up Kitana. As Kitana called for the guards, the
two escaped. While escaping, Jade noticed the traitor Tanya at Onaga's side.

With Shang Tsung vaporized, the soul of Liu Kang was free. But he refused to
ascend into the Heavens. Somebody had ravaged his tomb and now Liu Kang's
body was wandering Outworld on its own, killing innocents and the like. Liu
Kang's spirit also realized the similar state of his friends, who fought for
Onaga. The spirit came across Ermac, who understood Liu Kang's frustrations
and wanted to help him.

Under the guise of Kitana, Mileena commanded Bo' Rai Cho to lead his army into
a battle that he could not win. Baraka's Tarkatan horde made mincemeat out of
Master Cho's army and the drunken boxer started to lose hope. Liu Kang
appeared in spirit form and brought the inspiration Bo' Rai Cho needed. He
united various Edenian and Outworld armies to defeat the Tarkatans as one.
Baraka and his kind never knew what hit them. In the midst of the melee, Bo'
Rai Cho found Baraka and taught him a thing or two about fighting. Baraka and
his remaining soldiers ran off.

Mileena was surprised, yet pleased, at the events. As long as nobody knew she
was not Kitana, she would be in control of the most powerful army of all time.
She just had to get rid of the one who knew the truth: Baraka.

Baraka was angry at what had happened. He blamed Mileena. He felt that she
somehow aided Bo' Rai Cho's army with some type of sorcery. Hearing that
Sub-Zero was sighted nearby, he sent the remainder of his army to retain him.
Baraka then got word that Mileena had wished to see him. Baraka sent one of 
his men disguised as him to meet with his lover. Baraka's suspicions were 
founded as Mileena fed the imposter to flesh-eating beetles. Baraka showed 
himself and tore Mileena to bits.

Man, if those two can't keep it together, what chance do the rest of us have?

Sub-Zero searched through Outworld and found ruins of a lost race of beings
who could control ice. Sub-Zero investigated and realized that he and Frost
were descendants of these people. He buried Frost with the rest of their
people and donned a new set of armor. In his travels, he was cornered by what
was left of Baraka's army. There were still too many for Sub-Zero to fight
and he tried to elude them in the Living Forest. It was to no avail and he
was cornered. Accepting death, Sub-Zero fought with everything he had. But
his armor started to speak to him, helping his battle. Amazingly, Sub-Zero
defeated the entire horde.

Hotaru, the most decorated member of the Seidan Guard, was very busy. He had
pledged his allegiance to Onaga, worshipping the order that his reign would
bring. But he still had to worry about his enemies, such as Darrius, Havik
and Dairou. He got word that Sub-Zero destroyed countless Tarkatan warriors.
Hotaru decided to hunt the Lin Kuei master himself.

Sub-Zero fought Hotaru and won. He thought that he killed the guardsman, but
little did he know that it was a trick. Sub-Zero came across Kenshi, who was
dying of the wounds from his fight with Mavado back in MK:DA. Kenshi had
found that Shang Tsung had died at the hands of somebody else and he was no
longer needed in Outworld. Sub-Zero helped heal Kenshi and the two wandered
towards the portal to Earthrealm. Kenshi sensed Hotaru following them. What
Hotaru didn't realize was that Dairou was on his trail as well.

In the Netherealm, Noob Saibot was planning on taking over the realm with
his henchman Smoke at his side. He was going to use Smoke's technology to
create an army of cybernetic demons. Ashrah appeared to stop them, but mainly
to kill Noob Saibot and allow her to be cast to a more peaceful realm. Whether
Noob Saibot became victorious or whether Ashrah slayed him with her Kriss can
only be speculated.

Nightwolf had filled himself with the sins of his ancestors in an attempt to
enter the Netherealm. What happened to him next is unknown, but it's more than
likely that he was talked out of it by his old friend Shujinko. Shujinko was
distressed with the damage he had done and was hoping to band together various
heroes so that they could take down Onaga together. Other than (probably)
Nightwolf, he brought together others who were not focusing on the true
threat. Others like Kenshi, Sub-Zero, Bo' Rai Cho, Li Mei and Sindel.

But there was another going after the Dragon King. Scorpion had watched the
events unfold from the Nexus and an unlikely hero had been born. The Elder
Gods granted him power and transformed him into their true Champion. Scorpion
left to search and destroy Onaga for the good of the realms.

Jade, on the other hand, had her own way of getting inside. She allowed
herself to be captured so that she could get close to Tanya. Once she did,
she tossed an orb filled with Tarkatan essense at her enemy. The liquid inside
the orb splattered Tanya and made her reek of the stench of a Tarkatan male.
The guards' instincts kicked in and they attacked Tanya. Her survival was not

The heroes gained an unlikely ally with Havik, who gladly led them to Onaga's
fortress. Shujinko and his friends did not have to worry about the threat of
Onaga's controlled, Earthrealm warriors. Ermac appeared and bested all five
of them in battle, allowing Liu Kang's spirit to free them from mind control,
one-by-one. Kitana and the others were now back on the side of good, but Ermac
sensed a powerful force at work, more powerful than even Onaga.

As they cornered Onaga, Li Mei turned on her friends and joined Onaga's side.
Shujinko learned a lesson from the way the heroes lost to the Deadly Alliance
in the previous adventure. Rather than allow the others to die one-by-one,
Shujinko absorbed all of their fighting power and took on Onaga himself. He
smashed apart the Komidogu, which weakened Onaga enough to make him mortal.
Then, with the powers of Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kung Lao and the others flowing
through his body, Shujinko killed the Dragon King.

The heroes left Onaga's body to rot. One of two things seemed to happen
afterwards. Havik tore out Onaga's heart, the source of the recent
resurrections that had taken place. Havik wanted to devour it so that he could
bring upon more chaos and cause Shao Kahn to come back to life. But Kabal
wanted it for himself and the Black Dragon. The canon events of his subplot
will not be known until the next adventure.

As for the Black Dragon, Kabal was proud of his recruits, but they still had
one last test to complete. Kira and Kobra had to fight to the death. The
survivor would be allowed to stay within the ranks. Kobra fought hard, but
not hard enough. Kira smiled at the blood staining her knife, while Kobra's
body remained lifeless. Kira was no longer a recruit, but a full-fledged

The spirit of Liu Kang found the living corpse that killed in his name. The
battle between the two was nothing but a stalemate. They were both Liu Kang
and they both had the same skills. The long fight between good and evil took
them back to Earthrealm. Raiden showed up and zapped the two forms with
his lightning. The two forms merged together and Liu Kang, Champion of Mortal
Kombat, was once again among the living.

But yes, I forgot all about Raiden, didn't I? The Thunder God and Protector
of Earthrealm had been reborn after the explosion that destroyed the Deadly
Alliance. One would think that he was happy about the victory over Onaga, but
Raiden was in fact furious. He saw that it was Shujinko's fault that Onaga
came back. Raiden had given up on humanity and their tendency to threaten
their own lives. He was going to eliminate any and all threats to Earthrealm
with extreme predjudice. Victorious or not, Raiden planned to started with


XI. Master Character List

Here are the more in-depth looks at the characters of Mortal Kombat. 
Other than the Dragon King, the list will only be of those who have 
actually fought in the fighting games. Info on Jerrod will be found in 
Sindel's section, the assassins from MKM will be found in Sareena's section 
and info on other Black Dragon members can be found in Jarek's section. 

MK1 and MK:DA featured brief character bios. Some of these bios 
contradict each other, like characters losing lots of weight or getting 
shorter. I went with the most recent bios with the ages depicting them 
in MK:DA, except for the older Sub-Zero who I keep with his MK1 age.

Now without further ado...



Origin: Netherealm
Species: Demon
Affiliation: Formerly Brotherhood of Shadow
Allies: Shujinko
Foes: Ermac, Noob Saibot, Quan Chi
Fighting styles: Chou Jaio, Ba Gua, Kriss

Konquest: Ashrah met Shujinko in the Netherealm and explained her dilemma. She
was a demon with a magical sword called the Kriss. Every time she killed an
evil demon, she would feel evil leave her body. If she could vanquish enough
evil, she would be rejected from the Netherealm. She trained Shujinko and
taught him her fighting styles. She finished the training by having Shujinko
fight a Tarkatan warrior. Ashrah convinced Shujinko to help her find the evil
being known as Ermac so that she could destroy him and fulfill her goal of
purification. Shujinko set up the meeting between the two warriors, which
ended in Ashrah's defeat. She refused to stay down, but history shows that she
never became successful in defeating Ermac. 

Deception: Ashrah decided to kill Noob Saibot, one of the evilest wraiths in
the Netherealm. It is likely that she defeated Noob Saibot and Smoke, only to
be granted leave from damnation. In that situation, the Kriss would have
stayed behind.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

For the longest time, fans speculated that Ashrah was a goddess and was a
"female Raiden". Turned out that the two have nothing to do with one another.



Origin: Outworld
Species: Tarkatan
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn, Quan Chi and The Dragon King. Leader of his
Allies: Mileena, Shao Kahn, Onaga, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi
Enemies: Kung Lao, Bo' Rai Cho
Fighting styles: Silat, Hung Gar, Baraka Blades

Konquest: Baraka's Tarkatan army was set to attack the town of an Outworld
town out to protect themselves from Shao Kahn's rule. Eventually, Hotaru and
the Seidan Guard appeared to drive them away. Baraka met with Shujinko, whose
fault it was that Hotaru showed up. They battled, but Shujinko came out the 
victor. In defeat, Baraka was buttered up into teaching Shujinko how he 

Mortal Kombat II: Baraka had just led the assault on to the Shaolin 
Temples in retaliation for Liu Kang's MK1 victory. We do not know much 
about his role in this tournament, but he did end up losing. During this 
time, he and Mileena were having a secret romance.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Still on Shao Kahn's payroll, Baraka continued to 
fight for evil. He grew fearful of Kahn's wrath when he failed to capture 
several Earthrealm warriors. If Kahn were to defeat Raiden's forces, 
Baraka planned to take advantage of the weakened emperor and kill him. 
Because Shao Kahn did lose, Baraka's plans never came into fruition. He 
left his people behind and refused to follow Kahn either out of fear or 
because he just didn't know that he was still alive.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Baraka's nomadic excursions through various realms 
led him to meet Quan Chi in Edenia. The two struck a deal where Baraka 
would assassinate Shinnok, leaving them to rule the realm together. 
Baraka agreed, partially because he loved to fight and found it as a good 
excuse to crack some heads. It is unknown if he was able to kill Shinnok. 

Deadly Alliance: He wasn't mentioned during the game itself, but according to
MK:D, Baraka and his Tarkatan horde worked for Quan Chi and Shang Tsung.

Deception: Baraka was one of the first recruited by Onaga, the Dragon King.
He contacted his lover Mileena and included her into Onaga's plans. She would
disguise herself as her "sister", and as Kitana, she would command Bo' Rai Cho
into a diversionary battle that they could not win. For a while it seemed like
Baraka could not lose. But Bo' Rai Cho's army struck back harder, humiliating 
the Tarkatan horde. After being smacked around by Bo' Rai Cho, Baraka 
retreated. He sent the remaining members of his army to chase down Sub-Zero, 
who was seen wandering the Living Forest. Baraka had gotten word that Mileena 
wished to see him. He suspected that she may have helped Bo' Rai Cho's army
with the use of magical power. He sent a member of his race in his place, 
dressed like him. As Baraka predicted, it was a trap. After Mileena killed 
the fake Baraka, the real one showed himself and carved her guts out. 
Considering the remainder of his army had been killed by Sub-Zero, the future 
for Baraka is uncertain.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Baraka is a very unpredictable character, making him a liability to Shao 
Kahn, Quan Chi and Onaga. While he may seem calm and collected at one moment, 
before you know it he's causing decapitations left and right.

There were two concept sketches released that depicted ideas for Baraka's 
appearances before agreeing to his final look. One was exactly the same 
as the final version, only with long, luxurious black hair. The other was 
completely different, showing him as a masked ninja with swords, looking 
nothing like the traditional MK ninjas.

Baraka had a short cameo in UMK3 in Mileena's ending. Remember, Shinnok 
hadn't been written into the story yet so at the time her ending was 
completely different. In it, she kidnapped Sindel and Kitana and used 
them as hostages for Shao Kahn, forcing him to find a way to dupe 
Earthrealm's heroes into entering a new tournament where they would face 
Baraka. Baraka as the boss of MK4? He couldn't have been worse than 

The relationship between Shao Kahn and Baraka is strikingly similar to 
the relationship between Skeletor and Beastman from Masters of the 
Universe. The skull faced emperor who commands and regularly chastises a 
freak who leads a legion of monsters and mutants.

There is a MKG FAQ out there claiming Baraka's intro states that Kung Lao 
sliced him in half during MKT and Shinnok resurrected him. Apparently it was 
taken from a Prima strategy guide, which had an early version of the game's 
story. It was changed before the game was released.

While the Baraka mask came out looking cool, the budget for it was so low 
that his teeth were made up of painted press-on nails.

Despite Baraka's MKG ending appearing in the Krypt in MK:DA, which shows him
dying, it's definitely not canon due to his appearance in MK:D. Besides, the
ending also involved Quan Chi as the only living being in Outworld.



Origin: Outworld
Species: Elemental
Affiliation: Slave to those who worship the Dragon King
Allies: None.
Enemies: None.
Fighting Styles: Hapkido, Jeet Kun Do, Xing Yi

Mortal Kombat II: Yes, Blaze was in fact here. Remember the Pit 2 where 
the background shows a Liu Kang look-alike against a Liu Kang look-alike 
on fire? Well, that latter guy is supposed to be Blaze. It was on that 
bridge when he was randomly attacked by holy men serving the long dead 
Dragon King. They enslaved him through magic and forced him to protect the 
last known Great Dragon Egg.

Deadly Alliance: Here Blaze did nothing more than swim in hot lava while 
guarding the egg. He probably fought Nitara and/or Cyrax during this. 
Once the egg cracked and took over Reptile's body, Blaze was free to 
finish whatever quest he was in the middle of.

Deception: Probably still on his mysterious quest. We were never told just 
what he was up to.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

I'm sure there are some of you out there who find my Blaze in MK2 
explanation to be hard to swallow. Prior to MK:DA's release, Boon claimed 
that one of the two secret characters would be somehow connected to a 
background from MK2. That got people coming up with theories of who it 
would be. Smoke? Jade? Shao Kahn? A Shadow Priest? But most guessed that 
it would be Blaze and they were right. 

Before being named Blaze, the elemental was referred to as Torch by the 
fans for many years. The MK fans even have a name for that Liu Kang 
look-alike with the green headband that was fighting him: Hornbuckle. It 
amazes me that they never came up with any names for the Shadow Priests. 
Heck, it amazes me that the fans never came up with names for each 
individual audience member in Shao Kahn's courtyard.

The original sketches for Blaze looked a lot different from the Cinder 
rip-off that he eventually became. Think of Paul Phoenix with a skunk 
stripe in his hair, wearing only black pants. Then imagine him on fire 
and you have Blaze's original look. Now that I think of it, I know plenty 
of people who would love to see Paul Phoenix set on fire.



Height: 5'10"
Weight: 375 lbs
Origin: Outworld
Species: Human
Affiliation: Ally of the Shaolin Temples
Allies: Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Shujinko, Li Mei, Kitana
Enemies: Onaga, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Baraka
Styles: Drunken Fist, Mi Zong, Jojutsu, Sumo

Konquest: Bo' Rai Cho was the first of many teachers for Shujinko. He taught
the young boy the basics in battle. Once Damashi granted Shujinko the power
to copy the attacks of others, Shujinko was able to best Bo' Rai Cho in a
sparring match. Bo' Rai Cho was impressed with Shujinko's progress and trained
him even harder. He spent years with Shujinko under his wing. Having lost his
warrior's medallion, Master Cho asked Shujinko to fetch it. That was the last
he had seen of him for many years.

Deadly Alliance: With his legendary student Liu Kang dead, Bo' Rai Cho 
met with Kung Lao who asked to learn the attack Liu used to defeat Shang 
Tsung a decade before. Master Cho came back from retirement in order to 
train his new student. When being pursued by Baraka's army, Bo' Rai Cho came
across the Deadly Alliance transferring Li Mei's soul into an undead soldier.
He saved Li Mei and escaped with her, just as the rest of the heroes showed
up. From there, he began to train Li Mei as his student.

Deception: Onaga's return brought feelings of doom throughout Outworld as
Baraka's armies tore through the land. Bo' Rai Cho's feeling of lost hope
was altered once the spirit of his student Liu Kang visited him. With Liu
Kang's words, Bo' Rai Cho became inspired to turn the tides against the evil
roaming his world. He united various armies and led them with Li Mei at his
side against Baraka's horde. They massacred the evil forces and Bo' Rai Cho 
bested Baraka in battle. Hope had returned and Bo' Rai Cho united with some
of the other heroes to stop Onaga once and for all.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Bo' Rai Cho's name is actually a pun. "Borracho" is the Spanish word for 

He moved to Earthrealm years ago to help prevent Shao Kahn's plans to 
take over. He used his talents to train fighters to win Mortal Kombat. He 
didn't succeed until Liu Kang came along. The reason Bo' Rai Cho himself 
never entered is because he is from Outworld. Despite his good 
intentions, entering and winning MK1 would have ended with Shao Kahn 
breaching the portal to Earthrealm.

MK:DA claims that Master Cho is the creator of the drunken boxing 
fighting style. The guy loves to get drunk, especially with sake, which 
apparently isn't available in Outworld.

Bo' Rai Cho has never married. Gee, I wonder why.


CYRAX (Unit LK-4D4)

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 650 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Cyborg
Affiliation: Formerly Lin Kuei, currently Special Forces
Allies: Jax, Sonya, Nitara
Enemies: Sektor, Reptile
Styles: Ninjitsu, Sambo, Pulse Blade

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Cyrax, along with Sektor and Smoke, pursued the 
turncoat Sub-Zero. Cyrax eventually tracked him down and battled with 
Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero won and had Cyrax reprogrammed. The orders "eliminate 
Sub-Zero" were replaced with "eliminate Shao Kahn". Cyrax helplessly 
joined the war against the evil forces from Outworld. As Shao Kahn 
retreated, Cyrax's new mission was complete. He began to go haywire as he 
blindly wandered in the direction of Lin Kuei headquarters. He ended up 
buried in the sand, unable to climb out.

Mortal Kombat Gold: The remaining members of the Lin Kuei found Cyrax and 
brought him back to headquarters. They tried to undo the damage that 
Sub-Zero had bestowed upon his programming. Because they were low on men, 
they sent Cyrax to attack Sub-Zero once more, again assisted by Sektor. 
(Everything up to this point may or may not be canon, considering his 
MK:DA storyline) Jax Briggs from the Special Forces came across Cyrax and 
brought him back to his base where he and Sonya helped bring back the 
cyber ninja's human will. Cyrax thanked his new friends and joined their 
ranks as a scout for the Outerworld Investigation Agency.

Deadly Alliance: When on a routine excursion in Outworld, Cyrax was 
attacked by Reptile. Reptile destroyed his arm panel, which he used to 
communicate with his comrades in Earthrealm. Shortly after he met Nitara, 
they made a deal: she would return Cyrax home to Earthrealm if he were to 
crawl through lava to retrieve an orb that held Nitara's homeworld under 
Outworld's tyranny. Cyrax agreed and after a long journey, he obtained 
the jewel. Nitara thanked the cyborg and kept her word. Cyrax returned 
home, but could not find his Special Forces allies anywhere.

Deception: Stranded in Earthrealm with no way to help out his buddies.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Before finally being named in MK3, Cyrax's codename with the creators was 

Cyrax loathes Johnny Cage for his cheesy movies. Especially Ninja Mime.

When unmasked in his MKG ending, Cyrax was revealed to be of African 
descent. I only mention this because, when is the last time you've seen 
a black ninja? And no, Noob Saibot doesn't count.

What's odd is that one of Cyrax's styles is ninjitsu. This strikes me as 
weird since the originator of the Shirai Ryu (the Lin Kuei's rival) 
created the style. You'd think that would be the last style they would 
give him.

Cyrax was originally going to be Scorpion's cyber form, but they nixed that
pretty quickly.



Origin: Seido
Species: Human
Affiliation: Formerly worked for the Seidan guard
Allies: Darrius, anyone with the cash
Enemies: Hotaru

Konquest: Dairou was hired by Damashi to free Shujinko from prison. He
murdered the guards, set the old man free and took off.

Deception: Dairou was contracted to take out his former fellow guard Hotaru,
as set up by Darrius. What Dairou did not know was that Darrius was also
behind all the events that led Dairou to this point, including the death of
his family. His ending depicts him as killing Hotaru in a forest, but we won't
know if that's canon or not until the next game.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Dairou worked as a member of Hotaru's guard. His family had been killed, 
forcing Dairou to lose control when dealing with the killer. He was imprisoned 
for his actions and became bitter over his treatment. During a riot, Dairou 
was freed. He decided to become a mercenary, fighting for neither good nor 

Dairou was originally going to be in MK:DA. Storywise, he was going to be a 
bloodthirsty samurai from Outworld hired to protect Shang Tsung's fortress.



Origin: Seido
Species: Human
Affiliaton: Heads an underground resistence
Allies: Havik, Dairou
Enemies: Hotaru, Shujinko

Konquest: Darrius conducted a riot in Seido, but Shujinko stepped up to put
an end to the violence. Darrius refused arrest and was defeated in battle.

Deception: Darrius was free to remain the leader of the resistance in Seido.
He hired Dairou to both kill Hotaru and steal the Declaration of Order. From
there he planned to take over Seido with his resistance. As of now it is
unknown whether or not Darrius had succeeded in leading a new era.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Darrius comes from the world of Seido, but is more in tune with Havik's 
hatred for its constant order. Darrius leads a resistance to destroy Seido's 
dictatorship. While this may make him sound noble and heroic, he is far from 
it. Darrius is a terrorist and uses low-down tactics to get his way, such as
his plotting to turn Dairou against the rest of the Seidan Guard.

The last created character in MK:D.

His second costume seems to be based on Jim Kelly, star of Enter: The Dragon.

Early designs included the new leader of the Red Dragon and a sports athlete.



Origin: Outworld
Species: Oni
Affiliation: Worked for Shang Tsung
Allies: Moloch, Shang Tsung
Enemies: Scorpion, Quan Chi
Styles: Netherealm, Oni, Iron Club

Deadly Alliance: Drahmin and Moloch were wandering around the fifth plane 
of the Netherealm when they saw Scorpion beating Quan Chi into next week. 
The sorcerer begged for their help and said he would help them escape if 
they could get rid of Scorpion. The two Oni agreed and roughed up the 
ninja specter. On their way to finding mystic building with a portal in 
it, Scorpion attacked again. This time, while Drahmin and Moloch were 
busy, Quan Chi escaped through the portal. The furious Drahmin and Moloch 
made it through the portal before it finally closed.

The two found themselves in Outworld where they ran into Cyrax. While 
their numbers and raw strength were too much for the cyborg, Cyrax was 
able to scare them off with a chest mine.

The two Oni lived in a dark forest, feasting upon villagers who came by 
until the day when Shang Tsung appeared before them. He offered them 
shelter in the dungeon of his fortress. It was really a way for Shang 
Tsung to gain the advantage if Quan Chi were to turn on him. Living in 
the dungeon, Drahmin and Moloch found Scorpion lurking around one day, 
trying to find Quan Chi. Even though Scorpion gave it his all, he was 
still taken down by the demonic duo. They tossed him into Shang Tsung's 
Soulnado and killed him.

Deception: Probably just wandering around, reeking havoc with Moloch.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Drahmin smells really, really bad. So bad that upon entering Outworld he 
was bombarded with Outworld rotflies that have yet to cease swarming his 
decayed body. Lovely.

Early sketches of Quan Chi in MK:DA show him with a "living weapon" which 
was a head on a stick that looked exactly like Drahmin unmasked. It was 
even shown spitting out rotflies as an attack. I guess the creators felt 
that he'd be better to the story with an actual body.

That colorful artifact mask he wears is called the Face of Kun-Lo. When 
wearing it he is able to hold back his extreme rage and fight with his 
Netherealm style. But removing it causes him to go into Oni style, where 
he loses his focus and attacks with nothing less than murderous insanity.

Before being tossed into the Netherealm, Drahmin was a powerful warlord 
in Outworld. It is not known if there is any connection between he and 
Shao Kahn.

Drahmin's MK:DA ending showed him as tackling Quan Chi into the Inner Sanctum
and coming out in a different form. Whether he and Quan Chi were meant to be
fused or if Drahmin was to return to his mortal form is unknown. As John Vogel
explained, we will more than likely never know, since they dropped that part
of the story.

Drahmin's voice is not exactly what you'd expect from such a savage creature.



Origin: Outworld
Species: Amalgam of souls given a human form
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn
Allies: Kenshi, Liu Kang, Shujinko
Enemies: Ashrah, Onaga, Shao Kahn
Styles: Huan Chuan, Choy Lee Fut, Axe

Konquest: Ermac wandered the Netherealm, working under Shao Kahn. He wanted to
challenge Ashrah, but his magic power was weakening in the realm's atmosphere.
He had Shujinko find him an area with the Soul Stone that would enhance his
power. In return, Ermac taught Shujinko his fighting styles. Ermac fought
Ashrah and defeated her. The two were last seen continuing their battle.

Mortal Kombat 1: Whether or not he was there doesn't matter because even 
if he was, he didn't do a damn thing. More on this later.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: He accompanied Shao Kahn in his attempt to invade 
Earthrealm. Along with her emperor, Ermac was defeated but he did not 
die. Instead he followed Kahn to Outworld where he continued to serve as 
slave to Kahn's will.

Deadly Alliance: He did not appear in the game physically, but storywise, he
had some interesting developments. At some point after Shao Kahn's death at 
the hands of the Deadly Alliance, Ermac ran into the blind warrior Kenshi. 
Kenshi sympathized with Ermac and freed him from Shao Kahn's mind control. In 
return, Ermac taught Kenshi the secrets of telekinesis.

Deception: Ermac had found Liu Kang, locked in a soul-based internal struggle.
Ermac tried to help him deal with his situation while helping free the
zombified bodies of Liu Kang's friends. In a surprising showing of ability,
Ermac defeated Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Jax, Sonya and Kitana on his own at the
same time, as Liu Kang's ghost freed their minds, one at a time. Ermac was
proud of his noble victory and rise to redemption, but he could sense an evil
force controlling Onaga. Even in Onaga's defeat, the force would continue its
advance in domination.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Though it wasn't intentional, Ermac is said by some to have appeared in 
MK1. The claim was that it was a one in a million chance of the game 
glitching and having you face a red version of Scorpion with "ERMAC" 
(Error Macro) in the character's health bar. It wasn't until UMK3, when 
they wanted to get as much mileage of their male ninja sprite as 
possible, when he made his first official appearance.

Whether or not he was actually hanging around the MK1 tournament is hard 
to say. His UMK3 story claimed that he was very well hidden in the 
shadows during past tournaments with his ending saying nothing more than 
that he was really mysterious. Then MKT tossed that story out and went 
with the idea that he was the merging of various warrior souls put into 
human form.

Much like Venom from Marvel Comics, Ermac constantly refers to himself as more
than one entity. For instance, "We are Ermac. Do you truly wish to fight us?"

The gems on Ermac's clothes enhance his telekinetic ability.



Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human/???
Affiliation: Lin Kuei (2)
Allies: Sub-Zero
Enemies: Sonya
Styles: Tong Bei, Yuan Yang, Daggers

Deadly Alliance: After blazing through Sub-Zero's Lin Kuei recruitment 
tournament, Frost gained the attention of the new Grand Master Sub-Zero. 
He took her under his wing and helped her hone her Kori powers. Frost 
soon became full of herself, believing herself to be better than her 
skills admitted. But considering her great abilities, she accompanied 
Sub-Zero to Outworld to help defeat the menace of the Deadly Alliance. 
Separated from the other Earthrealm warriors, Frost attacked Sub-Zero and 
stole his Dragon Medallion for herself. She understimated its power and ended
up being encased in ice. Sub-Zero had no chance to forgive her for her actions
as she perished.

Deception: Sub-Zero buried her in the ruins of their Outworld ancestry.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Frost's attitude does not make her a favorite among the other heroes. 
Especially Sonya, who absolutely despises her.

Sub-Zero insists that Frost refer to him as "Sifu", which seems to mean 
"master" in Chinese. Personally I like to pretend it means "man with 
giant blue suspenders".

The daggers that she attacks with are actually created using her Kori 
powers on the spot. Her ice abilities are notably inferior to Sub-Zero's, 
which is shown by how he is able to do the same trick but create a huge 
sword instead.

Frost is believed to be the descendant of a race of beings from Outworld who
could control the very power of ice.



Origin: The heavens
Species: God
Affiliation: Gods of Earthrealm
Allies: Raiden
Enemies: Shinnok, older Sub-Zero

Mythologies: Fujin, God of Wind, guarded Shinnok's amulet in a hidden 
location along with his brethren: the Gods of Earth, Water and Fire. 
Despite their great powers, they were each defeated by the ninja 

Mortal Kombat Gold: One of the last few Earthrealm gods in action, Fujin 
fought alongside his good friend and mentor Raiden against Shinnok's 
forces. With his crossbow in hand, he proved himself against the forces 
of evil. Raiden, promoted to Elder God, gave Fujin his spot as Protector 
of Earthrealm.

Deception: No idea. You'd think that he'd be helping the cause to stop the
Dragon King, but he doesn't seem to be in the game.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

When asked where Fujin was in MK:DA, Ed Boon explained that he was still 
the Protector of Earthrealm. But since the threat was currently in Outworld, 
Raiden ordered Fujin to remain in Earthrealm in case he was to fail.

As far as I know, the other three elemental gods from MKM have not been 
graced with names. And I should point out that Blaze and the Fire God are 
not one in the same since Blaze is an elemental of Outworld.



Height: 8'2"
Weight: 550 lbs
Origin: Outworld
Species: Shokan
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn and later worked with Kitana's forces
Allies: Kitana, Kung Lao
Enemies: Liu Kang, Kung Lao (original), Noob Saibot, Kano, Johnny Cage

Mortal Kombat 1: It had been 500 years since Goro's streak began, 
beginning with his close victory against the original Kung Lao. Despite 
his might, Goro was overconfident. And that is why he was defeated by the 
Shaolin warrior Liu Kang. He then tangled with the combined might of Johnny 
Cage, Sonya Blade and Kano. The island began to crumble, and since there 
was no sign of him, his father and Shao Kahn believed him to be dead.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Goro had finally gotten over the shame of losing to a 
human. But he still sought after Liu Kang for a rematch. He returned and 
single-handedly ended the Shokan/Centaurian conflict. After Shinnok's 
defeat, Goro and Kitana made plans to bring peace to Edenia. Kung Lao, 
descendant of the man Goro slain centuries before, attacked the prince 
with his hat, slicing his chest. But despite the attack, Kung Lao and Goro 
made peace.

Deadly Alliance: Goro and Kitana became close friends and joined together 
to end Shao Kahn's tyranny once and for all. But during a battle against 
Kano's army, Goro was badly wounded by the dark ninja Noob Saibot. He died 
in a tent with his good friend Kitana sitting beside him.

Deception: Still dead.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Despite what some FAQs may say, his reappearance in MK4 had nothing to do 
with Shinnok.

Goro had seven wives and at least one son. It's unknown if any of those 
seven females were Sheeva.

He appeared as a playable character in the PS version of MKT, but his 
presence was not canon. It was only there for completion reasons.



Origin: Chaosrealm
Species: Human, barely
Affiliation: None
Allies: Darrius, Kabal, Kira, Kobra, Shao Kahn
Enemies: Onaga, Hotaru
Styles: Snake, Tang Soo Do, Morning Star

Konquest: Havik asked Shujinko for help in thwarting a Seidan invasion. Though
he promised training in return, Havik refused. Instead, he just attacked
Shujinko with intent to kill. Shujinko realized that it was Havik's own way
of training through experience, though Havik told him that he was serious in
trying to kill him.

Deception: Havik saved Kabal from certain death and convinced him to rebuild
the Black Dragon. From there, Havik used the Black Dragon as his agents of
chaos. Havik opposed Onaga, for he knew the Dragon King would bring some sense
of order throughout the realms. He led the heroes to Onaga's lair and watched
as Onaga died in battle. Once the heroes had left, Havik defiled Onaga's body
by tearing out his heart: the device that allowed Onaga to resurrect others.
What happened next is up in the air.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Havik's beta-name was Skab.

Havik's design was actually an early concept for an updated Noob Saibot.



Origin: Seido
Species: Human
Affiliation: Seidan Guard, works for Onaga
Allies: Onaga
Enemies: Darrius, Havik, Dairou, Sub-Zero, Kenshi, Shujinko
Styles: Ba Shan Fan, Pi Gua, Naginata

Konquest: While preparing to combat Darrius during a riot, Hotaru was
interrupted by Shujinko, who pleaded for him to help save an Outworld city
known as Lei Chen. After Shujinko defeated Darrius on his own, Hotaru agreed.
He and his fellow guardsmen went to Outworld and fended off Baraka's army. He
became the new overlord of Lei Chen and ruled over it for years. Shujinko
returned years later, asking for help in defeating the Deadly Alliance. His
plea fell on deaf ears as Hotaru was too distracted by Shujinko breaking the
curfew rules of Lei Chen. He had Shujinko imprisoned in Seido for a while to
await trial for his crimes. Reluctantly, Shujinko escaped with the help of
Dairou. Hotaru got the wrong idea and tried to execute his former friend.
Shujinko defeated Hotaru and left Seido with the Komidogu.

Deception: Being a freak about order, Hotaru joined the Dragon King. Though 
the Dragon King was evil, his dictatorship would bring stability to the 
realms. Hotaru was obsessed with taking out one of the more powerful heroes, 
Sub-Zero. They fought at one point with Sub-Zero as the winner, but then 
Hotaru started stalking both Sub-Zero and his traveling companion Kenshi. It
is unknown what became of Hotaru. Such possibilities include being cut in
half by Kenshi, being assassinated by Dairou, being killed by Darrius during
a revolution takeover in Seido, or even helping Shujinko fight Onaga.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Hotaru's name translates to some kind of bug. His original design was going to
have his armor look more insect-like.



Height: 6'1"
Weight: 220 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Red Dragon
Allies: Mavado
Enemies: Kano, Jax, Sonya
Styles: Shuai Chiao, Wrestling, Sun-Moon

Deadly Alliance: Hsu Hao had for many years worked with the Special 
Forces as a free agent. He was a huge help in taking out most of the 
remaining Black Dragon members. But he was really working for Mavado of 
the Red Dragon, taking orders to help the Special Forces with intent to 
eventually turn on them. Under Mavado's orders, Hsu Hao set a detonator 
in the Outerworld Investigation Agency's portal room. Jax tried to stop 
him, but Hsu Hao escaped into Outworld before the explosion went off. 
Within Outworld, he sought out his leader for more orders. Mavado 
explained that there was proof that Shang Tsung had hired Moloch and 
Drahmin so that he could turn on Quan Chi. Hsu Hao was instructed to do 
something about it and help Quan Chi, who Mavado admired as a great ally. 
Hsu Hao raced to destroy Shang Tsung, but the furious Jax Briggs quickly 
intercepted him. Hsu Hao died a violent death by having his cybernetic 
heart torn out in a fit of rage. 

Deception: Pushing daisies.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Hsu Hao was given a red, glowing cybernetic heart, given to him by the 
same surgeon who implanted Kano's red eye. Because of his special heart, 
Hsu Hao has an uncanny ability to carry out any objective without being 
distracted. His undivided focus is what made interested Mavado enough to 
make him his pupil.

Originally Hsu Hao's name was going to be Kublai Khan. In his first 
released screenshots, his name was listed as Khan in his health bar. This 
lead people to believe that he was actually Shao Kahn, despite the 
slightly different spelling of the last name. Even when his name became 
Hsu Hao, people still believed he was Shao Kahn because removing H and u 
makes his name "s Hao". But as you can plainly see from his story, there 
is no conceivable way Hsu Hao and Shao Kahn could be the same person. 
There are so many reasons as why they are NOT the same that I don't even 
know where to start. 



Origin: Edenia
Species: Human
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn and later Sindel
Allies: Sindel, Kitana
Enemies: Reptile, Tanya
Styles: Fan Zi, Kuo Shou, Bojutsu

Konquest: Jade fought Shujinko in the Living Forest over ownership of the
Outworld Komidogu. They mistakenly made Jade a good guy here, working for a
sane Sindel, but we can forgive them. Anyway, she got her clock cleaned.

Mortal Kombat II: Never really given any story. Probably just 
representing Shao Kahn, hiding in the background. Not sure if her being in
Goro's Lair has any hold on the story.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Sent with Reptile to go seek and destroy Kitana. 
This caused conflict with Jade as she had loved Kitana as a friend since 
childhood, but her loyalty to Kahn was strong. In the end she attacked 
Reptile and saved Kitana.

Deception: Jade found out that Sindel had been kidnapped and was being
guarded by Kitana herself. Jade rescued Sindel and realized that Onaga had
turned Kitana into his mental slave. She also saw that Tanya was helping in
his quest for domination. Jade faked defeat and allowed herself to be
captured by a group of Tarkatan warriors. Once she saw Tanya, she tossed an
orb at the traitor and covered her in its contents: Tarakan essense. The
Tarkatans warriors' instincts took over and they attacked Tanya, who they
thought was a rival male. Jade later joined Sindel, Shujinko and the others
in taking down Onaga.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Before facing her in MK2, it claims that she was an undiscovered warrior 
from MK1. Considering the MK2 intro says only 7 survived, she may have 
been lurking around for Shang Tsung, just like Reptile. But no, she wasn't
actually in the game.



Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Black Dragon
Allies: Kano, No Face, Tasia, Tremor
Enemies: Shinnok, Sonya, Jax

Special Forces: Jarek was released from prison by his leader Kano. He and 
his fellow Black Dragon members tried to prevent Jax from trailing Kano, 
they were each defeated.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Jarek escaped into Edenia, chased by Sonya Blade. Not 
knowing of Kano's survival, it was believed that Jarek was the last member 
of the Black Dragon at large. Upon finding out about Shinnok's threat, 
Jarek and Sonya put their differences aside. Jarek was a bad guy, but he 
wasn't going to let his world be taken over by some freak in clown 
makeup. After the dust settled and the heroes had won, Jarek and Sonya 
returned to their feud. Jarek attempted to rush Sonya on top a grassy 
cliff, only to miss completely and fall off.

Deception: Probably dead. But then again, being tossed into a pit is the 
least effective way to kill somebody in these situations. You never know, he 
may return one day to join Kabal's new Black Dragon.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Jarek's not one of the most original characters out there. Other than 
his ankle kick, all of his moves are taken from Kano. He even had the 
laser eyes and heart rip Fatalities. Midway apparently just wanted to use 
Kano and change his appearance to make him a new character. Hell, Namco 
has been doing that for years with the Soul Calibur series.

As for the other Black Dragon members that appeared in MK:SF, here they 

No Face: Bald man with a flamethrower. Expert on explosives.
Tasia: Black-haired woman in tight purple midriff top and matching pants. 
Uses swords.
Tremor: Looks exactly like Scorpion only brownish. That's pretty much it.

Notice how even though Jarek has copied Kano's style, he is still more 
courageous than his leader. While Kano joined Shao Kahn rather than fight 
him, Jarek risked his skin in order to prevent Shinnok from raping his 


JAX (Major Jackson Briggs)

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 350 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Special Forces, Earthrealm warriors
Allies: Sonya, Johnny Cage, Kenshi, Cyrax
Enemies: Kano, Mavado, Jarek, Hsu Hao, Kintaro, Tasia, No Face, Tremor
Styles: Muay Thai, Judo, Tonfa

Special Forces: Jax listened helplessly as the Black Dragon ambushed and 
killed his fellow Special Forces agents. With Gemini sending him helpful 
transmissions, he hunted down and defeated each henchman of Kano's, 
followed by entering Outworld and putting a stop to Kano's plans for 
world domination. He hauled Kano's unconscious body back to Earthrealm, 
completing his mission.

Mortal Kombat II: A squadron of Special Forces members had disappeared 
after their attempt to capture Kano and the Black Dragon. Jax's tracking 
found that the last surviving member, Sonya Blade, was being held captive 
in Outworld. He entered the realm for a second time and took part in Shao 
Kahn's unholy tournament. Even though he did not win, he succeeded in 
freeing Sonya and Kano from Kahn's imprisonment after the tournament had 
ended. Unfortunately Kano got away, but Jax and Sonya knew they would 
meet him again one day.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: The government didn't believe Jax and Sonya when 
they insisted that a skull-wearing giant from another world was going to 
attempt to take over Earth. Thanks to Raiden, Jax's soul was kept in tact 
in order for him to take on Kahn's forces. He did his part in ending the 
threat and soon after began the Outerworld Investigation Agency with 

Mortal Kombat Gold: Jax followed Sonya into Edenia where they and Jarek 
teamed up to put an end to Shinnok. During the adventure, Jax came across 
the body of Cyrax whose programming was going haywire. Jax and Sonya 
brought Cyrax back to a laboratory and had the cyborg's human will 
returned. Cyrax was grateful for their gesture and joined their team.

Deadly Alliance: Jax found Hsu Hao, a man he thought was an ally, ready 
to bomb the portal room at the Outerworld Investigation Agency. After a 
brief scuffle, Jax found himself unable to stop the Mongolian criminal. 
And to make things worse, he had Agents Cyrax and Kenshi stranded in 
Outworld. He and Sonya, with the help of Raiden, entered Outworld. Though Jax
ambushed Hsu Hao and tore him limb from limb, Jax wasn't as successful in his
attempt to defeat the Deadly Alliance.

Deception: Brought back from the dead to serve Onaga. Was saved by Ermac and
Liu Kang's spirit.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Why does Jax have metal arms in MK:SF but not in MK2? According to 
Tobias, it's because back in MK:SF they were only prototypes and still 
needed some work.

The idea for the metal arms is borrowed from the noncanon MK comics by 
Malibu, where some of the other Special Forces members had metal arms. Their 
version had Jax resort to the metal arms after a messy fight with Baraka 
where he was stabbed a couple times.

Jax is supposedly the strongest man on earth.

There's no evidence supporting a romantic relationship between Jax and 
Sonya. There does seem to be something going on with he and Gemini, 

In the MK2 comic, Jax was accompanied by his partner Steve Beran, named 
after a Midway staff member. For those wondering, Steve bought it in the
comic and was reduced to a pile of bones off-screen. Mileena is likely to 


JOHNNY CAGE (John Carlton) 

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Screen Actor's Guild, Earthrealm warriors
Allies: Liu Kang, Sonya, Jax, Mokap
Enemies: Goro, Kano, Paul W.S. Anderson
Styles: Karate, Jeet Kun Do, Nunchaku

Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage, trained by masters around the world, was 
invited to partake in the mysterious Mortal Kombat tournament. Sick of 
people claiming his skills were nothing more than camera tricks and special 
effects, Cage entered the tournament where he became good friends with Liu 
Kang and Sonya Blade. He teamed up with Sonya and Kano to face Goro, 
following the Shokan's loss to Liu Kang, when the island began to crumble. 
Raiden saved Johnny Cage and dropped him off near a Special Forces boat.

Mortal Kombat II: Jax interrogated Johnny Cage about the events of the 
Mortal Kombat tournament and the whereabouts of Sonya. After a while, 
Johnny was let go and briefly returned to acting. It didn't take long for 
Kahn's henchmen to track him down and attack. With the help of the Special 
Forces, Cage escaped with Jax and met with Raiden. Cage didn't hesitate to 
join his friends on the quest to Outworld, partially for it held the plot 
of a real kickass movie script. In the end he was defeated and retreated 
back to Earthrealm with the champion Liu Kang.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: He fought alongside his Earthrealm buddies. Why is this
description so short? Check the Facts and Notes section.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Johnny Cage joined the cause to save Earthrealm once
again by traveling with his buddies to Edenia. Once Shinnok was destroyed, 
Johnny Cage returned to making movies. He even won an award for his latest 
flick, where after opening his big mouth he played the target to the many 
items the losers had tossed at him.

Deadly Alliance: Johnny Cage was fed up with his latest movie where his 
character was supposed to die and come back again and again. Once Raiden 
showed up to ask for his help, Johnny complied immediately. He loved his 
real life adventures more than making movies. Unfortunately, in Outworld, he
lost in battle against the Deadly Alliance.

Deception: Raised from the dead to serve Onaga. Johnny and the others were
defeated and returned to normal by Ermac and the ghost of Liu Kang.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

As the original story goes, Cage died prior to MKT at the hands of Motaro's
forces. Due to a loophole from Earthrealm and Outworld merging, Cage's soul
was returned to his body. He helped stop Shao Kahn and then died again as
things went back to normal. Then in MKG, Raiden agreed to bring him back to
life to combat Shinnok. All of this has been retconned by John Vogel for
MK:DA. Instead, all of that junk about him dying is just "bad writing" that
came from his movies. So yeah, Johnny never died. At least, not until meeting
Shang and Quan.

The list of movies Johnny Cage has starred in: Dragon Fist, Dragon Fist 
II, Son of Dragon Fist, Sudden Violence, Aquatic Assault, 7 Poisons, Cage 
Match, The Gist of My Fist, 24 Karate Gold, Ninja Mime, HWAAAAA!!, Exiting 
the Dragon of Death, Wu Shu (television show), Who's That?, Mortal Kombat, 
Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat: The Death of Johnny Cage (unfinished), and 
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (never made since his ending never happened).

Ninja Mime was his first movie. It bombed in America but had a huge 
following in France.

Remember Smash TV? Johnny Cage appeared on the celebrity version where 
he defeated the giant Mutoid Man using his projectile. He gave his 
winnings to charity. What a guy.

The question of whether there's something going on between Johnny and 
Sonya like in the movie has been answered in Johnny's MK:DA ending where 
a movie poster shows him posing with Sonya holding on to his leg. If the 
MK4 comic is to be trusted, it seems the feelings are not mutual.

Two of Johnny Cage's styles in MK:DA are Jeet Kun Do and nunchuckus. This 
is an homage to Bruce Lee, the martial artist movie star who created Jeet 
Kun Do and regularly used nunchaku.

It's to be assumed that Johnny Cage didn't do nearly as much work in 
MK:DA as he says he did in his movie based on it (from his ending). But the 
fact that Scorpion appears on the movie poster suggests that the two may have 
fought at one point during the adventure.

In MK:DA, Johnny Cage joined his friends on Shang Tsung's deserted island 
by parachuting from a plane in a tuxedo. The guy's got style.

His real name, John Carlton, is taken from a Midway programmer with the same

They were originally going to call him Michael Grimm. I'm glad they made the 

Johnny Cage is based on Jean Claude Van Damme, who was originally going to be 
involved with the game until some kind of falling out.



Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Black Dragon (1), Black Dragon (2)
Allies: Kano, Kira, Kobra, Havik
Enemies: Mavado, Motaro
Styles: Sun Bin, Goju Ryu, Hookswords

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Kabal, a member of the Black Dragon, found himself 
alone after Shao Kahn had ravaged the souls of Earthrealm. While he was 
chosen by Raiden to help fight Kahn, Kabal was tracked down by Motaro and 
the Extermination Squads, who horribly mutilated him and left him for 
dead. Using a set of respirators to cover his now-hideous face and keep 
him alive, Kabal set off to join the heroes. He learned much from the 
war for Earthrealm and turned over a new leaf. He left the Black Dragon 
and swore to hunt down evil wherever it may rise.

Deadly Alliance: (not in-game) Kabal faced off against Mavado, leader of the 
Red Dragon. Kabal wanted to make Mavado pay for his evil while Mavado wanted 
to eliminate any last trace of the Black Dragon. Mavado came out the 
winner and sole survivor, taking Kabal's famous hookswords as a memento.

Deception: Kabal was saved from death by Havik, who convinced him to bring 
back the Black Dragon. As the new leader, Kabal's first act was to seek out
Mavado and get his revenge. After killing Mavado and being reunited with his
hookswords, Kabal found two worthy recruits to begin the new Black Dragon: the
female arms dealer Kira and Kobra, a serial killer obsessed with his own
deadly fighting skills. After the defeat of Onaga, it is possible that Kabal
killed Havik and stole Onaga's resurrecting heart. But what is known is that
he had Kira and Kobra face each other in a fight to the death to earn a
full-fledged member of the Black Dragon. Kira killed Kobra and was given the
assignment of finding two new recruits.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

His messed up face appears during one of his MK3 Fatalities, making him look 
like the Crypt Keeper with a bigger forehead.

Kabal's beta-name was Sandman.



Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: White Lotus Society, Earthrealm warriors
Allies: Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Raiden
Enemies: Shinnok

Mortal Kombat Gold: One of the last surviving members of the White Lotus 
Society, Kai joined Liu Kang in his expedition to kill Shinnok. That's 
it, really.

Deception: Evidence points to Kai being dead. His ending showed Raiden 
handing him his magical staff as gratitude for his help. But in 
MK:DA, Raiden still has his staff. And you would think he would have 
acquired Kai's help against the Deadly Alliance if he were still alive.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

There were sketches made in the early stages of creating MK:DA of Kai 
that were obviously never used. His look was considerably different. He 
still had the bandana, but only wore a hakama (big, dress-like pants that 
Geese Howard and Heihachi Mishima wear), and his tiger stripes were only 
around his shoulders and parts of his head. His weapon was the scimitar. 
Who knows, maybe they'll make an upgraded MK:DA with this new form of Kai 
in it.

Kai's beta-name was Maki. Man, what's with MK4 characters and girly names?



Height: 5'10"
Weight: 200 lbs
Age: 45
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Black Dragon (1), worked for Kahn and later the Deadly Alliance
Allies: Jarek, No Face, Tasia, Tremor, Shao Kahn, Sheeva, Quan Chi, Shang 
Enemies: Sonya, Jax, Mavado, Hsu Hao, Motaro
Styles: Xing Yi, Aikido, Butterfly

Special Forces: Kano, leader of the waning Black Dragon, broke out some 
of his most powerful accomplices from prison in order to help him with 
his plan for world domination. He escaped to Outworld but was closely 
followed by Special Forces agent Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs. Kano 
explained his plan to make the world his using the Eye of Shitian and 
fought the military man. Kano lost and was dragged back to Earthrealm.

Mortal Kombat 1: Kano escaped from the Special Forces and separated from 
his fellow Black Dragon members by boarding the ship to Shang Tsung's 
island. His plan was to win the tournament and steal the gold from Shang 
Tsung's castle. He ended up losing in the tournament, though he put his 
difference aside with his enemies Sonya and Johnny Cage in order to fight 
Goro. The island began to crumble and Kano appeared with Sonya in Outworld 
where they were eventually captured by Shang Tsung's forces.

Mortal Kombat II: Didn't fight in it, but was in the background of Shao 
Kahn's courtyard, beside Kahn's throne where he was chained up and put on 
display. He was set free by Jax, but escaped custody.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Kano made a deal with Shao Kahn before the 
invasion. He pointed out that he would make a great addition to his army, 
as he could teach Kahn's men how to use the weaponry of Earthrealm. 
During the great war, Kano met with his arch rival Sonya on top a tower. 
He was winning the fight and even tore out a piece of Sonya's hair to add 
insult to injury. But Sonya caught him off guard by tossing him off the 
tower by using her legs. Motaro had seen the fight and took Kano's dying 
body to the defeated Shao Kahn, who revived Kano by using magic. Kano was 
locked up so he could be horribly punished later. But outside his jail cell, 
Motaro was attacked and killed by Sheeva. Kano asked for her to release him 
from the prison, claiming he would help her destroy Shao Kahn. But when Kano 
was meant to keep Shao Kahn busy so Sheeva could surprise him with a fatal 
blow, Kano was merely tattling on his four-armed ally. Shao Kahn thwarted 
the assassination attempt and made Kano his new general on the spot.

Konquest: Amidst the MK:DA storyline, Kano found Shujinko wandering through
Outworld and had him tossed in with the prisoners of Li Mei's village.

Deadly Alliance: Kano had led Kahn's armies into battle many times, and 
he loved every minute of it. But when he paid his boss a visit so that he 
could gain some advice on their war with Kitana's army, he found the 
emperor tangled in a struggle with Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. Kano waited 
for the Deadly Alliance to come out on top before showing himself and 
asking to join them. As their general, he helped bring the creation of 
Shang Tsung's new fortress. He then became surprised to see that the two 
sorcerers had hired Kano's Red Dragon counterpart Mavado. Mavado had been 
granted a fight to the death with Kano for his work in disposing of 
Kenshi earlier on. It was a close fight, but Mavado's skills were too 
much for Kano to handle.

Deception: Dead, it looks like.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Kano's nationality was retconned in the series. At first he was a born 
in Japan by an American woman and immediately orphaned. But the creators 
liked Kano's portrayal in the movie so much that they changed him to being 
Australian for MK:DA. Dig the Crocodile Hunter reference when he faces 
Reptile in Konquest mode.

Speaking of the MK movie, one of Kano's knife attacks in MK:DA is called 
"Ear to Ear". This is most likely a reference to his line in the movie 
where he pulls out a knife and explains that he sliced Sonya's partner 
"Ear... *krrrk* to ear" then swung the knife at her.

To his death, Kano always had Sonya's lock of hair on him. He used it as 
a reminder of the mistake he made in that fight.



Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Special Forces
Allies: Ermac, younger Sub-Zero, Sonya, Jax
Enemies: Shang Tsung, Mavado, Hotaru
Styles: Tai Chi, San Shou, Katana

Konquest: Shujinko found Kenshi in Earthrealm, a couple years before the MK1
tournament. Kenshi explained his past to Shujinko and the two became friends.
Kenshi trained Shujinko in fighting without sight. The two went their
separate ways, but met again prior to the MK1 tournament. Shujinko had
impressed Shang Tsung and got both of them spots in the tournament. Kenshi
learned that Shang Tsung was always aware of his presense, which explained
why Kenshi could never catch up to him. It was never explained why Kenshi
never made it to the MK1 tournament.

Deadly Alliance: Kenshi, a member of the Special Forces, entered Outworld 
in order to rescue Cyrax. His true intentions were to kill Shang Tsung, 
who was responsible for Kenshi's lack of sight. Kenshi found out about 
the Deadly Alliance's plans to resurrect the Dragon King's army and tried 
to reach the portal to Earthrealm so he could warn his comrades and get 
help. His attempts were in vain as Hsu Hao destroyed the Outerworld 
Investigation Agency's portal. Kenshi wandered through Outworld with 
intent on stopping Shang Tsung himself. He met a ninja named Ermac, whose 
background was similar in ways to Kenshi's. He broke Ermac away from the 
late Shao Kahn's mind control and was thanked by learning the ability to 
move objects via telekinesis. On his way to find Shang Tsung, Kenshi was 
challenged by Mavado of the Red Dragon. Mavado ended up winning, leaving
Kenshi to die.

Deception: Kenshi was saved by Sub-Zero. Due to Shang Tsung's death, Kenshi
no longer had any need to remain in Outworld. He and Sub-Zero wandered towards
the portal to Earthrealm, closely followed by Hotaru. It is not known if
Kenshi saved Sub-Zero by killing Hotaru, as explained in his ending, but the
two ultimately did not return to Earthrealm. Instead, they joined forces with
Shujinko to stop Onaga's plot to merge the Komidogu.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Kenshi has been after Shang Tsung since before MK1. He was a wandering 
swordsman, filled with vanity that Shang Tsung recognized as a descendant 
of a group of Warrior Kings. The old man convinced Kenshi to go to his 
ancestors' tomb and open it up to find a sword that would make him an 
even greater fighter. But when Kenshi opened a well, he was blinded by 
the screaming souls of his ancestors, which flew past him and into Shang 
Tsung, who devoured every one of them. Tsung was right about the sword, 
which magically led Kenshi out of the tomb. After that, he searched the 
far reaches of Earthrealm in order to free his ancestors and make Shang 
Tsung pay.

His original name was Blind Kenshi. Before that it was going to be Blind Gi.

Since he can't see, he uses his advanced hearing for Test Your Sight.



Origin: Outworld
Species: Raptor
Affiliation: None
Allies: Reptile
Enemies: Shao Kahn

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Khameleon's intentions were to track down Reptile, 
the last male of her species. Reptile had always been ignorant of his 
race's past and how Shao Kahn had drove them into extinction. Khameleon 
hoped to inform Reptile of this so that they could destroy Shao Kahn 
together. Unfortunately for her, she never caught up with him.

Deception: Possibly dead. Or just plain forgotten.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Khameleon was only available in the N64 version of MKT. The PS version 
had Chameleon who was never given an official story, other than being 
called one of Shao Kahn's deadliest warriors when you earn the right to 
fight him. While Khameleon had the abilities of all the female ninjas, 
Chameleon had the abilities of all the male ninjas.



Origin: Outworld
Species: Shokan
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn
Allies: Shao Kahn, Goro, Shang Tsung
Enemies: Raiden, Jax

Mortal Kombat II: Kintaro, the general of Shao Kahn's armies at the time, 
was entered in Kahn's tournament as a trump card. Despite his amazing 
power, he was killed in battle by Raiden.

Deception: Still dead, I'm afraid.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Kintaro appeared in MKT for the PS, but like Goro, his inclusion was not 
canon. It was only there for completion reasons.

Early sketches of Kintaro had him as a creature totally different from 
the Shokan he became. He only had two arms and looked like Tony the Tiger 
on steroids.



Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Black Dragon (2)
Allies: Kabal, Kobra, Havik
Enemies: Sonya
Styles: Xing Yi, Kenpo, Dragon Teeth

Deception: Kira worked as a weapons dealer, disguised as a man. A sale went
awry when her gender was discovered and she had to fight her way out. As she
got away, she discovered Kabal, who had kept an eye on her. He made her his
first recruit in the new Black Dragon. The two moved on to New York City,
where they saved the martial artist Kobra from being brought to jail. The
three of them worked as agents for Havik, spreading the ways of violent chaos.
After the defeat of Onaga, Kira and Kobra were forced to fight for the right
of staying with the Black Dragon. Kira killed Kobra with her knives and was
given the assignment of tracking down two more recruits.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Her moves are a mix between Kano's and Sonya's.



Height: 5'9"
Weight: 128 lbs
Origin: Edenia
Species: Human
Affiliation: Formerly worked for Shao Kahn
Allies: Liu Kang, Sindel, Jade, Goro
Enemies: Mileena, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Tanya
Styles: Eagle Claw, Ba Gua, Steel Fans

Mortal Kombat II: Kitana was a private assassin for Shao Kahn. But over 
the years she had learned the truth that she was really the daughter of 
Edenia's original ruler Jerrod until Shao Kahn took over and made it 
into a part of Outworld. She had been spotted talking with an Earthrealm 
warrior (probably Liu Kang), which aroused Kahn's suspicions. In the 
tournament, Kitana met with her "twin sister" Mileena, who was really 
nothing more than a grotesque clone created by Shang Tsung. Kitana 
defeated and killed her clone. After the tournament, Kitana eluded her 
stepfather's wrath by hiding in Earthrealm.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Kitana was on the run from Shao Kahn's forces, 
trying to help out Earthrealm the best she could. She evaded Reptile's 
assassination attempt and found her mother Sindel. After some difficulty, 
Kitana had finally convinced Sindel who she was and what had happened ten 
thousand years ago. Sindel rebelled against her lover and helped 
Earthrealm win, separating Edenia from Outworld as well. Before returning 
to her home world to rule by her mother's side, Kitana personally thanked 
Liu Kang.

Mortal Kombat Gold: As Kitana's realm of Edenia was taken over by 
Shinnok, she was imprisoned so she could be tortured after he had dealt 
with Raiden. She easily escaped and joined her allies in the war. As the 
battles winded down, she again faced her own clone Mileena who had been 
resurrected by Shinnok. It was a brief fight and Kitana won by dropping 
Mileena down a trap door. After becoming great allies with the reformed 
Prince Goro, Kitana then went on to thank Liu Kang once more for his 
help, asking that he join her and become the King of Edenia for eternity. 
Liu Kang turned her down so that he could further train and protect 

Sure, he could have stayed. They would have probably made him King. But 
in his own little world, though... he was the King. Hail to the King, 

...Sorry, where was I?

Konquest: In a scene that seemed to come out of continuity, Kitana had
Shujinko go and rescue Sindel.

Deadly Alliance: Kitana and Goro's forces had been deep in war with 
Kano's armies. They were gaining the upper hand when Goro fell in battle. 
Morale was down, especially from the Shokan warriors. But in an odd turn 
of events, assassins had killed Shao Kahn. Kitana helped her Earthrealm 
friends take on the Deadly Alliance after Kung Lao informed her of Liu 
Kang's tragic death. She challenged the Deadly Alliance, but was killed in the

Deception: Onaga resurrected Kitana and made her his bodyguard. Sindel was
kidnapped and guarded by her brainwashed daughter (oh, the irony). Jade
showed up and locked away Kitana while running off with Sindel. Later on,
Kitana, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Jax and Sonya were defeated by the enigmatic
Ermac while Liu Kang's ghost individually freed their minds from Onaga's
grasp. Kitana then joined the heroes in the siege against Onaga.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Kitana was originally intended to be in MK4, but they decided to change 
her color scheme and introduce Tanya instead, citing that there were not 
nearly enough new characters. She was still available to play as in the 
N64 version by use of a Game Shark.

According to her Konquest mode in MK:DA, Kitana joined Kung Lao on his 
journey to find and train with Bo' Rai Cho. Judging from Bo' Rai Cho's 
Konquest mission where he spars with Kitana, I wonder if that part about 
her leaving because of his disgusting vomit attack holds any merit to the 

Kitana is just a little over 10,000 years old.



Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Black Dragon (2)
Allies: Kabal, Kira, Havik
Enemies: Smart-asses who ask him to perform a Shoryuken
Styles: Shorin Ryu, Kickboxing, Kali Sticks

Deception: Kobra was livid with the rules of his martial arts training. He was
the top of his class with seemingly unmatched ability, but he could never know
for sure, seeing as how full-contact was barred. He wandered off, hoping to 
find the answers to what "kombat" truly was. Over time he became obsessed with
his ability to destroy with his fists and became a serial killer. The law
caught up with him, but Kabal and Kira came to the rescue. Kobra gladly
accepted recruitment into the Black Dragon. The three of them fought under
orders of Havik until after Onaga's defeat. Kobra and Kira were set against
each other by Kabal so that the winner would remain with the Black Dragon,
while the other would perish. Kobra fought hard, but unfortunately for him,
Kira got the best of him and killed him.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Funny story behind Kobra. Kobra's design is so similar to Ken Masters of
Street Fighter that his prototype name in beta versions of the game was "Ken
Masters". Midway supplied a copy of the beta to a German magazine while
insisting that they do NOT review that specific copy of the game. Well, they
did it anyway. And so, a German gaming magazine insisted that Ken Masters from
Street Fighter was indeed going to be in MK:D.

Another prototype name for Kobra was "Ben".



Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: White Lotus Society, Earthrealm warriors
Allies: Liu Kang, Kai, Raiden, Bo' Rai Cho, Goro
Enemies: Baraka, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi
Styles: Shaolin Fist, Mantis, Broadsword

Mortal Kombat II: Kung Lao, descendant of the former Mortal Kombat 
champion, was one of the few survivors of Baraka's attack on the Shaolin 
Temples. He joined his good friend Liu Kang in entering the Outworld 
tournament. Even though he lost, Liu Kang advanced to defeat Shao Kahn 
at his own game. The two retreated back to Earthrealm.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Kung Lao had been trying to reform the White Lotus 
Society, but that came to a halt when Shao Kahn's invasion began. 
Raiden's power protected Kung Lao's soul and he attacked the emperor 
towards the climax of the events. Kung Lao was horribly beaten, and 
thought to be dead. Instead, he allowed the determination of his friends 
take care of the threat while he retreated to live a peaceful life 
without fighting.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Kung Lao returned to action for two reasons: 
Shinnok's threat and the apparent return of Goro. Kung Lao hoped to 
settle the score with his blood enemy and avenge his ancestor's loss. 
After Shinnok's defeat, Kung Lao and Goro clashed, but it ended with the 
two of them talking over their differences and finally putting the feud 
to rest. Kung Lao returned to Earthrealm to continue training with Liu 

Deadly Alliance: Kung Lao tossed away his Shaolin beliefs when he found 
his best friend Liu Kang's dead body. He joined Raiden and the other 
Earthrealm warriors in putting a stop to the Deadly Alliance. But first 
he sought out Bo' Rai Cho, the man who trained Liu Kang to defeat Shang 
Tsung years ago. Though Kung Lao's skills increased, it just wasn't enough.
He fell at the hands of the Deadly Alliance.

Deception: Onaga transformed him into one of his zombie slaves. Kung Lao
was again defeated, this time at the hands of Ermac. Liu Kang's ghost cleansed
Kung Lao's mind and brought back his free will. Kung Lao then helped Shujinko
in the quest to stop Onaga.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

There are some who believe that Kung Lao had won MK2, but to me it would 
not make sense. Why would somebody who defeated Shao Kahn lack so much 
confidence in facing Shang Tsung? And why would Shao Kahn be more after 
Liu Kang than the guy who kicked his ass?



Height: 5'11"
Weight: 120
Origin: Outworld
Species: Human
Affiliation: None
Allies: Bo' Rai Cho, Onaga
Enemies: Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Kano
Styles: Baji Quan, Lui He Ba Fa, Sai, Mi Zong, Kun Lun Dao

Konquest: Li Mei met Shujinko while a slave under Kano. She told him her plans
to kill Quan Chi and Shang Tsung through their tournament. Shujinko didn't
agree with her chances, but decided to train her anyway. He taught her skills
taught to him by Bo' Rai Cho. He realized that Hotaru might have been able to
rescue her and left Li Mei to find him.

Deadly Alliance: Li Mei was among a village of people forced by Kano to 
build a structure for Shang Tsung. Li Mei rebelled and fought off several 
soldiers and even Kano himself. But Quan Chi stepped in and made a deal 
with her: If she could win Quan Chi's tournament, then she and her people 
would be freed. She entered and eventually came out on top, but her 
victory was in vain. Quan Chi and Shang Tsung had no intent on actually 
setting her free. Instead they revealed that the true purpose of their 
tournament was to find worthy souls to use to bring the Dragon King's 
army back to life. Li Mei's soul was the last one needed and her victory 
brought the army's revitalization in full circle.

Deception: Due to Bo' Rai Cho's intervention, Li Mei was saved from
permanently being stuck as one of the Dragon King's soldiers. Bo' Rai Cho
trained Li Mei, finishing what Shujinko taught her. The two fought alongside
each other to defeat the Tarkatan threat and were then brought together with
the other heroes to stop Onaga. Due to her brief time as one of Onaga's
soldiers, Li Mei was compelled to betray her friends and join Onaga's side.
Her fate is unknown.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

There is a lot of confusion about Li Mei's tournament in MK:DA. Let me 
THE MK:DA STORY. The tourney is only a side-story, unlike the MK1 and MK2 
tournaments, which WERE the story. So guys like Kung Lao and Jax were not 
part of this thing. It was just a way for Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to 
build up their army. It's possible that Kenshi vs. Mavado and Mavado vs. 
Kano were a part of this tournament, but that would just be speculation.



Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human/Zombie/Ghost
Affiliation: White Lotus Society, Earthrealm warriors
Allies: Kung Lao, Raiden, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Jax, younger Sub-Zero, Kitana, 
        Ermac, Bo' Rai Cho, Kai
Enemies: Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Goro, Onaga, Quan Chi, himself
Styles: Jun Fan, Pao Chui, Nunchaku

Mortal Kombat 1: Liu Kang entered Shang Tsung's final Mortal Kombat 
tournament, representing Shaolin. He made it through the grueling 
tournament, taking down the champion Prince Goro. He was challenged to 
face Shang Tsung, whom Liu defeated with his flying kick. Upon saving 
Earthrealm, he returned to the Shaolin Temples to find them in ruins 
thanks to an attack by an army of mutants from Outworld.

Mortal Kombat II: With his friends Johnny Cage and Kung Lao, Liu Kang 
ventured into Shao Kahn's trap: a tournament where losing would spell 
the end for Earthrealm. Liu Kang fought strong and proved his superiority 
by even defeating Shao Kahn, a feat thought to be impossible. Liu Kang 
retreated to Earthrealm and paid respects to his fallen Shaolin brothers.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Once again Shao Kahn made himself a threat. Liu 
Kang became the number one target for Kahn's Extermination Squad, but 
succeeded in dodging them. He most likely was the one who defeated Kahn 
and caused him to retreat to Outworld, after watching Raiden lose and 
Kung Lao seemingly die. Kitana personally thanked Liu Kang for his part 
in ending Kahn's reign.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Again Liu Kang tagged along with Raiden to stop the 
latest danger to humanity. The Shaolin warrior and his allies succeeded 
in destroying Shinnok and saving the realms once again. This time Kitana 
asked him to join her in Edenia as her King. Liu turned her down and 
insisted that he needed to continue protecting Earthrealm. Perhaps 
Shinnok hit him in the head one too many times.

Deadly Alliance: Though not playable, Liu Kang's appearance is most important.
While meditating and doing a kata, his rival Shang Tsung attacked. He had the 
fight won until Quan Chi showed himself and made it 2-on-1. Shang Tsung 
snapped Liu's neck like a twig and devoured his soul.

Deception: An evil force ravaged Liu Kang's tomb and awakened his corpse. Liu
Kang's decaying body went on a destructive rampage, killing innocents with the
skills of his former life still intact. With the death of Shang Tsung, Liu
Kang's spirit was free to ascend to the Heavens, but instead felt guilty about
its body's evil behavior. Also, Onaga had resurrected five of Liu's closest
friends to fight as his slaves. Liu Kang met with Ermac, whose knowledge and
thirst to fight for a noble cause would come in handy. Ermac defeated Liu's
friends as Liu's ghost freed their minds and returned them to normal. After
the defeat of Onaga, Liu Kang's spirit found the body and the two took part
in a completely even fight that spanned realms. Once back in Earthrealm, the
two were blasted by Raiden and merged together into one being. Liu Kang lived

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

In the MK:DA intro, Liu Kang is shown fighting Shang Tsung using Jeet 
Kun Do. Considering he's based on Bruce Lee in ways, it's fitting.

At some points Liu Kang is referred to as a descendant of the original Kung 
Lao. This is odd since Kung Lao has been said to be the last known 
descendant. And also because being the descendant of the original Kung Lao 
seems to be one of the only things Kung Lao has going for him. I mean, the 
games can't go five seconds without reminding us. Say, did you know that 
Kung Lao is the descendant of the guy who lost to Goro?

Another thing from the movie that some consider canon when it isn't is 
the murder of Chan Kang by Shang Tsung. That was just added to make his 
ambitions a little more dramatic. According to Liu's MK1 profile, he did 
have a brother named Chow Kang, but his whereabouts are unknown. Perhaps 
we will see him show up in a future MK game.

In Quan Chi's MK:DA ending, Liu Kang's soul entered the body of Kano and 
took over. MK:D shows that it was non-canon, so don't expect to see "Liu Kano" 
in the near future.

Liu Kang's turkey vocals are courtesy of Ed Boon.



Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Red Dragon
Allies: Hsu Hao, Quan Chi
Enemies: Kabal, Kano, Sonya, Jax, Shang Tsung, Kenshi, younger Sub-Zero
Styles: Long Fist, Wing Chun, Hookswords

Deadly Alliance: Mavado was the leader of the Red Dragon syndicate. 
Within Outworld, Mavado made a deal with the Deadly Alliance where he 
would fight on their side in return for sanctuary for his faction during 
the upcoming Earthrealm invasion. He found out that Kano, the last 
surviving member of the Black Dragon, was alive and working for the 
Deadly Alliance as well. Mavado was given orders to eliminate Kenshi, a 
Special Forces spy from Earthrealm, with the reward of being able to face 
Kano in a fight to the death. He proceeded to defeat both Kenshi and Kano.
Favoring Quan Chi, he sent Hsu Hao off to destroy Shang Tsung, but Jax had 
other ideas.

Deception: Eventually, Kabal caught up to him and got his revenge. As shown
in Kabal's first bio, Mavado is most definitely dead.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Those hookswords used to belong to Kabal, a former member of the Black 
Dragon. Even though Kabal had abandoned his Black Dragon ways, Mavado 
still felt it necessary to terminate him. He even has a couple moves with 
names like "Kabal's Revenge".

His original name was Malvado, which in Spanish translates to "evildoer". It's
possible that "Mavado" is meant to be a mix between "malvado" and "bravado".

While equally evil, Mavado is the opposite of Kano. He is more disciplined, 
honorable and dignified than his Black Dragon counterpart.



Origin: Outworld
Species: Human/Tarkatan hybrid
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn and later Shinnok
Allies: Baraka, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Onaga
Enemies: Kitana, Sindel
Styles: Ying Yeung, Mian Chuan, Sai

Konquest: Mileena was part of the siege to destroy Lei Chan until Shujinko
arrived. Mileena attacked the newcomer, but all it did was teach him how to
copy her attacks. Mileena convinced Shujinko to bargain with Overlord
Zeffeero for the fate of the village.

Mortal Kombat II: Mileena was sent to take care of Kitana, her supposed 
twin sister. In reality Mileena was really a monstrous clone created by 
Shang Tsung. She also had a secret romance going on with Baraka, a member 
of Shao Kahn's army. When she fought Kitana she was put out of her 

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Mileena had mysteriously returned and helped out 
Shao Kahn by reading Kitana's thoughts from afar. She was really waiting 
for Kahn to be weakened from the heroes' onslaught so that she could 
attack in the name of Shinnok, the god who resurrected her in the 

Mortal Kombat Gold: Mileena fought on the side of Shinnok with plans to 
turn on him and break the chains of slavery. She also wanted revenge for 
the death she suffered at the hands of Kitana. She tried to attack her 
"sister" in Kitana's throne room, but she made the mistake of knocking 
Kitana right next to the location of a trigger that opened up the trap 
door. Mileena fell to her supposed death.

Deception: Mileena met with Baraka, who insisted that his new master was
invincible and had control over Kitana's body. Mileena used this news as a
means to disguise herself as her "sister" so that she could live her life and
trick the heroes. She ordered a diversionary battle against Baraka's army and
sent Bo' Rai Cho to lead the battle. Mileena was surprised to find that her
army was actually successful, which caused her scheming to continue. She had
command of the most powerful army in Outworld and the only one who knew the
truth was Baraka. Mileena set up a meeting with Baraka, but turned on her
lover and fed him to beetles. The REAL Baraka then showed up and tore Mileena
to pieces.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

I'm sure everyone knows this already, but it's worth mentioning. 
Mileena's mask hides a set of teeth identical to Baraka's. As far as we 
know that's the only freakish similarity between the two. I don't think 
we've ever seen under her wrist coverings.

Her retconned UMK3 ending had her kidnapping Sindel and Kitana and using 
them as hostages so Shao Kahn could get Earthrealm's warriors to enter a 
fourth tournament where Baraka would make his big return and tear them 
apart. The reason they changed this was because of Baraka's inclusion in 
MKT and also so they could build up Shinnok's big appearance.

I think I speak for everyone when I classify Mileena as a "Butterface" :)



Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Midway
Allies: Johnny Cage
Enemies: Everyone he meets
Styles: Karate, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do

Deadly Alliance: Mokap had absolutely no part in the story.

Deception: Probably somewhere in Earthrealm, eating Cheetos on a couch.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

MOtion CAPture + the MK style of replacing C with K = Mokap. Get it?

He's based on Carlos Pesina, who did the motion capturing for many of the 
moves in MK:DA.



Origin: Netherealm
Species: Oni
Affiliation: Worked for Shang Tsung
Allies: Drahmin, Shang Tsung
Enemies: Scorpion, Quan Chi

Deadly Alliance:  (Repost from Drahmin's section) Drahmin and Moloch were 
wandering around the fifth plane of the Netherealm when they saw Scorpion 
beating Quan Chi into next week. The sorcerer begged for their help and 
said he would help them escape if they could get rid of Scorpion. The two 
Oni agreed and roughed up the ninja specter. On their way to finding 
mystic building with a portal in it, Scorpion attacked again. This time, 
while Drahmin and Moloch were busy, Quan Chi escaped through the portal. 
The furious Drahmin and Moloch made it through the portal before it 
finally closed.

The two found themselves in Outworld where they ran into Cyrax. While 
their numbers and raw strength were too much for the cyborg, Cyrax was 
able to scare them off with a chest mine.

The two Oni lived in a dark forest, feasting upon villagers who came by 
until the day when Shang Tsung appeared before them. He offered them 
shelter in the dungeon of his fortress. It was really a way for Shang 
Tsung to gain the advantage if Quan Chi were to turn on him. Living in 
the dungeon, Drahmin and Moloch found Scorpion lurking around one day, 
trying to find Quan Chi. Even though Scorpion gave it his all, he was 
still taken down by the demonic duo. They tossed him into Shang Tsung's 
Soulnado and killed him.

Deception: Probably just wandering around, killing stuff with Drahmin.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Moloch is the only character in MK:DA who doesn't change styles. This is 
because unlike Drahmin, Moloch is unable to pull back his primal rages.

Unlike Drahmin, Moloch is a natural Oni, born in the Netherealm while 
Drahmin was a man driven to becoming an Oni.

"Moloch" means "Something possessing the power to exact severe sacrifice." 
The term comes from a Canaanite demon from Hebrew scripture, who as Eric C. 
describes, "His form was of a bull and children were sacrificed to him by 
being thrust through the idol's mouth into its hollow belly where a fire 
was burning."



Origin: ?
Species: ?
Affiliation: Worked for the Elder Gods
Allies: Elder Gods
Enemies: Shujinko
Styles: Hapkido, Moi Fah, Mugai Ryu

Konquest: Monster was the true Champion of the Elder Gods. So he was alarmed
to find Shujinko wandering the Nexus, claiming to be the Champion himself. The
two fought and Monster lost. That is his only known appearance in the MK

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Monster was originally going to be Scorpion. The white bone knight look was
set to be Scorpion's alternate outfit and a storyline involving time travel
was going to be used, but it was eventually nixed out of being way too



Origin: Outworld
Species: Centaurian
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn
Allies: Shao Kahn
Enemies: Sheeva, Kano

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: After Kintaro's death, Motaro was named the new 
general of Shao Kahn's armies. As Kahn invaded Earthrealm, it was 
Motaro's job to lead the Extermination Squad to take out any surviving 
Earthrealm warriors. He watched as his ally Kano lost to Earthrealm's 
Sonya Blade and brought Kano's dying body back to Shao Kahn in Outworld. 
While locking up the revived Kano, Motaro was attacked and killed by 

Deception: Dead. Maybe Kahn used him to make glue.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Motaro's a snoozer so I don't really have anything to put in this 
section. He deflects projectiles with his skin. Does that work for you? 
Okay, then. Moving on...



Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Earthrealm warriors
Allies: Shujinko
Enemies: Onaga, Shao Kahn
Styles: Val Tudo, Tae Kwon Do, Tomahawks

Konquest: Nightwolf met Shujinko and noticed much evil within him. For several
years, Nightwolf trained Shujinko in battle and in keeping his inner darkness
in check.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Nightwolf's soul was spared from Shao Kahn. His sacred
homeland made for a sanctuary for the heroes to remain without Kahn's evil
invading through. He used his shaman powers to aid the other heroes in order 
to keep Kahn from taking over Earthrealm.

Deception: Nightwolf absorbed the sins of his ancestors in hopes of entering
the Netherealm. He separated himself from his allies for his journey, but the
outcome is unknown as of now. He planned on imprisoning Onaga in the
Netherealm, but that's not likely going to be canon. He was probably talked 
into joining Shujinko in facing Onaga in Outworld.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

The guy who hosts the excellent fighting game site Fighter's Generation 
(http://www.gamegen.com) claims that Nightwolf won MK3. Somebody call the 
authorities because whatever he's smoking can't possibly be legal.

Nightwolf's portrayal on the cartoon Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the 
Realm has to be the most asinine representation of any MK character, 
including the movies. Here he was a skinny twerp who was a computer wiz. 
When his pet wolf jumped into his stomach he would become Nightwolf. The 
guy makes Dr. Dhalsim from the Street Fighter movie look in character.



Origin: Unnamed vampire realm
Species: Vampire
Affiliation: None
Allies: Cyrax
Enemies: Shao Kahn, Reptile
Styles: Leopard, Fu Jow Pai, Kama

Deadly Alliance: Nitara was in desperate need to separate her realm from 
Outworld, but the orb that held them together was hidden under boiling 
lava. She found out that the cyborg Cyrax was scouting through Outworld 
and devised a plan. She used her vampire allure to trick Reptile into 
slowing down his journey to warn Shao Kahn. Reptile ended up arriving to 
Kahn's throne room too late to save his master so he joined Nitara. Under 
her orders, Reptile damaged Cyrax's arm panel, which in turn damaged his 
inter-dimensional transmitter and stranded him in Outworld. Nitara made 
a deal that if Cyrax could get her the orb, she would drop him back into 
Earthrealm. The robo ninja agreed and they made a long trip to the 
incubation chamber of the Last Great Dragon Egg. There Cyrax swam into 
the lava and found the orb. Nitara sent him home and shattered the orb, 
which knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, she was back in her home 

Deception: Enjoying her triumph of being back on her native soil. 
But we haven't heard the last of her quite yet.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

According to Raiden's ending in MK:DA, Nitara and her race will likely 
have an important role in an upcoming game.

Nitara is incredibly thorough. She did her homework on both Cyrax and 
Reptile. In MK:DA there is a (rather fanservicey) render showing Nitara 
finding out info on Reptile's race.

Nitara has a necklace that allows her to travel through realms. She and 
her race would use it to enter Earthrealm and feast on the blood of 
humans before the sun would come up.



See: Sub-Zero (older one)



Origin: Outworld
Species: Unknown
Affiliation: Commands his own set of henchmen
Allies: Baraka, Mileena, Hotaru, Tanya, Li Mei
Enemies: Shao Kahn, Shujinko, Scorpion, Raiden, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi,
         Nightwolf, Sindel

Konquest: Existing only as a spiritual form, Onaga referred to himself as
Damashi, messenger of the Elder Gods. He tricked Shujinko into spending a life
of gathering the six artifacts known as the Komidogu. He claimed that they
were for the Elder Gods to use, but as Shujinko found 60 years later, they
were nothing but a means for Onaga's prophecy to be fulfilled and for him to
return in a physical form. In the Nexus, he explained the plot to Shujinko and
said that only one object was left to gather: Shinnok's amulet. He chased off
Shujinko and walked through the portal to Outworld...

Deadly Alliance: While he was not a fighter in the game, Quan Chi and 
Shang Tsung's plot centered around the late Dragon King's powerful army. 
Towards the end of the story, Reptile tried to track down Nitara and 
Cyrax. The trail ended at the Great Dragon egg's incubation chamber. The 
egg cracked and a beam of light blasted the Raptor. He became a vessel 
for the return of the Dragon King himself. The Dragon King was quick to
rebuild his authority. After taunting Shujinko about his deception, he 
stormed Shang Tsung's fortress shortly after Quan Chi found himself as the 
last man standing. Despite the joint power of Quan Chi, Shang Tsung and 
Raiden, the Dragon King still came out with Quan Chi's amulet in hand.

Deception: Onaga resurrected the bodies of Kitana, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Jax
and Sonya into zombie slaves to guard him. As a diversion for those who would
oppose him, he had Mileena and Baraka stage a battle against Outworld's
armies. One of his followers, Hotaru, was sent to take care of the powerful
warrior Sub-Zero. The Edenian traitor Tanya joined Onaga's side and showed him
to the ancient directions on how to forge the six Komidogu into one.
Eventually, Onaga was challenged by various heroes, though one of them, the
young woman Li Mei, was compelled to join him. Onaga was ultimately defeated,
but it is unknown how it happened. The two most likely options are that either
Shujinko shattered the six Komidogu and annihilated Onaga with the power and
ability of two dozen arriors or that Onaga escaped into the Nexus where
Scorpion hunted him down and tore him apart. Either way, it is unlikely that
Onaga will have come out victorious.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Before Shao Kahn was a household name, the Dragon King was the supreme ruler 
of Outworld. He ruled with an iron fist with a loyal army that had never lost 
a single battle. He tried a plan that would gain him immortality by drinking 
the blood of a newborn dragon, but he died prematurely, due to being poisoned 
by his advisor, Shao Kahn. Plans were made by his priests to incubate the egg 
for a millennia or so and the hatching of the egg would mark the return of the 
Dragon King. His uber army had themselves mummified so that they could meet 
with their lord in the future.

The Dragon King's early appearance is shown in Raiden's MK:DA ending. Imagine 
Merman from He-Man on steroids with a scepter. Ultimately, his look was
altered for Deception so that he would look like a cross between Ogre and True
Ogre from Tekken.

Onaga's heart has the power to resurrect the dead.

Though he doesn't realize it, Onaga is controlled by "The One Being", who was
existence itself until the Elder Gods broke it up into the various realms with
the power of the Komidogu.



Height: 6'7"
Weight: 210
Origin: Unknown
Species: Oni, sorta
Affiliation: Worked for Shinnok, co-leader of the Deadly Alliance
Allies: Shang Tsung, Shinnok, Noob Saibot, Mavado, Kia, Jataaka, Baraka
Enemies: Scorpion, older Sub-Zero, younger Sub-Zero, Raiden, Liu Kang, Onaga, 
         Sareena, Ashrah
Styles: Tang Soo Do, Escrima, Broadswords

Mythologies: It was Quan Chi's job to get Shinnok's amulet and bring 
forth his escape. But instead of putting his neck on the line, he hired 
Scorpion and Sub-Zero to retrieve it. The two met on the way, fought, and 
Sub-Zero ended up killing Scorpion while obtaining the map. Out of 
gratitude, Quan Chi killed the remaining members of the Shirai Ryu. He 
had Sub-Zero enter a hidden temple to attain Shinnok's amulet. Once he 
succeeded, Quan Chi took the amulet and escaped back into the Netherealm. 
Sub-Zero turned on the sorcerer and tracked him down within the dark 
world. The two fought and Quan Chi was going to win until his former 
pawn Sareena helped out Sub-Zero. Quan Chi was beaten, but he got away. And 
unknown to everybody else, he had the real amulet.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Quan Chi had found another means of escape for 
Shinnok by the help of Tanya from Edenia. They, with the rest of 
Shinnok's army, defeated the Elder Gods and then battled Raiden and his 
small army. On the side, Quan Chi made a pact with Baraka to kill Shinnok 
for him. With the amulet, Shinnok was invincible. But the one the god 
held was a mere replica. It was Quan Chi who owned the true amulet. 
Because of that, Shinnok was killed and Quan Chi got away. But Quan Chi 
then made the mistake of revealing to Scorpion that it was he who 
murdered the ninja specter's family. Before Scorpion faded back into the 
Netherealm, he grabbed Quan Chi and brought him along for the ride.

Konquest: Quan Chi was in hiding in the Netherealm. Shujinko eventually led
Scorpion to his location. Quan Chi fought Scorpion, but was beaten fairly
decisively. He ran off, leading into the events of MK:DA.

Deadly Alliance: Quan Chi had been a target for beatings from Scorpion 
for a few years. His powers were fading and he needed a way out fast. He 
made a deal with the two Oni Moloch and Drahmin, who helped him with the 
of escape. As the three reached a hidden portal, Scorpion attacked again. 
Quan Chi left his allies in the dust and escaped to Outworld, where he 
ended up in the tomb of the legendary Dragon King. Using the amulet, he 
was able to read about the prophecies of the undefeatable army. He found 
that the transferring of souls could make the one with the amulet the 
master of the Dragon King's army. Quan Chi knew of a man whose talents 
could make it so.

On his way to meet his peer Shang Tsung, Quan Chi was attacked once more 
by Scorpion. This time, Quan Chi won the fight by knocking Scorpion into 
an acid pit with a cheap shot. Shang Tsung showed himself and the two 
made a deal. Shang Tsung would use his powers to awaken the army while 
Quan Chi would have a portal to the heavens opened up so that Shang Tsung 
could live virtually forever. But first they would rid themselves of the 
two beings who posed the greatest threats: Shao Kahn and Liu Kang. As 
close as the fight was, the two sorcerers were able to kill Kahn with 
their combined powers. Then Quan Chi aided Shang Tsung against Liu Kang 
by blasting Kang in the back with a green skull projectile. Tsung snapped 
Kang's neck and they moved on to finding worthy warriors whose souls they 
could use for reviving the army.

One such warrior was Li Mei, a villager who attacked Kano and his army 
when forced to build a tower for Shang Tsung. Quan Chi had her enter a 
special tournament where if she were to win, she and her people would 
gain freedom. She won the tournament, but the sorcerer did not keep his 
word. Instead, he had Shang Tsung convert her soul into the final 
soldier's body. The Dragon King's army fought once again.

The warriors of Earthrealm came to put a stop to the Deadly Alliance, but the 
result was not as they had hoped. Together, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi were 
unstoppable. One-by-one, they defeated the heroes in their way, ending with
the defeat of Raiden himself. But then Quan Chi suspected of wanting to steal
his amulet. The two fought on the spot and Quan Chi quickly won. But then he
heard ominous footsteps.

Onaga, the Dragon King, had arrived. He wanted the amulet. Almost immediately,
Quan Chi, Shang Tsung and Raiden put aside their differences to stop the
Dragon King. Their power was not enough. Raiden caused a massive explosion
that killed Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. The Dragon King was virtually unharmed.

Deception: Dead from the explosion.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Before MKM was released, Quan Chi made an appearance in an episode of 
Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm. He used the power of a magic gem 
to make the heroes hate each other.

MK:DA was not the first time Quan Chi and Shang Tsung had ever struck a 
deal. According to MKM, the two made a deal where if Shinnok and Quan Chi 
were to help with the resurrection of Queen Sindel, Tsung would tell them 
where the amulet was hidden.

The tattoos that appear on his arms in MK:DA are the writings on the 
ancient Rune Stone that told him of the Dragon King's prophecy. He 
tattooed them for reference.

The Inner Sanctum that he and Drahmin fell into in Drahmin's MK:DA ending was 
a strange place he used to regenerate his energy and magic powers.

Quan Chi was originally an Oni, but changed once he learned sorcery.



Height: 7'0"
Weight: 230 lbs
Origin: The heavens
Species: God
Affiliation: Gods of Earthrealm, formerly the Elder Gods
Allies: Liu Kang, Fujin, Bo' Rai Cho, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Kai, Sonya, Jax
Enemies: Onaga, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Shujinko
Styles: Nan Chuan, Jujutsu, Staff

Mythologies: Raiden appeared too late to stop Sub-Zero from handing over 
the mystical amulet. He commanded the mortal to enter the Netherealm, as 
Raiden would have been powerless in the realm. Once Sub-Zero had regained 
the amulet, Raiden opened a portal and led him to safety. He pointed out 
that Sub-Zero was indeed evil, but it was not too late to change his path 
of destiny.

Konquest: Raiden confronted Shujinko as he tried walking through Earthrealm's
portal to the Nexus. Raiden did not believe that Shujinko was the Champion of
the Elder Gods at first. The two sparred, resulting in Raiden being convinced
by Shujinko's skill. Raiden allowed Shujinko to pass.

Mortal Kombat 1: Raiden was personally invited by Shang Tsung to enter 
the tournament. Raiden accepted and worked as a mentor to Liu Kang, 
Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. He did not win, but his wisdom did help Liu 
Kang gain a victory over Shang Tsung. He was also the sole witness of 
Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero.

Mortal Kombat II: While Raiden was not out for revenge like Liu Kang and 
Kung Lao, he still had no choice but to accept Shang Tsung's challenge to 
take part in the Outworld Mortal Kombat tournament. While he did not win, 
Liu Kang surpassed his expectations and came out on top. Also, Raiden was 
responsible for Kintaro's death.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Raiden gave up his godhood in order to take part 
in the great war for Earthrealm. He used his abilities to protect the 
souls of those warriors he felt could best face Shao Kahn's onslaught. 
In the end he faced the mad emperor one-on-one. He either won the fight 
and saved Earthrealm, or lost so that Liu Kang could come out with the 
win. Once it was over, Raiden had regained his status as god.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Shinnok, a fallen Elder God who Raiden had defeated 
in a long and grueling crusade eons ago had attacked the Elder Gods. 
Raiden rallied his troops of dependable Earthrealm combatants and had 
them join his battle to destroy Shinnok once and for all. In the end, 
perhaps by Raiden's hand, Shinnok had been killed. Raiden was granted 
Elder Godhood and asked that Fujin be his replacement as Protector of 

Konquest: Raiden found Shujinko in the Nexus and asked him to help out against
the Deadly Alliance.

Deadly Alliance: Raiden watched as Liu Kang was taken apart by the Deadly 
Alliance. After renouncing his godhood invited Kung Lao, Sonya, Jax, 
Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero and Frost to meet him on Shang Tsung's deserted 
island. They journeyed into Outworld to take on the combined might of 
Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Raiden was the last of the heroes to fall to their
skills. He regained consciousness to see the Deadly Alliance tangling with the
Dragon King. Raiden joined in to help, but found that he was not strong
enough. With the use of a ethereal blast, he tried to take out the Dragon King
once and for all. Instead, it barely hurt him.

Deception: Raiden was reborn on Earthrealm and he was not happy. He realized
that Onaga's return was partially Shujinko's fault. Raiden had lost his
patience with not only Shujinko, but humanity in general. He swore to make
the old man pay for his crime, even if he did undo his mistake. Also, Raiden
was partially responsible for Liu Kang's return to the living, as he zapped
Liu's ghost and zombie corpse together into one.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

MK1 lists Raiden as being 350 lbs. So by MK:DA he lost 120 lbs! Maybe 
he's on the Subway diet.

In MK1, Raiden's depiction was completely different from being the leader 
of the good guys. The original story was that he entered the tournament 
to prove that he was more powerful than any and all humans. The ending 
even had him destroying the planet. Once MK2 came around, Midway 
retconned him into being the mentor archetype we all know and love.

Unfortunately there's nothing that suggests that Raiden is as jokey and 
witty as he was in the movie and cartoon.

Raiden was a secret character in one of the NFL Blitz games.

His MK1 profile claimed that he has black hair, but again the creators 
borrowed from the movies and gave him silver-gray hair in MK:DA.

You'd think Raiden would know that Shujinko wasn't the real Champion of the
Elder Gods considering Raiden himself was briefly one of them. Guess he didn't
get the memo.

Raiden's appearance in MK:D is meant to reflect his darker behavior. At first,
fans thought he was charred from the blast against Onaga. Come on, even gods
do their laundry once and a while.



Origin: Edenia
Species: Human
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn
Allies (?): Kitana
Enemies (?): Shao Kahn

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Rain was the son of an Edenian general who was 
killed during Kahn's invasion 10,000 years before. During then, Rain was 
a baby who was hidden away. He made his return before Kahn's Earthrealm 
invasion and joined the emperor out of fear. It's hard to say what 
happened next for the purple ninja. Either he fought for Kahn until dying 
or escaping or Kitana had informed him of his past, allowing him to join 
the good side.

Deception: Whereabouts unknown.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Rain was shown in the intro for UMK3 in the arcades, but he was not 
actually in the game. It was just those wacky Midway guys trying to trick 
you into inserting more tokens. 

Before his story was finalized, the idea for Rain was that he was going to 
be a member of the Lin Kuei. This made it in to some of the manuals by 

He exists as a reference to Prince. Get it? Purple? Rain?



Origin: Unknown
Species: Human
Affiliation: Worked for Shinnok
Allies: Shinnok, Shao Kahn
Enemies: Raiden

Mortal Kombat Gold: Long, long ago, Reiko was the general of Shinnok's 
unholy army. But it was thought that he was killed in battle. Now that 
Shinnok was spreading his wrath once more, Reiko made a mysterious 
reappearance. He fought with his master, but was defeated with the rest 
of Shinnok's faction.

Deception: There's no real telling.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

In the arcade and N64 versions of MK4, Reiko's ending showed him running 
through a portal. That was it. But in the PS version, and also in MKG, 
Reiko ran through the portal and ended up in a throne room. Then in a 
shocking end, Shao Kahn's skull mask slid onto his face. And because of 
that, MK fans had argued for years about whether or not Reiko and Kahn were
the same. John Vogel eventually admitted that they were not the same, but were
linked. MK:D's Konquest mode depicted Reiko as a former general of Kahn's
army, proving that they are not the same.

Noob Saibot was originally going to be playable in the arcade MK4 games, 
but Reiko replaced him so they could add yet another new face to the 



Height: 6'0"
Weight: 189 lbs
Origin: Outworld
Species: Raptor
Affiliation: Worked for Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Shinnok and Nitara
Allies: Shao Kahn, Khameleon
Enemies: Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Nitara, Cyrax, Kitana, Jade
Styles: Hung Gar, Crab, Kirehashi

Mortal Kombat 1: Reptile was Shang Tsung's bodyguard who was asked by his 
master to lay low during the tournament. No word on if he actually did 

Mortal Kombat II: Reptile fought for the side of Shao Kahn in the 
Outworld tournament. He lost.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Reptile was given a promotion, working as a 
soldier for Kahn instead of just being Shang Tsung's bodyguard. He was 
sent to seek and destroy the rebellious Princess Kitana. To do so Jade 
accompanied him. On the way, Jade turned on Reptile so she could save her 
friend's life. Reptile failed to capture Kitana because of that but he 
did survive. Shao Kahn was defeated and left to Outworld, but Reptile had no 
idea he was still alive.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Reptile was a fugitive in Edenia, but became a 
soldier of Shinnok after meeting with Quan Chi. Reptile hoped that 
Shinnok could grant him the ability to travel back to when his race 
thrived in peace. The plan was bust and Reptile found out that Shao Kahn 
really was alive. Despite knowing full well that Shao Kahn was behind his 
race's endangerment, Reptile was ecstatic to return to working for him.

Deadly Alliance: After giving Shang Tsung the orders of Shao Kahn, 
Reptile overheard Tsung and Quan Chi plotting an assassination attempt 
on Kahn. Reptile knew he was no match for them and raced back to Kahn's 
lair. On the way he ran into Nitara, who showed him the base camps for 
Kitana's army. Reptile knew that Kahn could easily win the war with that 
information. But when he finally got back, it was too late. Shao Kahn was 
dead. Reptile swam deeper into madness, blaming his anger on Shang Tsung, 
Quan Chi and Kitana. Oh, if only he could have caught her all those years 

Reptile ran into Nitara again, but in his psychotic little mind he saw 
her as Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and Kitana. He furiously attacked her and 
when he regained his composure he was amazed that she was not so angry. 
Reptile offered his skills to her. His mission was to find the cyborg 
Cyrax and destroy his arm panel. He ambushed the robo ninja and bit into 
his arm, completing the mission. Before he could do any more damage, 
Cyrax's chest opened up and scared Reptile away with a buzz saw.

Soon Reptile realized the truth. Nitara was really the one to blame for 
his master's death. She and that robot friend of hers were to pay dearly. 
So Reptile tracked them down to the incubation chamber of the Last Great 
Dragon Egg. His enemies were gone, but then something strange happened. 
The egg began to crack. And as it did, it blasted Reptile with a beam of 
light. It twisted his body and changed him into a new form. The Dragon 
King was back.

Deception: Vessel for the Dragon King.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

According to MK:DA, the lack of being near his own race has caused 
Reptile to devolve with every passing game. At first he looked to have a 
human structure, but after MKT his look became more and more primal until 
his MK:DA appearance where his look is best compared to Lizard Man (Soul 
Calibur) or Riptor (Killer Instinct). This process also made him less 
intelligent and more crazed.

The original MK:DA box arts (back when it was going to be called "Mortal 
Kombat: Vengeance") depicted Reptile as being exactly the same as in MK4.

His MK:DA look is partially based on his appearance in the first movie.

He was a secret character in the arcade NBA Jam: Tournament Edition.



Origin: Netherealm
Species: Demon
Affiliation: Worked for Shinnok
Allies: Older Sub-Zero, younger Sub-Zero, Kia, Jataaka
Enemies: Quan Chi, Shinnok
Style: Tae Kwon Do, Yuan Yang, Sais

Mythologies: Sareena, Kia and Jataaka worked together as a team of assassins 
under the orders of Quan Chi. They were each given a piece of the key to Quan
Chi's domain, told to protect the pieces from the intruder Sub-Zero. Kia and 
Jataaka were both killed in the heat of the battle, but when Sareena lost,
Sub-Zero had the option of whether or not he should kill her. He decided to
let her go and continued on his quest to defeat Quan Chi and Shinnok. Sareena
made a surprise appearance during Sub-Zero's fight against Quan Chi and
assisted Sub-Zero to victory. She pleaded with him to bring her with him to
Earthrealm. She explained that she was sick of living within the horrible
Netherealm. Before Sub-Zero could come up with an answer, Shinnok appeared
and killed Sareena. She lost her attractive human appearance and was
transported back to the fifth plane of the Netherealm.

Tournament Edition: One day Sareena came across an abandoned and forgotten
portal to Outworld. She had a strange ability to feed off the realm and 
regain her human appearance. What became of her is unknown.

Deception: One can only guess.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

For some reason or another, Jataaka in MKM was played by two different
actresses. One for her cutscenes and one for her in-game sprites.

Her beta-name was Eia.


SCORPION (Hanzo Hasashi)

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Origin when alive: Earthrealm
Origin after death: Netherealm
Species: Specter
Affiliation: Shirai Ryu, Worked for Shao Kahn and Shinnok, Works for the Elder
Allies: Elder Gods, Shujinko
Enemies: Quan Chi, older Sub-Zero, Moloch, Drahmin, Shujinko
Styles: Hapkido, Pi Gua, Ninja Sword, Moi Fah, Mugai Ryu

Mythologies: Scorpion was a ninja hired by Quan Chi to acquire a map. On 
the way Scorpion met with Sub-Zero of a rival ninja clan. Scorpion 
taunted Sub-Zero and left to find the map. The two ended up finding it 
at the same time so they dueled. Unlike Sub-Zero, Scorpion lacked the 
special abilities necessary to win. Despite his pleading, Scorpion's 
life was not spared. Sub-Zero tore off his head with the spine dangling 
beneath. Unbeknownst to Scorpion, Quan Chi murdered the other members of 
his clan along with his family as an act of gratitude towards Sub-Zero.

Scorpion was reborn a specter in the Netherealm, fueled by hatred and a 
never-ending desire for revenge. In an odd turn of events, Sub-Zero 
appeared in the realm on a mission. Scorpion confronted his rival and 
desperately asked why he killed he and his family. Sub-Zero claimed 
that the reason he killed Scorpion was because it was his way, but insisted
that he had nothing to do with the death of Scorpion's family. Scorpion 
lashed out and challenged Sub-Zero, now with supernatural powers. Sub-Zero 
won the fight and escaped.

Mortal Kombat 1: Scorpion found his way out of the Netherealm and entered 
Shang Tsung's tournament. On the boat transporting the warriors, Scorpion 
appeared before Sub-Zero with the warning of whom he was and what he 
planned to do at the tournament. And his threats were not empty. In a 
rematch against Sub-Zero, Scorpion had exacted his revenge and killed his 
nemesis. There was nothing left for him after that. He burned into ash and
disappeared into the depths of the Netherealm.

Mortal Kombat II: News reached Scorpion (perhaps from Quan Chi) that 
Sub-Zero had somehow returned and was going to take part in the new 
tournament. Scorpion left the Netherealm again and followed Sub-Zero into 
Outworld. During the tournament, Scorpion stared in bewilderment as he 
saw Sub-Zero, the ninja who needlessly murdered him, actually spare the 
life of an opponent. Later on the two of them fought one-on-one. After 
an exhausting fight, Scorpion came out the winner. But he had a moment of 
clarity. It wasn't Sub-Zero he was fighting, or at least not the one he knew 
of. Instead it was Sub-Zero's little brother who continued the original's 
legacy. Scorpion vanished and spared Sub-Zero's life. He vowed to protect 
the younger Sub-Zero from that day on as a way to say sorry for his act of 
vengeance a year earlier.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Shao Kahn tried to steal the souls of the Netherealm. 
While it didn't work, it did give Scorpion the ability to leave the forsaken 
realm. Scorpion wandered alone as a wild card in the war until the day he 
came across Shao Kahn. Kahn offered him a spot in his forces with the promise 
of the ability to keep him out of the Netherealm. Scorpion agreed. But as he 
was supposed to attack some of Earthrealm's warriors, he was shocked to see a 
red scar over one's eye. It was Sub-Zero. Scorpion remembered his vow and 
turned on the emperor. He was more than likely killed by either Kahn or one 
of Kahn's men.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Scorpion learned more about the death of his family from 
Quan Chi. According to Quan Chi, who Scorpion apparently trusted, the younger 
Sub-Zero was the one responsible. Scorpion aided Shinnok so that he could 
eventually meet Sub-Zero again and make him pay. At the end of the events of 
MKG, Scorpion and Sub-Zero clashed for the final time. Scorpion won once more 
and taunted that he could finally rest now that his family's killer was going 
to be dead. But Sub-Zero groggily proclaimed his innocence. Somehow Scorpion 
believed him, and Quan Chi himself verified it. Scorpion was told that he was 
nothing but a pawn to kill both of the Sub-Zero brothers and that he was no 
longer needed. Quan Chi banished Scorpion back to the fifth plain of the 
Netherealm, but Scorpion rushed Quan Chi and grabbed onto him. When the spell 
had taken effect, both Scorpion and Quan Chi were standing together in the 
pits of the Netherealm.

Konquest: Shujinko needed to spend time in the Netherealm to increase his
inner darkness. He met Scorpion and noticed his unbridled rage. Scorpion
explained that he was searching for Quan Chi. Shujinko made a deal with
Scorpion: Scorpion would train Shujinko so that he would be a better fighter
and would be able to increase the evil within him at a faster rate. In return,
Scorpion would gain an ally in tracking down Quan Chi. Scorpion trained
Shujinko and told him to go find Quan Chi. Shujinko led Scorpion to the
location of his sworn enemy and watched Scorpion beat the crap out of his
sworn enemy. Quan Chi got up and ran off with Scorpion in pursuit.

Deadly Alliance: Scorpion had spent years thrashing Quan Chi until the 
day when the sorcerer gained temporary allies with Moloch and Drahmin, 
two Oni from the fifth plain. Though thoroughly beaten, Scorpion attacked 
Quan Chi a second time. This time he was able to elude the Oni's attack 
for the most part and chase Quan Chi into Outworld, though he landed in a 
different spot. He tracked down Quan Chi and fought him, but Quan Chi 
actually won and knocked Scorpion into a pit of acid. Again Scorpion 
returned from the Netherealm (the SIXTH time) and entered Shang Tsung's 
fortress so he could get at Quan Chi. But he accidentally found himself 
in a room with Moloch and Drahmin. Scorpion gave them the fight of his 
life and took them both on at once. But in the end he was overwhelmed by 
their combined might. He was tossed into Shang Tsung's Soulnado, which 
was a tornado of souls from the heavens. The purity of the Soulnado tore 
Scorpion's body to shreds.

Konquest: Scorpion ended up in the Nexus, where he met the legendary Elder
Gods. They made Scorpion their new Champion. Shujinko showed up to place the
sixth and final Komidogu, but Scorpion challenged him. After a long and brutal
fight, Scorpion lay unconscious as Shujinko finished his fool's quest.

Deception: Working for the Elder Gods, Scorpion hunted down Onaga as the true
Champion of the Elder Gods. Towards the end of the adventure, Scorpion crossed
paths with Shujinko once again. Perhaps it was the fact that Shujinko was the
closest thing Scorpion ever had to a true ally, but somehow Shujinko got
through to Scorpion and convinced him to lend his power to Shujinko so that he
could stop Onaga with the might of many warriors at once.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Ed Boon supplied Scorpion's voice, but everybody knows that.

Scorpion's original bio claimed that he wore his yellow outfit to make 
fun of the Lin Kuei's cowardly acts. As MKM shows, Midway had retconned 
that since Scorpion wore the outfit before dying.

At no point did Scorpion become a specter because he was bitten by some 
mystical scorpion like MK: Conquest claimed. God that was idiotic.

There's a contradiction about MK2's events dealing with the comic and the 
game. In the comic, he attacks Reptile, claiming that he already knows 
about that the two Sub-Zeros are different guys. But in his ending it says 
that he realized it when Sub-Zero spared an opponent during the tournament. 
I'll just go with the game's explanation on this one.

Weird thing is that in different forms of media, Scorpion has had 
different versions of his spear move. In the movie he had a living 
creature sticking out his hand. In the Malibu comic series he had a 
spiked ball and chain. And in the cartoon he had a gold chain. Let it be 
said that I pity the fool who messes with Scorpion's gold chains.

Scorpion is the only guy from MK1 to have retained his exact weight and 
height for MK:DA. And to no one's surprise, Scorpion has the exact same 
weight and height as both Sub-Zeros.

He was a secret character in the arcade NBA Jam: Tournament Edition.


SEKTOR (Unit LK-9T9)

Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Cyborg
Affiliation: Formerly Lin Kuei, currently Tekunin
Allies: None currently
Enemies: Younger Sub-Zero, Smoke, Cyrax
Styles: Ninjitsu, Sambo, Pulse Blade

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Sektor was sent with Cyrax and Smoke to eliminate 
Sub-Zero, a rogue ninja who refused to become a cyborg. At one point 
Smoke turned against his programming and attacked Sektor and Cyrax. 
Sektor may have killed him, but it's not certain. Sektor was not able to 
locate Sub-Zero.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Sektor continued his mission to find Sub-Zero while 
keeping an eye on the mentally damaged Cyrax. As far as we know, he 
didn't really get much done.

Tournament Edition: After killing the Lin Kuei Grand Master because of 
programming defects, Sektor met with Sub-Zero in a battle over the Dragon 
Medallion and the title of new Grand Master of the Lin Kuei. Sektor lost, 
allowing Sub-Zero to become the man in charge of the Lin Kuei. After that,
Sektor fled to Japan to start his own clan. There he found others willing to
join his faction: The Tekunin.

Deception: Currently taking over Japan with his army of cyber-ninjas. Who
knows, maybe stopping Sektor is what Fujin's been up to.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Unlike Cyrax and Smoke, we don't know anything about what Sektor looked 
like before the cybernetic stuff was added. The cartoon showed him as 
being a black man with dreadlocks like the wires on his helmet. But then 
you must remember that cartoon Cyrax was either white or Asian (it's hard 
to tell with that animation). Also, there is a red Lin Kuei ninja 
accompanying Sub-Zero and Smoke in the MK2 comic. Maybe that was Sektor?

Because of his MK:TE storyline, it's likely that Sektor is a Japanese man 
under the mask.

Before finally being named in MK3, Sektor's codename with the creators 
was "Ketchup".

Much like Mokap, there is no evidence that Sektor was ever actually in
Outworld during the events of MK:DA despite appearing in MK:TE.



Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200 lbs
Origin: Outworld
Species: Tarkatan (true form)
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn, co-leader of the Deadly Alliance
Allies: Quan Chi, Moloch, Drahmin, Kano
Enemies: Liu Kang, Shao Kahn, Raiden, Onaga
Styles: Snake, Crane, Straight Sword

Deception: Shujinko asked for a spot in Shang Tsung's tournament and was
granted one after an impressive sparring match.

Mortal Kombat 1: Elderly Shang Tsung had been hosting the Mortal Kombat 
tournament for 500 years. One last win would unbalance the furies and 
allow his master Shao Kahn to enter. But things became desperate when his 
apprentice Goro had lost to Liu Kang. Shang Tsung used his morphing 
abilities the best he could against the Shaolin warrior, but in the end 
he faced defeat. With Sonya and Kano as hostages, Shang Tsung escaped 
back to his home world where he was reprimanded by Shao Kahn for his 

Mortal Kombat II: Shang Tsung begged for his life so that he would not 
be tortured. He saved his skin with another idea to rule Earthrealm. They 
would hold a tournament in Outworld that the angered Liu Kang and other 
Earthrealm warriors would have to enter according to the rules of the Elder 
Gods. And when they would win, the dimensional barricades would be damaged 
enough so that they could breach it. Kahn was so impressed by this idea that 
he gave Shang Tsung his youth back, partially so that the Elder Gods could 
not recognize him and also because he was more powerful back then. Tsung and 
the rest of Shao Kahn's brigade ended up losing.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Shang Tsung led the Shadow Priests in the 
resurrection of Queen Sindel in Earthrealm. Tsung then joined Kahn in the 
invasion, though he feared that Kahn was still angry about his losses 
earlier. When Kahn retreated back to Outworld, Shang Tsung went with him.

Deadly Alliance: One day at his home Shang Tsung heard a ruckus outside. 
It was Quan Chi finishing off Scorpion. Quan Chi had a proposal for a 
team-up where if Shang Tsung were to help Quan Chi with the reawakening 
of the Dragon King's army, Quan Chi would open up a portal to the heavens 
that would keep Shang Tsung alive seemingly forever. Shang Tsung agreed 
with his peer and the two made plans to eliminate the two who had the 
best chance of putting an end to their plans.

First Tsung introduced Quan Chi to Shao Kahn, vouching for his loyalty to 
the emperor. But then the two rushed Kahn and fought him, killing him in 
the end. Then Shang Tsung disguised himself as Kung Lao and tried to 
ambush Liu Kang. Liu fought back and was about to win when Quan Chi hit 
him with a green skull attack. Shang Tsung snapped the neck of his 
arch-nemesis and devoured his soul. The two sorcerers found worthy 
warriors and laid waste to their bodies so that they could feed the souls 
to the undead soldiers. And once the final soldier was finished, Earthrealm's
warriors arrived to put an end to the Deadly Alliance once and for all.

Shang Tsung and Quan Chi made mincemeat out of each challenger, ending with
the defeat of Raiden. Shang Tsung challenged Quan Chi for his amulet, but
ended up losing to his former partner. Shang Tsung quickly awoke to find Quan
Chi trying to fend off the Dragon King. Shang Tsung and Raiden came to aid
him, though their might was not powerful enough. Raiden ended up blowing them
to kingdom come. Onaga was unharmed, but the same couldn't be said for Shang

Deception: Nothing more than a big, red stain.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

So why is Shang Tsung constantly devouring souls, you ask? Years ago, 
prior to his first appearance in the MK tournament, Shang Tsung angered 
the gods and paid for it by being cursed. The curse said that Shang Tsung 
needed souls to stay young. If he were to go for a long period of time 
without a soul to consume, he would begin to age faster than normal. That 
is why only a few years after losing to the original Kung Lao in the MK 
tournament, he came back as a feeble old man.

After taking the soul of the original Kung Lao, Shang Tsung found out 
about where Shinnok's amulet was hidden. He traded that information to 
Quan Chi for assistance in Sindel's revival.

Interesting fact that's been brought to my attention by Eric C. and ]{ombat: A 
piece of concept art for MK2 showed Shang Tsung's true/original form. He looks 
like a scrawny version of Baraka with goat horns sticking out of his head. He 
even has the little spikes sticking out of his arms like Baraka's. Not sure if 
he was born this way and turned human by Shao Kahn or if he was always human 
and this is what he truly looks like thanks to the darkness of his deeds.



Origin: Outworld
Species: Unknown
Affiliation: Leader of a bunch of henchmen
Allies: Reptile, Motaro, Kano, Mileena, Baraka, Kintaro, Reiko
Enemies: Raiden, Liu Kang, Sindel, Kitana, Onaga, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi

Mortal Kombat II: Shao Kahn had Baraka destroy the Shaolin temples in 
order to get back at Liu Kang. Then his sorcerer Shang Tsung gave him the 
idea to set up a tournament in his own backyard. If Outworld were to 
defeat Liu Kang and friends it would unbalance the furies and allow Kahn 
entry into Earthrealm. Kahn held his tournament, but in the end Liu Kang 
beat him in the final match. Kahn did not die and likely used his armies 
to chase away the heroes.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Shao Kahn used his plan to resurrect his queen in 
Earthrealm as a means to get through the portal and take over. Once in 
Earthrealm, Shao Kahn devoured the souls of almost everybody on the 
planet, leaving only the chosen warriors picked by Raiden. Kahn set out 
his Extermination Squad to take care of them. He was challenged at one 
point by Kung Lao, but Shao Kahn annihilated him. Then Kahn either met 
defeat at the hands of Raiden or Liu Kang. He escaped to Outworld and 
kept a low profile.

Deadly Alliance: Kahn was not in the game, but he had an important 
appearance in the intro. He was beginning to regain his momentum as a 
warlord until the day when Shang Tsung appeared with the infamous Quan 
Chi. The two bowed before Kahn as a show of loyalty, only to rush him and 
attack at once. Shao Kahn fought back and almost won, but he just did 
not have enough power to take out the Deadly Alliance.
Deception: Dead, but he may possibly return if Havik's ending becomes canon.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

It is hard to say just what Shao Kahn is. In official character art he 
has been shown as having weird spikes growing out of his forehead. Plus 
he's way too big to be a mere human.

Shao Kahn was originally the advisor to Onaga. Kahn came into power by
poisoning his master.



Origin: Outworld
Species: Shokan
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn
Allies: Sindel
Enemies: Motaro, Shao Kahn, Kano

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Sheeva was assigned to be the bodyguard of Queen 
Sindel. But she grew suspicious of Shao Kahn after finding out that the 
new general was Motaro of the Centaurian race. True to her instincts, she 
found out that Kahn was enslaving her race. One night when Motaro had 
just locked up Kano for failure to kill Sonya Blade, Sheeva commenced 
with a surprise onslaught and killed Motaro. Then she freed Kano, under 
the impression that Kano would help assassinate Kahn. But Kano was only 
lying and ratted her out. Shao Kahn impaled Sheeva with a sword and 
killed her.

Deception: Dead and not popular enough to be brought back.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Sheeva has been rumored to be one of Goro's seven wives. So far there is 
nothing in-game to back that up.



Origin: The Heavens
Species: God
Affiliation: Leader of a bunch of henchmen
Allies: Quan Chi, Noob Saibot, Reiko, Tanya, Kia, Jataaka, Scorpion, Mileena
Enemies: Raiden, Fujin, Liu Kang, older Sub-Zero, younger Sub-Zero, Kitana

Mythologies: Shinnok had Quan Chi leave the Netherealm to gain the amulet 
that gave Shinnok his power. His associate's plan was a success and soon 
Shinnok had gained the one thing that could allow him to enter other 
realms. But there was a mortal from Earthrealm out to stop him. This 
mortal, a man known only as Sub-Zero, had defeated Quan Chi and his triad 
of assassins. One of the assassins, Sareena, was even helping him out. 
Shinnok killed the woman and was faced to face with Sub-Zero soon later. 
The fallen Elder God would never be defeated by a human, especially when 
he had his precious amulet with him. But Sub-Zero did the next best 
thing: he knocked the amulet out of Shinnok's hands and escaped. Shinnok 
transformed himself into an unstoppable monster and pursued the ninja, 
but Sub-Zero jumped into a portal.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Shinnok's amulet had been returned once more. His 
first location upon freedom was the realm of Edenia, which he promptly 
took over. He knew his rival Raiden well enough to know that he would be 
the first to try to stop him, and he was right. But what Shinnok had not 
considered was that the amulet he carried was not the genuine article and 
the only reason he had been able to use its power was because Quan Chi 
was always around with the real one. When Quan Chi left his side, it 
didn't take long for Shinnok to be destroyed by his enemies.

Deception: Dead. But then again, evil never dies.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

So here's a little back-story on our friend Shinnok: Tried to take over 
Earthrealm back when it was still young. Raiden led an assault that took 
years and almost destroyed the world itself. But Raiden was able to get 
the amulet away from Shinnok and sent him to the Netherealm to burn for 
eternity. While in the fiery depths, Shinnok met with a wandering 
sorcerer Quan Chi. Together they took over the dark world from Lucifer 
himself and ruled together with Quan Chi as Shinnok's high priest. And 
the rest is history.

They never really explained what Shinnok was the god of. God of War? God 
of Darkness? God of Unoriginality? God of Sucking Out Loud?



Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: None
Allies: Bo' Rai Cho, Ashrah, Ermac, Dairou, Havik, Kenshi, Nightwolf, Li Mei,
        Sindel, Kitana, Scorpion
Enemies: Onaga, Shang Tsung, Raiden, Scorpion, Baraka, Tanya, Mileena, Hotaru, 
Styles: Mantis, Shaolin Fist, Dan Tien Dao

Konquest: Oh, God. Just check the Konquest section. Do you really think
I'm going to rewrite all of that?

Deception: Shujinko blamed himself for Onaga's reign and continued to train
in preparation for fighting the warlord. He brought together various heroes
to do this. It is likely that Shujinko absorbed the abilities of all the
major players in the MK:D story, shattered the Komidogu and overwhelmed Onaga
with the power of his allies.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Shujinko's power is that he can copy the style of whoever he fights. It was
granted to him by Damashi (Onaga's disguise). It is very similar to the power
of the comic book villain The Taskmaster.

"Shujinko" is Japanese for "protagonist".

Shujinko's final appearance is more than likely inspired by Pai Mei, the
old master from Kill Bill Volume 2.



Origin: Edenia
Species: Human
Affiliation: Once ruled with Shao Kahn
Allies: Kitana, Jade, Shujinko
Enemies: Shao Kahn, Onaga, Tanya, Mileena
Styles: Zha Chuan, Fu Jowpai, Kwan Do

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Sindel had been dead for ten thousand years until 
Shang Tsung and his Shadow Priests (with some help from Shinnok and Quan 
Chi) had resurrected her body in Earthrealm. This allowed Shao Kahn to 
enter the realm and take it over while being reunited with his queen. 
Kitana, Sindel's daughter, found her one day during the war for 
Earthrealm and made her realize what was going on. Sindel never loved 
Shao Kahn; it was only mind control. She joined the rally against her 
false lover.

Konquest: Kitana sent Shujinko to save Sindel from Tanya's clutches. After
being saved, Sindel trained Shujinko and knighted him.

Deception: Sindel was kidnapped by Onaga's forces and was guarded by her
brainwashed daughter Kitana. Jade rescued Sindel from the prison and escaped
alongside her queen. Sindel decided that she needed more information on Onaga
to defeat him. Eventually she and Jade joined Shujinko in defeating Onaga as
Liu Kang and Ermac brought Kitana back to normal.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Sindel's original husband and King of Edenia was Jerrod. We really don't 
know a thing about him other than that he was a good guy and a warrior 
who was killed in a one-on-one fight with Shao Kahn.

The reason Sindel died in the first place was suicide. Turns out she wasn't 
brainwashed until after the resurrection.

There were concept sketches made for Sindel in MK:DA. In it she wielded a 
sword and wore a very scant two-piece bikini.

Originally her name was going to be Muchacha. Holy crap, am I glad they 
changed that.


SMOKE (Unit LK-7T2)

Origin: Earthrealm
Species in MK2: Human
Species in MKT: Cyborg
Affiliation: Lin Kuei, works for Noob Saibot
Allies: Noob Saibot
Enemies: Younger Sub-Zero, Ashrah, Sektor
Style: Mit Zu

Mortal Kombat II: The best guess is that he was helping out his good friend 
Sub-Zero. Especially since he appeared with him in the MK2 comic, which was 
released a long while before Smoke was even mentioned as a Lin Kuei member 

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Smoke and Sub-Zero were handpicked to go under the 
Lin Kuei's new cybernetic enhancement program. The two of them tried to 
escape, but Smoke ended up getting caught. He was turned into a purple 
cyborg and was sent to eliminate his best friend while with Sektor and 
Cyrax. Smoke retained his human will and turned on his fellow Lin Kuei 
cyborgs. He fought alongside Sub-Zero, but was eventually taken in by Kahn's
forces. Smoke was kept in a dungeon for years and shut himself down.

Deception: Noob Saibot found Smoke and reactivated him. To assure the cyborg's
devotion, Noob reprogrammed Smoke into being loyal to only him. The two
entered the Netherealm with plans of complete domination. Asrhah appeared and
fought Noob while the good, human side of Smoke started battling with the
robotic programming.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Robo Smoke transforming into Human Smoke in MKT is completely non-canon. 
It was just there for the complete roster and the need to exploit the 
male ninja sprites as much as possible. Even his MKT ending claims that 
Human Smoke will never be anything more than a memory in Robo Smoke's 

Before facing him in MK2, it claims that he is an undiscovered warrior
from MK1. If this is true, then he was probably just hiding in the
background, helping out the older Sub-Zero. A lot of good that did him.

According to John Vogel, Noob Smoke was initially meant to have two endings:
one for Noob Saibot and one for Smoke. The idea was dropped, but he did tell
me what it would have been about. During the Ashrah vs. Noob sequence, Smoke's
good was fighting the programming that forced him to work for Noob. Being in
the Netherealm powered the negative aspects of his programming and transformed
Smoke into a cybernetic demon of sorts. Tragic development for an already
tragic character, don't you think?


SONYA (Lieutenant Sonya Blade)

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Special Forces, Earthrealm warriors
Allies: Jax, Kenshi, Cyrax, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Raiden
Enemies: Kano, Jarek, Mavado, Hsu Hao, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Frost
Styles: Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Kali Sticks

Mortal Kombat 1: Sonya was on the tail of Kano, her sworn enemy and 
leader of the Black Dragon. Kano escaped onto a mysterious boat so Sonya 
and her crew tried to follow. They were caught by Tsung's guards and 
forced to take part in the contest. Or at least Sonya was, with the 
promise of freeing her friends if she were to beat Goro and Shang Tsung. 
As you can guess by now, she didn't and joined Kano in the forests of 
Outworld after the island began to crumble.

Mortal Kombat II: She only appeared in the background of Shao Kahn's 
Courtyard, chained up next to the emperor's throne. She and Kano were 
eventually released thanks to her fellow Special Forces member Jax. 
Unfortunately for them, Kano got away.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Sonya's superiors didn't believe her story about 
Shao Kahn and his plans to one day overwhelm Earthrealm. She helplessly 
watched as Kahn devoured the souls of almost everyone in the realm. With 
her Earthrealm allies, Sonya fought for the destruction of Shao Kahn. 
While she never fought Shao Kahn, she did finally face Kano on top a high 
tower. Kano took control of the fight and even tore out a chunk of 
Sonya's hair. Using his distraction to her advantage, Sonya grabbed Kano 
with her legs and tossed him off the building to his doom. After the 
world reverted back to normal, Sonya founded the Outerworld Investigation 
Agency with Jax.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Sonya chased Jarek, the last surviving Black Dragon 
member, into Edenia. There they found out about Shinnok's plans for 
conquering Earthrealm and put aside their differences. When the smoke had 
settled, Sonya resumed her mission to bring in Jarek. Jarek insisted that 
he would not go quietly and ran straight at her. Sonya moved out of the 
way, allowing Jarek to fall off the cliff they were standing on.

Deadly Alliance: Agents Cyrax and Kenshi were stranded in Outworld and 
Hsu Hao had destroyed the Outerworld Investigation Agency's portal. Sonya 
joined Raiden on his excursion to Outworld to lend a hand. To make it 
through the portal, she had to defeat an image of her greatest enemy. But 
she did not recognize the stranger she faced: the Red Dragon member 
Mavado. In Outworld, she was killed by the Deadly Alliance.

Deception: Sonya was resurrected by Onaga and was forced to obey his every
command. She and the other fallen warriors tried to defeat Ermac, but failed.
Liu Kang freed her mind from the mind control and returned her to her former
self. Along with her friends, Sonya joined in on the quest to foil Onaga's

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Sonya was originally going to be played by Cameron Diaz in the movie, but 
she injured her wrist before filming.

Sonya was meant to appear in MK:SF, but with Tobias gone and the clock 
ticking, they took her out to cut corners.

According to her MK1 bio, Sonya had a twin brother Daniel Blade listed as 
deceased. Perhaps his death is the real reason she was out to get Kano. 

The official MK1 trading cards claim that Sonya is after Kano for killing 
her fiancee.

She and Frost do not get along at all.



Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Affiliation: Earthrealm warriors
Allies: Raiden
Enemies: Shao Kahn, 99% of fighting game fans

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Kurtis Stryker was a riot control officer, working 
on controlling people in the city where Shao Kahn's portal opened. Once 
Kahn had ravaged all their souls, Stryker was the only one left. He 
escaped the Extermination Squads and received visions from Raiden, 
telling him that he was one of the chosen warriors and that he had to 
meet with he and the others. Using his vast assortment of weapons as 
opposed to martial arts, Stryker joined with the others so that he could 
save Earthrealm. His actions after that are unknown.

Deception: If he survived, then he's back protecting his city, but he's more 
than likely dead. Stryker is considered a joke among the MK fans, and not 
intentionally like Mokap. Besides, wouldn't Raiden have asked him for help in 
the later games? Then again, he may have refused.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

In UMK3 they gave him the ability to use his gun. Before that, people 
wondered why he used it in his win pose when he could have ended the 
fight that much quicker.

Fun fact: Stryker's voice on the animated series was done by veteran actor 
Ron Perlman. You might remember him as Reinhardt in Blade II or Clayface 
from the Batman cartoon or Hellboy from the movie.

The role of "Special Forces agent out to catch Kano" was originally going 
to be given to a character named Stryker in MK1. But the guys decided to go 
with a female character and Sonya was used instead. No clue on whether or 
not he looked like the cop we all know and love.



(as Sub-Zero)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Age (at time of death): 32 years old 
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human/???
Affiliation: Lin Kuei
Allies: Younger Sub-Zero, Sareena, Raiden
Enemies: Shinnok, Quan Chi, Scorpion

(as Noob Saibot)
Origin: Netherealm
Species: Wraith
Affiliation: Worked for Shao Kahn under the orders of Shinnok, 
Brothers of the Shadow
Allies: Smoke, Shinnok, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi
Enemies: Younger Sub-Zero, Ashrah, Goro
Styles: Hapkido, Pi Gua, Ninja Sword, Monkey

Mythologies: Sub-Zero was hired by Quan Chi to fetch a map from a temple. 
On the way to it he ended up fighting Scorpion, a ninja from a rival 
clan. Sub-Zero won and tore out Scorpion's spine. He gave the map to Quan 
Chi and was thanked by Quan Chi destroying the rest of Scorpion's clan. 
Sub-Zero was hired once more to follow the map and gain the amulet within 
for Quan Chi. Despite the many obstacles he had to face, including 
fighting four gods, Sub-Zero came out alive with the amulet in hand. He 
gave it to Quan Chi, who taunted Sub-Zero and exited to the Netherealm.

Raiden appeared to reprimand Sub-Zero and insisted that he go save 
Earthrealm. Sub-Zero waded through the horrors of the Netherealm, at one 
point meeting up with the reincarnated form of Scorpion. Sub-Zero won the 
rematch and went on to defeat Quan Chi and his three assassins. Sub-Zero 
fought against Shinnok and succeeded in stealing back the amulet. Unable 
to contend with Shinnok's next form, Sub-Zero escaped back to Earthrealm 
thanks to Raiden's help.

Sub-Zero asked for thanks despite causing the whole situation in the 
first place. He asked Raiden about something Quan Chi told him, about how 
he was able to enter the Netherealm because his soul was tainted with 
evil. Raiden concurred with Quan Chi's words and told Sub-Zero that he 
was evil, but it was not too late to change his ways. Sub-Zero chose to stay
loyal to the Lin Kuei.

Mortal Kombat 1: Two years later, Sub-Zero was introduced to Shang Tsung, 
a sorcerer who wanted the ninja to enter his tournament of Mortal Kombat. 
Sub-Zero entered, but he hid the fact that he was also hired by an 
anonymous enemy of Shang Tsung to assassinate him. He blazed through the 
competition until coming across a ghost from the past. It was Scorpion, 
who exacted his revenge and killed the warrior.

Mortal Kombat II: Sub-Zero was reborn in the Netherealm as a wraith, now
completely lacking compassion. Immediately, he was obtained by Shinnok to be 
his henchman. Known as Noob Saibot, he scouted the tournament for his new 

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Noob was given orders by Shinnok to join Shao Kahn 
for the time being. He had plans to attack Kahn after he had been 
weakened, but the plans never came into fruition thanks to the tenacious 
champions of Earthrealm.

Also, I am almost certain that this is not canon, but I should mention it 
anyway. A warrior referred to as Classic Sub-Zero showed up with unknown 
reasons, other than reusing the MK1 Sub-Zero profile. His ending was very 
ambiguous and he has not been alluded to since. It's nigh definite that it 
was nothing more than an excuse for Midway to get more mileage out of the 
Scorpion sprite.

Mortal Kombat Gold: They never gave him an official story, but he was 
almost definitely fighting alongside Shinnok.

Tournament Edition: Noob Saibot went back to fighting for Shao Kahn. While a
soldier in Kano's army, he came across an exhausted Goro and the two did
battle. Noob mortally wounded Goro and moved on.

Deception: Upon Shao Kahn's death, Noob Saibot had decided to no longer serve
anyone but himself. He discovered Smoke and made him his first recruit in 
his quest for domination. He and Smoke entered the Netherealm in an attempt
to take over the realm, but Ashrah may or may not have foiled their plans by
vanquishing Noob Saibot.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

According to the official MKM website, the two Sub-Zeros are the sons of a 
Lin Kuei ninja and an American woman. They were removed from their mother 
and forced to fight for the Lin Kuei. Also, they had a sister but nothing 
has been said about her since. Some fans refer to them as Sub-Zero the 5th 
and Sub-Zero the 6th, but that comes from pure speculation.

He has the same exact measurements as his younger brother and Scorpion.

I've been reminded that Classic Sub-Zero's ending does not claim that he 
was not the older Sub-Zero. The ending says that he unmasked himself
to the surprise of the many warriors, revealing himself to be a warrior
from a previous tournament. Since this originated in UMK3, this led fans 
to argue over whether it was Johnny Cage or Raiden returning to the story 
(I know it doesn't make sense with the ice powers). Once MKT came out, 
there were only two guys we knew about left: older Sub-Zero and the 
original Kung Lao. Since Shang has that Kung Lao's soul, there's only two 
options: Either it was the older Sub-Zero or a new character yet to be 
introduced, who had existed during important parts of the story's history 
(similar to Quan Chi, Shinnok, Bo' Rai Cho, etc.). Classic Sub-Zero's 
story is nothing more than a cliffhanger that has never been resolved and 
likely never will.

Originally his name was going to be Tundra.

His name is "Tobias Boon" backwards, but everybody knows that.

In MK4 Noob Saibot finally revealed his true form under the ninja 
costume. His body is a glossy dark gray with a skull-like face. Not very 
exciting, but beggars can't be choosers.

Noob had a cameo in the game The Grid, which was also made by Midway.

The revelation that Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot are the same being first showed
up in MK:D. Storywise, the concept does not contradict and it answers a couple
nagging questions. Why wasn't Noob Saibot ever mentioned in Mythologies? Why 
wasn't Scorpion going after Sub-Zero in the Netherealm? Why did Noob Saibot 
have an ice-based fatality in MK4? Why does Noob dress as a ninja, anyway? 
Well, now we know, and knowing is half the battle.


SUB-ZERO (younger, scarred one)

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Species: Human/???
Affiliation: Lin Kuei (1), Lin Kuei (2), Earthrealm warriors
Allies: Kenshi, Raiden, Liu Kang, Frost
Enemies: Quan Chi, Shinnok, Hotaru, Noob Saibot, Smoke, Sektor
Styles: Shotokan, Dragon, Kori Blade

Mortal Kombat II: The younger Sub-Zero was sent to deal with Shang Tsung 
as a replacement for his fallen brother. He followed the heroes into 
Outworld and entered Shao Kahn's tournament. In it, he surprised some of 
the onlookers, including Scorpion, by allowing mercy to a beaten 
opponent. Sub-Zero faced Scorpion and lost, but was confused as to why 
Scorpion allowed him to live and disappeared.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Sub-Zero was handpicked to be transformed into a 
cyborg by the Lin Kuei. Along with Smoke, he tried to escape. While 
Sub-Zero did get away, Smoke was still caught and given the special 
treatment. In disgust for the Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero changed his outfit. 
Things became complicated, as he had to help out his Earthrealm allies 
while dodging Smoke, Sektor and Cyrax. He fought against Cyrax and won, 
but instead of killing him, he just reprogrammed him to kill Shao Kahn. 
Sub-Zero aided the other heroes and helped put an end to Kahn's terror.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Sub-Zero was still on the run from Cyrax and Sektor, 
but now there was the threat of Shinnok and Quan Chi looming. Despite his 
hatred of the Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero's respect for his brother allowed him to 
return to his blue ninja outfit. He met with Scorpion, who assaulted him. 
Sub-Zero lost the fight, looking up to see Scorpion going on about how 
his family's killer would be killed and he could finally rest. Sub-Zero 
swore that he was not the one he was looking for, prompting Quan Chi to 
make his presence known and clear Sub-Zero's name. After a struggle that 
sent Scorpion and Quan Chi to the Netherealm, Sub-Zero found himself 
alone in the dark room.

Deadly Alliance: Sub-Zero defeated Sektor for the right to become the new 
Grand Master of the Lin Kuei. As Grand Master, he received the Dragon 
Medallion, which caused his powers to increase. He wanted to make the 
Lin Kuei a force of good instead of the disgrace it had become. He held a 
fighting tournament as a way to recruit more members. The winner of it 
was Frost, a mysterious young woman with similar Kori (ice) powers. 
Sub-Zero took her under his wing and trained her to hone her abilities 
better. After a little while, Raiden appeared to the ninja and asked for 
his assistance in dealing with Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Sub-Zero agreed, 
hoping that it would make the Lin Kuei's image improve. He and Frost 
followed Raiden.

He and Frost got separated from the rest at one point. Frost attacked Sub-Zero
and stole his Dragon Medallion. She tried to wield its power for herself, but
she was not nearly as powerful as her master. Frost's lack of discipline
caused the Medallion to consume her with ice, killing her. Sub-Zero forgave
her and decided to bring her remains to a respectable grave.

Deception: In his travels through Outworld, Sub-Zero found the ruins of an
Outworld civilization, once made up of a race of people who could control the
cold. Sub-Zero investigated further and decided that he and Frost were part
of this heritage. He buried Frost with their ancestors and donned a Shredder-
looking suit of ninja armor he found within the temple. Later on, he was
chased through the Living Forest by the remaining members of Baraka's Tarkatan
horde. Sub-Zero decided that he was going to die fighting and gave those
creeps everything he had. But then his armor started talking to him, helping
him survive the ordeal. Sub-Zero defeated the countless henchmen and moved on.

Sub-Zero gained the attention of Hotaru, a zealot of order working for Onaga.
Hotaru fought Sub-Zero, but seemingly perished in defeat. Sub-Zero came across
a dying Kenshi and saved his life. The two honorable warriors banded together
and wandered through Outworld towards the portal to Earthrealm. What Sub-Zero
didn't realize was that Hotaru was still following them. Whether or not Hotaru
attacked is unknown as of now, but eventually, Sub-Zero and Kenshi met with
Shujinko. Along with the other Earthrealm champions, they joined together
against Onaga's threat.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Some fans refer to him as "Sub-Zero the Sixth" because of he and his 
brother being of the fifth generation of Lin Kuei warriors.

It's popular belief that the Dragon Medallion causes Sub-Zero to look a LOT 
older than he really is, though it may just be frost in his hair (no pun 
intended). In actuality he's younger than 42. The Medallion also gives him 
amazing powers like the ability to create ice swords on a whim. According to 
Sonya's MK:DA Konquest mode, Sub-Zero created a working boat out of ice.

The younger Sub-Zero, unlike his brother, is incredibly merciful.

There has yet to be an official explanation for Sub-Zero's eye scar. The 
two most likely reasons are that either Scorpion did it in MK2 or the Lin 
Kuei did it when Sub-Zero escaped prior to MK3.

One has to wonder whether or not Sub-Zero's ice shield move in MK:DA is 
based on the Liu Kang/Sub-Zero battle from the first movie, where 
Sub-Zero did a similar attack.

His first appearance in the MK2 comic is not what you'd expect from someone 
so noble and mysterious. He walked out of an aircraft wearing a suit, tie 
and sunglasses. Then he even handed Liu Kang his card. Though it does make 
sense considering his joining Raiden in MK:DA was partially for Lin Kuei 
public relations.

He was a secret character in the arcade NBA Jam: Tournament Edition.



Origin: Edenia
Species: Human
Affiliation: Worked for Shinnok, Worked for Onaga
Allies: Onaga, Shinnok
Enemies: Sindel, Kitana, Jade, Liu Kang
Styles: Zi Ram Men, Yue Chuan, Kobu Jutsu

Mortal Kombat Gold: Tanya was the daughter of an Edenian ambassador of 
foreign realms. She "accidentally" allowed Shinnok and Quan Chi to enter 
and take over Edenia. She then joined the heroes, hiding the fact that 
she was really on the side of Shinnok. They likely found her out at one 

Konquest: Tanya guarded Sindel, but was bested in combat by Shujinko.

Deception: Tanya wandered by herself for a while until meeting with Baraka.
Baraka told her of the Dragon King Onaga and insisted that he join them or
die. Tanya made the sensible decision and joined Onaga's side. Onaga needed
Tanya for her knowledge on where he could find the directions on how to merge
the Komidogu into one object of unmeasurable power. Tanya caught the attention
of Jade, who unlike Tanya, was loyal to the Edenian throne. Jade had herself
captured by some Tarkatan soldiers so she could get near Tanya. Jade tossed
an orb of Tarkatan essense onto Tanya, covering her with the scent of a
Tarkatan male. The soldiers went into an angered frenzy and attacked Tanya.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Originally her spot was going to be given to Kitana, but Midway decided 
that they needed more new characters so they just changed her color 

Am I the only one who notices that none of the women from Edenia wear 
pants? I mean Sindel, Kitana and Tanya are always wearing one-piece 
swimsuits. And they're supposed to be the ones running the place! Maybe 
there are a lot of beaches in Edenia.


XII. Realms

Here is the part where I talk about the various worlds of the Mortal 
Kombat universe and what we know about them. Remember, I'm going by what 
has been said in the games, mostly. I've listed them in order of 



Natives: Cyrax, Frost, Hsu Hao, Jarek, No Face, Tasia, Tremor, Jax, 
Johnny Cage, Kabal, Kai, Kano, Kenshi, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Mavado, Mokap, 
Nightwolf, Scorpion (before dying), Sektor, Smoke, Sonya Blade, Stryker, 
both Sub-Zeros, Kira, Kobra, Shujinko

Non-native residents: Bo' Rai Cho, Fujin, Rock God, Water God, Fire God, 

Earthrealm is fancy talk for Earth. So I probably don't have to describe 
to you what the realm is like. Usually it is the target of rule for guys 
like Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. MKT was the only time 
when it was taken over, causing it to merge with Outworld. Currently it 
is peaceful.



Natives: Baraka, Blaze, Bo' Rai Cho, The Dragon King, Drahmin, Ermac, 
Goro, maybe Jade, Khameleon, Kintaro, Li Mei, Mileena, Motaro, Reptile, 
Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Sheeva, Onaga

Non-native residents: Kano, Rain, Hotaru

A dark realm where evil rules all. Once ruled by the Dragon King until 
his sudden death. Shao Kahn immediately became its new ruler and went from 
realm to realm like a juggernaut, defeating anybody who could get in his way 
and then assimilating it with Outworld. The lifetimes of the beings in 
Outworld are thousands of times longer than the lifetimes of those from 
Earthrealm. Outworld can best be described as a darker version of Earthrealm.



Natives: Kitana, Jade, Jerrod, Rain, Sindel, Tanya

Non-native residents: N/A

Often mistaken for Outworld in the story, Edenia was a peaceful realm 
ruled by King Jerrod up until Shao Kahn conquered he and his world. It 
then became a part of Outworld for ten thousand years until finally 
breaking away at some point between MKT and MKG. Like Outworld, its 
people have amazingly long lives. Currently it is peaceful.



Natives: Moloch, Scorpion (after death), Sareena, Kia, Jataaka, Noob Saibot,

Non-native residents: Drahmin, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Smoke

The Netherealm is a fancy word for Hell. Once ruled by Lucifer, he was 
overthrown by Shinnok and Quan Chi. They ruled the realm for quite a 
while until leaving to conquer Edenia in MKG. Scorpion's body was reborn 
here and continues to do so every time he is killed in another realm. 
While in the Netherealm, his power grows stronger and stronger, 
eventually making him invincible. Oni also wander through the various 
planes of the Netherealm, tormenting any souls that they come across. 
Noob Saibot has made an effort to take over the realm.



Natives: N/A

Non-native residents: N/A

When Raiden and Shinnok had their ancient war in Earthrealm it almost 
tore the world apart. The Raptors escaped the fury of the gods and 
entered Zaterra, a world where they could live in peace. Then Shao Kahn 
came by and forced it to join Outworld, spreading its evil even more. 
Currently nothing is known about it (see next part).



Natives: Nitara

Non-native residents: N/A

We never got to learn much about Nitara's home world, other than that it 
is where vampires came from and was taken over by Shao Kahn. There is a 
good chance that this realm is Zaterra, especially considering how the 
vampire race's archives have lots of information on the Raptors. 
Currently free from Outworld.



Natives: Fujin, Earth God, Water God, Fire God, Raiden, Shinnok

Non-native residents: Liu Kang

The Heavens and Heaven are the same. It's where all the gods came from 
and where all good people go when they die. Johnny Cage resided there for 
a little while until being resurrected by Raiden in Earthrealm. It was 
attacked at one point by Shinnok. Currently it is peaceful.



Natives: Hotaru, Dairou, Darrius

Non-native residents:

Also known as Orderrealm. The people of Seido are known for being extremely
strict about all things. Law is more important than anything else, which makes
the realm come across as a nightmarish interior clouded by a utopian exterior.
Seidans have been at war with the people of Chaosrealm for quite a while and
have been known to attempt stealing their water supply. The civilizations in
Seido are advanced and include structures and cities in the sky. Currently the
strict way of life is under siege by Darrius and the resistance.



Natives: Havik

Non-native residents:

Chaosrealm is the complete opposite of Seido. There are no rules and chaos
reigns supreme. The civilizations are made up of floating rock formations,
linked together by teleportation devices. The inhabitants worship water and
its formless nature. Chaosrealm isn't the official name of the realm, but
the inhabitants refuse to have one.

Apparently it used to be a normal realm until the God of Chaos had unleashed 
the Tempest there. That seems to be what changed everyone in the realm, to the 
point of it ruining people's memory and whatnot.




Non-native residents: Monster, Scorpion

The Nexus is the crossroads of all the various realms in existence. The realm
was created by the Elder Gods and is much like a headquarters for the Champion
of the Elder Gods.


XIII. Factions

And here we go with the section that explains the various organizations, 
teams and clans of the Mortal Kombat Series. Noob Saibot's story says he 
is part of the Brothers of the Shadow. I'm not sure if that is the 
official name for Shinnok's faction or if it is just a separate group 
that happens to worship him. But for the hell of it, I'll just use it to 
reference Shinnok and friends.

These are listed in order of appearance in the games released.



Members: Sonya, Jax, Cyrax, Kenshi, Gemini

Enemies: Black Dragon, Red Dragon

Special Forces: A bunch of agents were killed by the Black Dragon so Jax 
went after them with Gemini calling in every once and a while.

Mortal Kombat 1: Sonya tried to hunt down Kano, but she and other agents 
were kidnapped by Shang Tsung's forces. She was forced to fight for their 
freedom. In the end, she was the only survivor.

Mortal Kombat II: Jax entered Outworld to rescue Sonya, which he did.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: The two failed to convince their superiors of 
Kahn's threat. They joined the other chosen ones and defeated Shao Kahn. 
Sonya seemingly killed Kano. The Outerworld Investigation Agency was 

Mortal Kombat Gold: Again they joined the other good guys, along with 
Black Dragon member Jarek to stop Shinnok. Sonya later caused Jarek to 
fall to his supposed death. Jax found Cyrax and used Special Forces 
technology to undo his programming. Cyrax joined the team.

Deadly Alliance: Cyrax was stranded in Outworld because of Reptile's 
attack. Kenshi went to save him, but also ended up stranded because Hsu 
Hao blew up the portal system. Jax and Sonya were again recruited by 
Raiden and fought the Deadly Alliance. Nitara sent Cyrax back home, Kenshi
got tangled up in a fight against Mavado and Jax and Sonya got the snot beaten
out of them by the Deadly Alliance.

Where Is It Now: Major members spread out. Not looking good for them.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

The Outerworld Investigation Agency was a means for the agents to enter 
various realms using portals created by science. Cyrax was the scout for 

Hsu Hao worked with the Special Forces for several years until showing 
his true colors.



Members: Kano (leader), Jarek, Kabal (former member), No Face, Tasia, 

Enemies: Special Forces, Red Dragon

Special Forces: Kano busted out Jarek, No Face, Tasia and Tremor from 
prison. They tried to each stop Jax from following Kano, but failed. Kano 
tried to find the Eye of Shitiar, which would give him awesome power, but 
in the end he was taken into custody by Jax.

Mortal Kombat 1: Kano's attempt to break away from the Black Dragon and steal 
from Shang Tsung blew up in his face. He was forced into fighting into Tsung's 
tournament, which ended with he and Sonya being brought into Outworld.

Mortal Kombat 3: Kano joined Shao Kahn's army while the surviving Kabal was
beaten almost to death by Motaro. Kabal ended up opposing Kano and sided with
Jax and Sonya.

Mortal Kombat Gold: The last known member of the Black Dragon, Jarek, fought
alongside Sonya and Jax against Shinnok's forces. He was still strongly loyal
to Kano, who he thought was dead. With Jarek's fall off a cliff in an attempt
to kill Sonya, it seemed as if the Black Dragon was gone for good.

Deadly Alliance: Well, it seemed Kano was really alive all that time. Mavado
took care of that.

Where Is It Now: Erased, thanks to the efforts of the Special Forces and Red 

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

The Black Dragon was a spin-off group of the Red Dragon. At some point 
in the twentieth century, some members of the Red Dragon became fed up 
with their codes and discipline and started this organization. Unlike the 
Red Dragon, the Black Dragon is fairly well known. According to the 
dialogue in MK:SF, the Black Dragon was seemingly falling apart during 
the MK series.

The Black Dragon was founded by Morihei Uyeshiba, who existed in real life 
as the creator of Aikido.



Members: Younger Sub-Zero, Older Sub-Zero, Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke, Shujinko

Enemies: Shirai Ryu, Quan Chi, Red Dragon, Younger Sub-Zero, Smoke

Konquest: An earlier incarnation of Sub-Zero personally taught Shujinko how to
fight like him. Shujinko became a member of the team, but left once he was
given the Earthrealm Komidogu.

Mythologies: The Lin Kuei's assassin Sub-Zero was sent to attain a map 
for Quan Chi. He went against his mission so that he could save the world 
from Shinnok. While the older Sub-Zero had the chance to turn his life 
around, he loyally refrained from leaving the Lin Kuei.

Mortal Kombat 1: Sub-Zero was invited by Shang Tsung to enter the 
tourney, but his superiors informed him that he was also hired to 
assassinate Shang Tsung. Sub-Zero failed as he was killed by Scorpion.

Mortal Kombat II: The younger Sub-Zero was sent on the same mission to 
kill Shang Tsung as a replacement for his brother. He never completed his 
mission and instead was beaten up by Scorpion. No idea what Smoke was 
doing there.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: The Lin Kuei selected Sub-Zero, Smoke, Sektor and 
Cyrax to undergo cybernetic surgery to make them more powerful. Sub-Zero 
and Smoke tried to escape, but Smoke was caught and forced into surgery. 
The three cyber ninjas chased Sub-Zero, but Smoke turned against his 
programming to help his friend. Sub-Zero defeated Cyrax and reprogrammed 
him to kill Shao Kahn. Cyrax went haywire and got lost in the desert 
while trying to locate the Lin Kuei base.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Sektor was again sent to catch Sub-Zero, though 
whether or not he had Cyrax with him is unsure. Jax found Cyrax and 
deprogrammed him. Cyrax left the Lin Kuei for the Special Forces. After 
losing to Scorpion and almost getting killed, Sub-Zero defeated Sektor 
for the right to be the new Grand Master of the Lin Kuei.

Where Is It Now: Reborn into a new Lin Kuei.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Based in China.

Lin Kuei members don't like being called "ninjas" as they consider 
themselves to be something completely different. I wasn't going to put 
you folks through the torture of referring to them as "the blue Lin Kuei" 
or "cyber Lin Kuei". Then it would have gotten confusing.

Interestingly enough, the MK2 comic foreshadows the events of MK3. It shows 
that the Lin Kuei did in fact use state-of-the-art technology, which the 
older Sub-Zero was against. At the time, the younger Sub-Zero had no 
problem with it.



Members: Scorpion

Enemies: Lin Kuei, Quan Chi

Mythologies: When Scorpion failed to defeat Sub-Zero, he was killed. 
Quan Chi thanked Sub-Zero for giving him the map by killing off the rest 
of the Shirai Ryu.

Where Is It Now: All dead except Scorpion, who is trying to get revenge 
on Quan Chi. Actually, Scorpion's dead too but... eh, you know what I mean.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Based in Japan.

Lin Kuei member Takeda created the Shirai Ryu after breaking away from 
the dark assassins and modifying their secrets.

All of their ninjas wear yellow as a way to make fun of the Lin Kuei.



Members: Shao Kahn (leader), Shang Tsung, Sindel (former member), Goro 
(former member), Kintaro, Motaro, Sheeva (former member), Kano, Reptile, 
Scorpion (former member), Baraka, Mileena, Kitana (former member), Ermac, 
Rain, Jade, Noob Saibot, Reiko

Enemies: Earthrealm Warriors, Sindel, Goro, Scorpion, Kitana, Sheeva

Mortal Kombat 1: Shang Tsung and Goro almost won the realm for Shao Kahn, 
but Liu Kang defeated them both.

Mortal Kombat II: A tournament was held by Kahn in Outworld. Again, the 
members were all defeated. Kitana left for she had learned the truth of 
her past.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Kahn succeeded in breaching Earthrealm and 
devouring most of its souls. The Extermination Squad, a group within the 
group made up of Centaurians, was sent to eliminate the survivors. In the 
end the faction lost with Sindel, Scorpion and Sheeva leaving the team.

Deadly Alliance: Shao Kahn was killed by Shang Tsung and Quan Chi.

Where Is It Now: Nowhere. Kahn is dead and all his followers have moved 

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

The list of generals goes as follows: Kintaro, Motaro and Kano. MK:D's 
Konquest depicted Reiko as a general at one point, but he doesn't really fit
in anywhere.

It seems that every non-Lin Kuei ninja in MK besides Khameleon has worked 
for Kahn at some point. I guess he likes the two outfits.



Members: Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kai, Bo' Rai Cho

Enemies: Shao Kahn and His Henchmen

Mortal Kombat 1: After being trained by Bo' Rai Cho, Liu Kang entered 
the Shaolin tournament and came out as the winner. He returned to find 
the temples destroyed.

Mortal Kombat II: With only a couple members of the Society left in tact, 
Liu Kang and Kung Lao went to Outworld for revenge. Despite it being a 
trap, Liu Kang succeeded in avenging the deaths of his brethren.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Kung Lao was trying to rebuild the White Lotus 
Society, but Kahn's invasion stunted it. After losing to Shao Kahn, Kung 
Lao left to live a peaceful life on his own.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Kai joined Liu Kang in his quest to destroy Shinnok. 
Kung Lao made his return.

Deadly Alliance: Liu Kang and Kung Lao were finally rebuilding the White 
Lotus Society before the Deadly Alliance killed Liu. Kung Lao found his 
body and entered Outworld, looking for revenge. He found Bo' Rai Cho and 
trained with him.

Where Is It Now: Still around, I guess.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Kai was a member but still was not an official Shaolin warrior.

The White Lotus Society's goals are to teach about the threats of 
potential inter-realm threats and train to fend them off.

The Order of Light is the Shaolin temple that created the White Lotus
Society. The two are close enough that I figured that there's no reason to 
split them into two sections.

The White Lotus Society's creation was headed by Raiden.



Members: Raiden (leader), Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Fujin, Jarek, 
Jax, Kabal, Kai, younger Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade, Nightwolf, Stryker, Frost,

Enemies: Shao Kahn and His Henchmen, Brothers of the shadow

Mortal Kombat 1: Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Raiden met for 
the first time.

Mortal Kombat II: Liu Kang, Kung Lao and Johnny Cage entered the Outworld 
tournament to seek revenge. Raiden followed in order to make up for their 
foolishness by helping win the tournament.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Raiden spared the souls of Liu Kang, Kung Lao, 
Johnny Cage, Jax, Kabal, younger Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade, Nightwolf and 
Stryker. Together they fought off the power of Shao Kahn's team.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Raiden, Fujin, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, 
Jarek, Jax, Kai, younger Sub-Zero and Sonya Blade banded together to face 
the Brothers of the shadow.

Deadly Alliance: Following Liu Kang's death, Raiden called together a team of 
Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Jax, younger Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade and Frost. Together 
they took on the Deadly Alliance and failed. Shujinko was asked to come with
them, but got tied up due to complications with Kano and Hotaru.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

None really.



Members: Shinnok (leader), Quan Chi, Reiko, Noob Saibot, Tanya, Scorpion, 
Mileena, Kia, Jataaka, Sareena

Enemies: Earthrealm Warriors, Older Sub-Zero

Konquest: A wraith tried to take over a part of Chaosrealm, only to be driven
out by Shujinko.

Mythologies: Once Shinnok got his amulet back, he, Quan Chi, Kia, Jataaka 
and Sareena attempted to stop the elder Sub-Zero from stopping him. They 
all failed. Kia, Jataaka and Sareena all died with Sareena killed by 
Shinnok himself.

Mortal Kombat II: Noob Saibot was sent by Shinnok to scout the Outworld 

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Noob Saibot joined with Shao Kahn. Mileena was 
resurrected by Shinnok and forced to join Noob in a plan to kill Kahn if 
he were to have defeated the Earthrealm warriors.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Thanks to Tanya, Shinnok and friends escaped and then 
assaulted the Elder Gods. Quan Chi convinced Scorpion to join. Because 
Quan Chi was the one in possession of Shinnok's amulet, Earthrealm's 
champions were able to kill the god.

Where Is It Now: Gone, just about.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Mileena's UMK3 ending made no reference to Shinnok.



Members: Raiden, Fujin, Earth God, Water God, Fire God

Enemies: Brothers of the shadow, Older Sub-Zero

Mythologies: Fujin, Earth God, Water God and Fire God guarded Shinnok's 
amulet. Sub-Zero defeated all four to gain it. Raiden appeared to insist 
that he go save the world from Quan Chi and Shinnok.

Mortal Kombat II: Raiden denounced his godhood in order to fight Shao 
Kahn. He went back after the day was saved.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: See above.

Mortal Kombat Gold: The gods and Elder Gods fought with Shinnok and were 
mostly killed or captured. Raiden and Fujin survived and led the assault 
along with Earthrealm's champions. Afterwards, Raiden was promoted to 
Elder God and Fujin became the Protector of Earthrealm.

Deadly Alliance: Raiden dropped his title of Elder God to face the Deadly 
Alliance, while insisting Fujin stay and protect Earthrealm. Raiden got his
butt whipped.

Deception: Raiden got all angry and dark. He wants to fry Shujinko. No word
on Fujin.

Where Is It Now: The gods are still around, protecting their world.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Nothing I can think of.



Members: Raiden (former member), Shinnok (former member)

Enemies: Brothers of the shadow, Onaga

Konquest: Monster, the Champion of the Elder Gods, tried to stop Shujinko, who
believed he was actually the Champion. Monster lost and faded into obscurity.

Mortal Kombat Gold: Former Elder God Shinnok attacked and imprisoned the 
other Elder Gods. Raiden led the attack to defeat Shinnok and was 
rewarded by becoming one of the Elder Gods.

Deadly Alliance: The other Elder Gods refused to help put a stop to Shang 
Tsung and Quan Chi, despite the danger they held. Raiden left them in 
disgust and never came back.

Konquest: Scorpion became the new Champion of the Elder Gods, but couldn't
stop Shujinko from planting the Edenia Komidogu into the Nexus.

Deception: The Elder Gods sent Scorpion off to go kill Onaga and prevent the
return of the One Being.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

We got to see one of the Elder Gods appear in Raiden's MKG ending. Aright!

The first mention of the Elder Gods was in the MK2 comic.

Originally, there was the One Being, who was existence. He fed off the Elder
Gods, who created the Komidogu in retaliation. The One Being was split off
and the realms were born.



Members: Shang Tsung, Quan Chi (co-leaders), Kano, Mavado, Moloch, Drahmin, 
the Dragon King's undead army

Enemies: Earthrealm Warriors, Kitana, Kenshi

Deadly Alliance: Quan Chi and Shang Tsung struck a deal: Shang Tsung 
would help Quan Chi revive the Dragon King's army while Quan Chi would 
create the Soulnado, a portal to the heavens that would give Shang almost 
eternal life. They offed Shao Kahn and Liu Kang, then acquired the help 
of Kano and Mavado. Shang Tsung hired Moloch and Drahmin on the side to 
stop Quan Chi from turning on him first. The two won the war against the
heroes, turned on each other and then reunited once the Dragon King showed up.

Where Is It Now: Completely disbanded, what with the blown up Quan Chi and
Shang Tsung.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

It's unknown if Kano even knew Mavado was on the payroll.

While neither ending truly happened, the endings for Quan Chi and Shang Tsung 
each had them turning on each other. Quan Chi's wasn't very successful since 
it ended with Liu Kang coming back in Kano's body.



Members: Mavado, Hsu Hao

Enemies: Black Dragon, Special Forces, Lin Kuei

Deadly Alliance: Hsu Hao had completed his mission of helping the Special 
Forces eliminate the Black Dragon. His next mission was to destroy the 
Outerworld Investigation Agency's portal generator and escape into 
Outworld. He did so and met with Mavado, who had aligned himself with the 
Deadly Alliance. Mavado was granted a match against Kano as thanks for 
defeating Kenshi. Because Quan Chi allowed the fight, Mavado considered 
himself in his debt. Hsu Hao was asked to eliminate Shang Tsung, but he 
was killed by Jax on the way.

Where Is It Now: Probably still around, but without its leader Mavado. He was
killed by Kabal in an act of revenge.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Unlike the Black Dragon, the Red Dragon had been around for centuries. 
Their specialty is swiftness and stealth. That's partially why the likes 
of the Special Forces had no idea who they were up until Kenshi was 
attacked in MK:DA.


Members: Sektor

Enemies: Lin Kuei

A ninja clan created after Sektor faced defeat from Sub-Zero prior to MK:DA.
Located in Japan, it is made up of Sektor and many others willing to undergo
the cybernetic treatment. Chances are that they aren't just choosing the
willing for the treatment.

Where It Is Now: Spreading through Japan like a virus. Or maybe not. I don't

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

I got nothing.



Members: Younger Sub-Zero (leader), Frost

Enemies: Deadly Alliance, Red Dragon

Deadly Alliance: Sub-Zero started his rebirth of the Lin Kuei by holding a
tournament for recruits. Frost, a young woman with similar kori powers, came
out the winner. Sub-Zero trained her and brought her with him into Outworld to
stop the threat of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. Frost turned on Sub-Zero due to
her idiocy and ended up dying as a result.

Deception: Sub-Zero discovered a temple of his ancestry. He buried Frost
within its confines and moved on, where other stuff happened. Nothing really
Lin Kuei-related.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Unlike the original Lin Kuei, this incarnation is based on doing good and
setting things right.



Members: Kabal (leader), Kira, Kobra

Enemies: Seidan Guard, Red Dragon... you know what? Just about everyone.

Deception: Kabal would have died from Mavado's doing if it had not been for
Havik. Havik convinced Kabal to bring back the Black Dragon to its former
glory. Kabal agreed and went on a mission to find Mavado. He killed the Red
Dragon leader and took back his hookswords. Kabal found his first recruit in
Kira, a young woman who made her living selling weapons to terrorists. The two
of them saved a serial killer named Kobra from being brought to justice.
Kabal, Kira and Kobra fought under Havik as a faction of chaos. After the
defeat of Onaga, Kabal had Kira and Kobra face each other for a spot in the
Black Dragon. Kira killed Kobra and was given the assignment of finding two
recruits of her own.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Due to Kabal's ending, it's possible that by MK7, the Black Dragon will have
the power to resurrect the dead by use of Onaga's heart. If so, expect Kano
to return.



Members: Hotaru, Dairou (former member), Shujinko (former member)

Enemies: Havik, Darrius, Dairou, younger Sub-Zero

Konquest: The Seidan Guard were called in by Shujinko to aid him in saving
Lei Chan from Shao Kahn's forces. Shujinko was trained to be one of them after
helping stop one of Darrius' riots. The Seidan Guard saved Lei Chan and
protected it, though under strict rules. Shujinko later asked for help again
in dealing with the Deadly Alliance, but he was arrested for breaking a
curfew. Shujinko escaped with the help of Dairou and knocked out Hotaru in a

Deception: Hotaru had to juggle his responsibilites as a henchman of Onaga and
as a Seidan Guardsman. There are so many possible events with him that it's
hard to figure out what will become canon.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Everything's been said, really.


XIV. Species

There are plenty of different races and whatnot in the MK series, so I 
figured I'd list what we know about them in this section.



Origin: Earthrealm, Outworld, Edenia

Characters: Bo' Rai Cho, Frost, Hsu Hao, Jade, Jarek, Jax, Johnny Cage, 
Kabal, Kai, Kano, Kenshi, Kitana, Kung Lao, Li Mei, Liu Kang, Mavado, 
Mokap, Nightwolf, Rain, Reiko, Sindel, Smoke (used to be), Sonya Blade, 
Stryker, Sub-Zero brothers, Tanya, Dairou, Darrius, Havik, Hotaru, Kira,
Kobra, Shujinko

You're more than likely a human, so I won't bore you with what you already 
know. Outworlders and Edenians who are humans have ridiculously long 
lifespans. For people of Seido and Chaosrealm, it's not quite as long. While 
Outworlders and Edenians live for thousands of years, Seidans and 
Chaos...lings(?) live for centuries. Still a lot.



Origin: Netherealm

Characters: Scorpion

A specter is a ghost of a man with unfinished business. Only until the 
specter finishes whatever mission it had been reincarnated for can it 
rest in peace. In other words, ever seen The Crow? Same deal.

The MK definition of what a specter looks like is hard to explain. 
Scorpion appears as a man with a fleshless skull head, but that could be 
because of the way he died.



Origin: The Heavens

Characters: Raiden, Shinnok, Fujin, Earth God, Water God, Fire God, Kochal,
God of Chaos

A being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshipped 
by a people, especially a male deity thought to control some part of 
nature or reality.



Origin: Outworld

Characters: Goro, Kintaro, Sheeva

A being of superior size and strength of a human, plus two more arms. 
They have three fingers on each hand, two toes, red eyes and strange 
spikes sticking out their foreheads. They are predominately 
yellow-skinned, but Kintaro has a strange tiger stripe pattern on his 
back. They are half-man/half-dragon.



Origin: Earthrealm (originally), Outworld

Characters: Reptile, Khameleon

A race that evolved from the dinosaurs from Earthrealm. During the war 
with Raiden and Shinnok, they escaped into Zaterra for sanctuary. It was 
eventually taken over by Kahn and the Raptors were sent into years of 
slavery. By MKT, only Reptile and Khameleon were left of the race. They 
are able to camouflage themselves and can even make themselves look 
human. Without it they appear to be nothing more than giant lizards with 
arms and legs.



Origin: Outworld

Characters: Baraka, Mileena (half), Shang Tsung

The Tarkatans are a mutant hybrid of the species from Outworld and the 
Netherealm. Shang Tsung's inclusion to this list is explained in his section.

It's been brought to my attention that originally, this was what all Outworld
humans were supposed to look like, but they nixed that idea.



Origin: Earthrealm

Characters: Smoke, Sektor, Cyrax

Human beings who are at least half robotic. Created by the Lin Kuei, the 
three cyborgs have various weapons living in their chests and arm panels.



Origin: Outworld

Characters: Motaro

Centaurians are the rivals to the Shokan. They are half man/half horse and 
have a bronze skin color. The Centaurians in MK lore seem to also be part 
Minotaur, considering Motaro's horns.



Origin: Unnamed Vampire Realm

Characters: Nitara

Vampires in MK seem to be mostly like the traditional mythology, with the 
addition of the wings sticking out their backs. They are fanged, live off 
blood and can be killed by wooden stakes through the heart. The sun part 
of the vampire mythos is half-right here. Only the Earthrealm's sun is 
toxic to vampires, meaning they can only come to the realm at night.



Origin: Netherealm

Characters: Moloch, Drahmin, Quan Chi

Oni are demons that live off hatred and suffering. Sometimes, though it is 
rare, a human can be filled with so much rage and hatred that he would become 
an Oni. Such is the story of Drahmin, while Moloch was an Oni since creation. 
Whenever a sorcerer is in need of the services of an Oni, the three headed God
Kochal transports the Oni to wherever they are needed.

Quan Chi was an Oni until learning sorcery and changing himself to a more
human form.



Origin: Outworld

Characters: Blaze, Earth God, Water God, Fire God

A being made up of an elemental power, such as Blaze with fire. Some gods 
can be elementals.



Origin: Netherealm

Characters: Sareena, Kia, Jataaka, Ashrah

A tormenting creature from the bowls of Hell. They can disguise themselves
with human forms.



Origin: Netherealm

Characters: Noob Saibot

An apparition of a person in his exact likeness seen before his or her death.
They are reborn as demons in the Netherealm and lack any and all compassion
and human emotion.


XV. Fatalities

Fatalities are irrelevant to a plot canon FAQ, jackass. Moving on...


XVI. Miscellaneous Questions

"How many Sub-Zeros are there and in which games are they each in?"

There are two Sub-Zeros in the MK series, both brothers from the fifth 
generation of the title.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Older Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat 1: Older Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat II: Younger Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Younger Sub-Zero with a cameo by Older Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat Gold: Younger Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance: Younger Sub-Zero (despite looking pretty 
Mortal Kombat: Deception: Younger Sub-Zero


"How come you claim that the events of more than one ending happen? I 
thought only one person could be the winner of each game."

A lot of the events in the endings happen because they don't depend on 
the character winning. Scorpion is able to kill Sub-Zero in MK1 without 
facing Shang Tsung. Jax could save Sonya and Kano despite not winning 

Just because Scorpion's ending occurred in MKG does not mean that he even 
fought Shinnok. It just means that he defeated Sub-Zero and Quan Chi did 
not die. Obviously not all ending events occur. Especially those like 
Tanya in MKG who has Liu Kang killed by Shinnok.

It's really just common sense.


"What's your problem? MK3/UMK3/MKT and MK4/MKG are tournaments!"

Yeah, except they aren't. Or at least MK4/MKG isn't. MKT was meant to be a
tournament and was mentioned as one in the endings for Kung Lao, Classic
Sub-Zero and the UMK3 endings for Mileena and Ermac (which were retconned 
anyway, but that's not the point). Since Shao Kahn had nothing to prove 
and everything to lose, he sent his soldiers out to destroy the would-be 
challengers before they could make it to him. Once they did, the fights 
became more tournament-esque. As much as I hate to mention it, the format 
was a lot like the events in the second movie.

Meanwhile, several subplots like Sub-Zero/cyborgs and Kitana/Reptile/Jade 
were obviously not part of any tournament.

MKG, on the other hand, was nothing more than Raiden's side against
Shinnok's side in an all out war.

Which brings us to...


"Well MK:DA is definitely one! Look at Li Mei's story!"

The main story of the game is again just Raiden and his army vs. The Deadly 
Alliance. The tournament in Li Mei's story is a side tournament, likely 
featuring no other in-game characters. The idea of the tournament was to find 
strong warrior souls for Shang Tsung to use for the Dragon King's army. The 
Li Mei tournament is about as important to the story as Sub-Zero's tournament 
that Frost had won.


"Where is the section about Meat?"

Meat wasn't exactly a character, but a bloody skeleton model used as an
alternate outfit for whoever you are using. He didn't have an iota of
anything that can be considered a story, so I didn't include him.


"Why did Mr. Smith kill everybody?"

It was *symbolism*! He was *mad*!


XVII. Special Thanks and Author Contact Info

First off, thanks a whole lot to Tiamat for allowing me to use his 
format for this. He's a really cool guy and his Street Fighter FAQ is 

Thanks to black dub, Jumpy, Metal, Thomas Wilde and vidstudent for 
prereading. And thanks to Keio, AoD, Sklabah, Skunk, Fenix and JL tha 
Infamos for helping me out with several details. Especially Sklabah, who 
transcribed the MK3 intro before either of us had realized that somebody 
at Gamefaqs probably already did that. Thanks to Eric C. and Andrew Wilgus 
for some extra tidbits.

HUGE thanks goes to ]{0MBAT and Anyanka, who helped me with a crapload of 
stuff for the updates.

And a big thanks goes to Midway (bet you didn't see that coming!). Thanks 
for their great story that has spanned over eight games and their respective 
upgrades. And especially thanks to John Vogel whose support of this FAQ and
interest in fan opinion has made this worth all the time I could have been
using for making a ship in a bottle or learning German.

Gavok's e-mail is gjj2192@rit.edu. If you want to use this FAQ to post on 
a site or something (in its original form, please), please ask. I'm easy. 
This FAQ has been submitted to and thus can be found at GameFAQs 
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Feel free to send me additional info, questions or whatever. But for the 
love of God, please proofread what you're going to say.

Thanks for reading!

Copyright 2004
Gavin "Gavok" Jasper
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