• Unlockable Arenas

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CourtyardTreasure chest in Neatherrealm in Area A-1
    Dead PoolOpen Koffin JI with 2191 Ruby Koins
    Dragon King's TempleFound in a house in Chaosrealm around D-7
    Dragon MountainFound in a treasure chest at point H-8 in Outworld
    Golden DesertTreasure chest in Neatherrealm in Area E-2
    Kuatan PalaceFound in a treasure chest at point A-4 in Orderrealm
    Liu Kang's TombAt the end of the bridge in Earthrealm after fighting Jax in Area H-6
    Living ForestOpen Koffin DS with 1694 Sapphire Koins
    NexusTreasure chest in Chaosrealm in Area A-4
    PortalTreasure chest in Earthrealm in Area E-5
    Quan Chi's FortressFound in a treasure chest at point H-5 in Orderrealm
    Shang Tsung's CourtyardFound in a treasure chest at point A-1 in Neatherrealm

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

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  • Unlockable Extra Costumes

    The alternate costumes of Liu Kang, Raiden, Shujinko, Nightwolf, Ashrah, Dairou, Kabal and Scorpion (only if missed at the village) will be available after Konquest is beaten.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AshrahFound in a chest H-4 in Netherrealm.
    BarakaOpen Koffin SR with 2252 Gold Koins.
    Bo Rai ChoOpen Koffin IB with 2086 Onyx Koins.
    DairouChest at D-8 in Chaosrealm inside a hut around 10:20 PM
    DarriusChest at F-8 in Outworld, in the shack near the ocean/cliff
    ErmacFound in a chest A-8 in Netherrealm.
    GoroFind the chest in Earthrealm: C-8 (Koffin PD)
    HavikOpen Koffin CN with 1114 Jade Koins
    HotaruOpen Koffin QT with 1064 Ruby Koins
    JadeFound in a chest G-4 in Outworld.
    KabalFight Kabal in Chaosrealm at B-1, after completing its map mission.
    KenshiChest A-6 in Earthrealm after 11 AM.
    KiraOpen Koffin SG with 990 Sapphire Koins
    KobraDefeat him at H-2 in Earthrealm after 7 PM.
    Li MeiAt A-5 in Orderrealm, fight and defeat her.
    Liu KangFound in a treasure chest at point H-5 in Edenia on the 1st day of any month at 12-1 PM, after beating Konquest.
    MileenaFound in a treasure chest at point F-7 in Earthrealm after 7 PM behind a tent
    NightwolfDefeat him in Netherrealm at A-4.
    Noob /SmokeOpen Koffin EJ with 1494 Platinum Koins
    RaidenDefeat him in Edenia at F-3, after beating Konquest.
    ScorpionFound in a treasure chest in the 1st city in Konquest at B-6.
    Shao KahnFind the chest in Earthrealm: B-5 (Koffin SH)
    ShujinkoFound in a chest F-1 in Edenia.
    SindelFound in a chest on Outworld at H-6.
    Sub-ZeroFound in a chest on Earthrealm at F-8, between 7 and 9pm.
    TanyaDefeat her in Outworld at C-2.

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003, DarkLink89, and MawiocUdwoc.

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  • Unlockable Puzzle Arenas

    Find the listed chest in Konquest mode to get a key. After you get the key, go to the Krypt and open the listed koffin.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Liu Kang's Tomb Puzzle ArenaOpen Koffin HQ for 1515 Jade Koins
    Ying Yang Puzzle ArenaChest in Earthrealm Village: D-1 (Koffin HB)
    Ying Yang Puzzle Arena (2)Chest in Earthrealm: G-4 (Koffin HB)

    Contributed By: DarkLink89.

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  • Unlockable Puzzle Fighters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bo' Rai ChoOpen Koffin ND - Key from Chest in Earthrealm at C6
    JadeOpen Koffin GO - 2,911 Ruby Coins
    KabalOpen Koffin MI - 2,425 Platinum Coins
    KenshiOpen Koffin TR - Key from Chest in Earthrealm at G4
    MileenaOpen Koffin GM - Key from Chest in Netherrealm at C6
    RaidenOpen Koffin PP - 3,604 Gold Coins

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

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  • Unlockable Shujinko Moves

    You must 1st collect all of the Kamidogu & complete Konquest Mode in order to unlock his additional moves.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bike KicksChaosRealm G-4 on Sunday at 12 AM
    Fatality 1Outworld C-8 in the Area behind Rain
    Fatality 2OrderRealm D-4
    Flip Scissor KickOrderRealm D-1
    Flying JinkoEdenia E-5
    Hara KiriEarthRealm in A-8, the 16th of the month at midnight, inside the little cave
    Icy BreezeOrderRealm F-5 in the Inside Building
    Opponent SlamWednesday in Edenia C-8 at 5 PM
    Power FistEdenia G-6 at Behind Building at the 11AM
    SlideEdenia D-8 at Behind house at the 3 AM on Monday
    Throw SpearEdenia A-1 & Defeat Scorpion

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

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