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Guide and Walkthrough by fractic

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 02/25/2005

b  .  .   G    ,sG@@v ,P,bgS;.   vs,r:r;2   s;    Ez;    ;bv @Br2zbBgGB@; .,.
@        #@,                 ,:.   z  Z@@x@M   @@@@@@@@ ,      r@@Mxg@@b  ::.
M      rb@Zbzr   ,,.      .,.., .x@r   SSPB@; M@szBg@BZ S;E  :   bv .b;  ..,,
G  ,r;xvzG#ZGGPz :  .;.   ,,,,. r  :G G2,SP@z @@  vGr   2z@P    @sZ@EB@   .,,
x@S       z@E2GZ:,    ;x: . .   v@@@b@@g@@@G  @S  rs  SBSSPM rGMEv   SMg;   .
B@Gbs.     s@@ZbGs.r   ;r,.. :@@  ,@ .@@@;   z@s@@@@@Gv:,v2Gg@gsz@@@@@Eb@    
MMzGGZrvv;   vMgGP;.     ;  , xM@2Z@MZ@    @E@@     ;MZzzbbgzM@@r    ;E@@@v  
@EbBzZz2;;     z#MGs;           P  S#M@;G@@#Bg@   .B@@2        EBZrs:Sg@2b@B 
@ 2EGZPSz;,..   :M@gx;,,,.r   ,.; x@@EssP#BbPPG@@ESErP  @B@@@@g  @@@MS@srS2@ 
@  v@@PSbGz,      s@MPGB@@@S       zEEz#@MEzSZxGGBGsx. @@@@@@xz@, ;gSx@@br;@ 
@    ;@#GEGzv       @@#bGPBE         ##MZEEv:s.bGS@@  Z@MgB@S   2@@@Mx,PGg@@E
@;.,   s#bGEZs  . . .@@BSSSEs  .     P@@@g2x:  vGb@: @@MBEbbg@@P  vx  .rvv@@z
@vr:,    SggBZz;2GBG, @@ZM@@gx;;   . x@x   2s, S@Z P@@#MBGEBbM@@@#  .S2zxv@r,
@Psss,     Z@@@gMbZz2  @@@#v      ,.s   G#@@@@@@s @@MBMgBgg#gBgMg@@@. gSz@@#z
@EZzPs:      z@@@MPSsP@@            .z@@E xBz;   #@ggBgGBBgBg@@@@@@@@ @Ezx2 ,
@ZMMEGs;,       g@@@@#r               v2, , v:; ;@@@@@MgggBB@#:   @@@ #@@G  B
@  S#@gPv    :Sr  P@#.,   . ,.;:,  2P       @G, 2@   @@@#@@@@     P@@v xg@ Zx
@.   2@@Ms vG@@gS, Gxvv   .,:r,::sB@MrsZPv       @Bs   @@@B     G .@M  s@@P@s
@ ,;   G@@@@MBzPs;rEZv   .,.;::S#@@Bg@@@@@@@@@2vE@SEZ,       ;s@@ S@G x    SZ
@Zr.;r    E@@@EZSB@gbS   ,,,sZ@@@gbbPgggMMB#M@@@z@Bs@##Mzz:P@2 Gb @@2  @@@#P 
@bZs. ,,     ,@@@@@Bvbx   vZ@@@EbgbBPSSSPZBGZB#MEG@Bb,@@Z@@@@s   @@@z z@@@@@b
@@E#Gv  .zzz .@@Bg#@EvMrrb@@#EZBBBbBEEBBZEEBBGBbEsE@S ,;      sx M:r2@@B  @@M
#ZgB@@BSszr2g@@ggggM@@@@@@MBEg#BBggbEgMggBbBBBgg@@Z@#@@g   gv          PZ  M@
@:    @@@@@@@@g@gBggM##MMG#MGBgM#bMEEMBgBBBbGgMM@M@bGbxZ# .Gr  .  . ., .@   B
@MbbBP :@@@ggM#BM@@@@@@@@@@@@@MBMMMzB#ggMBgggggMbx#EZSB v      .    , . M2  ;
@vxv2SEr 2@@@@@@#@s  B S P B@@@@@@@@@@gMBMMgBgM@P,gbGGE;vr,           : Z@  .
@SZPzsbgP,  #@@@b@# ,@v@;# Mv      Gz@@ggMgggMg@Zv@Bs:      r :v:. vGGP Z@  .
@2zPESGGBgP,  P@@@@@@@#g@@@@@@@@@2@  v#gBBgggBg@bvBg##BS2v.    r2GBZ,  ,Eg@  
@2P2sv2vSBzPS2             @@@Mb@@@@@@@B#gMBg#@@@S rSGB@@@@@@@Z;    .GMMGzEb 
@EgB#@@@bgEZP@@bGB@@GPb@@@@G         v@MM@#@@@@@@@E.;SG@MMMgg@@@@@@@@#E2v2sMb
@EB@@, ,@@BMbZzsSzZs2s2SzrsGv        G@@gB@@      @@z;sGGBM#@@@@@@@@E@@@@@@bP
@Pb@  E v@MMZgZ22z#BbGbM@PvZ@@@@@@@@@@E#@@@   .,.  g@@MGPZSz2sPz    G@@@@ZrS@
@2g#@@  z xBxGEZS2MZSzPPZZgMS:;Srvvs2G    ,  x.,::  @@MgEBzSzS.  :@@v :P2:  @
@s##  M r@@#vSZszsMMbZZb#z:EBBBgBM@#@@PZbEZ   :.   z@#@@@@@@@Mg@@@z    ,Pb.v@
@vM@@  :@BE@;2z2ZxZ@#EBg@@#BP2SPZZGZgGrszG@B;    ,@@@@@:.  ;,ssx;s zGzzxxSP#@
@SEG#@@@#ZZB;2ZzEsvvEbEEzP;b@PBZbEEB@PxGSzb@@@@@Bs2Z@@  g,v;   s      2s   P@
@GEzxGzvZZSbvPZzBbGBSvxSzsrS@GgggM@@@SsZZSPE; P,rSb  z; , , r r,zr2;,2 ..  G#

ASCII art made with the ascii art generator. 
Visit http://go.to/ascgen for this great tool.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
for Nintendo Gamecube
FAQ and walkthrough
Copyright 2005 Jorik Mandemaker

TABLE OF CONTENTS               #TAB
I.     Table of contents        #TAB

II.    Legal                    #LEG

III.   Introduction             #INT
       -  About this FAQ
       -  About DKJB
IV.    Gameplay description     #GAM
       -  General
       -  Controls
       -  Scoring

V.     Terms and names          #TER

VI.    General Tips             #GEN

VII.   Walkthrough              #WAL
       -  Information
       -  Opening
       -  Banana Kingdom        #BAN
       -  Orange Kingdom        #ORA
       -  Watermelon Kingdom    #WAT
       -  Apple Kingdom         #APP
       -  Strawberry Kingdom    #STR
       -  Pineapple Kingdom     #PIN
       -  Lemon Kingdom         #LEM
       -  Grape Kingdom         #GRA
       -  Cherry Kingdom        #CHE
       -  Peach Kingdom         #PEA
       -  Melon Kingdom         #MEL
       -  Durian Kingdom        #DUR
       -  Cactus King           #CAC
       -  Pear Kingdom          #PER
       -  Lychee kingdom        #LYC
       -  Chili Pepper Kingdom  #CHI
       -  Star Fruit Kingdom    #STA

VIII.  FAQ                      #FAQ

IX.    Version history          #VER

x.     Credits                  #CRE

XI.    Contant information      #CON

The hash with the 3 letter only appear at two places in the entire FAQ. Here at
the TOC and at the top of the chapter. Use CRTL+f to find the chapter you are
looking for quickly.

LEGAL                           #LEG

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2005 Jorik Mandemaker. All rights reserved. This FAQ
is ment for personal use only. If you wish to host or distribute this FAQ you 
will need my explicit permission. I Will permit this FAQ to be hosted on sites
if they are sites which have as purpose hosting FAQs. However you will still
need to ask my permesion. Contact information can be found at the bottom of 
this FAQ. Under no circumstance may the content of this FAQ be changed. If you
violate this copyright notice you are breaking the law and legal steps might

INTRODUCTION                    #INT

This is the first FAQ I have ever written. I have enjoyed the experience so 
far. I decided to write this FAQ because I think DKJB is a great game. It has a
downside though: It's a very short game and not too challenging if you're a 
good gamer.

I decided to try and stretch out the experience by writing this FAQ. This has 
been a success as I found quite a few things I didn't know of before.

In this FAQ you will hopefully find the answer to all your questions (if not
contact me!) and a walkthrough for beginners. For every level there are also
a lot of tips to help you get as much beats as possible.


Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a great game by Nintendo. It is one of the most 
inovative games I have seen lately. This truly shows how much of a developer
Nintendo really is.

The game is a 2D platformer but not a normal one. As it happens this games is
not controlled by a normal controller -although possible-  but by a set of
bongos. They come bundled by the game or can be bought separatly. You can also
buy the game withouth the bongos or buy Donkey Konga to get a pair of bongos.

As far as I can tell there is absolutly no story in this game. To sum it up:
DK sets out to conquer a few kingdoms in order to prove that he is the one and
only king of the Jungle. That's my interpretation anyway.


As I said above DKJB is a 2D platformer. It consists of quite a few levels. The
vast majority of these all consist of 2 stages and one Boss fight. The stages
are normal platform levels. 

You are in control of Donkey Kong, a gorilla living in some jungle. DK can do a
lot of things. Not only can he walk and jump (as would be expected in platform
games), he can also clap his hands in order to active a lot of things and grab

Each level is filled with bananas for DK to pick up. Just touching them picks 
them up but you can grab a whole bunch at the same time by clapping. Besides
good things like bananas there are also a lot of obstacles to overcome.

However the game is not about collecting bananas, instead your goal is to 
collect "beats". Of course grabbing bananas results in a few beats but there is
a lot more to them. Beats are both your score and your health. Eat bananas and 
it will go up and take a hit and you'll lose some.

The last very noteable thing about the game is the combo system. For every 
action you do withouth touching the ground your combo increases. This system
combined with the genius clap-grab make up for an intresting look on every 
level. As both bring more opertunities to increase your beat total.


The trademark of the game is of course the unique way you control it. You can
use normal controllers but it's no where near as fun as using the bongos. 
Here is how to control DK:

Right bongo:
  - Walk right. Hit it mutliple times to go faster
  - Swim right.
  - Wall jump to the right.
  - Stay on the right wall when sliding down
  - Smack some things
Left bongo:
  - Same as right bongo only read left instead of right
Both bongos at the same time:
  - Jump
  - Ground pound (in the air)
  - clap

There are also some other things but it is all very obvious and explained well.

A note about clapping: When you clap 2 circles will appear around DK.
A big green one which is a shockwave and a smaller red one which indicates the
range of DK's arms.

The outer ring activates most objects and stungs a lot of enemies. The inner
ring can be used to grab objects. That ranges from bananas to stunned enemies
and many other things.

Allthough you shouldn't play with a normal controller here is how:

Pushing the control stick to the left acts as the left bongo.
Pushing the control stick to the right acts as the right bongo.
Pressing A acts as both bongos at the same time.
Tilting the C-stick acts as clapping.

You can't just hold the stick left to move left you have to press left and then
press left again and again. It's not very smooth.


The game is about collecting beats and this is generally done by collecting
bananas. However they call it beats for a reason. A single banana does not 
equal a single beat. Depending on how smooth you pick up the banana and how
much at a time you might get a lot more beats.

There are 2 kinds of bananas. Single bananas with a base value of 1 beat and
bundles of bananas with a base value of 3 beats. The following formula shows 
exaclty how much beats you get when grabbing bananas.

(combo * base value) + grab number

combo stands for your current combo.
Base value is either 1 or 3 depending on the kind of banana.
Grab number is a bit more tricky. If you just walk or jump into a banana this
value will be 0. However if you grab a few bananas at a time by clapping each
banana will get bonus points. The first only 1, the second 2, the third 3 and
so on.

So what do you do with those beats. Well you tribute them to the sacred tree!
If you get a lot the tree might reward you with some crests used to unlock new

Completing the level gets you a bronze crest.
Getting 400 beats at the end earns you silver.
A total of 800 beats is enough for a gold crest.
And no less then 1200 beats are required for a platinum crest.

The combo counter works as follows. Whenever your feet hit flat ground it is
reset to 1. Everytime you do a move it will increase. Using the same move twice
in the same combo will not further increase the combo counter.

TERMS AND NAMES                 #TER
below is a list of terms I use and the names of the creatures you will 
encounter. There is a small description with each and sometimes even some help
about controls.

We'll start with the basic moves:

   This moves adds to your combo counter. It's also a bit higher then a normal
   jump. You perform it by running one side then hitting the bongo for the 
   other side (you'll stop with a skid) then quickly hitting both to jump.

   This move also adds to your combo counter. You perform it by jumping to a
   wall and then pressing the bongo away from the wall.

   This move adds to your combo counter. You perform it by hitting both bongos
   at the same time while in the air. You'll fall down really quickly after 
   doing this. The only purpose of this move is to increase your combo.

   If you jump up a wall you might slide up a bit. If you slide past the top of
   the wall you'll do an edge hop. This will add to your combo counter.

A little more advanced are the following moves:

   If you are on a right (left) wall hit the bongo towards the wall repeadetly
   to skid down very slowly. You won't let go at all as long as you keep 
   hitting the bongo.

   This is an abbrevation for BackFlip-Ground Pound. This is simply doing both
   moves in a row. The ground pound usually comes at the peek of the backflip.

   At some places if you jump up against the start of a wall your combo counter
   will increase. I'm not entirely sure how this works but I believe it's 
   simillar to the edge hop, hence the name. Look at the platinum tips for the 
   first stage of the strawberry kingdom for the easiest example.

Now some objects which you can use the progress through the level. All of these
add to your combo counter.

   Well this is a monkey in a bush as simple as that. You can grab it with the
   inner clap circle. If you grab it, it will throw you in the direction the
   arrow by the bush is pointing at. This can be fast or slow.

   These are plants with a very long stem with a single flower at the end. You
   grab it on touch if you are in the air but also can grab it with the innner
   circle. Hitting the proper bongo will make you move towards the end. When
   you reach that part the flower will fling you away.

   This is a plant which you can enter by touching. It will swallow you and 
   spit you back out when you clap.

   Sometimes a couple of monkeys are swinging in a chain. You can grab the end
   with or withouth clapping and then you will be swinging from left to right.
   Hitting both bongos makes you jump off.

   This is a vine hanging from the ceiling. You can grab it just like a monkey
   swing. It is also used for swinging but you'll have to use the bongos to
   gain some momentum. Do not confuse this with:

   This is a vine that is haning horizontal or slighty diagonal. Once you land
   on it it will just bounce you back up. You don't have to hit any bongos. It
   Just happens.

   Not a real dragon. Basically its a tube with a dragons head on each end. If
   you clap it will suck you in and spit you out at the other end.

   You might find some fairies flying in a circle some times. Clap and they 
   will form some orange jelly. Jump on it and hit a bongo to jump very far or

   Some ropes or vines going diagonally. DK will grab them and zip down them.
   You automatically jump of at the end. You can also normally jump of. Both
   ways increase your combo

There are also some friendly creatures

   This is a gnoe. Or i think it is. You can encounter him at ice levels. If 
   you are riding him you can use the right bongo to accelerate and the left to
   slow down. Hittnig both makes you jump.

   Ressar is a a red creature you'll encounter in mostly high places. If you 
   grab him he'll turn into a parachute and you float down slowly. Hitting a   
   bongo makes you move in that direction. The quicker you do it the slower you
   go down. Hitting both alternating will result in slowing down your fall.

-SHACHEE and other orcas
   Just grab him and hang on for the ride! You can jump of by hitting both 
   bongos. Clapping still works.

   These are colourfull birds that can be found in many levels. If you hit the
   bongos he'll fly upward in that direction. If you don't hit the bongos for
   a while he'll spread his wings and float slowly

   This is a little purple fairy. If you clap near it, it will leave a trail of
   purple and orange flowers. Pick them up if you can because 100 will give you
   100 beats.

   Sometimes a bunch of fairies is floating around. If you clap they might turn
   into a helpfull arrow or even better a platform which you can stand on. Or
   wall jump of when its vertical.

There are also quite a few enemies. (for the bosses see the walkthrough)

   Small brown or purple creatures with a tail. On the end of the tail there is
   a fluffly ball. They will jump on you and gnarl at you. The brown kind won't
   hurt you, just immobilize you. But the purple kind also hurts. Clap to stun
   and then touch to kill.

   Somewhat pig-like furry creatures. They come in many colours which all do 
   something different. Clap to stun them then jump on top of them and whack
   the bongos to make DK punch it to bits.

   There are 3 kinds of pigs. 
   Black which just walk around waiting for you to jump on top of them.
   Light brown. They fly into the air if you clap. Do so and you can use them
                as a volleyball.
   Pink ones sit in a palm tree. Grab the coconuts he throws and throw them 
   back to kill.

   Big bubbles that float around. Clap to shrink them and then grab them like
   bananas. There are fiery and icy variations aswell as plain ones.

   Ordinary bats. Clap to stun then jump up to then and kick them to kill them.
   These also come in fiery and icy variations.

   Just bees. Clap to make them tiny and then you can grab them like they were
   bananas. There are some rare HUGE bees to be found aswell.

   Very anoying things that fly at you when you come close. Contact hurts you.
   The outer ring kills them and the inner ring grabs them for beats. 

   They come in a few kinds. To defeat the colourfull ones just grab them and
   hit them. The black ones are a bit more tricky. They will jump up and swing
   a sword. If you clap when they have their sword out lightning will strike
   them to stun them. If you do this while they are in your inner circle they
   will give more bananas!

   This is what you get when you cross a chicken with a plant. To beat it wait
   till its bends his head down. Make the red thing on the back of his head big
   by clapping then grab it and whack it!

GENERAL TIPS                    #GEN

Clap, clap, clap, clap and clap some more! If you don't know what to do then 
try clapping. Also clap-grabbing bananas makes them worht more. Even if it's
only one.

When killing critters first gather a few on top of you. You can't move with
them on you but you can still jump. So you can get right if you want to. If you
have a bunch on you then clap and jump to kill them all and have the bananas 
close together. Don't wait too long with the purple kind though.

Everytime you complete a level you will get to see a short "Try This!" clip.
This clip will give you a hint on how to get more beats. There are several for
each kingdom. What video you get depends on how well you did. There are also
some people showing of tricks during the credits.

Start a combo with a backflip. It is the only time you can use it in a combo
afterall. And usually you can do a ground pound right after it. I didn't 
abbreviate it to bfgp for nothing.

Big combos work particulary well on bundles of bananas. But clap-grabbing has
a big inpact on groups of single bananas.

Try standing still and clapping. Sometimes you might slap on the floor and some
bananas come out of nowhere. But there are a lot more things that produce 
bananas if you clap at them.

When defeating enemies where you stand on and then hit them, such as furballs.
Clap right after you defeat them to grab all the bananas immediatly.

When killing critters first get them all on top of you then clap and jump to
get the maximum bananas close together for big clap-grabs.

WALKTHROUGH                     #WAL

Here you will find information on how to complete all the levels. For each 
kingdom I start with giving a run down on how to complete the Stages. After
describing how to do a stage I have allways added some platinum tips. These 
tell you how to get the big combos in that stage. Very usefull if you can't 
seem to get the platinum crest on a level. After the stages I will describe how
to beat the boss. 

If the platinum tips seem a bit too hard for you then just do a simplified 
version of them. Usually that is enough for platinum. The tips just describe 
the best way I found to do everything.

There are notes scribbled down at some points. Just thoughts about the level 
mostly or not that usefull information at some other times.

For each stage I give 3 scores. All 1 to 5 stars.
Difficulty: This is how difficult I think the level is
Length: This is how much time it would take to clear the level when playing it
        casually. That means not spending hours to get a huge combo or pick up
        forgotten bananas. 
smoothness: This is how smooth the level is. If the level is a only a big combo
            it will probably score 5 stars. If it is just lose bits only one.

Bosses will only have a difficulty score.


Even though this isn't really a level I thought I should add it to the guide.
You have to play this level the first time you play in order to unlock the real
levels. You have to start by clapping 3 times to open the curtain. Monkeys will
tell you what to do here. You just have to walk right and jump over a small 
stump. Soon you'll reach some kind of branch. Walk up to it and clap. Then just
pound you're drums a few times to get some kind of barrel. That's it. You'll 
now have access to the first level: Banana kingdom

BANANA KINGDOM                   #BAN
to unlock: Clear opening

difficulty *
lenght *
smoothness **

The very first level is simple as expected. Start by clapping to get control
of DK. You can clap again to see the fairies form an arrow pointing right.
Follow there direction and run down the slope. Collect some bananas as you walk
down. At some point there are a couple of bananas which require a jump. If you
do that you'll probably land on some kind of black pig. Give one of the drums
a whack to kill him and some more bananas will appear. You can also stun him 
by clapping. Move on and jump on the huge tree trump. Clap at the bananas to 
let them fall so you can pick them up. Or better jet jump and clap to get them
at once. A little further to the right are some more bananas which you can get 
by clapping at them. Just up ahead you'll find your very first monkey-in-a-bush
clap to grab him and he'll fling you upwards. At the peak of the flight clap to
score a few more bananas and move on. A little further you'll find another
monkey. This one throws you to yet another monkey so clap again quickly. Now
you'll be thrown to the stem of some sort of plant. You'll automatically grab
it. Hit left a few times to get launched. You can pick up some bananas while
in the air and will end up by a monkey, clap if you can for more beats. You'll
now see some blue furry thing block the path ahead. Clap to stun him then jump
on top and whack away untill it's gone. Run down the now opened path. If you 
can try to jump of at the end so some swinging monkeys will grab you. Jump off
at the peak of the right swing for more bananas. If you happen to fall down
you'll probably be attacked by some small brownish critters. They might bite 
you. This won't take any beats but will immobilise you. To get rid of them clap
to stun them. And then just touch them when they are blue. Using the monkeys 
you can get back to where you should be. You'll now see a really big bundle of 
bananas (this is banana kingdom afterall) jump up to it and clap to finish the
stage. Now get ready to do some serious whacking on the bongo to get as much
bonus beats as possible.

Get the first sets of bananas by jumping over them and clapping. Beat the black
pig using a backflip-groud pound (bfgp). What the first Try This! tells you 
about the following 3 bananas isn't right. Jump up the tree trunk first then 
bfgp and clap to get them. Clap at the next bananas of course. You can jump and
ground pound first. I can't seem to do a backflip first here. but it's not
really worth the hassel just to jump anyway.

You can't wall jump on the wall next to the monkey so the best you can do is a 
bfgp. Ok here you can wall jump so backflip, wall jump, ground pound and then 
grab the monkey. Continue as normal. But at the last bit you can turn your 6 
combo into a 7 combo by bouncing of the furball and doing an edge hop off the 
right slope. It's only a few bananas difference anyway. 

Don't grab the monkey swim once you went down the slope. Just fall down and 
Beat the critters and grab there bananas with a bfgp. Now do an edge hop, wall 
jump and then 2 monkeys. Don't grab the bananas yet but at the peak of your 
jump steer left and ground pound and grab the second monkey again. Now you are 
going to want to get the monkey swing aswell of course so keep using the second
monkey untill you can grab it. You will probably break the bubbles but that's 
no problem. Now get the bananas. 

You can slap the ground here too by clapping for 5 more bananas. And try 
walking past the exit for 3 more banana bundles.

difficulty *
length *
smoothness *

Start by walking to the right, jumping of the edge and clapping for some quick
beats. Slide down the slope and if you can jump to the monkey and clap. This
will also active the flower fairy floating near the monkey which will leave a
trail of purple flowers. If you don't hit the bongo's you'll grab them all 50.
Do try to clap in midflight for the bananas though it doesn't change your 
flight path. If you fail at this you'll be attacked by some more critters. Just
clap and touch them and move on. Now you'll have to wall jump up a few times.
There will be guide on how to so I won't explain here. At the top another 
launcher flower awaits you. Clap before grabbing it for some more flowers. 
Don't do anything in your flight again to collect 50 more and get 100 extra
beats. You'll land on a small mushroom, Clap and it becomes huge and has 
somewhat of a trampoline effect. on top there are some bananas and a red 
furball. This one will try to blow you back when you get near. Just quickly run
up to him and clap to stun him then finish him off. Down the path on the right
you'll find some red bubbles clap to make them tiny. Now you can grab them 
with the inner circle for more beats. Next you'll find Ressar which is some 
kind of parachute. Float down the trail of bananas, clap if you can't touch.
At the bottom some fairies are flying in a circle, clap and some orange jelly
thing will appear. Touch it and jump to go flying. there are actually 3 of 
these things. The middle one will lauch you to your next path, the right one 
will launch you to the middle one and the left one can be used for extra beats
and another flight. Once you're up you'll find some frogs. Clap to inflate them
and then touch them or clap a few more times to blow them up. Now wall jump up.
Here are some more mushrooms, clap and find some more bananas and the exit.

You should skip the first 5 banana bundles. Don't pick them up just ignore 
them. It will make sense soon. But you can jump over the set on the slope and 
clap grab them of course. You really don't want to miss the flower fairy! But 
DO NOT get the 4 bubbled bananas along the way. I repeat DO NOT pick them up.

But after you did all that return to kill the critters. Backflip before
wall jumping of course. Make sure that you get the flower fairy again!

From the top mushroom jump left to reach another bit of ground where you can 
slap the ground for 5 bananas. DO NOT get the 3 bananas above the highest
mushroom. Get really close to the red furball before stunning him so you won't
break the bubbles around the 3 bananas you just carefully skipped. Bfgp on top
of the red furball. But DO NOT get the 4 flying bananas up high.

Allright fun with ressar now. Don't grab any bananas Just land.
At the bottom kill the critters. Then bfgp onto the leftmost jelly. 
Wall jump at the top and fall back to the jelly. Now grab ressar. A 6 combo is
better then 2 right? Now grab the bananas here and land on the left jelly.
Now get the 3 bubbled bananas which you ignored twice allready. Grab ressar
again. Now float right as fast as you can. Get past those blowing things and 
fly back to them from the right hand side. As soon as they start to blow 
against you stop hitting bongos. You'll float to a secret area with a LOT of
bananas. You'll be glad with a 6 combo here. You can get them all and float 
back right withouth landing. If you do land restart the combo. Your goal are
those 5 bubbled bananas of course. But we're not done yet! Float back to the 
left jelly again and grab ressar again. use the same trick as just now to get
hight and once you have a lot of height float right as quick as you can. You'll
end up at the exit. Grab the 3 bananas there then float down the shaft you 
normally wall jump up. now you'll have a six combo though. Also get as much 
from the bananas that the frogs get while floating.

Well do you remember all those bananas we skipped? It is time to collect them! 
With the same 6 combo of course. Start the combo all over again. Float up but 
now  float to the left all the way over the pillar. Get all the bananas we 
skipped now. 

before I found out that combo above I had some trouble getting 1200 bananas.
Now I can get over 1500 in just the second stage.

difficulty *

This is a boxing match between DK and another huge ape. Hit the left drum to 
punch with your left fist, and the right drum to clap with your right fist and 
clap to dodge. You can hit him normally but I don't recommend that. Wait till
he pulls one of his fists back and then clap. As soon as he totally misses you
start whacking the bongos to do some serious damage. Halfway through he'll 
become pissed of and punch faster so be quick to dodge.

If you punch while your opponent is also punching 3 things can happen:
1- you punch the same side as your opponent. Nothing happens
2- you punch on the other side but are fast. You hit him once
3- you punch on the other side and time just right. You counter with an
   uppercut. This is hard but also stuns the boss. Not recommended though

ORANGE KINGDOM                   #ORA
to unlock: 1 crest

difficulty *
length **
smoothness **

Meet Mooshin! You'll be riding this gnoe like thing the entire level and he can
go a lot faster then you can! Hit right to go faster, left to slow down and hit
both to jump. Clap to, well um, clap of course. Most bananas wil be inside ice-
cones which you'll have to dash through to get. The start is simple. Just roll
on the right bongo to gain speed and get some bananas. Jump when needed. You'll
soon come to a few longer platforms. If you can jump up the first you can jump
up to two more with enough speed. That is where the most bananas are. If you 
got that high you can safely ignore the spiked creature below. If you failed it
would be wise to jump over it or clap to make it retract. As you go on you'll
see some bubbled bananas and a flower fairy. Clap and dash down. A big 
avanlanchewill be on your tail and you don't want to get caught by it so keep 
hitting the right drum. The flower fairy will put 100 flowers for you enough for
100 beats. At the bottom of the slope the avalanche will come to an end. Go up
the hill to come into a cave with more of those spiky creatures. Jump over the 
lower ones or just clap a lot to get through unharmed. After a few small ones
you'll come to 2 HUGE ones. It's best to get a lot of speed and jump over the
second for a lot of beats. Allmost immediatly after You'll see clif and some
bubble bananas fly away. If you can jump and clap to collect them.
Further down the slope you'll suddenly find a big snowball ahead of you and
some fishlike creature on your tail. That's a tight spot! What you have to do 
is clap when close to the snowball. This will make it shrink and eventually
vanish giving you a 100 beats. If you don't break it fast enough it'll crush 
some of the ice-cones up ahead or you'll get nibbled on by the fish. What 
follows is pretty simple. There are some cones and some bananas you'll have to
reach by jumping. Then you'll come to an cave where the fish will stop 
following you. Inside are some bubble bananas. And after that is the end of the
level. Just dash past the big orange. Now this time you won't get to eat
bananas but you can do some distance jumping with Mooshin. Use the slope to get
a lot of speed and jump of as late as you can. In the air just keep hitting the 
right bongo. For every 10m you'll get a beat.


Right at the beginning there is a little secret that is revealed in one of the
Try This! movies. You'll run through a few standing cones first and then there
are some hanging from a platform. Don't run under it but jump on top of it and
jump again to find a very high secret platform with a bunch of bananas.

For the rest it is important to get 100 flowers of course. And don't let the 
snowball crush any icy cones. A good jump also helps.

This is something different then before isn't it. This is a very speedy level.
But because you are on top of Mooshin you can't get any kind of combo. 
My distance record here is 1079.61 by the way.

difficulty *
length *
smoothness ***

Back on foot again. Just go right and you'll see a bee flying in the sky. The
outer shockwave will shrink it then you can grab it with the inner ring. Don't
touch it when it's big though. A little further you'll see some kind of plant.
Touch it and clap to be launched to another launcher flower. This one will 
fling you to a vine conveniantly hanging there. You'll grab it on touch or with
the inner ring as usual. You can use one bongo at a time to get momentum and
both together to jump of. Do that at the peak to get as far as possible. When 
done right you'll land on a launcher flower. Use it and get the bubbled banana
on your flight. You'll end up in another plant. Clap to launch BUT use some 
timing you don't want to be shot right into the bee now, would you? You'll end
up on a vine so build up momentum and swing of to a reunion with Ressar. If 
this didn't all go well you might be attacked by some critters again. Kill them
and just use any of the objects to go on with the level. Float down getting the
bananas along the way. 

You now will be standing in front of some freaky chicken-plant-thing. Clapping
makes the red thing on his head get big. That is his weakness. You should 
notice that he is sleeping. And in this state sometimes his head comes down.
That is the time to strike. Clap and touch the now big red thing to get on it
and then whack away!. He'll leave quite a bunch of bananas when defeated. Move
on to a monkey. Let it throw you to another monkey in to a plant. Clap to get 
up but again beware of bees! Fly past the monkey for some bananas then grab 
him. He'll throw you to more of those black pigs. Kill them and get in the
plant. The plant will shoot to you a monkey but again fly past for more beats.
If you do so you can wall jump back to the monkey which will swing you to the 
huge orange.


The following combo can also been seen in action during the second credits.
Jump over the spitting plant. Then backflip against the green wall and edge hop
of it. Clap to grab the launcher flower. Use the vine but don't jump far. 
Instead use the slope on the left to wall jump then ground pound back into the
spitting flower.

After beating the chicken plant you'll want to do a backflip into the circle of
bananas for the maximum result. This is a trick you can do often.

Backflip, wall jump and grab the monkey. Don't grab the second yet but do a 
ground pound and grag the first again. Try to keep your combo going using the
black pigs but that's pretty hard. If you fail backflip, wall jump and ground
pound into the spittnig flower.

First level with a big combo. But it's not an easy one. Quite a smooth level 
only stopped by the chicken in the middle.

difficulty *

He's basically a bird with an egg in his claws. The egg is the weak spot. You
will fight in a simple arena with a monkey in the middle to throw you straight
up and walls on each side. Scruffy won't do much. The only thing he'll do is
flap his wings which blow you away a bit. If you are slow however he might
shoot some feathers at you. To damage him jump up to his egg and headbut it by
whacking the bongos to hurt it. There are a few ways to get up to him. The
monkey is the obvious way and you can use it when he is in the center. When he
is near the sides you can jump on to him with a wall jump or a plain jump when
he is flying low. When done enough damage he'll do the same things as before 
but now some black fog is surrounding the egg. If you get to the egg you'll 
notice that you won't grab it. Instead you'll only stun him, but the smoke is
gone and he won't move. So just jump up to him again and whack him untill he 

This is probably the boss you can beat fastest. It's a joke how fast if you
practise. It takes only 2 times to kill him if you're fast. And the second time
you can immediatly grab the egg by simply wall jumping again (asuming you did
that to get rid of the fog) cause he will just throw you right against the 

to unlock: 2 crests

difficulty *
length **
smoothness *****

A very smooth level here. You can do a combo straight from the start all the
way up to the finish. Even without a lot of practise this isn't hard. Start by
clapping at the monkeys to end up at some trampoline vines. Grab the bananas by
clapping and let the vines throw you up to another monkey. If fact there's a 
lot of monkeys quickly after one another. You have to clap at all of them. The
last one brings you to yet more monkeys. This is getting a bit one sided isn't 
it. Well just time your claps and soon you'll come to 2 monkeys right above 
each other. Try to get the highest one for flowers and beats. After you fall
back down take the lower one and fly to yet more monkeys (there is no end to 
them). Time you're claps well to get to all of them and collect more flowers.
After a while you'll be back to the big part where you flew up first. Now is 
the time to get those bananas in the middle. You'll end up on more trampoline
vines. Let them fling you to another monkey. Well a lot of monkeys again so do
the usual and collect the last few flowers for 100 beats. One will throw you 
straight up through some red bubbles. Clap quickly here for a lot of beats.
Fall back down if you missed some if you want. The next monkey will also trow
you up this time some bananas will close in on you so grab them and continu to
the end.

Start with a backflip, wall jump and groundpound to the monkey. The rest is 
very straight forward. Try to kill the critters withouth stopping your combo

Aftert the critters just land where they were.Walk as far right as possible 
then backflip onto the wall. If you do it correctly you should get a reverse
edge hop. Skid down the wall and wall jump to the monkey. Ground pound and grab
it. Continue with the level. At the intersection first fall down to get the 
combo from the trampoline vine before grabbing the set of bananas.

First level with a very long combo. Not a big combo though. And the name really
does justice to the level design. And you don't even need to hit a bongo to 
finish the level for a change.

difficulty **
length **
Smoothness *

At the start you'll see some butterflies, try clapping. A little up ahead you 
will see some bananas and no less then 3 flower fairies. Activate them and 
follow their trail. It has one jump and that's it. Simple way to get 100 beats.
Next are some brown critters and a few banana bundles. Behind the hill a new 
enemy awaits you though. Purple critters. They can be beaten in the same way as
normal critters but they will actually damage you when they cling on to you. In
return they give 3 bananas each instead of just one. Up the 'stairs' you'll see
light brown pigs. If you clap they'll get thrown up in the air and you can 
catch them by jumping to them (or with the inner circle). After you caught one
you can smack him with the right bongo to hit him away. There are three of 
these here and if you do it right you can use them to get very high to some 
extra bananas. No matter if you make it or not go right either way. When you 
come to some withered trees you can see some tiny red buds in the ground. Clap
for some beautiful flowers and bananas. A little further are more of those 
purple pests so finish them quickly and then wall jump up. A little up are some
diagonal fairy platforms, clap to activate and climb to the top. At the top 
another red furball awaits you. There is a hole between you and him this time.
Get close enough to clap and he'll be stunned and another flower sprouts from
the bottom of the pit. Finish him off and collect the beats. Jump over the next
pit, becarful not to get hit by the thorns at the bottom. and then jump towards
the circle of fairies which you will have to transform into some jelly by 
clapping of course before you hit the thorns. When you are launched up you'll 
end up at another fairy platform and 2 weird plants. Clap and they'll spit out
bananas, so clap a lot and score some beats. Continue to the left. Here there
are some mosquitos. Don't let them touch you! The outer ring will just kill 
them but the inner ring will also get some beats. It's up to you what you want 
to do. The inner ring is more risky but gets you a reward. Wall jump up. At the
top you'll find some black and brown pigs. Squat them for some more beats. At
the end a big pink pig awaits you in a coconut three. He'll throw coconuts at 
you. The outer ring knocks them back up in the sky and the inner ring grabs
them. Just touching them grabs aswell. once you have them hit right to kick or
punch them to the right. 3 hits will break the tree so you can reach the end.

Get the max out of the critters in this level. Also make sure you get high 
enough when usnig the 3 pigs in the beginning. Also abuse those banana spitting
plants. For best results ground pound onto the jelly

At the long wall jump (before the pigs) you can start with a backflip and do an
edge hop at the top for the maximum combo.

quite a boring stage. Probably to introduce you to more things.

difficulty *

This guy will throw electrified coconuts at you and also slash at you when you
get to close. You don't want to touch the coconuts when the are electrified. So
knock them in the sky or grab them with the innner circle. If you knock it up 
into the sky you can grab it afterwards. Do so and kick/punch it towards the 
boss. He'll be stunned so move in for some whacking. Soon he'll become pisssed.
Now he will also throw red spiky balls at you which hurt you. You can't knock
them into the air. Wait till he throws a coconut to finish him off.

when you grab a coconut hit right to throw it right and hit left to throw it 
left. It's rather obvious but DK does different moves depending on where he
kicks it to.

APPLE KINGDOM                   #APP
to unlock: 3 crests

difficulty **
length *
smoothness ***

It's dark here isn't it? Clapping lights it up a bit though. Not far from the
start you'll meet a new enemy: bats. Clap to stun them then touch them so you
can kick them away (hit a bongo). They give 3 bananas each. Jump of the ledge
and grab the bubbled bananas there. As you move on to the right you'll find 
that some rocks will be rolling your way. Jump over them to avoid damage. Grab
the bananas along the way. At the end another one of those blowing furballs
awaits you but you know what to do. Wall jump up then clap to see the mushrooms
and use them to get higher. Collect the bananas along the way and clap at the
monkey with a flower fairy. Keep wall jumping to collect all the flowers. At
the top you some monkeys await you. You'll fly over a hole with brown critters.
You can kill them for beats if you want to. Anyway continue to the launcher
flower using the monkeys. Grab the bubbled banana along the way. This flower
will fling you to yet another launcher flower. Clap just before grabbing it to
active the flower fairy. Then let the flower launch you. Just ignore the monkey
on the way and get back to the first launcher flower to get all the purple 
flowers. This time don't ingore the monkey (or the bananas if you didn't get 
those the first time. Another laucher flower with a flower fairy is where you
end up. So clap before grabbing the flower. This should be pretty much 
automated thanks to the bubbled banana along the way. Use the monkey and flower
and then wall jump up to meet yet another new enemy.

An armadillo this time. You need to clap to stun it. But when it's rolled up it
will have no effect. Wait till it rolls towards you then jump over it and clap.
Once it's stunned grab it and you will have to kick it up. Every time it gets 
within DK's reach hit a bongo to punch him up again. After juggling him a few
times you can finish him off. Continue to the right and finish the level.

Make use of the bats. And don't just grab the bubbled bananas do a bfgp. Bfgp
on the red furball and do a wall jump after for a 4 combo before grabbing the
bananas. Backflip against left wall then wait with wall jumping so you get an
edge hop aswell before snatching those bananas up there.

Do a mushroom and wall jump before grabbing the bananas near the mushrooms.
Make sure to get the flowers.

The trick to beating this critters is in the second credits. First get them
all on you. You can not walk but you can jump so move around to collect them
all then move right a bit. Clap and jump to whack them. Then on the left wall 
do a backflip, wall jump then groundpound to the monkey steer right and pick up
the bananas. This is also the way to start the combo again.

Get the flowers. And when you get to the wall jumping section do an edge hop at
the top.

A long combo in this stage after a bit of a slow start. Not a very big combo
again but we'll do with this.

difficulty **
length **
smoothness **

Quite soon you'll run into some ice bats. These are defeated just like normal
bats but will freeze you if you touch them. If you're frozen you'll have to 
break free as fast as you can by hitting the bongos. Start sliding down the 
slope. You'll see some snowman along the way. You can just slide through them
for 1 banana and you can also grab the head for an extra one. Jump of the 
ledge and clap in time to activate a flower fairy. Slide down and time your
jump to make it to a monkey. If you miss this a launcher flower works as a
safety net so there is nothing to worry about. Let the monkeys throw you up and
slide down the narrow passage. Be sure to clap at the icy bubbles or the'll 
freeze you! You'll end up in a shaft with some brown critters. Avoid them if
possible and use the monkeys to collect some more flowers. That's another 100
beats if you did all of that right. Now you will slide down a long slope. At
a few points you'll see a monkey use it to get even more bananas. At the end be
sure to clap at the spiked creatures to make them retract or you won't pass 
unharmed. Just behind them you'll see some kind of dragon head. Clap and it'll 
suck you in.

It spits you out to a monkey and a chicken. You can defeat the chicken withouth
landing here but that's hard. Or you can just complety jump over the chicken
using the monkey. Beat it or get past in and jump down the shaft. Make sure you
clap! Demolish all the snowman on your path and use the monkey to destroy some
snowman placed upside down. Continue sliding down but jump over those spiky ice
things. You'll now slide past some of those spiky creatures time your claps 
well to make them retreat. At the end Mooshin awaits you. This time you won't
do distance jumping but will have to clear a lot of gaps which get bigger and
bigger. Build up speed and time your jumps. In every jump clap to get the 
bananas flying there. There is 2 in every jump and 4 in the 10th and 20th. You 
can do a maximum of 20 jumps and you'll get 10 bonus beats for each jump you

Try to line up the bats and kill the all at once for the most bananas. You can
kill the critters in the shat but be quick to get the flowers becuase you will
active the flower fairy. 

When sliding down you can do a ground pound for the groups of 3 bubbled bananas
for some extra beats. At the first monkey first kill the critters then do a 
spin jump up the right slope (same input as a backflip) do an edge hop and grab 
the monkey then do a groundpound and grab it again.

At the second critter grab the first set of bananas and pop the bubbles of the
second group so you can grab 4 together. This is in the credits.

Backflip, wall jump and enter the dragon (ignore the pun) grab the monkey. Wait
Till the chicken bends down (of course keep using the monkey) then stun him and
ground pound onto him. Use the monkey again for a lot of bananas. 

There isn't much for the rest besides of course doing a lot of jumps at the end

difficulty *

Some mechanical elephant awaits you here. And some explosive pineapples grow
at 2 spots. You can grab and throw the pineapples by clapping. The boss will
often suck in air and then shoot a cannonball at you. Try to dodge it cause it
will hurt. Don't touch the king himself either. Throwing pineapples at the boss
will do 5 damage. But if you throw it when he is sucking in air he'll also suck
in the pineapple doing 50 damage and revealing his weak spot. He'll spit out 4
pineapples and his pounding heart will show. Try to throw as much bananas as 
possible into his hart. They'll do 25 damage each. Once he gets angry he'll 
shoot 3 cannon balls quickly after each other some timse. Just keep doing what
you were doing to finish him off.

You can also be sucked in yourself. This is rather funny but will of course 
damage you. If you are holding a pineapple that won't help.

to unlock: clear all kingdoms in the D barrel 
           and 6 crests

difficulty **
length *
smoothness ***

Use the monkey and the vine to get the bananas on the left and then go right to
meet your next friend. The helibird. Grab it. To control it you have to use the
bongos. Hit leeft to fly up and left and hit right to fly up and right. Don't
hit the bongos to spread your wings and float slowly. Clapping works as usual.
When flying beware of bees! And if you should fall down at anypoint (by hitting
the ceiling or an enemy) a new helibird is never far away. Fly up and you'll 
see a strange brown hexagonal thing. Touch it and a lot of flowers will pop up
grab as much as you can. Fly a bit further to the left to find a strange bird
which will fly up and leave a trail of bananas. Follow it and you'll end up 
next to even more bananas and a banana shooting plant. Clap a lot while trying 
to stay in it's line of fire. A little further you'll see another flower fairy.
Activate it and follow the trail but be carefull not to be crushed by the 
moving bushes. It's quite hard to get enough flowers here though. After that
you'll come to some weird things that blow you up. If you spread your wings you
will go up faster. You'll end up near a huge bee which can shoot at you or 
create a gust of wind that prevents you from getting close. Try to get close 
enough and clap to stun. Then move in for the kill. Don't forget to pickup the
bubbled bananas first though. after beating the bee the level is completed.

We're going to start with a six combo that takes less then a second to do. Walk
left to the little tree stump. If you look closely you can see that it looks 
like this:


what intrests us is the diagonal bit on the lower side. Stand below it, face 
left and jump up. As you slide acros it you'll notice that you get a combo. 
I think this is because you slide from the diagonal bit to the vertical bit and
that in some way the game counts this as an edge hop. So here is the combo:

Stand underneath the stump, backflip, 'edge hop', wall jump, ground pound and
grab the monkey. Ok that's 6 but we're not done yet. I hope you didn't burst 
the bubbles from the bananas on the left. Use the vine to grab the helibird.
Fly left to collect the bananas there. An 8 combo gets you more bananas :)

Don't forget the secret area above the giant bee either

above the bee there is a moving bush which slides away if you clap. there are
quite a few bananas hidden there.

difficulty **
length *
smoothness ****

You'll start right next to 2 flower fairies. Activate them and let pick up the
5 pointed start they just made. Go right and wall jump up. Pass through the 
narrow passage with the red bubbles. Once you're out be carefull or you'l be 
trampled by camouphlage colloured furball. Clap to stun and kill him. Then use
the vines a little further right to get to the launcher flower. Below you are 
some critters you could kill. Use the launcher flower then wall jump to reach a
monkey. Use it and wait clap at the bananas. You'll land on a trampoline vine. 
Use it to get to the launcher flower next to it. After using it wall jump and
get to some monkeys. There is also a flower fairy here so pick up as much as
you can. Continue once you're done to a vine and a launcher flower to end up
with a helibird. A short flight will take you past some bananas, some red 
bubbles, a bunch of purple flowers and 2 banana shooting plants. Try to get as
much as you can from all of this. Once you're done simply fly to the end.

At the shaft do a backflip and an edge hop as usual. Try to get the furball 
close to the left wall so you can jump on him with a backflip, wall jump and
ground pound.

The best way to get the bananas from the critters is to get them on you a 
little left of the second vine. And then backflip, wall jump and use the vine.
To start the combo at the vines do a backflip and a wall jump to the vine. Edge
hop just before the monkey and ground pound onto the tramponline vine for a big

One of the first variety levels. Quite a long and big combo using many 
different things. Fun level :)

King: MO-HOG
difficulty **

Well the method is the same as with ROGUE-HOG but this one has some other 
tricks up his sleeve. He'll start like ROGUE-HOG ended: trowing coconuts, red
spiky balls and slashing when you are close. I suggest to stand in the middle 
when he is at the sides and at a side when he's in the middle. Just do some 
damage. Once he's mad he'll do some more. He'll now go to the high platform in
the middle (you can't stand on it) and will dash at you like a thunderbolt. Run
to dodge this. He'll also throw coconuts straight at you instead of with a 

try juggling several coconuts and kicking them all to him one after another. 
There is no real point to this beside that it's fun.

to unlock: clear the D barrel
           and 7 crests

difficulty **
length *
smoothness *****

This level consists of only 1 full combo. Start by jumping on the trampoline
vine. Between the 2 vines there is a piece of ground with a flower bud in it.
Clap and a flower will grow. Jump on it and it will bounce you towards the next
vine. This one takes you to a monkey. Let it throw you to the launcher flower
and use that. At the peak of your jump you'll have to clap to activate another
flower bud. It bounces you to another trampoline vine. Use the monkey. Now you
will see a red furball and right before him another flower bud. If you time it
right you can stun him before he starts to blow and you can go straight from
the vine via the flower to him. After you killed him hit the right bongo so you
can reach the monkey there. Use the 2 monkeys and the launcher flower to be
thrown in some kind of plant. This one turns you into a bubble that floats up
slowly. Carefully drift up along the waterfall collecting the bananas. Don't 
clap because it will break the bubble you are in. And don't touch anything 
because that will have the same effect. At the top of the waterfall clap to 
stun the bee and then walk to the exit.

well the level is pretty much a big combo so just a tip at the start. Backflip,
wall jump and ground pound to the vine. Also do an edge hop of the edge of the
platform inbetween the two vines.

difficulty **
length ***
smoothness *

This is the first level in which you have to swim. clap at the butterflies and
then head towards the sea. First try to get a hang of the controls. Hitting
right won't only make you go right it will also make you go down. If you hit 
right fast you'll go down pretty fast. If you want to go straight right you'll 
need to hit the bongos slower. Hitting both bongos at the same time will make
you swim straight up and by alternating between both you can swim straight down
really fast. You won't run out of air so don't worry about that. Just swim down
and right. Pick up the bananas along the way and clap at the 2 plants you'll 
see a little down. They both spit out 2 bananas. Further down are some bubbled
bananas and a big shell. Clap to make it open for 5 more bananas. You should be
able to see a current up and right. Swim to it and follow it. At the top there
will be a few bananas hidden in the grass. At the point where the currrent goes
from going down to going right there are some bananas and banana plants. Try to
collect them and leave the current. Swim a bit to the left for some shells and
a squid which will leave a banana trail. Follow it. Once it has vannished go 

If you follow the current right next to the last one you'll come to a 2 way.
Try to take the left one for another squid. This one leads you to the upper 
path. Once you're there jump out of the water and slide down on the left. Once
you are back in the water swim down. You'll end up at a sunken ship. Swim right
a bit to find a new enemy. wait till it retracts it spikes then clap and finish
it off. Enter the ship and follow the path collecting the bananas. The purple 
things you'll encounter can be destroyed by clapping serveral times. Once you 
have left the ship swim down. On the right are some banana plants. If you swim 
further down at some point 4 creatures will appear. You can stun them by 
clappping and then take them out. Further down there are some fairies waiting
to be transformed into some jelly so do that. Use the jelly and go down at some
point you can do a wall jump. You'll end up near an orca called Shachee. Grab 
him and let him take you to the finish. Jump or clap at the peak of that huge
jump. Make sure to clap at the bananas along the way.

Well you can show of by collecting the bananas from the butterflies with a 4
combo (you know how) but it's rather redundant seeing that there is a 2000+ 
beats combo hidden in this level. Ok enter the water and whatever you do, do 
NOT pick up any bananas. 

First swim to the right side of the island in the middle. Jump up it and do a
bfgp into the water. Don't go anywhere yet though. Because you also can do an 
edge hop and a wall jump here. Do those and now it's time to go to the orca.
Pick up as little as possible but do beat the spiked fish and the group of 4
fishy things that appear out of nowhere (all 4 at the same time of course). How
to do this can be found in one of the "Try this!".

Continu down but only use the last bit of jelly so you can avoid picking up the
bananas in your path. Grab hold of Shachee and let him take you to the exit. 
Jump off on the way down and use the medium sized orca to take you to the exit.
On the way up jump of to the smaller orca. OK now we have a 7 combo! And most
of the bananas are still in the level so go collect them all. 

If you keep holding on to the orca that takes you to the high platform he'll
jump out at another spot for more bananas if you didn't know. Don't forget to
drum on the ground at the high platform AFTER you have collected everything in
the water. Don't forget the secret area behind Shachee either.

first underwater level. I gave it 2 stars for difficulty but the first time you
might have some problems with the underwater controls.

difficulty **

The idea is the same as the first boss. Dodge his attacks by clapping. He'll 
hit twice in a row so you will need to clap twice. Then just roll on the bongos.
Once he is mad he'll do something else. He'll now try to kick you 3 times in a
row so dodge them all and finish him off. You can also do an uppercut counter 
both times. In order to do so hit right before the second punch (or third kick)
with the opposit fist.

Appearantly this guy is a Jean-Claude van Damme fan. He sometimes delays his
kicks. That is very annoying.

LEMON KINGDOM                   #LEM
to unlock: complete the D barrel
           and 8 crests

difficulty *
length *
smoothness ***

Well as the name says this is a race and you will be using a helibird. Just get
on him and fly up a bit. When you cross the white line a count down will start
and once it's done you have to race to the finish against another bird. The 
path is straightforward. Remember to spread your wings when you are being blown
away for the maximum speed boost. Near the end there are some moving bushes. 
After this it might seen like there is a 2 way junction but the left side is a
a dead end. For winning you'll get 300 beats. If you lose you get nothing. If
you hit the ceiling of fall down for any other reason there are fresh helibirds

What can I say? Just win of course!

Your opponent finishes around 1:02. My record time is 48:03

Stage 2: Cactus Mine
difficulty ***
length ***
smoothness ****

Clap at the butterflies for some more bananas. Then walk right. On the slope
rocks will be rolling towards you so jump over them. At the top another 
chicken-plant awaits you. This on is red hot! He'll move his head down very 
quickly so grab him and kill him quickly. A little to the right is a floor that
you can break by clapping, do so. Use the trampoline vine underneath the now
broken floor and jump up. At the top await you some annoying mosquitos. Clap to
kill. If you are close enough you grab them for beats.

Land on the platform on the left and wall jump up. At the top are some more
mosquitos. Keep wall jumping untill you reach 2 trampoline vines with a black
pig on a platform in the middle. Keep going right untill you fall down. You'll
come to some more trampoline vines. On the second are 3 bats. Clap to stun and
then kick them for bananas. Then jump down on the launcher flower.

This flower takes you to some flower buds. If you clap at the bananas in the 
air you will probably activate the flowers too. After 2 of those ther is a red 
furball. After you beat him break the floor and use the trampoline vine. Use it
and at the top it's most easy to use a wall jump to grab the vine. Make some
speed and wall jump to the monkey. Now you will have to jump up with 3 more
trampoline vines. Use wall jumps if you can't seem to make it. At the end there
is a pig waiting for you. 

You'll be fighting this one while bouncing on a trampoline vine. The idea is 
still the same though. Knock up his coconuts and kick them to him. This one 
might throw the coconuts in a straight line to you so dodge those or grab them
quickly. Jump over the stump to end up on a zip line. Slide down the 3 zip 
lines. At the third one there is a place where you can jump to clam some extra
bananas. You'll now see some mechanical spider at the bottom.

In order to beat it you have to wait untill it lifts its leg then move under
him. Stay between his legs but don't touch them. Once he moves his head down
jump and grab him. He has 3 eyes and only one of them is open at the same time.
Wait till he opens the big middle one and then whack him. Just before the 
finish there are some more bananas.

Grab the bananas from the chicken with a backflip of course. You can bfgp into
the first trampoline vine but it's only for a few mosquitos. Backflip before
you wall jump up the next bit. Get an egehop on the 'stairs' and ground pound
into the trampoline vine.

Before you fight the spider walk left and walk up the slope under the zip line.
This will bring you to an area with 2 flower fairies and more bananas. Getting
100 isn't easy but it is worth it!

You can't wall jump of the cactus in the beginning. I guess DK doesn't like

difficulty **

This guy starts with black smoke on his egg. He'll also throw feathers at you
a lot more often. They can be destroyed by clapping but dodging them isn't that
hard. You can use the monkeys to get to him when he is in the middle and wall
jump when he is on the sides. After you made him mad he will start spitting 
blue smoking (and painfull) rocks at you.

try to beat him withouth making him angry. It's possible!

GRAPE KINGDOM                   #GRA
to unlock: Clear D barrel
           and get 9 crests

difficulty ***
length ***
smoothness ****

In this level you will be swimming in some bright colloured water that is just
floating in the sky. It's not that hard to finish the level as there is a
safety net everywhere but getting a lot of beats requires acurate swimming
skills. You will start into a big, weird shaped, orange bit of water. There are
some bananas in this and at the rightmost bit at the top you can jump out a few
times for some more bananas. Once you are done, fall down to the zip line.

You'll end up just below a monkey. Use it to go up a large distance. Grab the
bananas above the water then go to the green (more bananas at the top) and then
move on to the orange question mark. Below this is a big green swimming pool. 
In it are 2 rotating pieces of banana shaped wood. In the middle is a banana
bundle. If you grab it 2 creatures will attack you. Kill them. Next is a blue
vertical piece of water with a current down in it. There are some bananas half
way through.

You'll fall down into a big red square. In the center there are some bubbles. 
To get there you will have to manouver past the electric jellyfish. Further
down is a zip line. This brings you to a lot of small bits of water above each
other. Jump out of the top one for beats then swim down. Becareful with the 
bees. If you can grab the monkey and hit right after collecting the bananas to
land in the water and not on the brick. If you miss this monkey you can still
grab the second one. Which is also your goal when swimming.

The second monkey takes you to a light green piece of water. In it are a lot of
red bubbles to increase your beats. At the end are some bananas flying around a
small square of water. Take the zip line below. Manouver through the blue and
cyan bits of water and fall down through the next small ones. The zip line 
makes you fall on a black pig. Smack it and go right. Try to follow the trail
of bananas as much as you can.

At some point there are 4 bananas witha flower fairy in the middle. Clap and
grab the flowers. During this you will be attacked by mosquitos twice. And if
that's not enough some meteors will head towards you aswell at the end. Clap at

Do a ground pount right after you start for a quick combo. Antoher thing you 
can do to increase your combo is right before the first monkey. Instead of 
using it fal down. And do a wall jump there. Grab all the normal bananas of 
course. There are also quite a few secret bananas hidden here. First are in the
 question mark. If you fall down the central gap 3 flying banana bundles will 
appear and if you fall down to the point there will even be 4! 

You'll want to kill both creatures with one hit in the rotating bananas and 
grab all of the red bubbles at once. For the best effect you should approach
the circle from a bit above. Make sure to grab the first monkey but don't land
on the brick. Try to get as much from the bubbles again. 

There are allready 4 bananas floating around the green square but if you fall 
into the red square 4 more will magically appear. There are a few circling the
big blue thing aswell. If you fall down the central hole 2 more will appear.
Make sure you still reach cyan though. 

Don't lose your combo at the end of the zip lines it will cost you quite a lot.
Make sure to kill those mosquitos or they will hurt you. Wait till the meteors
are very close and clap twice. They leave a banana bundle afterall.

Quite freaky those colourfull floating cubes of water, isn't it? Quite an 
achievement on level design though.

difficulty **
length **
smoothness **

You will start on a platform going down. It's very dark here too. At the bottom
there are some candles if you clap they will light up the place and open the
door. In the next corridor there are a lot of bats. If you clap enough they are
no real threath though. In the next room you have to be carefull not to be 
crushed. Run to the centre and nothing will happen though. There are some 
banana bundles at the top of the moving platforms.

In the next room something is also comming down. This won't crush you when you 
are on the floor though. Time your wall jumps and get to the top. At the top
you will find a dragon so enter it. This takes you to some monkey swings. If 
you fall from those some purple critters will attack you. Jump from swing to
swing and use the dragon at the end.

More swings await you here. This time you will have to do a wall jump inbetween
each two. The last one will take you to a launcher flower. Once you grab the 
bananas you will make some mosquitos angry so beware. The door leads to a very
dark corridor. At the end some very round reptile thing awaits you. It has 
spikes so touching isn't recommended. It will roll to you. If you clap when the
mouth faces forward he will be stunned. Now grab his tongue and pull it out as 
far as you can (ouch!). 

The next room will seem empty but if you stand in the middle of the 2 candles
and clap some platforms will appear from the back wall. Wall jump up then move
to the right and wall jump up again. Then go for the monkey. Two monkeys take
you to the end of this stage.

The bats are a great way to get bananas. Try to kick one into five others and
grab all the bananas at the same time. The best way for the bubbled bananas
above the moving is doing a backflip, wall jump and ground pound just before
grabbing them. The same applies in the next room.
An alternative in the first room is to backflip up to the moving platforms when
they are moving upwards. Then wall jump of on to do an edge hop of the next.

In the room with the monkey swings first kill the critters then grab the other
bananas. Back down it's time to use the dragon. Do a backflip, wall jump and
ground pound before entering it. You can do this in 2 ways. 

1) Using the high left ledge.
2) Stand under the dragon then backflip to the left wall. You just move
   straight through his neck for some reason.

Do the combo normal for the rest. In the room with the appearing platforms 
you can reach the monkey by doing a backflip, several wall jumps and and edge
hop. To do this first get on the lower part of the leftmost platform. Now 
backflip to the left wall. Slide down a bit before wall jumping. Slide down 
again on the right wall then wall jump. Same on the left wall again. You you
will need to quickly wall jump of the right wall or you'll do an edge hop on 
that wall instead of the left one. I don't believe that it's possible to do a
ground pound before grabbing the first monkey. However you can hit left after
this monkey throws you to avoid picking up the banana bundles then ground pound
back to the first monkey.

The last level was original but this stage gave me a super mario sunshine 

difficulty ***

The second time you face a tusk. The idea is still the same. Make him suck in
on of those explosive pineapples and then throw a bunch into his heart. Before
he gets angry he will shoot one cannonball or three quickly after each other.
Once you have made him angry he will get a laser attack. If you see him aiming
straight down then you know its comming. It hits allmost the entire screen 
execpt for 2 small hiding spots. The first is completly to the right against
the wall there. The second is behind the platform next to the pineapple plant.
Just avoid it and continue what you were doing to kill him.

You can stand on his platform without getting hurt. The only problem is you 
can't get on without getting hurt.

CHERRY KINGDOM                  #CHE
to unlock: Clear the K barrel
           and get 12 crests

difficulty ****
length ***
smoothness *

Be carefull it's slippery here. Just after the start you will come to a bumb in
the path. You will jump up here. Make sure to clap at the flower fairy and the
bananas. Over the next hill there are some light brown pigs. You can use them 
to get the height you need for the banana bundles up in the sky. Next there 
will be 2 red furballs right behind each other. They are quite easy to beat. 
Fall down in the cave ahead and grab the bananas and snowmen while sliding.

At the bottom you will have to be carefull. First there is a spiked creature 
then there are icy bats and painfull ice spikes. You will have a high speed and
stopping is a bit tricky on ice. After all of that there is another spiked 
thing. The ice bats will freeze you if you touch them while they are not 
stunned. If you are frozen hit both drums to break free.

Next are a few monkeys. Use them and you will get enough flowers to copmlete 
100 if you got enough at the first fairy. You will land on a brick of ice that
slowly moves up and down. Above float some icy bubbles which will also freeze
you if they get the chance and some banana bundles. At the end dive down and 
swim underneat the block of ice you just walked on. Needless to say that you 
should avoid any spiky objects.

The underwater path will take you to two pink pigs in palmtrees. The one on the
right is a bit higher then ground level so you will have to grab the coconuts
high in order to hit him. The pig on the left might throw some ice bricks at 
you. This again freezes you so i recommend you take the left on down first. 
After defeating them a monkey will appear in the bush ready to take you to your
next path. Grab the bananas and start sliding.

Be carefull not to get hit by the mosquitos or the spiked plugs and be very
carefull not to run into that rolling, spiked reptile thing at the end. Wait 
untill it's mouth faces forward then clap and pull his tongue. Now you can just
slide down towards the level finish.

You can do a spin jump (same input as backlip) to the first bananas but it's 
riksy. Especially on the purple flowers. You can also spin jump and then wall
jump towards the pigs. You can just reach it if you time it perfectly. A 3 
combo helps quite a bit for the beat total. For both of the red furballs you 
can do a spin jump and an edge hop.

Get the most out of the bats and icy bubbles up ahead. For the last set of 
bubbles a spin jump and wall jump is best. For the best result underwater jump
in with a spin jump and ground pound. You can also do an edge hop of the ice
block and a wall jump for a nice 5 combo.

After you have beaten the pigs there is a trick that is show in the second 
credits. First do a spin jump and edge hop to the first monkey. Ground pound 
just before the second and before you grab those bananas use some air control
to do a wall jump on the left wall back to the second monkey first. You need to
do it pretty high up the wall in order to reach the monkey.

Aurora is the scientific name for the polar light. You can see this in the
outside bits of this stage.

difficulty ***
length **
smoothness ***

You start right next to some bananas as you can tell from DKs face. Shortly 
after this feast 5 fiery bats will attack you. Try not to get burned from them.
If you get burned in any way in this level just hit the bongos to stop the fire
on your behind. Next you will have to jump over some gaps. Don't fall in the
lava below. And when the lava seems a bit weird a pillar of lava will soon come
up to torch you.

The last platform is made out of fairies so clap and don't stay on it for too
long. Use the monkeys and launcher flowers to get to some jelly. This takes you
to the final monkey via a wall jump. Let the monkey throw you up and some 
meteors will come at you. If you clap you can destroy them. They leave a banana
bundle each this way so use the monkey again to pick them up.

If you slap on the ground just before the caves entrance some bananas will pop
up. Inside the cave some weird monster is waiting for you. If you come to close
it will hide so keep a little distance. It will shoot some small purple things
at you. If you clap you will return them. If your inner circle hits the purple
things they will materialize and you will damage the monster. Just the outer
circle doesn't do damage. Wait till it's close and then attack. 

Use the 2 dragons and grab the bananas they throw you at. In the middle section
some purple critters await those who fall down and at the end some mosquitos 
will try to sting you. Up ahead is a mushroom. So clap and jump on it to get
the bubbles and bananas up there. When jumping on try to avoid the lava pillar.
On the platform in the middle some more meteorites will try to crush you so be
carefull. Again use the mushrooms to continue.

The last mushroom will launch you up to a semi-boss fight. A sharp clawed 
ballerina bear this time. It will move around in various ways and hurt you if
you come to close. Sometimes it will create a blue shockwave. Clap to send it
back to him to stun him. After you have stunned it wait till the right time and
whack it to kill it. Now finish the level.

The intresting things here start at the fairy platform. Don't grab the bananas
underneath it yet. First do a backflip, wall jump and ground pound to the
monkey then grab them. Do the same trick again and grab the launcher flower 
this time. Wait till the meteors are close together before clapping. An edge
hop seems to be impossible unfortunatly.

After you did all that grab the last monkey again and go as far left as 
possible. Those flowers and monkeys from the "Try This!" are hiding there. But
first serveral waves of meteors will come for you giving a nice oppertunity to
show of your bfgp technique.

Now carefully descend on the left. Whatever you do, DON'T CLAP! Ok here is your
goal. It's a bit of slope which looks like this.
           D   /
        B /

I know this isn't too great ASCII art but you will have to do with it. The B is
where the second monkey bush is. The D is where you have to stand. Now do a 
backflip towards the right and aim carefully so you can do a wall jump from the
wall marked with W. Of course do a ground pound just before grabbing that 
monkey. An alternative is to stand as much to the right as you can then do an
edge hop at the wall marked W and then wall jump on the section a little 
higher. Just do what you think is easiest. Also clap just before your ground
pound to activate the first flowers before grabbing the monkey.

Don't forget the bananas infront the cave entrance. Use a wall jump of course.
Do a backflip into the circle of bananas that the monster leaves.

Enter the dragon and don't grab the banana bundles. Instead go kill the purple
critters at the bottom. Becarefull not to break any of the bubbles. Now walk
underneath the right dragon. Clap now to activate it then backflip, wall jump
and groundpound in it. Grab the bananas and mosquitos. Now jump over the dragon
and backflip, wall jump and ground pound into it to collect the ones you didn't
pick up before.

If you want to risk it try backfliping, wall jumping and ground pounding on top
of the ballerina bear. The most easy way is to let him come at you and then 
jump over him. He will then make a shockwave. Jump over him again first though
Then clap to stun and backflip on the left wall. It's a tight time frame but it
can be done.

difficulty ***

Your third encounter with the roc family is a bit more tricky then last time.
Hard Roc has a few more tricks up his sleeve then before. Of course he has the
protective black smoke and will create gusts and shoot feathers. It also shoots
big blue balls at you and plays the same game as that monster. Dodge the blue
balls but hit back the purple stuff for an extra oppertunity to stun him. The
easiest way to reach Hard Roc is using the monkeys. If you fall down you can
use the launcher flowers on either side to get back up. After you made him mad
he will shoot 3 big blue balls at the same time instead of three in a row.

IT's rather unusual for a boss to gain an attack. Normally they do what they 
did when they were pissed off the previous time you met them. This boss decided
to ignore that rule and just shoot purple stuff at you before he is angry.

PEACH KINGDOM                   #PEA
to unlock: Clear the K barrel
           and 14 crests

difficulty *** 
length ***
smoothness **

Another ice level. Dk will get very cold here swimming in icy water. It might
seem that you are trapped but fortunatly you are not. Clap near the fairies and
the ice will crack open. You can see a monkey with a flower fairy. So dive down
and grab it. You will be thrown down pretty fast so time your claps to grab all
the flowers. Swim down while avoiding obstacles.

You will come to a big room with some ice floating in it and 2 spiky fish. Kill
them (clap when the spikes are retracted) for extra bananas and exit right. 
Some purple jellyfish await you after the current so blow them up. Avoid the
few electric jellyfish up ahead and swim to the top of that room. Pick up the
bananas along the way.

Once you are at the jelly you can use it to get shot up. Now you will have to
do a lot of wall jumping. Be carefull however as the left wall is moving. And
will crush you if you don't look out. Wait till it's closed and starts opening
again before using the jelly. At the top just slide down and grab the bananas
at the bottom. hop over the ledge in the middle. You're now in a half pipe. 
At the right end hop out again. Don't let the frog hurt you though.

It's another half pipe. Exit right again and slide down the long hill. You will
end up underwater again. A little to the right there is a monkey for a few 
bananas. You'll also see a squid which lays down bananas for you. It brings you
to one of those rolling things again. Just kill it. If you wondered what that
cracked rock was that you just past then try letting that thing roll all the 
way to the left.

When you try to pick up the bananas that creature left you will notice that the
ceiling is comming down to crush you! Hurry down and move right. You will come
to a room with spikes on the top and bottom part. On the right is a really big
fish. You will have to beat this in the same was as the monster in cherry 
kingdom. It will turn around when you get close aswell. After hitting back the
purple stuff a few times you can grab his tail and he'll take you to the exit.

At the end you will see Mooshin. It's jumping time again. This time not all the
platforms are at the same height though. And some are sloped.

Crack open the ice and then do a bfgp to the monkey. In the water avoid every
banana and don't beat the enemies. At the jelly wait untill the shaft is closed
then use the jelly and wall jump to the top. Get and edge hop there. Fall back
down the shaft. Get a hold of the lowest part of the left wall. Wall jump and
slide down the right wall. If you are to high then let go and grab the wall 
again lower. Wall jump into the water. Nice 7 combo you got there now. Pick up
all the bananas. Try herding the purple jellyfish for the best result.

In the first of the 3 halfpipes build up some speed and spin jump to the block
that is on the right side of the halfpipe. You can wall jump to the monkey. It
is very close but you can make it. Let the monkey throw you, get the edge hop 
then fall back to the monkey for the ground pound.

In the secret area do the following. Skate right then back left. Spin jump and
do an edge hop of the left small triangle. Wall jump then grab the monkey. Fall
back to the monkey for the groundpound. After those 3 bananas go right and do
a spin jump and edge hop for those bubbled bananas. After you got everything go
back to the normal route.

Spin jump and ground into the second bit of water obviously. Wall jump too.
Use the monkey but don't grab the bananas. Open the secret area but don't enter
it yet. Kill the rolling reptile and avoid the ceiling. Once it is gone go back
up. On that very tiny little ledge you can infact do an edge hop! Use the 
plants for bananas and pick up what you missed. No need to say that you should
kill all six enemies in the secret area at once. Defeat the fish and grab all
the bananas.

Ice halfpipes. Very intresting. I think we would have a lot of trouble trying 
to make that.

difficulty ****
length **
smoothness **

This is a tricky level. Move to the right. As soon as you enter the second
sphere it will start moving right and rolling around. When the exit is facing
up wall jump out of there. At the top 2 black pigs, one brown pig and a blue
furball wait in line to get kicked. In the shaft up ahead will be some fire
bubbles. If you clap at them you will probably activate a flower fairy. 

Grab them all! You will need to jump over a small gap halfway. You will also
need to active the second flower fairy there. There's just a little more then
100 so there isn't much room for errors. The fiery bubbles above the gap don't
make things easier. At the end just use the dragon. 

Don't get hit by the bubbles at the end. You will now stand next to a sphere 
with a path going from top to bottom. Wall jump on to it and it will move up.
This will take you to a helibird. A huge bee isn't too keen on you though. But
with the helibird he shouldn't be too hard to take down. Now jump down. Some
purple critters await you at the bottom so stun them quickly.

You will now be standing before a sphere with an exit on the lower side. In
front of you is a quite big gap. Jump into the sphere and keep wall jumping to
get acros. At the end just slide down. 

Now you will have to fight one of those monsters again. You will be standing on
a sphere moving up and down. In it are some bananas. If you want to get them
time carefully there is just enough time. It's more easy if you wait untill you
have beaten your enemy. Because when you do a monkey will appear taking you to
a dragon.

At the exit a horde of purple critters awaits you! Finish them and move into 
the sphere. It will tilt and move left. Once it stops moving wall jump into the
second sphere which will go up. Keep wall jumping or you'll fall into the lava.
After a short while a third shpere will show beneath you so fall itno that one.
You are allmost at the exit. Just an armadillo which can be off guard easily 
stands in your way.

Backflip and edge hop at the first wall jumps of course. Ground pound on the
second black pig and make sure you reach that blue furball withouth losing your
combo. Missing 100 flowers is a very bad idea of course. 

Jump down the shaft to start the wall jump with a backflip. Don't forget the
edge hop and ground pound either. Backflip at the next wall jump too. Again do
an edge hop. Grab the helibird and hit the leftmost bit of the ceiling. Wall 
jump of the left wall to ground pound to the helibird again.

As you know by know. Purple critters equals lots of beats. Try to defeat the
monster while the platform is low so you can grab the entire circle easily.

I don't think you can backflip to the monkey but you can do a ground pound. Use
the lower monkey a few times to add a wall jump and edge hop to your combo.

difficulty ****

Another mechenical elephant is ready to get blown up. You will have a bit more
platforms this time. Still 2 pineapple plants. His attacks consist of shooting
single cannonballs or using his laser. To dodge his laser wait at the lower 
left platform or on the upper left platform.

Once he gets mad he is a lot more trouble though. He will now alternate between
his laser, which now also hits the upper left platform, and shooting a flaming
cannonball to each platform. This will create a shockwave of fire which you 
will have to jump over. The best way to attack is wait for his laser. Once you
are safe move to the right pineapple plant. A pineapple will grow here soon.
Then wall jump up the left wall and throw the pineapple. That should hurt him.

Did you know that the collour of your health bar reflects the crest you would
get with your current beats total? It can be bronze, silver, gold and platinum.
Your opponents have blue live bars. 

MELON KINGDOM                   #MEL
to unlock: Clear the K barrel
           and 16 crests

difficulty ***
length ***
smoothness **

This is the second level on top of Mooshin. Start by going right fast. You'll
come across pineapple plants frequently in this level. Above you will fly some
birds. Throw the pineapples at them to kill them. You get 3 for killing a 
single one. 10 for 2 at once. 20 for 3 and 80 for 5. There are also a few 
golden birds worth 50. After the first set of birds there is a jump with some
bananas. If you have enough speed you can get all 4.

Now a golden bird will come so make sure you get it. Next is another jump. Some
more spiked plugs are up ahead. Then you will dash into a cave. The big fishy 
thing from the second kingdom is back! This time he is above you however. You
should try to throw pineapples at him. You will have 3 oppertunities. Make sure
they hit. The second and third time you will need to shoot between some 
platforms that are in the way.

After the fish decides to go elsewhere there will be a load more birds. These
will throw red spiky balls at you so be carefull. If you go fast enough you 
won't be in trouble though. Also a gold bird will show up again. And if you are
fast enough there is a group of 5 birds for 80 more beats at the end.

Also get enough speed for the upcomming jump. Right behind this is another 
group of 5 birds. Try to jump up the next platform and from that on to the 
second. Clap to one of those big plugs and dash right fast. As you enter a 
narrow section of the cave the fish is comming at you from the ceiling again.
You will have plenty of pineapples to throw but at some point birds with spiky 
balls will try to catch them. Try to get as much as possible to hit the fish.

Just a bit to the right the fish will return. A few more pineapples should 
finish it of for no less then 100 beats. A few more birds are the last thing 
before a slope downwards. At the end of it is the finish and you will be doing
distance jumping again.

There isn't much to say about this level. The groups of 5 and the golden birds
are imporant. The fishy thing too of course.

My distance record is 1768.3 here. The slope becomes steeper around 1200 so if
you make 1200 you will probably make it a lot farther too.

difficulty *****
length ****
smoothness ****

In this level you will constantly be bothered by those blue balls that are 
flying around everywhere. Start by running right and jumping over the balls and
gaps on your path. Grab the bananas along the way. After a short walk you'll 
come to a spitting plant which takes you to first a monkey swing and then 
ressar. With ressar you will need to float right while avoiding a lot of blue
balls going downwards. It's usefull to remember that hitting both drums 
alternately will result in floating down very slow. At the end is a well 
deserved reward in the form of a diamond of 17 bananas.

Time your jumps to the platforms carefully or you will get hurt by the blue 
balls floating around. Wall jump at the right wall and then go to the zipline.
Collect the bananas along the zip line and at the end grab the vine. At the far
right is a black furball. This one has the habbit of breathing fire. Build up
momentum and time carefully to jump all the way over to the beast. Clap in the
air to stun and then kill it. Once you get off there is a flower bud which 
might have activated when you stunned the furball. If not do it quickly and let
it bounce you to a helibird.

With this helibird you need to carefully avoid all blue balls that are slowly
circling here. There are a lot of bananas floating around aswell but picking
them up is risky. At the end you can land on a piece of ground. Jump and clap
there for a lot of bananas. Now wall jump up the shaft with the blue balls in 
it. It takes rather precise timing to pull it of without getting hit. At the 
top a fresh helibird awaits you.

First you need to avoid a single stream of blue balls. A colourfull bird laying
down a path of bananas is next and after then you will need to dodge a dubble
stream of blue balls. Above that are some ice bubbles and 2 times 3 bubbled 
banana bundles floating in the middle of rotating blue balls. The eay way to
pick them up is to float below them and snap their bubble first.

When you get to the 4 plants try to float in the middle of them and start 
clapping like crazy. Also collect the icey bubbles and then just land below the
monkey. Grab it and now you will have to defeat a bird. There are some blue 
balls trying to make it harder of course. The bird will drop spiky red balls,
which you want to dodge, and pineapples, which you want to throw at him. Once
you have stunned him with a pineapple use the monkeys to get to him and wack 

a bfgp is the best for the banana bundles in the beginning. Becarefull not to
let those blue balls make you lose all you just picked up. Wall jump and ground
pound into the spitting plant. A backflip is also possible but you will need
to wait with the ground pound. A backflip and wall jump seems impossible.

A wall jump and edge hop are possible for the second set of bananas on the 
platform. It is hard though. Bfgp onto the vine and jump just before the banana
bundles to grab them with a clap. Don't let the black furball end your combo. 
Also fly up the tiny shaft. That is hard but possible.

The following trick is for VERY skilled and VERY confident players only. Fly 
a back down into the shaft a little. Try to grab the wall just below where the
blue balls dissappear into the wall. Wall skid untill you get to the right 
height then wall jump and edge hop onto the next bird. I repeat: this trick is
extremly hard.

difficulty ***

Yet again you face of with a Hog. This one uses the following attacks. He 
throws electrified coconuts with a lob or straight. He throws 3 spiky balls.
He slashes at you when close and sometimes he does his thunder dash and then
slashes. The idea is still the same. Unelectrify those coconuts and kick them

When he's mad he will get a new attack. He'll charge 5 bolts of electricity and
fire them at you. Jumping is the simplest way to dodge in most cases. He will
also stop throwing coconuts with a lob.

The best places to be are in my opinion:
If he's on one of the platforms then be on the other. 
If he is left on the ground be on the high platform. 
If he's in the middle on the ground be left on the ground.

DURIAN KINGDOM                  #DUR
to unlock: clear the K barrel
           and get 18 crests

difficulty *****
length ****
smoothness *

Right at the start there is a butterfly and 3 flowers, so clap. As you walk on
you will notice that it's not only raining water but also cannon balls. They 
are not that hard to dodge fortunatly. Soon some purple critters attack you 
aswell. On the next hill you will encounter your first black ninjape. They move
around a bit and then jump up. At the top they will pull out a big sword and
swing it at you. To beat them you must clap when they are holding their sword.
This will stun them. Touch them to kill them. If they were in reach of your 
arms when you clap they will die instantly and give more bananas aswell.

Just after beating the first ninjape 2 more will show up. As you jump down the
hill be carefull because a furball is dashing your way. If you are quick enough
you can clap in time though. After killing it 3 more ninjapes are comming after
you. Up the small bump the exact same thing will happen again. You will also 
come across another bird. Throw back a pineapple now because it will be a 
problem for a long time.

A little uphead it's raining cannonballs again. And if you walk on a whole 
bunch of ninjapes suddenly appears. Clap a lot o be safe. Up the little hill a
green ninjape awaits you. This one will try to run away. If it gets away far
enough it will throw some shuriken at you. Just up ahead a red ninjape is 
sitting in one of those cannons. If you clap while just above it you can sit in
it and use it! Try to shoot all three cannons to the right. 

Now carefully manouver upwards using the vine and monkey. Becarefull not to get
shot or incinerated by the black furball at the top. Timing is everything here.
Jump up on the zipline. On this line there are some blue ninjapes which you can
also grab. They throw shuriken at you if you don't and dissapear when you are
close. If a cannon ball hits you you will fall down.

If you fall down just proceed right across the horde of enemies untill you 
reach a jelly. If you use the jelly and walk left a door will close infront of
you, preventing you from getting those bananas out there. If you didn't fall 
you can grab them. Before you do slap on the ground for a few more though. To
the right one green and 3 black ninjapes attack you.

Use the jelly to get to another fight with a spider. You allready start between
his legs but those blue ninjapes don't make things easier. Stay on the ground
and jump over the shuriken. Wait till the spider moves his head down and then
kill him. Once he's dead the ninjapes will also dissapear. Go right for more 
bananas and then go to the exit on the right.

In order to get the bananas from the flowers it's best to jump up one step and
then do an edge hop and wall jump> Just before picking up the bananas do a 
ground pound. You can grab them all but one. I recommend doing just a backflip
to get the bananas from the critters because a ground pound usually results in
getting less beats because you will miss some bananas.

Get 5 bananas from every black ninjape and do a bfgp on both furballs. After 
the bird jump over the first hill and on top of the second bump. Now there will
be a large group of black ninjapes together. This is also in the "Try This!" 
movies. Make sure to destroy all 3 cannons and get the bananas with an edge
hop. For some strange reason it seems impossible to do an edge hop of the right
wall of the shaft near the furball. So a bfgp is the best you can do.

Try to get hit by a cannon ball and fall down. There seem to be a lot more 
bananas below then up here. Do a backflip for the bananas from the spider and a
bfgp for the banana bundles.

difficulty ****
length *****
smootheness *****

Jump to the rope on the right. It basically is a vertical zipline. You can jump
off to either side by hitting the proper bongo. Jump from rope to rope 
collecting bananas along the way. Avoid the bees of course. At the end jump in
the water. There are 2 spikey fish here. Above the second you can swim up for
some hidden bananas. After collecting those and killing both fish move on to
the right.

You will now have to avoid 3 electric jellyfish. There should be enough room if
you are carefull and whatever you do, don't clap. At the top swim right to
through the current and go down to face of with another fish. You will only 
have to hit that purple stuff back 3 times to kill him. Grabbing his tail takes
you to a monkey and some ropes hanging from the ceiling. You can swing with 

The 3 ropes take you to another monkey. Now using the tramponline vines and the
monkeys move up. There are a few mosquitos waiting to attack you. This kind 
needs to be hit twice by a shockwave to die. The second time you can grab them
too. At the top there is a jelly. If you have quick reflexes you can grab the
helibird at the end. If you fail you have ruined that chance.

If you got the helibird skip this paragraph and read the next. On foot you will
first have to defeat a bird. If you can't reach him with a normal jump then do
a backflip. Go up the stairs on the left and dodge the shurikens and fend of 
the black ninjapes that pop up. Farther to the left more ninjapes await you. 
Both black and blue. You'll come to a room with 3 black furballs. Use the 
launcher flower to get to the first and use the monkeys to reach the other 2. 
At the top use the monkeys aswell. Here the paths meet so skip the next 
paragraph and read the one after that one.

If you did manage to get the helibird you will see a bird flying up and left.
You can in fact kill it but I wouldn't risk it. Just fly over it. Now navigate
through the narrow passage on the left. Some blue ninjapes will be throwing
shuriken so time right. If you make it past the ninjapes go left again and grab
the bananas there. Continue left untill some door shuts behind you.

With both paths you will end up in a round room with only an exit below. There
are 2 monkeys here and a LOT of mosquitos. The wall will rotate to create an
exit at the top so be patient. At the top grab the helibird. You will need to
fly up a long way to reach the exit. Just before you exit try to grab those 12
banana bundles.

Start with a backflip and wall jump to the ropes. Ground pound in the water.
Do an edge hop here too. Ignore the 2 fish and the bananas and continue first.
After beating the fish make sure you don't lose your combo and grab the monkey.
Use the ropes and monkey and use the first tramponline vine. Now we need to get 
back to the water. To do this grab the monkey that you can reach from the 
tramponline vine. Now skid down the right wall and grab the lower monkey again.
Skid down the wall again and at the bottom wall jump. The idea is to use air
control to do another wall jump on the lower wall to the left. If you fail at
some point you can swim back and do a backflip and wall jump to the ropes again
but it takes time.

Use the bird and get the bananas that way but fall back down. I think you can
earn most beats by killing all the enemies here and giving up a few at the end
because your combo will be lower. In order to get is as high as possible you 
pull of the following trick at the furball room. Do a backflip and then wall
jump off the lower right wall. This is rather precise but can be done. Also
ground pound onto the first furball.

difficulty *****

This is one of the hardests bosses in the game. He will start by punching. 
Dodge it. If you fail to dodge this one make sure to dodge his second punch if
you don't a couple more fill follow and you can't dodge those! If you dodge try
to counter attack. You will miss. Now he will try to kick you. Dodge and this 
time you can attack. If you don't try to counter attack the first time he won't
kick so you can't damage him.

After he gets angry he will kick you twice. Dodge both to attack. You will also
have to try and counter attack after the first kick or he won't do the second 

For the people who don't like to dodge. In order to do the cool counters you 
have to hit him right before his kick. Once he is angry it's right before his
second kick. In both cases use the opposite fist.

VS CACTUS KING                  #CAC
to unlock: clear the J barrel
           22 crests

difficulty ***

This level has only 1 stage. It's very short and contains the boss. You will
start with 200 beats instead of 20 but you won't have much more to pick up. 
Just go right as usuall. Dodge the cannon ball fired your way and grab those
bananas. Use the monkey up ahead. You will be attacked by 3 black ninjapes but
you can handle that.

Go right as far as you can. Clap there to sprout some flowers for a few beats.
Wall jump to the monkey and wall jump from there to the helibird. Fly up. Dodge
the shuriken the ninjapes throw at you and grab the last bananas for extra 

You will end up at the boss. He is standing on a huge black furball that won't
stop breathing fire. In order to get close clap quickly while slowly going 
right. After you stun him, jump on top and whack it. Now it's just you and
cactus king.

He has only 2 attacks. A low kick and a high kick. You can attack in many ways
however. The simplest is jumping over his low kick and clapping. The camera 
will zoom in and you'll fight like you fight the other kongs. Dodge his punch
and kick him to bits. Other options are:

Wall jumping to get very high and clap above him. Now you can whack him down.
He will be down on the floor so jump up and deal more damage.

Clap while standing behind him. DK will in some way lift up cactus king and 
throw him to the wall. He will be stunned there so deal more damage.

Clap near his feet while he is doing a high kick. You have to hit a button to
do a sweeping kick that knocks him into the air. Jump and clap to pummel him 
some more.

Once you knocked away 500 health you will get 800 beats! Before the credits
will show will first need to walk left a bit and clap. But you won't need help

While gold is very simple, platinum is hard. Bfgp for the frist bananas. 
Backflip, wall jump and ground pound to the monkey. Make sure to get 5 bananas
from each black ninjape too. There are flowers on the lower right but don't
grab those bananas yet.

Now the only real combo in this level. Do a backflip and edge hop toward the
monkey. After it throws you skid down the wall and jump back. This time to a
groundpound before grabbing him. And don't take damage of course!

ONce ou have grabbed the bird you can fly back down for the bananas. You can 
also grab the blue ninjapes by falling down to the from above (get rid of the
helibird). Thanks to Morten Olsen for this tip!

During the credits various clips of tricks will show. Also some glimpses of
levels that you haven't unlocked yet can be seen!

PEAR KINGDOM                    #PER
to unlock: beat cactus king
           and 25 crests

difficulty **
length *
smoothness **

This stage is an underwater race. You will race against three turtles. Jump in
the water and pass the start line to start the timer. Start by swimming down
right away and using the current to your advantage there. At the top you will
need to enter the second current just over the edge. Next swim right and you 
will have to dodge some electric jellyfish. The fastests way is to swim
straight down just next to the left wall. At the bottom you will need to dodge
3 more jellyfish on your way left. Go down again and go right and enter the 
first current you see. At the exit swim down and enter the third current. Just
skip the second. At the end of that swim straight down. It's a lot faster then
using the currents. First place means 500 beats. Second place is good for 30o, 
third will just net you 100 and if you lose you'll get nothing.

In this race there are a few bananas hidden. Start with a backflip, wall jump 
and ground pound into the water. Also do an edge hop. Just after the shaft past
the jellyfish there is a tiny shaft going up to the right. There is a monkey 
there which will throw you to a bunch of bananas. Since the turtles are very 
slow you should have no problem winning the race.

Your opponents finish around 0:51, 0:57 and 1:05 My record is 35:81

difficulty ****
length ****
smoothness ****

Start by going right and killing both frogs. Just up ahead you'll see a monkey
which isn't in a bush for a change. Instead it's on some kind of line. If you 
grab it it will not only throw you but also try to move along with you. Let it
throw you twice. Then use the monkey-in-a-bush. Let this one throw you to but
grab the monkey on the horizontal line below the two vertical lines. Use that
one twice to get back to the monkey-in-a-bush then continue using the monkeys
to reach a helibird.

With the helibird carefully fly upwards. There are loads of cannonballs flying 
here and they hurt of course. At the top go left and land on the jelly. It will
take you to two transporter belts going upwards. If you wall skid on those you
will go up faster then you will slide down. Use them to wall jump to the top.
There ressar awaits you. With ressar float carefully down while avoiding even
more cannonballs. At the bottom right a jelly awaits you.

This jelly will take you to a few more monkeys on lines. Use them and at the 
top activate the flower bud in time so you can just bounce to the helibird
without losing your combo. With the helibird you will need to do very accurate
flying. You will need to move to the topright but there are some big cogs in 
your way. It's not simple but touching them won't hurt you so it's not a big 
deal. You will end up at a giant bee. Kill it and use the monkey that appears.

Up till now you could have done all of that with just one combo but now it ends
for no reason at all. Go down the shaft to the left. You will now be in a room
with a lot of pendulums swinging from left to right. There are also 4 purple 
critters waiting to be killed. You can walljump of the lower bits of the 
pendula or stand on them. You will have to get to the top where monkeys will
take you to the final helibird.

With this helibird you need to fly up and right to a very big banana bundle. If
you clap the hands of the clock will start moving. Just stay between them. At
three points during the way there is a small alcove with some bananas and a new
helibird if you lose your combo. At the top there is the exit.

Do a backflip and wall jump to the first monkey. After it throws you, ground
pound back to it. Do the combo as normal. Don't forget to do an edge hop after
the jelly. 

At the pendula get to the top first then do a bfgp to a monkey. Also do a wall
jump and edge hop before grabbing the helibird. And just left and above the
exit are 2 more banana bundles hidden.

difficulty ***

The last member of the hog family rules over this kingdom. He'll have a lot of 
attacks. He'll throw 3 spiky balls, throw coconuts in lobs or straight. He also
shoots balls of electricity and if you come to close he will slash at you. once 
he is mad he will move between platforms really quickly. He'll turn into a 
white stripe but it doens't hurt you. He'll also uses his thunderbolt dash some

At all cases it's best to be as high as possible when fighting. You'll spend 
most time on the upper two platforms. This way you won't hit that many coconuts
into platforms.

LYCHEE KINGDOM                  #LYC
to unlock: Clear pear kingdom
           and 29 crests

difficulty ****
length **
smoothness *

This stage is a race against 4 helibirds. It's very straightforward so i'll 
just give a few hints to be fast. At the first set of blowing things use the
left an and go left. The blowing thing at the top left is the most usefull. And
at the last set of blowing things use the top one because that one blows you to
the next. First place is 500 beast, second 300 and third 100 the rest won't get
you anything.

Nothing to say about this level.

Your opponents finish around 1:08, 1:14, 1:20 and 1:25. 
My record time is 0:59.70

difficulty ****
length ***
smoothness ***

You will start on a platform moving up. Several fiery bats will try to attack 
you so be on your guard. At the top the platform will stop moving and a lot of
fiery bubbles can boost your score. Going right brings you to a lot of lava 
with just a few fairy platforms above it. Make sure to clap and dodge the lava
that shoots up.

Behind that there is some kind of bridge over the lava but it's moving up and 
down. Walk carefully as a lot of meteors will come crushing down. At the end of
that weird bridge some bubbled banana bundles above a dragon await you. Grab
them and use the dragon. It will take you to a second dragon. Use it and you 
then can do the first dragon backwards.

Wall jump up and stun the fiery bubbles as fast as you can. At the top go to 
the trampoline vine. Use the right wall to wall jump up. You will come to one
of those rolling reptiles so don't go up to high. Wait till it's mouth is below
and then clap and pull out this tongue. At the top grab the helibird to move 
on ahead.

While flying you will notice some bubbled bananas in caverns at the top. Don't
fly up there because you will be turned in to toast no matter what. Just fly a
bit below and clap to break the bubbles. At the end there is a dragon which 
will throw you to a series of monkeys. There will be 100 flowers to pick up 
here. The last monkey throws you to ressar. 

While floating right you might come to lava pillars on your path. If this 
happens then hit both bongos to slow down as much as you can. You should be 
able to just reach the jelly on the right. Use it and grab the helibird. Grab
the bananas first and then beat the monster below. Becarefull that you don't
forget to clap your wings every now and then or you will fall into the lava.

Line up the bats and get all 15 fiery bubbles at once of course. At the moving
bridge do bfgps to get the bananas from the meteors. Do a bfgp to the bananas
above the dragon and do an edge hop just before the trampoline vine.

difficulty ****

The last of the rocs is by far the hardest. you will fight in a big arena with
a lot of monkeys. His attacks include: shooting purple stuff you have to knock
back, Creating gusts of wind, shooting feathers and shooting 3 blue rocks at 
the same time. Of course the annoying black smoke is also present. Once he is 
mad he will shoot one huge blue rock instead of 3 smaller ones.

to unlock: Clear lychee kingdom
           and 34 crests

difficulty ****
length *****
smoothness *****

As you startr you will fall down on a zip line. Jump over the bubbles in your
way and grab them if you can. At the end use the monkey and the fairy platforms
to get up to the vines. Use 2 vines to reach some jelly. At the end of a few
jellies there is a whole bunch of monkeys. Let them toss you around a bit to
get all bananas. After the last one just keep clapping to active some flower 
buds and a flower fairy. If you just keep clapping you'll end up an a bubble 
flower. Float up to the dragon.

At the exit some mosquitos will attack you so be carefull. wall jump to the 
launcher flower and use the monkey swing. Then another launcher flower and
monkey swing. This takes you to some trampoline vines. Use them and the monkeys
to get to the top right. You will wake up a lot of mosquitos so watch out and
grab them. After the last monkey, wall jump up and use 2 spitting flowers.

You will end up in a piece of water. Go left to another and grab the banana
circle there. Now go up and grab 2 more banana circles. Cannons are shooting 
here so watch out. At the top right is a dragon which is the exit you should
take. It takes you to a helibird. There are some bubbles here for bananas and a
whole lot of mosquitos. Be very carefull with those. At the top right there is
a flower fairy but don't activate it untill you passed it a little. Follow the
flower trail to a dragon.

At the end of the dragon there is Ressar. Grab him and float down. There are
some bubbles and a more mosquitos. It's very painfull to lose your combo here
so be very carefull. You can float right to the exit or left to a monkey that
shoots you to the exit.

Start with a ground pound. After you come to the monkey just land. Bfgp to the
monkey then wall jump and use the vine to go back to the zipline on the left.
Now grab the monkey and continue the combo. This is how to get an 18 combo. 
At the end there is also so a secret with a lot of banana bundles for hundreds
of extra beats. Use ressar and the blowing things to float over the hill on the
right and reach it.

difficulty *****
length ****
smoothness *

Jump to the left from pig to pig untill you reach the furball. Defeat it and 
move on to the left. A redfurball will wait for you after a gap. A lava pillar
will shoot up from that gap aswell. Just stun it early and clap every now and
then to keep it stunned until the lava pillar goes down and you can jump to it.

You will come to a platform that tilts left and right slowly with an armadillo
on it. It's easy to beat. At the top there are some fiery bubbles. You can grab
them if you do a backflip when the edge of the platform is high. The monkey
takes you to ball in the lava. If you stand on the left side it will roll left.
You will need to go left a long way and bats will be bothering you constantly.
At the end use the monkey.

Keep going left untill you come to a chicken plant on a platform. The way to 
beat it, is to jump to his platform then wait a bit and then wall jump. Make
sure the bubbles are stunned first though. move on left afterwards. Fall down
the shaft on the platform and jump up the left shaft. A rolling reptile is here
so finish it off. Move on to the left.

You will have to fight two pigs in palltrees next. The platform you are 
standing on is sinking however. If you jump it will move back up a bit so don't
forget to jump while kicking those coconuts. Beat the one on the right first.
Then the one on the left and head that way too. You'll come to more sinking 
platforms. There are fiery bubbles above them and lava pillars might appear
between them. Just keep going though.

You will now fight a monster while standing on two platforms. Just knock back
the purple stuff a few times. Lava will jump and come through the platforms but
there is allways a safe platform. When you are on the left one make sure not to
come too close. After you defeated him you're close to the exit. All that is in
your way are some lava pillars and sinking platforms.

Ground pound onto the first of the black pigs for a bit of a combo. You can 
also ground pound onto the red furball if you get on him then let yourself get
off and then stun and ground pound right away. Don't forget to line up the bats
either. In the rest of the level just make sure to grab al bananas together as
much as possible. Because combos aren't to be found.

difficulty *****

You will now have to fight 2 turret tusks at once! They will have 500 health 
together and 250 each. You can't do more then 250 damage to either one. In the
beginning they will only shoot at either the middle platform or the platforms
with the pineapple flowers on them. Sometimes when they do the latter they will
shoot 2 cannon balls and the second will hit just next to the platforms.

If you kill one of them the other will get mad. If he's mad he will shoot 
flaming cannon balls which create shockwaves of fire which you have to jump 
over. He either hits 3 platforms or just the central one. He can also do the
laser attack. Hide under the platform to dodge this one. Once he's gone one way
he'll come back the other way so don't run out of cover too soon.

This boss is annoying in both stages. It's up to you to choose if you want to 
focus on one of the tusks so you will only have to fight one. Or to distribute
the damage a bit so that you won't be bothered by those annoying fiery cannon

It is possible to stun both tusks at the same time. You can't kill both 
together though. I had both down to just a few health and had pineapples in 
both their hearts but when the first set went off the other guy got mad and the
pinapples he had on him just vanished.

to unlock: Clear chili pepper kingdom
           and 41 crests

difficulty ****
length *
smoothness ***

Another race. This time against 4 ninjapes. Pass the line and slide down. Jump
over the obstacle and at the end try to do 2 edge hops of the stairs. Use the
zip line and monkeys after that. Once you get to Ressar start pounding the left
bongo and don't stop until you land. Then wall jump up and run down the 

Fall down the shaft and use the monkey. Use both vines. Don't make a backswing
because it's going to take a lot of time. You should grab the edge of the wall
so climb up and then ground pound into the water. Once you are at the bottom
go left and up as fast as you can. After you are out of the water try to do 3
edge hops in a row on the small stairs. Grab a helibird at the end.

Fly up using the blowing things for a bit of extra speed. Crash into the 
ceiling above the jelly and use it. Jump over the rocks and keep running right.
First place is 500, second 300 and third 100 the rest loses of course.

Just win the race. The most bananas are in the next stage.

Your opponents will clock around 1:07, 1:14, 1:21 and 1:25. 
My record is 0:59.58

difficulty ****
length *****
smoothness *

You'll start on the inside of an asteroid. Grab the flying bananas and use the
dragon. Should you fall then jump back up on the right side. In the next 
asteroid you will need to wall jump up at the left. Avoid the blue rocks at all
costs of course. Jump up to the left wall and wall skid a bit before jumping to
the platform. Beat the furball before carefully descending in the pit for extra
bananas. Use the dragon on the right.

A few dragons will take you past some bananas and into a new asteroid. This 
time there are a few purple critters trying to bite you. Once they are out of
the way wall jump up on the right side. Again skidding a bit is usefull. Use 
the highest dragon to come to a pig in a palm tree. When fighting it you will
be on a moving platform and birds will drop coconuts and spiky balls. They die
when you kill the pig. Go right and jump to the icy slope. 

Move down and in a halfpipe a few critters are going to bother you again. Once
you are done continue right into a dragon. At this slope just keep clapping as
fast as you can to grab the purple flowers. Slide down the electric things 
after this. Jump across all the rotating platforms to another dragon.

You'll now slide left. Below you are icy bubbles so clap a few times. At the 
end there will be a spider you have to defeat. Use the monkey to go up. When
you see two bushes only the lower one has a monkey in it. Use it and grab the 
bananas and then in the second bush a monkey will appear too. Use it and kill
the mosquitos to end in a spitting flower. Let it shoot you up. 

Grab the bubbled bananas and move left. Wait till the rock on the right rolls
away and then enter the shaft where it came from. Grab the bananas there. Then
go back left and go up. One of those rolling things is at the top. Now fall 
down and colect the bananas. Climb a little up and enter the middle layer of 
the asteroid. Go right for another rolling beast. Kill it aswell and use the 

You'll come to an asteroid with a ballerina bear. There are mosquito hives here
and if your clap reaches the highest bush critters will also appear. Just kill
everything. After that go up. You'll land on Mooshin after the dragon. You will
have to jump across platforms again. The first few gaps have bananas like
normal. But then you will need to toss pinapples against birds and that fish 
thing will also make a come back. It's worth 100 beats so getting a lot of 
jumps can give you over 300 beats.

Do a bfgp to grab the first bananas. Also do a bfgp into the second dragon.
Getting much from the first set of critters is hard but possible. Also make 
sure to get a few bananas from the birds when beating the pig.

After the spider spin jump and ground pound to the monkey. Backflip and wall 
jump to the bananas in the right of the next asteroid. Bfgp to the set in the
centre. Do a wall jump and edge hop plus a ground pound to the ballerina bear.

Before grabbing the monkey do a backflip to a wall and then a wall jump, edge
hop and ground pound.

difficulty *****

The last boxing match is a little easier then ninja kong once you know the 
trick. If you dodge sumo kongs first attack you will be off balance so you can
not counter attack. There is a way to hit him though. You can block his punches
by hitting with the same fist. If you block the first then you can dodge the 
second and counter attack. Instead of dodging you could also block his next
few attacks. He will alternate between hands so that's not hard. With both ways
you will give him a headbut. Once he is mad you will need to block more punches
before you can counter attack but you can still dodge his second.

You can't do an uppercut against this guy. Because he alternates hands you 
would have to use the same hand twice to do the uppercut. But you aren't fast
enough to do that.

VS GHASTLY KING                 #GHA
to unlock: Clear star fruit kingdom
           and 51 crests

difficulty ****

Just like with cactus king this is only a short stage including the final boss.
They didn't just reuse the boss but also the entire level. Start by going right
and over the cannons. Jump to the monkey and then use the vine to go right. 
Clap quickly or you will be trampled by a furball. At the right most part two
ninjapes will also pop up. The flight up is a bit more tricky because of two 
cannons. But the real deal is the boss of course.

Get rid of the giant furball first. Clap a lot and move right slowly. Ghastly
king has all attacks of cactus king (high kick and low kick) and can be 
attacked in the same way as well (clap behind, at his head, when doing a high
kick and at his chest). But there are a few new things. His new attacks consist
of spitting some green stuff at you and doing some kind of flip kick. He will
do the flip kick when you are very high. To high to be hit by the high kick.
This last move also gives a new oppertunity to attack too. If he is doing a 
flip kick and you are below you can grab his foot and sling him into the wall.
Just pick a way to hurt him and whack away!

Skip all the bananas in the start. Jump over the furball on the platform. Beat
the ninjapes and get their bananas. Do the 7 combo with the bird and then go
back to collect the bananas that you skipped. Then with the same combo get the

Thanks go to Morten Olsen for the inspiration for this trick.

In the short section before the credits you can get the 4 boss kongs to walk
in the background and ninjapes in the forground. I don't know what triggers
it though. During the credits even more impressive tricks then in the last are


Q: How do I get a platinum crest on level xxx?
A: Look in the walkthrough for the answer to this.

Q: How do I defeat this boss?
A: Once again the walkthrough is the place to look.

Q: How much levels can I unlock?
A: There is a grand total of 18 levels. 2 of these only consist of boss fights.

Q: I allready have Donkey Konga and as such a pair of bongos. Can I buy the 
   game withouth bongos.
A: Yes you can. Or should be able to at least. The game can be bought both 
   separate as in a pack with a bongo controller.

Q: How do you perform those cool looking uppercuts against some bosses?
A: The trick is to attack right before he does. See the walkthrough for a bit
   more detailed strategy.

Q: Does this game support multiplayer?
A: Sadly no. Allthough I can't really imagine how it would work.

Q: My question is not answered here. What should I do?
A: First make sure that the answer isn't in the walkthrough. If it isn't then 
   please contact me. Conact information can be found at the bottom.

VERSION HISTORY                 #VER

version 0.33 This is the first release containing general info and the 
10/02/05     walkthrough for the first six kingdoms.

version 0.72 Added zip lines, reverse edge hop, wall skidding and chickenplants
12/02/05     to the terms section.
             Added a general tip about killing critters.
             Added the walkthrough all the way to cactus king.

version 1.00 Finished the walkthrough
16/02/05     Added some platinum tips to a few levels

version 1.01 Corrected some spelling.
25/02/05     Added a few tips to vs. Cactus king thanks to Morten Olsen
             Completely changed the Ghastly king platinum tips.

CREDITS                         #CRE
Here are the people who helped me with my FAQ:

Morten Olsen: for pointing out a few tips in vs cactus king.

Metroid_Killer: for pointing out a few spelling errors


If you wish to contact me then you can. My email adress is:


Your mail will however end up in my spam folder so make sure that from the 
topic I can tell that it is about this FAQ. 

I don't want mail that simply tells me that my guide sucks. It might but if you
think so then please tell me why so I can improve it. Positive or constructive
critisism is allways welcome. Questions aswell of course.

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